The Boardroom Webinar Series 2017

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1 The Boardroom Webinar Series 2017

2 Iowa Library Trustees Handbook c2014 In Service to Iowa C2016 Published by State Library of Iowa

3 Tonight in The Boardroom Toward Better Board Meetings Sources for board meeting information Agendas, minutes, reports Public input, open-closed meetings Calendars, websites, and resources


5 How would you describe an effective meeting?

6 These Sources Offer Guidance on Public Library Board Meetings Standards Library Trustees Handbook Board Evaluations / Checklists Iowa Code Chapter 21

7 Standard #5 [Tier 1] board has written bylaws that outline its operational procedures, reviewed at least every three years Library Board Meetings: Source = Standards Standard #6 [Tier 1] board meets no fewer than 10 times a year, with the director in attendance and in accordance with Iowa Open Meetings law Standard #12 [Tier1] library director provides written financial & statistical reports for review at board meetings

8 Ordinance vs. Bylaws What s The Difference? Ordinance Bylaws

9 My Favorite Standard #8 [Tier 1] All members of the library board of trustees participate in continuing education each year Changed Tier Level

10 Library Board Meetings Source = Iowa Library Trustees Handbook Chapter 6: Meetings Including Responsibilities Decision-making Bylaws Chapter 10: Legal Matters Including Iowa Open Meetings Law Iowa Code Chapter 21

11 Iowa Library Trustees Handbook, c2014

12 The Meeting Structure Giving Notice Standard Order of Business Agendas Minutes Public Input Reports

13 Giving Notice Public notice of the date, time, and place of the board meeting, along with a tentative agenda, must be posted at least 24 hours before the meeting. Iowa Code Chapter 21

14 Electronic Meetings? Yes, You Can Conditions: Physical Location Conversation Access Use Sparingly See Iowa Code

15 Standard Order of Business Minutes Reports Unfinished business New business

16 Anytown Public Library Board Meeting April 27, :00PM. Library Meeting Room Call to Order Agenda Approval Minutes Approval Reports: Board Education / Director / Staff / Others Bill Approval Public Comment Correspondence Unfinished Business New Business Agenda Items for Next Meeting Upcoming Meetings Adjourn

17 Adopting the agenda President and/or executive director may present the agenda Board adopts it (the meeting belongs to all the board members) Nothing added after adoption (do it ahead of time)

18 Minutes Shouldn t Take Hours Minutes are a record of what was done, not what was said. No vote necessary to approve. Make corrections until minutes are right If disagreement, then vote on how to correct them

19 Minutes Public record (Iowa Code Chapter 22) Try a template Rotate this task

20 Sample Minutes Template John Grisham: James Patterson: Mary H. Clark: present absent present absent present absent Agenda Approval: Moved Seconded Minutes [Corrections If Needed] Bill Approval: Moved Seconded Unfinished Business (narrative / notes) New Business (narrative / notes) Reports (narrative / notes) Adjournment: Time

21 Minutes Continued It s 2017 = Handwritten is so yesterday No need to read aloud when they re in the cloud!

22 Public Input Understand that your board meeting is a meeting conducted in public, not a public meeting. Iowa Library Trustee s Handbook c2014. [page11] State Library of Iowa.

23 A government body can make and enforce reasonable rules for the conduct of its meetings to assure those meetings are orderly and free from interference or interruption by spectators. Iowa Code Chapter

24 Officer reports Staff reports Reports Standing committee reports Special committee reports Oral, written, or both

25 Reports A Love-Hate Relationship More than stats also share good stories! Remember board education reports

26 Taking Action Unfinished Business (NOT old business) New Business

27 Closed Session?? Tread Carefully Very few allowable reasons to close a public meeting Iowa Code Chapter 21.5

28 Closed Session Must be in open session before you can go to closed session Requires 2/3 vote of entire board or unanimous consent of those present and voting to go to closed session

29 Minutes Must Include: The vote of each member on whether to go into closed session The reason for holding the closed session by reference to a specific exemption in Iowa Code Chapter 21

30 Closed Session Continued Must have detailed minutes and audio recording of closed session Must come out of closed session to vote or take any action



33 Taming Paper, Going Atlantic Public Library

34 Bring a Calendar to the Process

35 Finding Balance & Time Savers Formal or informal rules, or both Limit the time for each section Parking Lot Reports in writing Motions in writing Review action items and who does them

36 Resources Iowa Library Trustee s Handbook c2014. State Library of Iowa. Iowa Code 2017 Chapter 21 (Open Meetings) Robert s Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief Robert s Rules of Order Newly Revised Eastern Iowa Parliamentarians (2 nd Sunday of month) Central Iowa Parliamentarians (3 rd Friday of month) Official site of Robert s Rules Laura Meade, Professional Registered Parliamentarian cell


38 Watch For Evaluation and Attendance Certificate Coming By

39 The Boardroom Continues Raising Our Standards May 25, :00-7:30PM

40 That s Our Time Thanks For Attending!