Re-Tender No.: MSSC/MKTG/ADVT/2014/03 Dated: 09/05/2014

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1 MAHARASHTRA STATE SEEDS CORPORATION LIMITED Mahabeej Bhavan Krishi Nagar, Akola , Phone: , Mobile: , Fax , , E -Mail- Re-Tender No.: MSSC/MKTG/ADVT/2014/03 Dated: 09/05/2014 Sub.: HIRING OF HOARDING & DISPLAY OF MAHABEEJ ADVERTISEMENT (Tender should be submitted in Two Bid system only) Last Date for Acceptance of Re-Tender: - 16/05/2014 up to Hrs. Opening of Re-Tender Envelop No. 1: - 16/05/2014 up to Hrs. Opening of Re-Tender Envelop No. 2 (If Possible) : - 17/05/2014 up to Hrs. Tender (Two Bid System) to be submitted to: General Manager (Marketing) MAHARASHTRA STATE SEEDS CORPORATION LIMITED Mahabeej Bhawan, Krishinagar, Akola Phone: , Mobile: , , Fax: , , Mail: Web:

2 ...1 MAHARASHTRA STATE SEEDS CORPORATION LIMITED Mahabeej Bhavan Krishi Nagar, Akola Phone: , , Fax: , , R E - T E N D E R N O T I C E MSSC/MKTG/ADVT/2014/03 Date: Sealed tenders are invited in the prescribed format (in Two Bid System) for: A) Hiring of Hoarding and Display of Mahabeej Advertisement in Potential Soyabean Growing Districts / Tahsils in Maharashtra. B) Printing and supply of Publicity Material as under: Item No. Name of The Item Quantity EMD Amount Rs. 1 L.D. Foam Information 3000 nos Rs. 1800/- Boards 2 Multi Colour Posters nos Rs. 2400/- Tender Document Cost Rs. Rs. 250/- There is separate tender Paper for A and B. Interested parties may download the tender document containing terms and conditions from our website and the parties who will download the tender document from the website will have to deposit Rs. 250/- towards tender paper cost along with Earnest Money Deposit of Rs. 5,000/- for A i.e. Hiring of Hoarding and for B i.e. printing and supply of publicity material as stated above by way of D.D. of Nationalized Bank only. Tender forms are also available at Akola on above address. Tender forms will not be sent by post. The last date of acceptance of tender is 16 th May-2014 on or before hours. The tender parties who applied earlier in response to tender notice no. MSSC/MKTG/ADVT/2014/02, Date can revise their offers if desired by submitting fresh tender otherwise their earlier tender will be considered. The Managing Director, MSSCL, Akola reserves the right to reject any or all tenders/ drop any item of the tender without assigning any reason as also reserves right to increase or decrease quantity and may split the quantity and place order to more than one tendering party. For M. S. S. C. Ltd., General Manager (Mktg.)...2

3 ...2 SECTION - I (PART-A) INSTRUCTIONS TO TENDERERS, TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF TENDER: INVITATION OF OFFER: Sealed tenders (in Two Bid System) are invited for Hiring of Hoarding and Display of Mahabeej Advertisement. as stated in re-tender notice no. MSSC/MKTG/ADVT/2014/03 Date: The last date of acceptance of tender complete in all respect is on or before 16/05/2014 up to Hrs. in the office of General Manager (Marketing) MSSC Ltd., Mahabeej Bhawan, Krishinagar, Akola TWO BID SYSTEM: Two Independent Sealed Envelopes should be prepared as detailed below. ENVELOP NO. 1 (SEALED): This envelop should be marked as "Envelop No.1 - Technical Bid for Hiring of Hoarding and Display of Mahabeej Advertisement. Envelope No-1 should contain following papers with covering letter on letterhead (Tenderer should invariably mention their Name, Address etc. on left hand side of envelop for clear identification). Tender form (Technical Bid) as detailed in Section-II (Part A) EMD as detailed in tender notice and tender document cost Rs. 250/- by way of D.D. of Nationalized Bank in favour of MSSC Ltd. Akola. "Technical Details" along with necessary documents as mentioned in Section-I (Part-B). ENVELOP NO. 2 (SEALED): This envelope should be marked as "Envelop No. 2 - Price Bid for Hoarding and Display of Mahabeej Advertisement and should contain Tender Form (Price Bid - Rate Schedule) given in Section-II (Part-B), (Tenderer should invariably mention their Name, Address etc. on left hand side of envelop for clear identification). Both the envelopes sealed separately should be enclosed in one big sealed envelope super scribing "Re-Tender for Hiring of Hoarding and Display of Mahabeej Advertisement. Tenderers must affix seal and put address on each envelope. If relevant papers / documents are not found in respective envelops or even if price bid is found in envelop no.1, then also the tender will be considered as non eligible and will stand rejected. TENDER OPENING : Envelop No. 1 i.e. Technical Bid will be opened on 16/05/2014 at Hrs. & and Envelop No. 2 i.e. Price Bid (Rate Schedule) will be opened (if possible) on 17/05/2014 at Hrs. REJECTION OF TENDER: Any party not fulfilling the conditions of Technical Bid (in Envelop No. 1) shall be out rightly rejected. HIRING AND DISPLAY PERIOD OF HOARDING: For one month (During 20 th May to 30 th June PREFFERED SIZE OF HOARDING : 10 Feet x 20 Feet REQUIRED LOCATION OF HOARDING : Good visible location Preferably Inside or near by MSRTC Bus Stand, Market Yard, Main Seed Fertilizer Market Road/Locality at the places mentioned in Annexure-A...3..

4 RATE OFFER: The rates offered should be for per hoarding inclusive of Hoarding rent, Printing of MSSCL advertisement Flex, Display and maintenance, replacement of damaged Flex during contracted period etc. Including all charges, octroi, VAT, Sales tax, Service tax, Local body tax and any other charges applicable if any. VALIDITY PERIOD OF RATE: The tenderer should keep the rate offer valid for three month from the date of opening of price bid. CLARIFICATION REQUIRED BY TENDERER: Any clarifications required in connection with the tender, may be obtained from the office of General Manager (Marketing) MSSCL, Akola, before submission of their offer. EARNEST MONEY DEPOSITE:- Earnest money deposit as stated in tender notice document should be paid in the form of Demand Draft (of Nationalized / Scheduled Bank only) drawn in favour of MSSC Ltd., Akola. No interest will be allowed on the Earnest Money from the date of its receipt until it is so refunded. FORFEITURE OF EMD: In the event of a tenderer, whose tender is received within the closing date and time of the tender as specified, withdrawing his tender before the receipt of final decision or in the event of tenderer whose tender has been accepted, failing to complete the job as per work order placed to the party. The Earnest Money deposited by such tenderer shall be forfeited without any intimation. WORK ORDER: Detail work order will be issued to the successful party. RIGHT FOR ACCEPTANCE OR REJECTION OF TENDER: The Management of MSSCL Akola, reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the tenders/cancel the tender / split the order more than one party without assigning any reason thereof. DISPLAY PERIOD OF MAHABEEJ ADVERTISEMENT ON HIRED HOARDING: The party shall arrange to print and display MSSCL advertisement as per order given & artwork provided for the period of one month from the date of actual display of MSSCL advertisement on hoarding. ADOPTION OF GOVT. RULES & REGULATION: While undertaking the work of MSSCL the rules & regulations of State Government, Corporations, Nagar Palika & local bodies should be followed strickly by the party. In any case if the rules and regulations of Govt. are violated it will be the sole responsibility of the successful party including penalty charges in case of the violation of regulations of State Government, Corporations, Nagar Palika, local bodies etc. the details about these rules should be ascertained by the party & follow the same

5 INPORTANT: Sr. No. Directives 1 The party will have to display the MSSCL /advertisement on Hired Hoarding as per order and artwork given by MSSCL. The quality of flex and Flex Printing and Display on Hoarding should be of excellent quality. 2 The agency will have to maintain the Hoarding along with MSSCL advertisement in good condition during contracted display period. If MSSCL found that the Hoarding / MSSCL advertisement displayed on it is damaged by any means or taken out it will be the responsibility of the agency to replace it with new one as per directives of the MSSCL competent Authority without any cost. 3 MSSCL will take review regarding the display and maintenance of Hoardings from MSSCL officials in Maharashtra and the report of MSSCL officials will be binding on the party. Any complaint regarding maintenance / damages of the Boards should be solved within 3 days by the party from the date of intimation given to the party by any means i.e. telephonically, letter, fax, etc. 4 Party should display MSSCL ad. on the Hoardings as per order within 5 days from the date of artwork given. 5 Display of Hoardings should be made in presence of MSSCL officials of concern district. SUBMISSION OF BILLS: All the bills duly indicating VAT TIN no., Sales Tax TIN No. for the work done should be raised in the name of MSSCL, Akola. The bills should be submitted in duplicate with photographs & work done completion report in the format given from MSSCL concerned District Manager. Collection of work done completion report from concern MSSCL District Manager will be the responsibility of agency. SECURITY DEPOSIT: MSSCL will retain 20% amount as Security deposit from the payment to be made and will be retained by MSSCL up to the final settlement of accounts and no interest will be allowed on the security amount from the date it is retained until it is so refunded. After completion of display period from the date of display of MSSCL advertisement the security deposit will be released provided the services (display and maintenance of all MSSCL Hoardings) are found satisfactory during the period of contract i.e if there is no complaint from concern MSSCL District offices regarding display of MSSCL Boards during the contracted period. PAYMENT: 80% payment would be made after receipt of Bill along with photographs and completion certificate from concern District Manager in the format given. MODE OF PAYMENT: Payment will be made by at par account payee Cheque. Payment will be released from Head Office of MSSC Ltd. only. DESIGNING AND ARTWORK: Artwork of Hoarding will be provided by MSSCL in CD. RIGHT TO CHANGE/MODIFY THE ORDER TERMS/CONDITIIONS ETC.: The entire contents of the tender documents shall form part of the work order unless changed or modified by part or whole separately

6 Sr. No The Corporation reserves the right to change/modify the conditions or incorporate additional ones if deemed necessary and the same will be binding on Contracted firm. The intimation given in official letter / form from the authorized signatory on behalf of MSSC Ltd. will be treated as modified version of the terms /conditions and ultimately will be the part of this contract. ARBITRATION: All disputes or differences in relation to this Contract or the interpretation of any of its terms or implementation thereof or arising out of, or concerned directly or indirectly with the contract will be referred to the Arbitration of the Managing Director, M.S.S.C.Ltd. who shall have the power to inquire into all the facts of case and to interpret the terms of this contract and whose decision shall be binding on both the parties. The venue of Arbitration shall be Akola or any other suitable place decided by the Corporation. The Arbitration Act, 1996 of India shall apply to the Arbitration proceeding. The Arbitrator shall have power with the consent of the parties to extend the time for making and publishing the award. ANNEXURE-A Name of District 1 Nasik Yeola Malegaon Nandgaon 2 Jalgaon Jalgaon Jamner Required Places of Hoarding 3 Sangali Sangli Vita Tasgaon Islampur Kawthe Mahakal 4 Parbhani Parbhani Jintur Manwaith Gangakhed Sailu 5 Hingoli Hingoli Akada Balapur Kalamnuri Aundha Vasmat 6 Nanded Nanded Kinwat Mahur Deglur Mukhed 7 Osmanabad Osmanabad Tuljapur Kalamb Umarga Parali 8 Latur Latur Udgir Ausa Ahmedpur Nilanga 9 Akola Akola Akot Barshi Takli Murtizapur Telhara 10 Washim Washim Mangrulpir Karanja Manora Malegaon 11 Amravati Amravati Daryapur Paratwada Dhamangaon Chandur Bazar 12 Buldhana Buldhana Khamgaon Shegaon Chikhli Mehkar 13 Yeotmal Yeotmal Pusad Arni Umarkhed Darva Wani 14 Wardha Wardha Hinganghat Arvi Deoli Talegaon 15 Nagpur Nagpur Katol Narkhed Kondhali Ramtek 16 Chandrapur Chandrapur Rajura Warora Chimur 17 Jalana Jalna Ambad Bhokardhan Badnapur Mantha 18 Aurangabad Aurangabad Sillod Vaijapur Kannad Paithan 19 Ahmad Nagar Ahmednagar Kopargaon Shrirampur Jamkhed Newasa 20 Beed Beed Ambejogai Parli Majalgaon Georai

7 SEQUENCE OF DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED: The sequence of the documents to be submitted should be as under: Envelop No.: 1: (Technical Bid) 1) Section II (Part -A) along with all relevant documents i.e. EMD / Tender Paper Cost DD and other documents as asked in Section II (Part-A). 2) Section I (Part-B) along with all relevant documents asked. Envelop No.: 2 (Price Bid) 1) Section II (Part B) General Manager (Marketing)

8 SECTION - II (PART - A) RE-TENDER :- TECHNICAL BID ( ENVELOP NO.1 ) To, The General Manager (Mktg.), M.S.S.C. Limited, Mahabeej Bhavan, AKOLA Sub: Re-Tender for Hiring of Hoarding and Display of Mahabeej Advertisement. Ref: -MSSC/MKTG/ADVT/03 dated 09/05/2014. Sir, I/We hereby confirm that we have read all the terms and conditions of the re-tender stated under above number and hereby agree to abide by the said conditions. Our offer is not differing in any respect and if any difference found by MSSCL, the offer shall stand rejected without any legal claim or liability if any on MSSCL and I/we will be liable to forfeiture of my/our Earnest Money. The details of prescribed earnest money are as under. Sr. Particulars Name of Bank D.D. No. and Amount in Rs. No. Date 1 E.M.D. 2 Cost of Tender Document (Those who down load the tender document from Mahabeej Web Site) Thanking you, Yours faithfully, Signature with seal Place:- Name of authorized signatory :- Date:- Address :- Phone No.: Fax No.:

9 SECTION - I (PART - B) TO BE SUBMITTED IN ENVELOPE NO. - 1 Note: The following details should be given completely, failure of which the tender will not be considered as technically eligible and the rates quoted will not be considered for evaluation. TECHNICAL DETAILS 1. Name of the Party 2. Address along with Address (if any) Mobile Number/ Telephone Number/ Fax Number 2.A Reg./Head Office 3. Name of Proprietor/Partners/Directors 4 Name of authorized contact person/s and their Mobile & Address (if any) 5 Date of Establishment 6 Infrastructure Details: 7 Income Tax Pan No. (Please attach Copy of Certificate) 8 Vat TIN No. (Please attach Copy of Certificate) 9 CST Tin No. (Please attach Copy of Certificate) 10 Service Tax No. (Please attach Copy of Certificate) 11 Major three Client names... 9

10 Turnover Details (Copies of Audited financial statements / C.A. Certificate to be enclosed) Year Annual Turnover Net Profit Principal Banker & Their Address 14 Declaration Self-declaration on the firm/ company s letterhead that there is no outstanding Income Tax/ Sales Tax dues should be enclosed. 15 Any other information, if any Please attach separate sheet if space is insufficient I/we have read all the terms and conditions of re-tender document under ref no. MSSC/MKTG/ADVT/2014/03 dated 09/05/2014 and hereby agree to abide by the said conditions. I/we here by also undertake that the infrastructure required to do the job is available with us as per time schedule given and we abide that we will undertake the work in stipulated time mentioned in tender document or the order issued by the corporation time to time. Yours faithfully, (Signature of the Authorized person) Full name of the Authorized person Designation Seal of the firm and date

11 SECTION - II (PART - B) RE-TENDER :-PRICE BID -RATE SCHEDULE (ENVOLOPE NO.2) To, The General Manager (Mktg.), M.S.S.C. Limited, Mahabeej Bhavan, AKOLA Sub.: Re-Tender for Hiring of Hoarding and Display of Mahabeej Advertisement. Ref :-Re-Tender No. MSSC/MKTG/ADVT/2014/03 Date Sir, With reference to re-tender invitation for Hiring of Hoarding and Display of Mahabeej Advertisement, I/We hereby confirm that, we have read all the terms and conditions of the re-tender stated under above number and hereby agree to abide by the said conditions. We hereby tender our rates as below. The rates quoted are for the specifications given by MSSCL and as per term and conditions given in tender paper. The rates are inclusive of all taxes, charges applicable. Sr. No District Place Location of Hoarding Size of Hoarding Rate per Month per Hoarding in Rs. (Attach additional Sheet if Space is insufficient) Place:- Date:- Signature with seal Name of Person: