Mayor Giordano requested the Clerk to ready resolution from the Consent Resolution.

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1 February 12, 2013 Statement: This meeting is being held in conformance with The Sunshine Law. Annual notice of date, time and place has been furnished to The Record and The Ridgewood News. Notice has also been posted on the bulletin board of the Administration Building. A regular meeting of the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Waldwick was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Mayor Giordano in the Council chambers of the Administration Building. Present on roll call: Mayor Giordano Councilman Bjork Councilman Brennecke Councilman Celeste Councilman Farricker Councilman Sciolaro Absent: Councilman Palladino Also Present: Gary Kratz, Administrator Paula M. Jaegge, Municipal Clerk Craig Bossong, Attorney Andrew Tatarenko, Grants Administrator The Clerk led the Council in the Pledge of Allegiance. Mayor Giordano requested to remain standing for a moment of silent prayer for residents of the community who have passed away within the last few weeks Jim Wrocklage, Frank DeRosa and Kathy Tycody. Mayor Giordano requested the Clerk to ready resolution from the Consent Resolution. WHEREAS, a vacancy exists in the Police Department in the title of Police Officer due to the retirement of David Laski: and WHEREAS, Tim Chaney was certified # 1 on the Civil Service list for this position; and WHEEAS, upon completing interviews, background check and evaluations is being recommended by the Borough Administrator and the Police Chief for appointment to the Waldwick Police Department as a Police Officer. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Waldwick that Tim Chaney is hereby appointed to the position of Police Officer effective as of February 11, 2013 and he shall serve at an annual salary of $39,439. Resolution moved by Mr. Farricker, seconded by Mr. Siolaro. Roll Call: Mr. Bjork, yes; Mr. Brennecke, yes; Mr. Celeste, yes; Mr. Farricker, yes; Mr. Mr. Sciolaro, yes.

2 The Clerk swore in Tim Chaney. Mayor Giordano took a 2 minute recess in order for everyone to congratulate Police Officer Chaney. Greetings of the Public and Invitation for Discussion Frank McKenna, 10 Lindbergh Parkway commended the Mayor and Council on the progressive position the Borough is taking on the bond with the Sewer Authority. Regarding the sump pump ordinance he stated that the Council mentioned a $250,000 savings over a two year period and he felt it wasn t an accurate measurement over a two year period. He suggested if a different measurement and the affluent that you pump out was treated by the Authority, that 60% of the billing cost would probably be a better measurement. He asked the council to consider looking into this. Mayor Giordano assured him that he will. Financial & Administrative Committee Mr. Sciolaro reported that last week the final capital budget meeting was finished and will be introduced tonight. He also stated that the Senate bills regarding changes to the OPRA&OPMA bills have not been acted on. He noted that the Ambulance Corps held their installation dinner last week. Last night the Board of Education and recreation program met and progress is being made. The organizations are talking about forming a group to talk periodically to coordinate registration times/fund raisers, each week. He also mentioned that following tonight s meeting is the first operating budget meeting. Fire Protection Committee Mr. Brennecke reported that the fire department responded to over 20 incidents already this year. He noted that Co.#2 was manned overnight during the snow storm. He complimented the DPW on an amazing job they did plowing the roads. Public Safety Committee Mr. Farricker reported that the new Patrolman will begin with Passaic County Academy on Thursday. He also stated that an ambulance corps. member sent a nice letter regarding the police and the good working relationship between the two. Recreation & Health Committee Mr. Brennecke stated that interviews are underway to fill the second alternate site on the Board of Health.

3 Public Works Committee Mr. Bjork commended the DPW on a job well done clearing the roadways after the snowstorm. He also mentioned that a part-time clerk typist will be hired for the DPW. The road repaving list will be reviewed and the roads to be paved will be decided on. He noted that the DEP stated that our water is in compliance. He stated that an agreement was made with a company for a forty yard dumpster to take electronic materials at five cents a pound. He also mentioned a problem with a water main on Hewson Ave. and are in the process of testing the soil and pipe for any corrosive substances. Regarding the 100 gallon oil tank on Hopper Avenue, no further action notice was received. Buildings & Grounds Committee Mr. Celeste reported that as the budget is in the process of getting finalized, he will give a more detailed report on issues dealing with buildings and grounds. Regarding the Board of Education Mr. Celeste stated that they incurred a 14% increase in health benefits. He also mentioned that budget cuts were made but not finalized to the Board s budget. Once FEMA gets finalized, Mr. Celeste stated he will update the Council on the money received. He also congratulated Coach Drexler on his 100 th win as a wrestling coach and the men s basketball team as they made the jamboree tournament. Also to congratulate Nick Oravetz in track by winning individually a state sectional for the 400 meters. He congratulated our teams and athletes at Waldwick High School. Environmental Services Committee Mr. Palladino absent, no report. Mayor s Report Mayor Giordano had nothing to report. Consent Resolution and Resolutions of the Governing Body The Clerk read the following resolution: BE IT RESOLVED that the following resolutions herewith listed by consent having been considered by the governing body of the Borough of Waldwick are hereby passed and approved: (A) Approval of Minutes: December 4 Executive December 11 Regular

4 (B) Policy Votes a. The American Legion requests a donation of one of our old light fixtures to illuminate their flag pole. b. Waldwick Education Foundation requests permission to hold a town wide garage sale on Saturday & Sunday, April 5/6, April 20/21; April 27/28. Permission also requested to sell maps outside the Administration Building c. Waldwick Girl Scouts request permission to hold a picnic in Borough Park on May 11 th with a rain date of May 12 th for approximately 200 to 300 people. (C) Payment of Vouchers Finance (D) Authorize Agreement with Tamaron Association - Finance (E) Tax Overpayment Finance (F) Authorize Salary Changes Due to New CBA with the Waldwick Public Works Association - Public Works (G) Water Overpayment - Finance (H) Appointment of Police Officer - Public Safety (I) Resolution Supporting S-1923 and A Finance (J) Stop Payment on checks - Finance (K) Authorize Refund of Sewer Fee - Finance (L) Appointment of Part Time DPW Clerk Typist - Public Works (M) Authorize Contract with erevival, LLC Logistics and Recycling Services for Used Electronics - Buildings & Grounds (N) Appointment of Telecommunications Operator Trainee Police Department (O) Authorize Contract with NECZUS/Madison Cost Recovery for Utility Audit - Environmental Resolution moved by Mr. Brennecke, seconded by Mr. Sciolaro. On the question: Mr. Bjork asked if any decision has been made with regard to rain dates for residents using the park. It was stated that it will be covered with having the new building on the other side. Mr. Sciolaro explained resolution f regarding DPW salary changes due to their contract expiring in December of 2012 and noted that the new contract was re-negotiated for three years. He also asked about the light fixtures that were requested by the Board of Education. Mr. Kratz stated that when last used they worked. Regarding the audit, Mr. Bjork asked what was uncovered eight years ago when they did the audit. Mr. Kratz stated that it was around 2 to 3 thousand dollars. Roll Call: Mr. Bjork, Mr. Brennecke, yes; Mr. Celeste, yes; Mr. Farricker, yes; Mr. Sciolaro, yes.

5 . Reports of Department Heads Dog Report for January 2013 Summary of Court matters for January 2013 Referred to Committee Ordinances & Resolutions of Other Towns Village of Ridgewood Ordinance No amending Land Use and Development Borough of Fair Lawn Resolution supporting legislation that would reauthorize the federal assault weapons ban, require extensive background checks, and to support The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Borough of Midland Park Resolution Approve for Continuation of Interlocal Agreement with Waldwick-Court Administrator (A) Meeting Notices & Minutes NWBCUA Minutes Regular Meeting December 4, 2012; Minutes Special Meeting; minutes of regular meeting Jan. 8 th ; 2013 Annual Budget December 4, 2012 (B) Newsletters & Reports West Bergen Mental Healthcare 2012 Annual Report Borough of Waldwick (C) Correspondence of Elected Officials None (D) State of New Jersey Correspondence NJ DEP Christie Administration approves nearly $2.2 Million in Trail Grants; inspection of facility re: water quality in compliance; awards anti-idling grants as part of continuing to improve the state s air quality; post-sandy flood elevation standards posted. Legislative Update - Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP) Dept. of Treasury re: table of equalized valuations League of Municipalities Re: Women in Municipal Government Presents 5 th Annual Women in Municipal Government Day March 15, 2013; Re: April 5, 2013 Ethics Landscape Program; Re: Leadership for a Better America Program; Re: User Friendly Budget Reporting Proposal;

6 Re: Enhanced Clean Energy Program Incentives to Assist Hurricane Sandy Flood Victims; Re: Crisis Communications Techniques for Communicating with Constituents, the Media, and Service Providers; Re: League Professional Development Seminar Budget Updates February 25, 2013 or March 6, 2013; Re: PSE&G Super Storm Sandy Emergency Response Meeting; Re: League Professional Development Program Ethics, Conflicts of Interest, and Preventing Sexual Harassment April 5, 2013; Re: Update on Pensions, Retirement, Health Benefits, and Services March 13, 2013; Re: Affordable Housing, Governor s Order to Abolish COAH; Municipal Housing Trust Fund; Re: U.S. Senate Passes Sandy Funding Bill; Re: A Amended on the Assembly Floor; Re: Immediate Action Needed More Than Ever Contact Committee Chairs, Only Legislative Action can Provide Timely Recourse; Re: New Member Benefit Resource for Seeking Grants; Re: Local Finance Notice Federal Aid Available to Help Local Governments with Greater Than 5% Revenue Loss Due to Sandy; Re: Municipalities which contract with private ambulance suppliers; Revised Open Public Meetings Act Bill Introduced; Re: Sandy Funding Update; Re: BPU Order Mandates Timetable for Specific Utility Reforms; Re: I. NJEIT Survey Seeks to Identify Cost of Sandy Destruction, II. Action Needed to Advance Restoration of Energy Receipts Bills; Re: League Professional Development Seminar Leaves of Absence in New Jersey A look at the Family Medical Leave Act, the New Jersey Family Leave Act, and ADA Compliance April 24, 2013; Re: League Professional Development Seminar Disciplinary Actions in the Public Sector March 20, 2013; Re: Federal Aid Available for Local Governments Community Disaster Loan Program Deadline to notify the Division of Local Government Services in February 1, 2013; Re: Proposed New Rules Local Unit Debt Payments; Funding opportunities available through the NJ recovery fund Feb. 25 deadline; show your love to the Jersey campaign opens; upcoming workshops & webinars from sustainable Jersey; 21 st annual Mayor s legislative day recap; state government & your local property taxes DCA Re: local finance notice, municipal levy cap referendum procedures; community disaster loan program (E) County of Bergen Correspondence Board of Chosen Freeholders Resolution to observe and honor Dr. King s birthday, January 21, 2013 BCOEM Update to the Bergen County Multi-Jurisdicational Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Division of Parks and Recreation Re: Show Master Mobile Stage Training (F) Miscellaneous Cablevision Launch of Optimum Economy Package; 2012 Gross Revenues subject to franchise fees Lerch, Vinci & Higgins December 31, 2012 Annual Audit PSE&G 2013 Construction Plans

7 Jeffrey Rogoff to BC Board of Taxation Re: Tax Petition of Jeffrey Rogoff regarding residential property at 63 East Prospect Street Application for Site Plan Review Tenant Approval Block 17, Lot Zone R-3 Residential District Alisa Robinson, PhD, Kathy Elleo, LCSW & Alison Ebner Herman, LCSW Application for Approval of Major Soil Moving Permit 18 Highwood Avenue, Block 9, Lot 43.01, Zone R-2, Residential District, Nata1, LLC Application for Approval of Major Soil Moving Permit for 20 Highwood Avenue, Block 9, Lot 43.02, Zone R-2,Residential District, Nata1,LLC Copies of Communications Dept of Environmental Protection to Katie Paupatakis Re:One 1000 gallon #2 Heating Oil Underground Storage tank system, 122 Hopper Ave. Advertised Business The Clerk was requested to read Ordinance 1-13 by title: AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO FIXING THE COMPENSATION, SALARIES AND WAGES OF OFFICIALS AND EMPLOYEES Mayor asked if any Councilmember wished to comment on the ordinance. No one wished to comment therefore the Mayor closed the Council comments. Mayor Giordano asked if anyone from the audience wished to comment on the ordinance just read. There being no one, Mayor Giordano closed the public comment. Moved by Mr. Sciolaro, seconded by Mr. Farricker to pass the ordinance on final reading and that the Clerk be authorized to advertise in the local legal newspaper as required by law. Roll Call: Mr. Bjork, yes; Mr. Brennecke, yes; Mr. Celeste, yes; Mr. Farricker, yes; Mr. Sciolaro, yes. Introduction of Ordinances Mayor Giordano requested the Clerk to read Ordinance # 2-13 by title:

8 BOND ORDINANCE TO AUTHORIZE THE MAKING OF VARIOUS PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS AND THE ACQUISITION OF NEW ADDITIONAL OR REPLACEMENT EQUIPMENT AND MACHINERY, NEW COMMUNI CATION AND SIGNAL SYSTEMS EQUIPMENT, NEW INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT AND NEW AUTO MOTIVE VEHICLES, INCLUDING ORIGINAL APPARATUS AND EQUIPMENT, IN, BY AN D FOR THE BOROUGH OF WALDWICK, IN THE COUNTY OF BERGEN, STATE OF NEW JERSEY, TO APPROPRIATE THE SUM OF $1,104,750 TO PAY THE COST THEREOF, TO APPROPRIATE BOROUGH TRUST FUND MONEYS AND FEDERAL STATE AND COUNTY GRANTS, TO MAKE A DOWN PAYMENT, TO AUTHORIZE THE ISSUANCE OF BONDS TO FINANCE SUCH APPROPRITATION AND TO PROVIDE FOR THE ISSUANCE OF BOND ANTICIPATION NOTES IN ANTICIPATION OF THE ISSUANCE OF SUCH BONDS. Moved by Mr. Bjork, seconded by Mr.Sciolaro. On the question - Mr. Sciolaro stated that this is essentially the town s capital budget and our investment in our community for capital improvements for our infrastructure. Last year we did a number of normal things in our capital budget plus we purchased a new fire truck and we put some things off for this year. So what we were able to do this year was approach this in that we want to do our normal business in maintaining our equipment that has outlived its useful life and continuing to equip our police and fire departments with the equipment they need to continue to serve our community. A couple of things that I want to specifically mention that are new additions that we ve been talking about a smaller item and equally important is a Sr. stair access to the pool and we think that will be an important improvement there. Earlier we have referred to building of a pavilion at Borough park because what we have realized when it was brought to our attention last year, is that the existing pavilion gets a lot of use and often people aren t able to have their events in the park because it s not available so we are going to find an area to put a second pavilion in. Something that has been talked about for a year or so and that is a special needs playground that I think will fit nicely in Borough Park and serve our community well. Those are nice things that we are able to do and still stay within reasonable debt to improve our community. There are some other things we are doing to improve the service and safety of our community. For instance last year in our capital budget we put money in to put a generator in at fire house number two. We already have an emergency generator that services this building and the public safety building, but we found a need for similar service at fire house number two. That generator is not able to serve the ambulance corps building so this money this year that we want to add to the budget is to improve the generator that is being planned for fire house number 2 to include the ambulance corps as well. That whole area of public safety is now going to be serviced by the generator. We are going to be replacing a dump truck that has been serving the Borough since I think that it has served us well. The timing is actually pretty good to talk about this because this is the kind of equipment that enables us to plow our streets, to salt our streets and to provide good service to the residents. We are going to be acquiring a recycling truck to replace an old one.

9 While we are looking at acquiring about 1.1 million dollars worth of capital improvements between grants from County open space, local open space and federal grants, we are actually going to be taking on debt in the amount of approximately $674,000. Mayor Giordano stated that all the departments did very well with their budgets. Roll Call: Mr. Bjork, yes; Mr. Brennecke, yes; Mr. Celeste, yes; Mr. Farricker, yes; Mr. Sciolaro, yes. Mayor Giordano requested the Clerk to read Ordinance No by title: BOND ORDINANCE TO AUTHORIZE THE MAKING OF VARIOUS PUBLIC IMPROVMENTS AND THE ACQUISITION OF A NEW AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLE, INCLUDING ORIGINAL APPARATUS AND EQUIPMENT, IN, BY AND FOR THE WATER UTILITY OF THE BOROUGH OF WALDWICK, IN THE COUNTY OF BERGEN, STATE OF NEW JERSEY, TO APPROPRIATE THE SUM OF $120,000 TO PAY THE COST THEREOF, TO MAKE A DOWN PAYMENT, TO AUTHORIZE THE ISSUANCE OF BONDS TO FINANCE SUCH APPROPRIATION AND TO PROVIDE FOR THE ISSUANCE OF BOND ANTICIPATION NOTES IN ANTICIPATION OF THE ISSUANCE OF SUCH BONDS. Moved by Mr. Sciolaro, seconded by Mr. Farricker to move and pass this ordinance on first reading and that the Clerk be authorized to advertised in the local, legal newspaper as required by law setting Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 7:30 p/m/ for the public hearing. On the question Mr. Sciolaro stated that the water utility is owned and operated by the Borough of Waldwick. He noted that there are certain improvements that need to be made on an annual basis to keep it functioning properly. This will include installing a phase failure protection system for the pumping equipment at well #6; infrastructure improvements of fire hydrants; valve replacements and other well pumping equipment. Also, the replacement of the Ford van that is utilized by the department. Minus the money we have to put up front, we will be taking on bonds and notes of approximately $100,014. Roll Call: Mr. Bjork, yes; Mr. Brennecke, yes; Mr. Celeste, yes; Mr. Farricker, yes; Mr. Palladino, yes; Mr. Sciolaro, yes. Unfinished Business Mr. Celeste asked if we issued any type of statement in regard to the energy tax. Mr. Kratz stated that this was a resolution on the agenda.

10 New Business None Invitation for Discussion No one wished to be heard. Adjournment There being nothing further before the Mayor and Council, the meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m. No objections, so ordered. Paula M.Jaegge, Municipal Clerk