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1 CHANNEL VOTER LEAGUE OF OF WOMEN VOTERS OF SANTA OF SANTA BARBARA BARBARA Serving South Santa Barbara County 328 E. Carrillo St., Suite A Santa Barbara, CA Phone: (805) VOL. 80, NO.2, October/November 2018 OFFICERS CO-PRESIDENTS: Program & Advocacy Lindsey Baker (2019) Community Education, Membership & Administration Joanie Jones (2019) VICE PRESIDENTS Program & Advocacy Vijaya Jammalamadaka (2020) Membership, Voter Service Administration Beverly King (2019) SECRETARY Elaine Rudin (2020) TREASURER David Landecker (2019) DIRECTORS Communications Coordinator Barbara Kuhn (2019) Community Outreach Vicki Allen (2020) Energy Jean Holmes (2019) Publicity Jane Benefield (2020) Social Policy Pam Flynt Tambo (2020) State & National Action Linda Phillips (2020) Voter Service Susan Horne (2019) Water Penn Borden (2019) Web Manager An Pham ************************************ Nominating Committee Connie Hannah (2019), Chair Book Club Forming! See Page 11 OCTOBER COMMUNITY FORUM: IMMIGRATION PART II WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY IN SANTA BARBARA COUNTY (A follow-up to the League s Forum Immigration 2017 ) *DATE & TIME: Wednesday, October 17, 2018, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM PLACE: Faulkner Gallery, Santa Barbara Public Library, 40 E. Anapamu St. *PLEASE NOTE EVENING TIME. For more information, go to Page 5. NOVEMBER COMMUNITY FORUM: BEYOND THE BUBBLE: HOW TO ENGAGE IN DIALOGUE ACROSS POLITICAL LINES Wednesday November 14 NOTE ON SECOND WEDNESDAY 12 to 2PM Faulkner Gallery Santa Barbara Public Library. People of all political persuasions can benefit from this program. For details, go to Page 6 October 2 Discussion Group at Madame Lu s, 5:30PM will be a meeting with our Santa Barbara Public Library in a Community Conversation. We ve made a commitment to give the library our individual ideas for a study they are doing regarding our vision for Santa Barbara. Join us! Please RSVP to October 8 Discussion Group (originally Downtown Unit) will meet at member s home 10:00AM (call (805) for location). Group will go over November Ballot & also discuss whether group will meet monthly. Carpinteria Discussion Group Wednesday October 10, 10:00AM. Topic: Carpinteria Sales Tax, Measure X & State Ballot Propositions See Calendar, Page 16 Visit our website at: Check out our online Calendar Like us on our Facebook Page League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara Access us on Facebook & PHONE: (805)

2 Page 2 CO-PRESIDENT S MESSAGE Dear Members, it is time for a new Directory of member contact information for the use of members only. Our Directory includes much more. Starting from the front cover inside, is our LWVSB Education Fund description and its board of directors. The Ed Fund supports the League educational activities and this Directory. Next is our Mission and Diversity policy which is undergoing a Transformation at the LWV, LWVC and LWVSB levels. Be watching for our training in Listed next on pages 6-11 are our Local Positions for Program Action that were adopted at our annual meeting. These positions have been formed through study and consensus and review over many years. Note that 2018 is our 80th anniversary year. New Santa Barbara H.S. LWVSB member An Pham presenting in Social Studies Class The member directory is next. On the back pages are the US, State and local elected officials as currently known on the month of publication. The inside back cover has updated League contact information for three levels of League - US, State offices and other nearby Leagues. Updating the Directory takes research on changes, updating the database and corrections of text. Thanks is given to our team of volunteers who helped our administrative co-president in this work. Thank you to proofers: Vicki Allen, Denise Frey, Pam Flynt Tambo, Bev King and Barbara Kuhn. Your ideas and changes make our new Directory a better product. Joanie Jones updated League information on the inside back page. Denise Frey helped to update the database and produced our initial alphabetical directory for proofing. Rosie Campbell (new LWVSB member) and Siena Pomerantz of the Future Voters Club, Santa Barbara High School

3 Page 3 VOTER SERVICE INFORMATION Election Q & A for 2018 Election Day November 6 (Go to for information about your ballot) Q: What is LWV of SB doing to get out the vote? A: A lot! The biggest effort this year so far is partnering with our six public libraries and the Housing Authority of SB (City) to actively promote voting on the National Voter Registration Day on September 25. Dozens of volunteers have joined us to offer Registration, Voter Education, Pledge to Vote cards, and I WILL VOTE stickers to all who come that day. LWV is supporting students at the high schools to promote voting, and contacts with activists at some senior residences have asked and received help in voter education. Other non-profits, such as AAUW, Junior League and the Sisterhood Salaam Shalom have helped LWV publicize the LWV of SB Advocacy Forum on State Ballot Propositions on 9/25/18 and a Pros & Cons Education Forum on 10/9/18. (See Calendar page 16 for Time & Place). LWVSB is supporting a Pros and Cons Forum with materials/speakers at Congregation B nai B rith on October 7 at 8:30 am, open to the public. Other tabling of voter promotions include Albertsons and Farmers Market in Carpinteria, and at Peoples Self-Help Housing on some event days. LWVSB supplies are even helping voter promotion efforts at weekend performances at the Lobero Theater. October efforts will aim at more voter promotion in the Latino Community. Q. What is at stake in the big picture, for who will govern us? A. The U.S Congress has all 435 seats up for election in the House of Representatives, including from our CA local District that includes SB County. The US Senate has 35 of their 100 seats up for election, including one of our two Senators in CA. Governors are up for election in 35 of our 50 states, including in CA. Thousands of candidates are running for state legislation seats, including many in CA, including for the SB County region. Many cities in SB County are electing their council members and mayor. Look for our CA and County Voter information Guides to arrive in the mail after October 9. Q. Who can we trust? A. Check candidates statements on (UnivPenn.) or on (non-profit Poynter Institute) and (LWVC). A trustworthy site for more information on candidates is the non-partisan Q. What are the issues? A. Some issues you may consider as your most important ones could include any of these: the environment/climate change, gun policies, money in campaigns, food safety and agriculture, global trade, transportation and housing, care of people who are disabled, in poverty, middle class, or business owners, health care insurance, voter protection and election process security. Q. How can I help get voters in SB County to actually vote? Less than half of those registered in SB County actually voted in the June Primary this year. A: Personal contact with friends. Offer to help go over the ballot, fill out a Pledge to Vote card, ride together to the polling place or the Ballot Drop box, share and wear your I WILL VOTE stickers. Friends help Friends Vote! Susan Horne, Coordinator Voter Service

4 Page 4 VOTER CORNER WHO WILL COUNT MY VOTE? By Mary Freericks (Santa Barbara Poet & Artist) Yes, count my vote! Do not let any voting machine Destroy Discard or Erase My vote! Do not let any human being Tear Crumple Or throw away In some circular file of mutilated papers My vote! I will keep my strength My ability to remain free My fingerprint My voice. I will print it out In open ballot. Shout it out to my neighbors Above the roaring seas of disaster! We each honor our independent selves This our United States of America. Elect a President Not a dictator Or King. I will carve my vote On a boulder Perched on the mountain Each of our votes a boulder That can avalanche Destroy all lies, All hate, all walls, all borders That separate parents from children. Rebuild democracy Our free America! Yes, we count!

5 Page 5 COMMUNITY FORUMS OCTOBER COMMUNITY FORUM: IMMIGRATION PART II WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY IN SANTA BARBARA COUNTY (a follow-up to the League s Forum Immigration 2017 ) DATE & TIME: Wednesday, October 17, 2018, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM LOCATION: Faulkner Gallery, Santa Barbara Public Library, 40 E. Anapamu St. * PLEASE NOTE EVENING TIME* At our October Community Forum, we will provide information for the general public about what is happening today regarding immigration and the current situation affecting new and existing immigrants in Santa Barbara County. The discussion will include information about Federal and State policies and actions, but will focus on local activities of existing and emerging immigrant and community groups, public officials, and law enforcement. The panelists, who will each speak from their respective viewpoint, are: Anahi Mendoza, Executive Director of the Santa Barbara County Immigrant Legal Defense Center (ILDC); Jacqueline Inda, Founder and Board member of the Santa Barbara Response Network; Erica Reyes, District Representative for Congressmember Salud Carbajal; and Bill Brown, Santa Barbara County Sheriff. The League never supports or opposes candidates or political parties, but often makes recommendations on ballot measures. For more information, or phone: (805)

6 Page 6 COMMUNITY FORUMS NOVEMBER COMMUNITY FORUM: BEYOND THE BUBBLE: HOW TO ENGAGE IN DIALOGUE ACROSS POLITICAL LINES DATE & TIME: Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 12-2pm (PLEASE NOTE TIME) LOCATION: Faulkner Gallery, Santa Barbara Public Library, 40 E. Anapamu St. It can be difficult to bridge the political divide. How do we talk with people who hold political views that are different from our own? Is there a path forward, out of conflict, toward understanding and common ground? This two-hour interactive workshop will prepare participants to engage in dialogue by building skills for listening, managing emotions, and perspective talking. People of all political persuasions can benefit from this program. More information is available at Tania Israel is a Professor in the Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association. She teaches about helping skills, leadership, and community collaboration, among other things. She has facilitated educational programs and difficult dialogues about a range of topics, including abortion, law enforcement, religion, and sexual orientation. She is engaged in leadership within the local community, on campus, and in the American Psychological Association. Dr. Israel s Beyond the Bubble workshop draws on her strengths as a psychologist and community organizer to prepare people to engage in dialogue across political lines. For more information on this Forum, go to: Community Forums are held in the Faulkner Gallery of the Santa Barbara Public Library the third Wednesday of the month from 12 noon to 2pm (UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED). The Forums are co-sponsored by the Library (However, the Library is not a co-sponsor of LWVSB Advocacy Forums & Programs) and filmed by TVSB for live streaming on our Facebook Page and continued showing on our YouTube Channel; they can also be viewed on TVSB s website. Sound is provided by Gary Atkins Sound Systems. Simultaneous Spanish translation provided by Transilpro. Handicapped access is available at both entrances to the Santa Barbara Library and parking is available.

7 Page 7 STATE & NATIONAL ACTION VOTE WITH THE LEAGUE IN NOVEMBER! As you prepare to vote this fall, here is a reminder of the League s recommendations on state propositions, as well as an update on LWVSB support for some additional local ballot measures. Want to know why LWVC supports or opposes these Propositions? Go to and click on BALLOT RECOMMENDATIONS and be sure to click on Read More. The League of Women Voters of California recommends: YES - Prop 1 Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond YES - Prop 2 Homeless Housing Bond NO - Prop 3 Water Bond NO - Prop 4 Children s Hospital Bond NO - Prop 5 Property Tax NO - Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal YES - Prop 10 Repeal Costa Hawkins League positions do not cover the issues in the other measures, so we do not have recommendations on Propositions 7, 8, 11, or 12. Prop 9 was removed from the ballot. LWVSB recommends on local measures: SB County: Redistricting Commission measures YES - G 2018 Ordinance (put on ballot by Board of Supervisors) Citizens Independent Redistricting Commission NO - H 2018 Initiative of Independent Redistricting Commission City of Santa Barbara YES - B 2018 Charter Amendment Even-numbered Year Elections YES - C 2018 Charter Amendment District Elections: Vacancy Process City of Carpinteria YES - X 2018 Local Sales Tax For more information on the recommendations, check our website for the video of our September Community Forum. Continue reading on Pages 8 & 9 of this Newsletter for more in depth information about the LWVC s positions on the State Ballot Propositions. Linda Phillips, State & National Action Director,

8 Page 8 STATE & NATIONAL ACTION Continued THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF CALIFORNIA RECOMMENDS for the November 6, 2018 GENERAL ELECTION PROP 1 Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond YES California is experiencing a housing crisis. The state s extreme shortage of affordable housing has life and death consequences, especially for people with low incomes. Housing instability has been linked to public health crises, food insecurity, and developmental problems in children. Prop 1 will build and preserve affordable homes, including supportive housing, for veterans, working families, people with disabilities, Californians experiencing homelessness and others struggling to find a safe place to call home. It will authorize $4 billion in general obligation bonds, to be used to support these affordable housing programs. It would also leverage federal dollars for construction of new housing. Vote YES on Prop 1. PROP 2 Homeless Housing Bond YES A quarter of the nation s homeless reside in California--over 130,000 people. A significant percentage of our homeless population suffers from mental illness. Prop 2 allows the use of unspent money, originally allocated through a 2004 measure to fund mental health services, to be used to address the problem. If passed, the unspent money would be used to provide permanent supportive housing for people who need mental health services, and are either currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Vote YES on Prop 2. PROP 3 Water Bond NO It is essential that California manage and develop water resources in ways that benefit the environment, and that the environmental focus emphasizes both conservation and use-appropriate high water quality standards. However, this bond is not the way to accomplish those goals. While the League of Women Voters of California supports the use of long-term debt (bond measures) to finance capital projects, this measure has a number of fatal flaws, including: Shifting the cost for water from the end users to California taxpayers; Reducing state money available for other critical state programs like education, affordable housing, and healthcare; Failing to provide for adequate project oversight and financial accountability. Vote NO on Prop 3. PROP 4 Children s Hospital Bond NO While the League of Women Voters of California supports quality healthcare for all Californians, Prop 4 would use $1.5 billion in public, general obligation bond money to support privately-owned children s hospitals, along with five children s hospitals in the University of California system. State funds should not be used to support private facilities. This principle stands even when, as is the case in this measure, the facilities

9 Page 9 STATE & NATIONAL ACTION Continued serve severely ill children. The bond money would be used for construction, expansion, renovation, and equipment projects. These are capital improvements that could be funded either through revenues the private hospitals generate or through capital campaigns (where, for example, a building is named after a donor). Vote NO on Prop 4. PROP 5 Property Tax NO Property taxes are the major source of funding for schools and local services. Prop 5 is a costly constitutional amendment that would reduce funds for schools and local services by $1 billion per year. In exchange for that $1 billion a year, Prop 5 would provide special tax benefits to some property owners. It does nothing to help low- income seniors, or families struggling to find housing. Seniors already have the ability to keep their tax break when they downsize. Prop 5 drains California s coffers of money that is essential to schools and communities. Vote NO on Prop 5. PROP 6 Gas Tax Repeal NO California is in critical need of highway and local street repairs and maintenance, and improvements to mass transit and transportation. Prop 6 would repeal the recently-enacted 2017 package of taxes and fees approved by the State Legislature to fund transportation projects, amounting to a loss of $4.7 billion in annual funding. The measure would also add a constitutional amendment requiring any fuel or diesel taxes to be approved by voters, limiting the legislature s ability to address California s serious infrastructure needs. Passage of this repeal measure would have significant negative impacts and leave our state structures vulnerable, especially during natural disasters. Vote NO on Prop 6. PROP 10 Repeal Costa Hawkins YES Multiple strategies are needed to address the significant housing shortages and inequities that exist across California. While this rent control measure offers little systemic progress, and may not result in adding new affordable housing units, it does allow local communities to respond to the housing crisis in ways that are appropriate for each of them. We support providing local communities with this control. Vote YES on Prop 10. Because League positions do not cover the issues in the following measures, the LWVC is taking no stand on Prop 7 (Daylight Savings Time), Prop 8 (Dialysis), Prop 11 (Ambulance Drivers), and Prop 12 (Farm Animals). Prop 9 was removed from the ballot. VOTE WITH THE LEAGUE ON NOVEMBER 6! LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF CALIFORNIA th Street, Suite 700, Sacramento, CA / FAX: VOTE (Toll Free)

10 Page 10 INSIDE THE LEAGUE SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES COMMITTEE As we know, our climate is changing. Our water management systems are increasingly stressed in our current eighth year of drought. Hotter temperatures, volatile precipitation, shrinking snow pack, shorter wet seasons, drier dry seasons and unreliable State water supplies will increase social, economic and environmental consequences. We need to adapt to water scarcity and build drought resilience. The water districts in our area include, Carpinteria Valley, Goleta, Montecito and the City of Santa Barbara. Conservation and water shortage emergency regulations are being enforced in all jurisdictions. Penn Borden educated us on the Goleta Water District (GWD) and the strategies they plan to use to retain, capture, re-use, recycle and conserve the available water. Goleta water sources include Lake Cachuma, State Water Project and Goleta Basin ground water which is being rapidly depleted. Penn told us that while Goleta recycles a lot of water, due to lack of pipeline infrastructure much of the recycled water cannot be distributed. This is due a severe lack of funding. Santa Barbara, on the other hand has an extensive distribution system for recycled water. Santa Barbara has a broader portfolio of water sources, including the recently re-opened Desalination Plant, ability to purchase water from outside sources, and State water and groundwater (although groundwater is currently not being utilized). The Committee discussed the proposed Target store (replacing Kmart) which plans a new facade and site improvements including plans to increase landscaping, albeit with native trees. It appears that only Design Review Board findings on neighborhood compatibility, quality of architectural and landscape design, and zoning will be required. All service agencies including the GWD will continue to service the store. Since the Goleta Water District s pipeline for recycled water is just across the road at an existing hotel - a matter of some eighty feet away - the League plans to advocate for GWD to persuade the San Diego-based property owner to tie into the line. We believe it would benefit the property value of the site and would be one less drain on Goleta s precious potable water. Other improvements that the City of Goleta could ask for include rooftop solar power and improved MTD bus stop and sidewalks. Please contact us at Vijaya Jammalamadaka, Chair Sustainable Communities

11 Page 11 INSIDE THE LEAGUE Continued BOOK CLUB We have formed a book club and invite you to join. Club name: Overbooked Coordinator: Elaine Rudin Time and place: Meetings will take place on specified Tuesdays 5:30 to 7:30PM; call (805) for location. First meeting: November 13, 2018 First book: Dark Money by Jane Mayer Second Book: House of Trump, House of Putin by Craig Unger. Details for the January meeting tbd. ENERGY COMMITTEE Cause to Smile! There are many news items these days that cause environmentalists to read and weep. But in the session just ended the California Legislature gave us some reasons to smile. Companion bills important for the federal plan to increase offshore oil production were carried by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and Assemblywoman Monique Limon. They successfully cleared the Legislature and were signed by the governor. The new laws prohibit the State Lands Commission from approving any lease or permit for the state tidelands that would facilitate a new project in the federal offshore. The most obvious application of this ban is to laying a new pipeline from a platform to the shore, a very essential feature of any oil project. SB 100 from Senator Kevin de Leon establishes new, challenging goals for the state s use of renewable energy resources 100% of California s electricity is to come from non-carbon sources by December 31, The same restriction would apply to electricity purchased from out of state. Jean Holmes, Chair Energy Committee NOMINATING COMMITTEE Have you ever wanted to be more involved with the League? Consider being on the board or chairing a committee? League Board Members set policy and plan exciting programs that inform and engage our community and Make Democracy Work! As a Board Member you will be able to: Build your leadership skills, Learn to use your skills to make things happen for the League and for our community, Expand your commitment to the League and our community, Be part of a dynamic, fun group of people! If this sounds like an opportunity you or someone you know might want to pursue, please contact Connie Hannah, Nominating Committee Chair at (805) or or one of the other members of the Nominating Committee: Joe Allen, Meagan Harmon, Vijaya Jammalamadaka, Pam Flynt Tambo. Joanie Jones, Co-President LWVSB Membership & Administration

12 Page 12 INSIDE THE LEAGUE Continued Just the Beginning: A Century of Women s Political Power Update on the Making of the Documentary One hundred years ago, winning the right to vote with the passage of the 19th amendment to the Constitution was just the beginning for women as agents of political power, said Beth Pitton-August. In fact, the same group of suffragists who fought so hard to win the right to vote founded the League of Women Voters to help facilitate women s informed civic participation, public policy formation, and influence in government. In 2020 the League will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Beth, a former Co-President of the League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara, is making a feature length documentary film exploring the past, present and future of women s political power through the lens of the 100-year history of the League and allied groups. In the spring, LWVSB and the Santa Barbara Women s Political Committee co-sponsored a fundraiser for Beth s film and a celebration of our League s 80th birthday. The event at Santa Barbara Winery, which introduced guests to the documentary, raised funds for the two co-sponsors and for the film. Since then Beth has been busy interviewing dozens of people, collecting the hidden stories of what came after the passage of the 19th amendment. You can help tell the story! Beth and her team are seeking grassroots support to help cover production costs, including crew, equipment, research, archival images & footage, music, travel, etc. You can be part of a project that celebrates women s political power today and inspires everyone to use their power, get involved, and make a difference on issues they care about, said Beth. A total of $22,500 has been raised to date, but much more is needed to complete the project. Beth has an immediate goal of $4,000 by the end of 2018 to do more on-location shooting and to finish a new concept trailer. Her ultimate goal is $285,000 in additional funds to have a final cut by August We are gaining momentum, Beth said. I am so grateful for what everyone has done to help us get to where we are and now we need help to cross the finish line. Nineteen League leaders from across the country, including New York, Nevada,

13 Page 13 INSIDE THE LEAGUE Continued Florida, Ohio and North Carolina were interviewed by Beth and her crew at the LWVUS Convention this June in Chicago. They also conducted person on the street interviews with young people who were asked if they vote, if they think their vote matters, and about gerrymandering and other issues. She was assisted by a college freshman (the daughter of a League President from the Chicago area) and a recent high school graduate from Los Angeles. The LWVUS staff provided contact information for the delegate interviews. After the convention Beth traveled to Tucson, Ariz. to do a location shoot about Running and Winning, a day-long program that brings together 50 high school girls and 15 elected officials and candidates. Now in its 16th year, the program gives the students a chance to ask questions and participate in a mock election. Beth also had an opportunity to interview Sen. Dianne Feinstein when she was in Santa Barbara recently. She plans to meet soon with historian Susan M. Hartmann, author of From Margin to Mainstream: American Women and Politics since After reviewing 6 hours of film from the convention and other interviews, we are determining where else to go and what other interviews we need to tell the historical and current stories, Beth explained. She has received financial support and access to the archives from LWVUS and is coordinating with the 100th anniversary committee. That big anniversary was the inspiration for the documentary, but there are other reasons Beth feels the timing is right. At this critical time of the presidency, the current administration and far right insurgency that threaten to reverse much of what women have fought for and accomplished, these stories are more important than ever. At the Women s March on January 21, 2017, the day after the inauguration, millions of people across 60 countries said that the act of resistance and collective action was just the beginning. Today, the #metoo and Time s Up movement demonstrates that women s political power is only just beginning to be felt. Whether protecting voting rights, health, human rights, and the environment, whether promoting education or more transparent and accountable government, this unique, grassroots membership organization is a recognized force in shaping public policy, molding political leaders, and promoting informed citizen participation at all levels of government. The League of Women Voters 100-year history is a model of civil discourse and problem solving for our time, she said. According to Beth, the film is more than a history of the League; it puts the relevance of the League and its allies in the context of many progressive gains we enjoy today, as well as today s fight to protect and expand those hard-won victories. These include voting rights, the environment, public education, health care, women s reproductive rights, gun safety, and more. It aims to put the LWV in the broader context of the progress of women and their achievements in pushing for legislation and policies that are consistent with women s values and concerns. She pointed out that the League has not worked alone. Through a variety of formal

14 Page 14 INSIDE THE LEAGUE Continued coalitions and informal alliances, the League s history is one of finding common ground and working together with diverse groups to take action, shape policy, and improve people s everyday lives. Because she feels that real solutions to our communities and our country s most entrenched problems need everyone engaged and empowered, she hopes that the documentary will give audiences a determination to vote, get involved, and make a difference on issues they care about with a new vision for what is possible for our democracy. To learn more and make a donation, visit the website If contributing by check, make payable to IntersectionsTV (producers of the film) and mail to: 3849B Crescent Drive, Santa Barbara, CA Gifts are not tax deductible and do not offer a monetary return. For more information, contact Beth Pitton-August at Update by Vicki Allen, Community Outreach Beth Pitton-August with Sen. Diane Feinstein Beth interviews LWVUS President Chris Carson and Husband Tom Carson

15 Page 15 Membership WELCOME, WELCOME We welcome Jill Ross Beres, Carol Eichler and An Pham to membership since the report last month. An is a student at Santa Barbara High School and has been appointed to the LWVSB Board of Directors as Web Manager. An joins Rosie Campbell, a SBHS student active in voter registration. Jill, Carol and An join the eleven other new members welcomed in last month s Channel Voter. How wonderful to see student participation. How are you participating? Have you returned the blue Membership Participation Survey which was sent to you along with the Opportunity is Knocking brochure that gives the names of contacts for putting your talents to work? It was enclosed with your renewal envelope. Have you renewed your membership? Remember our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Renewing members, your payment of dues is late as of October 1. According to our Bylaws any member who fails to pay dues within 60 days after they become payable shall no longer be a member of the League. Use the membership form on this page and enclose it with your Participation Survey. If you have any questions or would like another membership packet, please contact me at or phone me at (805) I look forward to hearing from you. Bev King, Vice President for Membership, Voter Service & Administration In Memoriam It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Janice Jan Baxter on July 8, Note: Members wishing to carpool to the Carpinteria Girls Club Celebration honoring Dorothy Campbell on November 3, 5315 Foothill Rd., should contact Bev King (805) MEMBERSHIP FORM - LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS, SANTA BARBARA PLEASE CHECK ALL THAT APPLY: HERE IS MY ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES $70 SECOND MEMBER IN SAME HOUSEHOLD $35 STUDENT $5 I CAN T JOIN RIGHT NOW. HERE IS MY CONTRIBUTION OF $ REDUCED DUES OF $35 ARE AVAILABLE PLEASE SEND ME MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE LEAGUE TOTAL SUBMITTED $ Make check payable to: League of Woman Voters of Santa Barbara, 328 E. Carrillo St., Suite A, Santa Barbara California, You may also pay online through PayPal at ($3 added if you pay online with PayPal) For more information phone the League (805) or NAME: ADDRESS: CITY: ZIP: PHONE: FAX:

16 Page 16 OCTOBER/NOVEMBER CALENDAR OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2 TUES: Discussion Group: Madam Lu s 5:30PM 3524 State Street, Contact Karen Bunker (805) or Jane Honikman (805) (Supper Unit) 2 FRI: Sustainable Communities 10:15 to 12PM Maravilla Senior Living Community Clubhouse Calle Real, S.B. 5 FRI: Sustainable Communities 10:15 to 12PM Maravilla Senior Living Community Clubhouse Calle Real, S.B. 8 Mon: (Downtown) Discussion Group 10:00AM Call LWVSB office at (805) for location 9 TUES: Pros & Cons Forum 6:00PM Faulkner Gallery, Santa Barbara Public Library 10 WED: Carpinteria Discussion Group 10:00AM Carpinteria Women s Club Vallecito Rd. Contact Jane Benefield (805) SAT: LWVSB Board Meeting 10:00AM League Office East Carrillo St. Suite A 17 WED: Community Forum 6 to 8PM Santa Barbara Public Library Faulkner Gallery 23 Tues: Communications Committee 12 noon League Office 6 TUES: ELECTION DAY! 6 TUES: Discussion Group: Madam Lu s 5:30PM 3524 State Street, Contact Karen Bunker (805) or Jane Honikman (805) (Supper Unit) 10 SAT: LWVSB Board Meeting 10:00AM League Office East Carrillo St. Suite A 12 Mon: (Downtown) Discussion Group 10:00AM Call LWVSB office at (805) for location (this is still tentative, TBD) 14 WED: Community Forum 12 to 2PM Santa Barbara Public Library Faulkner Gallery 14 WED: Carpinteria Discussion Group 10:00AM Carpinteria Women s Club Vallecito Rd. Contact Jane Benefield (805) Tues: Communications Committee 12 noon League Office 24 WED: Water Committee 12 noon League Office 28 WED: Water Committee 12 noon League Office 25 THU: Social Policy Committee 4:30PM League Office 29 THU: Social Policy Committee 4:30PM League Office