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1 . Vol. 24 No F. -d J.. 1 _ ~aipari, MP Marianas Variety.... rl ~y. U ne,. Serving CNM for 23 Years ' ~ ' Leaders seek dialo e By Rafael H. Arroyo Variety News Staff COMMONWEAL TH leaders are in the thick of preparations for a planned trip to Manila later this month to meet with Philippine officials over labor concerns, including the current worker ban. According to House Speaker Diego T. Benavente, he and Lieutenant Governor Jesus C. Borja have agreed to seek audience with pertinent officials of the Philippine Department of Labor & Employment (DOLE) to once and for all address the labor issue. Governor Froilan C. Tenorio has given the proposed trip his blessings, saying he's leaving it all up to Borja to decide on how to deal with the RP ban issue. "From the very beginning, it was the lieutenant governor who went Filipina maid in.rot claims she was raped By Ferdie de la Torre Variety News Staff A 29~YEAR-old woman went to the Department of Public Safety Central Office in Susupe Wednesday, complaining she-was allegedly raped on Ro~.. Citing a sketchy poli~e report, DPS spokesperson Sgt Edward Manalili said the woman filed the complaint at 8: 16 a.m.t claiming she was allegedly sexually assaulted by a man. No arrest was made yet. Manalili refused to release more details, saying DPS Criminal nvestigation Section agents are still investigating the matter. A source. however disclosed that the complainant was a Filipina housemaid who alleged she was raped by the father of her employer. With the help of a friend, the housemaid managed to.leave her employer and went to Sltjpan several weeks ago. The woman said she did not immediately filed the complaint for fear, said the same source. The maid alleged she was sexually assaulted several times in. Continued on page 9,~.:_, '(,,'.i: ~.}~~:;L ;,,_:.,. Jesus C. Borja to the Philippines to negcrtiate the MOU, so want the lieutenant governor to actually take care of this matter," said the governor. "Of course, approve of it and encourage him to take the trip to the Philippines if the delegation could meet with high ranking offi- Diego T. Benavente cials there," Tenorio said. "He knows how feel about this as we have discussed this matter. So he knows what to tell the Philippine government," he added. According to Tenorio, the goal of the Manila trip is definitely to get the ban issue resolved for the benefit of both sides. " just want our two governments to have better relations. When it comes to something like this, leave it up to the lieutenant governor to decide. He knows how feel, what's good fnr the CNM and for the Philippines," the chief executive added. The lieutenant governor in a speech last Sunday said it's about time the CNM and the Philippine governments ralk on labor concerns again rather than let people from both sides agonize over the situation here. Borja in September 1994 met with RP Labor officials leading to the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the DOLE and the CNM government, which among other goals established a labor dialogue process. But the planned meeting this Continued on page 31 Cing wants cabinet resignations probed Solon says Tenorio should just let Borja run gov't TNAN Senator David M. Cing is challenging Governor Froilan C. Tenorio to appear before his committee and explain what caused the resignations of top level officials in his Administration. Cing, who chairs the Senate Committee on Executive Appointments & Governmental nvestiga- Bernie Camacho puts finishing touches on her paper mosaic doll as Marissa Joy Jackman observes during yesterday's Hands-On Arts Workshop at the Pacific Gardenia Hotel's Beach Bar. David M. Cing tions, has taken issue on the recent spate of resignations expressing fears that "the problem may be with the governor and not with his cabinet.", The Tenorio Administration earlier this month saw the resignation of Finance Secretary Maria D. Cabrera over a public works contract she allegedly refused to sign. Previous to that, Cing' s brother, Labor & mmigration Secretary Raynaldo M. Cing also quit, saying political differences between the governor and the senator is getting to him. Not too long before that, Attorney General Richard Weil also quit his post citing family and health reasons. Before him, there were Planning & Budget Special Assistant Gregorio C. Sab}an, Labor Director Gonzalo Santos and Public Works Secretary Elizabeth Salas-Balajadia. n a telephone interview with the Variety Tuesday, Cing said he feels it is his committee's task to get to the bottom of the recent resignations and report out what is really happening within the Tenorio cabinet. According to Cing, when the time comes for the committee to hear replacement cabinet appointees, he would like to hear from the governor himself. "This time don't want to hear the appointees. want to hear the governor himself to answer what is the problem. Why are all these good people resigning. would Continued on page 31 Weather Outlook Continued partly cloudy skies i. n ).,, P '"C l\i;:\j1,'c,:~,:,,p[r STACKS -\,,1-.v,'

2 .. ar.. t.. ee. :v. d.. r. u.o.... r. a m..~ f'....~.... m a a..! ~1.. awa..g.. o ~di., o... ~......arn~ b e e..... dn MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY-JUNE 16, 1995 Big headache for G-7 leaders By BARRY SCHWED HALFAX, Nova Scotia (AP) - Diplomacy and NATO air strikes have failed to curb the Bosnian Serbs or force them into negotiations, leaving President Clinton and his summit partners without an ongoing diplomatic or military offensive co explore and fine-tune. nstead, they will engage in a defensive and largely symbolic debate, yet another acknowledgment that the Serbs' bob-and-weave strategy has effectively neutralized the major powers. Damage control is the goal - that is, looking for ways to prevent a spillover from the war and trying to restore the credibility of the United NationsandNATOaskeepersofthe nonexistent peace in the fonner Yugoslavia. The Halifax summit brings the leaders together at an embarrassing and uncertain point in the bloody history of the Balkans. They will talk about bolstering the U.N. force and weigh new overtures to Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, but there is nothing concrete to consider. " would not anticipate that this summit would break new ground on Bosnia," Secretary of State Warren Christopher said ahead of the meetings. On the eve of the summit, Clinton cautioned the Bosnian government not to expect a military solution to the three-year conflict. And French President Jacques Chirac, appearing with Clinton at the White House, warned Bosnian Serbs that afrench British rapid reaction force being assembled won't tolerate any interference. Clinton and Chirac discussed Bosnia as thousands ofbosnian government troops were massing out- Gov't forces )attack rebel Serbs north of Sarajevo By SAMR KRLC SARAJEVO,.. Bosnia Herzegovina (AP)-Government forces attacked rebel Serbs before dawn Thursday north of Sarajevo,.wheremorethanl5,000 government troopi; have massed. in apparent preparation for tying to break the city's three-year siege. Government foes pounced on Serb-held lijas, 20 ki"lometers ( 12 miles) northofsarajevo, at around 3a.m.(OlOOGMT),BosnianSerb sources siud. nfantry and artillery attacks "rained'' on the town, said the Serb news agency SRNA. 'Thewholeregion is inflames,'' said a Serb officer who dernan<led anonymity. He said his troops were holding theirlines "for now." n the Serb stronghold of Pale southeast of Sarajevo, all reservists were.ordered to report to their units. Policepatrolsspreadtheappeal with megaphones, while Bosnian Serb leaderswamedthemuslim-ledgovemment that any attempt to break Sarajevo's siege was doomed. "The Muslims are attempting another stupidity, but they'll never succeed,"gen. Milan Gvero, deputy commanderofbosnian Serb forces, told reporters at a. meeting of the rebel Serb leadershlp on Mt. Jahorina, one of the peaks soaring around Sarajevo.. "A big offensive around Sarajevo has.started," Momcilo Krajisnik, a Bosnian Serb leader, told reporters. "tonly confirms that the Muslims are try fog to open Sarajevo by force. MEENA'S JEANS FOR Guvs AND GALS SAPAN: ACROSS C-MART CHALAN KANOA, SAPAN TEL: #(670) GUAM: MEN'S T-SHRTS & TANK TOPS ACROSS GOOD SAMARTAN CLNC, CHALAN SAN ANTONlO, TAM UN NG, GUAM TEL: #(671) MEN'S SHRTS 3 For For MEN'S DOCKER SLACKS $28.50 each 20% OFF~,, ~t; MEN'S SLACKS! Reg. $29.58 ea. NOWtS2J 00 MEN'S RAYON SHRTS 20% OFF Our troops are repelling the attacksand we cannot expect protection from the Unitetl Nations." The United Nations, hamstrung by continued Bosnian Serb detention of 26 of more than 3 70 peacekeepers takenhostageafter NATO airstrikes last month, has takeil in creasing risks to try and feed Sarajevo and thus dampen government enthusiasm for a military attack to break the city's siege. But early Thursday, the government declared an unprecedented general alert across all the territory it controls in Bosnia. State radio ordered citizens to stay indoors and to prepare and equip shelters with food and water. The nterior Ministry moved curfew at night from 11 p.m. to 9 p.m. side Sarajevo, vowing to break the Serb's three-year siege of the Bosnian capital. Clinton said he did not view that as a positive development. The administration believes that a "continued pursuit of diplomacy of-. fers the best hope of saving the. Bosnian state and minimizing casualties," Clinton said. "n the end, a military solution is not available to the Bosnian government." At the moment, U.S. military policy apparently has retreated to Square One - keeping U.S. troops away from the war, but making them available in the event of an emergency evacuation of the French, Brit - ish, Dutch, Canadian and otherpeacekeepers of friendly nations. n Halifax, Ointon, Chirac and British Prime Minister John Major wiu work together on a common objective; To rail y support for the embattled U.N. Protective Force so that it can stay in Bosnia. U.N. Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali is seeking to expand it by 2,500, to include the reinforcement, of rapid-response brigades. Even so, withdrawal by the fall is highlyprobableifpeacetalksdonotget underway or the peacekeepers are still being shot at or seized. On thediplomatic front, the dilemma is how to engage the Bosnian Serb leader, Radovan Karadzic, who ha, resisted all peace proposals and daringly targeted the U.N. peacekeepers, managing thereby to force a suspension of NA TO air strikes. The last U.S. maneuverwa, to trv to drive a wedge between Milosevic md Karadzic by offering to suspend U.;\. economic sanctions against Serbia in exchange for recognition of Bosnia and Croatia a, independent countries. The Serbian leader turned down U.S. negotiator Robert Frasure. who will be in Halifax, and reportedly is providing war materiel to the Bosnian Serbs despite a pledge last year to cut them off. 'Toe negotiations with Milosevic are on hold for the time being," one senior administration official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. 'The summit is an opportunity to consider lhe results of the heavy activity of the past three weeks or so, and to start formulating as~." The Europeans, who have carried theburdenofdangerousgroundoperations in Bosnia, are getting a lift from lhe prospect of American troops par. ticipating in an evacuation. Still, the anxiety level is high. "We would like to prevent what wolild be so dangerous lhis summer. a widening of thewarin Bosnia," saidnicholasbwm, lhe State Department spokesman. All the leaders in Halifax obviously concur. Chancellor Helmut Kohl of Germany, is tiptoeing lhrough the mine field. Gemiany is partofthe five-nation Contact Group struggling to find a diplomatic formula to end the war. But with no Gemian troops on the ground, "we are bad advice-givers," a German official said. Canada, on the other hand, has a large stake. At least 55 Canadian peacekeepers were seized by the Serbs last month as hostages, including a captain depicted worldwide handcuffed to a pole at an ammunition dump. Most of the hostages have been released, bur 12 Canadians rem;iin in Serb custody. Boris Yeltsin. trying to edge Russia more directly into the G-7 deliberations, is likely to avoid any sharp differences with the other leaders over Bosnia, though he also is apt to plug for diplomacy as preferable to military action. 1 ~ifath ier'' 1DAY ~\ '... ',,..,... \, ~ P\ E C\ :Aii L ~' 11 0:. < / "\....3 MEN'S JEAN SHORTS $24.50 each 20% 0FF 1, 1 d, 1 FRDAY,JUNE.16, 1995-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-J CBC needs to collect fees mode because of the statute. People must pay for good health care-abraham He revealed that the Center will be losing about 20% of staff over the next few months and will lose even more in the following months as their contracts expire. /samu J. Abraham By Ferdie de la Torre Variety News Staff DEPARTMENT of Public Health Services Secretary Dr. samu J. Abraham has underscored the need to collect health services fees in order to maintain good services at the Commonwealth Health Center as one of the alternatives for the costly medical referral program. Abraham pointed out that health services cost money so CHC must collect the fees to stay on business. "f people want good services, they should be prepared to pay for them. We aim to be selfsufficient and even realize a profit," he told a group of journalists recently. Abraham explained that the CNM Medical Referral Pro- 1 1i11. gram has cost the government millions of taxpayers' dollars. The money represent only the beginning of the cost potential that accounts in part for the tremendous increase in health care costs in recent years. Governor Froilan Tenorio cut the referral program for lack of budget as the program is running far over budget. Only $2.9 million was appropriated for the program under Public Law At least another $6 million is needed to meet the projected needs in FY The DPHS secretary said some people believe the government should continue to support sophisticated types of treatment and the costs connected with them. "But the economic reality is there-there is no money to support the medical referral program anymore," Abraham pointed out. One of the alternatives, he said, is like in every other country in the world, people in the CNM should simply have to accept the fact that they have taken more individual responsibility for own health, both through lifestyles and by getting some yrotection through insurance. --:,_; t..."'s... o.nll'i... ~ t.o. ~..e. t, r rc.. c... c. :...~ r,. lillfffliilllt:i~~\!: a..r..,..o..lli. o.....nu1 n. i. a. ~w.. u:. r~..u..ea~......s.. l...a... n.e d. r...d ~.fil....t.. ~..e h u. ciili..et.. :...~. l..m e.s. ~. s '.'... b.s. h..h. l :..ee an..... fs.... u :... tu.t.. a... i. re s..... s..".. ru..c '.. e.. P.;m.... u...1..eo... ;. 1 Ci s.,. G.lln o fis. v e.j. ;;,_. ii, : n n e... g O.....a.. t".....rs e ,,, mm~ "' t9ajfm!l-\'~)l~sl"9.1i\atl9na; r~ ~9~\hiBi# i'mij 4~*1i1i e~ ~.<. ~pitf#. 'fc;j~,;pip111~~ic:atioij. Au: J)lltt~at wvj~#tc;p.q ~tp~t.c?f< 11)9ijtyopc;rad9J1Sbynii~si1~.test7 u. -~. t:e. s.. tt.). 1.. ~ fllll g.e.jg1p.f1l1f1?. A.pr... <.i~g ;iftixify '.W1 \\'aptsj9jpclµde A u." 11 1., u ]ated.. an.. t.'..oo. v. e. r se.. ec. o. n o. nu..c.. i.m.. P. a c.t.'.?... f<l ;~.~B1~~P~XR?R r ).atou. 1.. Ptv.~.~at.~. r~1 f#lap~.~;.1)1.~ l~u~.e\p th! agrc:~m~11f to u :tci $ pre$ Jttly maintains ii mas ~S$ tlte]}p~~p!~1~g11~i'(.~j~j ~t~:4~\lilit~itilfa'i utt\1ft%t:i~{j~;tl. / ; ii )... J.!JAf~pi!lty;1f?\.11f.~l.b:e. par1 i g(tlle nei lj,~.ft'.l ~$ p9.ll:(:.ater?.~~ij.e4ifel)~;wjgi;llis.aspatect. 4o'Y.'.nfersipripf~~lierStra-. ~gi? 9i1};~~ J#it~~y~/(Stllr }\fl#:~/ Vt6*~t Tli,~ JJ9P9S.~d :.je~ tiµ~µntil ~~ ~t t.9?inijs1ir~t. <s >i.... \ ; Kab11;t;ipclicated tli~~ tµ~ U.s. ij~t9!ll~ll\,gjq}()()).-* J)Ol1Sibl. <A~(.tl~(iri' sites onpthetr7 viote g.ge. oftt.ie i1,11t~ ~ J iittbii[r-tt~~timi,~:di1,jir;i.~1111;1. ih'.~aa }q#m. ::!ill;l)!~tl Other alternative, Abraham suggested, is to educate the community as to services available right here on island. Citing comments by a U.S. based inspection team which recently visited CHC last February, the secretary assured that the services offered at the hospital are considered comparable to those of any excellent county hospital in the U.S. "Other governments in the Region are already looking to our Center as a training site for their health personnel, which surely indicates we have more and better services th~n they do," he said. Abraham claimed that the Center not only has the basic care but also offer specialties such as Ophthalmology, Pulmonology and Psychiatry plus an excellent Mental Health Services group in Navy Hill. To make a profit, he mentioned that there is an outdated CAT Scan machine sitting at Lower Base in a warehouse which was a gift from Sharp Hospital in San Diego that never got used. "Why not take the profit and buy a new CAT Scan-one that at least meets current day standards? Why not use the profit to buy needed hospital supplies?" With regards to the effect of Public Law 7-45, Ahraham said staffing at CHC is in a critical To avoid a staffing crisis, Abraham said they-are privatizing hospital services by working with recruitment agencies since the law affects only non-resident government employees. On recent resignations of some doctors, Abraham said they are doing all they can to encourage physicians to stay with them. But they still must replace those who wish to resign to go somewhere else so that services will not be disrupted. Governor tells HANM to lobby RP on Filipina ban By Rafael H. Arroyo Variety News Staff GOVERNOR Froilan C. Tenorio yesterday said he intends to pursue his plan to cut off worker renewals for Filipina non-professionals unless the Philippine government rescinds its ban on the same category. n an interview with the Variety, Tenorio said it should be up to affected employers to urge the Philippine government into rescinding the expanded worker ban so they could preempt his plan to put off Filipina renewals. According to Tenorio, the imposition of the ban on female employees indicates that Philippine government is not satisfied with what the NM government is doing to protect female workers and prevent any more abuse. " don't blame them for the action they have taken. They have the right to do what they did because they want.to protect their workers," said Tenorio. "That's the reason why they don't want to send any female non-professional workers to the CNM. And it is for the same reason why am proposing my, Clifford Grauers plan. say, we may also have to send female workers we have over here to make sure there won't be anymore abuse or sexual harassment on female workers we have over here," said the governor. "So in effect, am just doing the same thing the Philippine government is doing. f they don 1 want to send anymore so we don't abuse them, then say; to further prevent abuses on the ones we have over here, we should send them home also," the chief executive added. Earlier this week, the Hotel Association of the Northern Mariana slands wrote Tenorio urging him to reconsider his plan to cut renewals off. HANM president Clifford Grauers said such a plan would entail huge costs for HANM's member hotels in terms of training for new employees, and in effect, disrupt operations and cripple the tourism and hotel industries. Asked how he will respond to HANM' s pleas, the governor said the association should make their concerns known to the Philippine government. " haven't read their letter but off-hand say to them why don't they do some lobbying with the Philippine government. Why don't they go and talk with officials there and tell them the hotels do not abuse their workers and ask why t/je need for the ban. So my suggestion is for them to do some lobbying," said Tenorio. f the Philippine government agrees to lift the ban, Tenorio said h~' 11 respond by allowing female workers to renew their contracts here freely. Public Works personnel build a stage in front of Garapan Elementary School in preparation for the July 4 Liberation Day parade. Governor Froilan Tenorio and dignitaries will position on the stage to watch the event....\} 1. :{ ', ).1

3 Wait for the right mom~nt The debate that is expected to be spawned by the recentresubmission of Judge Alex Castro's appointment to the highest seat on the Supreme Court bench is expected to be a real loud one. A good number of the so-called po!itical observing breed are betting their bottom dollar that there will be those in the Senate who will be swayed into rooting for the same appointee they rejected more than a month ago. True, because all the hysteria and critiques raised by the Castro rejection may have already died down. Harsh words have been spoken and the political backlash may have already subsided. For the clever politician, and we know the Senate is full of them, it may now be time to mend broken fences. t may be time for them to correct the wrong and take credit for it. Saving face would be damn easy as it could only take a few flowery words to pacify the harsh opinion columns that have recently lambasted their actions. Then there could be that reasoning that they were just carried away by the sentiment of the moment. That they were swayed by the prevailing mood of their majority colleagues into putting on the bandwagon mentality. Yes, the possibility of a more positive vote is there but will it be enough to correct what may have turned out to be a big mistake committed in haste? We're afraid not. With the swift decision not to accept Judge Castro's appointment, the senators have completely ruined the man's reputation. A reputation that has been built over the years through conscientious and careful application of his mastery of the CNM legal system. One that has been nurtured by years and years of g9ardedintegrity, righteousness and civility.. Not only did they ruin the individual's career as a reputable judge, they also blemished his credibility as a human being. Why? Because he was too political. He played politics too much for his onw advantage. But come to think of it, who in this world does not play politics. Everyone does and moreso people in this community who eat, breathe and drink pojitics. Especially here where everyone is a relative of everyone. The way we see it, the recent rejection of the Castro appointment and the statements made by a leading EAG senator subsequent to his reappointment, are enough reasons for Judge Castro to think ~~.. What has already transpired at the Senate is a deeply humiliating slap on the face for one who is being looked up at with the highest esteem and r.espect. We feel sorry for the judge but what can we do, there is still that possibility of seeing another slap on the other side of the cheek. A slap that could be more painful and insulting the the previous one. Although we believe that Judge Castro is the most capable and most fitting appointee for the top post, there are those among us who are skeptical of the individual senator's sense of decency and fairness. They did it once and there is no convincing reason why we should think they would not do it again, except perhaps they want to put on a stance that will highlight their sense of righteousness. We sincerely hope Judge Castro will weigh things before plunging into this virtual den of lions once again. Who knows, by declining the appointment and just staying on as 1-Superior Court chief judge, he may rise one day to new heights. t all depends, after all, on the sentiment of the moment. Abed Younis Editor Rafael H. Arroyo. Reporter Ferdie P. de la Torre Reporter P.O. Box 231, Saipan MP Tel. (670) /7578/9797 Fax: (670) Member of The Associated Pre~s O 1995, Marianas Variety All Rights Reserved. k'now SAP WAS RETRNG:. BUT F \.lad To \-E/1.R" LFE 15 LKE A Bo)(. of c1-1ocolates'' one MORE TME iii' ~.: 1 1 l:l~s TC il : l:l)tc~ Why casinos are not right for us here Dear Editor, Casinos or What is the future for the CNM. t is truly clear that the Governor does not understand the enormousness of his suggestion for the legislature & senate to make a decision for the people that will certainly change the future for Saipan forever. Does he realize the respect that these governing bodies should have for the people they represent. This should be the people's decision. The School Board made tlie same mistake by not asking for the public's input on changing the school year, something that would change the way of life. Casinos will forever change Saipan. Has there been any other consideration given to an alternative future far Saipan? For example, agriculture has a proven record and was once a thriving industry in this region. With today's technology. it would seem even more feasible. We are now importing food that we could be exporting and at one time it was exported. The Casinos and outside investments are ways for economic improvement but what will be the final cost to the people. Do they want to sacrifice their way oflife as we know it today. Sure, there will be a few millionaires from land sales but what about the masses. Also the majority of the money from Casinos and other outside investment will not be circulating through the community but instead going to the owners bank account. Who will run these operations. Back to square one with alien workers. Casinos and outside investors means that Saipan will be depending on other countries economic for its success. 'The firstlawofnatureis SELFPRESERVA TON" What can the local people do with the aide of the government to make life better? Has any thought been placed in this area? The governor said we wantto be non-dependant on the U.S. but yet he wants other countries to invest. We are still asking for help in the end. There are also other islands in the Marianas that can be developed. Casinos will put a tremendous strain on. the local culture. Can you imagine what the streets.will look like. How crowded this little island will be. Space will Continued on page 5 A new day is dawning for the CNM Dear Editor, n the words of PopeJohnPaul, "No worker may be used as a tool for economic profit by anyone else, much less may the worker be abused or mistreated. Workers have the right to organize in order to support one another. Society in general must respect.the union's call to boycott and strike in cases where justice is not honored." As a predominantly Catholic culture we must honor the words of our Holy Father. Unfortunately many employers do view their work- ers as disposable commodities to be used, exploited and replaced. Labor unions are necessary to combat the negative attitudes mariy employers have toward their workers. The belief that employees are mere tools only to be exploited for profit is very prevalent in this part of the world. This arrogant attitude towards workers is highly inconsistent with American democracy and consequently represents the root of many of ou.r labor problems The most well known union is the Commonwealth Continued on page 5 Chamorro/Pala1c1an slams Pierce on betel nut Dear Editor: ONE of the most frustrating experience have on this island is people who are so insensitive to one's culture. Take for example the drug czar sitting up at his air conditioned office at the Governor's Office and doing nothing but put out of boring press releases and planning for his next off-island trip. Having nothing else to do, he decided to take on betel nut chewers, as if a lot of people are falling dead on the street for chewing betel nuts. Mr. Drug Czar should have stayed with the Garment ndustry rather than try to save the Chamorros, Carolinians, Yapese, Palauans, and happily, some Americans, from death by chewing what we had been chewing as part of our culture for many years, long before he came to this islands to get confused.. His office in itself is highly questionable. s his office really necessary, since we have a highlyqualified Chamorro at the Commonwealth Health Center speaking to students, government employees, and actually doing treatment for those addicted to drugs? What has he done since he came into office, other than appear on TV once and bored us to death with his press releases about his trips? Oh, take on betel nut chewers. Then someone who calls himself or herself "A.M. Smard" wrote a Jetter to disagree with Robert Hunter's own letter about betel nuts. Apparently, he is not a very "smart" person as he or sire claims to be when he or she stop chewing. To suggest that habitual chewers could eventually sell their bodies to buy betel nuts, Mr. or Ms. Smard, you seem tci be suggesting that you have a very cheap body. Do you really believe in what you said? Mr. Dick should work on the Legislature to repass the ant-smoking legislation the Governor vetoed to save non-smokers from the second hand effect of smoking which has been proven to caus~ cancer and other kinds of diseases. He should advocate the closure of liquor stores and other businesses that sell cigarettes and alcohol. What about other Hlegal drugs such as "ice" and "cocaine" and "marijuana", or PCP? Why don't you do something about these, instead of being insensitive to our culture, Do Continued on page 5 i JACK ANDERSON and MCHAEL BNSTEN WASHNGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Lott fights for a needless NASA move WASHNGTON-When Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Mark Hatfield of Oregon voted his conscience by opposing the balanced budget amendment, Majority Whip Trent Lott piously attacked his "arrogance.".. But when we called Lott's office to ask about a $1 billion federal project he's been trying to steer to his home state of Mississippi, his spokeswoman petulantly responded: "What do you want him to be-a purist?" Arrogance aptly describes Lott's heavy-han~ed can:il?aign to move NASA's space shuttle nozzle pro~uc.li<:~n f~c1htyand its hundreds of jobs-from Utah to M1ss1ss1pp1. NA~A officials recently nixed the move because a confidential agency assessment revealed that the relocation would ha~e. wasted more than $850 million at a time when NASA 1s practically running on fumes. Lott's ability to summon moral outrage, however, has never run dry. At the same time that he's been trying to bring home the bacon he has endorsed Draconian across-the-board budget cuts a'.nd lauded his GOP colleagues for their ab~lity to "step up" with a courageous budget. Lott has demgrated Democrats for not making the "tough choices" for "our children's future.". To be sure the entire Mississippi congressional delegat10n has been pu;hing for the NASA relocation- including another Republican,leader, Sen. Thad Cochran. But ~one of those members have rendered judgment on dissentmg colleagues in the way Lott ridiculed Hatfield...,, According to a knowledgeable source, the mtens1ty of Lott's lobbying for the move has been much greater than that of his colleag_ue~,jn rec~~t_ m _th_s L2tt held s~~_eralfa~~::_t9-_ face meetings with NASA Administrator Damel S. Goldm about the relocation, and one congressional source told us Lott has been "putting tremendous pressure on Goldin.". But Goldin stood his ground. Emboldened by a "Rapid Action" draft audit report by NASA's inspector general that concluded the relocation costs "were not justified by the expected benefits," Goldin ~as refused to bow t? the pressure. The report, which was reviewed by our assoc1at~ E?.Henry, noted that the move raised "various safety, reliab1hty and schedule concerns" that could have increased the relocation costs "substantially" beyond $850 million through the year WW... Lott's spokeswoman, Susan rl:>x,. told l!s that l,_o_tl"d~~ agrees with their cost analysis" and believes,'.'ther:'s an investment here that will be greater than the cost. romcally, that "investment" criteria did not affect Lott during recent Budget Committee deliberations that produced p~opo~~ls for deep cutbacks in programs affecting children, semor c1t1zens, the poor and veterans.. "Democrats always want to increase spending on everything and raise t8;(es to pay for it,:: Lott. s~id. when Senate Republicans unveiled their?udget: N?w 1t 1s time ~o face up to the tough choices. We did the Job m the committee, and we're going to doitin the full Senate foro~rchildr~n's futur~." Lott has previously supported completmg a third $2.4 billion Seawolf submarine. But when the Navy asked Congress for the money earlier this month, Lott said the need to balance the budget by 2002 was changing his.mind. " just?on't see how there is enough room for all the thmgs we are bemg asked to fund," he said._.. Yet he thought there was room in the budget for a senseless move of jobs to his state. rby.argues ~at N ASAfirst_Prop<?.sed the relocation and Lott was Just trymg to get Goldm to not break his commitment." ndeed, NASA announced a plan to relqcate i~'s nozzle operations to Mississippi in December 1993, at a time when the agency might have been able to absorb the hefty cost.of a move. Since theh, President Clinton and the Repubhcan Congress have proposed deeper cuts for the space agency. While NASA's budget was about 4 percent of the federal budget at the height of the Apollo program, it's now less th~n. 1 percent of the budget and shrinking. Even th~u~h NA~A 1s in the middle of a five-year 36 percent downs1zmg, Clinton and Congress are still pruning away.. Lott and his colleagues on the Budget Committee, [or example, have proposed savirig $2.7 billion.by,ref?rmmg NASA contract_~~a~'!l~nt. Somehe>_~ t~at d1dn t d1ssu~de hfmrrom try1ng to reach into NASA's till for almost a b1lhon dollars. What did taxpayers expect-a "purist"? ",1"1 )' ~-~1~ r r,.,1~f"j''~f~":"'''' f~ "";t"j':l,-,r-.,-.,r,'/p-,-,p,_.,, FRDAY, JUNE 16, 1995-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-5 MCl?E.ETEHS MCl?: 1.ETEHS... MCl?E 1.1:Ti'EHS. Money stretching schemes from reader D Ed t free for the governor's own office. mentforwater&electncthecnm ear 1 or, His requested increase of 4 rrulhon.. gove~ent w~n, t h ave to "h. e pou t" W,f! are all in "This" together. would pay for400 referrals & bills at ouruuhty providers. 8 mrlhon saved "This" is the CNM government $ 0,000 each. would saved would be 800referr.~s. money crunch, especially the money (3) Mandate and enforce non use Following are several strategies needed for medical referrals. What of government vehicles by employ- which would generate revenues. can we do about it? ees after hours. Savings in gas, () mplement onncrease a tax on Why are we looking to Uncle Sam maintenance&purchascofvehicles, cable tv and video rentals. and Casinos to magically solve our estimated at million per year, or (2) mplement property taxes on money problems? What can we do? 00 referrals. real estate. We citizens have choices to make ( 4) Conservation of electrical en- (3) mplement variable auto tag involving responsible money management. Several strategies will to turn off air conditioners. 4:30 tags should cost 1 % of a vehicles ergybyrequiringagencies&schools fees based on vehicle values Car make our existing money stretch p.m. all right till 7:30 a.m., would value, and not less than $25.00/yr. farther. save an estimated 2 million in elec- Luxury car owners would pay Citizen & legislators, let's. tric bills or 200 referrals. more than owners of old cars. (1) Send 20 not 70 artists to Western Samoa to represent the CNM consumer to pay for purchase & sible for the quality of hfe 1~ the (5) Require every single water To summarize,. we are r~spon- (savings = 50 airfares) installation of water meters/electric CNM. We get what we pay tor. (2) Request Governor Tenorio to meters. voluntarily implement a spending fcuc receives appropriate P\Y- Si A Caring Citizen Why casinos. Continued from page 4 soon become a valuable commodity. Do the local people want this island totally covered with Hotels and tourist. Are the otherislands in thecnm going to just be forgotten about. To lease of develop one of these islands may also be an option. A master plan is needed. What is the true vision of the CNM' s people for their land and culture. Have there been any public meetings for opinions on this Anew day _. Continued from page 4 Labor Federation. With dignity and determination Mr. Vicente Perez has assisted the men and women of the Hafa Dai Beach Hotel towards the unionization of the hotel. i'l.lthough faced with great hardships such as unemployment, poverty and a merciless bureaucracy, the men and women of the Federation have never wavered from their mission: To secure and protect the rights, dignity and re- ~p~t for all Commonwealth workers. Those who stand to financially benefit from the continued exploitation of our work force are cruelly lashing out against the formation of unions. The industry management need not fear the growth of unions. Having a happy, well-treated, unionized group of employees will only lead to more prosperity for all. When the United States began to heavily unionize around 1900 American industry was not destroyed. Chamorro. e Continued from page 4 something worthwhile so the taxpayers money ;would not be wasted on you trying to preac~ on ~. issue~ Positive political gatherings seem to only happen when someone wants your vote. This is why there is so much bickering because ideas aren't being shared but rather forced on the people. One man vision may not be the consensus, especially with a decision of this magnitude. Furthermore, the disagreements between the governing parties is causing a negative affect on the people and the economy. Healthy debates are good for the process but not coming for a vote and doing things with the sole purpose of hindering the process is wrong and am one tax payer that won't vote for anyone that's playing games with my future. - 'm sure people want our governing parties to work together in hannony for better positive results in promoting the wishes of the PEOPLE and not their own. have a lot ofrespect for the governor and we do have some great people up there on Capitol Hill and hopefully our governing parties will read this letter and go the extra mile for the people that put them there. Respectfully, Brose On the contrary, the U.S. attained being, especially in the hotel and the highest living standards in the _ tourismindustries. Still others claim - world for management and-work- unions are nothing more than an attempt by alien workers to remain in the Commonwealth andseekresi- dency. None of these claims how- ever, contain the slightest bit of truth. Employers must learn that they neednotfearunitltls. Ahotelstaffed by happy, healthy and well-treated workers will only prosper. Why should the commonwealth worker receive half of what Guam workers earn and 1/4 of Hawaii's hotel workers? We should wel- come them as a ~umph for.every- one,local peopleandnon-resictents alike. The time has come for all work- ers to receive their fair share of the "industries earnings, and the dignity they deserve. A new day is dawning for the Commonwealth. t is a new day of hope, prosperity and justice. t is the day of the unionized worker. ers alike thanks to unions. Local workers will most greatly benefit from the form'ation of unions. t will be the local people who will rise to the upper ranks of theunionandthereforeexercisethe most control. Currently, local workers are not granted the protection of the Department of Labor. Unions will improve the quality of life for all workers, locals and aliens alike, in many ways. focrea_je~b securi!y,retire{l~nt plans and health ~are for all workers will be the main results ofunions. There is misunderstanding and fear surrounding this topic. Critics of the unions have vocal in their opposition to collective bargaining through representation. Many have accused the union supporters of creatinganexclusivefilipinodominated organization benefiting only their own nationals, Others have railed against unions as a threat to our economic wellsomething you don't have any knowiedge of. Federal money being threatened because of betel nut chewers? Hogwash. Leave us chewers alone. t is the spitting fro_m che~j!)g_pete! n_ut that shou L -~- -. l'v~ - (ij( ~~llfa! ltrs ltt CJllflJJWJ{XETu~ Sincerely, S/ERC GREGORE be banne~ at work, not chewing per se. Sincerely, Si ALBERT (AL) TECHEM An Addicted Chamorro/ Palauan ~h~.!c[ i J

4 6-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY-JUNE 16, 1995 nos hails court's decision ROTA Mayor Joseph S. nos expressed jubilation over the SuperiorCourt' s recent decision on his lawsuit versus Governor Froilan C. Tenorio. Judge Edward Manibusan, on Wednesday, handed down a decision in the constitutional landmark case defining the powers of mayors. "This decision upholds the power of mayors to administer public services and puts a firm check on the Governor's power in Rota, as well as confirms the mayor's authority to appoint and fire resident department heads" said Rota mayor Joseph S.!nos said in a press statement yesterday. Judge Manibusan said Governor Tenorio could not create an "unauthorized, ad hoc agency such as the Governor's Representative on Rota. Accordingly, as a matter of law, the Governor's Representative is operating in violation of [the constitution]." "More than anything else in this case," said mayor!nos, "th:: recognition that the Governor's Representative Office circumvents the constitution, will bring peace to our community." The Governor's Representative Office in Rota has been a bone of contention between the Rota mayor and the Governor since October "Clearly that office will now cease to exist as it has in the past," said the mayor in yesterday's news release. "We will see more harmony in a community that has been sometimes sharply divided by this dispute." The Court's decision also established the right of the mayor to control administrative leave for government employees. "Accordingly, the Governor's attempt to revoke the mayor's duty to grant administrative leave fails due to a procedural flaw," wrote judge Manibusan. "Such revocation," reads the opinion, would have.to be "supported by just cause." The court concludes jusl cause has not been shown. We have heard over the radio that the Governor in a press conference yesterday has claimed "total" victory in this case. Those of our citizens who will take the time to read the decision will soon discover that the Governor's claim is grossly inflated. Why the Governor has opted to deceive perhaps only he can explain. The true nature of this difficult case is better understood and presented by the above headline. There were some eleven issues in contention with some going to the Mayor, some to the Governor and some ending in a draw or perhaps with a slight edge to one or the other. The case can be likened to a prize fight with the issues representing rounds. This manner of assessing the case gives a decision victory to the Mayor...it is not total, but enough, to Rota, very important issues were settled in favor of the mayor. Additionally, the mayor is pleased to announce that a number of Tinian and Saipan leaders have conveyed congratulatory messages to him, and interestingly enough, some such support has also come in from officials in Guam. "We are very grateful for this decision," said _mayor nos. "t sets some workable rules to define local and central government power in Rota. We look forward to working with the Governor in an amicable way to carry out this decision. Aloot also welcomes suit's outcome By Ferdie de la Torre gard, the judge makes a further Variety News Staff distinction between agencies ACTNG ATTORNEY General charged with responsibilities to Sebastian Aloot has welcomed execute and enforce Commonwealth the decision of Superior Court laws and agencies charged Associate Judge Edward with responsibility for providing Manibusan in the!nos vs Tenorio public services. case, saying it represents an important "As to the former, delegations clarification of the rights, are permissive and may be re responsibilities and relationship voked for any reason. As to the between the Governor and the latter, initial delegations are mandatory mayors. and may only be revoked At its heart, Aloot pointed out, for cause," Aloot said. Judge Manibusan's decision reflects Among the causes justifying a a re-affirmation of the fun revocation of a Mayor's delega damental principle of Article tion of responsibility under that executive authority of the Amendment 25 is the failure to Commonwealth resides with the implement the Governor's and Governor and his paramount authority Department Secretary's policies Sebastian Aloot Edward Manibusan was not and is not dimin governing the provision of public m~morandum from the ished by Amendment 25. services. Governor's Representative to all He said Manibusan's decisimi. Manibusan has issued a declaratory of the executive department heads does, however, find a distinction judgment in the case stating requesting information including between Tenorio's unquestioned among other things, that the Office the names, employment dates, authority and his ability to delegate of the Governor's Represen tasks and salaries of all resident to inferior Commonwealth tative on Rota is operating in violation department heads. officers or mayors the duty and of the Commonwealth n a decision, Manibusan responsibility to implement the Code. stressed that the Commonwealth Governor's authority. But at the same time, Manibusan Constitution does not grant mayors "t is in the area of.the delegation also issued judgment to the mobility, exclusive domain over local of implementing responsitions as to other counts of nos' investigations. not the Governor's authority amended complaint for sunurary ndeed, the judge said, the abilfects," itself, that Amendment 25 af judgement in favor of Tenorio. ity to conduct an investigation of said the acting Attorney n count,!nos claims that how a particular resident department General during yesterday's press Tenorio has usurped his power to is being administered strikes conference. make local investigations. at the heart of each secretary's He explained that in this re- The mayor based his claim on a duty to oversee the entire depart- F.R.P. WORKS (Water Tank, Artificial Fall, Slide, Lining & etc.) ~--.,;h:. - -, - 8- 'lf:f- ~.J. ~ -.,; KTCHN CABNET (Material and nstallation) LNOLEUM (Material and nstallation) ~ Y.M.BM CORPORATON P.O. Box 3040 CK Saipan Tel: , Fax: ment. "The Governor, through his secretaries, has complete discretion to investigate local matters which concern the administration of public services on Rota," Manibusan said. n count X 1,!nos argues that Tenorio should be stopped from exercising any authority to revoke executive duties which he,may possess because, for the past eight years, Commonwealth governors have refrained from doing so. Manibusan however, explained that the practices of past governors, undertaken without the benefit of judicial interpretation of the provision at issue, cannot nullify the plain language of the constitutional text. "This Decision marks the Commonwealth Judiciary's first opportunity to provide Commonwealth leaders with guidance on the meaning of Amendment 25," said the judge. Although the court's interpretation of Amendment 25 may be long overdue, the parties shall be bound by this Decision to the extent that it deviates from past gubernatorial practices, Manibusan emphasized. :. {",..j >! TC~ TOC~ WATCHES, ELECTRONCS & OFFCE _MACHNES CHALAN KANAO, SAlPAN. NEXT TO TOWN HOUSE PH: : t ' \ ' ; 'r ',., ' ' 1 " ' ', t ~ 'f FRDAY, JUNE 16, MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-7 FATHER'S DAY TEMPERATURE RSES9 PRCES DROP. AND JUST N TME FOR FATHER'S DAY!!! PRCES START AT (~ (()\ 17-u!'~r-,; (j\l fn t)) 1,2/: 1 U:n; -:~L 1 tu1 ~:_J;. c:j) (::.::., (~;/:" SHARP SHARP }ldvufjif: Ct\SS~cr rrs S"(L:~EO lptj/ CD WTH DETACHABLE SPEAKERS DVOLTS PRCES START AT- r<:- 1. ~. AUTOMATC BLACK FACE 150 METERS REG. $ C? :~- \;; \~f :1 n~' [!i:.:_r] ;.;.: l X BASS (EXTRA BASS) system 3-band graphic equalizer Double Casse11e mechanism APMS (Automatic Programmable Music Selec1or) (20-programme) CD synchronous dubbing (~ C\ '1 ~ ~J :: f~v l,\:,,_il] ;_{.:: ~ (~' ::::>i.~~ r:-~--. :T'!.~.JV,i, l- 1 i : U;' \'l, - ;/ ~.:l/ \,_.,_ SHARP C.LJ C:,) Q,) PHONEMATE ALARM STOPWATCH DUAL TMER ZONES COUNTDOWN TMER PRCES START AT PHONEMATE Mu::rocasselte Tape nmg Selling One Touch Controls Auto Extension D,sconnoct Memo Record Play/ Rewind New Message ndicator Au1omat1c Erase Remote Tuner On Remo1e Operation SHARP 10 channels with auto scanning "AA" rechargeable NiCAD balleries with 3 days battery life Ultra clear noise reduction circuit Power saver Programmable d1gi1a1 security code Aufom;:itic st,inrlby P;ig1ng cordless handset f1om the b.jst~ Lm1! Alarm lnr oul-ofrangc operal1on Autodial Red:c1! Flrtsh Wall mountable PHONEMATE SEKO WATCHES ENTRE SELECTON S CJ r-j fe fr D\J ~ ~.: "'tj ~ i::: r.j :.:; CJ :~~ ". ":.z; l' ~= ~ ~ ] F{/ 2 ~JJ/,\R~O t31'2:,.~v,~:s:i.{:,l~:.z :; Lq~~-:,c~;:.:: NCLUDES: TWO CONTROLLER SUPER MARO WORLD Easy on-screen multi-language (English/Spanish/French) programming High-speed rewind function Full load rapid response 181-channel PLL (Phase-Locked Loop) tuner Auto zero back DPSS (Digital Program Search System) 1-year/8-event programmable timer Automatic tracking control Tamper proof., ',' ' CD sychronous dubbing system APSS (auto Programme Search) for CD LCD for CD Built-in CD FM/SW/MW 30 band tuner 6 cm (3') CO single compatible Full auto stop mechanism Soft-eject cassette compartment Variable sound monitoring system Toner control SHARP. - -~-~~ ' -,. -,.,. ~- '. 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5 8-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY-JUNE 16, 1995 Man hurts baby, mom; is nabbed A MAN was arrested after he allegedly assaulted a woman and hurt a baby in the process near the Chalan Kanoa Cemetery Wednesday, the Department of Public Safety said. DPS spokesperson Sgt. Edward Manalili said the suspect, identified as Generoso Lorete, was nabbed for child abuse and assault and battery. Citing a police report, Manalili explained that while a woman was carrying her infant, Lorete punched her on the head and facial area, hitting also the baby in the process. The baby suffered bruise un- der the left thigh. t was not indicated whether Lorete and the woman had an argu.ment prior to the assault. Their relationship was also not specified. The,incident was reported to DPS Central Wednesday at 12:46 p.m. n other police report, Steven J. Mollens, 28, was arrested after he allegedly assaulted a 45-yearold woman yesterday before dawn in Dandan. Mo liens allegedly punched the woman on the facial area and head. The victim suffered bruises and contusions to the facial area, police said. n Susupe Lake area, an unidentified person or persons on board a vehicle fired successive gunshots at a house Wednesday shortly before midnight. No one however, was injured in the shooting incident which was reported to DPS Wednesday at 11:24 p.m. Five gunshots hit the concrete wall at the northern portion of the house, investigators said. n Garapan, unknown responsible burglarized the Sonoda's apartment Wednesday night and took a refrigerator and stove. (FDT) " Third ConCon honors the late Vice Speaker Mafnas N A BREF session Thursday DelegateMaryannAldanPierce morning (June 15), delegates to volunteered and read the resoluthe Third Northern Marianas Con- tion in its entirety, which was stitutional Convention (Concon) then presented to Mrs. Mafnas by presented a resolution expressing Convention President Herman T. their condolences and sympathy Guerrero on behalfofthe 26 delto the family of the late House egates. Mrs. Mafnas then thanked _ Vice Speaker Jesus P. Mafnas. the delegates on behalf of her Following the presentation to family. She was accompanied by Mrs Susana T. Mafnas accom- her daughters Celina and Jennipanied by her two daughters and a fer, and son Rufo. son, the Concon then recessed The delegates then observed a until Monday (June 19) to allow moment of silent prayer for the the four committees to continue late Vice Speaker Mafnas. working on proposals already in- The resolution was introduced troduced. by Tinian Del. James M. lvla.fnas, 53, died in a plane crash Mendiola. on May 21, 1995 along with busi- Later on, the delegates also obnessman Larry Hillblom and pi- served a moment of silent prayer lotrobertlongontheirwayback for the late Mrs. Ramona S. for a sightseeing trip to Pagan Camacho, mother of Delegate island. The plane crashed in the Carlos S. Camacho, the first Govwaters between Saipan and ernor of the Nonhern Marianas. Anatahan. Anatahan is about 70 Mrs. Ca(lacho passed away miles north of Saipan. Thursday morning. ffi~ep Saipan Clean and.bea-u-t1-.fu~~j ALL TOASTER/ BLENDERS 200/ 0 0FF RADO & STEREOS 1Q0/ 0 0FF Third Con Con President Herman T. Guerrero presents resolution to Mrs. Susana T. Mafnas, widow of the late Vice Speaker Jesus P. Mafnas. Seen at left are her son Rufo and daughters Celina and Jennifer. BLANKET RES.3!:! $24.95 PANT'S $3.00.LDVl' 1 S Emporium T.EL KD'S SHOES $2.00 1,, i. ) ' ' i 11 f,. ' Attao Torres to take top House positions Jesus T. Attao By Rafael H. Arroyo Variety News Staff HOUSE Majority Floor Leader Jesus T. Attao is being lined up to succeed the late Jesus P. Mafnas as vice speaker of the House of Representatives. n addition, Rep. Stanley T. Torres, currently an independent congressman is being touted to be the next House Floor Leaderupon the ascent of Attao to the second highest House post. House Resolutions 9,103 and 9-104, to endorse the nominations of both Altao and Torres, have been prefiled before the lower house of Legislature. The two resolutions, both authored by House Minority Leader Vicente T. Attao, are expected to be approved by the House at its next session. n an interview with the Variety yesterday, the Minority leader Attao said it is almost certain that his brother, Jesus and Torres will clinch the two leadership seats judging from the number of cosponsors who have signed up for the resolutions. CopiesofH.R (Attao's) andh.r (Torres')indicate 12 and 11 co-sponsor signatures, respectively, a1l, if to indicate the same number of members supportive of the two nominations. Under the current House Rules, 10 votes or a simple majority is needed out of the total 18 House members are needed to carry the nominations through. " see no doubt that this thing Filipina. Continued from page 1 There was no confirmation yet from the DPS whether the woman who sought police help Wednesday, 'was the same Filipina housemaid. Last year, a Filipina housemaid >filed complaints after she was allegedly raped by her employer on Rota in separate occasions. The Attorney General's Office did not pursue the case after they found no sufficient evidence that the housemaid was indeed sexually abused. The Washington Post August 29th issue carried story of rape, beatings, unpaid wages, and "virtua1 slave treatment" on Filipino w'*ers allege&y committed by their Rota employers and even tiy lawful authorities. Local leaders reacted strongly on the report, saying it unfairly misrepresent the true situation on the island. ' Stanley T. Torres will go through. n fact Speaker Diego T. Benavente has be.en pushing for the current floor leader, my brother, to move up to the House number two slot," said Attao. The leading House Democrat said Jess, being the current floor leader is the rightful candidate to be the second in commru:id of the THE ~NESE RE:,TAUR-\NT Treat your Dad to a lunch buffet at the Chinese Restaurant. The buffet will feature all your favorites plus an assortment of Dim Sum. Available from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm. $16.00 for Adults, $8.00 for Children under twelve House. With regards to the nomination for majority floor leader, Attao said Torres is the right man to move up to the number three slot owing to his experience as member of the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth CNM House.. Torres also served as majority floor leader during the Eighth House. Vice Speaker Mafnas perished in the May 21st sea plane crash that also took the lives of billionaire Larry L. Hillblom and pilot Robert Long, The late vice speaker was the first House member to pass away while in office. His untimely death caused a vacancy in the House which is to be filled through the governor's appointment of the next highest vote getter in the precinct where Mafnas served as representative.., FRDAY, JUNE 16, MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-9 _.H~.REGENCY SAPAN Father knows best._ and he knows that celebrating Father's Day on Sunday June 18th at the Hyatt is the best H 0 u s E Father's Day Champagne Brunch is a lavish affair at Oceana. A sumptuous buffet is served from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm. $25.00 for Adults and $13.00 for Children under twelve. Former Civil Defense Chief Elias Okamura receives a plaque from FEMA 's A. Roy Kite in recognition of his exemplary service in emergency management and to the people of the CNM. lc:t Fl~r reser:vations or inquiries. please t:all ext. 26. re,. :', Bring Dad and the whole family to Sunday Brunch at Kili. The tantalizing buffet is available from 10:3G am to 2:00 pm. $25.00 for Adults and $13.00 for Children under hvejve. Club at the Hyatt cards welcome

6 10-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY-JUNE 16, 1995 SVES Recognition Day held ONE hundred fourteen-sixth graders from San Vicente School gathered last week at the Garapan Central Park for their Recognition Day Ceremony, and to bid farewell to their teachers and fellow students. sland dignitaries including the CommissionerofEducation William Torres, Board of Education Chairman David Quitugua. Deputy Commissioner George Sablan. Congresswoman Ana Teregeyo, Reverend Narciso Sampara, Con-Con Delegate John Gonzales, Congressman Ray Dela Cruz, Principal Martha Haberman, PTA President Benavente assisted the teachers in honoring the students for their achievements. Scores of students received awards in various academic field. Andrew Borja garnered the Principal's Award for. placing top honors in writing, reading, science, mathematics and social studies. Xenavee Pangelinan received the prestigious Commissioner's Award for Academic Excellence. Pangelinan also took the SYS Female Athlete of the Year Award. A Special Recognition Award was presented to Vice Principal Evelyn Manglona, who is leaving San Vicente School.,.' '. ~AY, JUNE 16, 1995-MARANAS VARE'YNEWSANDVEWS-1;1 PSS Commissioner William S Torres oresenrs /he Corwrussroner Award for Academic Ex.cellence to Xenavee Pangelinan. (ljtdentify ~ docujt1enfsi> ~ege11~ pth~ ~plii4:~ij9~l~ ~~/. dfic planning issues affeping the. lly!lil~~.efqralleli#tci#dw~et{ futureofthecouegeastlley~lateto... ingatatimell\osti9nyfii1ent(of its mission,.... r < r > ii. the B9ilrcl Jll~Jllb~r~o. < F ( (2) Develop the outline fora stra--.. l\boµtam()nth.a~~t.th#~qfl-:~ tegic plan-set updie groilndrul~s shop(oratsoineappf()priatc~ an h~w to use.tbeissu~s identi~. wh~n th~ fie<l m < 1 >. to develop GoH;ge ~111ic.develgprnentpiiut i$ t'ii.i\ ~oals,. objectives and action.th7r.de\lelo~datthe Colle~e); tems.. }tls.sugge~ted.thattbelnstiiq.- 1.~~:_i: ~:~: 0 ;::d 01 u: ~~~s{fa1!tiquefurther.~nd ~efi1e (3) nitiate the academic de- tiqrial flaj1j1ef P1eetwith and i velopment planning prol::ess ~ continuew9rk \Vith th~ facilifas ===~==========::::::::::; Keep Safpan Clean & Beautiful 0 0 LEVS JEANS ALL MENS SLAND AND DRESS SHRTS w. $5!11:Dff. = LEVS TRAVELLERS DRESS SLACKS MENS REEF BRAZL SANDA:LS. W:Ut\. RECLNERS 2 cr:tz."'d. -ff.i.rti4;l[ YAMAHA PSR-1 10 KEYBOARD REG. $ HTACH VMH71 A 8MM VDEO CAMERA REG. $ HTACH VMH57 A 8MM VDEO CAMERA REG. $ YAMAHA CG1 OOA FOLK GUTAR ALL MENS HS. JEANS AND SHORTS 2"s,l!i/).11 _ _. ff t:::: REG. $ ~~ SANYO 8MM VDEO CAMERA STORE WDE EXCEPT CGARETTES ALL MENS SHORTS AND T-SHRTS SNGNG MACHNE MODEL #SU7705 REG. $ LAWNMOWER JUNE 16-19, ~frman~ MODERN BAKERY FREE ROASTNG FOR ALL BULK MEAT PURCHASED FROM US FOOD STAMPS ACCEPTED f f t, i i,. JOVAN FRAGRANCES AN BASAL.A.OR MEN 2 AWA NSX5200 SMALL REG. $ MENS VvALLEfS

7 12-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY-JUNE 16, 1995 Bikinians prepare for nuke clean.up 1 By Giff Johnson For the Variety MAJURO -Early the 50th anniversary of the Bikini slanders' evacuation for nuclear tests - is expected to kick-off nuclear cleanup work that will eventually allow islanders tomovehome permanently to their radioactive islands.. Bikini MayorTomakiJudasaid in an interview yesterday (Thursday, June 15) that islanders had rejected consideration of nuclear waste storage for Bikini, and were now focused on cleaning their home islands for an early return. n March, the Bikini council's announcement that it planned to "educate" itself about nuclear waste storage possibilities set off a furor of debate and protest within this community of 2,000 islanders. Last month, the Bikinians reversed their position, rescinding their support for consideration of nuclear waste, saying the community wanted to return home. The Bikinians are holding their annual budget session this week, and indications are that 1996 will see the 'Bikinians increase funding and focus greater effort on the OFF June :00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Huny! Limited Offer Only. J vc nuclear cleanup of Bikini sland. The U.S. provided the Bikinians with a $90 million trust fund to cleanup Bikini; the i.slanders are using interest payments generated from investments to fund the. cleanup. The United States conducted 23 nuclear tests at Bikini, including its largest hydrogen bomb explosion, "Bravo", in Juda said that thebikinians hope to have a groundbreaking ceremony to officially launch the cleanup in early 1996, following meetings with scientific advisors. The effort will focus on cleaning residual radioactivity from Bikini sland, but the Bikinians do not want to limit the cleanup to Bikini sland only, Juda said. The entire atoll needs cleanup. "The decision of the Bikini Council is that we won 'tlet people return to Eneu sland (which has been declared safe by scientists) while the other islands are not safe," Juda said. "How can we return if things (radioactivity) that belong to the United States government are still there?" Juda said the Bikinians are more anxious than ever to return home. "People are asking to return yesterday but it would be a bad decision to move back to stay on islands next to other islands that are not cleaned. Who will stop people from getting food on the radioactive islands? The problem, however, is that "the United States gave us funding to. cleanup only Eneu and Bikini," Juda said. There are about 23 islands in Bikini. "We've already submitted a request to the United States Congress asking for money to clean up all the islands in Bikini," TRED OF g'. NO Security Deposit CREDT g'. NO Repair Bills. MX.-CJJ g', NO Credit Check HASSLES? g', NO Long-Term Obligation Expires 6/30/95 DAL CoMpACT CoMpONENT SysTEM 25 Watts Per Channel Motor-driven Volume Control Three Customized Equalizations Live Surround, with Three Ambiances Random Preset Memory for a Total of 40 AM/FM Stations Multi-programmable timer 95 Per Week said Juda. The Bikinians have requested the support of the Marshall slands government to push the cleanup request with the U.S., he said. Juda said he is aware of the budget-cutting mood of the current U.S. Congress. Nevertheless, he said, "Next year is the 50th year since we were removed. Fifty y~ars away from our home islands. don't know how important that is to the U.S. government, but for us it is very said. t's a long time." Most of the Bikinians live on Kili, a small island about 400 miles south of Bikini. Unlike Bikini, it has no reef-protected lagoon for fishing, and over the years the B ikinians have become entirely dependept on U.S. Department of Agriculture food provided by the U.S. government. Juda recalled the American government promises of the 1940s. "They said 'as soon as we're done with the tests, we'll return you safely.' t hasn't happened." The Bikinians want to go back, he emphasized. "Many people have died without realizing their dream but returning home was in their hear." This is why the Bikinians in May rescinded their earlier resolution to pursue the option of nuclear waste storage. "t's a request from our people," Juda said. "They are anxious to return home." Marshalls irked by French plans to resume tests By Giff Johnson. For the Variety MAJURO - The Marshall slands is disturbed by France's announcement that it intends to re,sume nuclear testing in French Polynesia. "The French should stick to the moratorium," Marshall slands Foreign Secretary Jiba Kabua said yesterday (Wednesday, June 14). The Marshall slands government is against resumption of nuclear testing by any nation and strongly supports a total test ban treaty, he said. "We made our position clear at the United Nations," Kabua said. "We condemn the testing o: nuclear weapons." The M3rshall slands was the site of 66 U.s. nuclear tests from 1946 to n 1986, the U.S. provided a $150 million trust fund to compensate Marshall slanders for loss of land and health injuries suffered as a result of the nuclear testing. Kabua called the French move "irresponsible and immoral," saying that a resumption of nuclear testing ran counter to the mood of Pacific islan4 nations. French President Chirac said that France will resume.testing in September with eight nuclear explosions. (! i ' Council updates artists' registry THE Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture is currently updating their Artists' Registry. This directory is composed of various artists in traditional crafts (beadwork, weaving, mwarmak 'ing etc.), visual/contemporary (painting, photography, sculpture etc.) and performing arts (dance/ music, storytelling etc.) in groups or individuals. For all those who wish to be included in this directory are requested to fill up a registry form. This is open to all artists, local or non-local whose here in the island and has been doing any artwork originally by them. Being registered will have the opportunity of getting into the council's mailing lists and referral listing that is given to private and/or government agencies for their request. nformation of upcoming events and/or projects will be sent to artists based on this directory. To obtain an artist registry survey form, please call Cindy at the Arts Council office telephone numbers /83 and she'll be glad to send it to you by mail or fax. For more questions, call the office from 7:30 a.m. to4:30 p.m. Mondays to Fridays. 11r11a 1a, iarents.%hdwiuittd=» ilil t ~ f i.w ~ ~! ~1lll-l Headstrut Programs. win.. o n on\ C r t!une 26 and continue throµgl:ijillj,j (J)J-l~!hfo~3,4;li.tldS; > < Thela\eregistrationwillbebdd >< F. ~#uhi~t(fany) (3)H~numberandmedical. ' atthecarolini:in littiri ~;it- \{4) fu:i,i(parerits or t:30p.ni'iq3;3o pm. > // < ~ and <. To be eligible for this~ a/).? {S)PllssportlVisa (for non-resi- childmusthaveheenbombetween t1efilj. ) < i. ' January l, 1990 and ~~30. P<>r inore inf'orinaµori iibout the i 1! i > laie~gistrationoraboutlheheadslart At the.registratio~ lhe ~ <J' Progr;im callj22-4q53. PACFC EAGLE ENTERPRSES, NC. P.O. Box 3645, Saipan MP Tel. (670) ; Fax {670) NSSAN SENTRA $ NSSAN SENTRA TOYOTA COROLLA TOYOTA TERCEL SUZU V10 DUMP TRUCK CAU US NOW LMTED STOCK ONLY, DAL TELEPHONE NUMBERS LSTED ABOVE OR STOP BY AT OUR STORE ALONG GUALO RA AREA. FRST COME FRST SERVE BASS ONLY & NO RESERVATON. GRAND OPENNG i BG SALE ~- l iii CARPET (Large) $28.90 HANES (T-Shirt U.S.A) $6.90 JAN SPORT SCHOOL BAG $34.00 HAND BAG {taly) $17.99 HAND BAG (Taurus) $24.99 WALLET $9.90 MN POOL TABLE $10.99 JESUS CLOCK $12.65 WORLD CUP SHOES $27.90 PCTURE FRAME (3 Set). $12.60!WHMSY! MC DONALD'S] MDDLE ROAD coco a& R-1 D COCO COST SALES TEL JUNE 18 WLL BE DAD'S day Come and treat the great guy in your life t~;~,rc:g,'f!! f!!l, rocated at Young Sun Bldg., Beach Road, Garapan will do the job for you Bring dad & the whole family Have fan & enjoy the day FATHER'S DAY SPECAL: FAMLY SET MENU - Order 1 and you'll get a 10% OFF on all your orders. FOR RESERVATONS and DELVERES PLS.CALL To Serve you better o~r NEW BUSNESS HOUR starting JUNE 19 will be: ( Mon - Sat: 11 am - 2 pm 6 pm - 4 am Sunday: 11 am - 10 pm ) T'S MORE THAN JUST A TOUCHNG GFT. MOTOROLA BRAVO ~ EXPRESS PAGER ~!i1ti~~.~~2 Security deposn collected. T'S A GFT THAT KEEPS YOU N TOUCH. J!appy Y.al.her 's 7Jay EFFECTVE JUNE 12 THRU 17 'WHLE SUPPLES LAST 8APAij bagng.c N M. 101 CHALAN KANOA BEACH RD. SAPAN, MP TEL. ( 670) (PAGE) 7637 FAX: ( 670) 235-'MO

8 14-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY-JUNE 16, 1995 MRS releases schedules for school year MARANAS High School ori- June 21-23, :30 entation and evaluation for reg- a.m.11 :30 a.m. & 1 :00-3:00p.rn. istration schedule. - Evaluation for Registration June 19, :00a.m.-1 l :30 Process for New Transfers, na.m. & 1 :00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.- Re- active Students & Returning Stupor! Card Distribution & 1995 dentswhoweren'tevaluatedyet, Graduating Diploma Distribu- at the MHS Cafeteria. tion at the MHS Cafeteria. June 27, :30-11:30 June 20, :00-7:00 p.rn. a.m. & :00-3:00 p.m. - Class - Orientation for all ncoming Schedule distribution for Se- Students for SY : Re- niors in Green and Yellow Track turning Students; New Transfers at MHS Cafeteria. & nactive Students, at the MHS June 28, :30 a.m.- Cafeteria. 11 :30 a.m. and 1 :00 p.m.-3:00 KTY 19 CCD 19" Color TY w/ Remote Control, Cable-Ready, Close-Caption Reg. Price: $ SALE GE VA Head VCR w/ Remote Control, On-Screen Programming, Digital Auto-Tracking. Reg. Price: $ BOSE 201 Series ll Direct/Reflecting Speakers Reg. Price: $ SALE $ FREE!! SOSE f -SHRf FOR EVERY PURCHASE JYC C-20CL5 w/ Remote Reg. Price: $ SALE $ p.m. - Class Schedule Distribution for Juniors in Green and Yellow Track June 29, :30-11:30 a.m.& 1 :00-3:00 p.m. - Class Schedule Distribution for Sophomores in Green and Yellow Track at the MHS Cafeteria. June 30, :30a.m.-l l:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. - Class Schedule Distribution for Freshmen in Green and Yellow Track at the MHS Cafeteria. WP Band Radio Mini Compo Double Cassette Recorder, Portable Karaoke, SALE 11 0/220 Volts $ Reg. Price: $95.00 AWA NSX-270 Digital Audio Component System, W/ CD, Remote Control, 11 0/220 Volts Reg. Price: $ RCOH L MM Still Camera, Automatic Film, Control, Day/Night Shooting Reg. Price: $99.00 SALE SANYO SR Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator Reg. Price: $ SALE YAMAHA CDV-300K Laserdisc SANYO ASW33NP ~,- _c_1~~ ::,->'-'- Player w/ Karaoke Function, - ~ Automatic Washer 1 Remote Control, Reg. Price: $ /220 Volts (Made in Japan) Reg. Price: $1, SALE $ SALE ~-$41995 Plus many more audio/video & home appliances ON SALE! *FREE GFT FOR EVERY PURCHASE 'l{(u4/l, (!)11.e-Slop t~slwp f,;,, 2~ ehai.ce,j,1 QUALTY AUDO/VDEO AND HOME ELECTRONCS SALES & SERVCE Morgen Bldg., San Jose Village Beach Road Tel. # /235-TVCR (8827) Fax: ''llll oj DM4 P~ Me 'kl~ 'We Se!Wke 'Wltd 'We Sell" ~='\'\V/ f!ste KKKOMAN SOY ~:~CE$4 95 WESSON OL 48 oz REALFRESH MLK$13 95 COLGATE TOOTH- s2-99 HUGGES Lbs. s11 e5 TANG 20 Ots. sg.95 CHARMN 4 Rolls 6 Pack sg.95 BOUNTY Sin9le 'Roll $1 49 DAMOND-G LONG GRAN 50LbSS :.-- ~ WHOLE CHCKEN 30 Lbs. T-BONE STEAK 3 for TDE ULTRA 42 Loads $8 99 FRDAY, JUNE 16, 1995-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-15 S/F BEEF STEW 24oz $ Loads PORK SPARERBS 20 lbs. MACKEREL Family Bag BAR S BACON KMCHEE BOWL RAMEN 1 case OXTAL Family Bag BEEF SHANK family Bag DNTY MORE BEEF STEW 15 oz BEEF SHORT RBS Family Bag KOBLERVLLE $18 95 sg.9& S).99 s1.s9 $26 95 LBBY'S PNK SALMON s3.as 15 oz. BEEF FEET Family Bag PULLM~N HAM 10 Lbs. S / F BABY OL 20 oz s19.9s SJ ULTRA BRTE WHTER.99 TEETH Fresh Breath PERT SHAMPOO $4.99 PRELL SHAMPOO AGREE SHAMPOO CHAMN 36 Roll s4.eg s13.e5 S/F FRUT COCKTAL. $ oz ::~::~:uic;::. $ ozs3.eg BABY POWDER 1402$1.99 [H~~

9 16-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY- JUNE 16, 1995 Saipan Cable TV \Velconies 1::: Meriang to its news team SAPAN CABLE TV is pleased to announce the addition of Fermin Meriang as news reporter. "We are very happy to welcome Fennin as a member of our news team," said Guam and Saipan Cable News Director Kirk Chaisson. Fermin' s extensive knowledge of politics and the inner workings of the CNM government will prove in- RUGGED 1991 MAZDA 2600 X CAB 4x4, 5 speed, AC, AM/FM Black S T084 DURABLE 1992 MAZDA X-CAB 4x2, 5 speed, AC, AM/FM cassette Gray sa 95 3T051 STYLSH 1992 HYUNDA SCOUPE LS AT, AC, AM/FM cassette Pearl Gray S8495 2R050 4 door, AT, AC, AM/FM cassette Black s 995 3T069 DEPEN Amtn 1991 ;_y Blue T098 valuable as we continue to provide the best and most comprehensive news coverage in the CNM", said Chaisson. Meriang has worked as a reporter forthesaipan Tribune from March of 1989 to May to 995. His time with the Tribune included two and a half years of work with th~ Guam Tribune. He has also worked SPACOUS 1990 TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 4x4, 5 speed, AC, AM/FM cassette Maroon S T020A POWERFUL 1991 SUZU TROOPER, VG 4x4 Automatic, AC, AM/FM cassette White s9995 1R064 TOUGH 1991 MAZDA 2600 X-CAB 4x4, 5 speed, AC, AM/FM cassette Blue s9995 3T071 f ~rrt~~t w Y ~ru 1990 DODGE CARAVAN, V6 AT, AC, AM/FM cassette, PW, PL Gray s P012 ECONOMCAL 1992 HYUNDA EXCEL GL AT, AC, AM/FM cassette Silver S6495 2T017 Extended Service Contract available on most cars. ~ TRP::=O~PlE~~!ORS Gcrqx,n. Beach Rood 23.G-7133 Chdon Kmoo. Beach Road /5014 with radio station Hit OOinPalau. "We see a lot of potential in Fennin and we're sure that his journalistic experience will pay off in a big way as our viewers will receive in-depth reports about the inner workings of the CNM government," Chaisson said. Meriang's appointment becomes effective immediately. ~---,-,;a;.a;;.w.;,;a.a1. NMC placement test set NORTHERN Marianas College placement test schedule for summer Session 2 will be on June 20 (Tuesday), 1995, 1:00 PM - English Test; and 4:00 PM - Math Test, at Building 1, Career nfor- mation Center. For more information, please contact Northern Marianas College, Counseling Office at telephone number ext FOR CNM AFFORDABLE100%*COVERAGE co-payment and some other restrictions apply ACCEPTED BY COMMONWEALTH HEALTH CENTER,_ SAPAN HEALTH CLNC, PACFC MEDCAL CE~TER, & REFLEXOLOGY & CHROPATHY CLNC 'For complete list, please call. NO REFERRALS NEEDED YOUR CARD ACtEPTED OFF-SLANb Al Guam Memorial Hospital The doctors Clinic. Guam, S~aub Clinic & Hospital, Hawaii, St. Luke's Hospital. Ptlilippines Enroll Today MULT PPO-HEALTH PLAN R Administered by: MOYLAN'S NSURANCE UNDERWRTERS, NC. Tel. (670) Fax (670) '"'""d " sourn'ice ATLANTC n11 MOYLAN'S COMPANY We put a smile on your face with high quality dental care in the CNM. at The Sajpan Seven1h-day A!a!!!~!!!~ent!p~~)d P!!!!!!~ses Enroll Now ~f! Administered and Marketed by:, Moylan's nsurance SAi PAN Underwriters, nc.,.~ DEN SAPAN:. ~-:-:.i: TAL Tel: (670) ~,?~ PLAN Fax: (670) ~~A' ~ ROTA: Care Provided by The Saipan Seventh-day Tel. (670) Adventist (SDA) Clinic Chalan Laula u, Saipan Fax; (670) ' ' ' ' FRDAY.JUNE 16, 1995-MARANAS VARETY NEWS ANDVEWS-17 Largest Marshalls firm cuts back cision to terminate employees is be building the nation's first rural, being based on job performance, not eco-tourist style resort on a remote on tenure with the company. atoll later this year. By Giff Johnson For the Variety MAJURO - Robert Reimers Enterprises, the largest business in the Marshall slands, began laying off workers and trimming salaries in Majuro last week in a cost-cutting effort which managers said was required because of the closing of its large, multi-million dollar Ebeye retail and wholesale operation earlier this year. _ Ramsey Reimers, RRE's chief. executive officer, said that the company needed to streamline its business so that it can invest into income-generating opportunities to bring money into the Marshall slands instead ofbeing totally dependent on"rotating goverrunent payroll checks." "We have to cut our overhead costs," chief operations officer Peter Gigante said. "Ebeye contributed to paying for our overhead, so we have to adjust downwards." RRE, a locally-owned company that operates a hotel, dive operation, hardware, car dealership, and office rentals in addition to its wholesale and retail businesses, was forced off ofebeye sland earlier this year by a group of landowners unhappy with the tenns of a lease RRE held. Ebeye is the Marshalls second largest urban center next to the American missile testing range at K wajalein..rre shut its doors at Ebeye last week, permanently laying off 130 employees. Gigante added that RRE had been having a "banner year" until the Ebeye problem arose, and the loss of business on Ebeye necessitated cutbacks in Majuro, its base of operations. About 25 workers will be laid off - about seven percent of the total workforce,andtherewillbeanoverall five percent decrease in salaries, although for a few workers wages may actually rise, Gigante said. RRE is also getting out of the heavy equipment business. ts equipment is being sold to local construction company United Atoll and many of theequipmentoperatorshave been picked up by United Atoll, Gigante said. Francis Reimers, wholesale manager, said RRE' s retrenching is a direct result of closing out its Ebeye stores. RRE is bringing several of its managers and top level personnel from Ebeye and locating them in Majuro, whiledepartmentsherethat are overstaffed will be cut back, Gigante said. "We started the adjustments last week and the rest will be made next week," Gigante said. ''This isn't a major panic. t's a one time, fix-it adjustment." Francis Reimers said that some of the Ebeye staff will be slotted into the accounting department which needs additional staff to handle the sophisticated computer accounting system in place. Rl!ffisey Reimers said that the de- RRE is aiming to invest more heavily inexportareas, such as clams and pearl oysters, and in tourism and diving projects, according to Gigante. RRE will also be investing outside of the Marshalls, he said. The Marshalls has begun major clam exports to the American aquarium market. "We're exporting about 100,00 clams to the U.S. now," Gigante said. The company has also begun investing heavily into pearl oyster farming, and will "We plan to diversify our holdings so we're less dependent on the domestic economy," he said. Reimers concurred: "We're all feeling it now (tightening of the economy)." The Marshall slands goverrunent receives most of-its aid from Washington and is faced with a growing budget crisis as the Republican control of the U.S. Congress is threatening serious budget cutbacks that will affect the Marshalls. FSM leaders hear economic panel's report P ALKR, Pohnpei (FSMS) - pay for their debts. n this regard, government. as a way of reducing the size of The Economic Management Chuuk and Yap States are finding These areas were identified be- the government. Policy Advisory Team reported it hard to rephlce funds lost under cause, Papanek said, there already n connectioa with Chuuk on its first visit to the four FSM the Compact, said Team Leader are progress made toward the State's Energy situation, Presi- States to President Bailey Ofter, Dr. Gustav Papanek. stated objectives. dent Olter stated that the States of Vice President Jacob Nena and Therearefiveareasofimprove- Vice President Nena stated that Pohnpei, Kosrae, and Yap as per the temporary cabinet and special ment which the team recom- even though the revenue callee- recommendation from the US consultants. mended to the Presidertt and his tion is improved, it will only be a Office of Territorial and ntema- Acting Secretary of the Depart- Cabinet to prepare for presenta- temporary measure since the FSM tional Affairs (OTA), established ment of External Affairs, Epel tion to the Consultative Manage- economy is based on Compact their Public Utilities Corporation, Hon accompanied the team dur- mentprocesswhosememberships funding. ts diminution will ef- free from political influences, ing their State visits in which he include the donor countries, Asian fectively diminish the tax base in were able to receive energy fundreported that the team visited the Development Bank, nternational the FSM. Consequently, at the ing assistance from the US De- Governors and their Cabinets, Monetary Fund, World Bank and termination of the Compact, the partment of nterior. Legislators and members of the other member nations and inter- FSM will loose that economic Unlike its sister States, Chuuk private sector in all four States. national organizations. base. enacted a legislation that con- The team found the situation in The areas are: Public Utilities n the next three to five years, tained provisions objectionable to the States difficult, deserving im- Revenues; Tax Reform and Rev- none of the governments will have OTA such as influence from pomediate attention, more so in the enue Collection; simulated de- money to operate, unless the FSM litical leaders. As a consequence, State of Chuuk. valuation - a scheme in which immediately increase its exports, Chuuk lost its opportunity for Most States have reportedly taxesonimportswillbecollected warned EMPAT. similar assistance received by borrowed against their future to be used to reward exporters as The team is recommending that other States. Recent reports indiyears' capitalallocationsofcom- an incentive; increase in tourism the FSM Government borrow $8 cate that OTA was eliminated as pact funds, committing their re- and reduction of government ex- million dollars to buy out its offi- part of the US Government curmaining annual capital funds to penditure by reducing size. of the cials to retire early from their jobs rent restructuring to cut costs. -:1, '~ June 6-June 2S 6eG1c RoG1d, Gara a

10 FRDAY, JUNE 16, MARANAS V A.R1ETY NEWS AND VEWS MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY- JUNE-=--16='-=-19:::9--= All-priest band here for concerts The singing priests from the Philippines are set to do a series of performances billed as "Levites on Fire!" on June 22 and 24. Phone Joe ( t.,~:-c_: i.-.:.:.j '' love what you do for me:' Pairere #1 Microl Corporation bx 2H-6'514 Tom -t "'., Pairere #1 Allen Quality Servlc~ THE BEAUTFUL island of Saipan is soon to be stormed with lots of "heavenly music"! The Levites will be performing a two-day concert entitled Levites on Fire, a special post-pentecostal concert for the benefit of the mmaculate Concepcion Seminary on June 22 and 24, 1995 at 8 p.m. at the Hibiscus Hall, Dai-chi Hotel. The concert is under the auspices of The Diocese of Chalan Kanoa in cooperation with the Diocese of Malolos and Continental Micronesia, Marianas Cable Vision and Power 99. Tickets are available at D'Elegance. The Levites (pronounced as leevites as in vitality), is an all-priest band from Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines. t was christened after one of the 12 tribes oflsraelcalled the Levites whose specialty was the priesthood. Levi, the Godfearing sraelite, was. the son of Jacob. The Levites, composed of7 fullpledged Filipino priests from the Diocese of Malolos, is probably the most unique music band in the whole world in terms of members' profession. Because of their love for music, they banded together to develop their God-given. musical talents with the hope of uniting the people of God through music in the right direction. The first public exposure of the newly formed band was in January, 1993 as an added attraction to the minor seminarians' presentation of "Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat" at St. Mary's College in Meycauayan, Bulacan, Philippines. After that first rousing success, the rest was history. The group is always tapped to perform monthly ~oncerts for fundraising activities. The group does not only cater to playing and singing spiritual praise songs but also a repertoire of mellow rock and off-beat music. The notion of being far from conservative is in order to reach out to the many youth in the listening audience. t is no wonder that when you hear The Levites' music and beautiful blending of voices, you stomp your feet, you wave your hands, you sway your hips in exultation. The singing group is composed of Fr. Danny Bermuda, led vocalist, whose style and powerful singing voice makes Gary Valenciano, the Michael Jackson of the Philippines, a run for his "money"; Fr. Nick Castro, second vocalist; Fr. Dennis Santos, lead guitarist; Fr. Mar DJ Arenas, Keyboard Player & Manager; Fr. Mulong Perez, bass guitarist; Fr. Dindo Hilario, Drummer; and Fr. Rey Magna ye, formerly of the famous Tux Band, Second Keyboard Player and Musical Director. Wait till you hear Fr. Rey belts out his superb and ice cool rendition of the theme song from The Lion King and you might think it was Elton John singing and the roaring lions are put to sleep! Tabasco Sauce 2 oz. Morinoga Pan Cake Mix, $1.79ea. Lipton Low Calorie ce Tea Mix.,, ; $2.98ea. Hormel Spam 12 oz $1.98ea. Hormel Corned beef 12 oz. $1.89ea. Kellogs Rice Krispies Cereal 15 oz : $3.98ea. Chicken Drumstick,.,::1 c:i,tf,, (Family Tray Pack)._,.-_-.:_:_:,_~_' _, li u ~;~.1,}' tj bl.! rl Pork Spare Ribs,,.,;c 1,,..., ,( ~. 1, 11 t'.vi, 1 \::)! 10 (Family Tray Pack),,~ 1 "1: :n 11:: 1 "'-", j,/} 3,~ Beef Flank Steak DC;";( c.,----n ~ _)1 (, L'--11v.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Beef Feet Skin-Qn Dt,,.;1,,~:r,.,-q ri ~ 1 \J,,., ',._.,, \_, _, ~.l, : o o <, o, ; o,, 1 t,,,,, t,,,, 1,,., ',. ' ' \,. 1 - ; [~. ; :()()./ i :,-, ',/ '- : :'!,_,.., t ("!, \;; /1 1 ~, f)rv 11 Dd"'le 1 ;::i li! -,<:.! --c )' - 1 ~ ;; ii ' l.)j1 \. ~~--) ~~ 1.J -~-- ;,_,,,., /~-- "--' 1-.-,._ r, r 1 ~ {' ~ ('.,,,.-.~ (--"-. -- _. i,-,,.,,.,.,-~- 1 1, c,c, ' -'~ -.,.:/.:":. ',.-,: '. : ".,,1,.,,,,,,'-, '- ' -.,-, ) 'j 11 -, ; ' -f, ' l" /l.: _, -...J -.~J{:,. ; _.;,, :, _:._ 1,.,-.,,,,;,,, :.:., l; _ - "GENUNE PARTS. ', '~ ~.

11 20-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY-JUNE 16, 1995 ='C.::: THE. COMMONWEALTH {,>t t. Cotinciltor.Arts andc1ilti1fui~\ ~tcisubrtii. ;~i?" cal.lfugforc()nmi11nil}'-v61ffiii~. thecarti; co~~9jc'~ffi~7j~ 33#;< to. serve on the< Panel~ o{jh('; i 9982(Joi-fax~t3~f?02~n9l~ter Board of Directors; PursJJan~ to\ than Monday, J~tf l9t1~~ lit the Council By-Laws, the seven 3:30 p.fil. ptf9'>l.1l~l')#w(;il! Panels are:.... Assistan~ fan.el i.! fxpf:p.t~to< 1. Visual Arts Panel meeton'fuesclay,june20,atl:oo 2. P1.:rforming Arts Panel. J'l.tn. ~t t1'e t\j"ts()fn~.all inter- 3. Literary/Media Arts Panel. ested community volunteers are. 4. Chamolinian Cultural Arts asked tosubmittheir.names byno l Panel later than Monday, )11!}('; ll at 5. Touring Panel 3:30 p.m. This ~ forcomrnu- 6. Technical Assi~tancePanel nity volunteers to serve on the 7. Arts Support in Education panels listed above will greatly and Special Constituencies Panel assist. the Council for Arts and There are two seats available Culture meet the roncems of the in each panel for any interested public and continue to promote community members. ThePanel the goals and objectives of the members' responsibilities will be Northern Mariana slands' arts according to Board By-Laws. and culture. For more infonna Regardless of expertise, panels, tion, please call_!he Arts Council except on applications in which Office at /3 or fax at they haye specific conflict of in Art s Council calls for grants-in-aid applicants THE Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture is encouraging the public to apply for grants in aid projects. Grants are given to three general categories; grants to organizations, grants to individuals and grants to arts in education. Such grants may support, but are not limited to, such projects as; the presentation or production of art, support for the visit of off-island professional performing, visual or traditional artists for performance or instruction for CNM audiences, development of visual, performing, literary and craft forms, the promotion and providing of arts for the handicapped and the elderly, the advancement of the goal of the arts becoming a basic part of education in CNM schools, the providing of community workshops, etc. Grant application forms areavailable at the Arts Council office, by the Capitol Hill Convention Center. Staff is available for assistance with any questions you might have about questions on the form. All projects applied for must be completed by September 30, Applican.ts who cannot finish their project by September 30, 1995, will be considered in the next fiscal year federal grant and local appropriation. Applicants who's project funding requests do not exceed one thousand dollars will receive notification of approval or disapproval, within seven working days of the submission of their application. Projects with funding requests exceeding one thousand dollars, must be reviewed by a technical assistance panel for recommendation to the Arts Council Board of Directors, who will give final approval. Notification of such projects will be given to the applicant within sixty days. Upon completion of projects, applicants are required to submit final reports containing a description of the activities, where and when the project took place, number of participants, at least ten photos of the event with information, receipts, documentation of in-kind and cash contributions, and the total amount of expenses. " t is urgent that all interested parties pick up, complete and return grant application forms as soon as possible. All projects receiving approval must be completed- by September 30, For further information, you tnay contact the Arts Council at telephone: or grant applications forms are available at the Arts Council office, Capitol Hill Convention Center. Offices are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. T We Accept Food Stamps We Accept Manufacturer's Coupons We Reserve The Right To Linit Quantities Quantities linited to Stodc On Hand ~;,;---~ FRDAY, JUNE 16, MARANAS Y ARBTY NEWS AND vmws-21 LONE STAR CASNO T $ t 5.00 Weekend Night Flights Fly one of our special casino flights Friday and Saturday evening, and,ve'll refund $25.00 of your round trip ticket cost with Lone Star Casino free play token chips to be used on table games. FLGHT SCHEDULES Friday and Saturday Depart Saipan 7:30pm & 9:30pm Return Saipan 12:00am & 3:30am Sunday - Thursday Depart Saipan 7:30pm & 8:30pm Return Saipan 12:30am Call PA at for reservations. Seats limited. Limited overnight accommodations available. Call for room reservations. Free airport shuttle on Tinian. Friday, June 16 Saturday, June 17 Whole Rotisserie Chicken Texas Prime Rib of Beef $22.00 per person $35.00 per person $12.00 with Friday meal voucher $16.00 with Saturday meal voucher f atber's Day Special Sunday, June 18 Texas Prime Rib of Beef or $35.00 per person $16.00 with Sunday meal voucher Spit Roasted Suckling Pig $32.00 per person $14.00 with Sunday meal voucher 0 o - Great Father's Day Giveaway from Lone Star Casino & Budweiser Lone Star Casino will give away a 27" color TV to the lucky father : (or mother) who takes one of our Sunday night flights from Saipan : to Tinian and/ or purchases and plays at least $50.00 in casino : chips or tokens*. We'll also refund S20.00 of the $40.00 cost of your : Saipan-Tinian round trip ticket from any airline with free play : token chips to be used on table games. Free Budweiser for players! 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Meal vouchers dis.tributed on Lone Star shuttle bus San Jose, Tinian (670) 433n0001

12 22-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY-JUNE 16, New ndon envoy to FSM arrives P ALKR, Pohnpei (FSMS) - sentation a solemn and historic Nonationcanbyitsowneffortsachieve for approval and implementation. President Olter hosted a dinner receptioninhonorof AmbassadorLoeis The Ambassador-designate of the occasion and that the FSM Government desires to maintain strong ter that the international community ndonesia towards strengthening and his entourage at the Chinese Res sustainable development t is a mat FSM will continue to work with Republic of ndonesia to the Federated States of Micronesia, H.E. and lasting friendship with ndonesiatant follow-up to the Rio Earth Sum international understanding and nearly 50 people. Ambassador Loeis must quickly address Vy'ith the impor bilateral relations and promoting taurant in Kolonia twasattendedby Wisber Loeis, presented his credentials to President Bailey Olter ip As part of Asia Pacific Region, both mit" cooperation towards peace, sustainable development, climate day, June 13, and his entourage left Pohnpei Tues a ceremony held June 12th at the are island nations, key to the success of President Olter stresse.d the importance the FSM attach to the Protocols change, human tights, health, and The FSM and the Republic of President'sCabinetRoominPalikir. both is cooperation in the efforts of While accepting Ambassador developing peoples of both nations. to strengthen the frarnewmk on Climate Change and asked for the sup President Oltef concluded by re relatfons on July 16, education, among many. ndonesia established diplomatic Loeis' letter of credence, President Bailey Olter called the prelogue and cooperation in the future. port of the Government of ndonesia questing Am~r Loeis t6 con ndonesia's first non-resident "We must find ways to increase diavey this personal greetings to Ambassador to the FSM was ndonesia's President Soeharto. Poedji Koentarso who non-residentambassador Loeis succeeded. AttendingtheceremonywereFSM Vice President Jacob Nena, Congress Ambassador Loeis is also Speaker Jack Fritz and members of ndonesia's Ambassador to Japan the cabinet where he maintains his residency. Atkins Kroll Guam's authorized Mercedes,Benz Dealer Mercedes-Benz C220 winner receives free gos for one year cou'rtesy of.atkl'?s Kroll / j Each game ticket has an instant win prize and/or a ' '-----'---~ sweepst<1kes entry. Hundreds will win every day! Get your game ticket instantly with a fuel purchase at participating Mobil stations in Guam and Saipan' Collect them until your game card spells SYNERGY!, and you will drive home a luxurious, new Mercedes-Benz, ;;::,a:-, worth over $36,000. 'Korea donates $.3M to arts & culture project THE KOREAN government has pledged more than 277-thousand us dollars towards the first phase of a Solomon slands culture and arts project, SlBC reported Thurs-.\11;:cr "f;;:;;~~:~~;,,, moc,..,. ~,:i.::. """"' chances to win free _1;;}S ;'_ ""'""'- gas for a year in the Mobll_'Jt, ""'"' 2nd Chance Sweep- --.:;:;=::::? stakes. Fill out the - ~ official entry form found inside your game ticket and deposit it into the bin at any Mobil station. See the complete official game rules posted at every participating Mobil service station. 1=71r2m!!.7~2:~'u ~~-;:'~=~ Get your game ticket instontly with every fuel purchase Some restrictions apply. See offlclal rules for details to obtain game piece without purchase. Game ends June 25, 1995 or whlle supplies last. ',lc,,<l -,ap<ot.bnfd Q.,. ~):, ~ -11 d C,.,,., ands.-,,,, cpl-,"'11q~t al>c,.-d.,_ Oi.i.obi Cl.lt, le1 O -i,a,,_, -~ag,enq.~~r,,,i,-.~.,,,g1i-. 11u,g,, p1-, toe.,-,0tcmlnb.am"'hgai,a1i<.u day. The first phase of the project will include the National Art Gallery and a National Art and Craft Center. The funding has been pledged fol16wing negotiations between the Korean government and the Solomon slands government's consultant for National Heritage, John Naitoro. The supervising minister for culture andtourism, Father Brown Beu, says the whole project will also include a perf ofl!ling arts theater, recreational facilities and restaurants, which are to be built at the former state house site in Honiara. He says the various components are expected to be developed with the common socio-cultural and economic development objectives Pacnews Greenpeace slams Chirac defense for nuke testing THE GREENPEACE environmental organization has rejected the assertion by France's President, Jacques Chirac, that no ecological damage has resulted from the nuclear tests at Mururoa atoll, a statement from Greenpeace said. Greenpeace was commenting on the announcement that France would carry out a limited series of tests at Mururoa between September and May. n a statement issued in Auckland, Greenpeace said it was ridiculous to suggest that French nuclear explosions were "clean and hannless". t said.president Chirac's invitation for "competent scientists" to visit Mururoa to investigate the effect of nuclear testing on the atoll' was merely a "public relations exercise". Greenpeace asserted that independent scientific ch~ks spread over more tpan 10 years had already found,defects to the substrata of the atoll and low levels of radio-activity outside the 12-mile sea zone around Mururoa. Pacnews --r=r FRDAY, JUNE 16, 1995-MARANAS VARETY r.&ws ANifVEWS-23 Elsewhere across the Pacific Vanuatu Customs PNG telecom war rages hold back tugpo:;tt Pansat Communications Pty Ltd has suffererlanothermajorsetbackinpapua NewGuineainitson-goingcourtbattle with Posts and Telecommunications Corporation, PTC, over telecommunications licences, the Post Courier reported Thursday. The Waigani National Court has lifted the interim injunction it had granted Pansat on April 12. The injunction was to prevent PTC from setting up a cellular telephone networkandvsatcomrnunicationin the frequencies purportedly allocated to Pansat by former communication minister, Martin Thompson. Justice Don Sawong, however ruled that in all circumstances of the case, there was no basis to maintain that injunction. Theruling oowvirtually clears the way for PTC to go ahead with its plans for a cellular telephone network. The National Court ruled last month that the licences were infact invalid because the boardof PfCwas the only authority~nsibleforissuinglicenses and not the minister Pacnews Cook public servants to be hailed thru avvards schen1e Public servants in the Cook slands are being given an incentive to boost their work efforts through an awards scheme, Cook slands News reported Thursday. According to Media and nformation Services, all departments will take part in the "Prime Minister's Quality and Excellence Awards Programme" with the first awards to be presented at the end of this year. The Prime Minister's department is co-ordinating the programme, which recognizes outstanding performers from each department Prime Minister's department secretary, Tere Bishop said the non-distinction between able and poor performers is dragging the overall productivity of the service to an unsatisfactory level. Bishop said one significant effect of theprogrammeisthatitshouldencourage greater co-operation between the various government agencies, and amongst public servants themselves Pacnews Air Nauru to stop Niue service. Niue premier, Frank Lui, who is also the minister for civil aviation has indicated that Air Nauru is likely to cease operating its service to the island by the end of August, the Broadcasting Corporation of Niue reported Thursday. By that time the premier says he's hoping to complete an arrangement CONGRATULATES!!! with Royal Tongan Airlines and Air New Zealand. The proposal is for Royal.Tongan Airlines to use a chartered 40 seater jet prop aircraft from Marshall slands. The flight to and from Niue will connect northbound and southbound with an Air New Zealand flight to Auckland. Long Be~cll D.isco Club - :. The premier says he will continue to maintain dialogue with New Zealand as his ultimate aim is to re-intnxluce a direct service from Auckland. For the moment he sees the introduction of the Royal Tongan Airlines as an opportunity to develop and promote Niue as a destinationforislandhoppers Pacnews Chivas Regal and Seagrams Products $3.00 PLUS!! Give aways on a RAFFLE n Vanuatu, a Malaysian tugboat towing a barge loaded with logging equipment has been recalled to Port Vila, RNZ reported Thursday. The Vanuatu Customs department ordered the Asia Two to return to the capital when it was discovered the tug left without completing official declarations. Theseincludedaduty payment of more than &-thousand US dollars. The heavy logging equipment belonged to a company licensed by ll1c govenunent to operate on Erromango island., Meanwhile, the managing director of another company licensed to log on the island has been refused a meeting with a group of custom landowners. Community leaders say they already have two logging companies working in the area, and having a third would only confuse people Pacnews FAA finds Kiribati air safety not acceptable The United States Federal Aviation Administration says aviation safety in Kiribati is not up to acceptable international standards, the Fiji Times reported Thursday. A report from Washington earned by the Fiji Times says that as a result of the finding, Kiribati is expected to be refused permission to begin flights to the United States. The FAA reported that Kiribati had not developed adequate civil aviaiioe regulations, and that its civil aviation authority lacked the technical expertise, flight experience and maintenance ability to licence and oversee commercial aviation. The FAA has no jurisdiction over foreign airlines on flights that begin and end outside the United States. However, its rulings affect the right of airlines to fly into the United States Pacnews STOCK# CARS U '.)UlC:; PJ'\~/ ;~',}i AAT-623 R C?ES5iC{ AAA ll 0 r:. c - i ~.- ( U95-0l AAS-713 U AAR-563 U ABG-~22 U A/J_-464 U ABD-202 R ABB-035 U95-04 l 1992 _AAT-219 U AAW-882 ( ~ AAY U AAV-412 U AAP-491 U Ml , ('', ~!.-, U95 l00 ABA 915 U95-13!L. - _AAR-878_ U _AAG-1~ --- U AAR-345 TRllCKS R94-0l AA0-739 U AAR-334 R MJ-488 ( AAY. 166 U MW-889 U MP-866 U :;, MM-564 '' j R ,:,,, MU-248 U :"i.\:i : ~-r,.:~ ::'-" ABA-931 U ,;:.11 : (_1 MS-300 U ,.,_1:. [: -~-C,\: : MV-672 ''.!. ~.'. ;~ U (/!i F ~-Cid': AAR-420 U ':~:>: FD:?D c: MS-874 U ,':-RUi\: -: ti~ ABD-041 U i1-;~l.1nner ABA-843

13 24-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY-JUNE 16, f995 US Telecom bill nears passage By JEANNNE AVERSA phone, long-distance and cable bars long-distance companies ban indecent and obscene materials on computer services and the WASHNG TON (AP) Americans may find it harder to see businesses and free the biggest and in-state toll-call service until nternet global computer network. companies get into each other's from joint! y marketing interstate raunchy movies on television, electric utilities to provide an array of telecommunications serdistance business. would be increased for compa the Bells are in the interstate long Under a compromise, fines view nu die pictures on their computers and talk dirty over the vices. As currently written, the overall bill also would substantially scene communications over cable, nies or people that transmit ob nternet under plans either adopted n another important addition or being considered by the Senate. voice vote Wednesday not to The bill would lift The fines, administered by the to the bill, the Senate agreed on a deregulate cable television rates. broadcast television and radio. As a bill overhauling the overturn so-called "dialing parity" rules in 10 states. Those rules TV and radio stations one commission, would be increased to $ longstanding limits on how many Federal Communications Com nation's telecommunications laws moved toward final passage guarantee that telephone customers only have to dial the numeral would remove an 83-year-old re 10,000. pany may own nationally and 100,000 per violation from $ Wednesday, senators were looking to add provisions aimed at "l" before making an in-state striction on foreign ownership of Another new provision would restricting children's access to long-distance call. Stat~s enacted telecommunications companies require on-line computer services indecent or pornographic material on television and computers. panies competing against local theirs. called indecent materials like chat the rules to make sure that com as long as other countries remove to restrict children's access to so Senate Majority Leader Bob phone companies were not put at The anti-smut provisions that lines or photos by requiring users Dole scheduled a final vote on the a disadvantage. have been added to the bill represent the most aggressive effort by identification number, Senate to verify their age with a personal bill for Thursday. AT-and-T and other Jong-distance companies had lobbied hard the Senate to combat smut on aides said. n addition to the anti-smut measures, senators were to consider an amendment tempering the promise that : benefits the Bell in years. Republican who wrote this provi for the provision, but in a com television and computer services Sen. Dan Coats, an ndiana cable deregulation provisions in companies, the measure prevents n an vote on Wednesday, the Senate agreed to toughen the ability to keep their children sion, said it would "give parents the bill, 'the most sweeping rewrite of the nation's telecommu dialing parity rules from imple existing provisions, originally away from indecent and porno 13 other states that are writing nications law since the 1930s. menting them for three years. written by Sen. James Exon, a graphic materials and to make The bill would let local tele- n addition, the amendment Nebraska Democrat, that would sure these things don't come into ~13t\. Summer Class!t~~ June 1~ - 4UQ. -4 Don't waste your time! ComeandenrollinMBA summer school now for seven weeks of intensive learning. Parents and students Seven weeks of ESL, computer classes, remedial or enrichment in English vocabulary, reading comprehension and mathematics classes can give you or your children a running start on the future and put this summer to good use. Our past statistics show that there is great increase of knowledge in the subject matter after just 7 weeks of summer courses. Marianas Baptist Acade111y's summer classes start Monday, June 19 and continue through August 4. Mail in your registration form bel )w or register personally in the school and assure yourself a place with those who know how to put a summer to good use! Marianas Baptist Academy \ MariOnas Baptist Church (chapel) L_J \ SanVlcente S,ell Gas St tloo! ~ REGSTRATON FORM ~~ , wish to be enrolled in the following courses: ENGLSH 0 VOCABULARY 0 READNG 0 GED, SAT, TOEFL 0 ELEM/JR.H REMEDAL MATHEMATCS 0 ELEMENTARY QJR/H SCH. REMEDAL 0 ALG/GEOM/PRE-CALC. Q SAT MATH/CALCULUS AP 1 COMPUTERS 0 MAC Word Processing 0 MAC Spreadsheet 0 MAC Draw /Paint 0 MAC Database Name Age Gender Address Phone Check one:. Send to: Marianas Baptist Academy prefer to att~nd classes m the. Omormng P.0. Box 904 Saipan; MP Phone: O afternoon _J L the home automatically." n return, more contentious provisions were dropped, including one that would have required cable operators to keep indecent programs off the "basic" tier- the lowest level of service all subscribers must buy in order to get any other level of cable service. Exon's plan is opposed by the Clinton administration, the American Civil Liberties Union and computer user groups. They cite potential privacy invasions and violations -of the U.S. Constitution's guarantee of freedom of speech. Computer groups say the proposals to restrict smut are too broad. "They dumb down the content of the entire media to make it acceptable to children," said William Godwin, staff counsel to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a civil liberties group for computer users. River ferry accident toll rises to 25 BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) Divers continued to plunge into murky river water Thursday around a sunken dock where at least 25 people died when a dock collapsed, hospital and other sources said. A spokeswoman for Siriraj Hospital, near the accident scene, said the death toll from Wednesday's disaster rose to 25 while 10 were still hospitalized, three of them with serious i,njuries. Television Channel 7 said three missing people were being sought by relatives, and authorities said divers might recover more bodies. About 00 people from a-morning commuter train had crowded on to the floating dock just before it collapsed as Bangkok commuters waited for rides on the Chao Phraya River, survivors said. The dead included six children - three boys and three girls - who were on their way to school. A Siriraj doctor, Singhapan Tongsawat, said the dead had either drowned or been electrocuted by wiring used to light the landing at night. The hospital spokeswoman, Chatchada Suk-o, said the latest toll of both dead and injured stood at 73. A number of injured were released shortly after treatment. The deputy minister of communications told reporters the floating wooden pier, constructed just two yearsago, was substandard in design, Anek Tubsawan said the pier, floating on metal drums, lacked reinforcing supports. t began to sink when an arriving ferry discharged passengers, said one survivor, Pratuengthip Sinitachakul, a 30-year-old civil servant. She said a sign posted at the landing gave its maximum capacity as 60 people. Tens of thousands of people commute across and along the Chao Phraya River each day. The river separates Bangkok from its sister city of Thonburi. Defense debate in House takes anti-russian tone By JOHN DAMOND WASHNGTON (AP) The House of Representatives is signaling an increasingly chilly outlook toward Russia. The clear message emerging from a series of votes in the Republican-led House. thisweekis:russiacan'tbetrusted to accept weapons dismantlement aid; Russia may be selling missiles and other lethal technology to rogue nations; and the United States still needs protection against missile attack. First up in Thursday's debate on the fiscal 1996 defense budget was a proposal to increase funding for tritium research and development; tritium is a key ingredient in nuclear weapons. On Wednesday, the House rejected a proposal to ensure that the Pentagon complies with the 1972 Antiballistic Missile Treaty and instead supported increased funding for a 11ational missile defense program. A day earlier, lawmakers voted to freeze aid to RU$sia to dismantle weapons until Moscow halts its biological weapons development program. Rep. Lee Hamilton of ndiana, ranking Democrat on the House nternational Relations Committee, warned the move could "poison our relations with the Russians" and lead to a renewed arms race. Rep. John Spratt, a South Carolina Democrat, said the House action would lead the Russian parliament to vote.down the ST ART treaty, which calls for dramatic nuclear weapons reductions. "f we rattle the cage, if we send that signal to the Russians, then we will put at even greater risk than it is now the ratification of START," Spratt argued. The arguments fell flat on the Republican side of the aisle. Rep. Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania held up ads distributed by the Russian military at a recent anns bazaar extolling Russianbuilt missiles. Some 25 countries threaten or could soon threaten the United States with missile attack thanks to such sales, he said. "This is the SS-25," Weldon said, referring to the Jong-range Russian missile. "Any country that gets the SS-25 can hit any city in Americ:. with a chemical or biological or nuclear weapon." The House voted, , Wednesday against a Spratt amendment to the defense bill that would ensure that missile defense efforts abide by the 1972 Antiballistic Missile Treaty. Then the House rejected, , a Democratic bid to cut a proposed increase in missile defense. Fulfilling a plank of House Republicans' "Contract With America," the bill adds$ 763 million to the Clinton administration's dlrs 3 billion request for missile defense. Republicansatvarioustimessaid they weren't trying to block all aid to Russia for dismantling weapons nor seeking to scrap the ABM treaty. But their basic distrust of Moscow came through loud and clear. Some haven't stoppe9 using the tenn "Soviet Union." ''The last thing the United States wants to be involved doing is inadvertently giving money to the Soviet Union, not to get rid of the old stuff, but to build new stuff, new weapons aimed at the United States," said Rep. Duncan Hunter, chairman of the House National Security procurement subcommittee. Rep. Bob Dornan, another senior memberof the National Security Committee, said a recently declassified intelligence report indicates Russia's weapons development includes research into using the deadly Ebola virus as a biological weapon. He cited a General Accounting Office report _ which was hotly disputed by the Pentagon for its accuracy-indicatingthatsome U.S. aid is indirectly aiding Russia's biological weapons program. FRDAY, JUNE 16, MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-25 Takeshi Maeda, left, shakes hands with Hawaii Gov. Ben Cayetano, center, and Richard Fiske in the Governor's office Tuesday, June 6, 1995, in Honolulu, Hawaii, Maeda, a Japanese fighter pilot during the Pearl Harbor attack, torpedoed the West Virginia on which Fiske was a Marine bugler. (AP Photo) eonventon QEN1E~, QAPTOl Hill JUNE 1- JO, 111S OP NN4 ~ Q P1fON: F~fDAY, JUNE 1, 6:00 P.H.. ' HOURS: HONDAY FRDAY, i:00 AH too PH, SATllRMYS, 10:00 AH- 2:00 PH

14 26-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY-JUNE 16, Fanfare over pilot erodes US image? Democrats lukewar1n on Clinton plan. - By SLOBODAN LEKC brought down O' Grady's F-16 Serbs also are dismissive of the his concealment was threatened '" w ASHNG TON (AP). Presi- fighter June 2. An airborne Ma- U.S. military, which they believe only by two cows and alone shepdentclintonlauded U.S. Air Force rinerescueteampluckedhimfrom is too frightened even to set foot herd Capt. Scott O'Grady's courage. a Serb-held area of Bosnia last in Bosnia. They use a profane. ~os1;11an Pi:m1e MtmsterHans Defense Secretary William Perry Thursday. derogatory term to describe U.S. ~il~jdz1c predicted the shoo~own declared the downed pilot had A round of celebrations began jets that endlessly - and seem- will _lead to ~~er erosion of shown "true grit." as O' <?rady was transferred to h!s ingly pointlessly - patr9l the sky Amen;an credibility among the But O'Grady said he was sim- base m northern taly and ch- overhead. Serbs. ply a "scared)ittle bunny" trying maxed with an emotional arrival n fact, many Serbs are con- "'m glad th~t young, man _was to survive in;serb-held territory in Washington. He was feted at vincedtherescuemissionresulted rescm:d, bu~ JUSt can t. believe after being sh9( down over Bosnia. the White House by Clinton, at from a secret agreement between Amencan pnd.ecansoeasily swal- 0' Grady's remarks-ajong with the Pentagon by the top b_rass. He their leaders and the Americans.!ow the sh:;otmg?o~n of on~ of the Clinton administration's de- addressed an elated audience of A widely held attitude in the its planes, he sru.d m Washingcision to take no retaliatory action senators and generals and made Bosnian Serb capital Pale was ton..... reinforced an image of U.S. ti- the rounds of TV.news shows. summed up by Mirko Jovovic, a. And Kata!:n:1 Mandi~, ~ JUSmidity among the.battle-hardened O' Grady was seen across soldier: "He is no hero," Jovovic tice on Bosi_u~ _s Constl~tlonal Bosnian Serbs, diplomatic ana- America and the world not just as said of O'Grady. "We let him C~urt also vmtmg Washmgton, lysts say. a hero but as an unassuming and go." saidshewassaddenedbythespec- Warren Zimmermann, the last occasionally tearful military of- On June 5, Gen. Ronald tac!e. U.S. ambassador to Yugoslavia, ficer. Fogleman, the U.S. Air Force "A professional soldier was Scott F. O'Grady evading the Serbs," she said. "How should the civilians of Sarajevo behave after being their targets for more than three years?" described the Balkans as "a cen- But the display left some chief of staff, revealed that sig- weepingafterspendingafewdays terofmachismo." BosnianSerbsgenuinelypuzzled: nals from O'Grady's transmitter "To see the mighty U.S. falling Just why do the Americans make were being received. For the Held man not 1 nvolved all over itself over the rescue of a hero of a pilot they shot out of Serbs; that was an indication that one airman_ who describes him- the sky with such ease? O'Grady had survived. B0S,11ian Ok. h b b self as a scared rabbit - can only Bosnian Serbs are generally Serb leader Radovan Karadzic ll a oma om 1ng reinforce the image of weakness contemptuous of the courage of said at the time his forces were that we have unfortunately con- western European soldiers com- not "intensively searching" for veyed throughout the Bosnian prisingthebulkofthe U.N.peace- the pilot. t left the impression war," said Zimmennann, who re- keeping force in Bosnia. The Serbs that they believed they could have signedfromthestatedepartment have frequently humiliated the found the pilot had they wanted last year to protest U.S. inaction peacekeepers, who operate only to. in Bosnia and is now an analyst with Serbian consent, and whom O'Grady, himself, said the with the Rand Corp. the Serbs periodically have taken Serbs made an initial attempt,.,to A Serb surface-to-air missile hostage by the hundreds. find him but in succeeding days,. :J-i.e,s your one and on[g. :]{e's your '1Jacf. :Jf.e's a good reason to ca[[ home tfiis Sunday!.\ /, Call Dad & save money with MTC's low direct dial rates,* Father's Day, June 18. Destination Effective Competitor --~--~- Hawaii/ Sat/Sun/Mon US Mainland 5pm-5am '$1.30 5am-5pm $1.45 Guam 24 hours $0.70 Hong Kong 24 hours $2.15 Japan 24 hours $1.95 Korea 24 hours $2.15 Philippines 9pm-7am $1.95 7am-9pm $1.95 Value you can always depend on. 'Rates s/.jown are tariffed additional minute direct dial rales. By MCH~EL J. SNFFEN WASHNGTON (AP) After a nationwide m3.11hunt, agents investigating the Oklahoma City bombing have found the man they believe is the suspect they are seeking but have concluded he wasn't involved, the Justice Department. ' ' 't' ~ \ ' ' ' ' '' '.J' ' MTC $1.25 $1.40 $0.65 $2.05 $1.90 $2.05 $1.65 $1.75 said. The FB is still trying to determine if a second man helped rent a truck believed to have carried the bomb. Federal officials, speaking only on condition of anonymity, said on Wednesday that the man who resembles the three sketches is Army Pfc. Todd Bunting of Fort Riley, Kansas. A tersej ustice Department statement, whichdidnotgivethatname, said the man interviewed by the FB "resembles the sketch previously circulated as the second of two men who rented the truck on April 17.",,,, This man "was in Elliott's Body Shop in Junction City, Kansas on a day other than the day (April 17, 1995) that the truck that contained the explosive that dru.naged the Murrah building was rented," the department said. "The bureau has determined that the individual who has been interviewed was not connected with the bombing," it added. TheJust~ce Department said the FB 1 "is continuing to investigate whether there was a second man who participated in the rental of the Ryder truck on April 17." Officials said the statement left open the possibility that the chief defendant in the case, Timothy McVeigh, was accompanied by another man, of whatever description, on the day he rented the truck. Mc Veigh, 27, and Terry Nichols, 40, are charged in the April 19 bombing that killed 168 people. They are being held without bail under a federal anti-terrorism law that could bring them the death penalty. The Florence, Sputh Carolina Morning News, whichfirstreported that Bunting, 23, was believed to be the man depicted in the sketches, said he is heavy set with dark hair and a tattoo on his upper left arm. Citing Bunting's wife, Denise, and two federal sources, the Florence paper reported that Bunting returned a truck to the Ryder _rental office the day before McVeigh's appearance there and was mistakenly associated with McVeigh when descriptions of another P,OSsible suspect were given to the FB. By JOHN KNG WASHNG TON (AP)-Overruling most of his political advisers, President Clinton offered a balanced budget plan he is convinced puts him on safer ground for reelection. But he has caused a remarkable uproar within his own Democratic Party, to the delight of Republicans.. n Clinton's view, he couldn't wait. Many aides urged him to hdld his cards until Republicans cast some tough votes, but the president insisted he would have no credibility by then - that Republicans already had seized the political high ground on deficit reduction. ndeed they have. The public believes Republicans are more concerned than Clinton about balancing the books. But this has come at some cost, and Democrats argued in vain before Clinton's televised address Tuesday that he was about to spare the Republicans from paying in full. consider a new national poll by the Times Mirror Center: For the first time since the Republican takeover in January, the percentage of AinericanshappythatRepublicans control Congress slipped below 50 percent. By a narrow margin, more Americans disapproved of Republican policies than approved. The primary reason? Worries that Republicans were slashing too deeply into Medicare. "People range from very, very anxious to scared to death about cuts in Medicare," said Andrew Kohut, the survey director. Yet in his plan, Clinton also cuts Medicare. He proposed$ 127 billion in savings over the seven years in which House Republicans propose $ 288 billion in savings and took pains to cast the Jlepublican cuts as too severe. Still, he put the issue on the table before Republicans had to say exactly how they would find those savings, infuriating Democratic congressional leaders who believe Medicare was shaping up as a powerful 1996 issue. "They' re free to express their opinion," Clinton said W ednesday. "But still feel very good about it." So did Republicans, who delighted in arguing the Democrats' Medicare argument now won't wash. "The president took from the hands of Democrats the knife with which they hoped to slit our throats," said Tony Blankley, spokesman for House Speaker Newt Gingrich. For Clinton, the overriding goal was to get off the sidelines in the bajanced budget debate in a way that appealed to independentminded swing voters who harbor a strong anti-deficit streak. Womenmakeupthemajorityof this group, according to pollster Kohut. Many feel financially insecure, have parents on Medicare and worry about their childrens' schools. So it was hardly a surprise that Clinton tried to strike a delicate balance, offering to erase the deficit over 10 years while not letting Republicans "cut education or Medicare just to make room for a tax cut for people who don't need it." What was a surprise was the president's timing. n urging Clinton to craft a plan but hold it until the Republicans took some political fire, many White House advisers also made the case that Clinton could use that time to sell skepticaj congressionaj Democrats on his approach. According to officials familiar with the discussions, pollsters Stanley Greenberg and Geoffrey Garin offered data to back up assertions from other advisers that there was no public clamoring for Clinton to rush out with his proposal. " don't think there is any question that if this were decided on the basis of current political calculus that the president would have waited longer," said Democratic pollster Geoffrey Garin. "Politically think this is more defensible on a long term calculus." Clinton said he was "sympathetic" to the strategic goals of congressional Democrats. But he said, " do not believe that's the appropriate position for the president." So in the end, Clinton sided with Dick Morris, the Democrat-turned- NEW.-OPEN EYE-LAND OPTCAL Better Vision for Better Living We are offering Eye Glasses of large selection and many models at low, low prices. All the models are made lri Korea. Our Eye Glasses are Hlfu Eye-Land optical that give you maximum comfort and elegance. 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Republicans skeptically said better late than never and - welcoming the political cover - promised to consider his ideas. Within -~- ANNOUNCEMENT '. ' the Democratic Party and with the public at large, the bigger question for Clinton may be whether it was too little too late. "He came back to the middle class tax cut only after the 1994 elections and now comes into the balanced budget debate only after the Republicans," said Kohut. "To the casual observer, and most people are casual observers, this may sound like a little me-taoism." --- BE MORE. THAN YOU CAN BE: JON AMERCORPS AmeriCorps, a national service initiative similar to the Peace Corps, is now accepting applications!!! Get with the program!!! Be one of the selected individuals trained for "Advocacy for Centralized Services" housed in the village at a "Community Village Center." What's so great about AmeriCorps? 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15 ; ' C \ 1 t '.,,,','., ',,.'.' / ',' r ~. 28-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY-JUNE 16, 1995 French nuke tests may set trend By JEFFREY ULBRCH HALFAX, Nova Scotfa (AP) - France's decision to resume nuclear testing may tempt others to follow suit, reversing the disarmament trend of recent years, contend worried world leaders. French President Jacques. Chirac, a conservative elected in May, announced Tuesday that Paris would complete its experimental program before signing a test ban in the autumn of The French decision has been criticized by the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada, Norway, Luxembourg and Belgium. Australia and New Zealand, which neighbor the Pacific region where the tests are to be conducted, announced they were freezing military relations with France. President Clinton, after meeting with Chime on Wednesday in Washington, said "We regret the decision," and that the United States would continue to press France diplomatically "to stop the tests.'' Clinton, Chirac, and the leaders of Japan, taly, Germany, Britain and Canada were to meet Thursday for their annual Group of Seven economic summit. Russian.President Boris Yeltsin was to join them for political talks Friday. Canadian Foreign Minister Andre Ouellet told The Associated Press in an interview W ednesday that "it is the military apparatus in France that has convinced the new government to go ahead with this." "Those military people have a different perspective. f they do it, then military people in the United States will say, 'You see, if the French are doing it, why not us?' Then if the Americans do it, the Russians will say 'We have to resume testing too,"' Ouellet said. The latest French move will certainly be a topic of conversation among the leaders when they turn from economic to political matters on Friday. Holding flower pots in hand, visitors to Tokyo Disneyland form a flower bed featuring the face of Donald Duck to celebrate the birthday of the popular Disney character in Urayasu, east of Tokyo. The face used 690 people ro make the 33 foot (10-meter) diameter flower bed made up of 6,900 pots of five different color flowers. (AP Photo) ALE!' Tel: WNES -ALL STOCKS Less.25 /o JD}~ne. <rjij rjrcar -. _,,, SABLAN QUARRY THE WNE CELLAR VESTCOR VLLAGE TO CAPTOL HLL Japan's Foreign Minister Y ohei Kono criticized the French decision to resume testing, saying it violates the trust of the nonnuclear community. Kono expressed his disapproval in a telephone call to his French counterpart. New Zealand Foreign Minister Don McKinnon bitterly accused French President Jacques Chirac of "Napoleonic-De Gaulle arrogance." An angry Prime Minister Jim Bolger accused France of insulting his country, which sent troops to fight two world wars on French soil. Ouellet said Canada backs the United States in its decision to impose trade restrictions against ran because of its support for terrorism and to try to prevent the slwnic republic from acquiring nuclear arms. "The United States is concerned about what's happening in ran and the possibility that ran will get from Russia the capacity for nuclear armament," he said. '"Th.is is unacceptable. Economic sanctions, unfortunately, do not al ways work effectively." "No matter what are the means tobetaken,canassureyoucanada shares the view expressed by the United States that ran should not be encourage to become a nuclear power," he added. Asahara confesses but not over subway attack By ERC TALMADGE TOKYO (AP)-After a month of relentless police interrogation, doomsday cult guru Shoko Asahara has reportedly cracked - confessing not to the Tokyo subway attack, but to standing by as a cult disciple was strangled. The confession, reported by several Japanese media Thursday, would mark a major break for investigators, who had previously gotten little more than small talk and silent meditation out of Asahara when they asked him about cult violence. Po'iice believe Asahara, who is facing charges of murder for the subway attack, ordered the strangling of cult disciple Kotara Ochida in February last year at the cult's Mount Fuji commune. Although Asahara has been in custody since May 16 in connection with the subway attack, police on Wednesday formally rearrested him on suspicion of ordering Ochida's murder. n Japan, police do not charge suspects, but an arrest paves the way for charges later by prosecutors and gives police the power to detain and interrogate a suspect. According to the reports Thursday, all quoting anonymous police sources, Asahara has confessed to witnessing the murder but denies that he ordered it be carried out. There was no indication that he claimed to have tried to stop it, however, and cult followers have described unquestioning obedience to his every directive. Japan's state-run television network, NHK, said that at least five other top Aum leaders also watched as Ochida, a phannacist at a cult-run hospital, was strangled to death. Ochida' s murder was believed to be punishment for violating cult rules, but details remain sketchy. Thursday's reports could also be a harbinger of more chilling revelations about the fate of those who defied the cult. Dozens of followers - Aum claims some 10,000 followers in Japan - are.missing, and authorities fear thr;y may have met a similar fate. The reports also came as Japan's top police official resumed his duties for the first time since he was gunned down and nearly killed in a brazen assassination attempt months ago. The shooting of National Police Agency chief Takaji Kunimatsu came just 10 days af- ter the nerve gas attack on Tokyo s subways. Poli.ce suspect Aum may have been behind it, although no arrests have been made. The shooting was almost as shocking to many Japanese as the subway attack because it was such a bold assault on the government. "t was. a despicable crime," Kunimatsu told repq,r;t~rs Thursday. He appeared in good spirits but now needs a cane to walk. The police chief was hit by three hollow-point bullets, which cause more damage than regular bullets, in the lower back as he prepared to get n a limousine outside his Tokyo residence early March 30. Police believe the attack was a carefully planned, professionalsly le hit. Kunimatsu was struck by three out of four pistol shots from a distance of dozens of meters (yards), two of them as he crumpled to the ground, indicating the attacker was a well-trained marksman. The attack was all the more unnerving to many Japanese because guns are strictly regulated in Japan, and high-profile violenceis relatively rare. Kunimatsu had no personal bodyguards at the time of the attack, though two officers were in the area. The attacker was believed to have escaped on a bicycle. Along with Asahara, roughly a dozen cult leaders have been charged withmurderorattempted murder in the subway gassing, which left 12 people dead and sickened thousands more. But the cult has also emerged as the prime suspect in a slew of other crimes dating back at least five years and involving as many as a dozen more uns9lved deaths. n the most serious of those crimes, arrest warrants were expected to be issued soon for six cult members suspected in' a nerve gas attack last year in the centra) Japan city of Matsumoto that killed seven people. FRDAY, JUNE 16, MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-29 Rebels storm city, 300 taken hostage By BARRY RENFREW nterior Ministry security troops aunchatenuristcampaign thatwould MOSCOW (AP) - Security forces and police surrounded the city and cause many casualties and disrupt ringedacityinsouthernrussia Thursday after gunmen demanding an end with snipers firing from rooftops, of fighting continued as they clashed national life. Budyonnovsk city officials said to the war in Chechnyarefusedtofree ficials said. dozens of police officers, civilians up to 300 hostages seized in bloody Police said the attackers issued a and gunmen had been killed or injured in the fighting, but they had no street battles. Dozens of people were warning in which they said, "All. reported killed and wounded. hostages taken during the attack on overall figures. The Russian governmentreported20policeofficerskilled, Toe attackers, identified by the Budyonnovsk will be shot dead if government as Chechen rebels, were Russian troops do not inunediately and the nterfax news agency said 17 tryirig to escape from Budyonnovsk stop combat activities in Chechnya" gunmen and at least 20 civilians had in captured buses with hostages as The attru;k appeared to mark a died. human shields, officials said. t was major new development in the Street battles erupted Wednesday not clear how far the attackers had struggle of Chechen rebels to break when the gunmen, wearing camouflage unifonns, moved in to the city in gotten or if they were being blocked away from Ru~sia. Defeated in by secwity forces. Chechnya by the Russian army, the vehicles and attacked government One group of gunmen was holed rebels had warned they would offices and took hostages. Houses carry up in a city hospital, holding some 60 thewarintorussiaandatt".ck:civilian andcarscaughtfire in the city of some patients and medical staff hostage, targets. 100,000 people. officials said. The gunmen attacked A crisis meeting of top government officials in Moscow ordered Russian television screened piethe city Wednesday without warning, occupying government build dead. tures of smoking ruins and several beefed up security in the capital. Russian officials fear the rebels could people on the streets, with helicopters flying ovemead and govern- ings and taking hostages. China denounces report on famous dissident as lie s By CHARLENE L FU BEUNG (AP) The Fo~ign Ministry on Thursday denounced as lies a human rights report on China's treatment of its most famous dissident, WeiJingsheng, whodisappearedinto police custody more than a year ago. The New York-based Human RightsinChinasaidChineseauthori ties have admitted to Wei's family that his detention was not fully in accordance with the law, and that China's top leaders were giving the orders on how to handle Wei's case. Wei, who has been nominated for thenobelpeacepriz.e, was taken into police custody on April, 1994, and has notbeenseenorheardfromsince. The reportalsosaidauthoritieshave suggested that Wei could be allowed to go overseas. The government has used that measure with increasing frequency in recent years to rid the country of dissidents. ForeignMinistryspokesmanShen Guofang dismissed the group's report, saying, "That organization in New York, Human Rights in China, is one that often fabricates rumors. " don't think need to comment on its rumors," he said. "Without fabricating lies, it cannot survive." Wei, a former electrician, gained international attention in 1979 when hewassentencedto 15yearsinprison for his leading role in a short-lived democracy movement n 1993, he was released early as China tried to polish its international reputation whilebiddingtostagethe20000lyrnpic Games. But he quickly ran afoul of the law againashecontinuedtospeakopenly for democracy and human rights. Repeatedrequestspyforeigngovernments and human rights groups for information since his disappearance have yielded no results. The rights group's report, based on information from his family, is the most comprehensive account yet of.what has happened to Wei. n April, Wei's yotmgersisterwent to security and judiciary offices in Beijing seeking information about her brother, the rights group reported. The Beijing police bw-eau acknowledged that Wei was.-in its custody under a form ofhouse arrest. His sister pointed out that by law, the detainee is supposed to remain in his home and that such house arrest is not to exceed three months. The officials then admitted that Wei's detention "was not in accordance with the law," the report said. AnofficialoftheSupremePeople' s Procuratorate, the government's top prosecuting body, said the orders on - handling Wei's case came from the rughesi levels of the leadership. Wei's essays during the Democracy Wall movement had questioned the credibility of the Chinese leadership and mentioned senior leader Deng Xiaoping by name. Deng is known to have personally intervened in the handling of Wei's case in the past. The various offices assured the sister that Wei's health was fine, but denied requests to visit him or even to exchange short letters, the report said. A Vietnamese ethnic tribe located primarily n northwest Vietnam, crowd around a tourist in Sapa, a hill town 186 miles (300 kllomsters) northwest of Hanoi, offering for sale handwoven clothes and fabrics made from tradltiondl sty/es. (AP.Photo) ment armored vehicles stationed at road junctions. The assault was one of the worst tenurist attacks in recent Russian history. '.'We've never had anything similar," nterior Ministry spokesman Yevgeny Ryabtsev told The Associated Press. Gunmen fired at civilians from a hill overlooking the city, and dead and wounded people were lying on the central square, said Sergei Yushenkov, a legislator who heads the Russian parliament's security committee. 'The terrorists fired at civilians,. seized cars and staged a hun t for people, trying to run them over and setting fire to their houses," the govemmentsaidinastatement The attackers numbered about 100, divided into small disciplined groups equippedwith assault rifles, grenade launchers, machine guns and radios, security officials said. President Boris Yeltsin blamed the attack on rebels from war-tom Chechnya Budyormovsk is located in the Stavropol region, some 200 kilometers ( 120 miles) north of the rebel republic. 'Thepresidentisdeeplyconcerned by the terrorist attack of Chechen militants in the Stavropol region, whichresultedin casualties, hostages, and disruption of t.heconstitutional order," said Yeltsin's spokesman Sergei Medvedev. Chechen separatist President Dzhokhar Dudayev has repeatedly warned of possible revenge attacks. On Tuesday, Dudayev lost his latest headquarters in the mountain village of Shatoi to advancing Russian troops. He told T AR-Tass on Wednesday: 'The struggle is not over, it simply assumes ocw forms." The gunmen, who anived in two large trucks reportedly accompanied by a stolen police car, attacked city hall, police headquarters, a bank and a local communications center, police said. \. Sra~ual{~n &pgciaf +Tropic~~ 22r,.9enter - Studio Portraits Specials Package Professional studio portraits with special effects are also available. For any person, any number of persons and differenl pose to choose from. 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16 1, 30-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY- JUNE 16, 1995,, N. Korea 11rged to free fishennen SEOUL South Korea (AP)-South ters. peal was broadcast by Seoul's state manitarian appeals through its Red confinned nor denied such ~. Koreao;ThursdayurgedrivalNorth Therewasnoimmediateresponse KBS ~o.. Cross channel. n the last similar incident, the Korea to release a Southern fishing from thenorth'sconununistgovem-. Lacking. m:y official cl_tanne.l of North korea has so far kept mwn North seized a South korean boat boat and eight crewmen seized after ment from the appeal from South dialogue with its conunurust neigh- on thefateofthecrewmenofthe 102- with 18 fishennen near the same sea latin th N rth' te 'torial wavio g e O 5 m Korea's Red Cross Society. The ap- bor, South Korea often makes hu- tonno.86woosung,asouthkorean trawler, that the North's naval gunborder in The crewmen were never returned and their fate is still. ])oston,she can inevitap]yg()~lind.;' l\,~~(af)-rr#ja. als!,uffetingirorndiabe~andhyper-. Man:os':g!aucoma~wQrserrlngand tensiqn, > <.. i. /.... Agult<:5added.. \,, i<< ).. i sllemaygobliildif she)sµotallowed. >.Glaucomaisadiseaseitlwhlchpres-... Agulto said.~ ~'.family ~~to~for.~~-. sur7witbi11theeyeincre~ei.;sausc. hasahistojyofglaucoma.'f.jesaida. riatioo'i1ndpos.5ible.surge.y,lierphih. t lng darn age to the optic 11erv~. Suf-. l)rothef of the former.first 1ady has. ippine~r&1irl'fhurs4l\y; / ftre~s~iingoblindifthec?ndition. goneblindduetotheciisease.. ~Marcos~.tp.vcl~. ist1ii i1~,.... i... ( /. '...LastMay,]yi~,11'.fat:cpsranf()r '~~~;;/,~f!lij;ii}jif: tti~"f~l~5~ i pt. Mp.n11et~~,$ajd tile 6?c > t!y~sp*iiliist,pi-. R}chargS~o~ She V1on by adandslide but.the year:6ld Wi W ofotisl l:j? sidenf.. pf~# lrf#iicaf~chpot <. Commission ()f Elections refused Ferdirian#~ha.sbeerisiiffering //.;~ yis11~l field test last.year.. to proclaim her the winner on a TOD\gl~ SU!fC 1~M bpt l~f. ind i>ver,the p~st several months residency technicality. eye oonclipoollascp~ly~.> bawc,sh/)wllsl)lllej'l?gresslon and we She is appealing the decision to.. enediitwce1tl0llthsl:ieguiseshe~ feel tllat if ~le ~not go l)ackto the.supreme Court. Red tape delays efforts to send home Russian circus MANLA, Philippines (AP) - Red tape and problems with the local manager have delayed efforts to send home 15 Russian circus performers andtheiranirnals stranded in the southern Philippines, a Russian embassy official said Thursday. Members of the All-Star Russian Circus arrived in the Philippines last yearon an Asian tour but got stranded in Davao City after a dispute with theirmanagerandafallingoutamong the perfom1ers themselves. An embassy official; speaking on condition he not be named, said Russian diplomats here have asked the State Circus Co., in Moscow to send a representative to the Philippines to sort out the mess, hut so far none has come. n the meantime, he said, the performers' visas have expired, and the situation will have to be sorted out with the Philippine Bureau of mmigration. "The embassy is trying to do its best to send the others back,'' he said. Local officials, church groups and other benefactors in Davao City, 960 kilometers (610 miles) southeast of Manila, have come to the aid of the Russians and have provided lodging, rent-free show space and food for the performers and their animals. The city government has waived amusement taxes and is allowing the group to hold a three-<lay fair in the coming days. Shopping malls have allowed the group to stage perfor. mances rent-free, and a businessman has offered a bunkhouse as a temporary home. REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS DPW95-RFPa00325 The Department of Public Works, Technical Services Division is soliciting proposals from qualified Architectural and Engineering (A & E) firms for the Saipan Street Naming and Property Numbering Project. Proposals will be evaluated by the Mayor's Advisory Council on the following criterias, but not limited to: a. Qualification; b. Experience; c. Local Otfices; and d. Work Load nterested firms must submit proposals and other relevant materials in quadruplicate to the office of Director of Procurement and Supply, Lower Base, Saipan, CNM no later than June 29, 1995 at 4:00 p.m. The Council will convene soon after the dead ine for. submission to review and select the most qualified firm for the project. The Government reserves the right to reject any or all proposals ir:1 the interest of the Government. REVEWED AND SGNED BY: /s/ EDWARD M. DELEON GUERRERO Acting Secretary of Pub ic Works DATE: 6/7/95 ment F.arlier Thursday, North Korean officials at the truce village of Panmunjom, the only contact point along the hea.vily guarded South- somewhatthisweekwhentheunited North border, refused to accept a States and North Korea agreed on letterofappealfromfamilymembers how to provide the North with two of the crewmen, Kang said. light-water reactors promised under The South Korean vessel was fired the 1994 nuclear agreement upon and seized by North Korean The two Koreas have been bitter gunboats on May 30 when it strayed rivals since the division of the penininto the North's western territorial sula at the end of World War in waters. South Korean news reports They foughtr. war in said two crewmen were believed shot and are still technically at war.having and killed, but the North has neither not signed any peace treaty yet RP to check former US bases for toxic wastes SANTOTOMAS,Philippines(AP) Health authorities are set to inspect two former U.S. military bases after claims that toxic wastes may have beenburiedthere,thel?hilippinehealth secretary said Thur:roay. Secretary Jaime Galvez Tan said the tests will be conducted from July to September at the fom1er Oark Air Base in Pampanga province and the naval facility in Subic Bay in nearby Z'.ambales province. Tan made the armouncementduring a visit at the regional he.alth department in Santo Tomas town near Clark in Pampanga province, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Manila He said his office has requested the Atlanta-based U.S. Center for Disease Control for help in identifying the toxic wastes which may be found at 14 sites in Oark and 20 sites in Subic. Oark was closed by U.S. authorities because of extensive damage. during the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo. Subic was the last U.S. facility to be closed in September 1992, after the Philippine senate refused to extend its lease. Tan said the inspection was prompted by reports that some local residents have fallen ill after drinking ground water near the facilities. Last year; two people died from poisoningwhilecleaningseptictanks inside Clark. When they were still U.S. bases, Oark and Subic were the biggest American military facility outside the United States. The wastes include asbestos fibers, fuel sludge, chemical cleaning agents and other toxins. Commercial Vessel Smile Saipan :JS.CG. Cert. 49 pox + cew Recent dry dock o.nd survev E 11 ensivo spore por s list l SOK - Co! Oleai Beach :J BEACH ROAD to GARAPAN 1---= , Ml~OL Leaders. Continued from page 1 month may seem to have become much more urgent after the Philippine governmentdecide9 to also suspend deployment of all female new hires to the CNM, except C those belonging to professional categories. Earlier, only farmers, domestic workersandnightclubworkers were being prevented by RP from coming here to work. The expanded ban was meant to protect female Filipinas who were apparently on Cing's instigation mg... that "the judge played too much Continued from page 1 politics." Feeling alluded to Governor like to have the governor answer Tenorio issued a press statement, the people of the Commonwealth telling the senator to "Go to hell." because, frankly, don't want to Such a remark remained unando this all over again," s'aid Cing. swered until Tenorio resubmitted "f we find out that the governor Castro's name to the Senate for the is wrong, and it's going to con- position of chief justice. tinuelikethis,thenlamafraidl,as Cing said he was particularly chairman of this Committee would aghast over the governor's plan to,. have to ask him to resign. Arid you cut off renewals for Filipina non-. could quote me on that, would professional workers in response. like to ask him to step down," the to the ban imposed by the RP govsenator said. eniment on the same cateeorv of "f he is the cause of the prob- workers. lem, will ask him to give Jessie Cing said that's not the way to (Borja) the chance to operate be- resolve the problem the CNM has cause probably, it would be a lot over labor abuse. better with him at the helm of this "Although many of our people government," Cing added. may be happy for the plan to cut Cing, who used to be a staunch renewals, believe that is not the Tenorio supporter in the Senate, way to address this amicably," said has lately been observed to have Cing. clashed with the governor on a AskedabouthowtheEAGComnumber of issues. mittee will treat the governor's new Specifically, Tenorio and Cing appointments, Cing said they will did not see eye to eye over the be considered in the fairest possible casino issue. Lately, the two lead- manner, despite the apparent rift ' ers engaged each other in a word between the governor and him. war of sorts over the former' s ap- 'There will still be fairness for. pointrnent of Judge Alexandro these appointments notwithstand- Castro as chief justice of the Su- ing the governor's combative repreme Court. marks against me. am not like the. Castro's appointment got re- govemor.appointeeswillbetreated Jected by ~e-~enate last m?_n_~~tly," said the senator. Pat Williams (right) and Keiko Rosario oblige for a photo beside the winning prize-a Mazda sports car. NVTATON FOR BD PSS FB The CNM Public School System is soliciting from firms interested in supplying to the Public School System with 1 O computers with accessories. Specifications are now available at the PSS Procurement & Supply Office, Lower Base, Saipan. A non refundable payment of $25.00 U.S. Dollars is required for each set of specification. Bids are now being accepted by the PSS Procurement & Supply Office, Lower Base, Saipan from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily Monday thru Friday except Holidays. Closing date and time for this bid is July 10, 1995 at 10:00 a.m. local time at which time and place all bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. Any bids received after the above date and time will not be accepted under any circumstances. All bids must be in a sealed envelope facemarked "!FB " and submitted to the PSS Procurement & Supply Office, Lower Base, Saipan. The CNM Public School System reserves the right to award on a single or multiple awards or reject any or all bids in the best interest of the Public School System:!S William s. Torres Commissioner Of Education Si Louise Concepcion Procurement & Supply Officer perceived to be the most vulnerable to abuse. Meanwhile_. Benavente said he is currently preparing separate letters for Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos, acting DO LE Secretary Jose Brillantes, Jr., and RP Labor Attache to Washington D.C. Manuel "But my question will be, do they really have the guts to continue serving the governor, knowing that the governor is acting like he has been acting. They have to be extra human to be able to deal with this kind of guy," said Cing. When asked for comment on Cing's statements, Tenorio said pointblank - he doesn't want to tell them how to run their Senate, so they should not tell him how to run the executive branch.. According to the govemor,'the Senator and his colleagues can do whatever they want, even if that means his appointees will not get confinned. ''They can do whatevertheywant but they should also let me do what need to do in the executive branch. haveacm~stitutional responsibility to appoint," said Tenorio. "f they don't want to confinn, FRDAY, JUNE 16, MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-31 mson to signify the CNM' s intent to start discussions immediately. ''We'd like to make sure we go through the proper channels," said Benavente in a telephone interview with the Variety yesterday. "We'll probably be shooting for a schedule later this month, that is that's their prerogative, but don't tell me who to appoint. That's none of their business. Just like don't tell them who they should confirm," the chief executive. With regards to the recent resignations, Tenorio said the senator should look at the Constitution so he can realize that the governor is responsible for the executive branch. "f ap}>oint some people and they are not doing tlieir jobs, will get them out. Becaµse if don't am accountable. have ultimate responsibility over my appointments," said Tenorin. According to Tenorio, Cing shouldnotexpectallappointments to stay on in government because there could be a lot of reasons why people come and go. "For example, Liz Balajadia, she realized she could be making three depending on the availability ofphilippine officials, specially the secre tary oflabor," said Benavente. According to the speaker, both he and Borja have agreed to leave ~eir schedules open for the latter part of June just in case the opportunity for a meeting arises. orfourtimes as much in the private sector than as secretary of Public Works. Could blame her for resigning?" said Tenorio. With regards to Cabrera, Tenorio said she resigned because she said she had fiduciary responsibility not. to sign the World Corp. contract. "Frankly, don't think my cabinet officers have fiduciary responsibility. appointed them. have fiduciary responsibility. f something goes wrong with the executive branch, am responsible," said Tenorio: "These people are my appointees, so they have to do what want them to do consistent with the law. ftheydon'tdotheirjobandlkeep.them, am responsible. They should go after me, not after the individual secretaries who are not. doing their jobs," said the chief executive. Grand prize winner Keiko Rosario receives car keys from Pat Williams, chairman of the Rotary's Special Raffle Committee. Standing behind is Saipan Rotary Club President Tim Bellas. The Rotary also recently donated $500 cash each to the fire victims-felix Castro and Luis Felisiman who lost their homes and belongings on Saipan. LVE MUSC The Beachouse Restaurant San Jose. Beachside Tel Qpen: 7am to closing Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner {Fo1mer1y Oleai!leach Restaurant)

17 32-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY-JUNE 16, 1995 Strong yen ups Japan trade surplus den jump in the overall surplus to TOKYO (AP) The yen's rapid rise c-ontributed to a 7.1 percent increase in Japan's trade surplus in dollar tenns in May from the same month last year, the Finance Ministry announced Thursday. The increase, to $ 6.98 billion from $ 6.52 billion a year earlier, was the first in three months. Japan's politically sensitive trade surplus with the United States, meanwhile, rose 8.6 percent, its seventh consecutive monthly increase. The ministry attributed the sud-,'.... ~~1 '.'}?:~. l Mr\ 111\L \JftllllU V,:-:imi,a WcJu~'.{f!W'e Jusl ijfml~~ MllKB. \/tj':ii'ri,,# fi~f.fd.m~1~ :ttc,.,. ~:r: -~. Ji/ tr:; ;? ' Demonstrators calling for fair trading between Japan and the U.S. gather outside the nternational Trade Commission, in Washington. nside, the commission was holding hearings on the Clinton administration's sanctions.against Japanese luxury automobiles. (AP Photo) from dlrs billion. the 23 percent rise in the value of Japan's trade surplus with the theyenagainstthedollarfrom the United States rose to$ 3.30 bilprevious May. lion from $ 3.04 billion a year t also described May 1994 as earlier. a freak month, when the surplus ts surplus wi,!li the European slipped by 16 percent because of Union totaled$ 1.31 billion in the abnormal shipping results. month, but comparison figures for nyentenns, the surplus shrank trade with the 15 E.U. nations for the sixth straight month, plung- were not available for ing 12 percent to billion Japan's surplus with the Assoyen from billion yen. ciation of Southeast Asian Na- The United States has hoped tions rose 50 percent to $ 1.92 thatastrongeryenwill bring down billion from$ 1.28 billion. Japan's trade surplus by making The ministry said the dollar- Japanese exports more expensive yen exchange rate for exports in and American products cheaper May was yc:n, compared to buy in Japan. with yen a year earlier. But so far. export and import For imports, the dollar traded at volumes haven't shifted enough yen in May, compared to to make up for the difference in yen a year earlier. exchange rates. U.S. demand for Japan's trade surplus dropped Japanese products has remained in both yen and dollar terms in strong despite higher dollar prices, April. April's surplus had fallen and Japan s weak domestic 1.9 percent in dollar terms and 20 economy has restrained consump- percent in yen terms. tion increases. The ministry said the direction Still, overall imports surged 32 of Japan's trade surplus in the percent in May from a year earlier future will depend on Japanese to$ billion from$ andu.s.economicconditionsand billion, the ministry said. Exports the price of crude oil, Japan's rose 26 percent to$ billion largest import: Stimulus package announcement pushes stocks up TOKYO (AP) - Government economic promises helped the Tokyo Stock Exchange' s key index turn around Thursday after sliding near a three-year low in early trading. The U.S. dollar edged lower against the Japanese yen. Observers said much of the stock buying was byclealers covering futures positions taken on expectations of a short-term decline. Paul Migliorato, a trader at Jardine Fleming Securities, said pension funds had done some of the buying. Chief spokesman Koza garashi announced that the government would disclose a strong stimulus package next week to try to ensure the economy keeps pulling out of four years of recession. And a senidr legislator from the largest party in the ruling coalition called for a review of taxes on securities transactions and land. Despite Thursday's gain, players remained extremely cautious about the market's outlook, expecting the 225-issue Nikkei Stock Average to fall below its August 1992 low of 14, '"Longer term, buyers will be more comfortable at 14,000 than they are now," Migliorato said. But for the cmning week, as players await concrete details of the government's economic stimulus plans and stock market support measures, share prices are unlikely to fall sharply, traders said. n Thursday' searly trading, the Nikkei average fell more than 260 points, or nearly 1.8 percent, to a level about 89 points above its August 1992 low. Rebounding later, it closed up.4 percent, or points, at 14, On Wednesday, the average had risen points, or 0.42 percent, in what analysts MD-PAC MCRONESA We're proud to announce that the neyv Mid-Pac Micronesia is open for regular business hours at Middle Rd., Garapan. Under new ownership, we are increasing our parts inventory and expanding our service facilities to better serve your needs. ~~CRONESA A Division of Blsnes Maml nc. p?~~ 'l,u{ Middle Road Garapan Tel: /6626 Fax: called a correction from four days of decline. The Tokyo Stock Price ndex of all issues listed on the first section was up points, or 0.98 percent, to 1, t had gained 3.17 points, or 0.27 percent, the previous day. Volume on the Tokyo Stock Exchange' s first section improved to an estimated 320 million shares from million Wednesday. Gainers outnumbered decliners 616to398, while 160issueswere unchanged. Stocks of securities companies, which would be helped if the gov- emment follows through on its hints of cutting the securities transaction tax, posted healthy gains. News that computer-software leader Softbank is mulling a joint venture with U.S. giant Microsoft to develop and sell computer game software that can run on Microsoft' soperating system sent Japanese comput~r game makers' shares lower. Nintendo dropped 200 yen ($ 2.38) to 4,600 yen ($ 54.66), and Sega slipped 140 yen($ 1.66) to 2,840 yen (S 33.74). Trading in Softbank shares was suspended for the day. PUBLC NOTCE NVTATON TO BD Pursuanl to Chapter 4, Title 6 of the Saipan Municipal Code, the olfice of the Mayor of Saipan hereby issues Notice of nvitation to Bid for the operation of Bingo and Batu for a period of one (1) year commencing on July to July 3, The Minimum bid for a Bingo License is $2, The minimum bid for a Batu License is $ All bids shall be accompanied by a deposit of twenty percent (20%) of the total amount bid. The deposit shall be in the form of a postal or express money order, cashier's or certified check, or bank draft, payable to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana slands Treasurer, Saipan, MP All bids must be sealed and submitted to the office of the May.or of Sa1pan on or before 3:30 p.m., June 20, No bid will be accepted after 3:30 p.m., June 20, All bids submitted on time will be publicly announced at 4:00 p.m., June 23, 1995, at the Mayor's office in San Antonio, Saipan. FO( application forms and information, please come by or call the Mayor's office at telephone numbers or betweerr 7:30 a.;n. an.d 11 :30 a.m. and between 12:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. /s/ JESUS S. DELEON GUERRERO Mayor of Saipan. ll. 'fie ~rst 1'fora[ Shop,, Middle Road, Gualo Rai W FULL TME DRVER (Loeal only) MUST BE NEAT HARDWORKNG RESPONSBLE, DEPENDABLE; MUST BE ABLE TO WORK ON WEEKENDS COME N AND APPLY NO PHONE CALLS PLS! n,? CAREE_R OPPORTUNTY MOYAN'S.''. A RE YOU AMBTOUS? SELF CONFDENT? WLLNG TO BE TRANED? LOOKNG FOR A CAREER THAT PROVDES NDEPENDENCE AND AN NCOME CONSSTENT WTH EFFORT? F YOU ARE.. THEN YOU'RE THE ONE WE'RE LOOKNG FOR! COME AND SEE US N OUR OFFCE N SABLAN BULDNG 1 ST FLOOR, SAN JOSE OR MAL YOUR RESUME TO P.O. BOX 658, SAPAN, MP JOB VACANCY One (1) Tractor{Trailer Operator 2 Years experience Salary: $4.15 per hour Contact: Micronesia Cement Co. Mr. Alfred A. Santos P.O. Box 2059, Saipan, MP 96950, Tel.: /3497 MMEDATE OPENNG FOR A SECRETARY /RECEPTONST THE DEAL CANDDATE WLL POSSESS THE FOLLOWNG QUALTES: -SUPEROR ENGLSH COMMUNCATON SKLLS -GOOD ORGANZATONAL AND NTERPERSONAL SKLLS SELF MOTVATON COMPUTER SKLLS ESSENTAL {WORDPERFECT 5.1 AND WNDOWS 3.0) nterested ndividuals please contact Valerie at /3. H USE f RE Two Be.droom Fully Concrete House Available on July 6 Contact: John at (office) (home) T HOUSE FOR RENT 2 BEDROOM, 2 BATH, CONCRETE HOUSE W/GARAGE FURNSHED WTH ARCON, 24 HR. WATER CONVENENT LOCATON N CHALAN KANOA (NEAR POST OFFCE) AVALABLE N JULY CALL FO:R SA l~e... ' BLACK TOYOTA 4-RUNNER 4-DOOR WAGON W/ ARCONDTON opening bid is no less than $8,000 lnlerested individuals, please call /3 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday CAR FOR SALE 1977 Mercedes Benz Mint/Showroom Condition A/C Must See! Sacrifice Sale Only $5,500 Call: PUBLC NOTCE N THE SUPEROR COURT OF THE CDMMONWFALTH OF THE NORTHERN MARANA SLANDS ADOPTON CASE N N RE T-\E MATER OF THE ADOPTON OF CECLA PATRCA TENORO CAMACHO, a Minor Child, BY MARCELNO DLG CAMACHO and CECLA T. CAMACHO, Pelitioners. NOTCE DF HEARN8 Notice is hereby given lhal a verilied petition was filed in the above~lilled court ol lhe adoption ol CECLA PATRCA TENORO CAMACHO, a female minor child, by lhe Pelilioners, MARCELNO DLG CAMACHO and CECLA T. CAMACHO, and ii has been sel lor hearing before lhe Commonwealth Superior Court, Saipan, MP, on lhe 6 day ol July, 1995, at lhe hour ol 1:30 p.m. Arr/ person who has any objection to this petition may lle such an objection wilh lhe Commonv.,iallh Superior Court at any time betore the hearing, or may appear at lhe lime set lor hea1ing to present such objection or inlerest in the above-caplioned matter. DATED lhis 12 day ol June, FRANK TOMOKANE, CLERK OF COURT /Si Bernadila A Sablan Depu!y Clerk ol Court Land for Lease 20,000 square meters Vacant Lot 360 H., road frontage Airport Road near Airport. Contact Lisa allel LAND FOR SALE/LEASE -. ' 3,000 square meters vacant lot Water & Power available in front of Chalan Piao Road. - $35.00 per square meter / 5570 APT. FOR RENT STUDO TYPE, GOOD OCEAN VEWSEM FURNSHED WTH AR CON, REF, BED $ N KOBLERVLLE FOR QUTE PERSON :. SAPAN OFFCE: D'Torres Building Middle Rood, Garapan ONE Bedroom Apt. ~ $400.00/UNT and TWO Bedroom $ UNT (SEM-FURNSHED) FOR RENT STE SAPAN COCKPT LNSON GARMENTS BUS STOP TO GARAPAN HGHWAY MARKET TO CHALAN LAU-LAU For more information Please call JESSE ARZALA :SJf f lajtiifi}i~ / > Rl GH,T '.., CAN]ELP..REDUCE \. : THE RSK, \OF CANCER. : h an also help you reduce your weight. FRDAY, JUNE 16, MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-33 PUBLC NOTCE N THE SUPEROR COURT OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF THE NORTHERN MARANA SLANDS CVL ACTON N KM, SUNG SEO, Plainlitt, -v- JOSE M. BABAUTA, CHUN HYUN NAM, KM CHANG SUNG, AND KM SOD YOUNG, Defendants. SUMMONS TO CHUN HYUN NAM/KM CHANG SUNG/ and/km SOD YOUNG: YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED and nolified to serve any answer you wish to make to lhe Complain!, a copy al your answer to WHTE, PERCE, MALMAN & NUTNG, the Plaintitt's attorneys, located on the second floor ol the Joelen Commercial Building t,.susupe, Saipan, and whose mailing add1ess is Post Ottice Box 5222, Saipan;MP ,You may oblain a copy ol lhe Complaint from lhe Superior Court of the Comrr:onweallh and lrom Plainliff's attorney. Any answer you wish lo make 19,lhis sirvice by pubjicalion must be made wilnin lwenly one (21) days from lhe lasl dale of four weekly publicalions. Your answer should be in wriling, and ii rnusl also be liled with the Clerk of this Courl, at Saipan may be prepared and signed lor you by yaur counsel and sent lo lhe Clerk of this Court by hand delivery or mail. The mailing address is The Superior Court of lhe Commonweallh ol the Northern Mariana slands. P.O. Box 307, Saipan. MP t is!}ql necessary lor JGU 10 aipear personally until lurlher notice you la,l lo lile ar 2,1swer ir accordance wilh this Summons. ju,jgment by delault mey be taken against you le, the relief demandec in lhe Complain! By order ol lhe above Courl Dated this 151h day ol June /s/ Clerk ol Courl Norlhern Mariana slands ADMNST~ATVE ASSSTANT $6.00 Must hove experience in WordPerfect Lotus 123, type 55 wpm Loco! Hire Only. Coll StoyWell PUBLC NOTCE N THE SUPEROR COURTOF THECOMMONWEALrn OF THE NORTHERN M,\RANA SLANDS CVL ACTON NO HENRY FLORES DEL ROSARO, Plainlill, -v- BESLDA OEPANO DEL ROSARO, Delendant. ORDER TO APPEAR OR PLEAD Upon consideration ol the Plaintilf's Ex Pai1e Molion, good cause appearing. T S HEREOY ORDERED, that the Summons and Complaint may tje servt:d upon de!endant Besilda Depano del Rosario in the above-cap tioned matter, us folluws a By posting true and correct copies ol the Summons and Complaint, and this Order in at lijjst one conspicuous public place witt1in the Municipality of Saipan. b. By publication of llie Summons in a newspaper of general circulation published in lhe Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana slands. Defendant shall have thirty (30) days lrom complelion of lhe loregoing in which to appear or plead in the matter. c. By mailing true and correcl copies ol the Summons and Complaint and lhis Order to Besilda Depano del Rosario lo her last known address in Philippines. Dated this 131h day of June, 1995 /S/ EDWARD MAN BUSAN, Associale Judge PUBLC NOTCE rn rne SUP!!!rDA COURT OF rhe COMMONVwfAlTH OF THE NORTHERN Ml/lWA SLANDS CVL ACTON NO UNON BANK Plaintiff, -v- ESTEVAN. KLELEMAN and MLLAN C. KLELEMAN, Defendant. FRST AMENDED NOTCE OF SALE NOTCE S HEREBY GYEN thal, pursuant lo a Writ of Execution issued by the Court in this matter on March 21, 1995, have levied and executed upon, and will sell, at public auction, to the highest bidder, for current lawful money of the United States, all o1 the right, title, and interest of Defendants in and to the following property: that certain tract or parcel of real property siluated in Denni, Saipan, Northern Mariana slands, designaled as Homestead No. H-39-NEW-3, Subdivision ofh-39-new, ms Plal No. 2074/86, CE Drawing No. 2122/85, containing an area of 929 square melers, more or less. The sale will be held on Friday, June 30, 1995, atthe hour or 100 p.m., at the law offices of White. Pierce, Mailman & Nutting, Joeten Center, Susupe, Saipan. Northern Mariana slands. The sale will be held witt10ut any warranties whatsoever, whether express or implied, all ol which are hereby expressly disclaimed. The sale is sub1ect to approval by the Court. The right is reserved 10 reject any and all bids,!or any reason. DATED, this 30th day o! May, 1995 /S/ TAHER K. MANASTERU PUBLC NOTCE N THE S'J::ER1J:::. COURT CF THE. :DMMONWEALT~ or THE NORT!-<.ERN fmvl. 1 Al-lA SLANDS ADOPTON CASE N \T) N THE MATER OF ADOPTON OF ANFERNEE A CABRERA a Minor Child, BY EDWN PALACOS ALDAN and ROSTA KNG ALDAN Petitioners. NOT.CE OF HEARNG PLEASE TAKE NOTCE that a Petition for Adop!ion and Change of Name o/ the above named minor by Edwin Palacios and Rosita King Aldan, as Petitioners. have filed with the above entitled Court and is open for review at the Office of the Clerk of the said Court in Susupe, Saipan Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana slands. A HEARNG of said Petition for Adoption will be held in the Courtroom "Tinian" of the above-entitled Court on 6/22/ 95 at 9:00 a.m or soon as thereafter. Dated this 14th day of June, ls/francsco TOMOKANE Clerk of Court OPPORTUNTY f you have "RG" for Mobil's "SYNERGY" Contest? Call Lou

18 China boycotts Taiwan cartoon exhibit By ANNE HUANG effort to promote understanding between the two rival Chinas. caught in the crossfire." mater, Cornell University. Cartoons criticizing Oiina' s po he said. "We regret that artists were week for a class reunion at his alma and China. TAPE, Taiwan (AP) - Retaliating for the Taiwanese president's U.S. But China barred its artists from China regards Taiwan as a renegade province and does not recog the ban while visiting their counterlogical differences were eliminated Taiwanese cartoonists learned of litical system or highlighting ideo visit, China has forbid nine renowned attending.citing President Lee Tenghui's U.S. visitandtheuseoffaiwan' s nize its name orits rightto send senior parts in Beijing, Hamin and Shang from the show, he said cartoonists from visiting Taiwan to attend a cartoon exhibition, organizers said Thursday. on the exhibition's promotional ma t objected furiously when the among those being exhibited. played still indirectly criticize the official name, "Republic of China," officials on foreign trips. hai, said Yang, whose works are The Chinese cartoons to be disterial, saidtaiwanesecartoonist Yang Ointon administration, under pressure from Congress, allowed Lee to ready been cautious in selecting Chicials on a spending spree with em He said the Taiwanese had al Communist system, showing offi The two-week exhibition opening Chin-shi. Friday in Taipei features Chinese and make a four-day unofficial visit last Taiwanese cartoons and is billed as an " twas political interference in art," nese works for display, given ''the bezzled money and people too poor delicate relations" between Taiwan to buy their daily needs, he said Blaze rips thru We, the family of the late =".-:1! MANUEL TENORO VLLAGOMEZ invite all relatives and friends to join us in our nightly prayers beginning on Saturday, June 17, 1995 and ending on Sunday, June 25, 1995, at 8:00 p.m. at the family's residence in Fina Sisu to FFfH YEAR DEATH ANNVERSARY Special Mass of ntention will be offered daily at 6:00 a.m., and on Sundays, at 9:00 a.m., at the Mt. Carmel Cathedral during the nine days rosary. On Saturday, June 24, 1995, the rosary will be recited at 12:00 noon and on the same day, a Memorial Mass celebrating the Fifth Year Death Anniversary will be offered at 4:00 p.m., at Saint Jude Church. Dinner will follow right after the Memorial Mass at the family's residence in Fina Sisu. Please join us.. Marylou C. Villagomez and Family DEATH AND FUNERAL l ANN"OUNCElVENT :,; t~j;,---h+~h ~-- ~'o/4~ ~-KEN ETH_,, NEKABABAUTA ---~ ALSO KNOWN AS KEN OF SAN ROQUE WAS CALLED FOR ETERNAL REST ON MONDAY JUNE 12TH 1995 AT THE AGE OF 24. NGHTLY ROSARY S BENG HELD AT THER RESDENCE N LOWER AS MATUS. MARP. LAST RESPECT WLL BE ON TUESDAY JUNE 20, 1995 FROM 8:00 A.M. TO 2:00 P.M AT THER RESDENCE N LOWER AS MATUS, MARP. MASS OF NTENTON WLL BE AT 4:00 P.M., AT SAN ROQUE CHURCH - BURAL WLL FOLLOW AT TANAPAG CEMETERY. LOWER BASE. HE S SURVVED BY: STEPFATHER: TTO BANSL MOTHER: ANA NEKAJ BABAUTA BANSL BROTHERS: ANTHONY N. BABAUTA SANTAGO N. BABAUTA & ROBERT B. BANSL GRANDPARENTS : MR. & MRS. SANTAGO M. BABAUTA HE S ALSO PREDECEASED BY HS GRANDMOTHER CARMEN NEKA BABAUTA UNCLES & AUNTES: WASHNGTON REP. & MRS. JUAN N. BABAUTA. MR. & MRS. FELPE N. 8/\BAUTA MR. & MRS. LUS N. BABAUTA MR. JAMES 8/\BAUTA MR. & MRS. FRANK DLG. CAMACHO, MRS. MARGARTA B. CAMACHO, MR. & MRS. BEN PEREDA & MR. & MR.S WLLAM BENAVENTE Mexican tanker caught fire 80 miles (130 kms) MEXCO CTY (AP) - Fire ripped through a Mexican oil tanker carrying nearly eight million gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel on Wednesday, killing two crew members, the official Notimex news agency reported. There were no immediate reports of oil spills from the tanker "Bacab," which belongs to the state-owned oil monopoly, Pemex. The ship off the shore of the Puerto Escondido resort. A Cypriot ship in the area rescued 29 crew members who ~vacuated the tanker after the fire broke out in the ship's engine room. Two Mexican air force planes, responding to a distress call, directed a nearby Panamanian ship to six other crew members who had essar;;e ot ~ 1171ieciation,~~ :J,.K A/::~111 CAP.MEN r E5TEOAN FP.OM THE FAMLY OF THE LATE CAP.MEN 5. AND E5TEOAN A. P.EYE5 WOULD LKE TO EXPP-ESS our- HEAP.TFELT APPP.ECATON YAN UN DANGKULO NA 51 YU'US M\ASE TO ALL our- FAMLY, FP.END5 AND P.ELATVES FOP- ALL YOUP- PRAYEP.5, WOP.D5 OF COMFOP.T. SUPPOP-T AND YOUR PP.ESENCE DUR NG our. TME OF Gf'llEF. YOUR SUPPOf'lT AND KNDNESS WLL ALWAYS OE CHEP.15HED DY our. FAMl~ES. ~ THANK YOU VEP.Y MUCH Ff'lOM ALL OF US. THE FAMLY "BAZN ERO" WOULD LKE TO NVTE ALL RELATVES AND FRENDS TO JON US FOR THE THRD ANNVERSARY ROSARY OF OUR BELOVED HUSBAND, FATHER AND GRANDFATHER J ROSARY WLL BE SAD NGHTLY AT THE FAMLY'S RESDENCE N PAPAGO COMMENCNG ON SATURDAY JUNE 24, 1995, AT 8:00 P.M. FNAL DAY WLL BE ON JULY 2, 1995, ON JULY, 1995, SATURDAY, ROSARY WLL BE SAD AT 12:00 NOON. MASS OF NTENTON WLL BE OFFERED AT 6:00 P.M. AT SAN VCENTE CHURCH AND DNNER WLL FOLLOW MMEDATELY._.AFrERTHE MASS ON JULY 1, 1995, AT THE FAMLY'S RESDENCE N PAPAGO. PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY CNM GOVERNMENT REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL RFP NO.:RFP FOR: EMERGENCY ROOM SERVCES. BLUNG SERVCES AND DETARY SERVCES OPENNG DATE: JUNE TME: 4:00 P.M. NTERESTED NDVDUALS OR FRMS MAY PCK UP PROPOSAL FORMS AND SPECFCATONS AT THE OFFCE OF THE DRECTOR, DVSONS OF PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY, LOWER BASE, SAPAN. /S/ EDWARD B. PALACOS PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY CNM GOVERNMENT REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL RFP NO.:RFP FOR: MAKNG OF TWO 12) VDEO TAPES OF SAPAN, ROTA ANO TNAN OPENNG DATE:JULY TME 3:00 P.M. NTERESTED NDVDUALS OR FRMS MAY PCK UP PROPOSALS FORMS AND SPECFCATONS AT THE OFFCE OF THE DRECTOR, DVSON OF PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY, LOWER BASE, SAPAN. JSJ EDWARD B. PALACOS PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY CNM GOVERNMENT NVTATON FOR BD FB NO.: FB FOR: LEASE WTH THE OPTON TO PURCHASE COMPUTER HARDWARE OPENNG DATE: JUNE TME: 9:00 P.M. NTERESTED NDVDUALS OR FRMS MAY PCK UP BD FORMS AND SPECFCATONS AT THE OFFCE OF THE DRECTOR, PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY, LOWER BASE, SAPAN. /SJ EDWARD B. PALACOS PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY CNM GOVERNMENT NVTATON FOR BD FB NO.: FB FOR: PROCUREMENT OF TWO CO2) 4X4 TRUCKS OPENNG DATE: JULY TME: 2:00 P.M. NTERESTED NDVDUALS OR FRMS MAY PCK UP BD FORMS AND SPECFCATONS AT THE OFFCE OF THE DRECTOR, PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY, LOWER BASE, SAPAN. JS! EDWARD B. PALACOS PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY CNM GOVERNMENT NVTATON FOR BD FB NO.: FB FOR: HOUSEKEEPNG SERVCES OPENNG DATE: JULY 07, 1995 TME: 4:00 P.M. NTERESTED NDVDUALS OR FRMS MAY PCK UP BD FORMS AND SPECFCATONS AT THE OFFCE OF THE DRECTOR, PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY, LOWER BASE, SAPAN. /S/ EDWARD B. PALACOS. PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY CNM GOVERNMENT NVTATON FOR BD FB NO.: FB FOR: SURVEYED GOVERNMENT PROPERTY OPENNG DA-TE: JUNE 311, 1995 TME: 9:00 P.M. NTERESTED NDVDUALS OR FRMS MAY PCK UP BD FORMS AND SPECFCATONS AT THE OFFCE OF THE DRECTOR, PROCUREMENT A~D SUPPLY, LOWER BASE, SAPAN. /SJ EDWARD B. PALACOS FRDAY, JUNE 16, \995 7 MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-35 Procll'ement. and SUpply CNM Government NVTATON FOR BD FB NO.: f FOR: PROCUREMENT OF TWO CO2) 2555 TRACTOR AND ONE con FOUR WHEEL DRVE FRONT MOWER Opening date: JUNE TME: 2:00 P.M. NTERESTED NDVDUALS OR FRMS MAY PCK UP BD FORMS AND SPECFCATONS AT THE OFFCE OF THE DRECTOR. PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY. LOWER BASE. SA/PAN. /5/ EDWARD B. PALACOS PUBLC NOTCE 6/13/95 THE BOARD OF DRECTORS OF THE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATON DVSON (DCD) OF THE COMMONWEALTH DEVELOPMENT AUTHORTY HAS POSTPONED TS MEETNG UNTL THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 1995 AT 10:00 A.M. THE MEETNG WLL BE HELD AT THE CDA ROTA CONFtRENCE ROOM. LOAN APPLCATONS AND DCD MATTERS WLL BE DSCUSSED. JS/ JESUS D. SABLAN CHARMAN. NOTCE OF DSSOLUTON of CALGOLF MCRONESA, NC. CALGOLF MCRONESA, NC. has filed for voluntary dissolution pursuant to Commonwealth Business Corporation Regulation Any person having any claim against the corporation must file a claim, by mailing it, stating the nature and substance of the claim with specificity, the name and address of the person making the claim, and provide copies of all docur,1entation proving the claim with the Law Office of Rexford C. Kosack, P.O. Box 410, Saipan, MP Any claim against this corporation shall be barred unless a proceeding to enforce the claim is commenced within five years after publication of this notice. Dated: 6/13/95 Rexford C. Kosack, Attorney at Law FOR SALE 15 CAPACTY VAN (DODGE RAM) Good Condition $5, or Best Offer \ TLLER (BRGGS & STRATTON) Slightly Used $1, BARRACKS FOR RENT $500.00/Month Cal : Jess or Susan FOR SALE ( 1 J Boom Truck 2. 5 ton Boom Capacity 3 to 4 ton Bed Capacity f4) Cement Mixer-One Bagger Please Call nd Floor Morgan Bldg., San Jose Tel. No PUBLC NOTCE N THE SUPEROR COURTOF THE COMMONWEALTH OF THE NORTHERN MARANA SWOS CVL ACTON NO FACFC FNANCAL CORPORATON, Plaintilf. -v- JUAN L. EVANGELSTA Delendant. FRST AMENDED NOTCE OF SALE NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that, pursuant to a Writ al Execution issued by the Court in this matter on March , have levied and executed upon, and will sell, at public auction, to the highest bidder, for current lawful money of the United States, all of the right, title, and interest of Defendants in and to the following property: Tract R\ (part of original Tract (REM), A.H.31 ). as more particularly described on Drawing/ Cadastral Plat No. 2083/84, the original of which was recorded August 2, 1984, as Document No. 84-1:;~a al the Office of the Commonwealth Recorder, Saipan. The sale will be held on Friday, June 30, 1995, at the hour of 1:15 p.m., at the law offices of White, Pierce, Mailman & Nulting, Joelen Center, Susupe, Saipan. Northern Mariana slands. The sale will be held without any. warranties whatsoever, whether express or implied, all ol which are hereby expressly disclaimed. The sate is subject to approval by the Court. The right is reserved to reject any and all bids, 1or any reason. DATED, this 30th day of May, 1995: /S/TAHER K. MANASTERL PUBLC NOTCE N THE SUPEROR COURT OF THE COMMONWEALTH Of THE NORTHERN MA.ANA SLANDS CVL ACTON N RAFAEL ARROLA KOSAKA and NOM/NANDA LFOFO KOSAKA, Plaintiff, -v- ANTONO A. ARROLA and MARA M. ARROLA Defendants. NOTCE OF SALE NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that, pursuant to a Supplemental Writ ol Execution issued by the Court in this matter on June 2, 1995, /have levied and executed upon, and will sell, at public auction, to the highest bidder, for current lawful money of the United States, all of lhe right. title. and interest of Defendants in and lo the following properly: Lot No. 010 K 451, situated in Koblerville. Saipan. containing an area of 803 square meters. more or less. as more particularly described on Drawing/Cadastral Plat No. 010 K 01 dated August 19, 1987, Commonwealth Recorder's file no dated August 19, 1987, the description therein being incorporated herein by reference. The sale will be held on Friday, July 21, 1995, at the hour ol 1 :00 p.m., at the law offices al White, Pierce, Mailman & Nutting, Joeten Center. Susupe, Saipan, Northern Mariana slands. The sale will be h~d without any warranties whatsoever. whether express or implied. all Df which are hereby expressly disclaimed. The sale is subject to approval by the Court. The right is reserved to reject any and all bids,!or any reason. DATED. this 12th day of June. 199S: /S/ TAHER K. MANASTERL/

19 '., 36-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY- JUNE 16, GENERAL MANAGER High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $1,500-$2,500 per month. Contact: PACFC PRME, NC., Caller Box AAA 762, Box 10001, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6116)F/ MANAGER High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $1,000 per month. 1 WATRESS - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2. 75 Contact: UMN CHU CO., LTD., P.O. Box 1253, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/23)F/ STORE MANAGER High school grad 2 years experience. Salary: $900- $1,800 per month. 1 STORE SUPERVSOR - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $800- $1,500 per month. Contact: NANTO SAPAN CO., LTD., P.O. Box 5027 CHRB, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/23)F/ OPERATON MANAGER College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $700 per month. 1 DRESS MAKER - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75 per hour. Contact: HAYASH SAPAN CORPO RATON dba Sense Fashion, PPP-278, Box 10000, Saipan; MP Tel. No (6/23)F/ OPERATON MANAGER College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $3.00 Conlact: MNG YUi M (DAVD YEN) dba Morning Sun (Saipan), nc., P.O. Box 78, Saipan, MP Tel. No \6/23)F/ MANAGER - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $3.50-$ BEAUTCANS- High school grad., 2 years. experience. Salar:y: $2.75 per hour. Contact: ANGELTA M. BUNAG dba Alanar's Enterprises, P.O. Box 2372, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/ 23)F/ SALES MANAGER - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $5.00 Contact: JOSEFNA NUQU dba V & N Enterprises, Caller Box AAA 547, Box 10001, Saipan, MP Tel. No OPERATON MANAGER High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $ COOK - High school equiv., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75 Contact: MNG YUi M (DAVD YEN) dba Ever Plus Enterprises, P.0. Box 78, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/ 16)F/ Accc.untant 1 ACCOUNTANT College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75-$5.00 Contact:,ABA CORPORATON, P.O. Box 1880, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/23)F/1961 B. 1 ACCOUNTANT - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75-$3.50 Contact: JESUS S. BAACNAS dba JB Professional Agency, P.O. Box 1027, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/ 23)F/ ACCOUNTANT College grad., 2 years experillnce. Salary: $900-$1,000 per month. 1 TRAVEL'CO(:fNSELOA - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $900- $1150 per month. - 2 TOUR COORDNATOR-High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $700- $1,600 per month. 1 MANTENANCE, REPARER 7 PRESSERS, MACHNE OPERATOR 2 COOKS - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2. 75-$3.00 per hour. Contact: UNO MODA CORP., P.O. Box 1847, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/16)F/T AC ELECTRCAN High school grad 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75-$ SEWNG MACHNE OPERATORS - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75-$3.00 Contact: EUROTEX (SPN)., NC., PPP 141, Box 10000, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/16)F/T AC FLORALARRANGERS-Highschool equiv., 2 years experience. Salary: $3.00 Contact: EDWARD S. TENORO dba sland Florist, P.O. Box 491, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/16)F/ HOUSEKEEPNG SUPERVSOR - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.80 Contact: FELPE SN. CAMACHO dba Camacho Enterprises, P.O. Box 5777 CHRB, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6116)F/ ASSSTANT MANAGER -High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $ bi-weekly. 5 NSPECTORS (GARMENT) 1 COOK 2 MANTENANCE MECHANC 20 PRESSERS 80 SEWNG MACHNE OPERATORS 10 HAND PACKAGERS 10 QUALTY CONTROL CHECKERS 10 CUTERS HAND 10 TRMMERS - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75 Contact: MRAGE (SAPAN) GO.LTD., P.O. Box 2706, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/1S)F/ ELECTRCAN 1 MASON - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75 Contact: PROFESSONAL SERVCES CORP., P.O. Box 1536, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6116)F/ COOK 7 MASONS 1 ELECTRCAN 1 PLUMBER 3 CARPENTERS High school grad 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75perhour. Conlact: FELPE Q. ATALG dba Casa de Felipe, P.O. Box 777, Saipan. MP Tel. No (6/16)F/ TRAVEL COUNSELOR- High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $800- $1,200 per month. Contact: PACFC MCRONESA TOURS. NC., P.O. Box 1990, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/23)F/ ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75-$3.00 Contact: BEST CORPORATON, P.O. Box 3577, Saipan, MP Tel. No {6/23)F/ CLEANEA-Highschoolgrad.,2years experience. Salary: $2.75 Contact: MADAN S. HEMLAN dba Lovi's Emporium, P.O. Box 1376, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/ 23)F/ BAKERS High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2. 75-$3.50 per hou~ 1 SALES CLERK High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2. 75 Contact: BOSTONAN NCORPORA TON, P.O. Box 1788, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/23)F/ PANTER High school equiv., 2 years experience. Salary: $700 per month. Contact: LEE BROTHERS CORPORA TON, Caller Box AAA 700, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/23)F/t 'TOUR GUDE High school grad 2 years experience. Salary: $1,000 per month. Contact: SHARP TRAVEL & TOURS NC. dba Saipan Sharp Travel & Tour: Caller Box AAA 113, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/23)F/ HEAVY EQUPMENT MECHANC High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $ HEAVY EQUPMENT OPERATOR High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $3.55-$4.00 Contact: SAPAN STEVEDORE CO., NC., P.O. Box 208, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/23)F/ STEELMAN High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $ DRAFTMAN (DRAFTER) High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $800 per monlh. Contact: TAC NTERNATONAL CON STRUCTORS, NC., P.O. Box 1579, Saipan, MP Tel. No (61 23)F/ SALES SUPERVSOR - High school grad., 2years experience. Salary: $3.30 Contact: TRANSAMERCA CORPORA TON, P.O. Box 1579, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/23)F/ ACCOUNTANT College grad., '2 years experience. Salary: $2. 75-$ HOUSEKEEPNG CLEANERS- High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75-$ PURCHASNG CLERK - High school grad., 2yearsexperience. Salary: $2.75- $ FRONT DESK CLERK High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75- $ ASSSTANT CHEF COOK - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $3.25-$ RESTAURANT WATRESS - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75-$ COCKTAL WATRESS- High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75- $ COOK - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2. 75-$5.80 per hour. Contact: PACFC MCRONESA CORP. dba Dai-lchi HotelSaipan Beach, P.O. Box 1029, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/23)F/ DRAFTSMAN - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $1,100 per month. Contact: ENGNEERNG MANAGE MENT & PLANNNG SERVCES CORP., Caller Box 10004, PR 144, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/ 23)F/ MANTENANCE REPARER High.school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $ WATRESS - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75-$ COOKS High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $450-$600 per month. Contact: MOGAMBO NC.,Jba Cale Mogambo, Box 10000, PPP 157, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/23)F/ TRAVEL AGENT -High school grad., 2years experience. Salary: $2.75-$4.00 Contact: NTERKAM CORPORATON dba lnterkam Travel Agency, P.O. Box 3397, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/23)F/ _ 1 ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $1,000 per month. Contact: MCRONESAN SALES CO., (SAPAN) NC., P.O. Box 5239 CHAS, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/ 23)F/ QUARRY SUPERNTENDANT - High school grad., 5 years experience. Salary: $2,000-$4,500 per month. Contact: HAWAAN ROCK PROD UCTS CORPORATON, Box 10000, PPP 139, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/23) F/ ARCON/REF. MECHANC High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $550 per month. Contact: WORLD MECHANCAL CORP., P.O. Box 722, Saipan, MP Tel. No BB4(6/23)F/ OUTBOARD MOTOR MECHANCS High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $5.00 Contact: SEASHORE NC., PPP-292, Box 10000, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/23)F/ ::",:'~ DEADLNE: 12:00 noon the day prior to publlcatlon, _./.~;. :. ;,:. :- H, ~\:..:1; rna NOTE: f some reason your advertisement s ncorrect. call us mmediately to make the necessary corrections. The Martanas Variety News and Views s responsible only for one ncorrect nsertion. W'!J resene the right to edit, refuse, reject i or cancel any _ ad at an time. 1 COOK - High school equiv., 2 years experience. Salary: $3.00-$7.00 per hour. Contact: DAE HOON ENTERPRSES, NC. dba Riviera Restaurant, Caller Box AAA 762, Box Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/16)F/ ELECTRCAN High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75 Contact: RENATO G. AZUCENAS dba Myra's Trading, Const & Manpower Service, P.O. Box 2576, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/16)F/ PHOTOGRAPHERS High school equiv., 2 years experience. Salary: $500- $800 per month. Contact: WHTE HOUSE ENTER PRSES, NC. dba White House Photo Studio, SPS-771, P.O. Box 10006, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/ 16)F/ SALES REPRESENTATVE High school grad., 2 years -experience. Salary: $2. 75-$3.00 Contact: JN YONG AMERCANA, NC., AAA984, Box 10001,Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/16)F/ LCENSED MEDCAL TECHNOLO GST - High school grad., 3 years experience. Salary: $ Contact: FHP, NC., P.O. Box 118, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/ 16)Fl FOOD SERVER - High school equiv., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75 per hour. Contact: MARGARTA P. KNTOL dba Auntie Mag's Catering, Caller Box AAA 3085, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/16)F/ ELECTRCAN - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2. 75 Contact: FLPNA A. SABLAN dba F.D. Enterprises, P.O. Box i129, Saipan. MP Tel. No (6/16)F/ Miscellaneous. 1 ELECTRCAN 1 (STEELMAN) STEEL WORKER, STRUCTURAL 1 MASON - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $ CARPENTERS - High school grad 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75-$2.85 Conlact: ELEPHANT CORPORATON dba Top Construction, P.O. Box 3562, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/ 30)F/ ACCOUNTANT - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $800 per month. Contact: KANG CORPORATON dba Kang's Auto/H. Equip!. Parts Supply, Hotel Supply, Comm' Bldg., Auto Repair Shop, Bldg. Const. Contract, P.O. Box 3053, Saipan, MP Tel. No. 288-g366(6/30)F/ SPORTS NSTRUCTORS High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75 Contact: BANG BANG CORPORATON, P.O. Box 1'148, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/30)F/ RON WORKER (PRESSER MA CHNE) 1 PRODUCTON CHECKER 6 SEWNG MACHNE OPERA TORS - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75 Contact: ONWEL MFG (SAPAN) LTD., P.O. Box 712, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/30)F/ ACCOUNTANT College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $900 per month. Conlact: D'ELEGANCE ENT., NC., P.O. Box 1106, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/30)F/ ELECTRCANS 1 AUTO MECHANC High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2. 75 Contact: ADEC NTERNATONAL, NC., PPP 591, Box 10000, Salpan, MP Tel. No (6/30)F/ DSHWASHER- High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75 Conlact: SUK KON JO dba Korea Town Restaurant, P.O. Box 1670, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/30)Fl ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $1,000 per monlh. Contact: SANG YOUNG CORPORA TON dba Water Well Drilling, P.0. Box 2877, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/30)F/ FOREGN EXCHANGE TELLERS High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $3.00 Contact: CONOA EXPRESS tnt'l. NC., AAA-N672 Box 10001, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/30)F/ CONSTRUCTON V-.'ORKER 1 AUTO PANTER High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $3.50-$ HEAVY EQUPMENT OPERATORS - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $4.50-$ TRACTOR (TRALER TRUCK) DRVER 1 CONCRETE PUMP OPERATOR High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $4.50-$5.25 Contact: HAWAAN ROCK PROD UCTS CORPORATON, Box 1 OOOOPPP 139, Sa,pan, MP Tel. No (6/30)F/ WOOD CARVER- High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75 per hour. Contact: RODRGO M. CAPAT dba Saipan Woodcraft Enterprises, P.O. Box 2314, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/30)F/ DESEL ENGNEER - High s,:hool grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $1,200 per month. Contact: JWS AR CONDTONNG & REFRGERATON, LTD. dba Sales, Service & Maintenance of A/C Units, Refrigeration, Generator Sets & Hotel & Restaurant Equip., PPP 101, Caller Box 10000, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/30)F/ BEAUTCANS High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75-$3.50 Contact: ROMULO Z. CATALL.A dba Trishia's Hair Shop & Beauty Supply, PPP751 Box 10000,Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/30)F/ MUSCTEACHER-Highschoolgrad., 2 years experience. Salary: $700 per month. Contact: DARCE MUSKO CENTER, NC., P.0. Box 556, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/30)F/ GRAPHC ARTST - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2. 75 Contact: R & M ENTERPRSES, NC., P.O. Box300 CHRB, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/30)F/ CARPENTERS High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $3.05-$ HOLLOW BLOCK MAKERS - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75-$ MASON High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $ CAUSHEROPERATOR-Highschool grad., 2years experience. Salary: $ PLUMBERS - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75-$ RENFORCNG STEEL WORKER - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75-$ ELECTRCAN High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $3.40 perhour. 1 QUARRY SUPERNTENDENT - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $900 per month. Contact: CONSTRUCTON & MATE RAL SUPPLY, NC., P.O. Box 609,, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/ 30)F/ SALES REPRESENTATVE - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: $2.75-$3.00 Contact: JN YONG AMERCANA, NC., AAA984 Box 10001, Saipan, MP Tel. No (6/30)F/16. Garfield by Jim- Davis.AND SO ihe MOOSE SAYS, ''ihai WAS NO CHCKEN, ihaf WA'b MY WF'c.!'' PEANUTS by Charles M. Schulz STELLA WLD ER THE MATERAL 15 THERE ALL YOU'D NEED 15 A GOOD TTLE YOUR BRTHDAY By Stella Wilder Born today, you are more interested in the workings of the human rnind and human heart than you are in the complicated details of the everyday world. You possess keen intuitions and a driving concern for individuals, but when it comes to understanding business, finances and other very real and practical interests, your mind tends to be elsewhere! You have an artistic temperament, mercurial and often unpredictable, and you make both friends and enemies with remarkable swiftness. Emotional, athletic, energetic and eager to succeed at anything you undertake, you must nevertheless choose your activities carefully - for you are not always suited to every endeavor. To be successful, then, do things that have only a small potential for failure. Also born on this date are: Joyce Carol Oates and Erich Segal, authors; Wayne Rollins, basketball player; Joan Van Ark, actress. To see what is in store for you tomorrow, find your birthday and read the corresponding paragraph. Let your birthday star be DATE BOOK June 16, 1995 Today is the 167th day of 1995 and the 89th day of spring.,.; -:s;. ti, ~ >'\, ~ ~.,.. " "8 0- < Y, -~. ' " <. ; ;-;_,;,,.,.-:::: TODAY'S HSTORY: On this day in 1963, Soviet U-year-old Vlilentina Tereshkova became the first female space traveler when she piloted a satellite through 48 orbits of the earth. TODAY'S BRTHDAYS: Stan Laurel (189b-1965), comedian; Katharine Graham (1917-), Washington Post publisher, is 78; Joyce Carol Oates (1938-), writer, is 57; Joan Van Ark (1943-), acyour daily guide. SATURDAY, JUNE 17 GEMN (May 21-June 20) - A special kind of involvement will be required of you today. Prepare to commit yourself fully to a new cause. CANCER (June 21-July 22) - You can only watch and wait today while others are in the ring doing their best to maintain your ideals and_principles. CEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - t will be important to get to the heart' of the matter today. n searching for the truth, you may be surprised by what you learn about yourself. VRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) - Do not attempt to quiet your critics today. Try to use what they say and do to your own advantage. Strategy and tactics will be key. LBRA (Sept. 23-0ct. 22) - Someone may make new threats that you should take seriously today if you want to maintain your position. Avoid idle talk whenever possible. SCORPO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) - That which you stand for most enthusiastically may come under scrutiny at this time from those who don't fully understand your tress, is 52; Roberto Duran 0951-), boxer, is 44. TODAY'S SPORTS: On this dav in 1975, the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Kareem Abdul-Jabbar from the Milwaukee Bucks in a our-man trade. TODAY'S QUOTE: "f you arc a writer you locate yourself behind a wall of silence and no matter what you are doing, driving a car or walking or doing housework. you can still be writing, because you have that space." - Joyce Carol Oates TODAY'S WEATHER: On this day in 1953, a dust devil near Prescott, Ariz., injured two boys. SOURCE: 1995 Weather Guide Calendar; Aceor.d, PublishinR, Ltd. motives or methods. SAGTTARUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) - Lively, eager and enthusiastic, you must nevertheless be cautious toward nightfall. Hidden risks will multiply at that time. CAPRCORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) - You won't be bored today if you take advantage of the opportunities that arise. Do not turn away from any possibilities. AQUARUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) - Take care not to be so flirtatious and fun-loving that you aren't taken seriously when necessary. Balance business with pleasure. PSCES (Feb. 19-March 20) - Someone may try to restrict yow- authority and even your buying power today. Stand up for your rights and demand what 1s yours. ARES (March 21-April 19) - You will become increasingly interested in your status and security at this time. The focus today turns to changes at home. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) - Compatibility will certainly be an issue today. Seek common ground with both rivals and friends and try to build upon it. Copyright 1995, Uoiled Featun: Syndicate, Joe. O TODAY'S MOON: Between full moon (June 13) and last quarter (June 19) NEWSPAPER ENTERP!USE ASSN President James Garfield could simultaneously write Latin with one hand and Greek with the other. The idea that fat people are jolly can be found as early as Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar," which describes a lean and hungry Cassius as one who "thinks too much: such men are dangerous." Whenever we wax nostalgic on visiting Grandma's farm, it seems we tai,t more about the home cooking than about cleaning the barn. FRDAY, JUNE 16, MARANAS V AR1ETY NEWS AND VEWS-37 CRO.SSWORD PUZZLER ACROSS 1 Word with puff and cheese 6 Fear 11 Omen 13 Lobe 15 After noon (abbr.) 16 Hair protein 18 Enlisted man 19 Mountain on Crete 21 Challenged 22 The self 23 Down the - (failure) 25 Gridder org. 26 Cordon - 27 tn the middle of 29 His and hers 31 -Moines 32 Western hemisphere assn. 33 Ammonia compounds 36 Dangers 39 Le - (auto race 40 ndividual 42- yourself 43 Energy unit 44 Eats limited food 46 Opp. of SSW 47 Simon D 48 Petroleum source (2 wds.) 50 Roman four 51 Prosper 53 Waterway 55 - and abetted 56 He lead The Police DOWN 1 Per- (for each person) 2 ntoxicated Answer to Previous Puzzle United Feature Syndicate (hyph. wd.) 3 TV's Marshall 4 Summer mo 5 TV talking 7/.115 PUZZLE S A PECE OF CAKE 7V SOL 've. AOD UP THE NVMBERS TO SEE,4 /.ll/mort:jus CAKE m,ec. 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20 . i 38-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY- JUNE 16, 1995 REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL The Commonwealth Development Authority (GOA) is requesting proposals tram Certified Public Accountant (and Firms) to perform specitic accounting assignments to assist borrowers. CDA is requesting interest providers to submit evidence of their capacity, certification and a fee schedule. All propo ~als must be submitted no later than June 23, 1995 to: Mr. James H. Ripple Executive Director Commonwealth Development Authority?.O. Box 2149 Wakins Building, Gualo Rai Sai 1pan, MP GOA reserves the right to reject any or all proposals for any reason if in its opinion, doing so serves the best interest of CDA. sl James H. Ripple Executive Directors REOUEST FOR PROPOSAL 1 The Commonwealth Development Authority (CDA) is requesting proposals from authorized insurance underwriters and/or their Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana slands' Representatives for Declining balance life insurance. Said life insurance will be issued to the principal borrowers as required by all GOA private sector loans. The insurance policies will be for the original full amount of the loan and tailored to decline as the loan principal is reduced. The first years premium will be paid upon executing the loan. Subsequent years' premium will be collected in equal installments during the year and premium funds will be in escrow. Prospective interested providers are requested to call and make an appointment with the Executive Director or his designee for particulars. Please call telephone numbers /7146 or before June 9, Closing/date for proposals is July 15, CDA reserves the right to reject any or all proposals for any reason if in its opinion, doing so serves the best interest of CDA.!!S Jlmes H. Ripple Executive Director Dli~l-il l~ REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS NMC RFP The NORTHERN MARANAS COLLEGE is soliciting competitive sealed proposals.!ram quali1ied Ccntractor lor nter and ntra Rewiring (Electrical) ol buildings - N, 0 and Pat As Terlaje Campus. The project will include Labor, Materials and necessary Equipment. Wiring in-between buildings will be install in the existing underground conduit pipes. Blue prints and any schematic drawings will become the property ol the Northern Marianas College at the completion of the Project. Contractors or bidders shall provide housing, transportation, liability insurance, anq workman compensation. Proof of insurance and a copy ol current business license must be submitted with the proposal. Proposals must be submitted in sealed envelope marked NMC RFP No. 95- DQ; to the NMC Procurement and Properly Management Office. NMC As Terlaje Campus, Bldg "L", Saipan, no later lhrn 11 :00 a.m., 23 June, The Northern Marianas College reserves the right to reject any or all proposals for an~eason and to waive any defect in proposals if determined by the College to be 1n its b!l-5t interest. All proposals shall become the property of the NMC. For adl!\tional inlormation, call NMC Procurement & Property Manager, Mr. John T. Flores at ext or The bidders conference will be held at 10:00 a.m., May 30, 1995 al Procurement & Property Management Office. S/John Fleres -Procurement & Property Manager Aanes M. McPhetres President, NMC NVTATON FOR BD PSS FB The CNM Public School System is solir;iting competitive sealed bids under the fleet purchasing procedure~ for the procurerne~t of 4P to two (2) units of school buses that are specially equipped with lifts with wheel chair accessibility. Each bus should have a capacity of at least 18 passenger seated and three wheelchairs, should be powered by 175 horsepoy,:er \ear mounted die~el engin.e.anq have at lea~t a 74,000 BTU air cond1!1ornng system. Detailed spec1f1cat1ons are available at the PSS Procurement and Supply, Lower Base, Saipan. A non refundable payment of $25.00 U.S. Dollars required for each set of specification. The buses must meet the "Buy America" requirement of Section 165 of the Surface Transportation Act of 1982, and must have a one year maintenance/warranty agreement, must be rustproofed/undercoated and safety inspected. and registered prior to delivery to PSSPANDS. The buses must be delivered lo PSSPANDS within six (6) months from date of full contract execution. For more information. please contact Mr. Tim Thornburgh of the PSS Federal Programs Office at telephone number All bids must be in a sealed envelope facemarked 'FB " and submitted in duplicate to Ms. Louisg ConceP.cion, Procurement & SUP.ply OfficerhPSSPANDS, Lower Base, Saipan. All bids must be received no later t an 2:00 p.m. July 10, Any bids received after the aforementioned date ana time will not be accepted under any circumstances. The CNM PubJic School System reserves the right to reject any or all bids to the best.interest of the Public Scho9 Sysfem. CPA BOARD OF DRECTORS NOTCE OF MEETNG Pursuant to Section 11 of Public Law 8-41, The Open Government Act of 1992, the Board of Directors of the Commonwealth Ports Authority hereby serves notice that it will hold its regular Board Meeting on Friday, June 16, 1995 at 10:00 a.m., at the CPA Conference Room, Saipan nternational Airport. The following items are on the agenda for the above-referenced meeting. PRELMNARY MATERS 1. Call to Order 2. Roll Call 3. Adoption ol Agenda 4. Adoption of Minutes. ll. CORRESPONDENCE COMMTEES REPORT 1. Adoption of Financial Statement 2. FY '96 Budget V. EXECUTVE REPORT V. OLD BUSNESS V. NEW BUSNESS V. PUBLC COMMENT (S) V. (Executive Session) LEGAL COUNSEL'S REPORT X. ADJOURNMENT All interested persons are welcome to attend and to submit written or oral testimony on the above agenda items. /s/ Viclor B. Hocog Chairman, Board of Directors Date: 6/8/95 The NM Retirement Fund has two clerical positions available 1or "Summer Youth Employment" effective July 2. through August 31, Both positions will,pay an hourly rate of $3.00, eight hours per day. Only students who will be entering their Sophomore, Junior or Senior year in high school will be accepted. An application or letter of interest will be accepted up until 4:00 p.m June 23, and may be mailed or delivered to the following address: NM Retirement Fund 1st. Floor, Nauru Bldg. P.O. Box 1247 Saipan, MP nterested applicants wanting additional information may contact the Deputy Administrator, Mr. Fred Camacho, at telephone no or visit the office. SSC Kamehameha times Results: 400 ndividual Medley: Joshua Taitano 5:17:37 1st 5: nd 5: nd SO Free: Jennifer Pierce Xenavee Pangelinan Tracy Feger Audra Winkfield 100 Free: Joshua Taitano Derek Slabaugh Rohen Jordan Audra Winkfield Tracy Feger Xenavee Pangelinan Robena Santos Vanessa Kosack SO Free Vanessa Kosack Joshua Taitano Rohen Jordan Derek Slabaugh Roheno Santos 200 Free:. Joshua Taitano Vanessa Kosack Robelt Jordan Audra Winkfield Derek Slabaugh Robena Santos Tracy Feger Xenavee Pangelinan 400Free: Audra Winkfield Joshua Taitano Robert Jordan Roberto Santos Derck Slabaugh SO Breast: Jenni fer Pierce Audra Winkfield Tracy Feger Xenavee Pangelinan 100 Breast: Vanessa Kosack Joshua Taitano Derek Slabaugh Ro belt Jordan Robert Santos Xenavee Pangelinan Jennifer Pierce Audra Winkfield 200 Breast Derek Slabaugh Roben Jordan Joshua Tailano Jennifer Pierce Vanessa Kosack 100 Back: Vanessa Kosack Joshua Taolano Robert Jordan Roberto Santos Tracy Feger Xenavec Pangelinan Audra Winkfield 200 Back: Robena Santos Vanessa Kosack Joshua Taitano Robert Jordan 50 Back: Tracy Feger Xenavee Pangelinan Audra Winkfield 42nd 50 Butterny: Xenavee Pangelinan Tracy Feger 100 Butterfly: Xenavec Pangelinan Tracy Feger Joshua Tailano 200 Butterfly: 200M: Vanessa Kosack Joshua Taitano Roben Jordan Tracy Feger Xenavee Pangelinan Audra Winkfield Tracy Feger 200 Free Relay: Boys: Girls: th 21st th 19th 1: th : th nd : th 1: th 1: th 1: th 1: th : th 1: th nd nd th th th th th 2:rLJ6 sl 2: th 2: th 2: th 2: th 2: th 2: th 2: th 2: th 2: h 5: th 4:40.52 sl 4: rd 5: th 5: th 5: th 4: th th th 48th th 1 : nd 1 :26.60 St : st : th 1 : th 1: th : nd 1: rd : th 1: th 2: nd 3: th 2: th 3: rd 2: nd 3: rd 3: rd 1: th 1: : nd 6th : th 1: th lc08.78 st 1: : th! th : th 2: th 2: : rd 2nd 2: : th 1st 2: rd th ljlh th 36. l l 10th : th : th : rd : th 1: nd 2: th 2: nd 2: th 2:30.24 sl 2: th 2: rd 2: rd 3: : :tr.i.43 3: : nd 2: th NM. Continued from page 40 first two innings, scoring four runs in the first and three more runs in the second inning. Palau's Mathias Smus knocked in three runs on two hits in the stretch. Guam earned its first run on top of the second inning on two errors and two more runs in the third on Kim Fernandez'sdoubleandRonRaguindin and Jeff V aldenbrini' s RB single that cut Palau lead to 4, 7-3. Guam rallied:forsix hits in the fourth inning, scored seven runs on two Palau errors,andovertookpalauleadbylhree runs, Undaunted by Guam's lead, Palau face.d Guam pitcher Alvin Fejeran at the mound, fought back to tie the score at the bottom of the sixth on Smus' fourth and fifth RB of the game supported by five Guam costly errors. The score tied at 10-allwith two outs and two runners on bases, Guam's R.A. Mayer replaced Fejeran and got Rumong Rdialul on ground to second ending Palau's trip. As pressure mounted in the last inning, Guam scored the apparent winning run at the top of the seventh inning on a lead-off triple by pinch hitter Ben Cuenga who scored on Jim Reyes' double. Palau threatened to tie the game at their last time at bat in the bottom of the seventh when Melvin Torribion reached first base on an Rockets. Continued from page 40 ~ome reports of gunfire wound up bemg firecrackers, C,ato said. Most of the excitement was centered in the Richmond Avenue area that is lined with bars and restawants such as Peter's. t's not too far from the Rockets' arena, The Summit Fans everywhere wore a wide variety of hats and T-shirts, many waved handmade signs and brooms in honor of the sweep, and some even showed their loyalty by having their faces painted with drawings of players. On the congested streets, many cars had messages shoe-polished onto their windows such as "Shaq Lost His Magic" and ''How Sweep t s." Amid the din of cheers, those still tuned to the Rockets' flagship radio station heard a musical toast to the team: "Unforgettable," sung by Nat King Cole and his daughter, Natalie. Despite being the defending champs, ~ouston was an underdog because 1t was seeded sixth in the Western Conference entering the playoffs. No team had come from such a low position to win a title before. "t brings us all together," Mark Brett said. "t's the fact that the underdog can win." "t's NOT a fluke," said Willane Pearson. At The Summit, a sellout crowd of 16,611 was caught amid dry ice and falling red and yellow confetti at the game's end. They also got to cheer as NBA commissioner David Stern presented the team the championship trophy iust as he did following last year's series victory over the New York Knicks But the real celebration was in the streets and bars of the nation's fourth largest city, one that has been Rockets crazy for more than a month. "t means that we get respect," Andrew Dunwood said. "How can we not after completely dominating all the teams in the NBA for the last four or five ~eeks," Hugh,.Bofenkamp said. Anybod1"Who doesn't give them respect hasn't paid attention." Although five other teams have won the title with 4-0 sweeps and manyothers have been repeat champions, Houston is the first team to defend its title with a sweep. error of shortstop and went on..0 second on a sacrifice bunt by Tsurane Tellei. NM to win. Continued from page 40 As a tribute to his memory and achievement in the sport, the Kautz Glass Glazers Major League team offered a wreath of condolences to Babauta's family during the Mobil Games opening ceremonies. Al Taitano, managerofthe Glazers to which Babauta belonged as one of the top pitchers, delivered a eulogy for the deceased athlete. Taitano said that with Babauta's untimely death, many lost "a good and humble friend with a good sense of humor." Remembered as a "remarkably excellent athlete." Babauta started his baseball career when he was 9 years old. "He joined the Little, Junior, Senior, Big, and Major Lea~ues and (was) also chosen to represent various competitions in Guam, Palau, Far East, and the Philippines. He was known by all as an excellent pitcher, in-fielder and out-fielder" Taitano said. ' Babauta helped propel Ric Kautz' Glazers to win the Major League pennant title in the last season. His last pitch was with the DPW Mauleg team in the island-wide men's fast-pitch softball league last week. He was also a member of the Hit & Run team in the Saipan Softball Association night league at the But Mayer got Roger Saburo and Felix Kyota on fly giving Guam the victory. time of his death. During the tribute, Fr. Gary Bradley prayed for Babauta's soul.to be blessed, as well as for courage and hope for his teammates as Babauta "would have wanted them to play." Mobil Games statistician and scorekeeper Francisco "Tan Ko" M. Palavios said that a CNM team official had planned to field in Babauta in several innings each day of the four-day league. Palacios who has kept a record of'' Babauta' s life-long record in the Major League, supported pronouncements of other officials that Babauta belonged to the top five pitchers in the CNM until his death. ''That's true," Palacios said as he showed Babauta's record when he was chosen as the 1994 season Pitcher of the Year. Nightly rosary is being held at the Babauta residence in Lower As Matuis. Ken Babauta will be laid to his final restin_g place on Tuesday. The CNM team won its first game Wednesday against Kosrae 5-0., n last night's match against the Guam All Stars, Ramir De Leon of KMCV Headend Department said both teams were on equal footing with a 2-all score at the bottom of the third as Variety Sports went to press. (Sony Daleno) Representative Vicente #Ben" Attao presents a $350 check to Commonwea[th Amateur Table Tennis Association president Joe Santos as part of his sponsorship of the Summer Heat Open Championships on Ju_ne 24th at the Ada gym. CA TT A program director, left. Joe Lizama with Bert Sablan and Greg Deleon Guerrero witness the presentation'. Rep. Attao also mad!: the San ~ntonio social half available to CA TT A and assured a donation offour mdoor tennis tables to provide the kids a healthy alternattve activity during summer. BULDNG. FOR. SALE ' A modern 3-storey commercial building in front of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Garapan, Saipan Call ' REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL CUC RFP 95~0030 June 16, 1995!he <?i.l'!'monwealth _Utilities Corporation (CUC) of the Northern Mariana slands (CNM) 1s so!1citing compelmve sealed proposals from qualified firms for the sandblasting and painting of three welded storage tanks. The dimensions for these tanks are as follows: A) 1 each 70' wide X 33' hi~h B) 2 each 55' wide X 32' high. 25,000 BBL 12,000 BBL On Tank Al lhe paint shall be two coat eo'f:'f with a semi-gloss black finish and conform to EPA, AP AND FDA standards. For 8 the paint shall be two coal epoxy with a semi gloss while finish and also conform to PA,.AP and FDA standards. jtis expected a warranty of not less than 6 years will be provided on the finished paint coatings. n a.ddition, sacrificial anodes are to be fitted to the grounding poinls of the lank with add1t1onal sel of anodes provided. Proposals shall detail the method of sand blasting and the number of coats and quality of the epoxy paint. Evaluations will be based on the following selection criteria: 01. Technical Qualificalions 02. Experience 03. Paint Qualily and Warranly 04. Approach to Project 05. Organization 06. Reputalion A mandatory site inspection will be conducted on June 26, 1995 onlt All company represenlauves shall meel al Power Genera11on (plant) adm1mstrat1on building at Lower Base Sa1pan at 2:00 p.m. should you need more informalion please contact the Supply Spe: c1al1sl, Mr. Gary P. Camacho, at telephone number /5088/9873 ext. 32. Proposals must be submitted in five (5) copies, Marked CUC-RFP , to the Chief,. Procuremenl & Supply, at CUC Procurement and Supply Office, Lower Base, P.O. Box 1220, Sa1pan, MP no laler than 2:00 P.M. local time, Friday, July 17, rnscussions may be conducted with responsible offerers who submit proposals determmed to be reasonably susceptible o.f being selected for award for the purpose of clarificallon and to ensure full undersland1ng of, and responsiveness to, solicilation require ments. Offerer~ shall be accorded fair and equal trealment with r specl to any opportu mly for d1scuss1on.and rev1s1on of proposals and such revisions may be permitted after subm155.1on a.nd pnor to award for lhe purpose or obtaining the best and final otters. n conducting d1scuss1ons,!here shall be no disclosure of any informalion derived from proposals submitted by competing otterors. The Commonwealth U_tilities Corporalion reserves lhe.righl lo reject any or all proposals for any reason and waive any defect 1n said proposals 1f 1n 1ls sole opinion it is in the besl 1nlerest of!he Commonwealth Ulilities Corporation lo do so. All proposals shall become lhe property of cue Frank T Flores Chief, Procurement & Supply, CUC REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL CUC RFP LEAK DETECTON AND REPAR June 16, 1995 The Com~onweallh Ulilities Corporation (CUC) is soliciting competilive sealed proposals for a LEAK DE TECTON AND REPAR program for tne slands of Sa1pan, Tinian, and Rota. There are app1oximalely 80 miles of 3/4-mch lhrough 16-rnch waler d,stnbuhon pipelines on Sa1pan, about 70% S PVC and the remain der 1s Ducl1le ron or Asbestos Cement pipe. Approximalely 52 miles of PVC and B miles of Ductile ron Pipe has been installed 1n. lhe. las1.7 years. Tinran and Rota each have approximately 25 miles of 4-inch and B inch PVC waler d1.slnbul1on mes. Most valve boxes are accessible and pipeline conlact points within 200 feet are avmlable 1n mos places. Water!oss 1s substanlial Waler pressures range from 1 o to 90 psi Typi calfy water mes are 1solaled until abou\ 3 AM when reservoir valves are open&j and water 1s allowed io flow to lhe consumer unlit reservorrs are empty, usually 2 lo 18 hcurs. About one fourth of lhe lines have 24 hour water supply.. i Tne scope of the proiecl cons1sls cl /he follow.cg ilems: 1. Conduct comprehensive survey of all water dislnbul,on lines on Saipan, lir.ian, and.8ola no\ a!ready scheduledlor replacemen\, including 1denl1fy1ng, quanliry1ng. and \ocal1ng S()urces al!eaks on all. water d1slndul1or,lines. 2.. Repair leaks idenlified in inilial survey, including fittings, excavation, backfill,ng, compaction and res \oral,on. 3. Recommend eqa1pmenl for CUC Waler Division ta purchase and!rain emp'oyees in lhe use cf this equipment 4. Recommend ongoing leak deleclion program and schedule of leak delection aclivil:es. Specifications, proposal!arms, and location maps are available on or atter June at lhe Procure men! and Supply Office, CUC, Lower Base, Saipan. ' Proposals wi', be evalualed and selection made based on the fcllo~ing evalual,or. crilena: 1. Experience ot lhe firm on related projecls (15%) 2. Quafifical1on of key personnel (15%) 3. Proposed project approach (15%) 4. Proposed lime frame ol!he work (15%) 5. Cost of tne proposal based on the following Proposal Schedule (40%) Discussions may be conducted with responsible oherors who submit proposals determined 10 be reas-on ably suscephble.of being selected for award.tor lhe purpose of clarification and to ensure lull undersland1ng al, and responsiveness to, solic1lat1an requiremenls otterors shall be accorded fair and equal \1ealment with resp81:t lo. any opportumly far d1scuss1an and rev1s1an of proposals and such revi~ans may be permil led alter subm1ss1on and pnor lo award for the ~urpose ~r obla.ining the best and final offers. n conducting d1scuss1ons, there shall be no disclosure of any 1nformat1on denved from proposals submitted by competing offerers. Proposals must be marked CUC-RFP and submitted as an original and five copies lo the CUC Pr~uremenl and Supply Manager, Mr. Frank T. Flores, Commonwealth Ulilities Corporalion Lower Base Sa1pan, no laler lhen 2:00 p.m. local lime, July 21, ' ' This RFP does nol commit CUC lo award a conlracl, lo pay any cos\s incurred in lhe preparation of a proposal under this request, or to procure or conlact far services. The Commonwealth Utilities Corporation reserves ha nghl lo reject any or all proposals for any reason and Rarve. a.ny defect m seid proposals, lo negotiate wilh all qualified offerers, orto cancel in whole or in part this FP, if 11 ts m ha best mleresl of CUC lo do so. All proposals shall become lhe property of CUC., For further information C011lact Mr. PreS1on Fisher al (670) Frank T. Flores Chief, Procuremenl & Supply, cue :..:..;. ; ~ ~ : ; ~.: ~..:..;,;.; ~ ; ;.;..:. ; ;. ;.

21 40-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-FRDAY- JUNE 16, 1995 SPORTSPALM M 01AW.0M Houston celebrates sweep By MCHELLE KODN celebration of the Houston Rockets' sio~ of the nic~ Houston earned to_watchthegame. "\Ye proved some- arrests,m.ostlyforintoxicatio~acouple HOUSl'ON (AP)- Up to 50 <XX) fans second straight NBA title. dunng last year s title run. thing. We proved agamst the odds. We of fights; and a few wrecks, Houston flooded a 30-block area of''t~o-ston" The four-game sweep of the Or- A pr_-eprinted v~rsion of the Houston faced 3:C1ven;ity and we too~ it" po~ce spokesman Jack Cato said. Wednesdaynight,high-fiving honking Jando Magic instantly brought joy to Chrorucleproclaimed the se- Police reported only mmor prob- 'Wehadonereportofaguyfalling horns and sweeping with b~rns in "Double-ClutchCity"anupdatedver- ries-clinching victory "TWO-!ems within l l/2hoursofthegame's out of a car, which we knew would ' RRFC!" and, judging by the fans' end. At least 100 extra officers were eventuallyhappenwithsomanypeople reaction, it was. working the streets at an overtime cost hanging out of winoows. Outside that,. Mobil Gaines Da 2.Results: "Houston is No.," said Trent of more than$ 100,000, said police there's been nothing serious. People alau.edges FSM, 4-3 Saipan leads Guani, 8-2* =:=2nd game was postponl d at thehottrnn of the 5th. Cuam with 2. runners (111, hasc.;s and out Gallll' 2 l'oi Hi11llL'S mlay at 12: :m ;.. NM to win games for Babauta There were no public pronouncements, not even a word from team officials.but their shirts, arm bands and the strong desire in their eyes to. win for a fallen teammate said it all. TheCNMA11Starteamarebent on giving all their best in the Mobil Games, not for their own glory - but "for Ken." Words of "for Ken" were informally written on either the front or back side on most of the CNM players' uniforms as their way of reminding each in the team to give it his best shot and win the title for Kenneth "Ken" N. Babauta. Babauta died in a car crash at dawn Monday-three days before the start of the Mobil Games were he was one of the expected pitchers. Donohue,oneofthehundredsofRock- chief Sam Nuchia. are just enjoying it" ets fans jammed into Peter's Wild Life ''We'veprobablyhadalmostadozen ""c- 0 -n=u-n-ue-d~o-n_p_a_g_e_3_9 NM Sliuts'.:0:11~!:FSM; '(iualn.:,.upsets Pala\{ Francisco M. Palacios ''. ; : ; : 'iiiilil1g;-' :, :For.Variety Sporls... : Dominic Oiong took ovei.: in the. CNMJ sluggers opened the Mobil oottomofthefifthiriningandstruckout ' Games with an impressive victory., three of the nine batters he facedi overkosraeofthefcderatedstates.. CNM's Greg C. Camacho posted. of Micronesia:; while Guam.earned. 2-fqr-3withtwoRBisinglesandhitby ~sweetupsetove.r~efendingcliam~ pitch-ball for h.is.p,ctfonnance of the pion Palau all$' team in the flrst. clay.. -. dayof.lh_efqur-qayevent-w~- CNMieame.ditsfirstrunin thefirst day ~ the Francisco 'Tait Ko" M. inning courtesy of Greg Ca:rnacho~s Palacios Ballfield in $usupe. RB single..: ntheopeninggame;f.ddiesantos Two more runs wererecordcil in the pitcijedforthecnmiinthefirstfour. fourthinnirigonatwohit-1,y-pitchball in,nings and gave up two hits and No~o-msn/s. Suppf!rle!s for Lps ~ngeles Do_dgers pitcher Hideo Nomo celebrate his starting pitch assignment by painting Nomo in1flals on their chest, recently, at the Dodgers stadium. The Dodgers beat the Montreal Expos 7-1, giving Nomo his second win. (AP Photo). Taitano sparkles in Kan1eham.eha JOSHUA Taitano returned from Hawaii with a trophy in hand after winning the overall high point in his age gro~p in the Annual Classic Kamehameha nvitational Meet recently in Honolulu. Taitano, together with ten other SaipanswimOubswimmersheaded by coach Bill Sakovich, competed in the three-day meet Taitanocompetedintheboys' age bracket He garnered a total of 86 points, ten points away from the second plager. Twenty three teams from Hawaii, two from Guam, one from the U.S. mainland, and one from the CNM competedfn the event which was part of the King Kamehameha Day eel- teammemberspostedtheirbesttimes. ebration. Saipan's relay teams won an im- was second place pressive second- place against in overall high point in the boys' 15- Hawaii's top school. Pangelinan, 16 category. Feger, Pierce, and Winkfield com- Tracy Feger, Jennifer Pierce, peted in the girls' 200 medley relay, Xenavee Pangelinan, and Audra while Jordan, Taitano, Santos and Winkfieldcompetedinthe l l-12age Slabaughcompetedintheboys' divigroup; VanessaKosacksawactionin sion. the l 3-14category; whil~jessicajor- Winkfield, Kosack, Feger, andjordancompetedinthe 15-16agebracket clan competed in the400 M free relay, RobertJordan,RobertoSantos,and while Palacios, Slabaugh, Jordan,, Derek Slabaugh competed with and Taitano competed for the club in Taitano in the age category. the boys division. The Saipan Swim Qub tankers The Kamehameha stint is part of also bested Guam for off-island hon- the club's continuous preparation of ors. its swimmers for the South Pacific Desoite keen comoetition. SaiP311 and two hits at the -top of the fourth wallced thdirst batter in the fifth. inning on an RB single by Larry.. Guerrero and Pete Roberto. :... CNM widen its lead at the top of the seventh inning when it posted two more runs out of two errors committed by the Kc,srae team and an RB single by Greg Camaclio. AlokoaStoneypitched forkosrae for the entire one hour and 51 minutes duration of the first game. The winning pitcher was F.ddie Santos. Second Game Palau came iri strong at the start in. the second game. Palau jumped to a 7-1. lead in the Continued on page MOBL GAMES STATSTCS (DAY ONE) Game No: 1 Team : CNM vs FSM CNM POS AB R H RB FSM POS AB R ~RB Yamada CF Monkeya Ralphy CF Evangelista RF Abraham Oniel Martin Jr Ned Julian RF Camacho Greg Ned Rolinson 1B Celis Reno D/H Joe Rainer LF Pangelinan Frank LF Kilafwa.kun Aliksru C Guerrero Nick ss Ned Mandie Guerrero Larry C Nithan Joab D/H Roberto Pete Nedlic Osamu ss Santes Eddie p Alokoa Stoney p Benavente Ron 3B Jackson Arthur PH/RF Palacios Glen 'oih Nithan Joab PH Chong Dominic P O O O O 22 O 2 o Base on Ball : Glen Palacios. Pete Roberto, Ralphy Monkeya. Mandie Ned Strike-Outs: Frank Pangelinan. Reno Celis, Nick Guerrero, Oniel Abraham, Ludnick Nithan, Rohnson Ned. Ralphy Monkeya Stole-Base: Junior Martin, Pete Roberto Caught-Steal: Ralphy Monkeya Error: Nick Guerrero, Arthur Jackson, Joab Ni than Sacrifice: Ron Benavente, Osamu Nedlic Hit by Pitch: Greg-Camacho. Frank Pangelinan, Larry Guerrero (CNM) Team 1 2 J Runs Hits CNM FSM Team NN R ER HT 28 JB HR BB SB Santos Ed CNM Stoney Alokoa FSM /3 Chong Dominic CNM Game No: 2 Team: Guam vs Palau Guam POS AB R H RB Palau POS Reyes Jim CF 5 4 Kyota Felix ss Cruz Dominic Knak Peter 38 Reyes Ron Fernandez Kin Fernandez Chris Tuquero Joe Valdenbrini Jeff Francisco Felix CF LF 2 2 ss Error Lob WP DEC ERA 0 w 3 0 L 3 0 s AB R H RB Smus Mathias C Mira Giovanni Rumong Rdialul D/H DH 4 0 Toribion Melvin LF 4 0 Santos Derrick C 4 2 Tellei Trurang RF Castro Edwin RF Saburo Roger Gumataotao Vince p Moses Alonzo 1B Raguindin Ron 28 3 Sander Sam p Quenga Ben RF 0 Tochi Larry p Pangelinan Gerald ss Ngiraidong Everette p Q Q ll Q Fejeran Alvin P O O O O 33 O 11 8 R.A. Mdyer P O O O O Doubles: Jim Reyes, Kin Fernandez. Ron Raguindin (Guam) Triple: Edwin Castro, Ben Quenga (Guam) Mathias Smus (Palau) Base on Ball: Kin Fernandez, Edwin Castro (Guam) Rdialul Rumong Strike-Outs: Dominic Cruz, Jeff Valdenbrini, Derrick Santos (Guam) Giovanni Mira (2) Alonzo Moses (Palau) Sacrifice: Dominic Cruz, Ron Reyes, Joe Tuquero (Guam) Trurang Tellei, Roger Saburo H.P.: Fehx Kyota Errors.: (3) Ron Reyes (2) Edwin Castro Ron Raguindin, Joe Tuquero () Dominic Cruz, Gerald Pangelinan (Guam) (2) Felix Kyota. Knak Peter () Trurang Tellci, Roger Saburo (Palau).' Team 1 2 J Runs Hlt Error Lob Guam Palau HP Player Team NNR ER HT2D JB HR BB so W.P. DEC ERA GumataOlllo Vince Guam / Fejeran Alvin Guam 42/ R.A. Mayer Guam 1/ w 0.00 Sander Sam Palau 30/ Tochi Larry Palau ,00 Ngil'llidong Everette Palau L 2.33 Ga ies., ~------'-----'---'----j.~~ ========-- t;marianas %riety;~ Micronesia's Leading Newspaper Since 1972 ~ P.O. Box231 Salpan, MP969fi0 Tel. (670) Fax: (67rJ)