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1 SATURDAY No. 642 N300 FOR GOD AND COUNTRY NIGERIA'S MOST INFLUENTIAL NEWSPAPER MY SECRET LIFE: I ACCEPT CHALLENGES IN GOOD FAITH JOY PAGE 71 PAGE 4 Leadership Police Recover Mace In Gombe, Another Stolen In Abuja BY CHUWANG DUNGS, Gombe. The mace of the Gombe State House of Assembly forcefully taken away by its All Progressives Congress (APC) minority members during plenary on Thursday has been recovered, the police disclosed yesterday. However, as one mace was recovered in Gombe, another was stolen in Abuja, the federal capital. The mace of the legislative arm of the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) is missing while END IN SIGHT FOR HEALTH WORKERS STRIKE AS SENATE WADES IN part of the council s chamber was destroyed after a tussle between the members on Thursday. AMAC is one of the six area councils in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). In Gombe, the state police commissioner, Mr Tairu Shina CONTINUED ON PAGE Days After, PMB 4 Receives Budget From NASS Female Lawmakers Demand VP Seat BY JONATHAN NDA-ISAIAH, Abuja President Muhammadu Buhari (middle) flanked by members of the Conference of Nigerian Female Parliamentarians (CONPEPA), led by their chairperson, Hon Elizabeth Ative (2nd left), after their meeting with the president at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, yesterday. PHOTO BY REMI AKUNLEYAN Women politicians under the auspices of the Conference of Nigerian Female Parliamentarians (CONFEPA) have called for the position of the vice president to be reserved for women in subsequent elections in the country. The women made the appeal yesterday when they visited President Muhammadu Buhari at the CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

2 2 Leadership Saturday, May 26, 2018

3 Saturday, May 26, 2018 Leadership Newspapers our stand 3 Will There Ever Be Another Census? Planning is key in governance given that governance is all about the well-being of the people, the citizens. Planning for the citizens out rightly demands that government must not only know the needs of its people, but the number or at least a credible approximation of the number of the people it is planning for. This is where population census comes in and why it is critical in national planning and budgeting. A government which has no idea of the number of deaths or that of births within the nation s space and how the relativity of both variables and migration affect its demography may, in some circumstances, find itself to have planned for the dead, when the intention was for the living. By United Nations recommendation, population census should be a decennial event. Happening at this interval would place any government on a better footing to have a grasp of the changes that would have occurred in the population over the years and deploy such knowledge in policy making. In budgeting for instance, knowing and understanding the country s population would aid a government know what is appropriate to allocate to the various sectors of the economy, absence of which means that the government has to simply rely on guess work. In Nigeria, policy makers roll out development frameworks without a care for population and demographic dynamics largely because the idea that God who gives children would provide what would be needed to bring them up, as simplistic as it sounds, does not speak to the man in the street, as it does to bureaucrats and policy framers. After the 1991 population census, carried out by the military, another took place in Given the centrality of population census, another was to take place in 2016, but it is clear that it would not take place even by More painful is that the government whom census benefits the most do not give a hang. The colonial masters strove to conduct census at the recommended 10 year interval with the 1921 national census that put the population of the country at 18.7 million and another in Others were in 1952 and These are barring the headcounts they conducted in the Colony of Lagos in 1871 and in In our 58 years as an independent country, we have only conducted three censuses: 1973, 1991 and EDITOR Kayode Falade FOR GOD AND COUNTRY DEPUTY EDITORS Pembi David-Stephen Victoria Omuya Usman GENERAL EDITOR Silas Ezeugwu CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Dele Fanimo POLITICAL DIRECTOR/ STATE HOUSE Jonathan Nda-Isaiah CHAIRMAN Sam Nda-Isaiah EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT Christian Ochiama ASS. MANAGING EDITOR George Agba COORDINATOR, EDITORIAL BOARD Suleiman Abdullahi GROUP LTD GMD, LEADERSHIP GROUP Abdul Gombe GROUP EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Felicia Ogbonlaiye Geoffrey Essien HR DIRECTOR Solomon Nda-Isaiah CHIEF PROCUREMENT & ASSETS OFFICER Mrs Zipporah Tanko DIRECTOR, HAUSA PUBLICATIONS Mubarak Umar GENERAL MANAGERS Ibrahim Halilu Femi Adekunle Ebriku John Solomon Alabi LEADERSHIP is a national paper symbolically embedded in the nation s capital. We shall stand up for good governance. We shall defend the interest of Nigerian people even against their rulers, and we shall raise our pen at all times in defence of what is right. These are the values by which we intend to be assessed. We shall never, ever for any reason forget the noble reason of our coming into being: F o r G o d a n d C o u n t r y! That Nigeria does not conduct census as and when due is hardly because of the funds but rather as a result of lack of political will and other vested interests. A government comes in for four years and steers clear of census because it begins to plan reelection two years into its tenure of four years and would not want the angry criticisms and acrimony that traditionally trail census outcomes in the country to affect its political fortunes. Census is offlimit for a Nigerian government in its third year, which is spent as a campaign year, so also in the fourth and election year. Then the politicisation. Just like elections, census is desperately rigged in the country because it often determines what the states of the federation get in terms of number of constituencies and in some cases, local government areas. Census rigging in the country gets as nasty as hijack of census materials in some states by unyielding manipulators. In all the three occasions Nigeria showed determination to conduct national census, it received good international financial assistance. It is, therefore, safe to reiterate that finance has never been the issue with the non-conduct of census in the country. While the various governments of the country deserve all the thumbs down they get for not being mindful of the essence of census in national planning and development, we note that the National Population Commission, NPC, the agency of government statutorily saddled with the responsibility of conducting census in the country has always been willing and prepared to do its bit. Even without the government bothering with the next census that is overdue by two years, the NPC has done house enumeration and delineation in local government areas of the country as far as the fund available to it could go. This is commendable given that though census ought to have taken place in 2016, there had been zero budgetary allocation for it from 2006 till date, even as expectations were high that it would have been conducted this year following the Senate s 2017 recommendation. It is a thing of regret that the NPC relies on rough estimates to assume that the country s population has hit 198 million from the figure of the 2006 census that put the nation s population at 140,431,790 people. Be that as it may, we insist that a government that is concerned about planning, must understand the significance of head count.

4 4 NEWS Leadership Saturday, May 26, Days After, PMB Receives Budget From NASS BY JONATHAN NDA-ISAIAH AND AHURAKA ISAH, Abuja About 200 days after presenting the 2018 appropriation bill before a joint session of the National Assembly, President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday received the budget estimates for the current fiscal year. The senior special assistant to the president on national assembly matters (Senate), Senator Ita Enang, acknowledged the receipt of the budget passed by the National Assembly last week Wednesday. Enang confirmed yesterday evening that he had received the budget from the Clerk of the National Assembly and was set to transmit same to President Buhari. I have received the 2018 appropriation bill for onward transmission to the president as soon as possible. I can confirm to you that the budget has left the National Assembly, he said. Asked about the destination of the document, he said, Since the appropriation bill has been received, what is left is for it to be transmitted immediately to the president. When the budget leaves the National Assembly, it goes to the president. The president has received the budget. The Senate and the House of Representatives had on May 16 concurrently passed the 2018 budget estimates on oil price benchmark of $51 per barrel as against $45 per barrel projected in the N8.612 trillion presented to them by President Buhari last year, thus jerking it up to N9.120 trillion. On Wednesday night, Senate President Bukola Saraki said that the National Assembly would transmit the 2018 budget to the presidency on Friday (yesterday). Saraki said this in an interview with the State House correspondents after the breaking of fast between President Muhammadu Buhari and the leadership of the National Assembly at the presidential villa. The Senate President said, We are here on the invitation of Mr President to break fast with him. It is a good development and it shows we are working together. It is in the spirit of the good relationship that has existed. It has been traditional and shows that we have been working together whether you are from the legislative or the executive arm, it is one government with the purpose to serve the Nigerian people. And I think it is good for Nigerians to stay more and more together. So, things are good; things are working well. We will continue to work as one team. In passing the budget on May 16, the National Assembly said increases effected on the entire budget profile and the $6 increase made on oil price benchmark were done alongside with the executive arm. The federal lawmakers gave highlights of the increased aggregate expenditure of N9.120 trillion to include N530, 421, 368,624 billion for statutory transfers as against N456, 458, 654, 074 earlier proposed and N2,203, 835, 365, 699 trillion for debt service as against N2,233, 835, 365, 699 earlier proposed. Others are N3, 512, 677, 902, 077 trillion for recurrent expenditure as against N3,494,277, 820, 219 earlier proposed, N2,873, 400, 351, 825 trillion for capital expenditure as against N2, 427, 665, 113, 222 earlier proposed and Saraki N1, 954, 464, 993, 775 trillion for fiscal deficit. However, in the area of parameters upon which the budget estimates are based, aside the $45 per barrel oil price benchmark increased to $51 per barrel, other parameters like 2.3million barrel oil production per day, N305 to a US dollar exchange rate, among others were retained. Specifically, the Appropriation committee of both chambers, in their separate reports adopted and passed, explained that the N508billion added to the N8.612trillion presented to them in November last year arose from addition of N46.72billion to the security votes, N57.15billion to Health projection and N106.50billion to Power, Works and Housing estimates. Others are N15.70billion added to budgetary votes for the education sector out of which N1billion each was earmarked for the 12 federal universities established by the Jonathan administration for critical infrastructure. Also listed in the report were the N10billion added to the judiciary votes and N44.20billion added to the budgetary provisions of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). Generally, under statutory transfers, the National Assembly has the highest vote of N139.5 billion, which is N14billion higher than N125billion earmarked for it in the 2017 budget. Others are INEC, N45.5 billion, Universal Basic Education, N billion and Public Complaints Commission, N7.480 billion. Sectorally, Ministry of Power, works and Housing has the highest vote of N billion, followed by the Ministry of Transportation that got N billion. Others are N billion for Ministry ofd, N billion for Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, N billion for Ministry of water resources. Payment for oil subsidy was not included in the budget, as both chambers called on the executive to forward a supplementary budget for that purpose. In his remarks at the Senate session, the Senate President Saraki had said, We must appreciate now that the crude oil price is close to $80 (per barrel). A lot of Nigerians are expecting to see our Excess Crude Account to be on the rise but if money is being used for subsidy at the end of the day, we will have it difficult to explain. That is why it is important that we capture this subsidy into the budget. End In Sight For Health Workers Strike As Senate Wades In The ongoing strike by health professionals under the Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) appears headed for resolution following the intervention of the Senate. Yesterday, Senate President Bukola Saraki met with the minister of health, Prof. Isaac Adewole; his labour and employment counterpart, Dr Chris Ngige, and leaders of the health workers union in a bid to end the ongoing strike. LEADERSHIP Weekend reports that the JOHESU strike has lingered for over a month and has crippled healthcare delivery in many parts of the nation, leading to avoidable deaths. JOHESU, an association of health workers apart from medical doctors and Female Lawmakers Demand VP Seat FROM COVER presidential villa, Abuja. CONFEPA chairperson, Hon Elizabeth Ativie, who led a delegation composed of female lawmakers from the nation s 36 states, told the president that Nigerian women politicians were being marginalised by their male counterparts. According to her, the country has had only one female principal officer in each of the two chambers of the National Assembly since the return of democracy dentists, had on April 18 this year begun an indefinite strike over the failure of the federal government to honour the agreement it entered with the union last September. Top on the union s demand list is salary adjustment, a demand Nigerian doctors have vehemently opposed, warning the government that acceding to such demand would precipitate a crisis that may lead to the collapse of the health sector. According to a statement on Friday by his chief press secretary, Sanni Onogu, during a meeting with the union, the Senate president listened to the grievances and demands of the JOHESU leadership, led by its chairman, in She appealed to Buhari to use his good offices to compel states to allow more women into elective positions. Whenever the president is a man, the vice president should be a woman. For every three senatorial seats in the states, one should be a woman. Where there are nine House of Reps members, the men should take six and leave three for women, she said. In his response, President Buhari jokingly said: It is a pity that the Vice Biobelemonye Joseph, and pledged that the Senate would ensure that the right thing is done to end the strike. Saraki said that it was not in the interest of the country to have its hospitals closed and assured that the Senate would work with all the necessary bodies to ensure the strike is called off. I have heard your remarks. I will spend some time to discuss with you and get more details to see how we can put an end to this strike. On our own part, we will bring all parties involved together to ensure that where commitments have been made, those who made the commitments (should) honour them. President is not here, but I am sure the Secretary to the Government of the Federation will brief him that his position is threatened. It is only the vice president who is threatened, and if we win the next election, he may lose his position. The president, however, appreciated the support he received from women in the four times he ran for president, and recalled reports he received during elections in which women in labour queued to vote for him. The only thing I can assure you is that we will make sure that the right thing is done and that this matter is resolved, he said. LOW GI FOR BETTER SLEEP You may have heard about the health benefits a low-gi diet can have for youmore steady energy levels, less bloating, no sugar cravings but eating a low-gi diet can also be beneficial for your sleep quality. GI stands for Glycaemic index the ranking of carbohydrate containing foods based on their overall effect on blood glucose levels. When we eat foods with a high GI, such as white bread, pastries and sweets, our blood sugar spikes and then drops rapidly, leaving us tired, irritable and hungry. This can continue on into the night, so if you have finished the evening off with sweetened tea and biscuits, you can wake in the night with feelings of hunger. Eating low-gi foods helps ensure your body is fuelled throughout the night, meaning you don t get the midnight snack-attack and have steadier sleep. Culled from 50 Tips To Help You Sleep Well

5 Saturday, May 26, Leadership NEWS 5 EFCC Grills Ex-gov Yero For 4 Hours Over N700m Campaign Fund The Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) yesterday interrogated former governor of Kaduna State, Ramalan Yero, for four hours at the commission s office in Kaduna. It was gathered that Yero was at the EFCC Kaduna office from around 9am till about 1:30pm when he walked out smiling. Democracy Day: FG Declares Tuesday Public Holiday BY CHRISTIANA NWAOGU, ABUJA The federal government has declared Tuesday, May 29, a public holiday to celebrate this year s Democracy Day. Minister of Interior, Lt. Gen. Abdulrahman Dambazau (rtd) made the announcement on behalf of the federal Police Recover Mace In Gombe, Another Stolen In Abuja FROM COVER Olukolu, said the mace was found by men of his command behind the National Industrial Court complex in Gombe town where it was abandoned. He also disclosed that the vehicle used to whisk away the mace from the Assembly complex was also recovered. The police commissioner, who disclosed this to journalists yesterday shortly after handing over the mace to the Speaker of the state Assembly, Nasiru Abubakar Nono, warned politicians to desist from criminal acts that would heat up the system unnecessarily in the name of politics. Olukolu said that investigation was ongoing but that the police were yet to make any arrest. LEADERSHIP Weekend recalls that some minority members of the state Assembly made away with the mace, which is the symbol of authority of the legislature, during plenary on Thursday while resisting attempts to impeach the house minority leader. The Gombe State Assembly is dominated by the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with 16 members to APC s eight. Meanwhile, in the AMAC incident, the missing mace brought to fore the crisis that had engulfed the council s hallowed chamber leading to calls for the impeachment of the speaker, Daniel Shanyibwa Michael, over gross misconduct. Deputy Speaker Haruna Musa Saidu alleged that the speaker and the sergeant at arms took the mace away from the chamber. We have a meeting and the speaker pre-empted the House and took our mace, broke the door, he said. The mace we used in today s (Thurday s) sitting was a substitute because our sergeant-at-arms took the first mace to the house of the Speaker. As we speak now, our mace is either in the custody of the He thanked his supporters who were outside the EFCC office for their solidarity. The former governor, however, declined to make comments to the press. His spokesman, Malam Yakubu Lere, however told NAN that his boss was invited in connection with the N700 million campaign funds government yesterday in Abuja. In a statement signed by the ministry s permanent secretary, Dr. M.B Umar, the minister congratulated Nigerians for witnessing yet another Democracy Day and pledged government s continued dedication to sergeant-at-arms or the Speaker, he said. The motion for the impeachment of the Speaker was moved by the House majority leader, Yusuf Tahir Kadir, during a sitting yesterday. Kadir stated that the Speaker had abused his office by taking unilateral decisions without consulting the members which, he said, amounted to impunity and gross abuse of privilege. Kadir, in a copy of the petition made available to journalists yesterday, accused the Speaker of desecrating the legislative arm s symbol of the authority by ordering the mace to be deposited in an unconstitutional and unauthorised location. The embattled Speaker, however, said he had not done anything wrong. released to the state by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) headquarters in Lere recalled that the former governor was at the EFCC office in Kano two years ago over the same matter and was granted administrative bail. At that time, he explained during the interrogation that the N700 million was PDP entrenching democracy in the polity. He also assured Nigerians of the government s continued efforts towards guaranteeing security of life and property, revitalising the economy and tackling corruption. The interior minister noted that a lot had been achieved in I know myself. I have not done anything wrong. I will answer the petition from A to Z because I know that my heart is clear, he said.... As Group Calls On Security Agencies To Take Charge A pressure group in the state, the Gombe State Vanguard for Development, has condemned Thursday s rancour at the State House of Assembly which led to the hijacking of the mace by members of the APC, saying it was a disservice to the institution of democracy in the state and the country as a whole. The APC leadership is trying to plunge the state into chaos, disarray and total anarchy in the name of politics, the group said. A statement issued yesterday by the leader of the group, Dahiru money sent to him as the then governor of Kaduna State to finance 2015 general election with instructions which he judiciously followed. What they are holding against him was that he kept the money in the office of the Secretary to the State Government instead of in a bank. the area of security, particularly in the North East, and in tackling corruption, adding that recent statistics by the National Bureau of Statistics indicated tremendous improvement in the nation s Gross Domestic Product. Dambazau admonished the citizens to join hands Hassan Kera, described the development as a bad omen for the country s growing democracy and the peace being enjoyed in the state. He said it was very unfortunate that the level of development achieved in the state s political system as a result of the efforts of the present Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) administration led by Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, such a backward incident as that of Thursday should be perpetrated by the minority APC. The present actions and political engagements by the APC branch in Gombe State on the watch of its leader, Danjuma Goje, is prone to take us back to the olden and ugly trend of political barbarism and primitive culture of political bitterness, he said. Even last week he was here on the same issue, but as you can see, he came out smiling, meaning the commission has found nothing to hold against him for now, Lere said. The spokesman urged Yero supporters to remain calm and be law abiding, adding that the struggle to rescue the state from collapse has just began. with President Buhari in his sustained efforts in building a peaceful and enduring democratic legacy. The day was first set aside by then President Olusegun Obasanjo to commemorate Nigeria s return to democratic rule in 1999 after decades of military dictatorship. Kera called on security agencies to wade in and save the state s political system from thuggery and violence. We in the Gombe State Vanguard for Development condemn the ugly development as we call on all security agencies to, as a matter of urgency, check the activities of the APC in the state with a view to curtail a further breakdown of law and order. We believe that with this situation, danger looms for our hard-earned democracy and the peace being enjoyed in the state, which must not be allowed; it must be protected by all. The group called on the security agencies to investigate and prosecute all those indicted in the incident, adding that the interest of the state supersedes that of any individual or group.

6 6 NEWS ACROSS THE STATES Saturday, May 26, 2018 R-L: Secretary, New Generation Leadership Development Foundation Barr. Seun Olokeogun; chairman, Dr. Godwin Udibe; treasurer, Alhaji Usman Kaiba; and asst. secretary, Barr. Onyebuchi Obeta, during a press briefing by the foundation in Abuja, yesterday Boko Haram: IDPs Can Now Return Home Army BY FRANCIS OKOYE, Maiduguri He expressed his appreciation to the Chief army mandate on humanitarian support, the of Army Staff, Lt Gen Tukur Yusuf Buratai, for division has rendered lots of humanitarian The outgone General Officer Commanding giving him the opportunity to serve as the GOC services to the IDPs and surrendered Boko (GOC), 7 Division of the Nigeran Army, in of the largest Division of the Nigerian Army in Haram insurgents in line with the international Borno State, Major Gen Ibrahim Manu Yusuf, the country. standards, Gen Biu said. has said that part of successes recorded by the He also thanked the Theater Commander, Meanwhile, Brigadier General Abdulmalik Nigeran Army in the war against insurgency in Operation Lafiya Dole, Major General Rogers Biu, has taken over as the General Officer Borno and Northeast was its ability to create Nicholas, staff of the 7 Division, Governor Commanding (GOC) 7 Division of the Nigerian the avenue for the return of displaced persons Kashim Shettima, International NGOs, Borno Army following the deployment of Maj General to their various communities in Borno State. State government and good people of Borno, Ibrahim Manu Yusuf, the former GOC, as the Maj Gen Yusuf added that the Nigerian security agencies as well as the members of the director, Nigerian Army Consult in the Nigerian Military should not be judged by the number Civilian JTF and hunters for their support and Army Resources Centre, Army headquarters, of terrorists killed, but by the number of the contributions to the military and 7 Division in Abuja. insurgents that deserted as well as the number particular during his stay. Brigadier General Abdulmalik Bulama of them that have surrendered to troops. The Nigerian Military has created the Biu, is a native of Hawul in Borno State, and The former GOC stated this yesterday, at a condition for return of the Internally Displaced a professional soldier and war veteran with farewell dinner and breaking of Ramadan fast Persons ( IDPs ) back to their communities, several operational experiences, particularly a organised in his honour at the Nigeran Army while thousands have been rescued from the member of the Economic Community of West Command Guest House in Maiduguri, the captivity of the boko haram insurgents. As part African States (ECOMOG) monitoring group Borno State capital. of the federal government policy and Nigerian in Liberia. Political Power Struggle, Major Cause Of Insecurity In Nigeria PDP BY TOPE FAYEHUN, AKURE National Vice Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former commissioner for Information in Ondo State, Dr Eddy Olafeso, has blamed the security challenges confronting the country on the struggle for political power among the political class, which has led to the formation of different terrorism groups. Olafeso, who was delivering a lecture titled, Nigeria s Security Challenges, the Media and Blame Game as parts of activities marking the Special Press Week on the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Ondo State Council, lamented the failure of security agencies to identify the BY ANDREW ESSIEN, ABUJA A political pressure group, the Amalgamated South South Forum for Ibrahim Shekarau, has chided the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) over what it termed the continued intimidation of a former governor of Kano State, Dr Ibrahim Shekarau. The forum also questioned why, after being invited 24 months ago, without any incriminating evidence against him, Dr Shekarau should once again be harassed with summons that will still not throw up anything. Spokesman of the group, Hon Frank Oriyebo, who read a communique issued at the end of its emergency meeting in Port Harcourt, claimed these invitations to the former governor and one-time minister of education, is a ploy to thwart his 2019 presidential ambition even as they wondered what this portends in the fight against corruption. The group stated: The mention of Shekarau s name that he was given N25 million from the campaign fund of the former President Goodluck Jonathan, is a ploy to ambush him from joining the 2019 race. The agency has been relentless in combing through the activities of Shekarau in the eight forces behind them, their grouses or long term goals. Highlighting some of the issues threatening the existence of Nigeria, which included boko haram, herdsmen militia and various cult groups, the PDP chieftain said these crises have long been with Nigeria as a nation and the leaders have failed to either address or ameliorate them. Some journalists who, on the occasion, received NUJ professional awards included, Isaac Afolabi of Radio Nigeria Positive FM as Sports Reporter of the Year, 2017 (electronics), Segun Giwa of NAN as Sports Reporter of the year (Print), Hakeem Gbadamosi of Nigerian Tribune as Investigative Reporter (print) and Sunmola Olowookere of The Hope Newspaper as the Judicial Reporter (print). Others were Cameraman of the Year, Omobomi Oguntolu, Information Officer of the Year, Folasade Olatinpo of Akure South Local government, and the Grassroots reporter of the Year (print), Iyiade Akinseye of Alaroye Newspaper. Some public figures also received awards of excellence including Dr Samson Odedina, provost of the Federal College of Agriculture as distinguished Educationist and Administrator; Senator Omotayo Alasoadura, who was made life patron of the Union and the State Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Deaconess Lola Fagbemi for consistent political ideology. 2019: S South Forum Chides Graft Agency Over Intimidation Of Ex Kano Gov years that he was the governor of Kano State, but have, to their chagrin, found no shred of incriminating evidence against him. If there is nothing against the man, what then is the rationale behind this continued harassment by seasonally inviting him? According to the group, Shekarau left an indelible record as the governor of Kano State. He also left a remarkably untainted track record as the Minister of Education. Shekarau, so far, has been unblemished as a public servant. NANS Urges FG To Admit NOUN s Law Graduates In Nigerian Law School BY HENRY TYOHEMBA, ABUJA The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has urged the Federal Government to admit Law graduates of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) into the Nigerian Law School. The body gave a three months ultimatum to Nigerian government to resolve the issue in a statement signed by Taiwo Bamigbade, NANS Senate President and Abdulakeem Rufai, clerk of the association in Abuja. They said NANS had patiently watched how, after five years of graduation, the NOUN law graduates had been denied admission into the Nigerian Law School as provided in the NOUN students handbook, which is a legally binding contract. The students body further said that it had, through a communiqué addressed to President Muhammadu Buhari, called on him to use his good offices to ensure the matter was resolved. We make bold to remind you, Sir, that the university was established by the Federal Government of Nigeria, accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC). Of course, NANS, as a body, is not concerned about the continuation of law programme in NOUN if opposed by the professional bodies. Ramadan Timing Day 10 Towns Magrib Alfijr Abakaliki Abeokuta Abuja Akure Akwanga Auchi Ankpa Argungu Azare Bama Bauchi Benin Bichi Bida Birnin Gwari B/Kebbi Birnin Kudu 6: Biu 6: Calabar Damaturu Dambatta Daura Dutse Enugu Funtua Gashaka Gashua Gwadabawa Gwandu Gwaram 6: Gombe Gumi Gusau Gwoza Gumel Hadejia Ibadan/Ife Ilesha Baruba Ilorin Jalingo Jama are Jega Jere Jos Kabba Kachia Kafanchan Kafin Maiyaki Kaduna Kano Katsina Kaura Namoda Keffi Kontagora Lafia Lagos Langtang Lau Lokoja/Idah Maiduguri Makurdi Malumfashi Minna Missau Mubi Mokwa Monguno New Bussa Ningi Nguru Ogbomosho Okene Onitsha Owerri Oyo P/Harcourt Potiskum Sagamu Saminaka Sokoto Suleja Shendam Takum Warri Wase Wurno Wukari Yola/Numan Zaria Zuru Cotonnou Ndjamena Garoua Younde (Source: Society for the Propagation of Islam Kaduna) Compiled by Al-Amin Ciroma

7 Saturday, May 26, Leadership 7

8 8 NEWS ACROSS THE STATES Saturday, May 26, ,000 Sit For Police Recruitment Exams BY CHIKA MEFOR, ABUJA The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) yesterday, screened about 36,000 candidates shortlisted nationwide for police recruitment exercise. The applicants sat for the aptitude test conducted through Computer Based Test (CBT) administered by JAMB in 156 CBT centres across the country. Speaking to newsmen in Abuja during the monitoring, the Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of Training, Mr Istifanus Shettima, said that JAMB was involved in the exercise to ensure transparency and credibility of the selection process. Shettima, who monitored the screening exercise in company of the Registrar of JAMB, Prof Ishaq Oloyede, added that successful candidates would proceed to Police Staff College for training. Oloyede, while monitoring the examination at Kogo centre, a close proximity to its headquarters in Bwari, commended the police authorities for keying into the CBT, as it was a guaranteed way of selecting the best applicants and discarding those found to be unworthy of the job without any sentiments. Oloyede, said they conduct recruitment examinations for agencies both in public and private sectors because the Board has facilities which are put to use once or twice a year. He added that since the facilities are there, at minimum cost, people are allowed to use the system. We have agencies who believe in us and they patronise us, particularly those who want to do things transparently. But if you don t want to do something that is transparent, JAMB is not the right place to go. If you know that you want to set the rules and you want the rules to be enforced, and transparently so, JAMB offers a service at a cost that you cannot get elsewhere, because we are using an already established public service facility. All we ensure is that there must be set standard, and the set standard must be enforced. I must congratulate the Nigerian Police Force because when they came, we were not sure but they complied with all the agreement about setting standard and ensuring that there will be no waiver at any point of the exercise, he said. He disclosed that the Board has conducted 16 similar examinations using the CBT this year and that many agencies have indicated interest for the Board to help them do their recruitment test. Vice President Yemi Osinbajo (r); Gov Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State (2nd r) and minister of Interior, retired Lt.-Gen Abdurahman Dambazau, during the vice president s visit to Sabon Gari Market in Kano, yesterday APC Chairmanship: Why We Endorsed Oshiomole Edo Political Leaders BY CHIBUZO UKAIBE, ABUJA A political association named Emerging Edo Political Leaders Association (EEPLA), yesterday reflected on the state of affairs in the All Progressives Congress (APC) and declared that the party needs the political experience, negotiating skills and passion of former Edo State governor, Adam Oshiomole, as its national chairman, ahead of the 2019 general elections. They further appealed to APC Obaseki Releases N1.5bn To Pay Arrears Of Local Govt. Pensioners BY PATRICK OCHOGA, BENIN CITY In fulfillment of the promise made by the Edo State governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki, during the 2018 Workers Day celebration in Benin City, the state government has released N1.5billion for the payment of arrears of local government pensioners in the state. The commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, members to be calm and stay united following the outcome of recent congresses across the country. The national chairman of EEPLA, Dandison Efosa Okunbo, who spoke with newsmen in Abuja, underscored that the party needs the experience, vibrancy and negotiating skills of Oshiomhole at this time in its political sojourn. He said, on behalf of our members nationwide, we have come together to endorse a man (Oshiomhole) whom we believe will take our party to the next Hon Jimoh Ijegbai, made this known in Benin City, yesterday, while addressing the association of local government pensioners. Ijegbai said the N1.5billion released by the governor, covers eight months arrears of 4,340 local government pensioners in the state. You will recall that on May 1, 2018, during the May Day celebration, the governor made a promise to release N1.5billion to clear part of the level. Having looked at the different factions that characterised our recent congresses, we believe that the party needs someone with strong negotiating skills, experience, energy and passion for the party. The man in question is someone that has been tried and tested as a Labour leader and executive governor of Edo State, and he did excellently well. As such, we believe that all that experience cannot go to waste. He has all the experience and passion to unify the members across board. local government pensioners arrears in the state. I am glad to announce to you that the money has been released for immediate payment. He explained that after the announcement by the governor, a meeting with the pensioners was called and the screening of the pensioners commenced. That screening has been completed and we are now ready to pay our pensioners their arrears. Lessons From Last Congresses Will Strenghten Us APC BY ABU NMODU, MINNA The Chairman of All Progressives Congress, Niger State, Eng Muhammad Jibril Imam, has stated that the recent congresses of the party from the ward to the state level, have further strengthened the party with the necessary lessons on how to tackle likely challenges of 2019 general election. He stated this yesterday in Minna while speaking to Journalists and reviewing all the congresses in the state and how the state APC was able to navigate through affirmation instead of outright election. Eng Imam said, we have learnt from the congresses to do a lot of work to solidify the party, we will meet those who are aggrieved within the party. For voters, luckily we know the people, we will meet them, we have learnt a lot of lessons According to him, the party will do more work than it did in 2015 to come out victorious in 2019, because a lot has happened between 2015 and 2019 and that the position the party was before going into 2015 election, will be different from that of He stated that in Niger State, the APC is lucky because the party has a lot to show in the state, saying that, for instance, in the area of education through the whole school approach, school structures that have not being touched for 50 years have been totally turned around. On the coalition of political parties against APC by 2019, he stated that no amount of coalition or third force could stop the victory of the APC in 2019, but added that in democracy, opposition was a normal thing. The party chairman stated that there must be both negative and the positive for the system to work, adding that if the opposition makes constructive suggestion where the party in government was not doing well, correction could be taken to improve the system. In democracy, it is about negative and positive, we need the two. It can not be one alone, the more they tell us our mistakes, the more we take corrections and get stronger, that is the beauty of democracy: he declared. He also has energy and focus. For any assignment you give him, he will always out do it. And we believe our party will benefit tremendously from such a man, the chairman said. He added, We also believe that if an Edo man, who has done well, like Odigie- Oyegun is leaving the stage, it will be to our best interest as Edo people to see another Edo man emerge as APC chairman. And it is not just any Edo man, but someone in the profile of Adams Oshiomhole, because we trust he will do an excellent job. Registrar Decries Shortfall Of Certified Librarians In Nigeria BY ABDULLAHI YAKUBU, Kano The Registrar/CEO, Librarians Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN), Professor Michael Afolabi, on Tuesday in Kano, expressed concern over lack of enough certified librarians in the country. He said throughout the country, there are about 5, 473 certified librarians, who are inadequate to serve all the institutions where their services are needed. He called on all Librarians in the Public and Private sector to register, so as to be officially recognised, as many opportunities abound for them to get employed. In his address, at the beginning of a five-day workshop, yesterday held at Bayero University, Kano (BUK), with the theme: Cloud Based Services For Digital Libraries, Professor Afolabi, noted that Librarians have demonstrated renewed interest in new ways of computing, in which massively scalable and elastic ITenabled capabilities are delivered, as a service to external customers, using internet technologies. According to him, cloud based services are gaining popularity, among information professionals, stressing that ICT is also having positive impact on Librarianship. We have conceived this theme, determined to see Librarians, use Cloud computing to deliver library resources, services and expertise at the point of need, within user workflows.

9 Rendezvous Saturday, May 26, Leadership E-News Scoop E-Feature I Was A Bus Conductor For 10 Years Small Doctor Music Culture: Nigeria Setting Standards I Encountered Tribalism In Nollywood Marvis

10 10 SCOOP Leadership Saturday, May 26, 2018 I Was A Bus Conductor For 10 Years - Small Doctor BY ROSELYN AYAM, LAGOS Fast rising singer, Small Doctor, has revealed that he was a bus conductor for almost a decade. The 21-year-old whose real name is Temitope Adekunle opened up on his speedy road to stardom narrating his hustle moving from one area to another in order to eke out a living. I was a conductor for years, almost a decade, he said. From Agege to Ikeja, Ikeja to Maryland, Maryland to Yaba. I shuttled that place for like three to four years. I moved to Oshodi to Mushin under bridge. So it was from Oshodi to Mushin, Mushin to Oshodi I spent like six to seven years. The 'Penalty' crooner who thrilled the audience at the year ending gig Rhthym Unplugged added that TEAM: ENTERTAINMENT &TOURISM EDITOR: ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM REPORTERS: STELLA-MARIES AMUWA SAMUEL ABULUDE SMS ONLY: regardless of his early successes in his neighbourhood, he had to make a living. When asked about the whereabouts of his former bus driver, the singer said, I have done the needful. Born in Ondo State in 1996, he came close to the music scene as a commercial bike rider who offered his service to many street artistes and ran errands at Alaba International Market, Lagos. Small Doctor was discovered by one of his customers, DJ Real of Eko FM, who gave him his first break in His debut album, Omo Iya Teacher, was released in 2015, and it featured Mz Kiss, Olamide, Seriki and Qdot. He has since been on top of his game producing hits upon hits. Firm To Immortalise Late Actress Abimbola BY SAMUEL ABULUDE, LAGOS In an effort to extol the virtues and the brand ambassadorial role of the late actress, Aishat Abimbola, an estate property company, Fresh Forest Nigeria Limited, has come up with a decision to immortalise the star actress, who throughout her professional careers, was devoid of any scandal which made many people to acknowledge her as scandal free actress. Speaking through its Media Manager, Mr. Murphy Ajibade Alabi, the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Mr. Ibidire Adetunji Lams, stated that nothing was too much to immortalise the soul of the talented Hausa and Yoruba speaking actress. It is still a shock to us, the management of Fresh Forest Nigeria Limited, that we lost our lead ambassador, popular Yoruba actress, Aishat Abimbola. We pray Almighty God accept her soul. Aishat had been our ambassador for years and we will surely miss her. In order not to forget her name, the management of Fresh Forest Company has decided to immortalize her by naming one of the streets in our estate after her. One of the streets will be named Aishat Abimbola Crescent, Fresh Land Estate, Igbesa in Ogun State. Also we plan to reduce the price of our properties in her honour, Lams said. Aishat who gave several years to the make-believe industry, succumbed to the cold hands of death on Tuesday, 15 May, 2018 in Canada. The Omoge Campus thespian, who had since been buried in the North American country after battling with breast cancer, is survived by two children. It isn t certain yet whether a candle night session and fidau organised by her colleagues, was finally held midweek at the LTV 8 ground as reported in some circles. Linda Ikeji Bares Baby Bump BY SAMUEL ABULUDE, LAGOS Nigerian BY ANTHONY blogger, ADA ABRAHAM, Linda Ikeji, Abuja broke the Nigerian internet early this Sensational week when she soul announced lifting gospel her artiste, pregnancy songwriter, and shared producer, her baby sound bump photos. engineer, Tayo Christian, will Not on a Sunday few were (tomorrow) astonished as drop she his perfectly much hid anticipated this before now single, not Ihunanya showing any featuring sign of pregnancy iconic gospel for singer, months Samsung. now. Even when doubting Thomases Tayo Christian like the was controversial born in Jos, Plateau Kemi Olunloyo State, Nigeria. stated it was a fake pregnancy, He released the celebrity his first and wealth single in blogger 2017 who's titled about All to About unveil You, her which TV channel topped responded many charts by across taking Nigeria. to Instagram Currently to show signed off her to bare the Biggest bump and Record reveal how Label she in hide Abuja, it all FCT, these while. TW Records and is set to release Linda another has taught hit how single to which build he an did empire in a collaboration business - with at least the Gospel she's succeeded Legend, Samsung. at it in terms of attracting Tayo Christian patronage said to his passion it. And for now music she's which lectured started us off on from how secondary to hide a pregnancy- school had something been his motivation. every woman is proud of. She also clarified TW Records her statement Studio on celibacy is the newest which many Record had Label slammed located her for in the after heart she announced of Abuja her and pregnancy. owned by She Mrs. posted,"(how Faridah Ijeoma to hide Wada. a baby TW bump Records 101. Suck Studio belle intends and wear to be a high the best in the So, country a few friends and beyond have been with calling its state-of-the-art me, asking me equipment how I'm holding from up sound with mixing all the technology trolling on to the film internet making since and I every announced kind my of pregnancy. audio and I kind visual of production. felt bad for them because they were worrying over something I wasn't. I've been on the internet for nearly 12 years now, I've made money, I've met amazing people, I've written about folks and stepped on toes (mostly of course, unknowingly... lol). So when people troll me, that's fine. It's called Karma. Lol. Fortunately it doesn't get to me... The reason why I bother is for the young girls who look up to me. I owe you and will always speak to help you in anyway I can because I want you to shine and be the better version of yourself. "On celibacy, I preached it a lot of times but I have NEVER said do not have sex before marriage. Here's what I have always said to young girls and I maintain it. Never ever give your body to a man for money. You're worth so much more than that. You're beautiful beyond measure and there's absolutely nothing a man can give you that you can't give yourself if you apply yourself, believe in yourself and work hard. Start now that you're young, pursue your dreams, work hard till your hands are sore and ur mind is tired, never listen to anyone who tells you you're not good enough or you're wasting your time, and no matter how hard it gets, no matter how rough the road becomes, never give up on yourself or your dreams. Secondly, I've always also said & I maintain it; do not sleep around because your body is too precious & deserves respect. You deserve love & dignity. I've always said sex should only happen when you find yourself in a loving relationship, with someone you love & who loves you back. I was 100% celibate until I was ready to share my life with someone and I met the man of my dreams. (unfortunately, I can't share him with the internet.. lol)."

11 May 26, Leadership Newspapers I Encountered Tribalism In Nollywood CLOSE-UP Marvis Nkpornwi was one of the Big Brother Naija housemates, See Gobe edition of 2017, which broke all records. Marvis Nkpornwi who got to top 5 was one of the housemates that carried herself with much self-assurance that. Now she is a rapper and model. She was at Headies 2018 and DUSTAN AGHEDO grabbed her for an interview and she spoke about her E.P and acting career Since you left BBNaija House in 2017, what have you been up to? I ve been very busy. I have done a couple of movies. One of them is already out in the cinemas Mummy Dearest. Another one, the trailer just got out, it is titled The Club and I am set for another one called Synergy. For music I dropped my debut single titled Vibe last year and now my EP (Extended Play) is out. It is a five-track EP where I featured Bisola, my former housemate and rapper Boogey. How has Big Brother Naija contributed to your growth and outward personality? I ve never been to The Headies before but I was there at the weekend for the first time. That s just a piece to the puzzle of how immensely Big Brother Naija has contributed to my growth. I was there at the Headies because of the BBN platform. You re interviewing me right now because of that platform; so it has actually turned my life around, which is what I thought would happen and that s exactly what happened, so I am g r a t e f u l for it. Talking about T h e Headies, were you routing for any particular artiste to win an award on the night? Yes. I was actually looking forward to Boogey winning something. He was nominated last time and also this time for the Best Lyricist on the Roll. Was really hoping he would win because he deserves some accolades. (He lost the Lyricist on the Roll to Chairman MI). What s your take on Miracle winning this year s edition of BBNaija? He won because Nigerians loved him. If dem no like you, dem no go vote for you na. People loved him and ensured he fully got rewarded for it; that s just what it is. Acting, music, modelling, it seems your career is mainly focused on the entertainment industry? Yes, but I am also an entrepreneur. My nahsodotcom is actually a year old now. I started the campaign last year to preach about productivity and positivity amongst youths, by focusing on t-shirts, caps and much later we would be putting Made in Nigeria brands just to push to the world that Nigerians are really doing much. It s a step at a time, I am actually doing a lot but I don t want to do too much so that I don t get off balance. Are you a member of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN)? No, I am not. But I have certainly heard about it. I know the former President was Ibinabo Fiberesima. Are you aware that the present President of the AGN, Mr Emeka Rollas, said that if you were an actor and you were not insured, that y o u h a d decided to commit suicide? Ooh! I wasn t aware. I am just hearing it for the first time. But the insurance policy is a welcome bold step. How would you rate the Nollywood industry now when compared to the past? The Nollywood industry has really evolved. The quality and network has really grown that people now actually pay to go and watch Nigerian movies in the cinemas. They did not do that before. So it s been evolving and I am glad to be part of that. Do you think piracy is still a major issue in the entertainment industry here in Nigeria? There is piracy everywhere, even in Hollywood. We just have to look for a way to reduce it so that movie makers can make more money from their movies than people who pirate their movies. I don t know the strategies that would be employed but needful steps have to be taken to curb it. What challenges has your journey thus far encountered? There are lots of challenges, although they differ with people. For me, one of it is tribalism. People don t want to really associate with you. The whole cartel thing; people have their friends, people have their own associations, they don t want to introduce you until you re able to drive through and slot in there, before they will now accept you. So tribalism for me is a key challenge. Any words for upcoming acts that would like to join the industry? Be yourself, be persistent, be original, do what you have to do but at every point keep doing you, so that if anything happens or goes wrong you can say you were you when you were doing it. People have their own associations, they don t want to introduce you until you re able to drive through and slot in there, before they will now accept you. So tribalism for me is a key challenge.

12 May 26, Leadership Newspapers Music Culture: Nigeria Setting E-FEATURE whether dance necessarily possessed a purposefully aesthetic dimension, whether it had to be addressed to an audience to qualify as dance, or whether movement had to be recognised as dance in a given cultural context to be worthy of study. Dance means many things to many people and cultures, but remains universal. ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM examines the different dance styles that hold sway in Nigeria and the role of dance in 21st century societal development dance refers to a styled, patterned bodily movement(s) which is (are) performed in relation to music. Dance is a systematic movement of the body by a dancer to rhythm(s) and might also tell stories or messages. It is a centuries-old art form which comes in handy for celebrations, personal exercise, a ritual, meditation etc. The Nature of Dance: In the 60s and 70s, as dance was being established as a sub-discipline, the question of its object of study seemed urgent. There was heated debate on the nature of dance. Most dance scholars agreed with Mauss that dance movement and its evaluation varied cross-culturally, but there was disagreement as to whether the study of dance should be subsumed within that of music, whether dance necessarily possessed a purposefully aesthetic dimension, whether it had to be addressed to an audience to qualify as dance, or whether movement had to be recognised as dance in a given cultural context to be worthy of study. In the Nigerian context, a nation of over 180 million has been churning out various dance steps that have set the pace across Africa and the world in general. From the early 90s to date, there have been various dance steps creations in Nigeria. Since the time of Daddy Showkey, the dread-locked Ajegunle master who popularised galala dance steps (which involves the movement of the legs backwards and forward as if someone is about to slide crazily like a drunkard), there have been countless others. Though makossa has no Nigerian roots, Nigerians clearly helped popularise the dance moves of singers like Awilo Longomba s, Koffi Olumide, Magic System, Papa Wemba and many others. Back then, if there wasn t a makosa song played in a party, that involved the shaking of the waist with reckless abandon, nobody would take that gig serious. For some, Suo, dance moves also originated from Ajegule and was made famous by Marvellous Benjy. Suo/Konto involves the movement of the hand as if someone is tying a rope. It did make the dancer look stupid, but not a few took delight in jumping around like kangaroos, as someone once put it. Then came the Yahoozay dance by Olu Maintain, following the release of his song in 2008 under the music label of Kennis Music. The dance step involves making finger-based offerings to the highest. Yahoozay was a force that launched the artiste s solo career, dominated the country for a year and got then US Secretary of State Colin Powell to do the dance when he came on a state visit to Abuja. Alanta was another crazy dance that took Nigeria by storm, too. It involves the movement of the arms and legs in an alternate manner, with crazy facial expressions to go with it. The movement of the arms and legs as if the dancer was having a bad itch was especially popularised by Terry G, Artquake and many others. Though there have been debates over who made Azonto popular, Ghanaians want the get kudos for it. Many Nigerians, however, disagree. In their opinion, Wizkid s hit number Azonto took it beyond the shores of Africa. Etighi, a traditional dance of the Efik, Ibibio people came and so did Davido s Skelewu, Shoki (made popular by Lil Kesh whose single of the same name gave his career a huge push and made the dance style one of the biggest dance trends of the last decade). Minister of Power, Works and Housing Tunde Fashola did perform the dance on the APC s campaign trail in Shakiti Bobo was a dance style made popular by self-styled King of the Streets, Olamide. In 2015, Olamide released a single of the same name which turned out to be one of his sneak attacks on radio and the clubs titled Bobo. The song featured a mildly expressive dance style which was referred to as Shakiti Bobo, after he did the dance while repeating the line in the song s hook. As with everything he does, the dance style caught on, especially in Lagos. Shaku Shaku is the current craze. If you ve been anywhere near social media or in Lagos, you ve seen shakushaku performed many times before. It became popular blew up at the end of 2016 but those who are more familiar with its origins claim it has been a rave in Agege for over two years. The dance s popularity is down to the emergence of the new Shaku- Shaku sound. The trend has inspired the creation of an entire sub-genre of songs, made specifically for the dance. Two of these songs, Shepeteri and Legbegbe have become sleeper hits in their own regard. Their success has also elevated the careers of two underground acts that you would do well to pay attention to - Idowest and Slimcase.

13 Saturday, May 26, 2018 E-NEWS Burna Boy Kicks Off Int l Tour For the first time ever in Wakrike Bese (Okrika), Saturday 19 May, 2018, was a day of celebration in Kala Ogoloma Kingdom in Port Harcourt Local Government Area of Rivers State. The King of Kala-Ogoloma Kingdom HRM, King ADM., Dr. Goddy Idaminabo Idikisime-Olunwa JP., hosted Kings, Traditional Rulers, Chiefs and stakeholders to a special banquet in his Kingdom. The banquet was attended by The Kings Banquet at Amadi- Ama Community Hall. Port- Harcourt, Rivers State. Speaking, the king stated that The gathering of the Okrika royalties and great Alapus here today is very significant. Significant because it will send notice to the cynics within and outside of Okrika that never again will the people of Okrika nay Kala-Ogoloma Kingdom allow themselves to be ignored in the scheme of things in Rivers State and the country in general. He further stated, In the past, the people of Kala- Ogoloma Kingdom particularly the Amadi-Ama Community had the Institution of Elders Councils which formed part of community leadership. These Elders councils have been constituted into Traditional Chancellors to act as advisers to the Amanyanabo and chiefs. Similarly, key community development areas have been identified and to be administered by selected competent individuals and chiefs who functions as secretaries. This is done to make community leadership BY SAMUEL ABULUDE AND ROSELYN AYAM, LAGOS Burna Boy is set to kick off his international tour starting with the Life on the Outside tour in the United States followed by his United Kingdom tour tagged Outside. The highly anticipated tour will commence on 30 May, The Afro-fusion artiste will be touching other major cities in the US including New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland. He will be performing fan favourite songs off his Outside album like PH City vibrations, Sekkle Down, Heaven s Gate and Ye. The album which was released in January 2018, got to the number three position on the Billboard Reggae album chart. The second leg of the tour will hold in London. For Damini Ogulu (his real name), his musical career can only get better as the Afro hip hop singer is one of the most talented and unsung Nigerian artistes who has allowed just his music to do the talking for him. Even award organisers like Headies attest to his immense talent and rare gift never wanting to join the band wagon and this may have caused his little or no award recognition because they don t know where to place his music. From his maiden album to his sophomore, Burna Boy is a singer whose music just shows his depth though his lifestyle may be a cause for worry as he smokes to reckless abandon when he wants to. And the ex- Glo brand ambassador does not want to be a role model of any. Prominent Rivers Monarchs Celebrate King ADM productive and impactful on the people. The king called on investors to take advantage of the peaceful disposition to invest in Kala-Ogoloma Kingdom. Some royal Highnesses and other dignitaries in attendance were The Amayanabo of Kirike Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, King (Air Commodore) Tamuno-omisiki Ogube, Ogube 1, Perekune Kingoli 1, Amanyanabo of Okochiri Kingdom and The Sekuro1 of Niger Delta, His Royal Majesty, King Ateke Michael Tom, JP, His Royal Majesty, King Brig.Gen. Bright A. Fiboinumama (rtd) JP, Obeomomu Odo 1 of Abuloma Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Eze Gbakagbaka, the King of Evo Kingdom, His Royal Majesty King Acheseinimie M. Frank, JP Bolo-Luka VIII Amayanabo of Bolo, His Royal Majesty, King Darick Acheseomie Obumuton IX, Amayanabo of Obumuton- Chiri Port Harcourt, His Royal Majesty King Fred I.T. Tiene Perefi, Amayanbo of Ele Kingdom The Kings banquet is the First of its Kind in Wakirikebese to foster sustainable Peace, Unity and Progress for more Developments. Also in attendance were Queens of several Kingdoms, led by, Queen Boma Idaminabo Idikisime Olunwa, including over three Hundred Chiefs, stake holders and dignitaries. Kala Ogoloma is the sub-clan of Ogoloma speaking people of Okrika Nation in the land that has become Port Harcourt City of Rivers State. NASCO Partners Nnenna And Friends On Children s Day BY ANTHONY ADAH -ABRAHAM NASCO Cornflakes, Nigeria s indigenous whole flaked cornflakes cereal has teamed up with organisers of Nnenna and Friends Children s day show on the 10th edition of the annual party, billed for May 27, 2018 at the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos. At a press conference held recently to announce this year s show, Gbolahan Oyenuga, Senior Brand Manager, NASCO Cornflakes remarked that the partnership is driven by a common goal; to celebrate and inspire greatness in children. He said, Just like Nnenna and Friends, NASCO Cornflakes share a strong and special bond with children and teenagers. Partnering on this year s children s day offers the opportunity to connect with them in a fun-filled and relaxed environment whilst providing them with quality nutritional products that enriches them. About the brand s recent marketing efforts; the Whole Flaked campaign, Oyenuga explained that Nasco Cornflakes is full of whole nourishment as part of a balanced diet for the whole family. His words, It s definitely going to be whole fun for the children, their parents and guardian while being optimistic that bonds formed with the children will drive them to be the next generation of Nasco Cornflakes brand ambassadors. For her part, highlighting the activities lined up to mark this year s event, the host of the show, Olayinka Ademo (Nnenna) assured an unforgettable experience for attendees. It s definitely going to be fun all the way for the children and their parents. There is so much for everyone to go home with, courtesy our sponsors who have consistently stood by us in ensuring we put smiles on the faces of our children. Nnenna and Friends made its debut in 2009 following the success of the popular Super Story series titled, Nnenna: A Kid of Love. The platform provides a dedicated commitment to child development through edutainment.

14 14 NEWS ACROSS THE STATES Saturday, May 26, 2018 Why My Deputy, Others Resigned - Gov Abubakar BY JONATHAN NDA - ISAIAH Bauchi State governor, Mohammed Abubakar has explained reasons why his deputy and other persons in his administration have resigned in recent time. Speaking to State House correspondents yesterday after observing the Jumaat prayers at the Presidential Villa, Governor Abubakar said they could not cope with the pace of his administration. On why people are resigning from his cabinet, he said Because I have come to Bauchi State to endanger change and change is very very difficult for people to accept. People are used to a certain way of doing business and I have come to change that way of doing business. Because, that way was destroying Bauchi State. So, we had to put a stop to it, we had to bring Bauchi State out of the dungeon. I give people a chance and if you think you can go at my pace you stay and if you can t go at my pace you resign. When asked if his deputy resigned because he couldn t go at his pace and will there be amore resignations, the governor replied I don t know. On reports credited to the spokesman to the deputy governor that he resigned because he was not being treated as part of the government, the governor dismissed the allegations as baseless. I see. I think he is wrong. Go to the House of Assembly and check, I went on official leave twice since I took over and each time I transmitted a letter from to the House of Assembly making him the acting governor of Bauchi. Moreover, I gave him the most important ministry, ministry of education where I have been allocating the largest share of the budget of Bauchi State since That should answer your question. Speaking further, he said What transpired is in the letter of the deputy and I think people should read that letter. Read the entire letter and you will see that there was nothing bad that transpired. NAFDAC Seeks Religious Leaders Support To Curb Drug Abuse BY HENRY TYOHEMBA, ABUJA The National Agency For Food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), is seeking the support of religious leaders and clerics by conveying messages to their congregation on drug abuse during the Ramadan Sermons {Tafsirs} in the various mosques across the zones. This according to the agency is to help reduce the menace of drug abuse, such as gross abuse of codeine and other substance of abuse among the youth in the North West and North East zones of Nigeria. In a statement issued yesterday in Abuja, the director-general of NAFDAC, Professor Christianah Adeyeye urged the clerics to use the Ramadan period where the rites that reflect obedience to Allah, reading the Holy Qu ran and listening to sermons are observed. This period affords the clerics the opportunity to educate the Youth by disseminating information on the effects of codeine, tramadol and other substance of abuse on the Youth, the community and economy of the nation, so as to discourage the Youth to shun drugs. The Ramadan drug abuse enlightenment campaign in mosques has since commenced in all the thirteen {13} states in the two zones. You may wish to recall that recently, the Federal Government through the Honourable Minister of Health announced the ban on codeine production and NAFDAC has also placed an embargo on the issuance and renewal of permits for the importation of codeine as active pharmaceutical ingredient for cough syrup preparation. These actions became necessary due to the gross abuse and widespread addiction. Insecurity: Do More To Protect Nigerians, SDP Urges Buhari BY ALEX ENEMANNA, ABUJA L-R: President Muhammadu Buhari receiving former Inspector General of Police, Mr Musiliu Smith at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, yesterday PHOTO BY REMI AKUNLEYAN. Rivers: Oil Marketers Decry Incessant Robbery Attacks BY ANAYO ONUKWUGHA, Port Harcourt Oil marketers in Rivers State under the auspices of the Licensed Petroleum Products Station Owners Association of Nigeria (LPPSOAN) have decried incessant robbery attacks on filling stations in the state. They called on the Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Zaki Ahmed, the Rivers State Director of Department of State Services (DSS) and other BY OLUGBENGA SOYELE, Lagos Justice Adedayo Akintoye of the Lagos State High Court sitting in Igbosere yesterday fixed June 26 for ruling on an application filed by alleged kidnap kingpin, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike also known as Evans, seeking to quash all the charges filed against him by the Lagos State Government. Evans, in the application had insisted that similar charges were pending before two other judges of the Lagos State High Court, saying all the charges should be consolidated. The Lagos State government through the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is prosecuting Evans, on two different charges of conspiracy to security chiefs in the state to move-in and check the wave of armed robbery operations going on in filling stations in the state. LPPSOAN, in a statement issued in Port Harcourt yesterday by it s Publicity Secretary, Mr Francis Chilam Dimkpa, said a day hardly passes without a robbery attack on a filling station in the state, pointing out that the robbers operate freely without any interruption from security agencies. kidnap, kidnapping and attempted murder In one of the two charges before the court the state arraigned Evans alongside three others persons: Joseph Ikenna Emeka, Victor Aduba and Okapara Linus on a five court charge. The offences committed which are Conspiracy is contrary to section 411 criminal law Cap C 17, Vol 13, of Lagos State 2015, Kidnapping contrary to section 271 (3) and counts three to five, attempted murder contrary to section 230 (A) Cap C17, of the criminal law of Lagos state In the second charge, Evans, was charged alongside Joseph Ikenna Emeka, Ugochukwu Nwachukwu and Victor Aduba. They were charged on two-count of conspiracy to kidnapping contrary to The statement reads in part, Oil Marketers in Rivers State under the auspices of Licensed Petroleum Products Station Owners Association of Nigeria Rivers State chapter hereby raises alarm over incessant robbery operations going on in filling stations across the state particularly in Port Harcourt. It is worrisome that hardly before a day goes by without a robbery operation in a filling station in the state. The dare- Court Fixes June 26 For Ruling On Evans Application To Quash Charges section 411, Cap C17, Vol 3 of the criminal law of Lagos state 2015 and kidnapping contrary to section 271 (3), of the criminal law of Lagos state They all pleaded not guilty to the charges. At the resumed hearing of the matter on Friday, counsel to Evans, Olukoya Ogungbeje urged the court to quash all the charges arguing that all the charges were grossly defective, repetitive and an abuse of court processes. Ogungbeja submitted that the prosecution had earlier filed similar charges and amended charges bordering on kidnapping against Evans pending before the same High Court of Lagos State. The lawyer cited Section 153 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Law devil armed robbers operates freely in filling stations without any hindrance by security agencies. We are helpless as our filling stations are under siege by armed robbers. They raid our filling stations on a daily basis. The armed robbers operate day and night but most especially at night. Let me use this opportunity to disabuse the minds of some members of the public who think filling station is a place where cash flows or a financial institution. of Lagos State and that nothing stopped the prosecution from bringing the charges under one judge. According to him, counts three, four and five were repetitions of same offence. Apart from the counts being of same offence, same section of the law is being provided in these counts. I submit that the prosecution misfired by bringing different charges and instituting the same case in different courts. I urge Your Lordship to quash the charge because it is defective and an abuse of court process, Ogungbeje maintained. In her response to the application, the State s DPP, Mrs. Titilayo Shitta-Bey, said: The general rule is that every offence must be in a separate count. The Social Democratic Party (SDP), has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to step up his efforts to curtail the escalating insecurity across Nigeria, emphasising that such could create a chaotic atmosphere that would breed voter apathy come Addressing a press conference on the state of the nation in Abuja yesterday, the national secretary of the party Alh. Shehu Gabam said the party will no longer tolerate the mindless killing of Nigerians on daily basis. We in SDP are very alarmed and disturbed with the level at which security is deteriorating. We live in environment of uncertainty and fear. People are no longer sure of their security where they are sitting. There are brazen killing and kidnapping all over the country. Few days ago, people who were traveling along Kaduna road were abducted in a place where we have a lot of security men. A situation where some armed bandits will block the road and kidnap innocent citizens is highly unacceptable to us. There are massive killings around Benue, Zamfara, Kaduna, Adamawa, Taraba and others Gabam said. He therefore called on president Buhari to live up to his oath of office and protect the lives and property of Nigerians, which according to him he has so far failed to do. Gabam also urged the executive to desist from what he called the stampeding of the National Assembly, noting that the intimidation and harassment of the national assembly by the executive and lack of independence of the various arms of government is a threat to democracy. He expressed disappointment over the recent invasion of the National Assembly by some thugs who carted away the mace and called on the security agencies to step up with security around National Assembly and arrest and prosecute all the principal actors including a certain Senator whom he accused of being the mastermind of the invasion. He went further to advise the judiciary especially the judges to always put the nation first in the discharge of their duties and avoid being used as tools to achieve what he called politically driven motives. Whatever our judges do in the course of performing their duty will affect us all as a nation either positively or negatively and that will go to the archive of our history. I therefore call on them to exercise their independence no matter where the interest is coming from he advised. He also attributed the growing agitation across the nation as a product of lack of confidence in the judiciary and called on them to show a sense of patriotism.

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16 16 NEWS ACROSS THE STATES Saturday, May 26, 2018 Senators Hunkuyi, Shehu Sani Set To Dump APC The Sen Suleiman Hunkuyi-led faction of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kaduna State says it is considering defecting to another political party barely few months to the 2019 general elections. The group, known as APC Akida, in a statement in Kaduna on Friday said it has concluded a review of the state of the party and governance issues in the state and the nation, and was considering leaving the party they worked hard to put in place. The group said it would take the decision if there is no visible evidence of success in addressing the damaging levels of alienation and frustration among the millions of party faithful in Kaduna State. Prominent among the group are Sen Shehu Seni, Isah Ashiru former APC governorship aspirant Mr. Mataimaki Tom Maiyashi, among others. Mr. Tom Maiyashi, Chairman of the group, who signed the statement said two recent events in the state chapter of the party have confirmed its fears of the absence of credible and legitimate party leadership. These, he said, were capable of destroying the credibility and popularity of the party. The party congresses, and the Local Government Councils elections, in Kaduna State have confirmed the fears that the absence of credible and legitimate party leadership in our state will destroy its credibility and popularity. These are fears which the Akida group had raised since the early days of the administration of Nasir el- Rufai. Group Condemns Amnesty International Report On Nigeria An anti-terrorism group, the Coalition Against Terrorism and Extremism (CATE) has accused international agency, Amnesty International (AI), of undermining Nigeria s sovereignty. Addressing journalists in Jos, the Plateau State capital, CATE national co-ordinator, Gabriel Onoja, said it is obvious that Amnesty International has continued to lead the psychological war on terror against the people of Nigeria, whilst Boko Haram and other dissident elements execute the guerrilla warfare against the people. According to Onoja, the latest of such unfortunate war against the Nigerian people and humanity is plans by Amnesty International to embarrass the Nigerian military with cooked up reports about cases of rape allegedly carried out by men of the armed forces at the camps of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). He said Amnesty International has succeeded in engaging in acts and comments that have seen it deteriorating from a group championing the cause of humanity to one that is defending criminals, criminalities, insurgency and terrorism. Onoja wondered how the military, which it said has sacrificed so much to ensure normalcy returns to Nigeria s northeast, would now be subject to such reports being released by AI. He said, This allegation against the Nigerian military is unfortunate because the military, as an institution, is one that prides itself in the strict discipline and character moulding of its men from the day they enlist to when they leave. Some cholera patients at the Mubi General Hospital, Adamawa State following a fresh outbreak of the disease in the area. Health officials have confirmed the death of 12 people and 134 others receiving treatment, in cholera outbreak in Mubi North and Mubi South local government areas of the state, yesterday PHOTO BY NAN Court Directs Atiku s Son, Ex-wife To Agree On Monthly Child Maintenance Fee BY OLUGBENGA SOYELE, Lagos Justice Kazeem Alogba of the Lagos High Court in Igbosere yesterday, urged Aminu Atiku, a son of former vice president, Abubakar Atiku and his ex-wife, Ms Unmi Fatima Bolori, to agree on how much he should be paying as monthly maintenance fee for their children. Justice Alogba asked the estranged couple to reach an out of court agreement over the N250, 000-a-month child support payment BY EJIKE EJIKE, ABUJA The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), has filed a 27- count charge before an FCT High Court against Alhaji Bature Umar Masari, former director-general of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) over alleged fraudulent award of constituency project BY CHIKA OKEKE, ABUJA As part of its commitment towards restoring the livelihood of oil producing states, the federal government has commissioned the N1.3bn remediated hydrocarbon sludge pit phase II in Warri. The project, which is located in Ubeji community behind Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company limited (WRPC), a subsidy of NNPC, was awarded contracts worth N184.5m. In a statement by the spokesperson, ICPC, Rasheedat Okoduwa, she stated that Alhaji Masari awarded the specialised entrepreneurship constituency project contracts for Benue State and allegedly received kickbacks to the tune of N99.8m between 30th April, 2014 and 24th December, 2014 from various contractors. In one of the charges, Alhaji to Messers Andelta Limited while Messers ENVAP consultancy services served as the consultant. Handing over the project yesterday, the minister of state for environment, Mallam Ibrahim Usman Jibril, pointed out that the project was designed to solve the problem of oil sludge discharge by cleaning up of the pits used by WRPC as well as the remediation of the sludge spilled over into adjoining creeks, fish ponds, rivers and farmlands. According to the Corp Commandant General of the organisation, Dr Comrade Sani Aliu, during an enlightenment campaign at Aleyeta Community in Lugbe, Abuja, recently, he said, where there is no apathy, a criminal cannot steal, kill or commit any violence at all within any local community. The solution is to create peace, synergy, neighborliness among members of a community. According to Comrade Aliu, Masari was alleged to have received the sum of N50m in November 2014 from one of the contractors and distributed part of the sum to some other persons, an offence contrary to Section 10(a)(i) and punishable under Section 10(a)(ii) of the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act Additional charges leveled against Alhaji Masari were that he allegedly received various other sums from He noted that the project underscored the administration s determination to continue with the implementation of all genuine government policies, agreements and contracts, both at national and International levels. In her address, the permanent secretary of Ecological Fund Office (EFO), Dr Habiba Lawal, noted that the goal of the project is to restore the environment and socio-economic activities in the affected communities. the main focus of NESO is to encourage security consciousness within local communities, but for members of that community to be able to work together and be security conscious, apathy must not be condoned among them. The purpose is to create security consciousness in local communities. You cannot help the police and other security agencies if you don t have security awareness. Neighborhood Watch organises at a reasonable sum in the children s interest instead of wasting time litigating this appeal. He adjourned hearing of the substantive suit till June 14. Neither Atiku nor Bolori were in court. The judge s ruling followed an appeal filed by Atiku seeking to upturn, among others, the January 10, 2018 decision of Chief Magistrate Kikelomo Ayeye of the Tinubu Magistrates Court, which granted Bolori full custody of both children. ICPC To Arraign Former SMEDAN Boss Over Alleged Contract Fraud FG Commissions N1.3bn Warri Refinery Remediation Site NESO Advocates For Peace In Local Communities BY MAKINDE OLUWAROTIMI, Abuja A nongovernmental organisation, the Neighbourhood Enlightenment and Safety Organisation (NESO) has called for peace within local communities as against apathy, which is the main cause of criminality and terrorism nationwide. NESO is the pioneer Neighborhood Watch Organisation and Paramilitary NGO, treading on antiterrorism and anti-insurgency in Nigeria and Africa. made by a Lagos State Magistrates Court in Tinubu instead of wasting time over the issue. Atiku, a son of former vice president, Abubakar Atiku, had approached the court to suspend the N250,000 payment because it was onerous. He argued that he was already satisfying all his children s needs, a view, which was disputed by Bolori. In his ruling, Justice Kazeem Alogba upheld Atiku s application. The judge noted that Atiku had presented evidence to show that he had been substantially meeting the educational, medical, feeding and other needs of the ex-couple s daughter, Ameera, 11 and son, Aamir, 7. Justice Alogba held, I am satisfied that the applicant has very substantially complied with the lower court s order...i grant the stay of execution... pending the determination of the appeal. The judge further urged counsel in the matter, M O Enitan for Atiku and N E Okoh for Bolori - to advise their clients to put heads together to arrive different contractors. All payments from the contractors were made to the personal account of Alhaji Masari with Guaranty Trust Bank and Salsala Integrated Farms bank account with Diamond Bank, a company allegedly linked to the defendant following a search at the Corporate Affairs Commission. The Court is yet to fix a date for the arraignment of the former directorgeneral. The perm sec, who was represented by EFO director of pollution control, Mr Gandy Chega, commended the project contractor and consultant who worked tirelessly to ensure timely completion of the project in line with project implementation schedule. She maintained that the CLOGEN technology, approved as the Best Applicable Technology (BAT) for the Remediation work, is an indigenous technology. the members of a community to own their neighborhood, by holding monthly community meetings, thereby preventing apathy. The comrade called on the police, army and all other security agencies to endeavour to build relationships based on trust with citizens of the nation because that s the only way they can gather relevant information to enable them tackle terrorism and criminal activities successfully in Nigeria.

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18 18 NEWS ACROSS THE STATES Saturday, May 26, 2018 Sam Nda-Isaiah Bags UFUK Peace Award BY CHIDI NWACHUKWU The chairman of LEADERSHIP News Group, Mr. Sam Nda-Isaiah, was on Thursday conferred with the Award of Peace by UFUK Dialogue, an Abujabased Foundation that seeks to promote dialogue, culture of co-existence, mutual understanding and to establish a common platform for information and opinion exchange. Nda Isaiah was considered as deserving of the Award of Peace for being a pro-good governance exponent which he ably established through his columns Last Word and Earshot. He was also hailed for his immense contributions to the development of democracy in Nigeria and for being a versatile entrepreneur, a leadership icon and an employer of labour. President of UFUK Dialogue, Mr. Kamil Kemanci, in his welcome address, hinted on the reason for setting up the annual dialogue platform. UFUK Dialogue was founded in Abuja, Nigeria, to promote dialogue, culture of co-existence and to establish a common inter-faith, intercultural and intellectual platform aimed at information and opinion exchange, said Kemanci. Prominent among the guests who graced the event and received awards are the Executive Governor of Yobe State, Alh. Ibrahim Geidam, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, Adam Rasheed, Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Universities Commission, Manir Dan Ali, Managing Director of Media Trust, and several other awardees. Keystone Bank Declares N3.72B PBT In Q1 After many years in the doldrums and following its most recent acquisition by Sigma Golf - Riverbank consortium, the moves by the new management team at Keystone Bank Limited has begun yielding fruits. The Bank for the quarter ended March recorded a profit before tax of N3.72bn, compared with a loss of N2.79bn over the same period in Deposit grew 42 per cent or N84 billion to N283 billion at the end of the first quarter Recall that following the successful completion of AMCON s divestment from the bank, a five-man transitional board was set up to oversee its re-positioning for growth and competitiveness. The transitional arrangement was successfully concluded on August 15, 2017 with the assumption of office of the substantive MD/CEO. In less than one year, the bank has experienced tremendous transformation in all ramifications. Aside revamping all its branches across the country and bolstering its workforce, it has invested substantially in technology and developed fully integrated service models that enable customers access banking services through a wide range of channels. The Keystone mobile banking application boasts of several unique features such as the ability to bank with zero data, the Oxygen Chat Banking and several others that have re positioned the bank to compete effectively in the sector. Speaking on the development, the Group Managing Director/CEO of Keystone Bank Limited, Mr. Obeahon Ohiwerei said, This achievement is a testament to the hard work and resilience of the management and staff of the bank. From inception it has been our vision to restore the confidence of all our stakeholders with tangible results and we are indeed pleased with this start. L-R: Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed; minister of Water Resources, Suleiman Mohammed; and Edo State governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, during the handing over of the completed Northern Esan Water Project, at Ugboha Esan South East local government area, by the Federal Government to the Edo State Government. yesterday $16bn Power Scandal: ACF Back Calls To Probe Obasanjo BY ISAIAH BENJAMIN, KADUNA The apex northern sociocultural group, Arewa Consultative (ACF) has said the call on the president to probe former President Olusegun Obasanjo over the alleged $16 billion power scandal is not a misplaced call. ACF in a statement made available to newsmen yesterday The National Union of Pensioners (NUP), says its members from the five states of the South East geo-political zone, will embark on a zonal protest to protest poor welfare, unpaid gratuities and pension benefits. The resolution was part of key decisions reached at the rotational quarterly zonal caucus meeting of the union held in Abakaliki on Friday. The NUP s zonal chairman, Chief Chukwuma Udensi, presided over the meeting attended by chairmen and secretaries of state councils, national vice chairman and national treasurer. He said that the protest would hold simultaneously in the five states of the South-East, comprising Ebonyi, Abia, Enugu, Imo and Anambara states in a yet to be fixed date. These protests are not going to be a normal protest that we have previously organised at our various states. This is going to be the mother of all protests which will take place at the same time and the same day across the five states of the South- East. What will make the protests unusual is that women pensioners by the forums National Publicity secretary Muhammad Ibrahim Biu said, The calls by some Nigerians on President Buhari to probe the alleged $16 billion power scandal is not misplaced, considering the harm corruption has inflicted on the nation and the promise by this regime to fight it. From 1999 to date, the promises made by our political leaders to improve the power supply have mostly been observed in the breach. The National Assembly had sometimes probed the alleged corruption associated with the power supply, but Nigerians have yet to know the fate of that probe. Most worrisome is the lack of the political will to bring to justice those South-East Pensioners To Protest Unpaid Gratuities, Pensions will lead the protests in their various states and they are going to protest with their breasts unclad. Women protesting baring their breasts in Igbo land is an extreme form of demonstration and we are going to use it as our last weapon in our struggle for better welfare. Any governor who fails to respond to our demands after these unusual protests will have himself to blame because the aftermath of the protests will come with dire consequences, Udensi said. The union which decried the inhuman treatment meted out to its members urged pensioners in the country to vote in only leaders with pensioner-friendly dispositions. The union described as heartless the refusal by the various state governors from South-East zone to settle arrears of pensions and gratuities of their retirees after receiving the Paris Club Refund and other bailout funds. We are appealing to President Muhammadu Buhari to order for an investigation into how the bailout funds his administration approved including the Paris Club Refund was used by each of the state governments. The funds were released to Fani-Kayode s Wife Delivered Of A Set Of Triplets Precious Chikwendu, wife of the former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani- Kayode, has been delivered of a set of triplets on Friday. Fani-Kayode shared the news on his verified Twitter handle. The triplets, who are all boys, have been named Ragnar, Aiden and Liam. He wrote on his twitter: I give thanks to God for the birth of my three beautiful sons Ragnar, Aiden and Liam this morning. They are so beautiful. Precious and the three boys are doing very well. Today is her birthday: what a wonderful birthday gift that the Lord has given to us. To God be the glory! among other things settle arrears of pensions and gratuities owed state retirees, but our governors diverted the funds to other uses. Pensioners are dying in their numbers not because of ill health, but due to lack of money to take care of family needs and other issues. We are appealing to Mr. President to personally intervene in our situation, he added. The meeting particularly bemoaned happenings in Imo, where pensioners were allegedly owed many years of pensions and gratuities, while the present administration announced stoppage in pension payment. Pensioners in Alvan Ikoku College of Education are owed between 52 and 89 months pension arrears, Imo Broadcasting Corporation are owed between 47 and 58 months. BY CECILIA OGEZI, ABUJA About 250 National Certificate in Education (NCE) holders have been employed by the Kwali area council administration to augment the number of teachers in public schools in the area. Addressing the newly employed teachers, the chairman of the council, Hon. Joseph Shazin Kwali, said the mass employment of teachers was to address the shortage of teachers in rural areas and reduce the rate of unemployment among graduates in the area council. Shazin warned that any employed teacher who is founded with forged found guilty by the probes which have unfortunately continued to encourage corruption. Therefore, the change we need is to make public officials, however highly placed, to account for their malfeasance while in office. The probe will serve as deterrence to others and also instil prudence in managing public office. Primary school teachers are owed between 45 and 62 months, while civil service pensioners are owed 32 months pension. Pensioners in the state went to court and obtained favourable court judgment against the state government, but Gov. Rochas Okorocha refused to comply with the judgment. The government has even embarked on reducing the pensions in Imo to further unleash hardship and pains on retirees, he added. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), reports that state NUP chairmen from the five states gave bit by-bit accounts of the plights of pensioners in their respective states. The union condemned the piecemeal policy of gratuity payment by Ebonyi Government to its retirees. (NAN) Abuja Council Employs 250 NCE Teachers certificate will be flushed out and handed over to the law enforcement agents for prosecution. He emphasized that any employed teacher found wanting in their primary responsibility after the screening exercise will face instant termination of employment. The chairman added that, rejection of posting to the rural area by any teacher will not be condoned, noting that employment exercise cut across the 10 wards of the area council to ensure equity and transparency in the administration. He stressed that laxity and lackadaisical attitude towards work will be sanctioned appropriately.

19 BY PATRICK OCHOGA, Benin City A former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Governorship candidate in Edo, Mr Osagie Ize-Iyamu and the state chairman of the party, Chief Dan Orbih, on Thursday, failed to meet with the bail conditions given by the Federal High Court to secure their release. The two spent the night at Benin Prisons alongside the other defendants, a former deputy governor of the state, Mr Lucky Imasuen, a former member of the House of Representatives, Tony Azegbemi and Efe Anthony. BY ALO ABIOLA, Ado Ekiti The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP, Prince Uche Secondus, has said that Nigerians are witnessing the change they desired only in the states being governed by PDP. Secondus said Ekiti State, under the leadership of Governor Ayodele Fayose, is experiencing the practical change we need and deserve in Nigeria. The PDP chair spoke in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital yesterday, during the inauguration of the new Governor s office, where the former president, Dr Goodluck Jonathan was present. He said, Only the PDP governors are commissioning projects in the country, saying that all of them are matching forward to ensure to ensure that the PDP reclaims the Presidency in 2019 Secondus added that Nigerians are suffering. Nigeria is the world capital of poverty. He charged the federal government to ensure that the July 14 governorship election is free, fair and credible to earn the respect of international community. Election must be based on the choice of the people and not by imposition or rigging. Any attempt to rig the election is a recipe to crisis. Any attempt to rig the election, it will be crisis. Don t come to Ekiti to rig election, one man, one vote. We ask Buhari to preach one man, one vote, rigging election is corruption. The PDP chairman pointed out that, We are coming to unite Nigeria, as we are now, Nigeria is divided. Governor Fayose, while addressing the gathering said deployment of soldiers and police won t help the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) from being disgraced in the July 14 governorship poll. He insisted that the alleged poor performance of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, had substantiated the fact that there was no alternative to the Peoples May 26, 2018 Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State, addressing Muslim faithful during Jumat prayers in Enugu, yesterday. With him is his deputy, Mrs Cecilia Ezeilo (4th right). Alleged 700m Graft: Orbih, Ize-Iyamu, Fail To Meet Bail Conditions Ize-Iyamu and others were arraigned before a Federal High Court sitting in Benin on Thursday by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), on eight count charges of laundering the sum of N700 million. They were however granted bail of N10 million each, with sureties of like sum. Meanwhile, the PDP in the state has accused Governor Godwin Obaseki of instructing officials of the Ministry of Land not to verify PDP Leaders bail document. The party, in a statement signed by its publicity Secretary, Chris Nehikhare, PDP Governors Are Delivering Practical Change To Nigerians Secondus Democratic Party (PDP) in the running of government at the centre. The Governor of Rivers State, Mr Nyesom Wike, did the official commissioning and his counterpart in Akwa Ibom State, Mr Emmanuel Udom, supported him. He said, Let me say that with what we are seeing today, it is glaring that Nigerians have not found alternative to PDP. Today, they are regretting voting for APC. BY IGHO OYOYO, Abuja African Democratic Congress (ADC), Benue chapter has expressed disappointment at the level of insecurity in Benue State and urged the federal government, in the interest of humanity, to protect the lives and properties of the people of the state and Nigeria at large. This was made known in a communique jointly signed by Hon Ogor Lawrence Daniel, State chairman; Barr Gbagyo Orkpe, State Secretary; Comrade Peter Edeh, member of the National Working Committee, after a meeting with the national working committee and the coordinator of North Central Zone held in Makurdi, Benue State. According to the communique, they said that the integrity of the ADC as a party, cannot be compromised and as such, the good people of Benue State, home and in the Diaspora, hereby agree to move the party and promote it to the greatest height. They party executives said that as members of ADC in Benue State, they have witnessed the mal-administrations in the past, that this is as a result of the also condemned the state government s decision to play politics with the rights of the people. According to the statement: Since 8am, Edo State government has refused to sign all documents for Edo PDP leaders bail, for obvious political differences. Acting on the instructions of Governor Godwin Obaseki, all the documents relating to the verification were locked up in Hon Evboumwan s office. This obvious action to deny us justice is malicious and an infantile and irresponsible political vendetta. We condemn Edo State government s Since I came on October 16, 2014, I have not committed Ekiti to one naira debt. I left N10.4 billion cash in the coffers of Ekiti when I left in 2006, but today, the story has changed. I can say without fear of contradiction that over 70 percent of the infrastructures in Ekiti, were built by me, I want someone to controvert this. On the anti-graft war being waged by President Buhari, Fayose ADC Expresses Disappointment Over Insecurity In Benue ineffectiveness of the leading parties to deliver the dividends of democracy to the people. They frowned at the level of insecurity in the state, notwithstanding the invasion of villages by militias in the name of Fulani herdsmen claiming lives and properties; the Agatu killings, the massacre of the 73 in Guma and the most recent killings of both Priest and the lay faithful, even in the house of God in Gwer-east. We thank the founding fathers of the ADC, especially Chief Raph Nwosu, who have been faithful and led the party over the years diligently in-spite of all odds till now that through the press, it has gained global attention, with the recent adoption of the party by the elder statesman, Chief Dr Olusegun Obasanjo and his working leadership of the Coalition for Nigerian Movement (CNM). Haven met severally and finally today, we have come to the conclusion that enough is enough. It is high time we delivered Benue State from the shackles of the evil ones that have virtually mortgaged the future of our youths into total hopelessness, the party executives NEWS ACROSS THE STATES 19 decision to play politics with people s rights. We want to assure all our party members that our leaders in this unjust captivity are in good spirits. They urge you to remain steadfast and committed to the just course of mobilising to vote out APC in the next coming elections. As it is becoming obvious that they will not do the needful, they have elected to sign only that of Chief Lucky Imasuen because of his current membership of APC. Lucky Imasuen has insisted that his own cannot be separated from the rest of those charged with him. said, Our country has no problem of corruption. They said they are visiting the past, let them probe up to the military era, because it has to go down the line. We have had enough of blame game under Buhari. Everyday they shout of Jonathan, they better face the reality that they were only affected by incompetence and lack of capacity to deliver and stop blaming the past leaders. said. They further said that the party is positioned to put Benue State into the right perspectives, and that they are set to revamp the state, stressing that ADC shall give the world a new Benue that is worthy of the name, Food Basket of Africa. We shall bring back her lost glory such that the Fulanis, the Hausas and the Tiv nations will see themselves as one again. The Tiv, Igede and Idoma are but one. All salaries must be paid as at when due. There will be no exorbitant school fees for our institutions of learning etc. The state shall be more conducive for all comers, especially the businessmen from the entire country at large. Our agricultural produce shall be rated as first amongst equal globally, the communique stated. The party also condoled with the governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, the Catholic Bishop of Makurdi diocese, the Catholic Bishop Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), the families of the bereaved and the entire catholic community for the great losses in the state. Enugu Muslim Community Backs Ugwuanyi For Second Term Muslims in Enugu State, yesterday, unanimously endorsed Governor Ifeanyi Ugwunayi for a second term in office for promoting peace, security, national unity and good governance in the state. Rising from the Jumat prayers commemorating this year s Democracy Day held at the Central Mosque, Owerri Road, Enugu, which was attended by Ugwuanyi in company of his deputy, Mrs Cecilia Ezeilo; leader, Enugu State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Ikechukwu Ezeugwu, among other top government functionaries, the Muslim faithful said they were pleased with the governor for his special love for the Muslim community. The Muslims, who offered special prayers for Ugwuanyi, Enugu State and the country at large, added that they were impressed with the governor s humble disposition towards them and the entire people of the state. They told Gov Ugwuanyi that, no governor loves Muslims more than you, stressing that they were solidly behind his re-election in 2019 and would vote for him massively. Speaking, the Sarki Hausawa, Enugu State, HRH Alhaji Yusuf Abubakar Sambo, who is also a member of the state s Security and Peace Committee, informed Ugwuanyi that, we have cause to thank Allah for the fact that you have established the most essential aspect of governance that is security of lives and property. Sambo stressed that the Muslim community in the state had every reason to celebrate, saying Allah has given us a man with humility, with love for all residents of Enugu State and a special love for the Muslim community. He added that the Jumat prayers called for celebration in appreciation of 19 years of uninterrupted democracy in Nigeria and three years of sustained peace and good governance in Enugu State. He thanked the governor for the food items for the breaking of fast, saying: You have handed Enugu State to the hands of Almighty Allah, and He says whoever entrusts in Him, He will lead his way and Insha Allah, Allah will lead your way. Responding, Ugwuanyi thanked the Muslims for their prayers for his administration and the country, reassuring that the state would remain peaceful and secure for every resident irrespective of tribe or religious differences. The commissioner of police, Enugu State, Alhaji Danmallam Mohammed, was also at the event.

20 20 Saturday, May 26, 2018 business NEWS L-R: Non Executive Director, Nestle Nigeria Plc, Mr. Gbenga Oyebode; Managing Director, Mr. Mauricio Alarcon; Chairman, Board of Directors, Nestle Nigeria Plc, Mr. David Ifezulike; Company Secretary, Mr. Bode Ayeku and Independent Non Executive Director, Mrs. Ndidi Nwuneli during the 49th Annual General Meeting of Nestle Nigeria Plc held in Lagos,yesterday. PHOTO BY KOLAWOLE ALIU. Dearth Of Terrestrial Fibre Hindering Internet In Africa Experts BY ADENIYI ADUNOLA, Lagos Experts at the Africa Session of the International Telecoms Week conference in Chicago, USA have described terrestrial fibre constraints as the mother of all bottlenecks hindering increased Internet penetration on the continent. During his presentation on the theme: Enabling Content on the African Continent, chief executive officer of research firm, Xalam Analytics, Guy Zibi analysed the African digital journey, highlighting dramatic changes that have altered the dynamics of the digital transformation of the continent. According to him, the international capacity challenge has been solved, with most coastal countries exhibiting an oversupply of subsea cables serving the continent. However, he noted that the reach of such capacity was still limited due to limitations in the availability of terrestrial open-access fibre which remains extremely low in most markets especially Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda and Tanzania among others. These limitations have translated into retail connectivity prices as a proportion of income being 2X more expensive in Africa compared to Latin America and the Caribbean and 3X when compared to Asia. Zibi highlighted the dangers of deepening the continent s digital divide with services limited to narrow addressable markets and Africa s inability to fully partake in the fourth industrial revolution. He reiterated the need for more aggressive deployment of terrestrial infrastructure, especially in metropolitan and local networks to reach the end users and enhance affordability. A panel that included high-level representation from Orange, MTN GlobalConnect, MainOne and Kwese challenged African policy makers to proffer incentives to encourage the deployment of broadband infrastructure of scale to support the rollout of much needed infrastructure to rural areas. Activities Crippled at Apapa, Tin Can Ports As Customs Server Packs Up BY YUSUF BABALOLA The Nigeria Customs Service has said that it is experiencing challenges with its central server as regards operations of the Nigerian Customs Integrated System (NICIS) 2, even as the server has affected goods clearance from Apapa port, Tin Can and KLT port. Speaking at a round-table meeting organised by the Maritime Reporters Association of Nigeria (MARAN) in Lagos, the Customs Area Comptroller in charge of Apapa command, Jibrin Musa lamented that it has been difficult to work since on Monday. USAID Supports Eko Disco To Reduce Power Technical Losses BY CHIKA IZUORA, Lagos The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has donated Bucket Truck to Eko Distribution Company (EKEDC), to support the company s push toward eliminating technical losses in its operations. Speaking on behalf of USAID Power Africa while delivering the equipment to EKEDC, the USAID representative, Mr. Gela Kereselidze said the Bucket Truck was the second batch of equipment donated to EKEDC to enhance its performance. Kereselidze said the truck would assist the company in terms of better response to faults reported by electricity consumers, thereby reducing technical and commercial losses. While receiving the equipment, chief executive officer of EKEDC, Mr. Adeoye Fadeyibi said USAID s gesture was a celebration of another milestone achievement by the company s partnership with the US agency. According to him, the distribution equipment will help his company s technical staff to perform their duties unhindered. The bucket truck will ensure that we are able to do things in a better way. We will be able to perform our functions very well and get to our customers faster, Fadeyibi said. USAID Power Africa and EKEDC have shown how things need to be done in our industry and in Nigeria at large. We are here today celebrating another milestone achieved by EKEDC with the partnership we have with Power Africa. The donation is coming as the EKEDC, has read the riot act against violent attack on its staff. The company reported a case of violent attack on a staff of the company in Apapa District in which a staff of the company was beaten to bleeding point, according company s general manager, corporate communications, Mr. Godwin Idemudia. In a statement at the weekend the company said it was fully determined to put a stop to such acts through prosecution of perpetrators. Union Bank To Resolve ATM Dispense Error In 2Hours With RPA Tech Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Declares N140m Dividend BY ZAKA ABD-KHALIQ, Lagos To reward shareholders who have stood by the company during trying times in its 2017 financial year, Consolidated Hallmark Plc has declared a 2 kobo dividend per share, amounting to N140 million dividend paid to its teeming shareholders Leadership Newspapers Jibrin who was represented by Yahaya Mukhtar, Officer in Charge of Customs Processing Centre (CPC) Apapa described the challenge as system errors experienced in the execution of the NICIS 2. He called for stakeholders understanding of the situation, even as he called on importers to always make correct declarations. He said that wrong declaration and infractions is major cause of delay in cargo clearance. Since Monday, we have not been able to access any work, importers have not been able to capture any job, said Mukhtar. We have held a meeting with the nationwide. While announcing the dividend payout to its shareholders at the 2017 annual general meeting (AGM) of the company in Lagos recently, the Chairman, Mr. Obinna Ekezie, said, his insurance firm believes shareholders deserve all the reward they can get through regular NICIS 2 team on some of the system errors, the NICIS 2 is a new platform and I am sure we would overcome it. Apapa command is not the pilot project, the NICIS 2 was kick started at KLT command and later at Tin Can Customs, but it is getting better by the day, the challenges in Apapa is very little compared to those we experienced at Tin Can. Jibrin however assured that the server failures will not lead to revenue losses for the command. He said that at the moment, the Apapa port has only one scanning machine and that this is not adequate for the backlog of containers. payments and more for their continued faith and firm belief in the company. Stating that the dividend is payable to shareholders whose names appear in the register, he stated that, we shall continue to live up to this expectation as we have done severally, in the past. BY BUKOLA IDOWU, Lagos As banks strive to comply with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) directive to resolve ATM dispense error within three working days, Union Bank of Nigeria has scored a first as it will begin to resolve the errors within hours from next week. Using Robotics Process Automation (RPA) specially assigned to the task of sorting and resolving dispense errors, Union Bank said customers will have their funds reverted to their accounts within two hours of a dispense error. Managing director and chief executive of the bank, Emeka Emuwa speaking at the Union Bank head office said the need to free up work time of staff to be able to attend to customers needs was the driving force for the use of RPA. He said the bank is working to ensure it fulfill its promise of delivering simpler and smarter services to its customers, he said Union Bank has in recent times taken prolific steps at innovation by upgrading its core banking platform to the best in the industry and upgrading its mobile application. The latest in this endeavour he said is the introduction of the RPA to its back-end office. According to him, the RPA will take over the automation of repetitive back-end processes allowing staff to become He expressed optimism about the future of the insurer, pointing out that the successful completion of the final phase of the capital it raised, full deployment of funds realised and the eventual emergence of the company as one of the top players in the financial service sector, will benefit its esteemed shareholders in more efficient and have more time to engage and focus on customers. Noting that the bank will be assigning repetitive tasks to the RPA, Emuwa said it will be starting with ATM transactions which has the largest transaction flow. With the automation of the ATM reconciliation process, Emuwa said customers of other banks who do transactions on Union Bank ATMs and experience dispense errors will have the errors corrected in less than two hours. We are quite pleased to be the first in the banking industry in Nigeria to introduce robotics into our processes. The provision of simpler, smarter banking services to our valued customers is at the core of our business and Robotics Process Automation helps us achieve this objective by leveraging cutting edge technology and innovative partnerships the Union Bank MD stated. On his part, the head of Service and Technology of Union Bank, Nat Udeh, explained that the bank s adoption of RPA technology is expected to enhance staff productivity, reduce process turnaround time and improve accuracy and compliance. With the new technology in place, employees are better able to focus on other value adding and customer related functions, significantly improving the overall quality of customer experience, he said. the long run. In the same vein, managing director/ceo, Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc, Mr. Eddie Efekoha, at the AGM, said the company continues to fulfil its obligations through prompt claims settlement as gross claims amount paid out in its 2017 financial year was N3.354 billion.

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24 24 Leadership Saturday, May 26, 2018 AN APPEAL FOR ASSISTANCE 11-year-old Jamila Needs N5m For Stem Cell Transplant At the tender age of 11, pretty Jamila Umar Mohammed is battling with sickle cell anaemia and more than ever before needs the assistance of kind hearted members of the public. Born with sickle cell anemia and her parents getting to know about it when she was about six months old, Jamila suffers severe body pains and organs disorder anytime the ailment begins. This entails that she has to be admitted to the hospital a couple of times in a year to be treated for hand-foot syndrome occasioned by swollen hands and feet. Miss Jamila who is currently undergoing treatment at Celltek Healtcare Limited in Benin City, needs N5 million as hospital bills for transplantation and one year drugs post transplantation. According to her father, Umar Mohammed, while Jamila needs N10 million to be treated, he has been able to raise the sum of N5 million through the benevolence of some members of the public, with which she has successfully undergone stem cell transplant at Celltek Healtcare Limited in Benin City while the results are awaited from Basel University, technical partners to Celltek Healthcare. We are seeking the help of public spirited individuals to help us raise the balance of N5 million to cover for the cost of transplantation and one year drugs post transplantation, Mohammed noted in a letter he sent to LEADERSHIP. He further noted that the family has expended all its funds; hence, the appeal to the public to further assist. He said willing donors could support by contributing their widow s mite. Donations could be sent to the following bank account: Account name: Umar Mohammed. Bank: Zenith Account number: For further enquiries, please contact Mohammed on:

25 Saturday May 26, 2018 EDITION: Leadership New Study Reveals How Yoghurt Reduces Inflammation WOMEN S HEALTH Anti-Aging Foods You Should Eat One Egg Per Day May Keep Heart KIDS HEALTH Water Safety Disease Away Study

26 26 Leadership May 26, 2018 One Egg Per Day May Keep Heart Disease Away Study EDITOR S NOTE Lifestyles That Decrease Your Life Span When you are reflecting and making a positive health changes such as quitting smoking, going for regular checkup, eating well and getting fit is one of the best you can do to avert pitfalls that can undermine your health. There is need for you to note that overeating is serious and impact multiple areas of life, there is current need for you to check what you eat and drink. It puts more than just your physical health at risk. Overeating produces emotional, psychological and physiological side effects that can dramatically compromise one s quality of life and hope for the future. Also, the effects of sleep impact nearly every area of your daily life. Lack of sleep is linked to greater risk for weight gain, depression, cancer and heart disease. sleep is involved in healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels. Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. More so, recent studies in health care shows that more and more people cutting back on health care expenses because of worldwide recession. Experts suggest that everybody should see a doctor regularly regardless of age, sex and health. Even if you are enjoying good health, visit your doctor once or twice a year for a thorough check-up and medical advice. Finally, don t dodge exercise as experts say regular exercise keeps your body and heart in fit shape. You can prevent or reverse certain health issues by incorporating a regular exercise regimen into your day, which will in turn lower your blood pressure. Eating an egg each day appears to be linked to a lower risk of heart disease among middle-aged Chinese, according to a study published online in the British journal Heart. The study, authored by a group of Chinese scientists, analyzed data from over half a million Chinese aged 30 to 79 from 10 diverse survey sites in China during the period from 2004 to 2008, and have since been followed up upon to determine their morbidity and mortality rates. Our findings contribute scientific evidence to the dietary guidelines with regard to egg consumption for the healthy Chinese adult, said the scientists. The study linked eating an egg a day with lowering the risk of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) by 11 per cent, ischemic heart disease by 12 per cent, major coronary events by 14 per cent, hemorrhagic stroke by 26 per cent as well as ischemic stroke by 10 per cent. Daily consumers of eggs also have an 18 percent lower risk of CVD death and a 28 per cent lower risk of hemorrhagic stroke death compared to nonconsumers, it showed. Eggs are a prominent source of dietary cholesterol, causing the concern that eating too many may be unhealthy. But they also contain high-quality protein, many vitamins and bioactive components. In recent years, more scientific evidence has emerged for the positive impact eggs have on human health. Previous studies focusing on a link between eating eggs and heart disease mostly had smaller sample sizes, fewer CVD events and were unable to obtain accurate estimates on stroke subtypes, said the Chinese scientists. - Xinhua Do keep a date with us again next weekend (text only) EDITOR: Raliat Ahmed-Yusuf CONTENT: Tunde Oguntola DESIGN/LAYOUT: Xtanlee Uche Echidi EDITOR: Kayode Falade CHAIRMAN: Sam Nda-Isaiah GROUP MANAGING DIRECTOR: Abdul Gombe Healing is impossible in loneliness; it is the opposite of loneliness. Conviviality is healing. To be healed we must come with all the other creatures to the feast of Creation Wendell Berry

27 May 26, Leadership 27 New Study Reveals How Yoghurt Reduces Inflammation Yoghurt is a popular dairy product that is made by the bacterial fermentation of milk. It has been consumed by humans for hundreds of years. A new study disclosed that yoghurt can help lessen chronic inflammation linked to bowel disease, arthritis and asthma. TUNDE OGUNTOLA writes. Yoghurt is made by bacterial fermentation of milk, a process that may boost digestive health because it produces the same good bacteria found in the gut. Plus, some yoghurt contains additional good bacteria known as probiotics. Most brands of yoghurt contain good-for-you bacteria. The words live and active cultures on the container mean that your yoghurt has probiotics, beneficial bugs that live in your digestive tract and help crowd out harmful microorganisms that can cause intestinal infections. The bacteria used to make yoghurt are called yoghurt cultures, which ferment lactose, the natural sugar found in milk. This process produces lactic acid, a substance that causes milk proteins to curdle, giving yoghurt its unique flavor and texture. Yoghurt contains some of nearly every nutrient that your body needs. It s known for containing a lot of calcium, a mineral necessary for healthy teeth and bones. Just one cup provides 49% of your daily calcium needs (1, 2). Yoghurt provides an impressive amount of protein, with about 12 grams per 7 ounces (200 grams) (2). Protein has been shown to support metabolism by increasing your energy expenditure, or the number of calories that you burn throughout the day. Consuming yoghurt especially if it contains probiotics on a regular basis may strengthen your immune system and reduce your likelihood of contracting an illness. Probiotics have been shown to reduce inflammation, which is linked to several health conditions ranging from viral infections to gut disorders. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, inflammation is the body s first line of defense against illness and injury. However, it could also wreak biological havoc on organs and systems and is associated with obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic diseases. The new study led by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison showed that yoghurt can reduce inflammation by improving the integrity of the intestinal lining, thus preventing endotoxins, the pro-inflammatory molecules produced by gut microbes, from crossing into the blood stream. The researchers enrolled 120 premenopausal women, half obese and half nonobese. Half of the participants were assigned to eat 12 ounces of low-fat yoghurt every day for nine weeks while a control group ate non-dairy pudding for nine weeks. The study took fasting blood samples from participants at various points during the study and evaluated an assortment of biomarkers that scientists have used to measure endotoxin exposure and inflammation. The results showed that while some of the biomarkers remained steady over time, the yoghurt-eaters experienced significant improvements in certain key markers, such as tumor necrosis factor or TNF, an important inflammationactivating protein. The results indicate that ongoing consumption of yoghurt may be having a general anti-inflammatory effect. In the study, participants were also involved in a highcalorie meal challenge at the beginning and end of their nine-week dietary intervention. The challenge, meant to stress an individual s metabolism, started with either a serving of yoghurt or non-dairy pudding followed by a large high-fat, high-carb breakfast meal. The blood work showed that the yoghurt appetizer helped reduce endotoxins and inflammation as participants digested the meal over the ensuing hours. It also helped improve glucose metabolism in obese participants, by speeding the reduction of post-meal blood glucose levels. The study doesn t identify which compounds in yoghurt are responsible for the shift in biomarkers associated with the health-promoting effect or how they act in the body. It added that solving that piece of the puzzle will require more research.

28 28 Leadership Saturday, May 26, 2018 How To Keep Your Partner Simple Steps To Healthy Living as Happy Fitness Beauty Wellness Anti-Aging Foods You Should Eat Make sex a priority No big surprise here. Women understand intellectually that sexual fulfillment is a top need of a man. But do your actions demonstrate that you really get it? Maybe you ve taken care of the kids, cooked a delicious dinner, and even endured an action flick. Compared to the other wives you know, you re doing pretty well. Yet you may be discounting his need for fulfilling sex. Most husbands would rather have dishes in the sink and a wife waiting in the bedroom. BY NAZEEF BAKURA While we are yet to find the Fountain of Youth we have discovered through research anti-aging foods that help you maintain a healthy, young-looking skin. Ultimately, poor-quality foods like trans-fats, causes inflammation and aging while, anti-aging foods like fruits and vegetables are essentially good for your skin this includes: Water Are you getting your full eight glasses of water every day? Water is not only critical for hydration, but also helps your body naturally flush out toxins, rejuvenate its skin, and efficiently fulfil internal functions. Protein Instead of simply looking at what foods you consume, it s important to consider your key dietary components as well. Since metabolism slows with age, it s critical to eat sources rich in protein to protect muscle mass and prevent unnecessary weight gain. Eggs, skinless chicken, and turkey breasts are excellent sources of protein that are easy to consume. Coconut Oil Pound for pound, coconut oil is one of the single most nutritious superfoods you can put in your body. It has a vast array of incredible health benefits including: healthier skin and hair, lower cholesterol levels, weight loss, increased levels of immunity, proper digestion and metabolism. Spices If you open your spice cabinet right now, you may find ginger, paprika, and cayenne pepper. These are incredibly delicious on our foods, but did you know that they re filled with anti-aging benefits as well? These can lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol by fighting high blood pressure, and also improve circulation throughout the body. Avocado Considered one of the super foods of the world, avocado is rich in the vitamins and nutrients needed to keep the body as healthy as possible. Similar to nuts, however, guacamole is high in fat calories, so be sure and conscious about your intake. Spinach One of the vitamins we rarely hear about is vitamin K, which improves bone density and strength. Leafy greens, such as spinach, are primary sources of vitamin K and a single serving is over one-and-ahalf times your daily requirement of the vitamin. Aside from strengthening your skeleton, spinach also provides nutrients to keep your eyesight healthy. Almonds Though all nuts are generally healthy, almonds top the list. Numerous medical studies reveal that a single serving of almonds every day will lower LDL cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. Since fat calories are disproportionately high in nuts, we recommend eating them by the dozen per day. Olive oil Cultures where olive oil is a part of daily diets tend to have longer lifespans than the average American s. This is because olive oil contains oleocanthal, which is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that keeps the heart healthy. Just like any other oil, olive oil should be consumed in moderation. Make your home a haven The world can be a tough place. When your husband walks in the door, he needs to breathe a sigh of relief. He s home.think of how you greet your husband. Does he see the back of your head as you type furiously on the computer or do you look him in the eyes and say, Honey I m so glad you re home? Make your home a place where your husband feels welcome. Respect your man s needs What need does your husband have that perhaps you have discounted? It may be sex, quality time, the cookies you used to bake him, or going to ball games together. Don t get defensive when your husband voices a need. Listen instead and then act positively to meet that need the best you can. Let your man lead The idea of submission has many women up in arms. That does not need to be the case. The New Testament speaks clearly in three passages that we wives are to submit to our husbands as unto the Lord (Ephesians 5:22, Colossians 3:18 1 Peter 3:1). This doesn t mean you become a door mat. What it does mean is that your respect your husband s role as the leader of the home. After you ve weighed in on a topic, the final decision belongs to your man. Live Well Tips Live well tips are NOT medical advice. Please consult your doctor before taking medicine or supplement, changing diet or exercise. Start a new habit; look for a 15 minute walk after lunch. Do it today, tomorrow and every day. When travelling by air, please avoid the window seat, It raises your risk for blood clot, the aisle or middle seat are better. Read your palm, spread out your hand if the lines are pure, you may be anemic. If so, please see a doctor. Please check around your eyes. If you have small yellowish spot (fat deposits) it is a sign of high cholesterol, please get it check. A new study that thin thighs indicate increased risk for heart disease. However, thighs over 60cm round are not too good for the heart. Some news to use for women: if the index finger is shorter than the ring finger, they may get arthritis in the knees earlier in life.

29 MAY 26, 2018 Stacey Abrams United States first black female governor nominee A former Georgia lawmaker and author has taken a major step towards becoming the first ever African-American female governor of a US state.

30 30 Saturday, May 26, 2018 STARTINGBLOCKS THE PACESETTING PAGES AFRICANFACTS Nigeria has Africa's second largest reserves of iron ore. Tanzania is the eighth largest producer of cashew nuts in the world. FINANCIAL EXPERT Olufemi Awoyemi PROUDLY NIGERIA FUNKE ABIMBOLA-AKINDOLIE Worthy ambassador Known for being outstanding and hardworking, Funke Abimbola-Akindolie is the most senior black lawyer in the world s largest biotech company Roche Pharmaceutical. The Nigerian-British lawyer, TV contributor, diversity leader, patron, board member and proud mother was appointed member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) by Queen Elizabeth II in her 91st birthday honours list for 2017 for her services to diversity in the legal profession and to young people. Abimbola-Akindolie is the most senior black solicitor at the world s largest biotech company, Roche Pharmaceutical, covering operations in the UK, Ireland, Gibraltar and Malta. The company makes a difference in the lives of patients by providing innovative medicines that are targeted at the needs of individuals. Its medicines help healthcare professionals tackle a range of diseases including cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and hepatitis. I was absolutely stunned when I received an official letter from the cabinet office informing me of this. It is incredible to think that campaigning for equality in my personal time (having experienced both direct racial and genderbased discrimination myself) and supporting young people to reach their potential has led to me receiving a Queen s honour, she said. Her team provides first class support and is made up of trusted advisers who support on all aspects of day to day activities, for example commercial matters, intellectual property, competition, Practice. One way to become a better driver is to drive more conscientiously, of course, keeping the above in mind. It is, after all, a skill we shouldn t take too much for granted. Ditch the distractions and know where you re going By now, we all know texting while driving is both dangerous and against the law. If you eat while you drive, fiddle with the Funke Abimbola-Akindolie employment, litigation, pensions, data protection, pharmaceutical, regulatory, corporate compliance, anti-bribery & corruption law. Tenacious and determined, when looking to enter the legal profession almost 2 decades ago, Abimbola-Akindolie was advised to steer clear of corporate law as this area of legal practice was too competitive for a black woman. Undeterred by this, she drew up a list of the top 100 UK corporate law practices and in-house legal teams and proceeded to cold-call the heads of department within each organisation with a sales pitch about what she had to offer as an entry-level employee. This brave and innovative approach secured her several interviews and an entry radio, or have a too-talkative passenger, you won t be able to drive as well. Don t bother speeding We all want to get to our destinations sooner, but all speeding really does is increase your risk of getting into an accident. Don t drive when you are sleepy We all know the dangers of driving after drinking, but a serious lack of sleep could also impair you just as much. Any level position with a large, fullylisted plc company. Abimbola-Akindolie speaks regularly at conferences in the UK and abroad with extensive reach and impact in doing so. She has impacted thousands of lives across all ages, races, genders and social backgrounds. As a professional ambassador for aspiring solicitors (an organisation founded to break down entry-level barriers to the legal profession), she supports university students by providing guidance, work experience and mentoring as well as speaking at universities and at graduate recruitment events. She created a summer placement scheme within her team at work, offering future law students valuable work experience within a global, blue-chip organisation. She is a recipient of numerous awards including: winner of Women4Africa Career Woman of the Year Award, woman in professional services at the Precious Award, Inspiring Member of the Year Inclusive Network Awards, and Certificate of Merit at the British Citizen Awards She was a member of the judging panel for the British legal awards and she founded both the international woman lawyer/ women leaders in life sciences law network and the Akindolie Medical Scholarship in April in memory of her father, Dr. Frank Olufemi Akindolie while advocating corporate and social adversity. STRICTLY FOR JJCs How to be a better a better driver time your mental facilities could be compromised whether from alcohol, poor sleep, new medication, or even having a horrible cold, is a time to stay off the road or find an alternative to driving. Adjust your mirrors to cover your blind spots There s a better way to position your mirrors than you might have been taught: Adjust the side mirrors so far outward so they re just overlapping your rearview mirror. Hands-on financial professional, Olutemi Awoyemi has an impeccable portfolio of commercial and consulting achievements garnered in the course of over three decades of progressive responsibility and results with well-known professional and product firms locally and internationally. The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Proshare Nigeria limited worked with firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, UAC of Nigeria, Eterna Oil & Gas plc., Phillips Consulting, Fountain Trust Bank, British American Tobacco where he left as the head of treasury and management accounts before starting his financial information and analytics hub. He is a fellow of many professional bodies including the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He is also an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Taxation, Nigerian Institute of Management, and the Institute of Management Consultants. Awoyemi is a council member of the association of Investment Advisers & Portfolio Managers, a two-term Vice-Chairman of the Industry, Trade & Investment Committee of the Institute of Directors (IoD Nigeria) and member of the IoD Finance & General Purposes Committee. He is also the principal partner of Awoyemi & co., and a member of Membership and Publicity & Publications Committees of the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce. Awoyemi enjoys surfing the internet, finance, basketball and football, as much as facilitating sessions and engaging in research. He relishes the opportunity to contribute to the development of new management practices and has written several and well published articles on varying management subjects. He published a book and coauthored another one, Buy Shares, Own a Business, (2004) and Forming, a Successful Investment Club (2004) respectively.

31 Saturday, May 26, 2018 THE BIG STORY 31 WORLD S MOST POPULAR MUSEUMS Protecting and transmitting the world's cultural and natural heritage is the number one role that museums play in our societies. They are also powerful drivers of sustainable tourism. There are a number of these monuments the world over but here are some of the very popular and most visited ones. Prestigious National Museum of China The National Museum of China sits to the east of Tiananmen Square and south of Chang an Street, opposite the Great Hall of the People. Finished at the same time, the National Museum of China and the Great Hall of the People were both among the ten great constructions completed for the 10th birthday of the People s Republic of China. National Museum of China is devoted to displaying treasured collections in form of various thematic exhibitions, such as the Arts of bronze, porcelain, jade, Chinese calligraphy and paintings, Buddhist statues, Ming & Qing furniture and coins in ancient China. Also displayed here are feature culture relics, significant archeological discoveries and ethnic culture and folk customs in the form of exchanges and cooperation with local museums. Different civilisations and artistic creations in the world in the form of loan and exchange exhibitions can be seen too. Plus, there are temporary exhibition halls to display modern art. The National Museum of China houses the most cherished and topmost level cultural relics of the whole nation, which can be seen in history schoolbook. The oldest exhibit is the teeth of Yuanmou Man from 1.7 million years ago. There are also the stone tools and ancient jade ritual objects of prehistoric times. Simuwu Rectangle Ding, which is the top treasure of the museum is the biggest piece of bronze ware in China. It was discovered in the Yin Ruins Royal Tomb of the Shang Dynasty. The image in the emblem of the National Museum of China is Simuwu Ding.

32 32 Saturday, May 26, 2018 WORLD S MOST POPULAR MUSEUMS Treasury Metropolitan Museum of Arts, New York The Metropolitan Museum of Arts, also known as The Met presents over 5,000 years of arts from around the world for everyone to experience and enjoy. The museum lives in three iconic sites in New York City The Met Fifth Avenue, The Met Breuer, and The Met Cloisters. Millions of people also take part in The Met experience online. Since it was opened in 1870, The Met has always aspired to be more than a treasury of rare and beautiful objects. Every day, arts come alive in the museum s galleries and through its exhibitions and events, revealing both new ideas and unexpected connections across time and cultures. The Met has important collections of Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, East Asian and Middle Eastern, Greek and Roman, European, pre-columbian, New Guinean, Islamic, and American art, including architecture, sculpture, painting, drawings, calligraphy, prints, photographs, glass, bronzes, ceramics, textiles, metalwork, lacquer work, furniture, period rooms, arms and armour, and musical instruments. The Thomas J. Watson Library, built in 1964 primarily for the use of the museum staff and visiting scholars, has one of the most complete art and archaeology reference collections in the world. It is the largest of a network of dedicated libraries in the museum, but only the Nolen Library is open to the public. European art of the Middle Ages is found on display in both the Central Park complex and at The Met Cloisters, the Met Museum of Medieval Art in Fort Tryon Park in the northern part of Manhattan. Striking Vatican Museums, Vatican City Founded by Pope Julius II in the early 16th century and enlarged by successive pontiffs, the Vatican Museums boasts of having one of the world s greatest art collections. The museums contain masterpieces of painting, sculpture and other works of art collected by the Popes through the centuries. The Museums include several monumental works of art such as the Sistine Chapel, the Chapel of Beato Angelico, the Raphael Rooms and Loggia and the Borgia Apartment. The Pinacoteca, or Picture Gallery, is situated in a building that dates back to 1932 and that was designed by the architect Beltrami. It is connected to the Museum complex (at the entrance of the Quattro Cancelli) by an elegant portico. The Christian, Profane and Missionary-Ethnological Museum contains a collection of artistic and archaeological objects, some of an ethnological nature, that were once housed in the Lateran Palace. The Collection of Modern Religious Art was added to the Museums in The History Museum is located in the Lateran Palace and includes, among other things, items that belonged to the Pontifical Military Corps. The Museums are usually open to the public every weekday morning and in the early afternoon in summer. Entry is free on the last Sunday of every month. The entrance to the Museums is on Viale Vaticano, near Piazza Risorgimento. The museums are well equipped for visitors with disabilities, with suggested itineraries, lifts and specially fitted toilets. OTHER POPULAR MUSEUMS IN THE WORLD State Hermitage, St. Petersburg The world-famous Hermitage Museum epitomises Russia s love affair with art and culture. It is the home to the largest collection of paintings in the world. The total number of pieces kept by the museum tallies to somewhere around three million. The Hermitage was created in 1764 as the private collection of Empress Catherine the Great. She commanded Russian ambassadors around the world to purchase the best pieces of art they could find. Naturally, only a small portion of the collection can be displayed at any given time. National Palace Museum, Taipei The National Palace Museum in Taiwan boasted 5.4 million visitors in 2014 who came to view the collection of ancient Chinese art and artefacts. The museum s permanent collection includes around 700,000 works of art. This museum shares a history with the Palace Museum in Beijing, the old Palace Museum split in two after the Chinese Civil War when the Republic of China of Taiwan was formed. The collection includes paintings, jades, ceramics, bronzes, rare books, calligraphy, and more. Natural History Museum, London The Natural History Museum in London had 5.4 million visitors in The museum houses more than 80 million specimens, some of which are billions of years old. It opened in 1881 in an iconic Romanesque building and from its opening has always been free to enter. Many large skeletons are displayed throughout the museum, from whales and elephants to the Diplodocus cast which has been in the main entry hall for 100 years. The Natural History Museum originated as part of the British Museum, and it didn t break off on its own until The Darwin Centre is a unique space for historic collections as well as a working lab for scientists that opened in Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum welcomed 4.2 million visitors in The museum opened its doors in 2001 and has been a hit with locals and tourists alike. The museum s dedicated science theaters give it the title of the largest educational science cinema in Asia with 10,000 showings each year. The museum has exhibitions on space navigation, robots, humans and health, spiders, and more. Tate Modern, London The Tate Modern displays a huge collection of international contemporary and modern art, and in million people visited the museum. Located on the south bank of the Thames, the Tate Modern is a free museum that is part of the Tate group of museums that include Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool, Tate St Ives, and Tate Online. The seven-floor gallery is located in the former Bankside Power Station and it has an iconic chimney rising up with the surrounding skyscrapers. Works in the gallery s permanent collection include Pablo Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein, and much more.

33 Saturday, May 26, 2018 Inspiring British Museum, UK WORLD S MOST POPULAR MUSEUMS 33 The country s largest museum and one of the oldest and finest in the world, this famous museum boasts of vast Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek, Roman, European and Middle Eastern galleries, among others. It is frequently London s most-visited attraction, drawing 6.5 million visitors annually. British Museum is a comprehensive national museum with particularly outstanding holdings in archaeology and ethnography. It is located in the Bloomsbury district of the borough of Camden. Established by act of Parliament in 1753, the museum was originally based on three collections: those of Sir Hans Sloane; Robert Harley, 1st earl of Oxford; and Sir Robert Cotton. The collections (which also included a significant number of manuscripts and other library materials) at the time, were housed in Montagu House, Great Russell Street, and were opened to the public in Among the British Museum s most famous holdings are the Elgin Marbles, consisting mainly of architectural details from the Parthenon at Athens, other Greek sculptures from the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and from the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the Rosetta Stone, which provided the key to reading ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Black Obelisk and other Assyrian relics from the palace and temples at Calah (modern Nimrūd) and Nineveh, exquisite gold, silver, and shell work from the ancient Mesopotamian city of Ur, the so-called Portland Vase, a 1st-century-ce cameo glass vessel found near Rome, treasure from the 7th-century-ce ship burial found at Sutton Hoo, Suffolk and Chinese ceramics from the Ming and other dynasties. Rich Louvre Museum, Paris The National Museum and Art Gallery of France also known as the Louvre is housed in part of a large palace in Paris. The palace was built on the right-bank site of the 12th-century fortress of Philip Augustus. This museum is the world s most-visited art museum. It has a collection that spans works from ancient civilisations to the mid-19th century. The Louvre s painting collection is one of the richest in the world, representing all periods of European art up to the revolutions of The Louvre s collection of French paintings from the 15th to the 19th century is unsurpassed in the world, and it also has many masterpieces by Italian renaissance painters, including Leonardo da Vinci s Mona Lisa and works by Flemish and Dutch painters of the Baroque period. The Louvre is a vast complex of buildings forming two main quadrilaterals and enclosing two large courtyards. There are many departments in the museum and these departments display different artifacts from different countries and time in history. The department of decorative arts displays the treasures of the French kings bronzes, miniatures, pottery, tapestries, jewelry, and furniture while the department of Greek, Etruscan, and Roman antiquities features architecture, sculpture, mosaics, bronzes, jewelry, and pottery. The department of Egyptian antiquities was established in 1826 to organise the collections acquired during Napoleon s Egyptian campaign. The department of Near Eastern antiquities is most important for its collection of Mesopotamian art. The Louvre building complex underwent a major remodeling in the 1980s and 90s in order to make the old museum more accessible and accommodating to its visitors. In 2012, a satellite location of the Louvre in the northern French town of Lens opened to the public. The museum, designed by the Japanese architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, was intended to boost the economy of the region and to alleviate crowds at the Paris site. There is also a Middle Eastern extension of the museum, the Louvre Abu Dhabi which opened, after nearly a decade of delay, in a building designed by French architect Jean Nouvel on Saadiyat Island, the Emirate s planned cultural hub.

34 34 Saturday, May 26, 2018 TRAVELOGUE In Skopje, Macedonia, every tourist is sure to get a taste of how the country s combination of old and new reflects on the Stone Bridge which links the new side of the city to the old Ottoman quarter. DESIRABLES THE MUST- READS AND LINGER-ONS STACEY ABRAMS United States first black female governor nominee A former Georgia lawmaker and author has taken a major step towards becoming the first ever African-American female governor of a US state. Stacey Abrams won the Democratic Party primary earlier in the week, telling voters that trying to convert Republicans into Democrats had previously failed. A Democrat has not held the red state s governor s mansion since Abrams, 44, will face a Republican candidate in the high-stakes mid-term contest in November. If elected in the deeply conservative state, she would become the first woman and the first person from an ethnic minority to lead the southern state. The United States currently has six female governors. Abrams prevailed over Stacey Evans, a 40-year-old state representative, with three-quarters of the vote. Ms Abrams was raised in Gulfport, Mississippi, with her five siblings. She moved to Atlanta as a teenager with her parents, a college librarian and shipyard worker who both attended Emory University to study divinity and become United Methodist ministers. It was in Georgia where she made her mark with a number of historic achievements. She became the first African American female valedictorian of her high school before earning her undergraduate degree from Spelman College. She also received a master s degree from the University of Texas and a law degree from Yale University. Abrams was first elected to the Georgia state house of representatives in 2006 and would later become the first woman to lead either party in the Georgia General Assembly as well as the first African American to lead the state s house of representatives. She has been considered a rising star among her party s progressive wing, taking centre stage at the 2016 democratic national convention where she gave a rousing speech on economic inequality, drawing on her own experience, and strongly backing presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Abrams won the support of Hilary Clinton, who recorded a robocall - an automated telephone call with a recorded message - for the former state house minority leader ahead of the coming election. Aside from her political work, she has written eight romantic suspense novels under the pen name Selena Montgomery. She wrote her first book, Rules of Engagement, during her third year at Yale Law School and had originally envisioned it as a spy thriller, she told the Atlanta Journal- Constitution in The road to the governor s mansion will not be easy in a state US President Donald Trump won in Abrams penned a piece in Fortune magazine addressing her financial struggles, explaining how her more than 170,000 dollars in student loan and credit card debt and IRS tax payments should not disqualify her as a candidate for Georgia s governor.


36 36 Saturday, May 26, 2018 BONUSPACK THE TAKE-AWAYS THIS WEEK KEEPSAKES 6 MOST EXPENSIVE FURNITURE IN THE WORLD 1 3 The badminton chest This furniture has a total value of 36.7 million dollars. It is not a single cabinet and it is a very special one. It was purchased by the 3rd Duke of Beaufort. It looks very royal and luxurious. The trust table The trust table is an exciting one, which is obtainable at the famous general store of New Jersey. The whole table is designed by hands and also has pierced fretwork. The price of this beautiful and luxurious table is 4.6 million dollars. 5Solid gold stool It was made in China and the of pure gold. The cost of this furniture is almost 1.3 million dollars. whole top of this table is made super luxurious and expensive The Dragons hair The dragons chair 2 is measured as the masterpiece which was designed by Eileen Gray. It was then assigned to Yves Saint Laurent who is regarded as the creator of fashion and has the brand with the same name. It is a breathtaking and luxurious chair. Pininfarina`s Aresline Xten office chair This office chairs is super comfortable. It has cushions in it which are fitted into the outline of the users and the technological design according to the posture of the person sitting on them. The fabric is also very durable and comfortable as well. The price of this chair is 1.5 million dollars. Plume Blanche diamond encrusted sofa It comes in very many shapes, 4 6 and the elaborate story about this sofa is that it is studded with expensive diamonds which is considered as a cherry on the top. The price of this sofa is 184,000 dollars. please cut along this line and keep 83 kmh FASTFORWARD The highest speed attained by a destroyer ship, the 2,900 tonne French ship, Le terrible in SEEN & OVERHEARD Violence No question that the enemy has tried to spread sectarian violence. They use violence as a tool to do that. GEORGE W. BUSH In a dangerous neighbourhood, always walk backward so that no one can sneak up on you. BARRY BLYVEIS That s one of the tragedies of this life that the men who are most in need of a beating up are always enormous. JOHN D. HACKENSACKER Geography We had brought a large map representing the sea, without the least vestige of land: And the crew was much pleased when they found it to be a map they could all understand. LEWIS CARROLL I stopped a man from Wigan in the street on the way to the football and I asked him, How do you get to the JJB Stadium? And he said, me brother takes me? DAVE SPIKEY Hoping to improve my son s knowledge of geography, I bought him an atlas for Christmas. A few days later I asked him, where is Portugal? He answered, three pages after France. LAURA GREEN Health and medicine You might get bird flu if you ate ground-up turkey droppings on your cornflakes for a week, or there again you might not. BORIS JOHNSON Oh, love, can you get me some of that cunnilinctus for my cough? EDNA STEELE My whole family is lactose-intolerant; when we take pictures we can t say cheese. JAY LONDON Funeral Always go to other people s funerals, otherwise they won t go to yours. YOGI BERA I was prostate with grief. TONY SOPRANO He was such a hypochondriac that they buried him next to a doctor. STEVE LAWRENCE $94.8 billion l JUST UNBELIEVABLE The total net worth of Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and the world's richest man. ENGLISH PHRASES Nerve A bag/bundle of nerves An extremely nervous or agitated person. Get on somebody s nerves To begin to irritate or distress somebody. It is very tragic, of course, but you must not get yourself mixed up in it. I see by the standard that she was seventeen. I should have thought she was almost younger than that. She looked such a child and seemed to know so little about acting. Dorian, you must not let this thing get on your nerves. Have/need nerves of steel To show or need great composure and not be easily upset. It s an ugly job, though, all the same... to have to deal with a case of the kind, when a woman is in fault. We soldiers need nerves of steel! Live on one s nerves/one s nerve ends To live an emotionally demanding life. Lose one s nerve To become uneasy or overcautious about something one was previously determined about. Hit or not, the steersman lost his nerve and shrank from the coming shock. Strain every nerve To make a great physical effort. Strain every nerve and bid the vessel fly. IIf from yon jostling rocks and wavy war Jove safety grants; he grants it to your care. Touch a raw nerve To cause somebody to react by mentioning a sensitive matter, often unintentionally. Call The call of nature The need to urinate or defecate. Show me a city so macerated with expectation who neither eat or drank, or slept or prayed, or harkened to the calls of either religion or nature for seven and twenty days together, who could have held out one day longer. Call the shots/tune To have the initiative or be in control. In England, the daily business of politics is not controlled by the Prime Minister or Westminster: it is Whitehall that calls the tune. Spoon Make a spoon or spoil a horn To be resolved to achieve something, whether this is a success or a failure. Win the wooden spoon To come last in a race or contest. Sure my invention must be down at zero and I grown one of many wooden spoons. Of verse (the name with which we Cantabs please to dub the last honours in degrees).

37 beauty lounge interview fashion fashion & style MAY 26, 2018 looks MEN'S CORNER How To Knot Your Tie Pro FASHION 10 Style Tricks To Fight The Freeze BEAUTY LOUNGE In Vogue: Henna Body Art Leather, perfect Canvass For My Personal Creativity- Morin Obaweyam

38 interview fashion & style Leadership Newspapers May 26, 2018 Leather, Perfect Canvass For My Personal Creativity Morin Obaweyam Synopsis of the journey to building the Morin O brand My name is Morin Obaweyam, creative director and founder of Morin O leather works, which is a leather goods design and manufacturing company. We pride ourselves in producing leather handbags and other leather goods for the sassy fashionable and classy individual. It all began as an offshoot from another creative business that I had done for quite a while. I ran an art gallery previously and that exposed me to a lot travelling in order to source artworks and handicrafts from both local and African creative and craft people. Along the line, I was invited or rather nominated to attend a training that was sponsored by Vital Voices Women Artisan Entrepreneurs Programme. Prior to that, I was encouraged by a couple of people especially my husband who had seen that I was very creative but chose to promote what other creative people were doing as opposed to doing anything of my own. For a long time, my husband and some other people had suggested that I should look for an outlet for my own personal creativity but I shied away from doing that for a long time. Until I went for the training where I met people from all over Africa who were doing their own thing and there I was, promoting other people s things. It was a turning point for me and I began to think deeply about the template I could use to express my personal creativity. I finally settled on leather which is a great canvass; it s durable, colourful and designable. When I got back home, I started thinking and decided to design a couple of handbags and see how we could produce them and that s how we started. We designed our first set of bags, took them for an exhibition and the response staggered me. That s how the Morin O journey started in September Customers response to the brand products from inception till date I can candidly say that it ran ahead of us. I was quite shocked at the response. At a point I was like wow, no, everybody slow down! We are not there yet, we are just trying to start, sort of testing the market and at the same time improve on our products but the response was so huge and alarming. I remember taking some of the bags with me to the United States to be accessed by a friend who is a private banker in Manhattan because I was still very apprehensive. I wanted his candid assessment of the product and his views on where and what I should improve on. He was excited over the bags and told me he wanted to show his friend, a writer who could give me tips on how to write my Facebook page bio. The next thing I knew his friend was so excited about the product that he requested to write a post on it and that s how our Huffington post article came about. From that we got outlets who wanted to stock our products and we just grew. Inspiration I am a traveller. I love people, places and things and I have found out that in the course of every travel; every light, sound, person or building is an imprint. Contemporary African art collector and entrepreneur, Morin Obaweya, the shrewd brain behind Morin. O. A contemporary Made-In-Nigeria leather and accessories brand in this chat with MILLICENT AREBUN ONUOHA bares all about her brand s journey to stardom, the challenges encountered and her tactics for successfully surmounting them The thing about creativity is that you never know what provoked what, all you know is that one day, it just comes to you and you just see, think and do it. Really, I think it s a bit of an eclectic fusion of all the little things I see for instance building, structures, size, shapes and even shops, that forms something in my mind that is new. Challenges in dealing with Nigerian craftsmen and how you surmount them. I can honestly say that, this is my greatest challenge. The truth about creativity and trying to be innovative is the fact that even though the challenges come, you are always looking for ways to circumvent and surmount them. I always believe that where there is will and hope, there is a way. It s all about thinking deeply in creative thinking. The greatest challenge we face as creatives is the mindset of the handicraft man. The ability for him to see that he can make products excellently with 100 per cent finishing is the greatest challenge. I have used all sought of ways to motivate. A typical Nigerian craftsman believes that as he does it, is okay, you should take it as it is because he has done it. Once I challenge their ego with the claim that they can t make the products their counterpart in India or Asia is producing, they rise to the occasion and produce excellent reproductions of my sample bags I had made in Indian. Another strategy that works is the reward and paying for your mistakes strategy. When they produce a product well, I reward them beyond what they expect and when they don t do it well, they know they are to pay. Basically, there is a price to pay for mistakes and a reward for excellence. Over time, it becomes part of their psyche and that standard becomes their standard but the journey to this is like swimming against the tide. Tell us about the floral fusion collection. We were inspired by the blossoming of floral patterns and floral motifs worldwide. Everybody is talking about bloom, flowers, colours, joy, inspiration, hope et al and we thought to incorporate all these feelings or elements in our own collection. We decided not to pick any random flower from the internet. Our logo itself is a kind a kind of portrayal of petals, so we decided to develop our own motifs that are unique to us. Then again, we thought that henna is also an African heritage and expression of floral patterns as well as Asian. So, in order for it to have some roots of history and authenticity we incorporated some henna motifs into our floral patterns, like a floral fusion on our classic bags. Are there accessible funds to promote Made-In-Nigeria brands/ products especially as our present government is pro- made-in- Nigeria products and brands? Oh yes! There are funds, for instance the bank of industry fund and to be factual BOI has been one of the institutions in Nigeria that has encouraged us in our Made-In-Nigeria journey. Both the Bank of Industry and the Nigerian Export Promotion Council because courtesy of a recommendation letter from BOI, we were sponsored to go for international shows that would give us exposure in terms of contemporary designs, standards and outlets that we can showcase our brands to and through. What has been the role played by leather goods associations in Nigeria on your brand s journey? I think there are several pockets of t h o s e associations, for instance I think there is an association that accommodates the tanneries so there is a whole value chain in the leather goods business. It s not as if there is one big umbrella body that covers all the sectors but there are pockets of these associations that are still in the process of consolidating. There has been a couple of fairs that has brought together those in the industry to showcase, discuss the problems facing us and the way forward. So, in terms of that exposure and information they have played a role but I think there is more work to be done. Word to the budding Made-In- Nigeria designers The world standards are high. You can t afford to be subjective or say oh I am a Nigerian and I have an idea so voila! It involves a lot of research, honing your skills and knowledge of international standards and market. Once you have laid the foundation, you begin to develop your own creativity and then sourcing begins. Penetrating the global market requires a lot of intense research and knowledge. The ways I see it is, once you ve dwelt with the backend, the front end becomes your creative space. Personal style I am a minimalist. What I like is class and style that is subtle so even in my future living space, my idea is that. I am minimalist, I like it when the cut is stylish, simple and elegant, Beauty Routine Recently I have decided to go the organic route. I spoke to my beauty therapist and told her that we both have to do our research. Recently I have been exposed to a lot of exhibition where a lot Nigerian skin and home care brands are really doing so much and I have learnt a lot. These days I use a lot of natural soap that has turmeric, aloe vera or coffee in it. I use a lot of sugar and coffee scrubs too. In a nutshell I am tending towards the organic anti-aging route.

39 Saturday, May 26, 2018 Beauty LOUNGE Leadership fashion & style 39 In Vogue: Henna Body Art BY MILLICENT AREBUN ONUOHA The Henna body art craft has from time immemorial being a traditional beauty trend seeped in religious and cultural under/overtones in the northern parts of Nigeria and Egypt, Indian and Arab nations respectively. Alas, the beady eyes of fashion have finally settled its gaze on the henna and liked what it saw, thereby making it a global fashion trend for fashionistas from all works of life regardless of religion. The temporary body art, whose name is of Arabic origin, is made from dye prepared from the henna tree called Lawsonia inermis, also known as hina, mignonette tree or Egyptian privet. It is a small flowering shrub that grows feet high and comes from the sole species of the Lawsonia genus. The fragrant flowers are used to create perfume, and the leaves are then turned into a fine powder that is used as a dye. Henna has been used for centuries to dye skin (Body art or temporary tattoo), hair, and fingernails, as well as fabrics including silk, wool, and leather. Henna body art is today a vogue trend embraced with fiendish delight by Nigerian fashionistas and natural hair lovers as a must-have style signature to spot for individualism and selfexpression In embracing the trend, caution is advised for people with glucose-6- phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (G6PD deficiency) as Henna have been known to have adverse effect on them once it comes in contact with skin.

40 fashion fashion & style Leadership Newspapers May 26, Underlying Commandments Of Fashion BY MILLICENT AREBUN ONUOHA There are mountains of literature, pictorials and videos available online and offline, explaining the fundamentals of fashion to style lovers worldwide. Yet, the teeming mass of style devotees, daily express the need, to understand the rules of fashion and trend applications. If you are one of those, frustrated with the seeming lack of clarity, as regards to fashion fundamentals or rules, you are in luck, as I bring you, 8 underlying commandments or rules of fashion, every fashionista must understand and obey in order to remain stylish consistently. 1. Clothing is your personal language. You must understand that clothing is simply a way to communicate your feelings, ideas, values or personality to the world. Once you understand this simple rule, you will own the trends and cloths instead of been a fashion or trend slave. 2. Identify or create a signature style: it s important to have a style signature. It could be, that sunglasses, bangles or jeans are you always wear. If you don t have one already, create one today, by sticking to your fave style item and always incorporating it in every ensemble you wear. 3. The fab is in the fit: Except in situations where the fit is made overlarge deliberately, the fit of your cloths, should never be compromised. Knowing your body type and the right fit of cloths, is crucial to looking stylish effortlessly. 4. Outfit are response to social situations: it is important to always dress with the social situation you are getting into firmly in mind. This is the secret stylists have learned that is earning them big incomes today. Dressing to an office, a business meeting, visiting the in-laws or fashion show, is uniquely different in varying ways. So mastering the skill to dress for the occasion, is key to remaining stylish always. 5. Own a pair of jeans and rule the world: Denim are eternally vogue and inherently dynamic. It s a mandatory wardrobe staple of the style lover, so invest in a quality pair today. 6. Personal style is everything: Once you learn to communicate with cloths, your style personality will automatically be noticed by you and everyone around you. Every style personality is like a thumbprint, unique in little ways. 7. Prints are your new style besties. For the African fashionista, prints is a norm, but for some, print is a trend. Here is news for you, prints are the new eternal trend right up the denim alley, so fearlessly incorporate them into your wardrobe of a lifetime. 8. Dare to try and play with new trends: Daring to try new trends armed with knowledge, is part of the fashionista creed act, so don t be shy about trying new weird trends. Never be too ashamed to try again if the results of your daring isn t acceptable. Simply try and try again.

41 Leadership fashion & style 41 Saturday, May 26, 2018 fashion 10 Style Tricks To Fight The Freeze BY MILLICENT AREBUN ONUOHA Hi style lovers! Once again, it s that season when cold plays tyrant to us, gleefully granting us dry and scaly skin, chapped lips et al indiscriminately. Naturally our fashion closet as a rule must change to accommodate the weather. In Nigeria the rainy season is here and every style lover wardrobe is feeling the cold. Unlike our global counterparts who have great winter wardrobes as a rule, the Nigerian fashionista is never sure of her season, as a cold day can turn humid or sunny in minutes. Hence her inability to have a stable cold season wardrobe full of trench coat, fab fur jackets, wool scarfs, pop socks et al In order to stay fab during the season, here are stylish tricks to fight the freeze, for the Nigerian style lover. 1. Ponchos, Sweaters & Cardigans 2. Socks 3. Mufflers & Pashminas 4. LBD in different colours 5. Crops pants, jeans and short or midi skirts 6. Boot 7. Leave-in conditioners 8. Hydration 9. Moisturizer, Butters and Body Oils 10. Crème lipsticks, Gloss and Balm 11. Pantyhose

42 men s corner fashion & style Leadership Newspapers May 26, 2018 How To Knot Your Tie Pro BY MILLICENT AREBUN ONUOHA Ties are as indispensable to men as a bra is to a lady. Love it or hate it, you just can t avoid wearing a tie at several points in your life as man, no matter how radical or laid back you in your style. Selecting the right tie to go with an outfit as difficult as it may often seem, is child s play compared to knowing how to knot your tie properly in whatever style you deem fit. A perfectly knotted tie or its sloppy counterpart can make or break a business deal, interview, or how you are perceived and received in a matter of minutes. In order to save you from future hotspots in the tie knotting arena, here are Easy Step-by- Step Instructions for 4 Basic Tie Knots courtesy of The Four-in-Hand Knot First up is the Four-in-Hand knot, because it s the easiest to learn. It s a small, slightly asymmetrical knot that is best suited for narrow collars. This is the knot that is most appropriate for casual situations, since it doesn t look like you spent too much time in front of the mirror meticulously tying it. It looks like you just quickly put on a tie before you went out the door, almost as an afterthought. Also, if you re ever in a hurry, this is the knot to know. HOW TO: 1. Begin by crossing the wide end over the narrow end. 2. Fold the wide end underneath the narrow end. 3. Pass the wide end horizontally over the narrow end again. 4. Take the wide end up and through the loop around your neck. 5. Take the wide end through the knot in front. Proceed to tighten the knot and pull it up to your collar. Half Windsor The Half Windsor is an easier version of the traditional Full Windsor knot. Once you have become proficient in this one, it will be a piece of cake learning the latter. One might say it s a bit of a stepping stone to the real deal, but that doesn t disqualify it as a great knot in its own right. While it s more modest than it s full counterpart, it s equally formal, so I don t advise you to wear it casually. It s much better suited for the office environment. HOW TO 1. Begin by crossing the wide end over the narrow end. 2. Fold the wide end underneath the narrow end. 3. Pull the wide end up. 4. Take the wide end back down through the loop. 5. Move the wide end horizontally over the narrow end. 6. Take the wide end up through the loop. 7. Pull the wide end through the knot in front. Proceed to tighten the knot and pull it up to your collar. Full Windsor Tie Knot The Full Windsor tie knot is best used for formal occasions. You shouldn t wear this one casually. It s a thick, wide, triangular knot that s completely symmetrical. It s best suited for shirts with a wide spread collar. This one should be reserved for weddings, presentations and important business meetings. HOW TO 1. Begin by crossing the wide end over the narrow end. 2. Take the wide end back through the loop around your neck. 3. Take the wide end over the narrow end in the same direction you crossed it at step Fold the wide end underneath the narrow end. 5. Take the wide end up 6. And back through the loop in the same direction as step Fold the wide end horizontally over the narrow end. 8. Bring the wide end up through the loop once more, like you did in step Pull the wide end through the knot. Pratt knot This is the one that s suitable for any occasion; formal, casual or business casual. The Pratt knot is neither as wide as the Windsor or as narrow as the Fourin-Hand and thus pairs well with most dress shirts. It s a symmetrical knot.this multi-purpose knot is great to wear to work, and afterwards you can loosen it up for a more casual look when you go out to get a drink with your colleagues. HOW TO: 1. Begin by crossing the wide end under the narrow end, while the tie hangs inside out around your neck. 2. Pull the wide end up over the narrow end. 3. Take the wide end down through the loop and tighten the knot. 4. Move the wide end horizontally over the narrow end. 5. Pull the wide end back up through the loop. 6. Pull the wide end through the knot in front. Proceed to tighten the knot and pull it up to your collar.

43 Leadership fashion & style 43 Saturday, May 26, 2018 event Style at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards BY MILLICENT AREBUN ONUOHA Last Sunday music lovers and stars of music came out in their finery for the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, which held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show was hosted by American Idol winner and current T h e Voice coach Kelly Clarkson and there was an Icon Award performance from Janet Jackson who was the recipient of the 2018 billboard music icon award. After the glitz of the Cannes, the extravaganza of the globes, the year red carpet was a bit underwhelming though a few glamazions still managed to shine through in quirky outfits designed to stand out not conform Celebrity roll call at the event was attended includes Diplo, DJ Khaled, kygo, Khalid, Shawn Mendes, Jennifer Lopez,, BTS, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, John Legend, Nick Jonas, French Montana, Hailey Baldwin, Halsey, The Chainsmokers, Kelly Clarkson, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande and more.

44 wellness fashion & style Leadership Newspapers May 26, Ways To Avoid Getting Sick During Rainy Season BY MILLICENT AREBUN ONUOHA The raining season is upon us in Nigeria and its ever-unpleasant companion the flu is gleefully roaming about looking for where to call home in as many bodies as humanly possible. Many people are more likely to catch a bug during the rainy season because of the drastic changes between cooler temperatures, humidity, wind. This is the season where the body and especially the digestive system are most prone to infections so it s a great idea to know and adhere to preventive measure in order to avoid the misery and bills being sick heralds. In order to prevent catching a cold, getting dehydrated or simply feeling under the weather during the rainy season, here is a list of dos and don ts to adhere to in order to in fight off possible germs and/or infections. 1. Take cover: Ensure you dress for the season by layering up wearing boots, having cardigans, coats and an umbrella always handy are great ways to staying dry. Remember that cold symptoms can start by simply having your feet wet for too long after walking in the rain. 2. Ensure you eat a Balanced Diet: avoid fast foods and unhealthy snacks this season. Consuming balanced and nutritional meals during this season is important, as these provide the support your system needs to fight off any disease. Warm, homemade meals are always the best choice. 3. Hot showers is Key: a hot shower is one of the best spring health tips available, especially if you have been exposed to colder temperatures outside your home. A hot shower along with the steam allow your body to reach its normal temperature, while removing germs and bacteria and opening up your nasal passages. 4. Take your Vitamin C Supplements: taking Vitamin C during this season is a great way to boost up the strength of your immune system and its effectiveness against bacteria, bugs and germs 5. Stay hydrated: Water this season is the nectar of life! It i s still important to deliberately consume the needed amount of moderate amount of water this season despite the fact that you may not be thirsty in order to keep your organs working properly and maintain your skin, nail and hair hydrated. 6. Stay Dry: When caught in an unexpected downpour, ensure you take a hot shower if possible and change out of your wet clothes as soon as possible, slipping into something warm dry and comfortable that will help your body s temperature to adjust. 7. Bathe twice a day: Bathing twice a day especially in the evenings will insulate you against infections caused by the build-up of sweat and dirt due to humidity. 8. Avoid Air-Conditioned rooms when wet: if your clothes and most importantly your shoe is soggy or damp, avoid getting into air-conditioned rooms as this can trigger lower temperatures in your body (even hypothermia in some cases) and is a great harbour for viruses. 9. Damp rooms are a NO- NO: If you suffer from asthma, recurrent sinus infections and/or other respiratory issues avoid damp rooms as these are a great breeding for fungus growth and bacteria to spread, making you more susceptible to illness. Photo Credits: Stock Clips, wisegeek

45 , Saturday, May 26, Leadership 45 Strange But True! How To Prevent Age Related Memory Loss BY SADIQ BABAKURA When it comes to memory, its use it or lose it just as physical exercise can make your body stronger. While, memory loss is inevitable part of the aging process as there are plenty of things you can try to help keep your memory sharp. Get Up and Go Exercise regularly. It s one of the best things you can do to help prevent age-related memory loss. Moving boosts blood flow to your brain and helps nerve cells in the part of brain that controls your memory. If you re not active now, check with your doctor to see if there s anything you shouldn t do. Then get moving. Often, water exercises are great, because they aren t hard on your joints but you can still get a good workout for your heart and lungs. Eat Right for Your Brain Fruits and vegetables are especially good because they re rich in antioxidants, which help protect damage to brain cells. Fill up on antioxidant-rich leafy greens, berries, and tomatoes. Vegetables and fruits basically help in boosting memory; also the best diet for your brain is Medical Terms And Meanings Hematology: Hematology is a branch of medicine concerning the study of blood, the blood-forming organs, and blood diseases. The word heme comes from the Greek for blood. Analgesia: loss of sensation of pain that results from an interruption in the nervous system pathway between sense organ and brain. Different forms of sensation (e.g., touch, temperature, and pain) stimulating an area of skin travel to the spinal cord by different nerve fibres in the same nerve bundle Benign: Benign refers to a condition, tumor, or also good for your heart. If your heart s not healthy and it s not pumping blood and oxygen to your brain can have a negative effect on your brain health. Choose whole grains instead of processed refined grains. Cut back on unhealthy and saturated fats. Choose low-fat protein foods like fish, skinless chicken, extra-lean cuts of meat, and beans. Work Your Mind Try to learn a new language or play an instrument. Take a continuing education class or dance classes. Like physical exercise, mental exercise will be easier to do if you enjoy it. New activities that are stimulating, whether it is crossword puzzles or Sudoku, scrabble, computer games or mah-jongg, exercising your brain keeps it functioning. Be Social Try to be part of your community. It gets you engaged in conversations and activities, and keeps you thinking, talking, laughing, and planning. Studies show that people over 50 who have strong ties with family, friends, and community groups have less memory loss than people who are more isolated. Socializing may not be the only reason why this happens, but it is one more good reason to join up with friends to exercise, volunteer, or have dinner. Or you can try new activities to make new bonds. The more active you are, the more your brain is working. Sleep Well It can be harder to get enough sleep as you get older. But when your brain doesn t rest, you can have problems remembering and concentrating. So try to get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night. Set up good sleep habits by going to bed and getting up at the same time every day. Also, create a calming routine for yourself before bed. If you nap during the day, keep the nap short, no more than minutes. Try not to nap after 4 p.m. Fight Stress When anxious or under pressure, your body makes stress hormones, that helps when it s an emergency. But having high levels of these hormones for too long can hamper your memory. When you re feeling stressed, find things that help you relax such as deep breathing, talking with a friend, or meditation. Learn Memory Tricks: These strategies can help you remember, whether it s finding your car keys or knowing your new neighbour s name. growth that is not cancerous. This means that it does not spread to other parts of the body. It does not invade nearby tissue. Sometimes, a condition is called benign to suggest it is not dangerous or serious. In general, a benign tumor grows slowly and is not harmful. However, this is not always the case. A benign tumor may grow big enough or be found near blood vessels, the brain, nerves, or organs. As a result, it can cause problems without spreading to another part of the body. Sometimes, these problems can be serious. Girl Born With 4 Legs, 2 Spines Separated Doctors has successfully separated a baby girl from the Ivory Coast born with four legs and two spines in a rare and complex surgery at a Chicago hospital. Pediatric and reconstructive surgeon Frank Vicari said the ten-month-old Dominique underwent a six-hour procedure involving five surgeons at the Advocate Children s Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois, on March 8. She is now thriving with the Chicago foster family who will look after her until she is well enough to return home. It s going rather well. She was only in the hospital a total of five days. She s been home with step-mom and just doing very, very well, her foster mother told Reuters. Dominique was born with a parasitic twin. The bottom half of her notfully-developed twin s body protruded from her neck and back. Dr John Ruge, a pediatric neurosurgeon at the hospital said: a parasitic twin is an The Camper s Second Opinion Two campers are hiking in the woods when one is bitten on the rear end by a rattlesnake. I ll go into town for a doctor, the other says. He runs ten miles to a small town and finds the only identical twin that fails to fully separate in development. In other words, not another independent twin, but a twin that was dependent on her body system, such that Dominique s heart and lungs provided the nourishment. Doctors did not give Dominique s family name. Nancy Swabb, from Edgebrook, Illinois, has looked after Dominique since she arrived in the United States for the surgery. She s been a joy. We really enjoyed having her in our family. We send a lot of photos and updates and so we know that Dominique s family sees what she s doing and seeing that she has two new teeth and she s learning to wave and doing all sorts of special things. Swabb said she did not want to think about saying goodbye to Dominique when she returns to her family in the Ivory Coast. She has touched our hearts. She s a member of our family. She s pretty amazing, Swabb said. Your Sexual Health Question Answered Managing Stress And Your Sex Drive Taking steps to manage your stress can help you regain some of your lost sexual energy, as a diminished interest in sex is one of many symptoms that can develop as a result of increased psychological stress, and studies show that a decreased sex drive is a common complaint in people who have stressful jobs and work long hours. Stress management is a highly individual practice, and each person must choose the stress control techniques that work best for them. However, stress control methods most often include a combination of exercise, relaxation techniques (deep breathing or meditation exercises), adhering to a regular sleep cycle, and JOKE proper nutrition. Exercise releases endorphins, which are the body s natural stress-fighting hormones, so any type of physical exercise is a good stress control measure. One pitfall to avoid is the self-treatment of stress indulging in counterproductive behaviors. Studies show that people under stress are more likely to practice unhealthy behaviors (such as excessive consumption of alcohol, overeating, and cigarette smoking) and to make poorer health choices than people who are not under stress. These unhealthy coping mechanisms can also have a negative effect on your overall well-being and therefore may contribute to the decrease in your sex drive. doctor delivering a baby. I can t leave, the doctor says. But here s what to do. Take a knife, cut a little X where the bite is, suck out the poison and spit it on the ground. The guy runs back to his friend, who is in agony. What did the doctor say? the victim cries. He says you re gonna die.

46 46 Leadership May 26, 2018 KIDS HEALTH Water Safety Parents and pool owners should learn how to swim and how to rescue a drowning victim Children can drown in as little as 2.5 cm (1 inch) of water. Many of these tragedies happen in backyard pools, and almost always in pools without 4-side pool fencing and self-closing, self-latching safety gates. For rural and remote living children, lakes and rivers serve as transportation routes as well as sources of recreation. Regardless of whether found in nature or a in a backyard, caution needs to be practiced around water Ṫake the following essential precautions to help protect your children: Babies who can t sit without support and are too young to wear a portable flotation device (PFD) should be held by an adult at all times. Toddlers should always be within arm s reach of an adult when they are in or around water. This includes pools, bathtubs, and beaches, and other water sources. Swimming lessons are a great opportunity for families to participate in fun activities that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. But on their own, they will not protect or prevent a child from drowning. All children should be supervised by an adult when they are in or around water and should never be left alone in a pool or bathtub, even for a moment. The Lifesaving Society recommends a supervision ratio of at least 1 adult for every 2 young children, and 1 adult for every baby. Should I use a life jacket or a personal flotation device (PFD) for my child? Life jackets are different from PFDs. A life jacket can turn the person over from face-down to face-up. A PFD will keep a person floating, but not necessarily faceup. It is lighter and less bulky than a lifejacket. PFDs also keep people warmer in the water because the foam in the vest is spread more evenly around the body. You can use either a lifejacket or a PFD for your child, as long as it is designed for children. What should we do if we have a swimming pool at home? Swimming pools whether inor above-ground should be fenced on four sides. That means NOT having direct access to a pool from a deck, patio or back door (the house doesn t count as a side ). The fence should be climbing-resistant and at least 1.2 m (4 ft.) high. Any gate to the pool area should be self-closing and self-latching. Make sure that hot tubs and spas not contained within the fenced pool area have a locking hard cover or are located in an area that can be closed and locked. Empty toddler and other portable backyard pools after use (at least once daily if you are using them every day). By not having standing water, you also help reduce the risk of mosquito spread illnesses. Parents and pool owners should learn how to swim and how to rescue a drowning victim. They should also maintain certification in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Pool owners should have an emergency action plan, rescue equipment, and a telephone on the deck or poolside. Slide or play equipment should be designed specifically for pool use. What are some other water safety tips? Use diapers designed for use in water. They don t get as heavy as regular diapers and are less likely to cause your child to lose his balance in a wading pool. Empty buckets and pails, ice chests with melted ice, or bathtubs as soon as you are done with them. Do not keep a container filled with water (such as a rain barrel) around your home unless the container is child resistant and labeled as such. When your children are playing under a sprinkler, watch for pools of water collecting on the ground. They can be slippery. Move the sprinkler often, or take a break until the water has drained. Use sprinklers on grassy surfaces only, and make sure the play area is free of toys or other obstacles. A backyard water slide should be used with caution. Set it up on a soft, grassy slope, free of bumps, and well away from trees or shrubs. Teach children to slide in a sitting position. Keep children away from ponds and streams at any time of year, unless you are with them. Be extra cautious with fast currents that occur during spring runoff and after heavy down pours. PHOBIA Patroiophobia Fear Of Heredity The fear of heredity can travel down at least two distinct paths it can be a fear of what others might think based on ethnic heredity or it can be a fear of the health and body image resulting from heredity. This fear is known as Patroiophobia. Family histories could hold dark secrets that would be embarrassing if not damaging if they were known. This fear is often based on personal observations about life and the future the sufferer hopes for himself. This tendency can also come from listening to classmates in school that spoke negatively about certain attributes common in the family. Such prejudicial talk has caused many to believe they are somehow flawed and fearing that the family they were born into will somehow determine what they can and can t do, where they can and can t go and ultimately what they will become. This fear often has the hallmark of profound dread. The phobic may be the sense that he has been dealt a bad hand in the card game of life and is powerless to stop or change what he was destined to become simply based on the family into which he was born to. The fear can be profoundly damaging to family relationships so special care needs to be taken in dealing with the fear. The important component for recovery is to understand that while one cannot change the family into which he was born neither should that truth stop him from pursuing opportunity and life.

47 May 26, Leadership 47 DISC VERY New Genetic Syndrome Which Predisposes Body To Cancer A research led by Jordi Surrallés, professor of the Department of Genetics and Microbiology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, director of the Genetics Unit at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau and lead researcher at the Centre for Biomedical Network Research on Rare Diseases (CIBERER), has identified a new genetic syndrome caused by mutations in both copies of the FANCM gene, also known as biallelic mutations. The results, published in Genetics in Medicine, the official journal of the American College of Medical Genetics and part of the Nature group, suggest that these mutations predispose the body to early formations of tumours and chemotherapy toxicity. In the article, lead author Massimo Bogliolo from the CIBERER research group led by Jordi Surrallés analysed biallelic mutations in the FANCM gene in three individuals. Despite the number of patients always being low in these types of studies, given that they deal with rare diseases, it was observed that there was an early onset of cancer and toxicity to chemotherapy, but the patients did not present any congenital malformations or haematological phenotype which could suggest being affected by Fanconi anaemia, a rare disease which affects one out of every 100,000 children. Until now it was believed that the FANCM gene was related to this disease, given that in 2005 the biallelic mutation was observed in patients suffering from Fanconi anaemia. In another article published in the same volume of the journal, researchers from Dr Surrallés group and the research group led by Javier Benítez at the CNIO and the CIBERER confirmed that women with biallelic mutations in the FANCM gene did not develop Fanconi anaemia, but did present a higher risk of breast cancer, chemotherapy toxicity and chromosomal fragility. This article was coordinated by Paolo Peterlongo of the Milan Institute of Molecular Oncology and included the participation of several hospitals and research centres of Italy, Germany, Spain and Sweden. Until now it was thought that biallelic mutations in the FANCM gene caused Fanconi anaemia, but we have now demonstrated that it is not so, given that in the two studies there were eight patients with these mutations and none of them had anaemia, affirms Jordi Surrallés. The patients however had suffered from cancer at very early ages and also presented chemotherapy toxicity. Therefore, in view of the new syndrome, the authors recommend modifying the clinical monitoring of patients with biallelic mutations in the FANCM gene and taking precautions when using chemotherapy and radiation therapies due to the acute toxicity they may produce. Genetic Complementation Test For the study, researchers conducted functional complementation tests, a very important type of analysis in mass sequencing projects in which there are several mutated genes and it is not clear which ones are the source of the disease. The patient s cells have a clear phenotype of chemical hypersensitivity to DEB, an agent which causes damage to DNA (patient s cells do not survive high doses of DEB). In contrast, when a healthy FANCM gene copy was transferred into the cells of patients with the help of a virus (using lentiviral transductions), researchers observed the reversal of this phenotype and cells behaving as if they were healthy (a response similar to that of a healthy donor). This functional study is the genetic demonstration that the gene causing the disease is FANCM and, therefore, the mutations observed in this gene are of a pathogenic nature. The patient s cells have a clear phenotype of chemical hypersensitivity to DEB, an agent which causes damage to DNA (patient s cells do not survive high doses of DEB)

48 48 Leadership May 26, 2018 Natural Remedies Cafe Combatting Pot Belly With Home Remedies There are a number of ways you can get rid of that pot belly, with controlling your food portions and exercising being the most recommended method There was once a time in Nigeria where having a pot belly was once seen as a sign of prosperity, or least a sign that you were living a good life. However, it is now becoming an issue for people, as the trend in urban centres show that the pot belly is no longer in. Even more importantly is that having a pot belly can be dangerous for your health too. The visceral fat or the fat around your abdomen can lead to diabetes, heart diseases, stroke as well as dementia. There are a number of ways you can get rid of that pot belly, with controlling your food portions and exercising being the most recommended method. However, choosing the right foods to complement your efforts is really essential. The right foods can help detox your liver and boost your metabolism so that your body can target belly fat. But before you hit the gym and run off to the supermarket, here are some really effective remedies you can try at home to lose belly fat. Lemon Water Lemon water helps to detoxify your liver and increases the production of enzymes by the liver which metabolize and burn fat. A simple glass of room temperature water with the juice from a lemon squeezed into it is all you need. For the best effect, do this in the morning, just after you get up and 30 minutes before you have a meal. Fish Oils Fish oils are rich in omega-3 fatty acids (icosapentaenoic acid, docosahexaenoic acid and linolenic acid) which help in breaking down fat while reducing fat storage around your waistline. You can purchase fish oil capsules at any reliable pharmacy or online. Ginger Tea It is well known that ginger is a natural digestive aid but it is also a thermogenic agent. Thermogenic agents increase body temperature thus helping burn fat more effectively. A pot belly may be due to one of the various reasons like overeating, lack of exercise or stress. Ginger can aids in solving each of these issues. Ginger also suppresses the production of cortisol, which is a steroid hormone essential for energy regulation and mobilization. Rather eating raw ginger, it is now possible to have it as a tea. Two cups of ginger tea every day should be effective in helping get rid of that belly fat. Garlic Garlic is good for your cardiovascular system as it reduces both systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as blood levels of triglycerides apart from increasing good cholesterol. Garlic is also very useful when it comes to fighting fat in our bodies as garlic suppresses the process of making fat. For best effects, eat like 3 cloves of garlic a day or you could simply go with the tablets if that is not your thing. Lean Meat Protein makes your body burn fat when you eat it, more especially animal proteins. Thus, lean meats (meat with little or no fat) are the best calorie burning food. When you eat lean meat, you burn about 30 percent of the calories it contains within it just by digesting the food. It s wise to include some protein in each of your meal. This can be lean chicken, beef, or pork, especially in dinner so that you burn most of the consumed calories through digestion at a time when your body s metabolism is slower. Just don t fry your lean meat as you would defeat the purpose. Green Tea Research shows that having 4 cups of green tea daily helped people lose more than three kilograms within a period of eight weeks. Green tea contains chemicals which have natural antioxidant with many therapeutic applications. They also help in boosting your metabolism. Hot Peppers Hot peppers contain capsaicin which boosts your body s heat production and thus uses more energy or calorie. Studies have shown that when peppers are consumed daily, it reduces abdominal fat and improves fat oxidation. So spice up your foods with hot peppers to lose belly fat. For the brave, you can have peppers raw, cooked, dried, or in powdered form. Otherwise simply have it as freshly made pepper soup. The good thing about peppers is that you can add it to practically anything you eat such as soups, eggs, sauces, stew and meats. Coconut Oil The oil extracted from coconut has a unique combination of fatty acids which a positive effect on your metabolism. Coconut oil is high on medium chain triglycerides which are metabolized differently from long chain fatty acids. These fatty acids directly go to the liver from your digestive tract, where they are used in one of the two wayseither as energy or are converted into ketone bodies. Ketone bodies are used by cells in the body for energy production instead of glucose. This makes coconut oil an ideal replacement when going on a low carb diet. Coconut oil is also a thermogenic and burns fat. Many studies have shown that medium chain fatty acids when compared to the similar amount of calories from other fats, can improve feeling of fullness. Thus you automatically reduce calorie intake. But bear in mind, that coconut oil show be used in moderation, as excess use can actually make you put on weight. No more than 2 tablespoon a day has been shown to be most effective. Sleep It is important to get adequate sleep as a lack of sleep is one of the prominent causes for belly fat accumulation. When you don t sleep, you crave for sugar and fatty foods. It also increases your cortisol hormone which makes you insensitive to insulin. As a result, you lose your body s biorhythm and pile on the weight. It is recommended that you get about 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Reduce or stop alcohol consumption Alcohol is full of calories but when you consume alcohol you don t feel full. Saving all your drinking for the weekend (binge drinking) in particular deposits fat around your waistline. It s better not to have alcohol but if you can t do that at least avoid binge drinking and also reduce the quantity and frequency of alcohol intake.

49 Saturday, May 26, 2018 WEEKEND POLITICS Leadership 49 ANALYSIS INTERVIEWS REPORTS DISCOURSE Resurrection Of npdp And APC Crisis Conundrum The recent ultimatum given to the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) by the defunct new Peoples Democratic Party (npdp) may have opened a new vista to the crisis within the governing party. ANDREW ESSIEN writes. Weekend Politics Editor: Chibuzo Ukaibe Giving the APC leadership a sevenday ultimatum to convene an emergency meeting to address their grievances, the npdp also accused the presidency and the party of maltreating their members Many had thought that after their separation from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and eventual merger to form the All Progressives Congress (APC), their issues had finally settled and the npdp as they were known, will be dead and buried. In the light of the recent happenings, this trend of thought has been vacated. In what analysts say is a fight for the soul of the APC, the npdp which is one of the power blocs that fused into the APC before the 2015 general elections wrote President Muhammadu Buhari through the party expressing their dissatisfaction with the present status quo. The letter came just days after the party conducted Ward and Local Government congresses across the country which left many party stalwarts disenchanted with the process. Giving the APC leadership a seven-day ultimatum to convene an emergency meeting to address their grievances, the npdp also accused the presidency and the party of maltreating their members. Speaking with journalists at a press conference after a closed door meeting with the National Chairman of APC, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, at the party s national secretariat in Abuja, where a four-page letter dated April 27, 2018, titled Request for redressing of grievances of the former new PDP block within the All Progressives Congress was submitted, the group s leader, Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje, declared that without votes contributed by the members of his group, the present government would not have been elected into power. The letter signed by Alhaji Abubakar Kanu Baraje and Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola on behalf of the group was addressed to the National Chairman of the party, saying despite their contribution to the success of the APC, their members had been relegated to the background in the scheme of things in the party and in the government. The letter which was also copied to President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo Oyegun stated that the only seat that went to members of the npdp in the Federal Executive Council was given to a member whose state contributed virtually no vote to the APC in the 2015 presidential election. The letter reads: We, the members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who moved over from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to form the APC before the 2015 general elections in Nigeria are desirous of strengthening our party especially now that new party Congresses have commenced, and the convention and another round of general electrons are imminent. Obviously, this cannot be achieved without addressing fundamental issues which we wish to raise in the letter. We therefore wish, with due respect, to re-state our expectation then and now that the APC we all laboured to build would be one united, inclusive, cohesive and progressive party devoid of divisions, factions, cleavages and tendencies. We envisioned a political Atiku party promoting equal rights for all Nigerians and ensuring rapid and even development across the country. Of course, there is no gainsaying the fact that the lofty ideals enumerated above cannot be attained without ensuring justice for party faithful and citizens. Kindly indulge us to offer a brief reminder of the history of events that led to the victory of the APC in the 2015 general elections, and the presidential election in particular. It is an undeniable historical fact that the movement of the former new PDP block to form the APC contributed immensely to the victory of the APC in the election. The former new PDP included five sitting governors of Sokoto, Kano, Kwara, Adamawa and Rivers State, and former governors of Kebbi, Gombe, Osun and former vice president of Nigeria, former acting National Chairman of PDP, sitting Speaker of the House of Representatives, many serving members of the National Assembly and many politicians and PDP elders. It was a watershed moment in Nigeria s political history. Most of these leaders not only delivered their states to the APC at the election, some of the governors were also assigned specific responsibilities to ensure that other states were also delivered to the APC in the 2015 election. The then governor of Sokoto took charge of Kebbi and the then governor of Kano State took responsibility for Kano, Kaduna and Jigawa states just to mention a few examples. There were also unprecedented efforts by many stakeholders such as Senator Bukola Saraki in concert with others, to deliver the entire North Central to the APC. These efforts, contributions and sacrifice were made in spite of the fact that the presidential ticket was taken by the erstwhile Congress for Progressive Change, (CPC) and the Action Congress of Nigeria, (ACN) block of the party. It is a matter for grave concern that His Excellency Mr President, Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, has never publicly acknowledged our efforts in the face of clear evidence CONTINUES ON THE NEXT PAGE

50 50 WEEKEND POLITICS Saturday, May 26, 2018 Resurrection Of npdp And APC Crisis Conundrum FROM PREVIOUS PAGE that the total number of votes scored by the APC in states where leaders and members of the then newpdp block held sway made the difference. The group also alleged that in the constitution the Federal Executive Council (FEC), the New PDP block was sidelined as virtually no positron was conceded to it. It stated that The only member of FEC that belonged to former New PDP block came from a state that contributed virtually no vote to the APC in the 2015 presidential election. There has been no significant patronage and appointments to executive positions in various government agencies such as Chief Executive and Executive Directors of government agencies and parastatals as members of our block of the party continue to helplessly watch as these positions are shared by the erstwhile CPC, ACN, ANPP and even APGA blocks of the party and those who have no party at all. It further alleged that in appointments into boards of various government agencies, very few former New PDP members were patronised. But it stated however that these are not commensurate with group s contributions to the growth and victory of the party. Furthermore, it stressed that when members of the block showed interest in running for the offices of President of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives, they were subjected to a vicious and relentless political opposition as if they were not legitimate members of the APC family. In the same vein, it stated that during the party primaries preparatory to the 2015 general elections, most of the promises made to sitting members of the National Assembly who belonged to the former new PDP in terms of a level playing field were reneged upon or observed more in breach. It also stated that there has been general lack of consultation, non recognition and even persecution of former New PDP members and leaders by the party and government. It stated that For example, some of our leaders are denied the security cover necessary to visit their constituencies even though they are elected representatives of the people in a government they sacrificed so much for. They also alleged harassment, intimidation and persecution of former New PDP leaders by the government, adding that There is inadequate reflection of programme and policy contributions of members at the former New PDP block in the running of the government, among others. But this latest squabble for the soul of the party did not just start with the npdp as many current and former party leaders have at various times, sang different songs of one form of disenchantment or the other even as the political war brews ahead of Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar had, recently, in Abuja, lamented the absolute lack of Adamu Jibrin Baraje internal democracy in the political parties in the country, linking them to some of the challenges the nation s democracy has faced in the last 17 years. Speaking recently as chairman at an interactive session organised by the Inter-Party Advisory Council of Nigeria, at the Yar Adua Centre, Abuja, the former vice-president submitted that lack of internal democracy has been the major challenge of political parties in Nigeria since the restoration of civilian rule in Apparently reacting to the failure of the APC NWC to call meetings of statutory organs of the party, the former vice-president expressed concern that stakeholders in the ruling party were in the dark about development in their party. Democracy is not just an idea; it is a cultural practice. For a number of years now we have had political parties, even governing ones, which hardly hold meetings of their important organs, including those meant for the democratic selection of their leadership, or even constitute institutions prescribed in their constitution. In the absence of those meetings and elections, their existing leadership, often under the direction of the Executive at the state or federal level, fill the void. That s not party building but party bullying. And it s certainly not a way to democratise parties and aggregate their members opinions, interests and aspirations, Atiku had said. Analysts posit that while Atiku is not the first to point out the malaise in the political parties, with several political and academic juggernauts having, in the last few years, decried the untoward developments in party politics, the seemingly intractable crisis and the silent battles in APC have, again, brought to the fore the need to address the issue of internal democracy. Ironically, the crises thrown up by the conduct of the congresses have become a reflection of the struggle for the control of the party at all levels, a struggle said to be more fierce at the national level, with the current NWC of the party alleged to have lost the wherewithal to embark on trouble shooting initiatives. Party sources aver that the power struggle and subsequent protests from some of those who appeared to have been schemed out by their state governors may lead to more dire consequences, even as the party s leadership, which is expected to drive the process that will ensure justice and cohesion, seems to have lost the confidence of strategic stakeholders in the party. Even within the npdp, there are noticeable cracks with the emergence of another faction which came to counter what the Baraje-led group had put forward, underscoring the dicey nature of the issues under view. In a dramatic turn of events, leading another delegation to the party s national secretariat, Senator Abdullahi Adamu led other eminent members of another faction of the group even as they distanced themselves from the position of the Baraje-led npdp. Adamu, while addressing journalists at the national secretariat said the npdp had not met since 2014 and as such the Baraje-led group couldn t have been speaking for the npdp as a whole since they did not consult with anyone. In a letter signed by the group s Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Secretary, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, Chief Theodore Geogewill and Abdulmumin Jibrin respectively and copied to Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the group punctured all the points raised by the Baraje-bloc. On the issue of marginalisation as claimed by the Baraje-led bloc, the letter said The APC has been very gracious to us but we must not overstretch our luck. We have concentrated on pointing accusing fingers at the president and party and generally others while we failed to look inward and address the greed, selfishness, witch hunt, injustice and high handedness exhibited by some leaders of the defunct npdp in privileged positions today against our fellow members. They however advised the party and Mr President that in an event that it decides to grant audience to the group lead by Kawu Baraje, we the Buhari supporters who are now in the majority in the defunct npdp should be invited to the meeting as well. For it seems the petitioners no longer stand for the ideals of the defunct npdp nor represent our collective interest and position. However, disclosing that his group would meet with the party leadership, Baraje told journalists in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital last weekend that the npdp is made up of men and women who cannot be pushed aside even as he lamented the high rate of internal conflicts within the ruling APC, culminating in parallel state congresses in about 21 states, adding that contrary to insinuations in some quarters, the npdp s recent letter to the leadership of the APC was to forestall such occurrences. The meetings indeed held and the leadership of the party appeared to have soft-pedalled even as it declared that all the grievances expressed by the leader of the defunct New People Democratic Party (npdp) were genuine. The party also revealed that a meeting between the party and the presidency which is geared towards addressing the myriad of issues raised by the faction is underway. On his part, leader of the group, Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje, denied insinuation that they were planning to ditch the APC for opposition party, a move that saw them fusing with the party before the 2015 general elections. How the negotiations will pan out in the next couple of days will be indicative of the preparedness or otherwise of the party to tackle, head on, the issues that will arise even at the much talked about national convention as the party and indeed the country head towards the 2019 elections. Given the constraining factor of available time and in the interest of our great party. It is strongly advised that the said urgent meeting be held not later than seven days from the date of the receipt of this letter

51 Saturday, May 26, Leadership INTERVIEW 51 Limited Treatment Centres For Drug Addiction Expert Medical Director, Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Maiduguri, Dr Ibrahim Abdu, Wakawa, is an Associate Professor of Neuropsychiatry with the University of Maiduguri and a Chief Consultant Psychiatrist. The UNODC-certified master trainer for drug addiction treatment who has been involved in clinical services and research for over a decade and a half spoke with PEMBI DAVID-STEPHEN on mental health, addiction and ban on codeine by the Federal Government among other matters Alcohol and to some extent, cannabis, tend to be used more in parts of the northcentral and southern parts of the country while stimulants, and of recent, Opioidbased substances like Tramadol and Codeine- Containing Cough Syrup (CCCS) tend to be more abused in the northern parts of the country How prevalent are psychiatric cases associated with codeine addiction in Nigeria? It will be very difficult to give a national prevalence rate of psychiatric disorders associated with codeine use in the country since there are regional variations in the use and misuse of the substances as well as only a small percentage of people with substance use disorders present to the psychiatric facilities for treatment. In terms of the regional variations, for instance, alcohol and to some extent, cannabis, tend to be used more in parts of the northcentral and southern parts of the country while stimulants, and of recent, Opioid-based substances like Tramadol and Codeine- Containing Cough Syrup (CCCS) tend to be more abused in the northern parts of the country. In terms of presentation to the hospital, most people who abuse codeine do not readily come to the hospital, because: first; drug abuse, generally, is seen as a moral problem rather than a medical problem, hence, they readily present to the clergy either for counselling or deliverance, second, straight forward drug use is not seen as a major problem by most of the populace except if accompanied by comorbid psychiatric disorder, and third, because of the stigma associated with treatment in psychiatric facilities, most people with drug-related problems will not present to the hospital, except if it is the last resort. Thus, because of the problems enumerated above, coupled with the fact that most researches so far conducted are hospital-based, it will be very difficult to estimate the national prevalence of psychiatric disorders associated with codeine addiction. In our facility, the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Maiduguri, a recent research we conducted revealed that over 60 per cent of the patients who present with drug-related problems usually abuse an opioid-based drug, that is, either tramadol or codeine. And of this figure, about one-third of them abuse codeine. In terms of psychiatric disorders associated with codeine use, about 40 to 60 per cent of them have comorbid psychiatric diagnoses. How severe can such mental disorders from codeine be? The mental disorders associated with codeine use can vary from intoxication due to the intake of an abnormally large quantity which exceeds the usual dose and this can be characterized by staggered gait, slurred speech, irrational speech, and blurred vision. Clients who use codeine could also develop withdrawal symptoms, particularly in those who are addicted, and these include: abdominal cramps, running nose, teary eyes, diarrhoea, etc. In some patients, particularly those who abuse tramadol, they might develop frank seizures like someone with epilepsy. Psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders and frank psychosis could also be witnessed. Is there a possible treatment? Treatment for opioid- based substances like codeine is available and there are different treatment centres that have been accredited by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) across the country. Treatment consists of two phases or more, basically, detoxification and rehabilitation. Detox has to do with weaning the client off the drugs and managing withdrawal symptoms, while rehabilitation which is a more rigorous process that spans for between three to six months prepares the client for a life without drugs thereafter and how to prevent relapses as well as societal reintegration. Can you estimate the number of cases the nation records in a year? Different centres have different databases but, a national database known as Nigerian Epidemiological Network for Drug Use (NENDU) has been established which is domiciled with the Federal Ministry of Health. There, the number of cases that presented to the treatment facilities in a year can be obtained. I think, the credit here goes to the UNODC and the FMOH, under the leadership of Prof. Isaac Adewole for creating the conducive environment for us to have such a national database. We are the first country in the West African subregion to have such. When did you begin to notice increasing cases of mental disorder resulting codeine intake? Actually, mental disorders associated with codeine abuse have been longstanding problems but national consciousness was recently awakened with the recent Codeine Crisis in Northern Nigeria particularly in Kaduna-Kano- Jigawa axis. What do you think is the attraction that draws the youths to this substance? There is no single factor that could be held responsible for youth attraction to this substance but a combination of so many factors that serve to escalate the epidemic. Opioid-based substances generally give a sense of euphoria and could also sedate. The combination of these factors serve to give the person using it a transient sense of relief from whatever crisis the person might be going through akin to the fools paradise. Other factors such as the availability of the drugs due to encumbrances Wakawa on the parts of enforcement and regulatory agencies, peer group pressure, youth unemployment, social anarchy and the influences of globalization have also not helped matters. Is the ban by government enough to stop the consumption of that substance? The ban on Codeine-Containing Cough Syrup is a commendable step but definitely not enough. Drug addicts have a way of finding alternatives whenever, they could not get their usual drugs. Both CCCS and Tramadol are Opioidbased drugs, now CCCS is banned but Tramadol is readily available, it is just going to be a matter of time before, they switch on to that drug. I think a more holistic approach that encompasses ban on Opioidbased substances should have been more appropriate. Secondly, we have limited number of treatment centres for clients with addiction problems, how do we handle the millions that are already hooked to the drugs. I think earnestly, intervention in phases would have been more humane but definitely, it is highly commendable. Why do you think youths in this part of the country are mostly exposed to drugs? The reason is simple, like I earlier mentioned, the drugs are readily available and there are enforcement and regulatory challenges. There is also a breakdown of the societal fabrics, in that, nobody wants to take responsibility for correcting the erroneous child. In your opinion, who should be held responsible for this? Everybody is to be held responsible. All hands must be on deck to correct this social ill. From government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, school authorities, religious and community leaders, parents, youth groups, as well as law enforcement agencies. How many affected addicts do you receive in a week or monthly basis? Let me correct one impression, the term addict is derogatory and stigmatizing, we prefer using the term Person with Substance use Disorder that boosts their self esteem. It depends, but on the average, we see 40 persons with substance use disorders in a month. From your records, who is more affected: male or female? Both gender are affected, but in terms of hospital presentation, males present more. This may be associated with socio-cultural factors such as seeing female drug use as a taboo in our sub-culture as well as the attendant stigma associated with it. What other substance, from your experience, are Nigerian youths exposed to and abuse? Many others. I will not like to mention them here in order not to increase the list on their menu for those who do not know some of the drugs yet. But you will be surprised at the list if I mention some of the apart from the conventional ones. Is the ban on the production and sale of codeine the most appropriate solution to this problem? It is a step in the right direction but a lot more has to be done.

52 52 INTERVIEW Leadership Saturday, May 26, 2018 APC Needs Somebody To Reignite 2015 Winning Fire Idahosa Dennis Idahosa is a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Edo State and a former Commissioner for Investment under the administration of ex-governor Adams Oshiomhole. He spoke on the party s recently held congresses in the state and his political ambition, among others. PATRICK OCHOGA met him Why were the APC congresses in Edo peaceful? The congresses we have done so far have been peaceful; there was consensus as the party constitution allows. In these congresses, before going into the field and we all agreed on these consensus. Everything about the congresses have been peaceful except for little misunderstandings in some councils but then, all these have been taken care of by the good leadership of the party in the state. As far as I am concerned, the congresses were a huge success. As for the state congress, we all agreed that some certain persons should be returned because of their excellent work over the years. What do you think made Edo State s conduct of the congresses different from the other states? I believe the differences came as a result of the unity in the state chapter of the party, the strong leadership and the resolve by the immediate past governor of the state, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, to ensure cohension within the party. Oshiohmole has impacted confidence and unity among the party members in the state which we have all maintained, even after his tenure as the governor. There is this ethnic sentiment being canvassed by some Binis as it concerns the contest for the national chairmanship of the APC where Oshiomhole and Oyegun are both eyeing the seat. As a Bini man, what is your take on this? I believe those people are myopic. I served with the Comrade Governor as a commissioner in the state. I know he is extremely smart, a man who works for unity, peace and with a great sense of carrying everybody along. As a Bini man, I will support Oshimhole 100 percent over Oyegun. Oyegun s national chairmanship of the APC has not brought any value nor has it in anyway impacted on the party in the state, how much more on the people. I believe with comrade as the party s national chairman, the state and indeed the people have a lot to benefit. I believe also that Oshiomhole has the capacity to bring the party together. As things are right now, the party, across the nation needs a lot of retooling. The party needs some vibrancy; it needs somebody to reignite that fire which saw the party winning the 2015 elections. It is based on this that I as a Bini man, is rooting for Oshiomhole. We understand that you are eyeing the Ovia Federal Constituency seat, how would you access the present occupant of the seat and what exactly will you be doing differently if given the opportunity? When God gives me the opportunity to serve, a whole lot of things will be done differently. You will agree with me that there is presently a huge gap between the present occupant of the seat and the people of Ovia Federal Constituency. Not only has the occupant missed a lot of important deliberations, she has also failed to attract development projects to the constituency. So, I am going to close this gap by being a vibrant and good representative to the people of Ovia. As a young man, what message are you sending to others outside who may be interested in politics? It is all by His grace and the fact that I met someone who happened to be a great leader in the person of Adams Oshiomhole. He gave a lot of opportunities to most youths to excel in politics as a governor. This is the area where most politicians have failed. I was extremely fortunate. However, my message to the youths is for them to get involved; participate in grass root politics because they have to grow from the bottom to the top. They must not quit, they must and should remain consistent. Why are you so sure that you will defeat the present occupant of the Ovia Federal Constituency seat who is from the fold of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)? My optimism arises from the fact that apart from not being a good representation, we have done an independent survey which shows that the PDP has 29 per cent while the APC has 71 per cent of winning the seat. We are, however, not relenting on this; we will continue to build on it. There is no opposition in Ovia as far as I am concerned. We are going to win them out rightly; we are going to unite out party, strengthen areas of weaknesses and come 2019, we will not only PDP Is Taking Steps To Right Its Wrongs Sidi Idahosa win in Ovia federal constituency, we will win across the state. And with the support of Nigerians, we will give President Muahammadu Buhari a second chance because he has performed excellently well. In the area of corruption, he has been able to attack it head long and the results are there. If not for Buhari, I believe Nigeria will not have been a nation by now. I will support and appeal to Nigerians to look at the positive side and support Buhari. Alhaji Abubakar Sidi is a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former Federal Capital Territory (FCT) coordinator of Goodluck Jonathan 2015 Campaign Group. In this interview with DAVID ADUGE-ANI, he speaks on the chances of the party to regain power in 2019 Is the PDP still the same party we knew in 2015, or has it changed for the better? I believe that there is no time that is late to right the wrong. And nobody is perfect. The wrong has been done in 2015, but the present leadership of the PDP has taken a solid foundation to write the wrong. Do you believe that the PDP can regain those states it lost in 2015 to the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the South-West and South-East in 2019? Yes, let us go back to history. The south west has never been with the central government in Nigeria, from day one. They are always with the opposition. And with the crisis in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), we believe that the PDP will regain all its lost grounds. Check the crisis in Benue, Kaduna, Zamfara, Ekiti, Osun. Also look at the just concluded congresses of the party. So, people have started knowing what the APC is all about. The APC is not ready to rule and it is also not ready to appease the common man of this country. APC is not ready to pay back to those who made it what it is today, because it is being controlled by those not known by party grassroots supporters. Those who made APC what it today are not benefitting anything from the party. That is the truth. What do you think are the achievements of the APC in the last three years? I believe that history will judge everybody. Tell me, among the promises the party made before it came to power in 2015, which one has it been able to redeem? What about security? Go to Benue or Taraba State and tell them there is security and then hear what they will tell you. Or go to Zamfara or Katsina. When Goodluck Jonathan was in government, he curtailed the activities of Boko Haram to one part of the country, which is the North-East, but today, Boko Haram is everywhere. Look, herders/farmers clashes kill more than the Boko Haram, if you calculate it properly. The loss of lives and property and loss of security personnel from Boko Haram and that of the ethnic, religious and tribal clashes, which one consumed more lives. You will find out that Sidi from 2015 to date, over 16,000 innocent persons lost their lives. The record is there for everybody to see. There is an allegation that the killings are perpetuated by those against the APC administration. What is your opinion about that? They are not saying the truth. Those saying that should go to Zamfara State and say it. Zamfara State is 100 per cent controlled by APC. It is a home-base of the party. Also, Benue State is being controlled by the APC. It is the same thing in Kaduna, Katsina or Adamawa. What are the chances of the PDP in 2019? Look, if the PDP puts its house in order, I have no doubt that it will take over the leadership of the country in I believe that the party has the brightest chance to take over the leadership of the country because of the killings in the country, the level of poverty, ethnic, religious and tribal divisions. These are the main issues that will make the APC lose the mantle of leadership of the country, come There are many presidential aspirants for the PDP in the moment. Don t you think that might affect the party s chances in 2019? Yes, at the moment, we parade the most credible presidential aspirants. We believe that the entire aspirants are known to Nigerians and they have been loyal to the party. Unlike the ruling party that has only one presidential aspirant and nobody is ready to contest against him. The PDP parades people like Senator Ahmed Makarfi. Everybody knows who Makarfi is, in this country. Nigerians know his antecedents and he has been with the party right from day one. Abubakar Atiku is also there and many others. So to me, they are all good people. So I believe that if they play the game by the rules, one of these two, Makarfi or Atiku, will emerge. As the 2019 general elections approach, what is your advice to PDP supporters in the FCT? There is the need for PDP leaders in FCT to call for a stakeholders meeting, because there is a lot of grievances. Also the PDP as a whole should put its house in order. The party has a bright chance in 2019 to rule this country, no matter any name it adopts. This is because it has structures in all the 36 states of the federation and the FCT, including the 774 local government areas. I will advise our supporters in the FCT and all Nigerians to channel their grievances through the lawful order and not to take the laws into their hands. This is because Nigeria is our country. We don t have any other country than Nigeria.

53 weekend interview Saturday, May 26, We Are Concerned About APC s Future Baraje In this interview with select journalists in Ilorin, Kwara State, former national chairman of the new Peoples Democratic Party (npdp), Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje, shed more light on why his group wrote a protest letter to the national leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC). OLADIPO MAGAJI was there for WEEKEND LEADERSHIP Recently, the npdp issued an ultimatum to the Federal Government and the APC and demanded for some things. The ultimatum has elapsed and now what is going to be the next line of action? When you look at the letter, I m sure, we distributed some copies to the media, there was nowhere we mentioned ultimatum. We only advised in the letter but when the press came to say ultimatum, we kept quiet because the media has the liberty to use their language. The advice we gave to the party was that within seven days, because of the time to the congresses that were imminent. We were warning in that letter that we had no time for the party to be able to win and plan towards the forthcoming elections. We were advising the party to let us sit down in the round table so that we can solve things out. Some members of npdp had dissociated themselves from your group. They claimed they were not consulted before you went on air on the ultimatum given to the APC. What is your reaction to this? Incidentally, somebody reacted to this almost immediately, and that was the former Youth Leader of the then npdp, Timi Frank. He responded to it adequately, even if he had not responded, we would not have responded for so many obvious reasons. npdp was borne out of some people that were not satisfied the way governance was being delivered to the people when we were in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and they happened to be leaders that cut across Nigeria. They included seven governors at the initial stage and finally it was brought down to five governors and about 20 senators serving then and nonserving, many members serving and non-serving of the House of Representatives. It was a group that left due to poor governance, lack of respect for the rule of law, impunity of the highest order. If you looked at the address we presented that day at Yar adua Centre in Abuja, those were the things we protested against. And so, we went into alliance with other political parties to culminate the APC. That is the journey so far. Even if somebody had not responded the way Timi Frank had responded, nobody would have bothered because that was a large group of people and when you are coming among large group of people, you don t expect not to have one or two black legs Baraje Leadership Newspapers and when black leg resurfaces, you don t mind; even in front of God, there are black legs. So, why do we bothered? As far as we are concerned, the defunct new PDP is a group that would continue to live for a long time, because it consists of leaders. Not only that, these leaders are now bringing up vanguards, because what the group stands for is good governance generally; it stands for delivery of dividends off democracy to the common man. And today, we have a long way in the APC and we discovered there are some of those things, if not all, that made us to complain while we were in the PDP that are even worse than now. If we are leaders that worth our salt, we should not be ashamed to shout out that what we cried against is now repeating itself. It is like the history repeating itself and the time is so short to call it history, just three years ago. May be that is how short human memory is. In the letter, you talked about marginalisation of your group in the sharing of public offices. How? Like I said earlier on, I said we stand for good governance and once good governance is absent, many things are absent. When we were in the PDP, we complained about lack of respect for rule of law and marginalisation of southern part of the country. We complained against impunity of government. If you are at the preamble and first paragraph of that letter, all the things we complained against that time are the things are themselves. Now that former Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola, who cosigned the letter with you, has left the APC for African Democratic Congress (ADC), are you saying the members of the npdp are on their way out of the APC as well? Oyinlola was the Secretary of the then defunct npdp. His leaving the party (APC) for another political party, I think it is to send a signal to everybody that, that group has been so discontented a lot of time. We have been probably trying to bear and persevere, that is how we get to this point. From his (Oyinlola) own end, maybe his followers back home could no longer bear it. Those of us who are leaders in our own small way, we are being directed by our followers and it is where their interest is that we go. So, probably, the signal that of Oyinlola should send is that those of us who are still remaining here, still have the interest of the APC at heart and we have been trying to suppress our followers that they should still be patient. May be that is the signal he should send. But you all know that patience has its limit of elasticity, no matter how elastic patience is. There have been reports on the parallel congresses in some state chapters of the party. As a member of Board of Trustees of the APC, don t you think this portends danger for the party? CONTINUES ON THE NEXT PAGE 53 I have had the opportunity of chairing the PDP and the impression people have is that you don t have internal democracy

54 54 Leadership Saturday, May 26, 2018 We Are Concerned About APC s Future Baraje When I was the PDP chairman after my transition from the post of secretary, I knew the work we had been doing as secretary to instil internal democracy and discipline into the party, and the discipline was at the peak by the time I left the chairmanship FROM THE PREVIOUS PAGE I think parallel congresses everywhere, I have counted about 21 states where we had parallel congresses. My number may not be sacrosanct. But I counted 21 states. And I was asking myself, how many states does the APC control? You can imagine that. I have had the opportunity of chairing the PDP and the impression people have is that you don t have internal democracy. As bad as people thought it was then, we never had 21 where we were having parallel congresses. As a matter of fact, there were three traditional parallel congresses or election areas when we were in PDP and we were always prepared for them. So, for the party in government that controls may be 22 to 24 states to have 21 states where we were having parallel congress, even in the states where we don t control, there were parallel congresses. In Enugu State, we had parallel congress there and it was even violent. It was all over the place. That dates me back to the warning I sounded in In Rivers (State), we don t control government there, you see the violence that is going on about parallel congresses. It is left to the party to decide what to do. But if you asked me as an individual, it is a dangerous trend and I think the earlier the party gets its act together, the better for the APC. I tried also to look at who are the people forming these parallel congresses and I discovered that they have one thing or the other to do with government. If you don t have ministers running parallel congress here, it is an official of the government. Then, what does that mean. They want to crash the roof of your own house on your head. Then coming to Kwara State, which I can tell you I know most. I tried to get information about some people who went and gathered themselves to say that they were running a parallel congress or something, and I discovered that they were brothers who felt they were aggrieved, and they thought the only way to lay their complaints was to do what they were doing. We are looking forward to what will happen. Like I said, it is history repeating itself. We have had this kind of thing several years ago but when the night comes, the bird shall go home to roost. When we were about leaving the congress site, some people came up with a song which we all know. That is if I am the one who is heavy or you are the one who is heavier on ground, let s meet at the voting arena. We crossed our legs and we are looking on the day of the elections because we believe that you cannot be a member of the family where you have benefited so much, where your foundation or what you say you are today was built and then you want to destroy that place, it is like the traditional biting the finger that fed you. It doesn t pay, it is a law of karma. What goes around will come around. We are watching. As far as we are concerned, it is left to the party to take a decision. That they have taken a decision with us Baraje is very satisfactory. Because the team that came to supervise the election and even the INEC team were at the right place. And the right place was where we were, where my leader was, where I was and where the majority of Kwarans were. For us, we are not aware of any parallel congress. Now that President Muhammadu Buhari has declared his interest for 2019 and your group has resurrected again. What would be the implication for him? Those of us in APC are desirous that he comes back, hence that letter wrote. If you look at the content of the letter, what we are saying is that for us to win big, we must sit down so that we review and revisit all the agreement that we reached with ourselves before we formed the APC. We were only reminding the party. So, those of us in the APC are desirous that Buhari comes back, are desirous that our party wins Presidential election and the only way to do it is to ensure that everybody is carried along and those of us who felt aggrieved, this is the right time for us to complain so that we do not carry it to election period. It is not as if we are rebelling. But let me warn that every politician, individuals as a group, we have aspirations and every politician will go to where his aspiration will be fulfilled. That is the warning. If the APC is desirous of meeting the aspiration of every group that comes to the APC, all well and good. If not, people will find where their aspiration will be fulfilled. This is the time to talk to each other, politicians across the country indifferent of political lineage, we are talking to ourselves. We can only wish the APC good luck. Looking at your experience as former Chairman of the PDP and the npdp, what do you think is the fault of the APC to the extent of division in the party? If I were a chairman of the APC, I would listen to my followers. If I were the chairman of the APC, I would carry everybody along. If I were the chairman of the APC, I would rule by the constitution of the party. If I were the chairman of the APC, I would say the fact and damn the consequences, no matter whose ox are gored. If I am the chairman of the APC and I applied a rule and people were not pleased with it, I would resign. But if it is the minority that is not pleased with what I m doing, then I m doing something good and I would continue. I would make sure that the rule of law takes its stand. When I was the PDP chairman after my transition from the post of secretary, I knew the work we had been doing as secretary to instil internal democracy and discipline into the party, and the discipline was at the peak by the time I left the chairmanship. The record is there. And it is unfortunate that immediately my team left, the PDP has not found its feet. It is because I was applying those virtues I just enumerated. I was listening to the people; I was taking advice from the right quarters. I was not looking at the basis to say you are the leader even the President, because the constitution gives me the mandate to manage the party. And if the President thought that he was more than the party, I would call his bluff, because the party is the one that made him the President. Without that platform, he can t get there. May be those are the things the leadership of the APC could not do and that is why they found themselves where we find ourselves today. Whatever you are doing, you must be honest to yourself and to the people that you are interacting with. I always tell you, the moment I m appointed into any position today, that is the day I will start preparing the day I will leave. So, I do not fear anybody whether you will remove me or not. Like I said in 2016, the courage, honest of purpose, direction and rule of law were the things that were not properly observed. It is my personal observation. The Senate and Inspector General of Police have been in the news in recent times over snubbing of summons and the latest is on the suspected cultists, who were transferred to Abuja from Ilorin. As a stakeholder in this business, what is your reaction to this development? It is part of what we have been discussing here. It is lack of respect for due process, rule of law, absolute disdain for peace and order and flagrant disobedience to highest authority in Nigeria. What do I mean by that? If the people can disobey the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria, what other authority is there in the Constitution, I don t know. To me, the invitation to IG by the Senate is in order. It contains in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and I m happy that senior members of bar are not keeping quiet at all. They said the invitation to IG is in accordance with the law. So, why does somebody supposed to ensure that the laws of the land are carried out, is now the number one person disobeying the law and the executive feels okay with that. Something that got some us of worried sometimes ago even before now was the audacity of the IG to disobey the person that appointed him. Sometimes, the President was in Benue to empathise with the people and the President openly told all of us that IG flagrantly disobeyed him. As if that was a thing of pride even for the President and we all laughed. It was the most serious thing that I have ever witnessed. To me, that is arrant disobedience to the rule of law, and if things had degenerated to that level, that is anarchy and today, we believe that we cannot get out of the country and say we are Nigerians. With this action that is being demonstrated, it is not Bukola (Saraki) that is being rubbished, it is system that is being denigrated. Once the system is weakened, then why are we saying we are fighting corruption? This is the highest point of corruption. When you run a government without respect for rule of law, it is highest point of corruption. As a matter of fact, it is an unspeakable action coming from the quarters that is not expected. And I appeal to government to correct itself with immediate alacrity, otherwise anarchy has already entered our corridor and it is knocking at our door. May God forbid it.

55 Saturday, May 26, Leadership OPINION 55 FAMILY BEING Sex Education: Why Parents Must Be Involved BY SOCIETY FOR MEDIA ADVOCACY ON HEALTH How well do you know your child who is probably in his teen? Well, this question may seem confusing but with the rate at which teenagers are getting involved in sexual activities, there is need for parents to pause and examine their roles in sex education of their children. A case in point is a mother of a 15-year-old boy who recently discovered that her son has been visiting a brothel behind her back. How did she get to know about this? Jide Oluwatobi came home one fateful day and was bragging about his sexual adventure with a prostitute. What led him to do that? My elder brother and his girlfriend always want to be alone in his room whenever she comes visiting. So I spoke with my classmates about it and they told me, they are having sex and that is why he won t want me to enter his room. I decided to patronize a prostitute who taught me everything I need to know about sex and we did it. Alarmed, Mrs. Oluwatobi could not believe that her son of yesterday has been involved in premarital sex with a prostitute. It dawned on her that she failed to educate her son about the dangers associated with premarital sex. Jide is one out of the 48 per cent of male and 56 percent of female adolescents who engage in unprotected sex according to the 2013 National Demographic Health Survey, NDHS. Family Planning experts say the high risk sexual behaviour among these growing young people in this fast changing world has led to increased teenage pregnancies, out of school girls, HIV cases, child dumping, and post-abortion complications even untimely deaths among youths. A reproductive health expert, Bless-me Ajani, says these problems could be avoided with effective sex education in schools as well as in the homes. Ajani said teenagers frequently sought answers to questions such as Can I get pregnant or contract diseases the first time I have sex? My boyfriend is pressuring me to have sex, what should I do? At age 18, I feel the urge to have sex with my girlfriend whom I love so much, what should I do? What should I do if I think I am pregnant? Is it true that urinating immediately after sex prevents pregnancy and what can I do to stop ejaculating very early during sex? All these questions and many more will continue to linger in their minds, according to Ajani because adolescent age is a period of social, economic, physiological and psychological development, hence the need for parents to get involved in the sex life of their children. She explains that adolescent age is a period of stress, experimentation and disorganization, a period of opportunities, risk and vulnerabilities and a period during which values, attitudes and behaviour are formed. Ajani regretted that most parents assumed that their children were not having sex even when it was obvious that they were into it. She said although, it was important for children to abstain from premarital sex, it was also necessary to let them know the importance of using condom if they could not abstain. More than half of these young people are not using any method of family planning contraception such as condom due to lack of adequate information and access to quality reproductive health services. She, however, called for more support of the sexual, reproductive health and rights of adolescent and youth as part of efforts to prevent avoidable deaths. The Senior Programme Advisor, Palladium Technical Support Unit, Dr. Moriam Jagun, said the world we lived today had made life miserable for some teenagers. She said, In cases where you see four- year- olds being raped and sexually abused, 12 year-olds get pregnant and in some places you see teenage pregnancy very rampant, why should they not know about family planning? Jagun, however, advised all mothers to take up their responsibility by educating their children on reproductive health. As a mother, it is your responsibility to teach your child sex education and its implications. Let them know that they don t need to have sex until they are married. There is this proverb that when one rushes into having sex before marriage, they are likely to get hurt, but if they wait till they get married, they will enjoy it for a long time, Jargon added. University Of Benin s Strides, 48 Years After BY ERASMUS IKHIDE Usen. Our pensioners are not left administration of Prof. Since his stewardship as Vice- out as we remain committed to Orumwense. Chancellor in the last three and their welfare. The administration It is with a sense of fulfillment a half years, there has been rapid is also leaving no stone unturned that we announce to you that the development evenly cut across to create a befitting environment University of Benin is the first various strata of the university for learning. In pursuance of University in Nigeria to develop which has distinguished his track this, the administration has put software independently for the records. The relative primacy of in place an up to-date routine Computer based Test (CBT) for peace in any given environment maintenance of existing public PUME/PUDE and other internal cannot be overemphasized, utilities on campus. and external examinations, he as it remains an important The administration in stated. ingredients in the realization its effort to strengthen He further explained that of an organization s goals and the committee system of the Network operation objectives. The enthronement university administration and Centre (N.O.C. Room) of the of peace and tranquillity more importantly evolves university has been upgraded remains a cardinal objective an all inclusive system of with the support of the NCC of this administration. Added administration successfully and NUC administration to to this, is an uninterrupted an international standard academic calendar. The that can accommodate the modest achievement of his 155mbps. The ICT/CRPU of administration at ensuring the University of Benin has also peace in our campuses is borne been able to put the following out of the belief that nothing can in place: deployment of be achieved in an atmosphere of e-learning multimedia platform, rancour. deployment of e-senate Orumwense was very clear meetings/result presentation, on staff and students welfare successfully linked facilities, in his first appearance as the units, and hostels with fibre university gaffer saying it was optics. a major factor to improve upon Similarly, the Ekehuan campus recalling his predecessor s has been linked with Network Operation Centre room to improve internet services in the environment. The introduction The University of Benin, also known as UNIBEN, is one of Nigeria s first generation federal universities. It was founded in It started as an Institute of Technology and was accorded the status of a full-fledged university by the National Universities Commission (NUC) on 1 July In his budget speech in April 1972, the then Military Governor of Mid-Western State, Col. S. O. Ogbemudia, who was then also Visitor to the university announced the change of the name of the Institute of Technology to the University of Benin. On 1 April, 1975, the university at the request of the state government, was taken over by the Federal Government and became a Federal university. Since the inception of the institution, it has produced eight substantive Vice chancellors. Prof. Faraday Osasere Orumwense by divine Providence on November 30, 2014 assumed office as the 9th substantive Vice-Chancellor of the University of Benin. Prior to his appointment as Vice- Chancellor of the university, he had over two decades of experience in University administration in various capacities, the climax being his appointment by the Edo state Government as pioneer rector of the state-owned Institute of Management and Technology, prompt payment of workers entitlements during his tenure. The former Dean of Students, Prof Francis Osagiede, harps on Prof Orumwense s visionary leadership thus: Orumwense has matched words with action as the administration placed huge premium on the welfare of staff and students. To this end, the administration remains committed to regular promotion of staff as at when due with their entitlement paid. conducted the 2015 congregation election, where members of staff were elected into various committees for the smooth running of the university. The ugly incidence of cultism and other associated vices has been reduced to the barest minimum with the increase level of security surveillance made possible through the procurement of six patrol vehicles by this administration. In his words the VC says: I am happy to inform you that students now sleep with their two eyes closed and are also not afraid to go about their lawful academic and extracurricular activities without fear of molestation The state of ICT platforms in the university of Benin has improved tremendously following series of upgrades to international standard embarked upon under the of information technology, massive construction renovation of lecture theatres and construction of new ones in addition to a 24-hour library. Face-lifting and beautification of the institution, provision of new industrial borehole facility for male halls of residence situated at both Ugbowo and Ekehuan campuses, renovation of Anao toilet facility at Hall IV male hostel at the Ugbowo Campus. Orumwense also saw to the provision of mentholated spirit and hydrogen peroxide production unit which is presently awaiting final approval to commence production but has successfully undergone a mandatory pre-assessment by the National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC. An astroturf football pitch was provided, just as the university embarked on the construction of a 500-capacity female hostel, construction of golf course building, construction of safety and environmental education building, construction of an ultramodern library in college of medicine, construction of botanical gardens research building, re-grassing of main bowl football pitch, among others. That the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) licensed the University of Benin (UNIBEN) to generate and operate a 7.5 megawatt Independent Power Plant (IPP) within its campus, is also a testimony to the dynamism of the astute academician. He also initiated different awards to reward outstanding lecturers like the Distinguished Research and Innovative Achievement Award (DRIAA) to reward researchers in the school who have carved a niche for themselves. Ikhide writes from Lagos.

56 56 FEATURE Leadership Saturday, May 26, 2018 As Cultists Takes Over Secondary Schools OGUNTADE ISMAILA in this report takes a look at the rampant involvement of Nigerian under age boys and girls in cultism and other social vices across the country. All over Lagos and indeed most other states in the country, cult groups are on the rampage. When they strike, they leave sorrow, tears and blood in their trails. Long before now, many had thought that the activities of cult groups were only restricted to the tertiary institutions, but their increased presence and activities in some Lagos communities and secondary schools are fast assuming frightening dimensions. Everywhere you turn, incidents of merciless killings, raping and maiming during cult clashes reverberate in the air. Recently, over 15 underage age boys and girls were paraded by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, they were believed to be members of the cult group terrorizing the people of Ejirin Iworo area of Ikorodu. The officer-in-charge (O/C) Anti- Cultism, Superintendent of Police, Agbegbe Godwin, and his team arrested the 15 suspected cultist belonging to the Eiye Confraternity. All the arrested suspects confessed to being members of the group. The suspects are: Hassan Olaniyi, 18; Afolabi Muiz, 18; Lekan David, 17; Eko John, 17; Kudus Idris, 18; Sakiru Ademode,17; Rahman Adepoju, 18; Ibrahim Waheed, 17; Alabi Abidemi, 18; Abimbola Gbadamosi, 17; Seun Giwa, 16; Ganiyu Babatunde, 16; Yusuf wale, 17; Liyasu Azeez, 16; and Adebowale Uthman, 17. They were arrested while they were conducting initiation for newly recruited member Secondary schools in the country have become veritable grounds for the recruitment of students into secret cult groups. In spite of the efforts by the Police and the Lagos State government to eradicate cultism in the state, most secondary school students are being lured by different cult groups with threats on the one hand and mouthwatering benefits on the other hand, to join their groups, especially with promises of protection from any attack and harassment. LEADERSHIP Weekend learnt that cult members usually visit senior and junior secondary schools in the guise of being old students, in search of students who have records of being brutal, stubborn and hard looking to join their group. According to LEADERSHIP investigation, the representative of different cult groups, always pose as visitors, standing near the school gate to cajole their victims by buying them drinks, using the opportunity to lure them into joining their groups. Recently, in Lagos Island, many boys and girls were reported to have been lured into the societies, with a threat of being killed if they should report to anyone, including their parents. An incident occurred in a school, Suspected cultists paraded by the Ngerian police (name withheld) in Lagos Island, where an old student of the school and another member of a cult group called Supreme Islander accosted two boys after closing from school and took them to a hidden place where they were beaten and threatened with death if they reported to their parents. One of the victim, Adebayo Omoniyi, 16, an SSS 2 student, narrated how he and his friend, Dayo Ogunayao, 16, SSS 2, were seriously beaten and later told to bring N2,500 each as registration fee to become full members, as they are already initiated. He said, I was afraid to tell my parents because I don t want to die and we have been promised good and easy money when we became full members. It was during the period of initiation that I saw other boys and girls from our school and other secondary schools who have become full members of the society. Among other things promised us is free sexual intercourse with any girl we want within and outside the group. It was the N2,500 that I have not paid that stopped me from becoming full member. A Lagos resident, Bose Omogbayi, told LEADERSHIP that a state-owned school in the Meiran area of Lagos, where he completed his secondary education three years ago, was renowned for high-level cult activities, with severe fights among rival groups. According to him, There were so many cult guys in my time. Perhaps nothing has changed now. They fought with different weapons over girls. Most of the student cultists expelled from the school later came back to terrorise the school community. They used charms and often bragged about the charms. The cultists usually referred to themselves as big boys and girls while non-members were mocked and sometimes oppressed if we crossed their paths. There were different cult groups in that school. Some called themselves Fine Boys, No Nonsense and Freedom Fighters. A boy, known as Scorpion, a leader of one of the groups, was so dreaded by all, including the teachers. They said his father was rich but had disowned him. He was tall and handsome, but he was a notorious cultist. Omogbayi said that some of the factors that are responsible for such are the nature of the homes where the cultists come from, their environment, socio economic status of parents, peer group influence, residential location. More recently, the cat was let out of the bag when an official of Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps (LSNC), in Lagos Island got hint that his 16-year old daughter, who had run away from home for three weeks was discovered to be residing with some boys and girls at Isale Eko. He immediately organized his colleagues and the Police who raided the area and arrested two boys along with his daughter. It was the information gathered from the two boys that led to the arrest of other members of the group. At the LSNC office, one the arrested boys gave details of their activities in the last one month, adding that students from other secondary schools in Lagos Island and other parts of the state have been initiated and have been warned not to informed their parents or relations and if they do, they will get killed. Also in a community in Ogun State, no fewer than four underage girls and nine teenage boys suspected cultists were arrested by the Ogun State Police Command, Eleweran. All the suspects were residents of Mosunmore Village near Kobape in Abeokuta, the state capital. The girls were aged between 10 and 13 while the male members were in their early teens; only their leader is 19 years of age. The police did not disclose their names. The Baale of the community was said to have alerted the police, sequel to the alarm raised by one of the suspected girl s mother. Acting on the information, detectives attached to Owode-Egba Police Divisional Headquarters, led by the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Shehu Alao, swung into action and succeeded in smoking them out of their camp during initiation of another set of girls. The Ogun State Command of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps Ogun State Command fished out another 18 secondary school student cultists while initiating new members in Abeokuta area of Ogun State. Seven of the students were arrested at Nazareth High School in Imeko in Imeko-Afon LGA of the state while the others were caught at Lisabi High School, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta NSCDC spokesperson, Mr. Kareem Olanrewaju said the seven students caught at Nazareth High School in Imeko were caught while initiating new members into their group. Police operatives attached to Isiala-Ngwa North Division, during a raid of suspected criminal hideouts at Mbubo Nsulu Isiala-Ngwa North, arrested four teenagers belonging to the notorious ABC cult group. The underage cultists, whose names are David Adieze, 18; Chinemere Isaac, 14; Chimezie Moses Francis, 17; and Okon Effiong Samuel, 19 were arrested with one locally made revolver pistol, its two rounds of live ammunition and charms. A security expert, Babatunde Aleshinloye, revealed to LEADERSHIP that parents and government have a lot do about the current anti-social vices before it gets out of hand. He said that, Nigeria is one of the nations where crimes tend to pay. Among other things promised us is free sexual intercourse with any girl we want within and outside the group. It was the N2,500 that I have not paid that stopped me from becoming full member

57 Saturday, May 26, 2018 COURTS & CRIMES Leadership 57 I Acted As Woman Native Doctor To Deceive Victims BY OGUNTADE ISMAILA, Lagos A 36-year-old single mother, Mrs. Susan Parma, has confessed that she acted as a woman native doctor and always changed patterns depending on the belief pattern of their victims to deceive. LEADERSHIP Weekend reports that Parma was arrested by the operatives of the Lagos State Police Command with two of her accomplices, Chukwuma Okoye and John Oloye. Parma revealed that she was trapped and initiated into the group after one of them now at large, engaged her in a day break sex romp and talked her into joining the gang. As she joined the gang, she said she was specifically given two roles to play; one was to act as a prophetess that gave out fake prophecies to victims in order to make them to part with their money, gold and any other valuables. She disclosed further that her second role was to act as woman native doctor and that she changed patterns depending on the belief pattern of the victims. Parma added that their office served both as a shrine and chapel and could be converted after a victim was trapped and they could identify his/her belief. Parma explained that most fraudsters thought faster and far ahead of their victims in order to meet the demands and expectations of the victims who most likely were greedy and gullible persons that would want to reap too much with little. She further revealed that most times it was not really charms that worked on the victims but the greed and quest of the persons to get rich that landed them in trouble. She, however, said she was tired of doing those things because she knew that she had caused pains to many victims and broken many homes. LEADERSHIP Weekend gathered that the suspects were arrested at Aguda area of Surulere, Lagos after the police obtained credible information about their activities. The Lagos State Police Commissioner, Edgal, said he deployed a team of officers to trail them to their chamber or office. The team arrested three suspects and others escaped. Edgal said the police recovered fake money in different denominations, fetish charms, and other items they used for the purposes of defrauding people. The CP, however, said the suspects would be charged to court after the conclusion of investigations, while the police would continue to trail the other suspects still at large. From left is the CP Gombe State Police Command Mr. Shina T. Olukolu presenting the stolen Mace recovered by his men to the speaker Gombe State House f Assembly Rt. Hon. Nasiru Nono at the House of Assembly along Gombe bye pass Gombe. LASG Nabs Fake Task Force Official For Impersonation BY OGUNTADE ISMAILA,Lagos A 51-year-old, Abiodun Adeleye, has been arrested by the operatives of the Lagos State Task Force for allegedly parading himself as an official of the agency. The Chairman of the Lagos State Task Force, Olayinka Egbeyemi, disclosed that the notorious tout was nabbed by the enforcement team of the agency under the Mile 12 Bridge after he had allegedly illegally arrested a Toyota Camry car for obstruction and collected N3000 cash from the owner of the vehicle. He added that the agency recovered a Motorola GP 340 security walkie talkie and N3000 cash he collected from the owner of the impounded Toyota Camry car. He said that the agency had been inundated with complaints from motorists about illegal activities of these unscrupulous elements, saying that the ban on activities of touts and local government traffic officials from controlling and enforcing traffic laws across the state was a government s response to clarion call to curb their nefarious activities. Egbeyemi, advised members of the public to be vigilant about activities of these touts who are now on the increased impersonating themselves as Task Force officials extorting and harassing motorists on different routes across the state. He reiterated that the government directive ordering touts and traffic officials of local government to vacate roads in the state and desist from controlling and enforcing traffic laws was still very much in force. Egbeyemi, commended Governor Akinwunmi Ambode for supporting the agency with necessary security gadgets including security jackets which now made officers of the agency to be conspicuously identified while on official duties. He, however, confirmed that the Lagos State Commissioner of Police CP, Edgal Imihimi, had directed that the arrested impersonator be immediately charged to court for prosecution. He added that Edgal also directed the chairman Task Force to carry out enforcement operation on touts including traffic officials of Local Government claiming to be enforcing the Lagos State Road Traffic Laws of The owner of the illegally impounded Toyota Camry car Mr. Balogun Adebayo said, The man (arrested tout) charged me N15000 for the traffic offence he claimed I had committed under Mile 12 bridge but I was able to raise N3000 he collected from me. Bank Worker Used Customers Deposits To Play MMM BY OLADIPO MAGAJI, Ilorin A 32-year-old banker, Oyeyemi Mashood Badmus, who allegedly misappropriated a sum of N2.9 million belonging to the customers of his employer, has been charged before an Ilorin Chief Magistrates Court. The accused who resides at No. 162, Irewolede, Temidire Area, Ilorin, Kwara State allegedly used the money paid to him by some customers of the bank to play MMM and other kinds of online money making games. Trouble started for the accused following a complaint on May 3 at B Division Police Station, Surulere, Ilorin by the auditor of Fidelity Bank, Taiwo road branch, Ilorin that the accused stole customers money. According to the bank s auditor, the bank discovered through complaints from customers that the accused being a teller officer of Fidelity Bank, Taiwo road branch, Ilorin fraudulently converted customers money given to him for deposit into their accounts to the tune of N2,972,000 to his own personal use. When the bank officials confronted the accused he was said to have not been able to give satisfactory reason for his act. Police First Information Report (FIR) stated that investigation conducted at the Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Ilorin revealed that the accused used his position as a teller of the bank to criminally convert customers money to his own. The FIR added that the accused confessed that he used the money to play MMM, Twinkas and Lupas without the consent of the bank management and the customers. The accused was dragged before the court on a threecount charge of criminal breach of trust, cheating and misappropriation, which contradicted Sections 312, 322 and 309 of Penal Code Law. The prosecutor, Mathew Ologbonsaye, informed the court that investigation into the case was in progress. He objected bail of the accused and urged the court to remand him in prison custody pending the outcome of investigation.

58 58 COURTS AND CRIMES Saturday, March 26, 2018 Leadership Tussle: Man,30, Docked For Killing Opponent BY OLADIPO MAGAJI, Ilorin For allegedly conspiring with others now at large to beat a man to death over a community leadership tussle, a 30-year-old man, Kamorudeen Suleiman a.k.a. Aiyeniromo of Galadima compound, Otte, Kwara State has been arraigned before an Ilorin magistrate Court. The accused was dragged before the court on a two-count charge of criminal conspiracy and culpable homicide, which contravene Sections 97 and 221 of Penal Code Law. The accused has since been remanded at the Federal Prison Yard, Oke-Kura, Ilorin. The deceased, Isiaka Sikiru, was said to have on April 29, 2018 been inside the house with his wife, Rashidat, when one Rafiu of Otte area, Kwara State now at large came to invite him (deceased) to an unknown place in Otte to settle a lingering issue between them. Later in the day, while the wife was at home expecting the return of her husband, information got to her that he had been attacked by some persons. When she rushed to the scene she met her husband lying unconscious in a pool of blood. However, the victim was taken to a hospital where he was confirmed dead. Police First Information Report (FIR) stated that investigation conducted at the Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Ilorin led to the arrest of the accused who was a member of a group christened Winning Base in Ikoyi, Oyo State. According to the FIR, the accused had run to Oyo State where he was arrested and he confessed that his group attacked the deceased over a leadership tussle in Otte, Kwara State. Court Remands Three Suspected Kidnappers BY OLADIPO MAGAJI, Ilorin 14 people suspected to have been the killers of murdered Dr Ibrahim Mailafia, a senior lecturer of the Nasarawa State University Police Arrest 14 Suspected Killers Of Nasarawa Varsity Teacher No fewer than 14 people suspected to have been the killers of murdered Dr Ibrahim Mailafia, a senior lecturer of the Nasarawa State University, after just returning to Nigeria on the completion of a doctorate degree in Artificial Intelligence from the United Kingdom on November 3, 2017 It would be recalled that Mailafia was on his way to Kano, Kano State to pay a visit to his family when he was attacked and killed by suspected bandits on the Kaduna - Zaria - Kano Highway. The Force Public Relations Officer, Moshood Jimoh, in a BY OLADIPO MAGAJI, Ilorin Oro community in Irepodun Local Government Area of Kwara State has debunked reports that one of the arrested two gang leaders of the recent bank robbery in Offa town of the state, Kunle Ogunleye, is a native of the community. The community, in a statement by its national president, Chief Bode Alayoku, said the suspect statement following the incident said the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, had directed a discreet investigation into the killing to bring the perpetrators to book. He said, the Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT) attached to Operation Absolute Sanity, working on actionable intelligence on May 23, 2018 arrested the suspects responsible for the killing of Mailafia. He said, the suspects which include a Chadian confessed to the killing of the said Doctor and also to have been terrorizing motorists aka Arrow was not a native of the community but was only arrested in the town. Alayoku who said that there was no family that bore Ogunleye in the entire history of Oro explained that the suspect was nabbed in the town in the course of his running away bid from justice. The Oro community s president, while commending the police for efficiency in and communities along Niger- Abuja and Kaduna-Zaria-Kano Highways. The police gave identities of the suspects as: Sunday Jatau (35), native of Kaduna State and gang leader who confessed to have personally shot and killed Mailafia, Solomon Jatau (40), Ayuba Jatau (32), Ishaku Luka aka Dogo (42) native of Kujama LGA Kaduna, sold arms and ammunition to the gang Others are; Ibrahim Daniel (27), native of Chad Republic who was found in possession of the late Dr Mailafia s phones, Emmanuel Garba (27), Alhaji Usman Mohammed (35), Alhaji Ibrahim Baba(49), arresting about 22 suspect s of the bank robbery so far said indigenes of the community were peace loving and not given to crime. We implore the police authorities to note that throughout history, Oro people have generally been known to be law abiding, peace loving, industrious and reputable, never given to any form of crime, criminality or deviant behaviour. Bello Aliyu(36),Surajo Mohammed (35),Hassan Ibrahim (55), Bature Adamu (38),Bello Abdullahi (32) and Mamuda Mohammed (27). According to the statement, exhibits recovered from the suspects are two AK47 rifles, one berretta pistol and two phones including the iphone of late Mailafia. It added that the suspects admitted to the various criminal roles they played in the killing and other violent crimes in the mentioned states. Meanwhile, the police spokesman said the suspects would be charged to court on the completion of investigation. Oro Community Disowns Ogunleye, Offa Bank Robbery Suspect On the contrary, Oro town prides itself in a rich galaxy of retired and serving illustrious sons and daughters in business, industry, the civil service, academia, politics and all facets of our national life, the statement read. The statement advised the people of the community not to be misled by the publication as they go about their normal business. Three suspects, Yahaya Daodu, 20, Hassan Alhaji Jida, 25 and Yere Kumeh, 40; all of Kero Fulani Camp, via Okuta, Kwara State have been remanded at the Federal Prison Yard, Oke-Kura, Ilorin for allegedly kidnapping a man for a ransom. The order to remand the accused was made by an Ilorin Chief Magistrates Court before which they were arraigned on a three-count charge of criminal conspiracy, kidnapping and armed robbery, contrary to Sections 2, 15 of Kwara State Prohibition of Kidnapping Law, 2010 and 6(B) and 2(1) of Robbery and Firearm (Special Provision) Act cap RII Law of the Federation of Nigeria, Prior to the arrest of the accused, one Mohammed Adamu of Tabera Fulani Camp, via Okuta, Kwara State had on April 27, 2018 reported at Okuta Divisional Police Station, Kwara State that his father, Adamu Adamu was abducted by suspected kidnappers. According to the complainant, his father left home on April 26 for Okuta and never returned home, but only to discover his father s shoe and a GSM phone number attached to their door on the second day. However, when the GSM phone number was contacted, it was revealed that the owner of the shoe was kidnapped and the kidnappers demanded for a ransom of N5 million. This made the complainant to inform the vigilante operatives at Okuta who embarked on search operation. Meanwhile, on April 30 based on a tip-off, Yahaya (first accused) was arrested and on interrogation he allegedly confessed to the crime and mentioned one Hassan (second accused) as the mastermind of the kidnap. On May 5, Hassan (second accused) was arrested and upon his arrest he allegedly mentioned other members of their gang as Yere (third accused) and one Tambaya who allegedly escaped with the victim s Bajaj motorcycle valued at N215,000 and a cash of N6,000. The Police First Information Report (FIR) stated that investigation conducted at the Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Ilorin revealed that the accused were the kidnappers who abducted the victim, while they demanded a ransom of N5 million.

59 Saturday, May 26, Leadership TOURISM 59 Hilton Garden Inn Spreads Warmth Of Nairobi BY TAYO ADELAJA The debut of Hilton brands with the opening of Hilton Garden Inn Jomo Kenyatta International Airport has truly redefined the taste of hospitality services enjoyed in Nairobi, Kenya. The magnificent hotel is strategically situated on Mombasa Road, adjacent to the airport which serves as an easy access to both business and leisure visitors to Nairobi. With complimentary shuttle available for pick up and drop off at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for all resident guests. The hotel is about 15km Downtown Nairobi and Kenyatta International Convention Centre. Hilton Garden Inn, Nairobi is a place for travellers who deserve a satisfying hospitality experience peculiar with global Hilton brands in more than 720 locations in 33 countries and territories. The high level of hospitality from the committed team from the first hello on guests arrival to the cheery goodbye on departure after blissful stay at a great value will always reflects good memories with desires to return to the hotel for another exciting experience. With 175 rooms that comprise of 114 Kings, 56 Twins and 5 Deluxe Suites, guests enjoy high speed complimentary Wi-Fi, complimentary 24 hour fitness centre, infinity rooftop heated swimming pool at no charges. The bell-decorated rooms provide a relaxing getaway as a visitor in Nairobi. All the 175 air-conditioned guest rooms have easy connection with the complimentary Wi-Fi, a well-lit work area, mini-refrigerator and flat-screen 40-inch HDTV with Free view channels. Laying on the comfy bed with crisp white bedding at Hilton Garden Inn while watching favourite shows on the 40-inch HDTV makes you feel at home away from home as each room features a functional work space, ergonomic chair and mini-refrigerator, iron & Ironing board, Laptop safe and Tea/Coffee making facilities. The Garden Grille Restaurant has a fullservice restaurant, offers cooked-to-other breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is also a full bar to unwind at the end of a busy day. The state-of-the-art fitness Centre for stress-bustling workouts is available for guests with 24/7 business Centre providing complimentary printing and Wi-Fi for the services rendered. As comfort zone for Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Exhibitions (MICE), Hilton Garden Inn has six meetings rooms all with natural daylight, the conference room can host up to 220 delegates in theatre setting. For intending tourists to Nairobi, Hilton Garden Inn is the right choice with easy access to major tourist attractions like Nairobi National Park, David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, Giraffe Centre, Karen Blixen Museum (Out of Africa) and National Museum of Kenya. All guests have the opportunity of benefitting from the Hilton Honours, the guest-loyalty program for Hilton s 14 world-class brands comprising nearly 5,000 properties with more than 812,000 rooms in 103 countries and territories. The prestigious Hilton Garden Inn as a bright and modern hotel will make a guest Nairobi adventure easy and full of fun! Hilton Garden Inn Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. PHOTOS BY EXTERIOR Hilton Garden Inn, Nairobi, Kenya

60 60 TOURISM Saturday, May 26, 2018 Africa s Travel Indaba: Tourism In Africa Geared Towards New Heights West African Delegates with team South African Tourism (West Africa) TAYO ADELAJA Tourism in Africa is being geared towards new heights as delegates from 80 different countries were recorded present at Africa Travel Indaba The annual event which was once again held in Durban;Kwazulu Natal Province of South Africa from the 7th to the 10th of May, 2018 experienced a significant rise in participation from last year s event with 23 African countries in attendance this year. The overall registrations saw an increase by 4% from last year s figures reaching the 7000 mark. Total registered buyers increased by 14% from last year bring it to a total of 1747 registered buyers. With 200 first time exhibitors, there were over 1100 registered exhibitors, leading to a 57% increase from last year. Indaba 2018 was positioned as a call to action to focus on the success of the continent as a whole, urging its people to go out and tell Africa s story to the world. The event was rebranded from simply Indaba to Africa s Travel Indaba highlighting a passion for Africa. This was announced by South Africa s newly reinstated National Minister of Tourism, Derek Hanekom. The Minister in his message at the official Welcome Networking Function said, Tourism growth, and sharing the benefits of tourism, contribute to replacing poverty and despair with prosperity and hope. Africa s Travel Indaba is the ideal springboard for further growth. He spoke further about Travel and Tourism being the fastest growing sector in the world Indaba 2018 West African Delegates Tourism already contributes about 8% to Africa s Gross Domestic Product and employs 6.5% of the workforce. Imagine the impact it will make on growth, jobs and livelihoods if, or rather when we double or quadruple that! We can exponentially increase the value that tourism brings by collaborating to make tourism work for everyone. Africa s Travel Indaba gave qualified buyers who are really interested in selling Africa the opportunity to access the biggest variety of products on the continent, from the hidden gems in South Africa to the luxury experiences across Africa as a continent. It is not only about showcasing destinations, but the value-rich interactions that can lead to partnerships and trade agreements. These are the hallmarks that contribute to growth across the sector, rather than the success and growth of individual businesses. To further strengthen existing partnership and collaboration within the continent, South African Tourism s West African hub hosted 26 delegates from Nigeria and Ghana at the Africa s Travel Indaba. Among the West African tourism delegations werepresident of the Tour Operators Association in Nigeria, MrKwesiEyison,The President of the Tour Operators Union in Ghana, AlhajiRabo Saleh, Federation of Tourism Association of Nigeria,The President of The Travel Agents of Nigeria, MrBankole Bernard, The Chief Editor and Publisher of Africa s leading Travel and Tourism Magazine ATQ, and Founder of West Africa s biggest tourism expo, Akwaaba Nigeria, Weizo Accra, Mr Ikechi Uko, CEOs of travel agencies alongside notable media partners were among the 26 West African Delegation drawn from Ghana and Nigeria.The West African trade and media delegates who arrived South Africa days earlier, were treated to an incredible, activity filled exploration of South Africa. They were treated to some of the finest luxury South Africa has to offer at the Oubaai Gold resort The delegates enjoyed a variety of experiences including, quad biking, power boating on the Kysna lagoon, and picnics at Cape St.Francis. They explored Tsitsikamma Nature reserve and the very brave went bungee jumping. Mr Sisa Ntshona, CEO of South Africa Tourism, praised the Africa delegates for cooperating to promote and integrate the continent as one destination through tourism. He also made it known to the delegates that Indaba s goal is to create a platform that allows the world to do business with Africa

61 Cholera Kills 4 In Kano BY ABDULLAHI YAKUBU, KANO About four children reportedly died of Cholera in Wailari Settlement in Kumbotso Local government area of Kano State. Confirming the death, a parent who identified himself as Muhammad Auwal, told our correspondent that he lost two of his children BY SOLOMON NDA-ISAIAH The satirical TV drama series, sponsored by Globacom, Professor Johnbull, has in its latest episode called for a merger of the ancient and modern music genres to achieve an inspiring and richer content that will upscale the overall entertainment value for listeners and lovers of music. In the episode entitled Hip Life, the careers of two Nollywood actors, Harry Anyanwu, who acts as Lemmy Cardisson and Emeka Okoro (Roy Zinga), who represent the old school music icons, playing Soul, Country Songs and Highlife, are threatened by the emergence of new generation music stars led by Flash (Stephen Odimgbe) and Jeroboam (Osita Iheme), who combine all the genres of music and blend them with native flavour to produce a new class of hip hop tagged Hip Life. The dexterity and effervescence of the new music genre, which appeals more to the younger generation of fun seekers, and the conservative attitude of the old school musicians is graphically dramatised in this week s episode. The series is scheduled for broadcast at 6.00 p.m. on Sunday on DSTV Africa Magic Family and GOTV Channel 2, with repeat broadcast on Thursday at 9.30 p.m. on the cable TV channels and on NTA Network, NTA International on DSTV channel 251 and NTA on StarTimes at 8.30 p.m. on Tuesday and Friday. It is also aired on Anambra Broadcasting Service at 8.30 p.m. on Wednesday and Saturday. Hip Life presents to the viewers of the sitcom the trajectory of music in Nigeria and what accounts for the rivalry between the old and the new schools of music, leaving the viewers to determine if the rivalry is needed or not. The episode resolves posers such as are there good contents in contemporary music? Do old hands play better music than the new generation musicians? Can the two schools of music be May 26, 2018 to the dreaded monster namely Uzairu Awalu, 11 and Abdullahi Auwal, who were both discovered with the symptom of the Cholera outbreak. It was gathered that as a result of the frequent stooling and vomiting by the victims, they later gave up the ghost at the Yusuf Maitama Hospital at Kwanar Dawaki. On his part, Sulaiman Jinjiri confirmed to LEADERSHIP Weekend that Cholera also killed two of his Children, one Aisha Jibril, 3 and Jibril Sulaiman, 4, adding that Aisha died at home shortly after developing the symptom while her brother, Jibril, died at the hospital. On contact with the Kumbotso local government chairman, Alhaji Kabiru Ado Panshekara confirmed the outbreak and said that he was only briefed about the death of only two children as against four. Although, he said efforts are being made to halt the spread of the disease and the matter has since been reported to the state ministry of education. Merge Old And Modern Genres Of Music, Professor Johnbull Urges Artistes merged? Does the axiom music comes in many forms hold sway in contemporary time? And How does Professor Johnbull resolve the rivalry? The climax for viewers of Hip The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), yesterday, interrogated former governor of Kaduna State, Ramalan Yero, for four hours at the commission s office in Kaduna. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Yero was at the EFCC, Kaduna office from around 9 am till about 1:30 pm, when he walked out smiling. The former governor thanked his BY PATRICK OCHOGA, Benin City President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government, has handed over to the Edo Stateg, the completed Northern Esan Water Project, in Ugboha, Esan South East Local government area of the state. The project, estimated to have cost N3.85 billion, can generate two million gallons or nine million liters of water per day. Minister of Water Resources, Engr Suleiman Adamu, who led a Federal Government delegation, which included Minister for Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, to the state, said Life is the cameo appearance by the legendary Nollywood icon, Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD), whose desire to establish a record label and sign on new musical acts ignites the fire supporters who were outside the EFCC office, for their solidarity and asked them to go to the mosques for Juma at prayer. The former governor, however, declined to make comment to the press. His spokesman, Malam Yakubu Lere, however told NAN that his boss was invited in connection with the N700 million campaign funds released to the state by the Peoples Democratic Party headquarters in the delegation was in the state to hand over completed projects to the Edo State government. Engr Suleiman said he participated in the conception of the project in 1997, when he worked as a consultant to the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF), which was then led by current president, Muhammadu Buhari. He noted that lack of fund stalled the project, until it was revived by the present administration. We have finished our intervention programme and we are here today to hand over the project to the Edo State government, led by Governor Godwin of competition and enmity between the old and the new schools. This is just as the other side of Jumoke (Bidemi Kosoko) as a sonorous singer is revealed in the episode. Senior special assistant to the vice president on Job Creation and Youth Employment, Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede addressing beneficiaries during the inauguration of Start-Up Megathon in Abuja, yesterday. PHOTO BY NAN NEWS ACROSS THE STATES 61 Lere recalled that the former governor was at the EFCC office in Kano two years ago, over the matter and was granted administrative bail. At that time, he explained during the interrogation that the N700 million was PDP money sent to him as the then governor of Kaduna State to finance 2015 general election with instructions, which he judiciously followed. What they are holding against him was that he kept the money in Obaseki. He expressed satisfaction and confidence in the quality of job done and hoped that the agencies in charge of the scheme would do a good job to ensure its sustainability. Edo State governor, Godwin Obaseki, expressed gratitude to the President Buhari-led administration for the uncommon gesture to the people of the state and Esan land, in particular. He explained that access to potable water was a major challenge in Esan land and thanked the president for coming to the aid of the people, promising that his administration would do all it can to 2019: Foundation To Mobilise Against Corrupt Politicians BY EJIKE EJIKE, ABUJA EFCC Grills Ex-gov For 4 Hours Over Campaign Fund A pressure group, New Generation Leadership Development Foundation (NGLDF), has declared its readiness to mobilize Nigerians across the country and use every legitimate measure to frustrate the electoral ambitions of corrupt politicians in the 2019 general election The chairman the foundation, Dr Godwin Udibe, and secretary, Barr Seun Olokeogun, who made this comment during a press conference in Abuja, said responsible youth must be given a chance in governance. Dr Udibe said: Our mission is to purge the Nigerian political space of candidates who do not have credibility and integrity. The New Generation Leadership is a movement for better polity and governance set to cleanse the electoral and political atmosphere of the Nigeria nation. We are going to deploy all legitimate arsenal to ensure that people without integrity, political jobbers, and professional politicians and those who have been found wanting of corruption do not hold office again regardless of whatever party they belong to. He rejected the insinuation that the youth were lazy and unprepared for office, but called for their integration into governance, even as he encouraged responsible and industrious youths to contest elections in The group frowned at sit-tight political officeholders, whether appointed or elected, just as it condemned the recycling of old breed politicians from three to four decades ago in the present administration, saying that selfishness was at the root of both. the office of the Secretary to the State Government instead of in a bank. Even last week, he was here on the same issue, but as you can see, he came out smiling, meaning the commission has found nothing to hold against him for now, Lere said. The spokesman urged Yero supporters to remain calm and be law abiding, adding that the struggle to rescue the state from collapse has just began. FG Hands Over N3.85bn Esan Water Project To Edo Govt ensure the project benefits the people. I want to assure you that as a progressive government, we align with the water policies of the Federal Government. We have been following your policy guideline to strengthen water reforms in Edo State, the governor said. Obaseki disclosed that a bill to set up small town and rural water projects in the state has been passed by the Edo State House of Assembly (EDHA), noting that the state government has trained communities to set up their own water associations.

62 62 NEWS ACROSS THE STATES Saturday, May 26, 2018 UN Allocates $2m For Cholera Outbreak Response In North East BY PATIENCE IVIE IHEJIRIKA, ABUJA The United Nations, through the Nigeria Humanitarian Fund (NHF), has allocated $2 million to support the response to cholera outbreak in Yobe State, north-east. The UN Humanitarian Coordinator, Mr Edward Kallon, who made this known in a statement, said since the beginning of the outbreak, which was officially declared in four local government areas on 28 March, a total of 404 cases and 15 deaths have been reported, representing a 3.7 per cent case fatality rate. He said though the UN and its partners activated an immediate emergency response in the affected communities in support of the state ministry of Health, additional resources are needed to ensure that the outbreak is contained, especially ahead of the rainy season when the risk of outbreaks and spreading of waterborne diseases is higher. According to him, the funds will enable humanitarian partners to provide safe water to over 1.6 million people, improve sanitation for thousands in the affected communities, and boost the technical and human resource capacity in hotspot areas so that cholera can be detected early and treated promptly. He also said that awareness of how to identify, prevent and treat cholera is also a key part of the response to the outbreak. Cholera outbreaks can potentially impact and kill thousands of people, especially women, children and men who are living in overcrowded places such as camps for internally displaced persons. Surveillance and early detection are key to limiting the number of fatalities and the spread of the outbreak, said Kallon. Acting swiftly is pivotal if we are to prevent high mortality rates. These funds will help the UN and partners strengthen the capacity of community health personnel and equip local health facilities with diagnostic and treatment equipment as the rainy season gets underway and access to some of the affected localities might be impacted by flooding, he added. The Nigeria Humanitarian Fund (NHF), managed by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs under the leadership of the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, was created to provide funds in a prioritised, flexible and timely manner so those who are most in need of life-saving support. The NHF is one of 18 country-based pooled funds and was launched during the Oslo Humanitarian Conference for Nigeria and the Lake Chad region in February L-R Senator Ehigie Uzamere; Senator Fester Ogela and a member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Diri Douye at the 2017 LEADERSHIP Conference and Award at the International Conference Centre in Abuja on Thursday Judge Proceeds With Metuh s Trial In His Absence BY KUNLE OLASANMI, Abuja The trial of the former spokesman of the Peoples Democratic, PDP, Chief Olisah Metuh, continued at a Federal High Court in Abuja without him and his lawyers in attendance yesterday. After Metuh collapsed in court, he has since been absent from the trial. His lawyer, Mr. Emeka Etiaba, a senior advocate, also failed to attend the trial last Thursday and yesterday to represent his client. No explanation was given for hiss abesnce. Justice Okon Abang was forced to adjourn on Thursday due to the absence of legal representation for Metuh on Thursday. During the proceedings yesterday, the judge ordered the continuation of the trial after overruling an objection to the application by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission s lawyer, Mr. Sylvanus Tahir, for the trial to proceed in the absence of Metuh and his lawyers. Update Online HR Records Or Forfeit Your Salaries-HoS BY BIDON MIBZAR, ABUJA Civil servants have been warned to update their Integrated Personnel and Pay Roll Information System (IPPIS) Record that is on-going via on-line or face the sanction of being dropped from the federal civil service payroll. The Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Mrs. Winifred Ekanem Oyo- Ita gave the warning, at the Service Wide Sensitization Workshop on the Federal Civil Service Strategy and Implementation Plan (FCSSIP) for Directorate Level Officers in the Ministries and Extra-Ministerial Departments in Abuja. Oyo-Ita who said the dateline for the process elapses by next week Monday, May 28, 2018 also stressed; I want to use this opportunity to draw your attention, that in spite of several circulars and advertisements in the print, radio and television requesting employees to update their records online, some employees are yet to update their IPPIS records via the on-line Portal. The on-line Records update is a key requirement for the implementation of the HR Module of IPPIS and must be completed by every employee of the Federal Government to maintain their records on the IPPIS platform. I wish to inform you that the portal will close officially today 23 May, 2018 but will be opened for corrections until Monday, 28 May, 2018 and those that are yet to update their records are advised to do so not later than date as failure to do so will lead to stoppage of the salary of the affected employee on IPPIS platform, she warned. Oyo-Ita revealed that the online registration will help in creating a robust and credible information system for the service. He also explained that the FCSSIP for Directorate level officers in the Ministries and Extraministerial Departments was designed to create an efficient service delivery as it is seen in other advance economies. The objection was raised by Mr. Tochukwu Onwugbufor (SAN), the counsel for Metuh s co-accused, Destra Investment Limited, who had argued that the law never envisaged that a criminal trial would ever be conducted behind a defendant and his counsel. But in dismissing the objection, Justice Abang ruled that although the court had ruled that the matter would proceed in Metuh s absence, the absence of the defence team was designed to frustrate the trial. BY CHIKA OKEKE AND HENRY TYOHEMBA, Abuja Yellow Jerrycan Save A Child Foundation, a non governmental organization has task federal government to intensify effort to improve the nutrition of children, adding that poverty is the central factor leading to children malnutrition in the country. The initiator of the foundation, Mrs Adaora Onyechere made the appeal yesterday in Abuja at an event to commemorate May 2018 Children s Day celebration theme: Child Mortality and The Way Forward. While commending the federal government for the introduction of school feeding programme in schools, Adaora The judge explained that the court did not bar Metuh from the proceedings but only held that the trial will proceeding in his absence due to what the court described as the defendant s misconduct in court on Monday. Metuh is standing trial over alleged N400million fraud. He was said to have collected the sum of N400m in 2014 from the office of the National Security Adviser for the campaign of the re-election bid of fomrer President Goodlock Jonathan. also encourage the government to look for more ways to end malnutrition among children. How do we look at eradicating poverty in total is the major question because poverty is also malnutrition which is the result and effect of bad health and also insecurity and crime. For us the reason why we have decided to focus specifically on malnutrition is because of the high level of mortality rate of children under the age of five in Nigeria. She further decried the condition of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) saying that most of the food items given to them through the humanitarian aids are being taken away, misappropriated and sold into LP Calls For Speedy Action On Minimum Wage BY GRACE FADAHSON, Abuja The Labour Party (LP) has call for speedy actions on the minimum wage, saying the delays in raising the workers salaries is not in the best interest of the country. The National Chairman of LP Alhaji Abdulkadir Abdulsalam, made the call yesterday in Abuja while receiving the newly inaugurated FCT chapter of the party who paid him a solidarity visit. According to him increasing the minimum wage will ease the socioeconomic tension in the country and also contribute to the success of the 2019 General Elections. Since the return of democracy in 1999, the political elite in PDP and now in APC have dominated and control power to the exclusion of the masses. This monopoly of power has no doubt underdeveloped out country. In all, the Nigeria workers are the worse hit, the minimum wage regime cannot take them home. Many stats governors and local government councils are in areas of salaries. Our pensioners who have served our father land are left to suffer and die in poverty and wants because of the heartless of government. Our party is the only party that has the answer to our socio-economic challenges and provide the real voice for the people, Abdulsalam said. He said that the party will ensure national cohesion, peace, security and prosperity for all, and will also pursue poverty eradication systematically and patriotically. The FCT Chairman of LP, Chief Diugwu Peter, said the party is the symbol of the nation s civil servants and public workers, hence the need to get things workers out for workers to be actively involved getting the best for the nation. We are prepared for the coming elections and we are working to get as many councillorship and chairmanship seats as possible in the interest of the people. Children s Day: Foundation Tasks FG On Children Nutrition the mainstream market. She urged the government to put more investigative measures both on the issue of their health and sexual violence by providing enough security to the camps. According to her, the event is channeled in bringing stakeholders together, Ministry of health, UBEB, association of private and public schools women development center, National Council for malaria and all whom have contributed in one way or another. Also speaking, the chairman, Heath committee House of representative, Hon Chike Okafor said the government is committed to eradicate malnutrition among children.

63 Saturday, May 26, 2018 Contentment Was Watchword In Our Days Pa Ibigbami Leadership REMINISCENCES 63 Chief Raphael Ige Ibigbami is a retired Head of Department of Fine Arts of the University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. The 80-year- old retired don shares his reminiscences with OLAJIDE OMOJOLOMOJU Where and when were you born? I was born at Ire Ekiti on 25 May, How did you know that was when you were born? My father kept the date and I was baptized as an infant. I have my baptismal certificate. Ire Ekiti, when you were born was a rural setting, how was growing up like? Growing up was unlike nowadays; it was really a typical rural setting where children were very obedient to their parents; where the father would call the son, and the son would answer Ee oo, because there was nothing like sir in those days. I used to follow my father to the farm, because he was a farmer who cultivated yam, maize and cassava. Then a child s capacity and prowess was measured by how many heaps he could make, hoe, dig or cultivate on the farm in a day. Mo ti ko igba oran (ebe) (I have made 200 heaps); mo ti ko ogorun oran (ebe) (I have cultivated 100 heaps); etc. That was the situation in those days. But I didn t keep long in that situation, because my father taught me the Yoruba and the English alphabets when I was very young. or quarrel. My mother was a very hard working woman, who used to weave my school uniform in her loom. In those days, there was no tape rule or any measurement gauge, but they would use the hand, the gap between the thumb and the f i r s t finger as a token of measurement. When did you start schooling? I started schooling at the age of four, in 1942, when it was very unusual in those days. My I was the smallest in stature a n d the (now Obafemi Awolowo University), I can t remember the course I was admitted to read in Ife; Ahmadu Bello Uiversity, Zaria, where I was admitted to read Fine Art and then I also got admitted for the National Certificate in Education. I was cash strapped but one mistress in my town, Mrs Abejide, said if I could go to Zaria, where her husband was doing Fine Arts I would get funds. That was how I ended up in Zaria to read Fine Arts. I can t remember the year now, but I remember that when I finished, I was given scholarship to do my Masters degree and I was the first person to do Masters in Fine Arts in ABU and I was also offered employment as a Graduate Assistant. I can t really remember the dates now, because my memory is waning. When you completed your Masters degree, where did you work? I came down to the University of Ife, in Ile Ife in 1972 That was how I started school and that was also how I started coming first in the class every time Does that mean that your father was educated? Yes, he was what you can call a selfeducated person. I asked him this same question, since he was the only person who could read and write among his age mates. He was the akowe (secretary/record keeper) of the ajo (thrift group) in his church and of every society he was involved in and I asked him how he came about being educated and he said the sound made by books when being opened attracted him. So he went and bought the Yoruba alphabet book and started opening it same way, without even knowing how to read or write. Then somebody came from Lagos and saw him opening his book, and he enquired if he could read the book and he said no, and that person asked him to bring his book and taught him the Yoruba alphabet. He also taught him the English alphabet as well. How was growing up like? Growing up was interesting. Let me share this small story with you: the only time I can remember there was a fight between my mother and my father was when my father asked me, What is 5 + 5? and I said 10 and he felt I should be able to manipulate, and he asked, What of 6 + 4? I didn t know it and he was enraged and he gave me a slap and I fell down. My mother took a bunch of broom and hit him. Since that day, I know that is also 10. And this story I told you, I had told all my children. I will never forget the day I knew that is 10. After that, I didn t see them fight starting schooling was accidental and incidental. I was playing with the sand with one of my mates and somebody threw a stone. Accidentally, the stone hit my mate in the forehead and he started bleeding; then my father came to pick me from the place, saying that I will not allow anybody to break my child s head. I remember again that he took me to a barber who shaved my head and he gave me to somebody, who was already schooling and said If you were going to school on Monday, take this child along with you. That was how I started school and I was the smallest in my class, both in age and stature. Then the teacher followed me home and asked my father to pay my school fees, which was usually called owo quarter and my father said, But I just sent him there to be playing with you people. And the teacher responded, He is more brilliant than all the children he met in school. So my father gave him the money and how much are we talking about here? Eight pence! That was how I started school and that was also how I started coming first in the class every time. And in those days, primary school used to be for 10 years four years for the elementary/beginners, which they used to call alakobere and six years for the standard cadre. I finished Standard 6 in 1953 and I was located to become a teacher. youngest in age then among the teachers and my appellation was Tisa Kekere Small Teacher. My mother took me to one of her cousins, Mrs Juliana Abe, to be living with her, because her house was very close to the school where I taught. Can you remember the schools/institutions you attended and the dates? My primary school was Saint Gregory s Catholic School, Ire Ekiti and I also attended the Teachers Grade Three Certificate course. I was always coming tops of my class. I am not boasting, but it was God s gift and my father s encouragement. I attended Saint Augustine Teachers College Oye Ekiti for my Grade Three Certificate. I finished and I was located to Ijare in 1963, but before then, our English tutor, we called them tutors in those days, called me and said that the Rev Father said that with my brilliance I would not need to move from Grade Three to Grade Two, but that I should go and write my GCE. I had never heard about that before then. He obtained the form for me, filled it and I wrote it and passed. In those days, you would just apply to a higher institution the moment you got your requirements, especially when you had your GCE. So I applied to four institutions: the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where I was admitted to read Chemistry; the University of Ife and my first daughter, though not my first child, Adebola, was born in Ile Ife. At that time, my father was with me; he was sick and I brought him to Ife for treatment. But he later died. From OAU, where else did you work? I didn t work anywhere else. I was in the Fine Arts department of the University of Ife, as it was then known. I started the Ceramic Department, a section of the Fine Arts department. But there was some sort of jealousy in the department, because I was rising steadily in the department. I quickly became the head of the department and an Associate Professor. Incidentally, I used to keep accurate dates. I had started my PhD programme, I had finished the course work and was getting ready to do the thesis when in 1991, I was asked to go. I was retired, after 19 years in the university. When I joined the university, one of my uncles rented an apartment or me in Mokola Street and I am still living in Mokola till date, because I put up my own building in Mokola. Why did you choose Fine Arts as a course and teaching as a profession? I chose Fine Arts because of financial constraints. My choosing Fine Arts was accidental and incidental. And my choosing teaching, remember that before I gained admission into CONTINUES ON THE NEXT PAGE

64 64 REMINISCENCES Saturday, May 26, 2018 Contentment Was Watchword In Our Days Pa Ibigbami Ibigbami and wife in their younger days In those days, we were always very serious with our work, but, some people did not; but the current get-rich-quick syndrome among workers today was not there then, people were contented with their salary and the salary then, as small as it was, could do a lot of things in those days FROM PREVIOUS PAGE the university, I had taught in many schools, so it came naturally when I finished to continue from where I had stopped. When did you get married? December 31, Was the date deliberate or planned? It was planned. How did you meet your spouse? We met when she was teaching at Igbara Oke, St Joseph s Grammar School and I was also teaching at Anglican Grammar School, Igbara Oke. When we met, we didn t know we were going to marry. (Mama takes over the narrative) We met at Igbara Oke in 1965 and we were both not really serious about the relationship. But later in 1967, a classmate of mine in Saint Helen s College, Ondo, saw his picture and said, Egbon Ibigbami ree (This is Uncle Ibigbami) and I asked if she knew him and she said yes and I never knew he was going to tell him about me and that we were in the same dormitory at St Helen s together. It was after that encounter that he too came back to search for me and today, it is history. What really endeared you to her? Look at her face. She is very beautiful. And I have eyes for good things and that is why I am a Fine Artist. How many children do you have? God blessed me with nine children, five boys and four girls. I have six children from my first wife and three children from my second wife, who unfortunately died in And my lovely wife had since then carried on the work of raising all the children. How was life while in active service? Life was very interesting. My mind was always on the work and also in helping my people. I brought so many of my people to Ife here to secure employment and some of them are still here. You retired about 27 years ago, how is life in retirement? Life in retirement is very enjoyable and interesting. Life is enjoyable when you are living with a good wife. In fact I don t call her my wife, she is my mother. There was a song I composed for her and it goes thus: Esther Aderemi pele, iyawo mi t o dara, olufe b oju wo mi oro re wa Mama and Papa l okan mi. Ni too to, ni t ododo, eyi mo so ninu ife mi l o ti wa. (Hello, Esther Aderemi, my good wife; my love, look at me, you are on my mind. Truly and honestly, all I have said are from the depth of my love). How would you compare life during your time with what obtains now? I am never a politician. I was about to be drawn into politics. It started from councillorship in those days. I was almost always at home and my people wanted me as a councillor. There were three sections in my home town, but somebody just rose up and said it was not my section s turn, that it was his own section s turn. They agreed to hold a mini election, with five delegates from each section, making 15. His section s five delegates gave him their votes and mine also gave me their votes, so, we had to now slug it out for the five votes of the remaining section. One woman from the neutral section was his relative, so she naturally gave my opponent her vote and I got the remaining four votes. The election ended with nine to six votes in my favour. But something struck my mind and I relinquished the office to him, asking him to go ahead since he was so much interested; he went in and was there for just four months before the military struck and that was the end of his own journey, but since then, I have never been interested in politics. How would you compare people s attitude to work during your time and now? In those days, we were always very serious with our work, but, some people did not; but the current get-rich-quick syndrome among workers today was not there then, people were contented with their salary and the salary then, as small as it was, could do a lot of things in those days. I moved into this house in December 1975 and same year, I erected a building in my home town. I remember a time we went home and in my father s house, there was nowhere for me and my wife to put up in and I quickly put up a new building behind my father s house. Where were you during Nigeria s independence? I was a Tisa Kekere then. There was an independence song then, but I have forgotten it now. But independence was a big national feast, with school children sing and dancing. Have your hopes for our country and people at independence been met? My answer is yes and no. Yes, we became independent, but no, because the independence was polluted by the people who should have made it enjoyable to all of us, and turned it to personal inheritance on a platter of gold. Politicians are now very rich, some richer than their states, and as such make people to be jealous of them and once they get there, they don t want to leave. In those days, you scarcely hear anything like millionaire, not to talk of billionaire, or to mention money in millions. What is your favourite food then and now? My favourite food has always been pounded yam, then and even now. How did you unwind during your younger days? In those days, when I was young, we used to play in the evening under the moon. We also use to play ayo but in those days, you must not play it in the night. The feast in my place was Ogun festival, I am from Ile Ogun and we must know how to greet and extol the god of iron. Did you listen to music, dance or go to parties? I listened to music very well, but I didn t go to parties. Yes, I dance, but only in my house. What were your favourite tunes, artistes and dance steps? My father was the chairman of the juju band in my home town and I can still recall some of the great tunes of the time. I also grew up to become the secretary of the kokoma music group in home town. What were your hobbies then and now? Farming was my hobby then. But now, I just wake up, eat and then I used to go to the church, but since I fell sick, I can t move freely about again, but the reverend father comes to the house at least once in a month to administer the Holy Communion on me. What challenges did you face while growing up, in your work life and at retirement? We used to believe that there was hatred in the home. But I really don t want to talk much about that now but that was a sad story. And I think it was God s Ibigbami plan that I should leave Oye Ekiti for Ijare, because since I left, it was like I have lost touch with those evil people; because they didn t know where I am. And I also believe that it was God s plan that I should go to Zaria, because they did not know where Zaria was, they only knew that I was in the university, but where? They didn t know. I was there when I got married to my wife and when I had my first child. As a teacher, I would say no challenges, but as a lecturer, I was rising rapidly, and some people were not happy about it until the retirement came in At retirement, well, old age is setting in and nobody wants to die, but I m not afraid of death, because I have good children who are taking very good care of me. Any regrets? I don t have any regrets, to the glory of God! What is your advice to the younger generation? The younger generations, face your studies, do your work diligently and avoid bad company, because bad company corrupts good manner. Many youths today are what they are because of bad companies. Which is the happiest day of your life? The day I had my first child, because my mates were already married and had children. This is why my own children are younger than my mates children. And my first child got into the university at the age of 14, passing with seven distinctions and one credit. And that was the pattern for all my children. And which day would you say is the saddest? The day I lost my father. I remember when I bought my first car in 1972, a brand new Datsun Station Wagon, at N4,500 only. People were rejoicing with me at home, and my father sat in and my father sat in his parlour weeping! I went to him and said, Baba, don t worry, if money can take care of one s father, I will take care of you. The only time he entered that car was when I took him to the hospital. Are you your father s first child? Yes, by virtue of the fact that those born before me didn t survive. My mother gave birth to 13 children, but remained only three. And my mother loved me and God allowed me to take care of her.

65 Saturday, May 26, Leadership FEATURE 65 Tomb Raiding: Dead People No Longer At Peace Digging up fresh graves in search for selected human parts has become a reoccurring decimal in some cemeteries in Nigeria voiding the inscription Rest in peace or Sleep on beloved which is often engraved on tombstones. ISABEST OMOREGBEJI writes The three young men informed the police that their unbridled desires to get rich quick prompted them to get the human parts for money ritual purpose Recently a family was greeted with a rude shock when they returned to the cemetery two days after burying their brother only to find his dismembered body on top of the grave. Ritualists have exhumed the body and extracted some parts which they would use for their ritual purposes. The incident which occurred at the Muslim cemetery at Oseere, a sleepy settlement in Ilorin, Kwara State is just one of the many reported cases of grave invasion and violation of dead bodies in the country. We took the remains of our brother to the cemetery early this month and laid him to rest according to the Islamic rites. But when we returned to the grave two days after with the aim of putting concrete on the tomb, to our greatest dismay we met a dismembered body outside the grave, a relative of the dead man told LEADERSHIP Weekend. There have been horrifying tales of people exhuming the bodies of the dead from their graves for ritual purposes. A source told LEADERSHIP Weekend that most of these ritualists do this in connivance with those assigned to guard the cemeteries. It was also discovered the grave raiders usually have a free day around unguarded and poorly secured cemeteries. Graves are now being regularly violated no thanks to robbers and scavengers who indulge in the practice in search of body parts for ritual purposes. Before now, reported cases of grave violation was for the purposes of stealing expensive items buried with the corpse such as the casket, the jewelries and sometimes cash. One cannot forget in a hurry the invasion of the grave of a late wife of a governor in the south east in the 80s by some suspected criminals who carted away the gold trinkets, cash, expensive clothes and casket, the woman was buried with. But the story has changed, the invasion now is for body parts the invaders use for rituals. The criminals and ritualists go for selected body parts such as genitalia, skulls, heart, liver and whatever else they may fancy in the decomposing body. Offensive as this seems, it is not new as similar cases have also been reported in some other parts of the world. A story was published in the Argosy magazine in 1879 that Shakespeare s skull was stolen from Holy Trinity in Malam Bala Karu Husain is the chief guard in charge of the cemetery guards at the Abuja Gudu cemetery, a four in one cemetery for the Muslims, Christians, Pagans and a section for foreigners who burn up their decease like Chinese and Indians. A cemetary He said: Because of the security in this cemetery no one tampers with the corpses here, this is not to say that persons don t make advances to have us allow them come and bury some stuffs in some graves here but we have not allowed such. You can see we just repaired a section of the fence that was pulled down by cows attempting to come into the cemetery. In another incidence an eye witness, Mofi Usman, a vigilante claimed that early last year a man suspected to be a ritualist was caught red-handed by well-trained vigilante men in his community as he exhumed corpses at a Muslim cemetery in Kogi State. According to this source, the suspect who gave his name as Isiaka Isah was caught digging up one of the graves and on interrogation, confessed that he was instructed to bury some materials at the graves at Karaworo/Angwan Tiv Muslim cemetery but could not show the angry crowd what he intended to bury in the grave. If not for our quick intervention, he would have been lynched to dead by the angry youths, the source said. During interrogation, the suspect said his intention was not to exhume a dead body. According to him, he has been having a terrible nightmare in which he said he see ghosts chasing him and he consulted a native doctor who instructed him to go and bury some items in a grave so that the ghost will stop chasing him. When he was urged to bring out the already buried items, he said that he could no longer identify where he buried the items. We have already handed him over to the DPO A Division, Lokoja, for further investigation. Joseph Ishaya, from Jaba Local Government in Kaduna State said he was one of the eyewitnesses in the 2016 crime wave that struck Kaduna State where grave robbers invaded cemeteries in Sabon Gari Nasarawa community in Kaduna State to steal freshly buried corpses. The robbers dug up some graves and made away with some human parts and other items buried in them. Most recently, the Oyo State Police Command reportedly arrested an Islamic cleric and two others (Names withheld) in possession of two fresh human heads and legs. The Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Odude, presented the suspects to newsmen in Ibadan. Odude said that the suspects confessed to have severed the body parts from corpses at a Muslim cemetery in Isale General Area; Ogbomoso. He said the suspects were arrested by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the command on November 11, last year following a tip-off by a member of the public. The three young men informed the police that their unbridled desires to get rich quick prompted them to get the human parts for money ritual purpose. According to the report the cleric told newsmen that this was his first attempt of using human parts for money rituals. I was told that using human parts for ritual is simple and one will become very rich, he said. Chief Joseph Emmanuel, the Mei angwan or district head of Kunawi while describing the practice as despicable, warned ritualists to stay clear of cemeteries within his community, be it the Muslim, Gbagi, Christian or ECWA cemetery. When contacted for his comment on the growing incidence of grave raiding in the society, SP. Mohammed Padah, the Divisional Police Officer of Mararaba Police Division, he declined comment claiming he was not authorised to speak on the matter and even denied knowledge of any of such incidents within his jurisdiction. Nevertheless, he said if any such crimes have been going on he would blame the people who are affected for not reporting the case to the police. He said If no report is brought to us what can the police do? Police are not spirits to know whatever is happening, it should be the duty of the Local government to see that places like cemeteries are protected or fenced, when this is not done the police cannot help the situation. People don t see how their conducts as individuals contribute to the general situation of the society. When things go bad people tend to blame the police but fail to commend them when they do something good. Padah, however, urged members of the public to volunteer information to the Police on the vice just as he called for local security to be employed by the local government to keep watch and make sure cemeteries are not violated. As the activities of these ritualists rage on both Christians and Muslims clerics are united in their request for the government especially local councils, to intensify efforts at providing adequate security at the cemeteries. According to Andy Ogbu, an Abuja based pastor, apart from profaning the cemeteries, the act is criminal and ungodly. Similarly, the Chief Imam of Ilorin, where similar incident had been recorded, Alhaji Mohammed Bashir cautioned those directly or indirectly stealing from the cemeteries to refrain as such would not escape God s judgment in the long run even if law enforcement agents fail to arrest them and bring them to book.

66 66 Leadership May 26, 2018 Nigerian Cuisine Abacha Dambu Nama BY STELLAMARIES AMUWA, Abuja Dambu Nama, a delicious spicy shredded dried beef floss from the Northern part of Nigeria. It can be eaten as a snack or sprinkled over Rice, stuffed inside bread or even eaten with Masa Ingredients 3 pounds of Beef 1 medium size diced red bell pepper 1 medium sized diced Tomato Mama s kitchen Ginger Ginger Contains Gingerol, a Substance With Powerful Medicinal Properties. Ginger is a flowering plant that originated from China. It belongs to the Zingiberaceae family, and is 1 large Red bell pepper 1 large onion 11/2 to 2 Cups of Water (more or less) 2 stock cubes (plus 1 more) Salt 1/4 Cup suya spice seasoning 1 Teaspoon of hot chilli pepper 1/2 Teaspoon of Ginger powder 6 to 10 Tbs of Oil (preferably groundnut Oil but not mandatory) Instructions Trim off any visible fat from closely related to turmeric, cardomon. Ginger has a very long history of use in various forms of traditional/alternative medicine. It has been used to help digestion, reduce nausea the Meat and cut it into big chunks Rinse the Meat thoroughly and put them in a Pot. Add the Tomatoes, Red peppers, Onions, stock cubes and Salt to taste then cook this on a medium heat until the Meat is really tender and the Water is totally dried out (the Meat should be very easy to pull apart when it s done). The Meat needs to be very tender, you can boil between 11/2 to 3 hours on a medium heat depending on the quantity of the Beef you are and help fight the flu and common cold, to name a few. Ginger can be used fresh, dried, powdered, or as an oil or juice, and is sometimes added to processed foods and cosmetics. It is a very common using. Make sure the Water you use in Boiling the Beef is totally dried up before shreding the beef otherwise you might have some difficulty while frying it if the water content is too much. Add very little salt in order to get the authentic Northern taste Transfer the Meat to a cutting board and use two forks to pull it apart you can also pound this with a mortar and a pestle to your desired texture ingredient in recipes. The unique fragrance and flavor of ginger come from its natural oils, the most important of which is gingerol. Ginger is a popular spice. Transfer the shredded Beef into a large bowl and add 1 stock cube, Suya spice, chili pepper, and Ginger Powder. Mix this together thoroughly s that the ingredients are well combined. Start frying this in batches depending on how big your frying pan is. Once you are done frying remove from heat immediately because it burns easily and allow to cool before enjoying it You can store this in a air tight container an leave in the fridge for about 2 to 3 weeks. It is high in gingerol, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can treat Many Forms of Nausea, Especially Morning Sickness.

67 Saturday, May 26, Leadership 67 Parenting With Cecilia Tel: (SMS Only) Healthy Foods For Growing Children Children between the ages of two and 12, grow fast and need to be fed right with foods containing the nutrients they require to be healthy and strong. The best way of ensuring a very strong immune system for children and prevent diseases is by including all nutrients in their meals day by day. Dieticians have adviced that during the growing years, adequate supply of protein, calcium, iron and vitamins are critical to their growth and development. Without them, children may be stunted and, in serious cases, it can impact the development of their mental and motor skills. These nutrients are present in the major food groups grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy and protein foods. There s a long list to choose from among which are: 1. Berries Strawberries and blueberries are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and phytochemicals. They protect healthy cells from damage, boosting the immune system. This can be prepared by using berries as toppings for ice cream, yogurt, pancakes and cereal. Add blueberries to pancake batter to make blueberry pancakes. 2. Eggs High in protein and vitamins, eggs are one of the richest sources of choline an essential nutrient that aids brain development. Boil, fry or scramble them, or make omelettes. Add them to soups, porridge, gravy, rice and noodles, or make desserts like custard. 3. Cow s milk It is a good source of calcium and phosphorous, which are important for building bones and muscles. Serve full-fat milk, not low-fat or skimmed varieties, if your child is not yet two years old. Unless a child is overweight, Search For Hero Mum After Screaming Kids Force Her To Leave Café Fellow customers and café staff are heaping praise on a mum for the way she dealt with her children s bad behaviour. The mystery woman marched her two kids out of a Pret branch in Bristol after they began screaming when she refused their demands for a cookie. Now, staff want to find her to give her a free coffee and cake after her heroic parenting. Pret worker Jo Constable has written a heartfelt open letter to the mum after witnessing her children causing a scene on Friday. Jo has even contacted the Bristol Post to try to spread the word and find her. In her Facebook post, Jo explains that the woman s two children started acting up after their requests for treats were denied. Rather than buckling under pressure, the mum briskly led them away. the child will need the extra energy to grow. For a quick and easy breakfast, serve milk with cereal or cookies, or blend with fruits to make smoothies. 4. Peanut butter Rich in monounsaturated fats, peanut butter provides children with energy and protein. However, some brands contain added salt, sugar, palm oil and partially hydrogenated fats, which reduce nutritional quality. You can Spread it on biscuits, or eat it straight from the jar. You can also drizzle it over ice cream or waffles. 5. Wholegrain foods Fibre in these foods maintains digestive health and prevents constipation. Give your child wholegrain cereals and biscuits as snacks. Mix whole grains (brown rice or wholegrain bread) with refined grains (white rice or white bread) to help your child get used to the taste. 6. Meat It is a great source of protein and iron. Iron optimises brain development and function, and supports the immune system. Choose tender cuts of meat, and mince or cut into small pieces. Mix minced beef, chicken or fish with mashed tofu, eggs, breadcrumbs or mashed potatoes to make meatballs or patties. 7. Fish Packed with protein, fish helps build healthy muscles and bones. Oily fish like salmon, tuna and sardines also contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which support eye, brain and nerve development. Coat fish in a batter of rice krispies, crushed cornflakes or wholegrain breadcrumbs. Mix fish with rice, tofu or potatoes to make sushi, fishballs or fishcakes. 8. Cheese They were loud and inevitably it caught the attention of myself and other people, says Jo. After fair warning to your children, with no let up from them, you announced to them that it was time to leave. I believe the line you used was, I will not spend money on children who are misbehaving. After much protest from the kids you managed to leave the shop and I can imagine you had somewhat of a lively trip home. Jo stresses that she, fellow colleagues and other customers feel only admiration for the mum, and adds in her letter: I can imagine that you felt embarrassed that they had caused a scene, Jo added. I can imagine that you may have thought any onlookers were judging you, or rolling their eyes, or tutting, or saying that good-old classic control your kids. This I can only speculate on, as I don t Filled with protein, calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D, cheese is great for healthy bone growth. Children may prefer the milder taste of mozzarella and American or European cheeses, such as edam or emmental. Serve them in slices, cubes or strings. You can also toast cheese on bread or pizza (it tones down the smell), or grate and sprinkle over pasta, fried rice or noodles. 9. Broccoli It is packed with nutrients that optimise eye development and ward off cell damage. It also provides lots of fibre that boosts digestion and prevents constipation. Cut broccoli into small florets and blanch. Serve with dips (salad dressing, cheese sauce, tomato ketchup or sesame sauce) or sprinkle grated cheese over it. You can also use the vegetable as a topping for pizza or a filling for omelettes. 10. Brightly coloured fruits and vegetables know you. What I do know, however, is that once you left there was a conversation between six people, customers included, regarding your parenting abilities. Maybe this mortifies you, but let me tell you the conversation was all about how in awe we were of you, and how you handled the situation. You were calm when the kids weren t. You were fair when the kids were pushing boundaries. You are my hero. Jo writes that all parents have been in a similar situation, and no child behaves perfectly all the time. She concedes that some people may judge but none did in the Pret shop where Friday s events unfolded. She adds: Maybe it would have been easier to get the cookie that was being screamed for, but you stood your ground and followed through on the warning that you would all leave if their behaviour These include carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, tomato and papaya, which are high in beta carotene and other carotenoids that are converted into active vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is essential for good skin and vision, growth and repair of body tissues. Research has shown that children and also adult should all be eating more fish ideally two or more portions a week with one being the oily variety like salmon, trout and sardines. Oily fish supply the healthy fats known as omega-3, which are important for our brain, nervous system and heart. If your child isn t one of those who loves nothing more than mackerel, then these recipes are great for filling them with healthy fresh fish, rich in omega-3. According to Dr. Anya Samuel in private practice in Abuja children may need a little more than a push to eat certain meals and adviced that parents should observe them and sneak pieces of meat and fish in their meals. He also advised that spinach,tomatoes and variety of fruits should be part of the daily diet. didn t improve. I couldn t tell if you were embarrassed when you left, but I really hope you were holding your head high, as you championed in a difficult situation and I applaud you. Your children may have been acting somewhat less that angelic right then (all kids do from time to time) but with you as a parent I m pretty sure that they are going to grow up into lovely people with you leading their way. Jo wants the mum to come back in for some well deserved complimentary treats. When you get here, we will serve you the (well deserved) coffee that you didn t get a chance to enjoy, and a cake to go with it, and the cost is on us, adds Jo. Culled from

68 SPORTS 3 ELATING PAGES The eyes of the world will be on the NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium in Kiev this Saturday as two genuine European heavyweights compete for the Champions League trophy in club football s biggest match. Twelve-time champions Real Madrid are looking to lift the trophy for the third year in a row, but to do so they will need to stop a free-scoring Liverpool outfit who are bidding for their first European crown since 2005 and their sixth overall. Liverpool and Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian striker whose goals took his Liverpool Aim To End Madrid Reign In Champions League Final side to the Champions League final, hope their brand of attacking football can prevent Real Madrid from becoming kings of Europe for the third year in a row. The Spanish giants have seen the Champions League as their competition ever since winning the first five European Cups in a row, and they are in the midst of another golden era, dreaming of making it a fourth Champions League in five years. Neither Atletico Madrid (twice) nor Juventus have been able to stop Cristiano Ronaldo from inflicting pain on Sadio Mane Sends 300 Liverpool Shirts To Home Village Sadio Mane has sent 300 Liverpool shirts to his home village in Senegal for fans to wear during Saturday s Champions League final against Real Madrid. The Liverpool forward -- part of a fearsome front line alongside Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino -- expects Bambali to grind to a halt as the 2,000 inhabitants all stop to watch him play in the European showpiece. In 2005 a 13-year-old Mane found himself in a similar position as the village turned out to watch Liverpool s famous 2005 Champions League final victory over AC Milan and the 26-year-old hopes to be able to return to Bambali, where his family still live, with a winner s medal. If you had said then I would be playing the final I would say it is something incredible in my life. Hopefully we are going to win, he said. My family still live in the village. My mum and my uncle. They are all going to be watching. There are 2,000 in the village. I bought 300 Liverpool jerseys to send to the people in the village, so the fans can wear to watch the final. them in recent finals. But Liverpool s own attacking quality gives them reason to believe and suggests the Olympic Stadium in the Ukrainian capital could be the scene of an unforgettable encounter. In terms of history alone, this is a dream final. Real s 12 European Cup wins puts them way ahead of the rest, but Liverpool have lifted the famous trophy five times themselves, most recently in 2005, defying all the odds against AC Milan in Istanbul. This time, under Klopp, their adventure started against Hoffenheim in the play-offs last August, continued with a 3-3 draw in Seville when they had been three goals up, before blossoming into stunning wins over Manchester City and Roma. They have scored a record 46 goals in all in this season s Champions League, with Salah netting 11 of those -- the Egyptian has 44 in all competitions since joining from Roma last year. If we win the competition then the road to Kiev plus the final would be one of the most exceptional rides ever, Klopp told Liverpool s website. Klopp has lost his last five major finals as a coach, including the 2013 Champions League with Borussia Dortmund against Bayern Munich, and the 2016 Europa League with Liverpool against Sevilla. Experience means his team have to be the outsiders in Kiev -- none of the squad have ever played in a Champions League final before -- but Klopp knows Zinedine Zidane s side cannot dismiss them. Do Real Madrid, sitting in Madrid at the moment, think, thank God it s Liverpool!? I can t imagine that, added the coach, who has welcomed Emre Can back into his squad. Salah will of course be so important, especially if Marcelo is unable to resist the temptation to abandon his leftback position and join the Real attack. Salah said Real s past dominance would count for nothing once the whistle blew. They ve won it before, but it s one game, not two, so we just need to focus and not think about anything in the past, he said in an interview for UE- FA s website. When you get to the game it s just 11 against 11. While Gareth Bale is unlikely to make Zidane s line-up, how will the Liverpool midfield cope against Casemiro, Toni Kroos and Luka Modric, their central defence against Ronaldo? Real can became the first team since Bayern in 1976 to lift the European Cup three years running, and thereby make it five consecutive titles for Spain. Ronaldo could win his fifth Champions League. That would equal the individual record, and leave him in sight of yet another Ballon d Or. Zidane, meanwhile, is on the brink of a third straight Champions League win as a coach. We have already made history and we want to keep on doing it. It would be incredible, defender Raphael Varane told Madrid sports daily Marca. I still don t think we have realised the scale of what we are doing, but when all this is over we will. Through experience we know how difficult it is going to be, but experience gives more security and serenity as well. The build-up to the game itself has been overshadowed by complaints from fans of both sides that getting to Kiev -- and finding accommodation there -- has been too expensive. With fans undertaking arduous over-land journeys to get to Ukraine, and paying extortionate rates for rooms, Liverpool chief executive Peter Moore has claimed the city cannot cope with such a big event. UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin confirmed on Thursday that 1,000 tickets allocated to Real fans had been handed back because they could not get there Rohr Backs Decision To Exclude Arsenal s Nwakali BY WALE AYENI, Abuja Coach of the Nigerian Super Eagles Gernot Rohr has given reasons for the decision not to invite Arsenal midfielder Kelechi Nwakali and former Barcelona trialist Usman Mohammed to the Nigerian team ahead of the 2018 World Cup. The manager who had come under scrutiny for his decision, affirmed his decision while speaking to the press on Friday at the Super Eagles hotel, There are no regrets because Atletico played their second team and it was a holiday game for them, Rohr stated. This is coming just after the postseason friendly against Atlético de Madrid where the two players scored goals, hence the need for them at the World Cup. However, Rohr assured the Super Eagles faithfuls of the formidable team chosen, saying that five players will be axed from the World Cup roster after the friendly against Democratic Republic of Congo on Monday. The list of 30 is a good one with very interesting players. They did so well to qualify us for the World Cup from a very difficult group. And it would not be normal to have players from the B team (going to the World Cup). Meanwhile, it has been certified that only 24 players will travel to London in an official capacity for the match with England, Whereas, Chelsea star Victor Moses will not be in the group of players axed as he was granted permission to join up with the team upon their arrival in the English capital. Moses Simon Out, Troost-Ekong Doubtful For DR Congo Clash Monday s friendly international between Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo has been hit by injuries with Belgium-based Moses Simon already ruled out of the tie while defence stalwart William Troost-Ekong is a big doubt, Simon sat out Friday morning s training on the sidelines with a big ice pack on his thigh, as well as close attention from the medical staff. Troost-Ekong also went under the Masseur s treatment and it is not sure if he would be fit in time for the game billed for Port Harcourt. Wilfred Ndidi continued his special training on the sidelines but participated in a light workout with the rest of the team later in the training session.

69 QUOTES OF THE WEEK Saturday, May 26, 2018 SPORTS/POURRI 69 Klopp Klopp speaking about the Champions League final against Madrid "If we win the competition then the road to Kiev plus the final would be one of the most exceptional rides ever," Halep says Serena Williams can win French Open Grand Slam. "She knows how to handle the pressure, how to handle all the situations. She's (been) there for so many years. So I think she will come back and she will be good again." When I arrived, Vincent Enyeama was where? You saw Vincent Enyeama train with the professional group this year - never, so when I arrived, where was he, with the reserve, and then he was injured. He trains when he can and he plays when he can play. Regarding other players, I have never been forced to play a player, it s very clear. Lille coach, Christophe Galtier saying former Nigeria captain Vincent Enyeama was already out of favour when he arrived at the French Ligue 1 club in EDITOR Kayode Falade SPORTS SPORTS EDITOR Salifu Usman Reporter Wale Ayeni DESIGN & LAYOUT Salifu Usman group CHAIRMAN Sam Nda-Isaiah CHIEF OPERATIVE OFFICER Dele Fanimo Congo Arrive Ahead Of Monday s Friendly With Eagles The Leopards of Democratic Republic of Congo storm Port Harcourt yesterday ahead of Monday s international friendly encounter against the Super Eagles of Nigeria, Congolese players had their last training session at the Sports Complex of the Martyrs Stadium, Kinshaha on Thursday before their departure to Nigeria. The team and their officials left Kinshaha late on Thursday night aboard the country s national airline, Congo Airways and landed at the Port Harcourt international airport Handler of the team, Florent Ibenge has named 24 players for the trip with Wolverhampton Wanderers star, Benik Afobe, expected to link up Nadal Happy To Suffer For 11th Open Rafael Nadal said on Friday he is happy to suffer as he chases an 11th French Open title. The top seed is the overwhelming favourite to lift a 17th career major at Roland Garros after claiming his 11th titles on clay in both Monte Carlo and Barcelona this spring as well as an eighth trophy in Rome. In the end, sport is about trying to give the best of yourself, said the 31-year-old. The sensations of matches of three or four hours, played at the limit and thinking about the next with his teammates in Nigeria. Dr Congo s top stars; Yannick Bolasie, Cederic Bakumbu and Gael Kakuta are however not in the squad. The list consists mainly of players from local sides, TP Mazembe and Vita Club with the likes of Christian Luyindama Nekadio who plays for Belgium club, Standard Liege and Zamalek s Kabongo Kasongo among the big names in the squad. Congo Full Squad For Nigeria Friendly Stanislas Wawrinka attempting to regroup after long-term injuries. Djokovic, the champion in Paris in 2016, has seen his ranking slip to 22 after an elbow injury. Wawrinka, also the runner-up to Nadal last year, has only this week returned after three months on the sidelines having undergone knee surgery. However, Nadal remains wary of the danger posed by Djokovic, who he defeated in the Rome semifinals last week. Novak is one of the best playpoint, these are beautiful moments. It is to suffer but also to appreciate the moment you are living in. If you are suffering you know how to value it, how to enjoy it. With Roger Federer and Andy Murray not playing at the French Open, which starts on Sunday, Nadal is the short-odds favourite to win a tournament where his overall record stands at an astonishing 79 wins and just two losses. His expected stranglehold has been further tightened by former champions Novak Djokovic and Chelsea Hold Sarri Talks Considered As Conte Replacement Chelsea will meet Maurizio Sarri s representatives on Friday as they consider potential successors to Antonio Conte, who is widely expected to exit the club this summer. The Stamford Bridge side continue to weigh up the future of Conte, who warned Chelsea they would be losing a serial winner if they decided to replace him after winning the FA Cup at Wembley last weekend. After two years, the club knows me very well, Conte said. If they want to continue to work with me, they know me. I can t change. I am this and my past speaks very clearly, as a player and as a manager. Napoli appointed Carlo Ancelotti as Sarri s successor on Wednesday after the latter guided the team to a second-place Serie A finish in his third and final season at the club. The 59-year-old Sarri who has never managed outside of his homeland has received an offer from Zenit St Petersburg, understood to be worth around 5.2m a year. It is believed that Sarri s preference would be to join Chelsea but it is not clear whether he is the club s primary target. He has an England-based representative charged with finding him a job. Following Napoli s 2-1 win over Crotone, which saw Napoli end the season with 91 points before his exit was confirmed, Sarri told La Gazzetta dello Sport: What I do think is that I could not go directly to another Italian team, and that if I had to make a change I would prefer to go abroad. Everything in life ends and it is better to finish things after writing a beautiful story. GOALKEEPERS: 1. Anthony Mossi (FC Chiasso / Switzerland) 2. Auguy Kalambay (SM Sanga Balende / DR Congo) 3. Jackson Lunanga (Maniema Union / DR Congo). DEFENDERS: 1. Christian Luyindama Nekadio (Standard Liege / Belgium) 2. Bobo Beaudrick Muselenge Ungenda (Primeiro do Agosto / Angola) 3. Issama Mpeko (TP Mazembe / DR Congo) 4. Kevin Mondeko (TPM Mazembe / DR Congo) 5. Padua Bompunga Botuli (AS V.Club / RD Congo) 6. Arsene Zola (TP Mazembe / DR Congo) 7. Glody Ngonda Muzinga (AS V.Club / DR Congo) 8. Djuma Shabani (AS V.Club / DR Congo) MIDFIELDERS: 1. Paul-José Mpoku (Standard Liege / Belgium) 2. Yannick Bangala Litombo (AS V.Club / DR Congo) 3. Chikito Lema Mabidi (Raja Casablanca / Morocco) Nelson Munganga Omba (AS V.Club / DR Congo) Fabrice Ngoma Luamba (AS VClub / DR Congo) 6. Ricky Tulengi Sindani (DCMP / DR Congo) ATTACKERS: 1. Ngulubi (SM Sanga Balende / DR Congo) 2. Kazadi Kasengu Zadio (DCMP / DR Congo) 3. Ben Malango Ngita (TP Mazembe / DR Congo) 4. Kabongo Kasongo (Zamalek / Egypt) 5. Emmanuel Ngudikama Kila (AS VClub / DR Congo) 6. Meschak Elia from TP Mazembe). 7. Benik Afobe (Wolverhampton Wanderers FC / England) ers in the history of this sport, said Nadal. My answer is he s not coming back he s there always. Sometimes when you come back from injuries it is difficult to play that well from the beginning, but he played a great event in Rome, and is no doubt one of the candidates to win here. Nadal has been handed the better part of the draw in Paris. Djokovic, Wawrinka, as well as Austria s Dominic Thiem who ended Nadal s 50-set winning run on clay in the Madrid Masters quarterfinals, are all in the other half of the draw where Alexander Zverev is the second seed. Nadal s path to the final could see him face childhood friend Richard Gasquet in the third round, possibly Denis Shapovalov in the last-16, then Kevin Anderson, who he beat in the 2017 US Open final, and thirdseed Marin Cilic in the semifinals. Nadal insists that his setback in Madrid is now a thing of the past, pointing to the radically different conditions in Paris. Everybody knows that Madrid is the most different tournament on clay at the same time it is the most difficult one, because the ball flies a lot. This altitude is a different story. Of course I lost in a match that I didn t play very well.

70 Saturday, May 26, Leadership SPORTS 70 Mcilroy Revelling In Living Up To Star Billing Juventus Deny Croatia Striker Mandzukic Link To Man United Juventus chief executive Giuseppe Marotta has stated that Croatia striker Mario Mandzukic will be at Serie A champions Juventus next season amid speculation linking the forward with Manchester United. Mandzukic, 32, has scored 34 goals in 127 games for Juve since joining the club back in 2015 but there are growing rumours that the 2013 Champions League winner with Bayern Munich will move on in the summer transfer window. United manager Jose Mourinho is understood to be weighing up a bid for Mandzukic, with Juve reportedly offering the Croatian to the Red Devils ahead of the 2018/19 campaign. But according to, Marotta insists that Mandzukic European Success In Liverpool s DNA Henderson Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson urged his team-mates to take one more step to write themselves into the club s storied history in European competition by winning the Champions League for a sixth time on Saturday. To do so Liverpool must end Real Madrid s reign as European champions as the Spanish giants go for a third straight title and 13th European crown in Kiev. Despite their tradition in the tournament, Liverpool are back in the final for the first time in 11 years. We ve done fantastically well to get to this point, Henderson said on the eve of the game in the Ukrainian capital. We want to go one step further and be remembered for the right reasons and that is winning the Champions League. Liverpool s return among the European elite is largely attributed to Jurgen Klopp s impact as manager since taking over at Anfield in However, the German has lost his last five finals, including the Europa League final in 2016 when Liverpool lost 3-1 to Sevilla. Northern Irish golf great Rory McIlroy says it is nice living up to his star billing after he shot a superb seven-under-par 65 in the second round of the PGA Championship at Wentworth on Friday. The 29-year-old quadruple major winner is the clubhouse leader on 12-under and in prime position to add a second PGA crown to his win in the 2014 edition. His bogey-free round -- only slightly blemished by failing to birdie either of the closing two par-five holes -- confirmed he has rediscovered his early season sparkle after a dip since a disappointing final round saw the one remaining major missing from his trophy cabinet, The Masters title, elude him again in April. It s nice to live up to the billing, said McIlroy. I played really well, to go bogey- free around here, I think I only missed one green, not by a lot. It was one of the best rounds of golf I ve played this year, ballstriking-wise. McIlroy has not enjoyed the best of fortunes at Wentworth, apart from in indeed he has missed the cut there four times. But he made light of that past history, saying he had felt at ease with it the past two days. It hasn t really been the case around here for me the last few years, but yeah, my game feels good, he said. I love this place. I do. I love the area. I love the golf course. I just haven t played that well on it, so to get benign conditions the last couple of days and be able to take advantage of it has been nice. McIlroy, who revealed in January he had a slight heart defect provoked by a serious viral infection he had picked up in China in 2016, said one of the reasons he might be playing better at the tournament compared to previous years was he had rested up. should still be playing his football in Turin next season. The principle for Juventus is always that if a player asks to leave then, of course, we ll try to satisfy him at the point when motivation has dropped or there are other consideration, Marotta said. At the moment no-one is in that position, so I have to Serena Can Win Still Tournaments Halep World No 1 Simona Halep said on Friday that she thinks Serena Williams is still capable of challenging for titles, as the American prepares to make her Grand Slam return at the French Open. Williams will be playing in her first major tournament since winning last year s Australian Open, having taken time off to give birth to her first child. Halep, a two-time runner-up in Paris, knows that despite a lack of time on court, the unseeded Williams could prove a threat. It s great for tennis that she s back, said Halep ahead of the start of the tournament on Sunday. Maybe she needs a little bit more time to get again used to the tournaments and everyday playing. In my opinion... She s able to come back and to win tournaments again. say that Mario Mandzukic will be a Juventus player next year too. Mandzukic is in Croatia s final 23-man squad that will participate at this year s FIFA World Cup in Russia. He is expected the lead the line when Croatia face the Super Eagles in their Group D opener on June 16. She knows how to handle the pressure, how to handle all the situations. She s (been) there for so many years. So I think she will come back and she will be good again. Williams, who opens her campaign with a first-round match against Czech Kristyna Pliskova, struggled on her return to tennis in Eto o La Liga Celebrate Ohenhen, Eto o, Adebayor, McCarthy On Africa Day Spanish La Liga celebrated former Nigeria international Christopher Ohenhen and other African players past and present who are top scorers for their countries in the Africa Day (formerly African Freedom Day and African Liberation Day ) is the annual commemoration of the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) (now known as the African Union) on 25 May It is celebrated in various countries on the African continent, as well as around the world. Ohenhen joined Compostela from Real Madrid B in 1991 and scored 48 La Liga goals, the most by any Nigerian player in the history of the league. He left Compostela in Other African stars celebrated by La Liga on Friday for being top scorers for their country in the league are former Cameroon and Barcelona striker Samuel Eto o (162 goals), Frederic Kanoute of Mali who played for Sevilla (89 goals), Togo s Emmanuel Adebayor who formerly played for Real Madrid (five goals), Ghana s Thomas Partey who now plays for Atletico Madrid (10 goals) and former South Africa striker Benni McCarthy who plied his trade with Celta Vigo (10 goals). Celebrating the Africa Day, LaLiga wrote on their verified Twitter handle: The leading African scorers in LaLiga Santander from each country wish you a happy Africa Day! Ohenhen was a member of the Nigeria U-20 side, the Flying Eagles,that got to the final of the FIFA U-20 World Cup in 1989 in Saudi Arabia. His only cap for the Super Eagles was in 1997 when he came on as a second half substitute and set up Wilson Oruma for Nigeria s third goal in a 3-0 win against Kenya during the 1998 World Cup qualifiers.

71 Saturday, May 26, 2018 My Secret Life Leadership 71 I Accept Challenges In Good Faith Joy My advice to other women is that they should never give up in whatever they are trying their hands or doing in life especially business BACKGROUND My name is Mrs Joy Adams. I am a hairdresser and I operate a saloon. I am from Okene Local Government Area of Kogi State. My father is Alhaji Aliyu Umar and my mother is Hajia Hafisat Umar. I am the fifth child and second daughter in a family of 10 children. I attended L.E.A Primary School, Kawu and De- Kawu Secondary School both in Kaduna State. HOW DID YOU START? When I completed my secondary school education, I confided in my mother that I wanted to further my studies. She replied that as I could see my father was ill and she alone could not cater for our needs. So she advised me to either learn a trade or get married. As at that time I had the experience of hair making. So I went to Sabo in Kaduna State which was where we were residing at that time, to a lady called Ada who owned a saloon. I informed her that I wanted to learn the trade and business. So she gave me an estimate of payments that I would make if I wanted to learn the trade under her tutelage. So on informing my mother she told me she could not afford the bill. So I went to television garage, at Yam market, where they sold alcohol. There I confided in another lady, who told me to work with her so that I could raise the required amount. On my first day at this new job, I met a man who came to patronize the parlour and he asked what a pretty and decent girl like me was doing there. So I explained to him. He replied that the setting was not suitable for a girl like me and offered to give me the money to go and learn the business as I initially intended. So I started learning the trade and business as soon as I got the money. That was 13 years ago. While I was there I met a lady called Blessing from Benue State, she agreed to help me rent a shop of my own of which I should be gradually repaying her. So after I succeeded in completing the repayment, I took over the shop. Then I operated the Shop in Sabo, Kaduna. In 2012, when I wanted to get married, my mother was very ill and we didn t have anyone to help us so I started selling the stuffs in my shop to assist with her health bills but she eventually passed away. So when I came down to Abuja, in Kubwa. I worked with a woman for about six months after which I left and worked somewhere else before I floated this one. WHAT IS YOUR INSPIRATION? I have a firm belief that I will make it despite the general economic challenges. There are a lot of businesses that I have talent for. So my inspiration comes from positive thinking. WHAT ARE YOUR CHALLENGES SO FAR? My challenge so far is insufficient funds to back up my business. If I have more funds I would increase my shop and run some other businesses concurrently. ADVICE TO OTHER WOMEN My advice to other women is that they should never give LIFE IN BRIEF Mrs Adams Joy is from Okene Local Government Area of Kogi State. Her parents were Alhaji Aliyu Umar and Hajia Hafisat Umar. Joy is the fifth child and second daughter in a family of 10 children. She attended L.E.A Primary School, Kawu and De- Kawu Secondary School both in Kaduna State. She is a hairdresser and operates a saloon. INTERVIEW BY GABRIEL ATUMEYI up in whatever they are trying their hands or doing in life especially business. In business you must face challenges. You rise and fall, if you keep doing your best day in and day out and trusting in God you will definitely come through. So my advice to women is that they should not stay idle, because in life these days people no longer wait for other people to do things for them instead they make things happen in order to support their husband, family PHOTO BY JOY ADAMS or siblings. Presently I have siblings that I am supporting, so each time they need my assistance I support them in the ways I can and I thank God for that. Also my younger ones are skilled in various trades so they are also doing fine. Sometime last year when one of my relatives visited me she was very impressed with what she saw. It is only because I did not give up on the business; it is God that has been doing it for me. I always ask God for wisdom and knowledge. WHAT ARE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS? Since I started the business I have recorded some achievements. I now own a plot of land in Okene in my state and I also owe another plot of land in Kaduna State. Also, I have been able to support my siblings in their various endeavours and my husband s business. He is a painter and I have been able to support several aspects of his business, as well as assist him during off business periods. HOBBIES I like watching films. I like Nigerian films and Telemundo series. I also like to travel especially if it affords me the opportunity to trade along. REGRETS I don t have any regrets in life as I like to think that challenges and struggles are part of life. So when ever any problem comes along I accept it in good faith.

72 AMUSEMENT PARK FIRST GUY (PROUDLY): MY WIFE S AN ANGEL! SECOND GUY : YOU RE LUCKY, MINE S STILL ALIVE. Jimmy Kimmel FOR GOD AND COUNTRY No. 642 N300 SPACE FOR SALE Saturday Column Daniel Omale A Sudden Desperation To Rescue Nigeria? All of a sudden, it has become a necessity to save Nigeria. Everyone is on high-gear for the mission, but through different, uncoordinated routes. The national outcry is so loud that the confusion in the rhythm has distorted its harmony, creating unpalatable noises, instead of a chorused melody. There are too many actors on our national stage with varied interests, less interactions and, unfocused. But the only question I have been asking is this: who among these actors is sincere enough to save Nigeria and, save Nigeria from whom? If there is integrity in everyone s aspiration to really rescue Nigeria, why the disunity? I could not help myself with laughter when I saw a picture of former President Olusegun Obasanjo with his former arch enemy, the Afenifere group. In sheer desperation, it has become necessary for Baba to pitch his tent with the Yoruba advocacy coalition. The perceived urgency has taken the antelope to seek refuge in the lion s den. What an interesting development. The same Obasanjo who admonished the group a few years ago and, paid less attention to the death of justice Bola Ige, has been compelled by circumstances to form an alliance with the bloc. Chief Olusegun knows that if he fails to unseat Buhari this time, he is, forever, demystified. Last week, Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa state, in a rare feat, paid a courtesy call on Nasir el-rufai and Mohammed Ahmed Makarfi, in Kaduna, to discuss the urgency to restructure Nigeria for peace and progress. It is not surprising that Dickson would lead the advocacy to devolve the central authority. According to him, it has become very necessary for the devolution of power to forestall the overlapping regional baggage on the national grid. Once a true federalism is established, each region is then ready to grow at its pace. While this assertion could be correct, the underlying tone, measured from his perceived urgency, is about resource control. It is not a controversial claim that Bayelsa, which is the least populated state in Nigeria, is the most endowed in oil and gas resources. Therefore, if the country is restructured in line with the governor s aspiration, Bayelsa s financial wherewithal will surpass even Lagos state. The rest of the country, especially the poor northern states can languish in penury. The current structure of Nigeria is carefully crafted in such a pattern that each state can takeoff in any desired direction. This means that, Bayelsa state, which receives billions of the monthly federal allocation can delve into economic prospects of its choice. It does not have to wait for Kogi, Nasarawa, or Sokoto state to drag it down. The constitution of Nigeria is clear and concise on the freedom of existence and independence. Lagos state is on the move, and its enormous financial resources are being properly invested to propel growth, through expanded infrastructures. The South Western States are on active march to develop and improve the lives of their citizens. They do not intend to wait for the restructuring of Nigeria before embarking on viable developmental projects. The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, seems uncomfortable with his current political party, the All Progressive Congress (APC), and from his body language, he is in an overdrive to move his group, the new PDP, yet, to another political coalition to rescue Nigeria. If the People s Democratic Party s Obasanjo Dickson ations be reduced to a unitary goal? This is the crux of the matter; everyone in the party deserves to be recognized, but not everyone can be given a political office, which is the most desired outcome of the actors. I have not seen anyone in politics in Nigeria today that is in it to safeguard the nation or Nigerians. It is about me, what is in it for me. Therefore, as in a raffle draw, once a politician loses out, he or she is dissatisfied with the system, and raises alarm to save the nation from his /her perceived enemies. There is no doubt that President Buhari means well for Nigeria. It is also not in doubt that the President miscalculated in the appointments of his lieutenants, which have brought discontentment to his party members, and, invariably, Nigerians. But if the APC loses in the coming elections, which I find hard to accept, except there are visible fractures in the party s platform, then the results could end up in a stalemate. If Tinubu s faction walks away from the party, or another prominent bloc, like the Saraki enclave, then it will be difficult for a single calculus enumerated in the news is anything to go by, the desperation to save Nigeria is ripe and obvious. The party has shared plum and juicy political offices to Saraki s bloc, enough to cajole his pride to join forces to dethrone the APC in What is confusing to me is how the various actors align and misalign their groups in every election year to suit an outcome. Every four years, dissatisfied politicians consider it as an urgent task to save Nigeria from their previous allies. The moment a group is marginalized, the urgency calls to rescue the nation rain on the polity. The callers would go everywhere necessary to persuade their cohorts to move to another perceived higher ground, but in self-preservation and selfhelp. Nigeria s political landscape is in such a disarray this time that, not even the current dominant party, the All Progressive Congress, is certain of victory in the coming elections, except if, as usual, the adage of might is right is employed to favour the outcomes. If everyone s interest is in dissonance with the party, how can the varipolitical party to achieve the necessary recipe for a clean victory at the centre. The PDP formula for victory is easy, but very corrupt. It emphasizes the sharing of positions, juicy goodies to influential members to ensure its trickle- down effects are embraced by all. As practical and effective as it seems, the resultant outcome has dragged the nation into immense poverty and delusions. It is the architect of the current economic quagmires that have warranted uncontrolled calls to save Nigeria. The call to rescue Nigeria is loud and clear, but those making the call should also search their soul to inquire why the urgency now, despite incessant past warnings. Baba Obasanjo wants to wrestle Nigeria from Buhari and, probably hand it over to a puppet that he can control. If the former President was so concerned about Nigeria, why didn t he tutor his former deputy, Abubakar Atiku, to take over the reforms he claims to have started. Obasanjo s prophesy that Nigerians would one day regret his departure is maturing, but no one is crying for him this time. It is visible from all directions that his fraught to save Nigeria is an overarching effort to project himself as the only available saviour. The dire security issue in Nigeria is an orchestrated effort of those who wish to see the end of a united country. If those in charge of safeguarding us are incapable, President Buhari s inattentive posture should be questioned. He is the chief security officer of the country, who seems helpless at this point because of the overgrown political opponents. If we cannot work together to rescue the country from malicious criminals and their sponsors, then whoever takes the mantle of leadership will suffer the same fate. The political outcry to save Nigeria must be guarded with genuine rhetoric, not politics for the sake of winning the next elections. Buhari has enormous leadership weaknesses. He seems lost in limbo of politics, especially when his foot-soldiers are at variance with his objectives. The urgency to save Nigeria didn t start today, but since the advent of the second republic. GHANA MUST GO Igbo leaders propose 6-year single term News In Biafra Republic? LEADERSHIP (ISSN X) is published in Abuja by LEADERSHIP GROUP LIMITED, 27 Ibrahim Tahir Lane, Off Shehu Musa Yar Adua Way, Utako District, Abuja. Advert: (Abuja), (Lagos) News: P. O. Box 9514, Garki II, Abuja. 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