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2 PAGE INSTRUCTION MANUAL 127TH CONTINENTAL CONGRESS JUNE 20 June 24, 2018 The Dillon Administration Moving Forward in Service to America National Society Daughters of the American Revolution 1776 D Street NW Washington, DC Revised January 2018 Document No. CON

3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Greetings... 3 Introduction... 5 What is a Page?... 5 Protocol... 6 What Do Pages Do?... 8 Specific Page Assignments... 8 Exit and Floor Pages Special Page Duties for Night and Day Sessions...12 What Do Pages Wear? Insignia Attendance and Reporting Information Literature and Reports Motions, Monetary Pledges and Speakers from the Floor Health and Safety Other Tips Official Schedule for Pages... 20

4 GREETINGS Welcome to the 2018 NSDAR Page Committee! It is the hope of President General Ann Turner Dillon and the chair and vice chairs of the Page Committee to see that you have an enjoyable experience while paging for the National Society. The NSDAR Page Committee is committed to assisting our national officers and members during the events and business sessions of Continental Congress. One of the many benefits of paging during Continental Congress is the lifelong friendships you will develop. Through socializing and networking you have the opportunity to form positive working relationships with other women who believe in God, Home and Country. We value the time you are taking from your family and career to come to Washington, D.C., and thank you for sharing your skills as a page. Thoughtful planning and preparation have gone into making Congress a success and we hope that each of you finds it a rewarding experience. If you have questions which are not answered in this manual, please contact me. You will find that most experienced pages, while they may not be able to answer all of your questions, will be happy to help you in any way that they can. We are delighted to welcome each of you! Vicki Voris Page Committee Chair 703 Fenster Court Indianapolis, IN Phone:

5 PAGE COMMITTEE Vicki Voris National Chair Denise Van Buren Executive Liaison Laura Boyd Advisor Nicole Bradshaw National Vice Chair Amelia Brose National Vice Chair Paula Eichenbrenner National Vice Chair - Page Event Gwen Parks National Vice Chair Jennifer Pond National Vice Chair Sarah Steinke National Vice Chair Erin Stoesz National Vice Chair Alyssa True National Vice Chair Rebekah Waddell National Vice Chair 4

6 INTRODUCTION T he national Page Committee is very excited to have the opportunity to work with each and every page attending this year s Continental Congress. The information in this manual is meant to help prepare you for a full week of paging at Continental Congress. There will be a Page Meeting at 11:15 a.m. on Wednesday, June 20, 2018, to help answer specific questions; allow you to meet with your area s chief(s) and assistant chief(s); and to rehearse the processions before the Opening Night ceremonies. Any changes to the information in the Page Instruction Manual will be announced at the Page Meeting. It is very important that you attend the Page Meeting, and we hope you will make every effort to be there. If you have any questions which are not covered in this manual, please feel free to contact the Page Committee Chair. Also, you will find that your chief and assistant chief pages will be happy to help you. At 11:00 a.m., a tour of Constitution Hall will be offered to show new pages around the DAR building and also give returning pages an opportunity to refresh their memories. There is a diagram on the back of your program to serve a friendly reminder of where rooms are located. Pages are encouraged to know the layout of Memorial Hall and Constitution Hall to help members navigate their way around the buildings. Be sure to print and bring a copy of the Page Instruction Manual with you to Washington or download a copy to a mobile device for quick access. Lockers are available o n a f i r s t - c o m e, f i r s t - s e r v e d b a s i s in the Pages Lounge for a refundable key deposit of $1. During Page Check-In, you will be asked if you would like to contribute $10 toward the pages gift to the President General. We will present our gift to Mrs. Dillon following the group photo on the last year of her administration. Please remember that ALL pages must also go through registration in the Pages Lounge and the official DAR member registration process if registered as a delegate or alternate. WHAT IS A PAGE? M embers of the National Society between the ages of are eligible to page at Continental Congress. Pages assist all of the Congress committees and staff responsible for the smooth operation of Continental Congress. They serve as hostesses, errand runners, flag bearers and helping hands to all members in attendance. Additionally, pages provide pageantry to the processions. The value of paging within the NSDAR has long been recognized: paging connects members from all parts of the globe, promotes l i f e l o n g friendships, fosters awareness of different roles within the National Society and provides opportunities for leadership. The Page Committee for Continental Congress dates from the early days of the DAR when 13 young women, one from each of the original states, were selected to act as pages. In recent years, pages have come from every state, the District of Columbia and Units Overseas (including Australia, Austria, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom). 5

7 By serving as a Page you will gain a greater knowledge of the work accomplished by the Society, and as time has shown, the pages of today become the leaders of tomorrow. The NSDAR Page Committee strives to broaden each Page s experiences through varied work opportunities. Your commitment to our organization is truly valued. The criteria for paging include an interest in volunteerism and a commitment to the NSDAR. The invitation to serve as a page at Continental Congress is issued by the President General. Pages are invited upon recommendation from their State Regent. Service, courtesy and common sense are the essentials for excellent paging. Pages do their volunteer work by choice and without monetary reward. Pages are noted for their friendliness, enthusiasm and an inexhaustible supply of energy. Their duties and responsibilities are many and varied, but they are interesting, rewarding and FUN! PAGE PROTOCOL P rotocol is the unwritten bylaw of the DAR; these are the traditions that remain in effect until national changes them. Service, courtesy and good manners are the essentials of page protocol. Quick Protocol Tips for Pages: DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO register as a page in the Pages Lounge. remove your right glove for the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States and the National Anthem, unless you are holding a flag. open doors and be of assistance to everyone you meet. remember to walk down side aisles and move about the room as inconspicuously as possible never walk down the center aisle. remove all page sashes and all DAR insignia before entering a restaurant or cocktail lounge, or before going out in public. attempt to anticipate the needs of others. let the Page Chair or Vice Chairs know if you have any problems. go through the official DAR member registration process in the O Byrne Room if a delegate or an alternate. smile and enjoy yourself Always Remember: Never argue with a member, de-escalate a disagreement and ask for help. Protocol Reminder: Pages never chew gum, smoke, eat, drink or sit (except if your assignment allows) while on duty. Page sashes should not be worn when off duty. 6

8 Official Sash of National and State Officers: In past issues of the Daughters newsletter, you will find some pictures of the National Officers, State Regents and National Chairs. By reviewing these, you will be able to recognize these ladies when you see them in Washington. In the Pages Lounge, there are examples of sashes worn by the National Officers and State Regents to help you recognize the current and past offices. There are several variations of the sashes. Please be aware that anyone wearing a sash is either a current or past officer in our Society. As a general rule of thumb, the wider the sash, the higher the office. More blue denotes a current officer; more white denotes a past/honorary officer. Center Aisle: Pages should never use the center doors (Exit 1) or the center aisle during a business meeting. When entering or exiting the Hall, discreetly use a door that cannot be seen from the podium. Likewise, the side aisles should be used to assist members or distribute information to those seated on the main level of the Hall. Crossing or using the center aisle, especially after the President General has entered the Hall, is distracting, and therefore discouraged. Be tactful with ladies who insist on using the center aisle. Never cross the center aisle after the bugler s call. If a message is to be delivered to the platform, wait at the flag side of the rear of the stage for a platform page, who will deliver the note to the receiver. If a reply is needed, wait until the platform page returns with it. The center aisle can be used such times when it is necessary to expedite distribution of literature as called for by the presiding officer, or in specific situations described above. At no time are the doors to the center aisle to be opened after the processional. These doors are directly opposite the podium and in a direct line of vision with the speaker. If opened, it is a great distraction to the speaker or presiding officer. There are side doors for this center aisle, and these should be used discreetly. Remember your Sash: Please remember that pages serve all DAR members. While you are certainly entitled and encouraged to have your own opinion about issues or candidates, you may not speak to any issue or campaign for any candidate while wearing your page sash. If you are a delegate from your chapter, you are entitled to speak to an issue; however, you must remove your page sash before approaching the microphone. Likewise, remove your page sash before entering the registration line to vote. Pages are nonpartisan because they serve ALL DAR members. Pages must never engage in politicking, including the wearing of campaign jewelry or carrying campaign emblem tote bags, while wearing white at Headquarters. The current Executive Committee jewelry and tote bags may be worn or carried; once in office the symbol is not considered a campaign object. Do Not Use the Steps: In Constitution Hall, the steps leading from the floor to the platform and from the platform to the state boxes are ordinarily not used after the opening processional. However, when it is necessary to take a motion card or monetary pledges directly to the platform during times of voting or 7

9 monetary pledging, someone from platform will meet a page at the steps to take the motion card or pledging envelope to the appropriate person on the platform. At all other times, messages for the platform are given to the platform pages stationed at the flag side door leading onto the platform at the rear of the stage. Passing Notes: Pages often deliver notes that the ladies send to each other during a business session. Remember the following when delivering a note: NEVER read a note handed to you by a DAR member; if you have a question about the sender, the corner maybe lifted to get the name. If you do not know the sender, it is acceptable to ask the person giving you the note where the recipient is located; if the sender does not know, take the note and ask the pages around if anyone knows the recipient. When delivering a message to the platform from the floor, take the message to a platform page stationed at the rear door closest to the President General s Reception Room (flag side of the platform), but do not go onto the platform. Be sure and wait to find out whether there will be a reply. If you are requested to place a person s personal belongings (such as a purse) on the platform, pay close attention to the individual s name and then pass the item to one of the platform pages. Always Remember: Try to keep your movements as discreet as possible when performing duties, delivering written messages or other documents within the Hall, so as not to distract from the speaker. Always try to wait until there is a break between speakers to move about the Hall. WHAT DO PAGES DO? P ages perform specific duties related to their particular assignment or designation. When making assignments, consideration is given to a page s experience, dependability and enthusiasm. All Congress Pages: It is the duty of all pages to be polite and helpful and to keep Congress running smoothly in every way possible. Please remember that as long as you are wearing your page sash, you are on duty. For example, if you are at the hotel elevators always hold the door open for others, be the last to enter or exit and offer to push elevator buttons for floors. Familiarize yourself with the layout of Memorial Continental Hall, Constitution Hall s seating chart and your hotel so that when asked you can direct members to the appropriate rooms for Congress functions. Please read and familiarize yourself with all duties in this section of the manual. Every attempt will be made by the Page Chair to change your assignments to give you a variety of paging experiences. If you encounter a true problem with standing, please do not 8

10 hesitate to contact the Page Chair or a Vice Chair to arrange for an alternative assignment. SPECIFIC PAGE ASSIGNMENTS T he following are specific assignments that will be made before Continental Congress. These are very responsible positions for a page, as you will be assisting the leaders of our National Society and invited guests. Although some pages have been selected for specific assignments, when not officially on duty, you are a page to the general assembly. Please be sure and check with the Page Chair to determine when your official duties begin. Remember: While at Congress please do not accept any additional jobs or make any plans that will conflict with your specific assignment. Personal Pages to the President General The President General personally selects her Personal Pages. Their duties may include: carrying her belongings; delivering messages; accompanying the President General to Congressional events; knowing her schedule and keeping her on time during the entire week; preceding the President General in all processionals; ensuring the podium has a pitcher of water, cups and that the light and microphone are working; ensuring that the President General s agenda is opened on the podium; her gavel is present; and ensuring that all awards or gifts are on the platform. The President General s Personal Pages must keep their sashes on at ALL times, or they may not be recognized as Personal Pages to the President General. Platform Pages Ladies assigned to the platform deliver notes, run errands, get water and anything else needed on the platform. Platform pages deliver purses and stoles received from the President General s Reception Room prior to the start of the session. Platform pages escort ladies off of the platform. Platform pages help distribute any printed literature to those on the platform and deliver messages for the President General, Recording Secretary General or other Executives via their personal pages. Platform pages assist flag bearers and ladies up the stairs during the processionals. (This is called skirting. ) A platform page stands as honor guard for the American flag and DAR banner (these pages do not pledge or recite). Motion cards or pledge cards are handed to platform pages from the Hall. Platform pages are responsible for jump seating ladies at the back of the platform so they are ready to present their reports. Credentials, Registration and Registration Line Pages Credentials and Registration pages assist committee members by keeping member traffic moving smoothly and assisting members with the registration and voting processes. These pages must be flexible and able to handle a wide variety of situations and personalities. Serving as a Credentials and Registration Committee page is a daytime assignment. All credentials and registration pages are required to report to the Page Chair in the evening for additional assignments, such as honor guard, marshal pages, and flag bearers. These pages should assist where needed during evening sessions. 9

11 House Committee Pages (Includes: House Committee, President General s Project, Junior Doll, Junior Shoppe and Insignia Approval) General duties include assisting in the various areas as listed above. These pages are in the corridors of the building helping as needed. They assist ladies in finding their destinations. They quietly walk around the corridor of the Hall, answering questions as needed and helping in the distribution of literature. House Committee Pages should assist in the honor guard or carrying flags during the processional, may assist the Corridor Hostesses in holding the ropes and may assist in voting procedures as requested. House Committee pages are required to report to the Page Chair in the evening for additional assignments, such as honor guard, marshal pages, flag bearers, exit and floor pages. Flag Pages Flag pages assist in the processional by carrying flags and assisting other pages carrying flags. They make sure that the flags are properly racked in order. Holsters are available for all flag pages. Pages assigned as a flag page help train new pages during the processional and recessional rehearsal and help with other assigned paging duties during all meetings of Congress. Flag pages assist in all specialty flag practices (state regent reports and nominations) and organize the honor guard. They also assist with racking the flags after the evening processional and unracking the flags on Sunday s recessional at the close of Congress. Congress Communications Pages Congress Communications pages run errands for members of the Congress Communications Committee. They assist in completing press release forms, delivering completed forms in properly addressed envelopes to the mail room and escorting members of the press corps into the Hall. Congress Communications pages are not allowed to discuss any issue with the press, simply be pleasant. Congress Communications pages assist with the Congress Online, the Congress Herald and social media campaign. Personal Page Assignments Veteran pages are often asked to serve as a Personal Page based on their experience. These assignments include Personal Page to the President General s Reception Room, Personal Page to the President General s Special Guests and Personal Pages to the Executive Committee members, DAR departments and DAR committees. Pages asked to serve in this capacity will be contacted in advance of Congress with specific instructions. EXIT AND FLOOR PAGES F loor and Exit Pages have very important jobs because not only do they constantly interact with members, but they also regulate and monitor entry to the Hall, assist with microphones, help with motions from the floor and assist members. 10

12 Exit Pages Formerly known as the usher, tier and state box pages, exit pages are trained in all of these areas. The exit pages will attend to the doors or exits of the Hall. Exit pages work in conjunction with the House Committee members to inform those waiting outside at regular intervals where the proceedings are in the program. Pages assigned to the doors must demonstrate the utmost tact in this endeavor. Pages must use discretion and common sense allowing small numbers of members to discreetly enter the Hall during lulls in the proceedings (such as during applause). The exceptions to this rule (who may enter the Hall at any time as needed) are members of the National Board, Congress security and staff, Joy Cardinal (Continental Congress National Chair), the Congress photographer and other pages. These people will be introduced during the Page Meeting. When necessary, Exit pages also check seating tickets. Admittance is by ticket only, up to 10 minutes before each session begins. Exit pages help members find their seats, including late arrivals. They allow other pages to enter and exit anytime during Congress, and deliver notes and reports to the floor, tiers or state boxes. Exit pages close all doors after the Processionals and admit members into the auditorium when called upon to do so by the President General or when there is a lull in the proceeding (such as during applause). No members are admitted during a standing vote and no one may be seated until the count is completed. Exit pages assist members to exit the Hall at permitted times. Should a member need to leave the Hall during an unscheduled time, pages quietly assist them. In advance of the Congress opening, Exit pages should familiarize themselves with the Constitution Hall seating chart. You should know exactly where national officers, state officers, honorary national officers, honorary state regents and conference guests are positioned, usually on the platform or in the state boxes. Specific duties include carrying messages, distributing reports to delegates, securing pen and paper, helping with voting lines and assisting latecomers in finding seats. Exit pages deliver notes and reports in their area, and assist with the microphones nearby. When handing out literature, exit pages must ensure that members seated in the State boxes receive materials first. Exit pages should rotate turns manning their door and standing at the top of the stairs taking care of the state boxes and tiers. Floor Pages Floor pages assist with seating on the main floor of the Hall. Floor pages are encouraged to seat members only during breaks in the program. Floor pages distribute literature, assist with microphones and carry motion cards to the platform. Floor pages deliver messages and return responses. Floor pages assist flag bearers and national officers ascend the stairs to the platform by lifting the hem of their dress (known as skirting ). Floor pages not assisting with skirting duties are expected to assist and participate in the honor guard. 11

13 SPECIAL PAGE DUTIES FOR NIGHT AND DAY SESSIONS P ages take part in the processional at the start of each morning and evening sessions. Please report to your Chief at the beginning of each session before joining the processional. All pages are needed to assist with carrying flags and being part of the honor guard for processionals. The processionals are part of the pageantry of Congress. Evening Session Processional: The pages process the flags of all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Units Overseas, into Constitution Hall. To carry a flag, pages must wear a gown that is floor-length, ankle-length or tea-length. White gloves are required to participate in the processional. All pages (with a few exceptions) may assist in carrying state flags during the evening processions. When holding a flag, the page is to stand at attention until the President General states the Colors may be posted. Assume a comfortable position with one foot slightly in front of the other and do not lock your knees. (Pages who are pregnant or suffer from a back ailment are not permitted to carry a flag.) With the assistance of the flag pages, the flags are then placed in the racks ( racked ) at the rear of the platform. The pages exit the platform via the stage doors, returning to their regularly assigned duty areas. Protocol Reminder: A page holding a flag does not remove her glove, does not recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, the American s Creed or sing the national anthem. Note: The procedure for carrying a state flag during the evening processional is, and always has been, on a first-come, first-served basis. The details of the signup procedure will be explained at the Wednesday Page Meeting. Removing another page s name from the sign-up list will not be tolerated. If there are any questions or concerns about this policy, please notify the Page Chair. Day Session Processional and Recessional: The American Flag and the DAR banner are processed in at each morning session with an honor guard for the procession of the Executive Officers. At the adjournment of each business day, the American flag and the DAR banner are recessed from the Hall. Honor Guard: If you are not carrying a flag, you are a member of the honor guard. Honor guard pages will line up two-by-two in the 18th Street Corridor. Each couple will link pinkie-to-pinkie and process at the direction of the Marshal Committee. A distance of three feet should be maintained between processing couples unless the number of pages and length of the aisle dictate otherwise. When you reach the appropriate place to stop, you will separate from your partner and face each other, standing at attention on either side of the aisle to form an honor guard for the President General. As the President General passes you, turn in place to face the front and remain standing at attention until the opening ceremonies have concluded. After the Colors have been posted, the President General will dismiss the pages who will turn (when prompted) to face Exit 1. When the last pair of pages (closest to Exit 1) has completed their turn, they lead the honor guard out of the Hall returning directly to their regular assigned duty areas. 12

14 Marshal pages: are placed in the procession as line breaks (called Heads and Tails). Marshal pages are also responsible for bringing their group to the correct side of the stage for their ascent onto the platform. Marshal pages do not go up onto the stage, but form the honor guard at the short aisle on either side of the platform. Sunday Recessional: After the Congress is adjourned by the President General, all of the flags must be recessed from the Hall. At this time, all available pages are expected to be in the Hall. If we are short pages, pages are expected to come back around until all the flags have been recessed. Protocol Reminder: Unless you are holding a flag or a Platform page serving as an honor guard, pages are expected to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, the American s Creed and sing the national anthem. Please remember to inconspicuously remove your right glove before reciting the pledge and singing the national anthem and replace your glove when through. Remember: if you wish to take part in the processional and your assignment does not permit it, you may check with the Page Chair or her committee to inquire whether alternate arrangements are possible. State Regent s Reports: During Congress, additional instruction will be given to pages who will hold state flags for a State Regent as she gives her report or for a nominating speech for a candidate for National Office. Please check the blackboard in the Pages Lounge for the times of these additional instructions and rehearsals. Memorial Service: On Sunday Morning, a Memorial Service will be conducted in Constitution Hall, followed by a wreath-laying ceremony at the Founders Memorial Monument. At this impressive ceremony, the Society pays its respects to its departed members. Pages will need a white hat for the service. Some pages will be asked by the Chaplain General to perform specific duties. Others act as ushers, assisting with seating and programs, and form an honor guard for the recessional from Constitution Hall to the Founders Memorial Monument on C Street. When reporting for duty that morning, check the blackboard in the Pages Lounge for specific instructions pertaining to the Memorial Service. Installation of National Officers and State Regents: During the final business session of Congress, the newly elected National Officers and State Regents will be formally installed by the President General. Special instructions for the processional and installation will be given to the chiefs and assistant chiefs that morning. When reporting for duty that morning, all pages should check the blackboard in the Pages Lounge for specific instructions for the Installation Ceremony. 13

15 WHAT DO PAGES WEAR? W hite! Pages are instantly identifiable by their white wardrobe. Acceptable variations are white, off white, winter white, cream, mother of pearl and light ivory. Be wary of anything with silver or gold highlights or a yellow cast. Pastels of other colors, no matter how pale, are not white. A page s wardrobe needs to be appropriate for the time and formality of the event. Dresses, skirts and blouses, suits or professional pantsuits* are appropriate for daytime sessions. Evenings are more formal, and clothing should reflect that. Evening wear must be opaque and mid-calf or longer (at the shortest part if layered or a high-low hem), in a style appropriate for the formality of the occasion. Split skirts are appropriate for evening; however, cocktail or shorter length dresses or skirts are not appropriate for evening sessions unless specially noted in the Congress schedule. All clothing should be in keeping with the dignity of Continental Congress. *Pantsuits are not appropriate attire for pages serving as Personal Pages to the President General, in the President General s Reception Room or on the platform, including all of the personal pages and the pages carrying the American flag and the DAR banner. Gloves are not required during the daytime business sessions. Suggested Packing List: White gloves (at least two pair) White daytime dress, blouse and skirt and/or professional pantsuit (4 days). (Pockets are handy, and miniskirts are unacceptable.) Appropriate white or skin tone undergarments (More than one slip may be necessary.) Mid-calf or longer white formal dress for evening (3 evenings) White hat for those paging at the Memorial Service (avoid flamboyant hats and fascinators) White sweater or jacket for air-conditioned rooms Official DAR insignia A watch (cell phones, PDAs and similar devices are not permitted to be used during your paging assignment) A lanyard is permitted if it is white or otherwise follows the rules of this dress code. Common sense should prevail while obeying the dress code. As you are trying on your outfits, try to do the following: Reach for something on a shelf Pick something up from the floor Bend over in front of a mirror Lean over a table Sit in a chair in a ladylike manner Walk up and down a flight of stairs Shine a bright light behind you and check the sheerness of your outfit Any other activity that you anticipate at Congress 14

16 Further comments on the dress code: Pantyhose are no longer required but recommended. No tiaras are permitted. No fascinators or ostentatious accessories are permitted. Remove any visible body piercing Cover tattoos sufficiently. Sheer scarves do not meet this objective. Please beware of overly-revealing dresses and tops and keep these considerations in mind when purchasing your gowns. Strapless tops are inappropriate for daytime wear. Midriffs must be covered at all times. You will be more comfortable in practical clothing as opposed to trendy clothing. No trains on evening dresses are permitted. They are a tripping hazard during the processions. Dressy slacks that are not a part of a suit are inappropriate. Jewelry should complement your outfit. Chunky colored-stone jewelry detracts from the purpose of the white wardrobe. All shoes must have backs or heel straps. Stiletto heels are dangerous, especially while carrying a flag. Shoes without backs or heel straps are absolutely prohibited from flag processions. Colored belts, colored buttons (including gold or silver), or embellishments/lace/decoration, and colored shoes are also not appropriate for paging at Continental Congress. Please try on all items to be sure that they fit appropriately before coming to Congress! Shoes should be white, cream or nude in color. Make sure shoes are comfortable and well broken in. Shoes should be appropriate to the formality of the function no flip flops or Crocs, please. Clean white sneakers such as Keds, Sketchers, Grasshoppers, Toms and Bobs are allowed during daytime sessions for pages working in credentials/registration, registration line, exits, house, and floor. Sneakers are not appropriate for pages serving as Personal Pages to the President General, in the President General s Reception Room or on the platform, including all of the personal pages and the pages carrying the American flag and the DAR banner. The purpose of a white wardrobe is for the pages to blend into the surroundings yet be accessible to anyone in need. If you have a question about whether or not something will be acceptable, simply ask yourself: if you are wearing this item will it be noticeable? Will you stand out from the other pages because of this? If your answer is yes, do not wear it. Pages who are not wearing appropriate attire may be reassigned for the session or Congress. While colored clothing is not appropriate for paging at Continental Congress, it is certainly acceptable if you are attending an event in a capacity other than that of a page (for example, a committee meeting or forum early in the week). Denim or other comfortable clothing is fine for the Pages Event and other after-session activities. Military Uniform: Pages serving in our Armed Forces are permitted to wear their 15

17 business attire equivalent uniforms for Paging Assignments at all daytime sessions. For evening sessions, dress or formal uniforms are permitted during Color Night, and encouraged during National Defense Night. Fatigues are not appropriate attire for Pages on duty. INSIGNIA AND PAGE SASHES D AR insignia and pins (i.e. those purchased via the official DAR jeweler Hamilton Jewelers) may be worn at both day and evening sessions. DAR insignia is worn over the heart. Pages must serve for a minimum of THREE (3) sessions in order to qualify for the national page pin or an additional star. Pages are encouraged to serve more than the minimum requirement. The stars on the page pin represent the number of years paged: a small star represents one year and a large star represents five years. Only one pin need be purchased from Hamilton Jewelers pages trade up their pins as additional stars are earned. Hamilton Jewelers will have a sales booth in the lobby of Constitution Hall while Congress is in session. First-year pages must have the signature of the Page Chair in order to purchase their pin. All other pages will need verification of their three sessions of paging and permission from a National Vice Chair in order to trade up their pin at the Hamilton table. This process will be explained in more detail at the Page Meeting. Because the Page Committee has its own pin, we are not eligible for the Congressional Committee Pin. Also, personal pages to Congress Committees such as Platform, Marshall, Public Relations, etc. assist the committee but do not serve as members of that committee. Therefore, pages are eligible for the page pin but not the committee s pin. Pages appointed to serve as a Personal Page to the President General at Continental Congress may purchase a pin indicating this special service. This pin carries one star for each President General served. Service as a Personal Page to the President General at any other non-congress event does not qualify for the Personal Page to the President General pin. Service as a Personal Page to the President General at her official visit to a State Conference is eligible for the State Personal Page to the President General pin. Page sashes: Your page sash will be given to you at Page Registration and is worn during all business sessions of Congress. When wearing your page sash, you are considered to be on duty. The page sash is attached at your right shoulder with your name tag. At your hip, the ends are crossed and the sash is secured with the circular page pin or another similar pin (never an American flag pin). Circular page pins are available for purchase at a modest price from the Junior Shoppe. If you would like to purchase one of these pins, it is suggested that you do so as soon as you arrive at Congress since the supply is limited. If desired, the Dillon Administration s pin may be worn at the right shoulder above your name tag to hold your sash in place. It can be purchased in the DAR Store or at the 16

18 President General s Project Sales Table at Congress. Flag pins are inappropriate for pinning on any part of the page sash. Do not place any official DAR pins on your page sash. Do not wear C.A.R. insignia with DAR pins. Remove or cover your pins and sash when traveling between your hotel and the DAR buildings. Outstanding Junior sashes: Some states use sashes to honor their Outstanding Juniors, and are encouraged at Congress events, the OJ introductions, or when not on duty. While at your Paging assignment and on duty, your page sash must be worn. ATTENDANCE AND REPORTING INFORMATION D During the Wednesday Page Meeting, page assignment areas will break out into groups. The assignment card you received at registration will have the name of your chief page for your particular assignment. Each page will meet with her chief and assistant chief page, as well as the other pages assigned to her area. It is during this small group meeting that specific instructions regarding the duties of the assigned area as well as any additional duties and concerns will be discussed. A page may be excused from one session after first asking her chief page for that time off. In this way, each page may have some free time to see Washington and her friends. This is only possible if all assignments for that area are covered. Each page must be on duty for the entire session, unless excused by her chief, and must be at her assignment at the Hall a minimum of 30 minutes prior to each session unless otherwise specified by her chief. Congress will have morning, afternoon and evening sessions; evening sessions are generally preceded by a concert and pages must be available to assist members arriving for the concert event. The Congress Program, which you will receive at registration, will detail each day s activities. Pages should first report to her chief or assistant chief before assisting with the processional. After participating in the procession, each page should immediately report back to her chief or assistant chief for specific instructions or assignments for that session. Either the chief or the assistant chief should be on duty at all times to answer questions as they arise and to help guide new pages in their work. During Congress, if questions arise, please see your chief or assistant chief first, then a member of the Page Committee in the Pages Lounge. During each session, pages will be excused for brief 15-minute breaks, after checking with the chief or assistant chief. Use the Pages Lounge for your break, but please do not loiter there. Pages are invited to Congress to perform their particular duties, thereby facilitating the work of Congress. It is unfair to pages who are conscientious if others do not perform their duties with equal diligence. Please remove your page sash before having any refreshments, including in the Pages Lounge or in the DAR snack area. Please do not wear your page sash outside the DAR buildings unless at a DAR event where you are paging. Members of the Page Committee will be on duty in the Pages Lounge at all sessions. If you wish to check your assignment or locate another page, check at the desk in the lounge. The Page Committee has a record for each page as well as her Washington address. Special announcements are posted on the blackboard in the Pages Lounge. Personal messages will also be posted on the blackboard. Check the blackboard frequently. 17

19 LITERATURE AND REPORTS B efore each session of Congress, review the program so you will have a good idea what business will be conducted and what duties you may have to perform. For example, when the Treasurer General gives her report, printed copies may be distributed to the voters when called for from the platform. Only voters are to receive copies of reports, or other literature. Extra copies of all literature distributed during a business session should be delivered to the House Committee table once it has been acted upon by the voters. Generally, reports and other literature for distribution will be delivered from the printing office to the Pages Lounge and/or House Committee. The House Committee pages will retrieve this literature to the Pages Lounge in sufficient time for distribution to the delegates. Extra copies of materials should not be left unattended, but instead returned to the House Committee. MOTIONS, MONETARY PLEDGES AND SPEAKERS FROM THE FLOOR T here are microphones stationed at various locations (main floor and tiers) around the Hall for delegates to use when responding to a motion or speaking to an issue. Generally, these times will occur during business discussion or bylaw amendments. One page will be responsible for each microphone. Prior to a session during which discussion may occur, this page must ensure that a microphone bag containing a speaker and motion cards and pencils is present at the microphone stand. Pages must remember that only delegates (those with a voter badge) may make motions from the floor during business meetings. When the speaker at a microphone makes a motion, she is to be supplied with a motion card. The motion must be written on it and signed by the maker and the seconder. Once the motion card has been completely filled out and the delegate is ready to speak, the page will press the indicator button to request recognition from the presiding officer. The page will also ensure that the microphone is properly adjusted for the speaker. When the presiding officer gives permission to speak, the page will quietly remind the member to state her name and chapter before addressing the chair. There may be times when a page will have to take a motion card signed by the maker across the Hall to another area to obtain the signature of a seconder. Once complete the card is taken immediately to the platform by the shortest route. It is permissible to use the center aisle to pass the card up the steps to the platform. This should be done in a timely manner so the motion can be read from the platform. All persons wishing to speak at a microphone must be supplied with a speaker card, but speaker cards DO NOT have to be taken to the platform immediately. They are taken to the back door of the platform following the session and given to the Recording Secretary 18

20 General s personal pages. If the pages are no longer on the platform, the cards should be taken to the Office of the Recording Secretary General. Chief E x it pages in charge of microphone areas and the platform should be sure to have a supply of motion cards available for the delegates. During pledging of funds, all information pertaining to the pledge should be written on a pledge envelope and sent to the platform. Microphone bags, unused motion cards and pledge envelopes should be returned to the Pages Lounge following each session. E HEALTH AND SAFETY MTs are on duty in the Hall if anyone feels ill or needs assistance. Contact security or a fire marshal to summon medical assistance. Please be cautious when leaving the DAR building and consider traveling with other pages. Headquarters is located in a very safe and tourist-friendly part of Washington, DC; however, please carry a map and be careful when walking around the city. Continental Congress is an exciting time for all DAR members. Pages are encouraged to make sure they get enough sleep, eat well and stay properly hydrated. Some states have generously volunteered to allow pages to ride their state buses back to the hotels following evening sessions. These buses will have a PAGES sign in their window. If you ever accept a ride from one of these state buses, please use your best page manners and be sure to thank the bus leader and/or the State Regent. Please board the bus last, allowing state members to board before you. Protocol Reminder: It is always nice to write a thank-you note to the state regent if you ride a state bus. FEW MORE TIPS FOR ALL PAGES A few more general tips for pages that are not necessarily protocol related. Voting Procedures: If you are serving as a voting delegate from your chapter as well as a page, care must be taken not to express a voting opinion while in your paging capacity. Remove your page sash before speaking to any motion or issue. The assistance of pages with v o t i n g will be in accordance with the Teller Chair s instructions. During voting for the election of national officers on Saturday, showing your removed page sash will allow you to proceed to the front of the line so that you may cast your ballot quickly and return to your assigned area. 19

21 Childcare We appreciate very much that some of our pages are mothers, and are sacrificing time away from their family to serve the National Society at Continental Congress. We also understand that some pages may be bringing their families to Washington DC with them, to enjoy vacation time, outside of attending Continental Congress. Since an onduty page should be able to focus her full attention on her page assignment, we ask that pages who bring children with them arrange for childcare while they are on duty. Purses and Room Keys: It is recommended that you rent a locker to store your purse and room key. A helpful trick is to attach your locker key with a safety pin underneath your sash where the ends cross on your left side. Meals: There will be snacks available in the Pages Lounge, but meals are on your own. Lunch and snacks may be purchased in the We the People lunchroom on the lower level of the Administration Building, or from vendors in the Lounge Shops area of the Constitution Hall basement. Additionally, many states and committees sponsor breakfasts, luncheons, teas and dinners, which, with careful planning, will not interfere with your paging duties, although tickets must be purchased prior to coming to Congress. Please advise your Chief as soon as possible if you are registered to attend certain meals or paging for your state at a specific event. Your Chief will make every effort to work around them. Problems and Concerns Among Pages: If you encounter an irreconcilable problem with a page or group of pages, you should discreetly notify a member of the committee. Please do not take it upon yourself to address the situation, as it may be part of a larger situation. Thank you for your cooperation. OFFICIAL SCHEDULE FOR PAGES Unless otherwise noted, please report to Constitution Hall. Tuesday, June 19, 2018 Page Registration, 9 a.m. 4:00 p.m., Pages Lounge, Lower Level, Constitution Hall NSDAR Member Registration, 8 a.m. 6 p.m., O Byrne Room, Lower Level, Administration Building First-Year Page Meeting and Tour, 2 p.m., Pages Lounge, Lower Level, Constitution Hall Wednesday, June 20, 2018 Page Registration, 9 a.m. 10 a.m., Pages Lounge, Lower Level, Constitution Hall Page Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs Meeting, 10 a.m. 11 a.m., President General s Assembly Room, Administration Building Mandatory Page Orientation Meeting and Flag Rehearsal, 11:15 a.m. 1:15 p.m., Auditorium, Constitution Hall Page Registration continues, 10:30 a.m., Pages Lounge, Lower Level, Constitution Hall 20

22 First-Year Page Meeting and Tour, 2 p.m., Pages Lounge, Lower Level, Constitution Hall Opening Night (white formal), Report at 6:30 p.m. NSDAR Member Registration, 8 a.m. 4 p.m., O Byrne Room, Lower Level, Administration Building Thursday, June 21, 2018 Page Registration, 8 a.m., Open Before Morning Session, Pages Lounge, Lower Level, Constitution Hall Opening Business Session (white dress/skirt/professional pantsuit), Report at 8:30 a.m. Pages Event: 12:00 4:00 p.m., Meet in the Pages Lounge, Lower Level, Constitution Hall Awards Night (white or color formal), Report at 6:30 p.m. NSDAR Member Registration, 8 a.m. 4 p.m., O Byrne Room, Lower Level, Constitution Hall Friday, June 22, 2018 Page Registration, 8 a.m., Open Before Morning Session, Pages Lounge, Lower Level, Constitution Hall Morning Business Session (white dress/skirt/professional pantsuit), Report at 8:30 a.m. Official Page Photo, Immediately Following the Morning Business Session, 18th Street Steps, Constitution Hall NSDAR Member Registration, 8 a.m. 3 p.m., O Byrne Room, Lower Level, Administration Building Saturday, June 23, 2018 Page Registration, 8 a.m., Open Before Morning Session, Pages Lounge, Lower Level, Constitution Hall Voting (DAR Headquarters), 8 a.m. 2 p.m., O Byrne Room, Lower Level, Administration Building Morning Business Session (white dress/skirt/professional pantsuit), Report at 8:30 a.m. Afternoon Business Session (white dress/skirt/professional pantsuit), Report at 1:30 p.m. National Defense Night (white formal), Report at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, June 24, 2018 Memorial Service (white dress/hat/gloves), Report at 8:15 a.m. Installation, Report at 10 a.m., Constitution Hall Congress Adjournment, 12 p.m., All pages needed for flag recessional Pages Lounge closes at 12:30 p.m., Please have lockers emptied and keys returned before this time 21