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1 P The regular meeting of the Moshannon Valley Board of Education was held on November 21, 2016, in the District Office Board Room at the Moshannon Valley High School. Board President, Cassandra Kitko, called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM, beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance. ATTENDANCE Present: Nathan Dotts, Robert Reed, Larry Saupp, Stacey Williams, Ruth Saupp, Albert Adams, Cassandra Kitko Absent: Kris Bacher, John Bacher Solicitor: David Consiglio Student Representatives: Absent ADMINISTRATION ATTENDANCE Present: Dr. John W. Zesiger, Superintendent, David Campbell, High School Principal, Sherri Campbell, Elementary Principal/Special Education Director/Federal Programs, Kris Albright, Assistant Principal, Elsie Harchak, Business Manager/Food Service Director/Board Secretary/Public Records Officer PRESENTATIONS None ADMINISTRATION REPORTS Dr. John W. Zesiger, Superintendent report: The District received our Plan Con subsidy that was owed to us from We should receive our subsidy on schedule. Dr. Zesiger updated the board on the building and grounds projects, PAYS data and the admin team training on 5 Behaviors of a Successful Team. Dr. Zesiger was invited to participate on a panel for Superintendent Performance at the New Superintendents Academy on January 11, David Campbell, High School: Mr. Campbell reported the December Keystone exams will start on December 5 and run through December 16, 4 staff members attended Check and Connect training. This program will work with our Positive Behavior Support program. A new School Wide Positive Behavior Support student group started in November. New high school gym bleachers arrived and will be installed December 6, 7 & 8. Sherri Campbell, Elementary School: The elementary school celebrated American Education Week with breakfast for parents, guardians and grandparents and student projects on display throughout the building.

2 P Safe Trick or Treat was held on October 26. Instructors are studying data to improve instructional practices and the Special Education Parent Advisory is meeting monthly. Kris Albright, Assistant Principal report: Reported on CCCTC Students of the Month for October and student recognition for Technology, Computer and Family & Consumer Science Mrs. Lewis, received a $500 Action for Healthy Kids Healthy School Hero Award to purchase equipment to increase student physical activity The Dream It, Do It group is working on a video highlighting Organic Climbing, a local manufacturing company. Elsie Harchak, Business Manager/Food Service/Public Records Officer report: We are starting the budget process. Based on the new Basic Education Funding formula, we will building our revenue using BEF subsidy. The Budget Timeline is attached and Moshannon Valley s adjusted index is 3.7% which equates to 3.32 mils. John Taylor, CPA, Senior Manager at Baker Tilly will present the local audit report at the January 2017 meeting Danielle Detwiler Nutrition Group The high school cafeteria prepared an omelet bar for the student advisory council breakfast. Will plan to try an omelet bar for the senior breakfast Serving creamy cucumber salad at the elementary school for Wellness Wednesday. The elementary also served over 167 breakfasts during American Education Week. Thanksgiving dinner was served in both buildings on November 17, and on December 9, the elementary school will have breakfast with Santa. NEW BUSINESS Committee Reports: The Building and Grounds Committee met at the elementary school at 6 PM on November 21, Two elementary projects are on the November agenda. The renovation of the elementary elevator and approval to work with EADS on the kindergarten floor repair. EXECUTIVE SESSION Motion by Robert Reed, seconded by Nathan Dotts for an executive session for personnel, Start 7:20 PM; End 8:03 PM MOTIONS LIST: MINUTES

3 P Motion by Nathan Dotts seconded by Rob Read to approve minutes as presented, subject to audit: Regular Meeting October 17, 2016 CONSENT Motion by Albert Adams, seconded by Larry Saupp to approve consent motions 1-3: 1. Retroactive approval of Field Trip Request from T.J. Sproull, Music Director, to take the band and choir students to the performance of Straight No Chaser at Eisenhower Auditorium in State College, PA, on November 11, All costs to be incurred by the Moshannon Valley Music Association. 2. Retroactive approval of the request from T.J. Sproull to take the Black Knight Marching Band to any/all of the away playoff games the Black Knight Football Team may advance to. 3. Field Trip Request from Brandon Owens, Advisor, to take the Ski Club to Tussey Mountain Ski Resort, Boalsburg, PA, on the following dates: January 14, 2017; January 21, 2017; January 28, 2017; and February 4, All costs incurred by the Ski Club. Information Item: On November 4, 2016, Dream It Do It field trip to Organic Climbing added a stop at Bilger's Rocks to film scenes of the company workers using the equipment. Transportation quote changed from $145 to $310, District is reimbursed for transportation by Dream It Do It. PERSONNEL Motion by Albert Adams, seconded by Ruth Saupp to approve personnel motions 1-6: 1. Resignation of Jessica Poorman, Elementary Music Teacher. 2. Resignation of Cathy Conrad, full-time cafeteria worker, for purposes of retirement effective May 19, Family and Medical Leave request for employee # from approximately November 17, 2016 through January 3, 2017.

4 P Family and Medical Leave request for employee # from approximately November 7, 2016 through November 30, Family and Medical Leave request for employee # starting approximately December 5, 2016, to be taken intermittently, as needed. 6. Addition of Larry Brown, Jr., Bobbi J. Kitko, Sharon Matyasovsky, Karen Miles, Rebecca Reifer, and Sherry Stiner to the District Volunteer List. EXTRA CURRICULAR Motion by Albert Adams, seconded by Stacey Williams to approve extra-curricular motions 1-6: 1. Extend an offer of employment to Cheyenne Chatley and Israel Tucker as athletic workers with salary pursuant to the current MVEA Collective Bargaining Agreement. 2. Resignation of Tayia Swoope as scorekeeper for JV/Varsity Boys Basketball. 3. Resignation of Cheyenne Kephart as scorekeeper for Junior High Wrestling. 4. Resignation of Robin Bowser as scorekeeper for Junior High Girls Soccer. 5. Appoint Jonathan McCaulley as Chain Gang personnel for the Varsity and JV football games at a stipend of $20 per person, maximum of four (4) individuals, per varsity game, and $10 per person, maximum of four (4) individuals, per JV game, pending receipt of clearances. 6. Extend an offer of employment to Sam Potter as Play Choreographer with salary pursuant to the current MVEA Collective Bargaining Agreement and pending receipt of all new hire documentation including, but not limited to, clearances and mandated reporter training certificate of completion. N/A PROGRAMS/CURRICULUM

5 P POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Motion by Ruth Saupp seconded by Larry Saupp to approve policy and procedures motions 1-3: 1. First reading of Policy 007, Local Board Procedures, entitled Policy Manual Access. See Policies for Approval folder. 2. First reading of Policy 810.2, Operations, entitled Transportation - Audio/Video Recording. See Policies for Approval folder. 3. First reading of Policy 827, Operations, entitled Conflict of Interest. See Policies for Approval folder. BUILDING AND GROUNDS Motion by Larry Saupp seconded by Nathan Dotts to approve building and grounds motion 1-2: 1. Utilize The EADS Group to provide professional services for the elementary floor restoration project, not to exceed $10, Advertise for bids to renovate the elementary elevator. Information Items: Pittsburgh Stage completed the high school auditorium stage traveler track project. A purchase order for C.M. Eichenlaub Co has been issued to replace the High School bleachers. A purchase order for Builders Hardware and Specialty Co. to repair the high school auditorium doors The coal bin project is complete, and the district received coal last week. We received notification from our demand response vendor, nrg that Moshannon Valley performed at 100% during the summer demand response program. We expect to receive approximately $9,000 from NRG for both the high school and elementary buildings. FISCAL Motion by Larry Saupp seconded by Rob Reed to approve fiscal motions 1-5: 1. The following financial reports:

6 P a. General Funds Balance Sheets, Summary Revenue and Expenditure Report, Tax Comparison Chart b. Athletic Association Report and Student Activity Account Report c. Special Athletic Fund Report d. Cafeteria Report and Bills e. General Bills, Special Grant/Federal Projects Bills and Renovation/Construction Bills f. Interfund Transfers, General Fund Budget Transfers and Budget Amendments g. Investment Report District Budget Timeline. 3. Process and submit December 2016 invoices. An itemized list of invoices and financials will be included in the January 2017 board agenda packet 4. Resolution not to increase taxes above the index for , which is 3.7% or 3.32 mils. 5. Agreement with Deborah Aigner, CRNP, to review Individualized Education Plans for School Based ACCESS program and provide medical authorization for services for the school year (ending June 30, 2017). 6. Agreement Addendum with Strawbridge Studios, Inc. to extend photography services for an additional year, which will cover the school year. Information Items: Insurance transition-retirees transitioning January 2017, active employees will transition on July 1, John Taylor, CPA, Senior Manager, Baker Tilly, will present the local audit report at the January 16, 2017 meeting Right to Know Records Request update. Attachment p. 20. The Moshannon Valley Adjusted Index is 3.7%. This equates to 3.32 mils Act 1 Budget Timeline. ADJOURNMENT Motion by Albert Adams, seconded by Larry Saupp to adjourn at 8:11 PM

7 P Elsie Harchak, Board Secretary