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1 ORGANISATION MONOIALE DU TDURISME WORLD TOURISM ORGANIZATION DRGANIZACIDN MUNDIAL DEL TURISMO BCEMI/lPHAR TtlPI/lCTCKAR OPiAHI/l3A[4VlR WTO COMI>\ISSION TIlE AMERICAS FOR Sixth meeting 17 and 24. September 1979 Torremolinos, 17 and 24 September 1979 Original:" Spanish -' ';' -:; RESOLUTIONS ADOPTED AT THE SIXTH MEETING OF THE HTO cmmrssron FOR THE AMERICAS CAM/6/RES _. :..::...;--e..':;';- APPOINTl-ullTT OF CM.I REPRESENTATIVES ON THE \ CREDENTIALS COI'!M.lTTEE OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY The WTOCO~ssion for the Americas, Considering the need to appoint two representatives to the Credentials Committee of the General Assembly, Decides to appoint the as its representatives General.'-hssembly. delegations of El Salvador and venezuela on the Credentials Committee of the Approved unanimously on 17 September 1979.

2 < Page 2 CAM/6/RES 2 Agenda item 3 ELECTION OF THE CHAIRMhN AND VICE-CHAIRMEN OF THE WTO CO!oll1ISGION FOR TIlE AI.mRICI'.S FO~ THE FERIOD The WTO Commission for the.americas, Bcarinq in mind that rule 2(1) of the Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure of C1U~ stipulate that the Commission shall elect from among its Members a Chairman, a first Vice-Chairman and a second Vice-Chairman for a term of two years during the Gession immediately preceding the General Assembly, Elects the Republic of Argentina as Chairman, the Republic of Uruguay as first Vice-Chairman and the Republic of El Salvador as second vice-chairman, their terms of office to begin on the date of the ""third "General l.ssembly as-. stipulated- in the aforesaid rule. Approved on 17 September Agenda item 4 3 PREPARATORY ~lork POR THE 1980 ~IORLD TOURISM CONFERENCE (Report of the ad hoc Working Party) The WTOConunission for the Americas, Taking into consideration the achievements of the ad hoc Working Party set up under CAM Resolution 19, adopted at Havana, Cuba, Having noted the procedures. put forw~rd,~tthe meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by the countries whi~h assumed"' responsibility for defining them, as well as the special effort made by Mexico in submitting procedures for all the subjects in question,

3 CAM/6/RES 3 ~~._: Page_3 Resolves: (1) to approve the work done by the Working Party and to congratulate its members and the Regional Secretary accordingly; (2) to cmpm~er the Office of the Chairman, in consultation with the Regional Secretary, to reconvene the Woxking Party in the manner deemed most appropriate for a second session: and (3) tb invite th~ in the preparatory wo~k for having regard to the set of General hssembly. CAM member countries to participate the 1980 World TOurism Conference, themes adopted by the Third.WTO " Approved on 24 September "-'" l~genda item 4 CAM/6/RES 4 REPORT OF Till: CAM REPRESENTATIVES ON me EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF THE ORGr.NIZhTION The WTO,Conunission. ".' for the P.rnericas,, Noting, the:'provisions bf Rule 46 of the 'renns of 'Reference and 'Rules.of'Procedure of the WTo Commission for the Americas, which stipulates that Members of the Commission elected to the Executive Councilor to any other technical 'or regional body shall report to the ordinary or extraordinary sessions of the Commission, Considerinq that no such report has been submitted at the present meeting,. Rgguqsts the Members elected to the Executive Council to appoint from among fhefi:"'number-ii" spokesmari"'to'present -the report in question.

4 . \ Page 4 CAM/6/RES 5 agenda' item'.5 REPORT OF TIlE REGIONl\L SECRETARY rhe WTO Commission for' the Americas, Having heard the report by the Regional Secretary. Approves th~ repo~t ao a ~hole and congratulates and applaud~ the Rcgi?nal Secretary for his efforts in helpihg to carry out the Organization's general r-rogramme of work as well as the regional programme entrusted to him. Approved unanimously on 24 September ~genda item 7 6 PROPOSED l\l-tend:(.1ent TO THE ORGl'~NlZATIOM I S STATUTES The \ITO Commission for the P~mericas, Having heard the views of the delegation of Mexico, which nponsored the proposal to the Genera! Assembly that the Regional COlnmissions should become statutory organs of the Organization, to the effect that the said proposal should be given more careful consideration, Invites the General Assembly to hold in a~eyance the CAM proposal that the Regional Commissions should become statutory organs of the Organization. Approved on 17 September 1979.

5 ,, '. \' \ Agenda item 2 NOMINATION OF CAM CP.NDIDATES FOR THE VICE-PRESIDENCY OF THE THIRD GENERAL ASSEMBLY Page 5 CMI(6/RES 7 The WTO Commission for the Americas, Considering the need to nominate CAM candidates for the""vice-.;,...:.. Pres.idency -of '.the Third General 1.ssembly., '" Decides to nominate t~erepresentatives of Peru and Venezuela qs its candidates to those offices. Appro~e~ unanimously on 17 September or."....:...-":"'" CAM/6/RES.8,, NOMINIITION OF CAM REPRESENTATIVES ON THE TECHNICAL COMMITTEE FOR PROGRAMMEAND COORDINATION 'fhe WTO Commission for the Americas, Considering that the Technical Commdttee for Programme and Coordination is a subsidiary organ of the Executive council and tllat the latter is at its next session to take a decision on the partial or total replacement of the Committee's Members, Recommends to the Executive Council that Costa Rica and Chile be appointed as representatives of the Regional Com~mission for the Americas on the TCPC. --~~==~==-..""-"".."'""",,-===-,"",,,-,,-,--,-,-, -"""--"-"""',,,,,-.-. -,,-,,-,---

6 Page genda item 7 NOMINATION OF CAM REPRESEN~TlVES ON THE COMlII'I'TEE ON BUDGET AND Fn;;U1CE 'the WTOCommission for the l.mericas, Considering that the Committee on Budget and Finance is a subsidiary organ of the ~xecutive Council and that the latter is at its next session to take a decision on the partial or total replacement of the Committeels Members, Nominates the United States of America and the Republic of Haiti to represent the Regional Commission for the Americas on the Co'mmittee on Budget and Finance, and recommends the Executive COuncil to appoint them. ~pproved on 24 September l'~genda i tern 7 'IO DRAFTING CO~[1ITTEE FOR TIlE SIXTH SESSION OF CI.M 'l1le WTOCommis5ion for the Americas, Considering the need to appoint a drafting committee to present the resolutions adopted for consideration by CfiM before the end of the Third General Assembly, Appoints the representatives of Argentina, E1 Salvador and Peru to the said drafting committee.

7 .. \. Agenda i tern 7 ClIl-I/6/RES. Page 7 CAl-I/6/RES.11 ELECTION OF l\embers OF THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF THE ORGI\NIZA TION The WTOCOmmission for the I~mericas, Considering that Article 15 of the Organization's Statutes stipulate that election of one-half of the membership of the Council shall be held every two years,.. Noting that the majority of the member countries of the Regional Commission have expressed their desire for fair geographi~al distribution; Recommends to the General Assembly that the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Republic of Cuba be elected Members of the Executive Council for a period of four years. Approved by majority on 24 September 'l.genda item 7 - CAl-I/6/RES.12 WORLD TOURISM DAY The \"ltocommission for the Americas, Bearinq in mind that World Tourism Day is to be celebrated on 27 September of each year, Recommends the Executive Council to ensure insofar as possible that. the dates of U'TO General l.1.ssembliesdo not coincide wtt-h:"'. the celebration of World Tburism Day.

8 Cl\M/6/RES Page 8 13 Agenda item 7 SEth TOURISM ACTION CO~~ITTEE The WTO Commission for the Americas, Considering tllat the Tourism ~ction Committee of the Latin American Economic Syatem (SELP~)has its headquarters in Costa Rica, Bearinq in mind that the said country is in turn a Member of the Technical Committee for Programme and Coordination (TCPC), nonunated by the Regiona~ Commission, Deeming it of the utmost importance to establish close coordination between the SEth Tourism Action Committee and the \1'1'0Regiona 1 Secretal."Y for the Amerieas, Requests the Regional Secretary to attend the meetings of the SELn Tourism Action COh~ttee and to keep the Office of the Secretary-General of the Organization and the CAMmember countries informed accordingly. Agenda itern 7 INTEffiU,TIOiU.LFINANCING ORGt~IIzr.TIONS AND T.fEIR TOURISM DIVISIONS 'IlheWTO Commission for the Arnericao, CAM/6/RES.14 Considering that various international financing organizations have abolished or arc abolishing their divisions specializing in tourism, ~~resses concern about the repercussions and consequences of such decisions, which will undoubtedly diminish the economic and firianciarsupport needed for-the development of tourism in the member countries; and

9 C1\.M16/l'<ES.14 Page 9 Requests the Secretary-General of the Organization to approach those financing bodies again in order to stress the concern of the member countries and emphacize the importance of such tourism divisions to the economic and social development of th~ ~cmber countries. npproved on 24 September Agenda item 8 PIlICE AND DATE OF THE SEVENTH l.leeting OF CAM CAM/6!t<ES.1S The WTO Commission for the ~mericas, t"lctinq in accordance ",itil Rule 6 of the 'l"erms of Reference and Rules of Procedure of the Regional Commission, which stipulates that the Commission shu:l meet at least once a year in ordinary session, and in extraordinary session, when circumstances require, Aqrees that the n~xt meeting of cr.m shall be held at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during the second half of March 1980, in acceptance of the invitation extended by the delegation of Brazil. Approved on 24 3eptembcr 1979.