Associated Students, Inc. California State University, Long Beach. THE SENATE/BOARD OF DIRECTORS MINUTES Meeting #17 November 12, 2014

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1 Associated Students, Inc. California State University, Long Beach THE SENATE/BOARD OF DIRECTORS MINUTES Meeting #17 November 12, CALL TO ORDER Vice President Nayiri Baghdassarian called the meeting to order at 3:30pm. 2. ROLL CALL Voting Members Present Ms. Hye Ri Hedy Lee, College of the Arts Mr. Alex Mohtashem, College of the Arts Ms. Mona Moucharrafie, College of Business Administration Mr. Joshua Wong, College of Business Administration Mr. Jonathan Ibarra, College of Education Ms. Gee Moon, College of Education Mr. Kshitij Kawatra, College of Engineering Mr. Jose Salazar, College of Engineering Mr. Randy Le, College of Health & Human Services Mr. James Allen, College of Liberal Arts Ms. Joanna Salgado, College of Liberal Arts Mr. Chris Myrter, College of Natural Science & Math Ms. Bryana Olmeda, College of Natural Science & Math Mr. Marvin Flores, At-Large Ms. Miriam Hernandez, At-Large Ms. Liliana Rios Melchor, At-Large Mr. Rick Payan, At-Large Mr. Jeff Jarvis (CSULB Faculty Rep) Dr. Jeane Caveness (CSULB President s Designee) Ms. Nayiri Baghdassarian, Vice President Non-voting Members Present Mr. Richard Haller (ASI Executive Director) Dr. Kim Tabari (Asst. Director, Student Leadership & Involvement) Voting Members Absent Ms. Alexa Ang, At-Large Mr. Kyle Martinez, College of Health & Human Services Ms. Kelsey Reyes, At-Large Non-voting Members Absent 3. INVOCATION Invocation was presented by Dr. Kim Tabari, Educator & Social Justice Scholar. Dr. Tabari spoke about the importance of becoming one s greater self and presented a short video on the topic. She said that thinking beyond oneself is crucial since it promotes an efficient means of mapping oneself with what one intend on becoming in his/her later phases of life. She asked the board members to keep their focus and values centered while striving to achieve their goals. 4. PUBLIC COMMENTS Mr. Nestor Moto, Jr., from the Long Beach State College Republicans, asked the Senate to furnish him with more details regarding the end of Sea World ticket sales at the USU information/ticket Center. He asked how to request that Senate reverse their decision and resume ticket sales. Senate Minutes, Meeting #17, November 12,

2 VP Baghdassarian explained that the senate wrote a resolution recommending the USU Board of Trustees (USU BOT) stop selling the tickets. She said that the USU BOT has the final authority and that they had made the final decision. She suggested Mr. Moto express his concerns to the USU BOT whose next meeting is Friday, Nov. 14 th, 2:30pm, Senate Chambers. Mr. Josh Angue, from ASI Communications, reported the upcoming events: Movies on the House: Expendables 3, Nov. 19 th and 20 th at the USU Beach Auditorium on 1:30pm, 5pm and 8pm Farmers Market: Nov. 19 th, Friendship Walk, 10am-2pm Speed Dating: Nov. 13 th, USU Ballrooms, 7-10pm Gobble Games: Nov. 18 th, USU North Lawn, 11am 1pm Poets Lounge: Nov. 20 th, Soroptimist House, 8 10pm Homecoming: Nov. 15 th, Parking Lot 14. Activities start at 11:30am and game starts at 4pm in the Walter Pyramid Wack em and Rack em: Table Tennis and Billiards Tournament on Nov. 14 th, USU Games Center, 12pm Ms. Erika Suarez and Ms. Maria Lopez, from the Students for Quality Education (SQE), spoke about their concerns regarding the Student Success Fee. Ms. Lopez said that SQE is an advocacy group on-campus which promotes accessibility and quality education. Ms. Suarez said that SQE has been organizing a campaign aimed at asking the BOT to roll-back the Student s Success Fee. She said that the students are currently paying $173 for their Student Success Fee. She added that SQE conducted surveys and classroom presentations to know how the students feel about the Student s Success Fee. She said based on the surveys, the students have expressed their opposition towards this fee since the money was not being used where it was supposed to be. She said that the cultural resource centers, which were supposed to receive funding from the Student s Success Fee, have not received any funds. She also pointed out that students are having trouble paying their tuition. She said that their campaign focuses on asking the CSUBOT to stop the Student s Success Fee and be accountable to the students since the tuition has already gone up by 285% since the year Ms. Suarez further asked the board members to join them in their and speak on behalf of students on November 13 th from 10am 1pm in-front of the Chancellor s Office. Ms. Lopez said that SQE, as a state-wide organization, has come up with the following recommendations for the board Students get involved in this process Increasing transparency Binding vote of the students on campus be involved student referendum would have to bind the vote Mr. Haller asked Ms. Suarez where the money was being allocated. Ms. Suarez said that the fee was supposed to go to the multi-cultural and the resource center. But upon checking up with the SLD, it was confirmed that the budget allocation had no category allocated to the resource centers. VP Baghdassarian asked Ms. Suarez to provide the breakdown of where the money was being allocated. Ms. Suarez said that the administrators should furnish them with details about the allocation of the amount usage. Ms. Lopez said that the faculty reported equipment malfunction in classrooms even when $79 was supposed to be allocated for the Student Technology Services and Academic Equipment and Lab. She thus stressed on the importance of the process being made transparent. Secretary for Systemwide Affairs Zambrano reported the following: President Conoley Welcome Event: on behalf of Latino/a faculty, staff and students, Nov. 17 th, Anatol Center, 4 6pm CSUBOT Student Trustees have created a report on Student Success Fee and their recommendations. She encouraged the board to review the report Senate Minutes, Meeting #17, November 12,

3 Finance Committee: will be meeting at the Chancellor s Office, 8:30am, to discuss the Student Success Fee as an informational item Senator Payan asked Secretary Zambrano if she shared this information with the students who have concerns regarding the Student Success Fee. Secretary Zambrano said that she was not aware that SQE had concerns regarding the Student Success Fee. Ms. Nahil Zahaneh, Chair of the Beach Team Planning Committee, commended the Senate for the great work they are doing by representing their constituents. She also invited the board members to the Beach Team Mixer on Nov. 21 st, 4 7:30pm in the USU Bowling Alley with a camping theme. Chief of Staff Jenkins reported that the Women s Resource Center is organizing the Inappropriate Pursuit Cyber Stalking Awareness event on Nov. 17 th, 5:30 8pm in the USU Ballrooms, and rsvp on BeachSync till Nov. 14 th. She also added that Mr. Robert Martin, Sr., advisor at Gavin de Becker Institute and a leading expert in violence prevention and threat assessment will be the keynote speaker. 5. APPROVAL/CORRECTIONS AND APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA (M)Payan (S) Salgado to approve Senate Agenda, Meeting #17, November 12, 2014 VOTE ON THE MOTION MOTION CARRIES 6. ANNOUNCEMENTS FROM THE CHAIR VP Baghdassarian said that she and Secretary for Systemwide Affairs Zambrano along with 3 other Lobby Corps members attended the CSSA meeting at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo where they spoke about the following items: Campus-specific resolution from Humboldt: fixing the transparency problem with the auxiliary groups on campus. They urged the legislature to fix a bill in regards to open-meeting laws which was approved for a second reading Student Success Fees, CSU San Luis Obispo: instead of a resolution they drafted a letter, signed by the ASI Presidents, which would be submitted to the CSUBOT SIRF: a few board members, staff members and the e-board wrote a 280 paged packet describing the fee VP Baghdassarian distributed the Student Excellence Fund details to the board members. Mr. Haller explained the breakdown of the funds: ASI and Instructionally-related activities reliance relief ($14) and said that prior to the Student Success Fees going into effect, ASI used to fund an amount of over $500,000 for the athletics scholarships. ASI was relieved of allocating funds to the athletic scholarships after the Student Success Fee came into effect. Prior to July 2013, the Student Technology Services & Academic Equipment & Lab ($79) was not included. Mr. Haller said that students have an oversight on the $79 being allocated at the college-level. He added that the college dean is supposed to be working with the college senators on how the money is being allocated. Mr. Haller said that if students are told about rolling back the Student Success Fee, they should also be made aware of the consequences it would bring. Senator Payan asked if the $14 allocated for ASI reliance relief and Instructionally-related activities reliance relief is coming from the $34 allocated for Intercollegiate Athletics. Mr. Haller said that the $34 mentioned under Intercollegiate Athletics excludes the $14 mentioned under the reliance relief funds, so the total is $48 to Athletics. Senate Minutes, Meeting #17, November 12,

4 VP Baghdassarian suggested bringing someone who would clarify concerns and questions the board members have regarding the Student Success Fee. 7. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES FROM THE LAST MEETING A. Senate Minutes, Meeting #16, November 5, 2014 Senator Moucharrafie noted the following correction: Public Comments: Mr. Nester Motto, Jr. has been misspelt in the minutes: correct spelling is Moto. (M) Lee (S) Olmeda to approve the Senate Minutes, Meeting #16, November , as amended. VOTE ON THE MOTION MOTION CARRIES 8. CONSENT CALENDAR/REPORTS A. Approval of Reports from Subsidiary Boards There were none. B. Acceptance of Minutes from Subsidiary Boards 1) Board of Elections, Meeting #1, October 24, 2014 Dr. Tabari gave a review of the minutes. 2) Lobby Corps Minutes, Meeting #8, October 23, 2014 Senator Flores gave a review of the minutes. C. Receipt of Minutes by the Senate There were none. (M)Moucharrafie (S) Mohtashem to approve the Consent Calendar/Reports VOTE ON THE MOTION MOTION CARRIES 9. OLD BUSINESS A. Legislative Business 1) SR # : Resolution in Support of a Nap Room on Campus and the Creation of Nap Maps (2 nd reading) Mr. Haller expressed his concern about the transformation of the resolution and said that in the previous meeting they have discussed forming a committee which would develop a proposal to be submitted to the USUBOT about the nap-rooms, whereas, the resolution currently urges the USUBOT to create nap-rooms. He also said that the idea of nap-maps has been deleted from the resolution although it was still being reflected in the title. Senator Wong said that the resolution being displayed currently is not the updated one. He spoke about the corrections which were made to the previous version of the resolution: Nap-maps was eliminated The committee formed for deciding on how to allocate the space in the renovated USU, assuming the referendum were to pass, would urge to the USUBOT for creating the Nap-rooms Detailing how the nap-rooms were to be implemented VP Baghdassarian said that items within the resolution are contingent on whether the referendum passed or not. She suggested waiting until the fate of the renovated USU was decided by the passage of the referendum and then proceeding through the proper channels. Senator Salazar suggested re-wording the resolution and expressing the support of ASI for the creation of the nap-rooms. He also asked the senators to think about including nap-maps, since it was a good inclusion within the resolution. Senate Minutes, Meeting #17, November 12,

5 Senator Lee said that having a committee was a better idea. She said that making an assumption of the referendum passing and to keep discussing the resolution would imply that the senate has taken a stance towards the passing of the referendum, which is unethical. Mr. Haller said that under Goal #3 Tactic #2 under the Policy Agenda, establishment of a small working committee by the senate, to perform research on universities which have adopted nap-rooms and would further write a proposal to the USUBOT to consider implementing it, was already mentioned. He thus said that the committee should be formed before writing any resolutions regarding nap-rooms. Senator Salgado asked VP Baghdassarian to suggest if the resolution should be tabled. VP Baghdassarian said that it is advisable for the senate to follow the policy agenda and create the committee before working on the resolution. Mr. Haller said that the senators could continue with this resolution upon changing the resolved accordingly and making them more general. Senator Payan asked if the location needs to be specifically within the new USU building or could a room from the West Wing be utilized for the purpose, as in the case of 24 Hour Study Center as a pilot program. VP Baghdassarian said that a committee needs to be formed and forward their recommendations. Senator Salazar suggested carrying on with the resolution by re-wording the resolved and making them more broad. VP Baghdassarian said that it is up to the discretion of the board to decide what they intend on doing with this resolution. Senator Myrter suggested continuing this resolution for a 3 rd reading. Dr. Caveness suggested adding a timeline within the resolved which would display a clear framework for accomplishing the tasks. Senator Payan asked if the committee is already in existence or has it to be formed yet. VP Baghdassarian said that, as per the policy agenda, the committee will be formed by the board members. (M) Mohtashem (S) Payan to approve SR # : Resolution in Support of a Nap Room on Campus and the Creation of Nap Maps (2 nd reading) VOTE ON THE MOTION MOTION CARRIES B. Non-Legislative Business There was none. C. Executive Business There was none. 10. NEW BUSINESS A. Legislative Business There was none. B. Non-Legislative Business 1) Discussion on Student Involvement & Representation Fee (SIRF) VP Baghdassarian said that the CSU BOT will be voting on SIRF in the month of January 2015 and asked the board to present their comments and opinions regarding it. Senate Minutes, Meeting #17, November 12,

6 Senator Payan said that the idea of having the option to opt-out is great. He added that it would be beneficial for CSSA supporters to possess a list of direct effects which the SIRF would bring. VP Baghdassarian said that the information which Senator Payan asked for is provided in the 280 pages packet which she spoke about. She suggested working on condensing the packet and presenting it to the board during their next meeting. Senator Olmeda pointed out towards the table contents describing the student participation scenarios in the 280-paged packet about SIRF. Senator Lee asked what CSSA is doing to educate students regarding the work they do and how the SIRF is going to benefit them. VP Baghdassarian said that an informational piece about CSSA and SIRF would be provided as a pop-up while the students would be paying the fees. She also said that the creation of a forum for the students with questions regarding CSSA and SIRF is on a planning phase. Senator Myrter said that, from a student s stand-point, the optional $4 does not make much sense. He said that students are already paying high fees and with the addition of an optional fee, it would just make it look like a joke. VP Baghdassarian said that an informational piece has been added to make students aware of what CSSA is and what it does in addition with the forum which she and Ms. Zambrano are planning on doing. Senator Salazar supported CSSA on giving the choice to students for paying the fees. Dr. Tabari gave a breakdown of the $4: University affairs - $1.20 Leadership development - $1.20 Government relations - $0.40 Administration - $0.80 Communications & Development - $0.40 VP Baghdassarian added that student s input would definitely be involved in making the allocation decisions. Senator Salazar asked if there is a backup plan in case students do not support the CSSA with the SIRF. VP Baghdassarian said that different scenarios of involvement have been detailed out in the 280 pages SIRF informational packet. She said that CSSA would meet their requirement even if 35% student participation is achieved. She explained about the opt-in and opt-out fees and said that statistically people participate in a higher proportion during opt-out scenarios owing to better connotation. C. Executive Business There was none. 11. REPORTS A. Joseph Phillips, President of the Associated Students, Inc. President Phillips reported the following: He and VP Baghdassarian will be attending the State Wide Academic Senate Retreat on Nov Went to the Chancellor s Office to drop off the poster board on the highlighted CSULB program, Men s Success Initiative (MSI) Study Abroad Scholarship s official announcement on Nov. 10 th. Had announced that it was his goal to increase the amount of funds that would go towards the Study Abroad Scholarships in the future Ran in the Veterans 5K on Nov. 9 th along with 50 other participants He and VP Baghdassarian spoke to the student athletes the previous week Went to the Grow Beach! garden launch on Nov. 7 th Senate Minutes, Meeting #17, November 12,

7 B. Kalien Clark, Treasurer of the Associated Students, Inc. Treasurer Clark reported the following: ASI Media Board: reports from College Beat, Long Beach Union and KBeach and did a brief brainstorming session for the ASI Media branding Student Fee Advisory Committee: reviewed the CSU fee, overviewed policies and established a subcommittee to conduct a referendum for the renovation expansion of the USU. Also reviewed the Annual Student Fee reports for IPCDC BOT: spoke about Souplantation fundraiser which was on Oct. 2 nd IRA Advisory Board: reviewed the IRA criteria and procedures for recommendations and budget notes, IRA timeline calendar process to recommend the new programs for designation and allocation hearing process HRMC: reviewed the retirement funds 49ers Board of Directors Personnel: reviewed the 2015 Health Insurance rates 49ers Board of Directors Finance and Investment: reviewed and approved the Tax Return 990 and 990T, had the first quarter financial review 49ers Foundation Board: reviewed the financial and audit report Shuttle: discussed the possibility of changing the shuttle route to better accommodate students ASI Study Abroad Scholarship Ceremony: Officially announced the scholarships on Nov. 10 th. Reviewed the short-term and long-term scholarships Senator Salgado asked how long does It take for the students to be notified if they have been approved for the scholarships. Treasurer Clark said that they had a week to review all the scholarships and to give the students a grading. She said that a specific timeline has not been given about notifying the students since the grading procedure was still getting approved. Senator Moucharrafie asked if the students were applying for a specific program or a specific class being offered by the university abroad. Mr. Haller said that students would be applying for the Study Abroad program through the Center for International Education. They have the option to apply for the scholarship when they would be filling out the required forms for the Study Abroad programs at the Center for Intl. Education. C. At-Large Senators 1) Senator Ang No report was submitted 2) Senator Flores Work completed since last report Met with Nikki our Sect for Disabilities Affairs and worked on DAW Participated on the Wednesday panel and spoke about temporary disability Got first draft & reading of nap resolution Got in contact with Dave from DSS, waiting for meeting from scheduler Finalizing meeting with Senator Lou Correa Goals for next two weeks Meet with David from DSS Finalize nap room resolution Meet with the IFC and PanHellenic Presidents to hear their concerns club sports and sports departments to see when their meetings are and attend Student concerns USU referendum Plants being watered in the middle of the day Senate Minutes, Meeting #17, November 12,

8 Anything else Have a great day 3) Senator Hernandez Work completed since last report Nap Room Resolution Weekly Senator-at- Large meetings Lobby Corps CSSA Lobbying Training at Cal Poly SLO District Planning Schedule Lobby visits with Assembly members Bonnie Lowenthal and Cristina Garcia Goals for next two weeks Collaborate with Eva, Secretary for Undocumented and AB540 to create a proposal to have late fees and installment plan fees waived for AB540 student Complete Nap Room Resolution Student concerns Library Parking after 5:30pm Lack of parking around the library afterhours Students are urging to open Lot 5 Anything else If you support a DREAM Resource Center please attend the BOT meeting on Friday November 14 at 1pm 4) Senator Rios Melchor No report was submitted 5) Senator Payan No report was submitted 6) Senator Reyes No report was submitted 12. PUBLIC COMMENTS Senator Olmeda said that the Hall of Science roof will be open during Homecoming, 11am 3:30pm. She encouraged the senators to visit the green-house and the telescope. Senator Salazar said that NASA at the Glenn Research Center is hiring for the Summer internship positions. He added that Physics Colloquium will be Nov. 17 th, 11:15am. Senator Lee encouraged the board to visit her friend s shows at the student galleries illustration and animation shows. Senator Moon said that the Programming Board still needs volunteers for Homecoming and that that next week is the Intl. Education Week. Senator Martinez invited the board to the College of Health and Human Services fall mixer on Nov. 19 th, 11am 2pm. Senator Payan said that the board has only 2 meetings left till the semester ends. He asked the board to submit resolutions they intend on passing by Nov. 13 th. Senate Minutes, Meeting #17, November 12,

9 Senator Salgado, with regards to the policy agenda, asked how the board would form a committee. VP Baghdassarian asked the senators interested in forming the committee to talk to her after the meeting. Senator Salgado asked if the committee members would be comprised of the senators. VP Baghdassarian said that the Board of Directors is going to be the only members of the committee. Senator Salazar asked if the resolution would be tabled till next semester or could its passing be expedited, since the board is left with only 2 meetings till the semester ends. VP Baghdassarian said that the resolution could be handled either way. Dr. Tabari reminded the board that the mandatory Spring ASI Govt. Retreat will be Jan. 14 th. Senator Wong nominated Senator Moucharrafie as the Senator for the Week owing to her hard-working nature. 13. ADJOURNMENT Without objection, Vice President Baghdassarian adjourned the meeting at 5:07pm. Senate Minutes, Meeting #17, November 12,