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1 * l"oday: DYING DAYS AT KHORIXAS * 'MORE ON THE CCB * READERS' LETTERS * Baster bid to halt elections could be on cards. ERICH RUMOURS that an urgent appeal will be lodged with the Supreme Court to contest the holding of elections in the Rehoboth gebiet c were stonewalled by a lawyer yesterday. Sources claim that a Windhoek law finn, W'eder, Kruger and Hartnl,.ann, has received instructions from Rehoboth 's ~ Diergaardt to bring an-urgent appeal in the. Supreme, Court on Saturday, November 28, to declare the holding of elections in Rehoboth as ultra vires (beyond one's legal power or authority). Yesterday noted lawyer, Abe Naude, who represents Diergaardt, would neither deny nor confirm the ru 'mour and refused to comment. Diergaardt also refused to say anything about the matter, adding that all statements should come through his attorney. He would only confinn that certain instructions had been given to his attorney. If such an application is successful, there are fears that it might seriously influence the elections, especially in the Hardap and Khomas regions since its delimitation divides the. CONT. ON PAGE 2 ANGOLAN ANGUISH... Luanda - This 'vided-grabbed' picture of People's Television of Angola shows the bodies of children killed in the streets of the capital on November 1. They were shot during crossrire between Unita and MPLA forces. Yesterday there were indications that the path could be paved for peace. See. report, below. Photo: Agence France-Presse. Peace hopes in Angola LUANDA: Unita leader Jonas Savimbi t~jked with a leading government genera. in the first high-level contacts between the two sides since weekend fi,ghting left dead, Angolan state radio reported yesterday. Savimbi received ceasefire proposals from General Antonio Franca N'dalu, the radio report said. N'dalu was a key governinent negotiator in earlier talks with the Unita rebels. Meanwhile Brazilian and Russian news reports said UDited Nations officials were working to fre_e some 75 citizens from those countries seized by Unita at a dam project east of Luanda. Moscow television reported Unita leaders said the foreigners were not in danger. UN peacekeeping chief Marrack Goulding was e'tpected to arrive in Luanda Friday aiming to consolidate a fragile truce brokered by the UN Sunday night. The capital was quiet yesterday and state radio urged citizens to "stop the collapse of the economy" by returning to work. But fighting was reported in at least three provinces. Government radio said Wednesday rebels took the town ofcaxito, SO kilometers north-east of the capital. - Portuguese State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Jose Manuel Durao Barroso spoke by telephone for an hour with Savimbi late Wednesday. An aide said Durao Barroso was convinced dialogue was still possible between the two sides. Durao Barroso was the chief mediator in May 1991 peace accords that halted the 16-year civil war that began 011 the eve of Angola's ind~pendence from Portugal in Sapa RUMOURS of another exam scam, involving leaked examination papers from the Ministry of Education, were confirmed by permanent secretary Vitalis Ankama yesterday. He said reports of leaked papers in the Windhoek area were being investigated by both the Ministry and the Police. AIlkama added that he was unaware of similar problems in the Ondangwa region reported to The N amibian this week. Though details remain sketchy about how many candidates or which examinations are involved, Arikama said any suspicious circumstances would be investigated. In view of last year's exam scam which led to a massive rewrite for thousands of part-time matric students, the Ministry would take no chances with the credibility of its examination system, he said. "We cannot rule out the possibility of another rewrite if the problem proves to be extensive. At the moment though, it does not appear to be very widespread," People worried about the chances of a rewrite have already called The N amibian, appealing to the Ministry to think carefully, Last year the delay in obtaining matriculation certificates caused untold problems for would-be university entrants unable to present the necessary documen- CONT. ON PAGE 2 toiervmi\n's BUTCHERY 401 INDEPENDENCE AVENUE MEAT SPECIAL Young Lamb Grade A from Rl00.00 each. No charge for for cutting-up. Rl00.00 each R8.99 'per kg R per kg Rl 0.99 per kg

2 ,.,..... ~ , Friday November THE NAMIBIAN. PEOPLE Rock 'n roll WASHINGTON: Demo<rat Bill CIinton's victory in the US presidential elections - and his clarion call for change - will echo beyond official Washington to the ordinary citizens who live and work in the capital. ''We're gonna have rock 'n roll wackin' out of the White House - the beat for a new generation," said Curt Christenson, who runs a stand in Pennsylvania Avenue, within ~y earshot of the White House. Kid for sale NEW YORK: Police in the north-eastern us city of Portland say Elizabeth Nelson offered her nine-year-old daughter for sale in a hamburger restaurant. Nelson, 34, admits say-, ing to the child, ''I wonder if I could get 25 bucks for you," but it was meant as a joke. "The next thing I knew, the police were there." She was charged with endangering the welfare ofa child. * Reports: Sapa, AFP, AP Foreign'Affairs 'not to bladle... ' THE Ministry of Foreign Affairs has described information contained in an article titled ''NDF Left in the Dark Over UN Fleet" that appeared in The Namibian last week as incorrect. The report dealt with the sudden arrival of 13 UN helicopters in Oshakati witldut local Defence Force personnel apparently having been informed. Apart from causing panic in the area, a dangerous situation could have arisen as NDF members might have opened fire on the helicopters. At the time Defence Force spokesperson Paul Kanyemba attributed the breakdown in, communication to the lack of timely notification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In a statement Foreign AffiUrs liaison officer 1heo Gnlnowald said the report wrongly gave the impression that Foreign Affairs granted landing right to the helicopters. Furthermore the impression was given that this was done as SANCTIONS FROM PAGE 1 had approved the lifting of sanctions by the City of Boston. The Namibian Government expressed gratitude to the US for sustained efforts in requesting mayors and country executives to re-examine ' sanctions legislation concerning Namibia. early as October 23 without notifying the Ministry of Defence. "1bat is absolutely incorrect. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs never granted landing rights," Grunewald stated. He explained that it was another ministry ~t had been in contact with UNA VEM in Luanda and made the arrangements for the transit of the helicopters.. UNA VEM had, in fact, neither approached the MiQistry of Foreign Affairs, nor the Namibianembassy in Luanda. Furthermore, it was clear from the correspondence that UNA VEM had b:een in touch with a senior official in one of the Government ministries long before the date quoted in The Namibian. According to GI11Jlewald, it had been up to that official to request ail the other relevant ministries to provide authorisation in line with their specific competencies. 'The MiQistry of Foreign. Affairs promptly indicated the diplomatic judgement requested from it, but the ministry would like to emphasise that it was not the point of entry for the request and it had no responsibility to have assumed work which should have been done by the ministry concerned," he added. HONOURED... Education Minister Nahas Angula receives his honorary membership of NEMAS from permanent secretary Vitalis Ankama, who was later given a fellowship award by the new society. New group links all levels of education TIlE Nanu'bia Educational Management and Administration Society (NEMAS) was officially inaugurated on Wednesday to promote "professional practice, teaching and research in education management and administration at all levels". The inauguration was attended by Education Minister Nahas Angula, permanent secretary Vitalis Ankama, University Vice Chancellor Peter Katjivivi and an impressive audience of Namibian and international educationists. NEMAS will be affiliated to the Commonwealth ' Council for Educational Ad- minstration, which was active in the establislunent of the new society and has members worldwide. In his address, Angula noted that "policy makers and administrators at the Ministry officers, researchers and lecturers at the University... and practitioners in the schools" were all present at the inauguration. "This augurs well for this country, for the common forum so established will remove the dichotomy that has bedevilled the work: of people engaged in the re-. search, study, planning and execution of administrative and management policies in education in this country,". court. Olivier is believed to be a South African as he is not known locally. This could not be confmned as Naude refused to comment. If granted, the appeal could bring down Schedule Five of the Constitution as well as the Electoral Act and a host of other laws enacted by the National Assembly recently to facilitate the regional and local elections in Namibia, including Rehoboth. Legal experts approached about the matter could only speculate on the aims of Diergaardt's alleged pending action. They agreed that any possible action would be aimed at Schedule 5 of the constitution, or that Diergaardt was prepiuirig litigation for the World Court at The Hague. They argued that airnlng at minor legislation like the Electoral Act 24 of 1992, the Regional Councils Act 22 of 1992 and the Local Authorities Act 23 of all of which provide for the holdhe said. Based on the idea that education must be professionally run for the benefit of the whole community, NEMAS will organise conferences, seminars and workshops on educational management and administration.. It will also give input on key educational issues and provide training in specific fields. 'The new society bestowed its first honorary and fellowship awards shortly after being inaugurated. MiDister Angola and Vice-Chancellor Katjivivi were made the first honorary members of the society. Rehoboth gebiet in two. It could also result in the elections being postponed. According to sources, several instructions were given to Naude as attorney and he has instructed a certain advocate, by the name of Olivier, to argue Diergaardt's case in tation. Despite providing-a letter from the Ministry for Educationexplaining the.reasons for the delay, many students were turned away from university and have spent the last year marking time. By the time their certific ates for rewritten matric exams came through around March, their places had already been allocated and the courses they were supposed to have joined were three months old. ing of elections - might constitute a submission to the validity of Schedule 5 of the Namibian Constitution. Successfully contesting Schedule 5 WOUld, in effect, bring down all other legislation emanating from it. Judge President Johan Strydom, fonner chairman of the Delimitation Conunission, now chairman of the Electoral Commission, yesterday commented that nothing could stop Diergaardt-frorn taking such action. As a citizen it was tight and the courts would have to decide on the issue when they receive the application. Strydom added that it might have implications for the electorai process, but said it was better to wait and see. Diergaardt is also preparing a law suit to be brought before the World Court in The Hague aimed at contesting the provisions of'schedule 5 of the Namibian Constitution which states that all authority over Rehoboth is now vested in the Goverrunent of Namibia

3 THE NAMIBIAN Friday November Only' a few women in regional poll UPDATE SWAPO and the DT A dominate a list of candidates for the regional elections, issued yesterday evening. With only a scattering of 'big names' or women candidates, the Khomas, Hardap and Otjozondjupa regions offered a slightly broader choice of three or four political parties. Independent candidates only appeared in Oshana, Ohangwena and the Caprivi, while residents of Aroab and Keetmanshoop will have to wait until next year to vote in specially arranged byelections: since no candidates had registered properly by Tuesday's IlhOO deadline. Swapo go into the regional elections with 13 candidates home and dry, since their election is un~pposeo. Ramming home the message - JOSEF MOTlNGA COMMUNAL farmers in the so~th have failed to make use of the Hardap progency testing centre, despite minimal charges for testing the quality of rams. Regional Commissioner of Hardap Ben Boois said communal farmers had made little use of the Hardap Karakul Centre apparently because they thought it was for commercial farmers only. The centre is designed to test the. quality-of rams agilinst given grades of ewes and was set up for use by both com- -mercial and communal farmers. Usually rams impregnate unsorted ewes so that farmers are unable to determine what type of lambs they will produce if mated with a particular quality of ewe., To solve this problem, &Pis said, the government had set up facilities for testing ram quality at the Hardap Karakul Centre. The N amibian talked to the Manager of - the Karakul Centre, Jan Piek, who explained the testing process in detail. Farmers are able to have rams tested for a period of 60 days at a cost of approxnnately R70. To qualify, farmers have to be registered with the Karakul Breeders' Association. Rams must weigh 35 kilos and be vaccinated against certain diseases. About test ewes were divided into two groups ac. cording to age and three groups according to hair quality. The semem of each ram was used on 32 ewes from different categories. After seeing the i-esultant lambs, a fanner could choose what type of ewes he wanted to breed from. The centre was now starting to freeze semen for sale to farmers around the country. - It was hoped to have this type of quality breeding introduced to other livestock, Piek said. Twelve of these are in the north, while one is at Oninjemund. Swanu has fielded 14 candidates, mainly in the Omaheke region, while the UDF has 11 and has focused on Erongo. 1be NPF's three candidates are standing at Katima Mulilo, Brandberg and Okakarara, while the Workers' Revolutionary Party's three candidates all have the same surname. DTA le~r Dirlc M~'s_ KA TE BURLlNG son, Henry (Heok), will be standing in the Windhoek West constituency, opposed by Mburumba Kerina for Swapo. In Windhoek East, it will be a run-off between DT A stalwart Ken Howes and Marietjie Pottas who is standing for Swapo. In the North, Peter Kalangula, well-known from pre-independence days, hopes to resurrect his career. He is standing as an independent at Ondangwa. Unionist John Pandeni, who already sits in the National Assembly, will be contesting the Soweto constituency in Katutura wherehe will run against DT A leader Katuutire Kaura's wife, Victorine. A number of former Swapo-D members feature among DT A candidates in the North. For the local (municipal) elections, the six main parties are joined by candidates from Marierital, Windhoek and Swakopmund residents associations. According to Elections Directorate PRO, Vitura Kavari, the local elections have a better representation of women candidates, as required by law. "Overall, there are more High spending candidates than I expected," HARARE: The exhorbitant expenditure by the said Kavari. "I thought there - would be more unopposed Zimbabwean government candidates in some of the Swapo strongholds in the far north." Kavari said he had been is running down the country's economy, the First Merchant Bank in Harare charged in its latest quarterly guide to the econ surprised by the extent to -which the DT A had man-. omy. Rober_t Mugabe's government was spending 1,1 billion Zim dol aged to field candidates in the heartlands of Swapo lars a month, or over ZD support. 35 million a day, to ftnance non-productive ex The lists of candidates for the 'local elections, which will include far more names than the regiqnal elections, will only be available during penditure including the State's huge bill on civil service infrastructure, the bank said. The cost of run the course of next week. ning the government is estimated at ZD 12,9 bil-... See list of candidates, -- lion for the current year. page 4 'Wolf: in sheep's clothing' tactics for the elections WHEN is an independent candidate not an independent candidate? When he or she is standing for the DTA! It might seem obvious, but residents at Liideritz are unhappy with the way candidates professing they "would have preferred to stand as independents" ~ being sneaked in under the DTA banner. Publicity fi ysheets for at least two candidates in the forthcoming elections are circulating in Luderitz, and while they 'confess DTA allegiance, they -do all they can to convince voters ~t they are actually independent. In other words, Mathilde Giihring and John Gillham, to -name but two, adopt an independent pose while standing firmly in the DTA camp. Moreover, their publicity letters are identical, apart -from - the inserticn of individual names and a couple of personal rants. In particular, they both distance themselves from politics in thq following: "I still uphold the conviction that political interference in this type of election to be contrary to everything I believe in. However, the powers that be have forced this upon us and I feel we should counter this with every means at our disposal." As they stand with their bands on their hearts declaring their fundamental independence, both candidates claim they have been driven to fly the DTA banner "to avoid splitting the vote", while assuring voters they have "no politicai aspira- UNIT A claims of bombers and other war machinery being set up around Namibia ready for an offensive are 'ridiculous' said Defence Minister Peter Mueshihange yesterday. He was reacting to allegations in Unita radio broadcasts monitored last week in Britain. - Unita broadcasters claimed four bombers are waituig at Rundu, while on October 26 eight helicopters were sent to northemnamibia. They added large munbers of Angolan government troops were heading towards the Namibian borders, where sophisticated Soviet MiG-29s are waiting to attack Unita. They also claimed 84 vehicles with "heavily-armed Swapo soldiers" had gone to Ndjiva. Yesterday Mueshihange said: - "Uruta cannot in any way substantiate its claims of MPLA assault preparations from the Namibian soil. There is no MPLA troops presence in the areas mentioned. TIlls a blatant lie." He explained the helicopters were under the control of the United Nations and had passed through Oshakati to Walvis Bay for shipping out. Journalists visited the 13 helicopters before. they were shipped out. "It is even ridiculous for Unita to claim MPLA bombers hidden in Windhoek," added Mueshihange. "I dismiss the accusation with the contempt it deserves." Unita radio broadcasters are also reporting that large numbers of "FAPLA, Cuban and Swapo" troops are being deployed in the Caprivi as part of "war-mongering actions", They also claimed that MPLA operated "dozens of polling booths" in 'Namibia and that many Namibians were moving into Angola to vote illegally in the second round of presidential elections. United Nations elections monitors have-dismissed the claim of polling booths in Namibia. tions in this town". Both also employ a few scare tactics ("we stand a real danger of having completely incompetent people in charge of this town"), but Gillham goes further in his vision of the apocalypse. He sees Liideritz turning into_ a nightmare of "constant electricity cuts... constant water shortages... no sanitary or sewerage services". He warns that "pennission (will be) granted to vagrants to build shanty towns in the middle of Liideritz, your rates and taxes used to refurbish a football field and any complaints to your local councillor will depend on your political leanings. " Local residents are angry at the implicit racism of the letters. One compiained that the Taxi driver of the year THE last phase of the Southem Estates and Wemhil Park 'Taxi Driver of the Year Competition' will be staged at Wernhil Park this Saturday, November 7. The pennanent secretary of Transport and Communication Peingeodjambi Shipoh will open the proceedings at 09h30 on Saturday. The 10 finalists, who were selected from 350 contestants this week after a written test on road safety, will fight it out in a series of tests designed to assess their driving skills to finally detennine the best taxi driver of the year.,.. Meanwhile, Nabta has _ warned the public and taxi drivers in particular to beware of certain foreigners who are trying to recruit taxi drivers. These people are apparently pretending to be NABT A officials and recruiting members for their own benefit. Nabta' s 1bomas Mulunga warned taxi drivers to request some identification before accepting any membership offer. Mulunga also warned the peopie involved in this activity to stop immediately. letters were only being "distributed among the white people of Liideritz", adding that "these people in no way are working towards reconciliation". The complainer also urged fellow residents to "be aware of people who do not recognise you as human beings". It has been noted with surprise that the DT A has managed to field a number of candidates in areas which would nonnally be Swapo strmgholds. It seems one ploy may have been to disguise their candidates as independents - ''Normally, I do not unload any kind of political scheme on anyone" (Giihring) or, alternatively, "I am not accustomed to unburdening any kind of politicll:l scheme on my fri~nds" (Gillham). SA AIDS fear PRETORIA: Health authorities in South Africa said yesterday they feared the number of AIDS victims in South-Africa was much higher than was currently known. A health -omcial sald 201 people had developed full-blown AIDS since the end of June this year. The'latest ftgures pushed the total of,aids sufferers to since ''There is reason to believe that only a fraction of actual new cases have indeed been reported," he said. Ancient beer NEW YORK: Pale, yellow deposits on the inside of a jar more than years old are the earliest known chemical evidence that ancient people quaffed a few beers, sci. entists say. The ftnding supports other-evidence of beer at the same time, around 3500 BC to 3100 BC, at the same archaeological site in western Iran and at several sites in Iraq. EDUCATION' PROMOTERS NAMIBIA Tel: (061) We wish to advise, all, present and prospective students, that the 1993 academic year will commence on the 04th of January Enrolment as from the 9th of November 1992 until school closure on the 17th of December 1992 and then as from 3rd January For first intake students examinations wiil take place, over a two day period, comencing 26th and 27th of January Furthermore, as a gesture of our dedication tq our present and future students, we are pleased to announce the granting of ten bursaries, for any one su~ject, during the intial January 1993 enrolments.. ETSEYITHO KAAYIIJONGO YOKO EDUCATION PROMOTERS NAMIBIA NOKWAAMBOKA YENA EHALO LYOKU TAMEKA OMNULA TAYlYA. Osikola yetu otayi ka pata momasiku 17 December 1992, notayi ka patuluka momasiku tagakakala 4 January Okwiishangithila omvula 1993 ota ku tameke 9 November 1992 sigo esiku osikola tayi kapata. Okwiisnanitha ota ku katameka ishewe momasiku 3 January Otatu kakala tuna ekonaakono Iyahungunina kaalongwa yetu mboka aakulu momasikli 26 sigo 27 ga January Oshigwedhwapo: Otu uvite enyanyu oku tseyithila aalongwa yetu kutya otatu ka gandja omadhewulo goshali (bursaries) dhithike pomulongo kaanasikola aakulu nokwaamboka wo aape, nashino ota tu keshininga tamekol a Janu 1993

4 4 Friday November " THE NAMIBIAN KUNENE Namhadi, Wapota Petrus DTA Iv) Sibinda Thataone, Paulo.. ~DTA Shimutwikeni, Leonard Swapo Mabuku, John Nabutungu DTA vi) Aminuis Constituency. Party ii) Engala Mushe, Alex Muyongwa Swapo Hijambazapo, Peter Uazirapi Swapo Ngiwewelekwa Heita Swapo v) Katima Mulilo. Kaatura, Nehemia DTA i),opuwo r... ~ Paulus, Lucia....t... DTA Mabuku, Benjamin Chika NPF Mokgatle, Cornelius Orapediseng Swanu Maundu, Heinz, Haraki Swanu iii) Oshikango Mbeha, Lopa, David Independent Nganjone, Erasmus Swapo Shikondja, Elia DTA Mukasa, Felix Mukasa DTA KHOMAS Mumbuu, Edward Uapundua DTA Hishikushitja, Michael Swapo Mwazi, Mukela Paddy Swapo ii) Sesfontein Samuel, Victor Onaminda Independent vi) Kabe i) Wanaheda Ganuseb, Benny Swapo Iv) Ondobe Tonchi, Danien Jost UDF Kapewasha, Martin Swapo Hendriks, Johannes Isak UDF Schimwefeleni, Hosea N DTA Likando, Boniface Ngambe Swapo Katjimune, Bethuel DTA Mbomboro, Munene Chris DTA Mwaningange, Billy William Swapo Muyoba, Cooks Mukuwa DTA ii) Hakahana iii) Khorixas v) Eenhana Hendjala, Erasmus Swapo Gomachab, Gotlieb T DTA Haikali, VaIde Panduleni DTA ERONGO Simeon, Bassie DTA Tjogarero, Simson UDF Hashikutuva, Adolf Hifililwa Swapo iii) Katutura East Witbooi, Abraham Swapo vi) Omundaungllo Constituency Party Ithete, Gabriel Swapo Iv) Kamanjab Petrus, Erastus Swapo Motseng, Hieronyrnus DTA Botha, Frederik Albertus DTA vii) Okongo i) Omaruru Iv) Katutura_Central Uirab, Esegiel Max Swapo Kasheendwa, Puleni Swapo Gaomab, Phillipus.UDF I/Gowases, Tsukhoe Swapo v) Outjo Weyulu, Victor DTA Hongoze, Rudolph HKKZ Swapo Kangueehi, Gerson Benjamin Swanu Kaura, Theophelus Rapande DTA viii) Ohangwena Scheepers, Ian Andre DTA 'aze, Kuhepa DTA Murorua, Dudu Themistokles UDF Kandjambanga, Hamutwe Josephine Swapo ii) Karibib v) Soweto Amporo; Ernst Fanuel Swapo Sipora, Dana DTA Eiseb, Ernst UDF Kaura, Victorine Uakahungira " DTA vi) Ruacana xi) Endola (Duly) Katambo, Alfred DTA Pandeni, John Alphons Swapo Ndumbu, Jason Shuuliputjo Swapo Tuhadeleni, Noal Lyaalala Swapo Mujoro, 'adekia Swapo vi) Khomasdal North OMUSATI x) Epembe Muukua, Christopher Uazuvara Swanu Beukes, Erica WRP Nakwailla, Johannes Kamati Swapo ill) Brandberg Persendt, Karl Swapo Ganaseb, Abed John UDF Petersen, Zacharias Rebonia UDF Contituency Party OSHIKOTO Howose15, Phillipus Swapo Plaatjies, Henry Jacobus DTA Ndjiharlne, Duludi OTA vii) Windhoek West i) Tsandi Constituency Party Veii, Antonius Swanu. Du Plessis, Aletta Magrieta UDF Kamanja, Ananias OTA Veii, Katjimuina NPF Kerina, Mburumba Swapo Katoma, Leevi Swapo I) Oniipa Iv) Arandis Mudge, Henry Ferdinand DTA ii) Uutapi Engombe, Immanuel DTA Kapere, Asser Swapo viii) Windhoek East Ainima, Titus Swapo Nampala, Hosea Swapo Kapundjiri, Ben OTA Howes, Kenneth J ames DTA Sakaria, Menas DTA ii) Onayena Maletzky, Alexander UDF Pottas, Maria Antoinette Swapo iii) Anamulenge KaIambi, Vilho David Swapo v) Swakopmund ix) Windhoek Rural Andowa, Generosa Swapo iii) Olukonda By-election Angula, J ason Swapo Nangolo, Abner Jappy S Swapo Egumbo, Titus Salvasius DTA Iv) Omuntele " Gothje, Hans-Dieter Kurt C DTA Tsuob,Albert - DTA Iv) Ongongo Angula~ Paulus Swapo vi) Walvis Bay Abrosius, FIorian DTA. v) Okatope Dausab, Rudolph DTA HARDAP Kayone, Sacky Swapo Kamanya, Vilho Elifas Swapo Emvula, Wilfried Inotira Swapo v) Elim Simon, Theador DTA i) Rehoboth West Urban Enkala, Nixon DTA vi) Okank~lo OT JOZONDJUPA Bayer, Anne Kathrina Swapo Mukwilongo, Nangolo Swapo Imene, Sino Naboth Swapo Beukes, Hewat Samuel WRP vi) Onesi (Duly) vii) Omuthiyangwiipundi Constituency Party Cloete, Hennan Heinie OTA Iipinge, Johannes." Swapo Kamati, Helena DTA Fransman, Jacob Carl Swanu vii) Oshikulu Ndakolo, Penda Swapo i) Grootfontehi ii) Rehoboth East Urban Enjambi, Peter Swapo viii) Engodi Sheyapo, Fidelis Antonius Swapo Beukes, Attie WRP Kweenda, Saima DTA Sheyavali, Valde Swapo Venaani, Mike Rapuika DTA Boois, Johannes Swapo viii) Okahao xi) Guinas (Duly) ii) Otavi De Klerk, Bernhardt Benjamin Swanu Hango, Asser Swapo Gomachab, Isak Swapo Louw, Hans Jurie DTA Gar~b, Moses Goliath L bta xi) Okalongo x) Oshikoto Shangheta, Bartholomeus Swapo iii) Rehoboth Rural Hakaye, Johny Haikela Swapo Kaiyamo, Hosea Nico Swapo iii) Okakarara Ooete, Samuel Petrus DTA Kariko, Ludwig DTA Hijarunguru, Erich Swapo Dax, Alfred Stephanus Swapo OSHANA Kangumine, Elia NPF Louw, George Frederick Swanu OKAVANGO Mbai, Asser Gabriel DTA Iv) Mariental Rural Constituency Party Mureko, Werner Swanu Boltman, Petrus Jacobus DTA Constituency Party Iv) Otjiwarongo Cooper, Neels Swapo i) Oshakati Davids, Abraham Johannes OTA v) Mariental Urban Moongo,Philernon DTA i) Mpungu Kavendjii, Jeffrey Swanu Kisting, George Rudolf DTA Vatuva, Silvanus Swapo Hambjuka, Johannes Swapo Soroseb, Naftalie UDF Van Zyl, Petrus Swapo ii) Ongwediwa Kasire, Vitus DTA ua-ndjarakana, Mbeuta Swapo vi) Gibeon. Hamata, Laban OTA ii) Kahenge v) Okahandja Schmidt, Petrus Andreas Swapo Nehova, Kandy Swapo Melgisser, Nairenge DTA Eiseb, Theofelus Swapo Stephanus, Petrus Rudolph DTA iii) Okaku Muremi, Rheinhold Swapo Mbaukua, Gotlob tiengombe DTA Mnakapa, 'an Asser "DTA iii) Kapoko vi) Omatako KARAS Ya Kasita, Henock Sheya Swapo Haupindi, Lourenz Kalipa T DTA Ngurunjoka, Kazonda Efraim U Swapo Iv) Okatana Kangowa, Gabriel Kalimbwe Swapo Tjihuro, Arnold Nguarije DTA i) Keetmanshoop Urban Antanga, Fillipus OTA Iv) Rundu Kotze, Willem Franscois DTA Kashuupulwa, Clemens Swapo Haingura, Ambrosius Hanutenya Swapo OMAHEKE /Ha-Eiros, Ida Jimmy Swapo v) Ondangwa Ndara, Reginald DTA ii) Keetmanshoop Rural. Shiimi, Eliakim Prince Swapo v) Mashari. Constituency Party Expected by-election Kalungula, Peter Independent Joachim, Johannes DTA iii) Berseba Shipanga Timotheus DTA Shikongo, Paulus Kaeuru Swapo i) Otjinene Cloete, Cornelius DTA KaDime, Elias Shikuma Independent vi) Ndiyona Hange, Kaputara Alpheus Swanu Goliath, Stephanus Swapo VI} Ompundja Kapirika, Servatius Swapo Kahimise, Rahimisa. Swapo Iv) Luderifz Max, Silas OTA Shidjukwe, Norberth DTA KaJjatenja, Arch Billy OTA Minnaar, Jacobus Swapo Shitilifa, Mwailepeni Titus P Swapo ii) Otjozondjou Van Den Heever, John Henry DTA vb} Uukwiyu CAPRIVI Kahuure, Erastus Swapo v) Oranjemund Arnadhila, Matheus Swapo Tjingaete, Efraim Elifas DTA Nambala, Toivo Swapo Shikongo, Josef OTA Constituency Party Tjijenda, Usiel M Swanu vi) Karasburg viii) Okatjali iii) Steinhausen Boonzaaier, Henry John DTA Kapia Paulus Iilonga Swapo i)mukwe Huiseb, Sitore Johannes OTA Kairabeb, Lazarus Swapo Uusizi, Andreas OTA - Dyarugha, Basilius Maketu Swapo Katjomuise, Rinotjipo Adolf Swanu xi) Uuvudbiya Shakadya, Thiyemo Gerard DTA Nguvauva, Kilas Karaerua Swapo Paulus, Sebrow Amutenya Swapo ii) Kongola Iv) Gobabis EXERCISE YOUR OHANGWENA Muluti, Oavid Siyao Swapo Oannhauser. Karel Steenkamp OTA Walubati, Mukelabayi Conard DTA Handura, Erastus Swanu DEMOCRATIC.. iii) Linyandi Tjizera, Brave Usiel Swapo RIGHT Contituency Party Maloboka, Brendan Bashupi Swapo v) Buitepos i) Ongenga AND VOTE! Sizimbo, Francis Fanie DTA " Jacobs, Johannes Swapo

5 THE NAMIBIAN Friday November Khorixas in search of a future SOMETHING serious has to be done to save Khorixas is. the conclusion Regional Commissioner Hans Booys has come to after two years of public service in the town. But when asked what that 'something serious' is, a bemused expression passes over his face. The future QfKhQrixas is a a day. ' questiqn which weighs heavy The clqsure QfUis tin mine, Qn many peqple' s minds in retrenchments at R6ssing, and the tqwn. With the news that the shutdqwn Qf smaller the regiqnal centre fqr the mining QperatiQns in the re- Kunene regiqn will be OpUWQ giqnhas brqught further presrather than. the fqrmer 'capi- sure Qn the land as unemtal' Qfthe AG8 bantustan, the plqyed WQrkers return to farmfeeling that KhQrixas has ing. entered an inevitable decline AccQrding to' BQQys, the is grqwing. Department Qf Water Affairs KhQrixas shares its diffi- have said that KhQrixas' limculties with the prqblems Qf ited water supply cannqt sus~ the Damara regiqn - a seriq\js tain any new hqusing develwater shqrtage and years Qf Qpments. Yet the crisis Qn the chrqnic Qvergrazing by an land made wqrse by the QverpQPulatiQn Qf livestock drqught is fqrcing peqple to' the lqcal ecqiqgy can barely IQQk fqr alternatives. SUPPQrt. The tqwn has en- WiptKhQrixas having so' dured water restrictiqns fqr little'tq Qffer, it is little won- 10 years with supplies fqr mqst' dei- th~t riamara peqple 'fipm residents Cut Qff fqr five hqurs the r,egiqn have start to' move OUTGOING Regional CommissiO'ner Hans Booys has sometimes courted controversy during his time of publie service in Khorixas. The deep-seated pro'blems of the area will so'on be in the hands of a Regional Council based in Opuwo. GRAHAM HOPWOOD crisis PQint. KhQrixas has no' industrial The PQiitical divisiqns Qf Damaraland, and. the mutual back to' their ancestral lands infrastructure to' speak Qf and suspiciqns they inspire, are in the KhQmas HQchland. If gained its raisin d'etre frqm Qne Qf the biggest Qbstacles urgent attentiqn is nqt given being a being a centre fqr the to' genuine community Qrgan-. to' the area, there arelikely to' Damara administratiqn. AI- isatiqn in the regiqn. AnQther be mqre grqups Qf impqver- thqugh it is likely that several barrier to' develqpment, acished peqple frqm the regiqn ministries will maintain their cqrding to' BQQys, is the culseeking to' set up hqmes near Qffices at KhQrixas, the news ture Qf dependency created Windhoek. that OpUWQ will nqw be the by the fqrmer administratiqn. Damaraland and its admin- new regiqnal base is still a As a cqnsequence, many istrative centre at KhQrixas blqw to' the tqwn' s hqpes. peqple in the regiqn are waitare both creatiqns Qf the Booys says that OpUWQ with ing fqr the gqvernment to inter- Odendaal CQmmissiQn's plan its proximity to' the Kunene vene - whether it'be to' repair to' place each Namibian 'eth- river, the Epupa PQwer prqj- their water pump, hand Qut nic' grqup in a hqmeland. As.ect and mqre viable agricul- fqqd aid, Qr provide jqbs. a result thqusands Qf Dam- turalland is an ecqnqmically As an example Qf the near aras were mqved in the late strqnger base fqr a regional ludicrqus PQlicies Qf the presixties to' an area which they centre. Others believe that the viqus dispensatiqn, Booys says did nqt view as their Qwn and mqve away frqm KhQrixas is that cqmfqrtable fqur-roomed which fqr the mqst part prq- partly designed to' weaken the GQvernment hquses at' vided farming land which was PQwer base Qf Damara chief KhQrixas can still be rented much mqre marginal thaii their and UDF leader Justus Ga- fqr R3 amqnth - the rate set in Qriginallands.. roeb when Damarland was The peqple took Qver fanils' The problems Qf the regiqn, ' frrst'fqrmed. It is against this which h,ad Qriginally been' BQQyssays,stempartlYfrQrh' < backgrouridoffqrcedremoval given to' whites fqllqwing the the fact that Damaraland is and dependency that BQQys landscape their eligibility to' participate in the regiqnal electiqns still had to' be CQnftrmed with the Prime Minister's Office last mqnth. The presence Qf tqq many cattle cqmbined }Vith badly planned land allqcatiqn has. hastened envirqnmental decline in the regiqn. With the Qnset Qf the drqught this year, the prqblems Qf the regiqn and the tqwn have reached first and the second ~Qrldwars. still in many minds' an artifi- made his cqntroversiai CQm- In Qne Qf the nioii biz~ ' cial SQuth African creatio.~.t9 ment that Qne Qf majqr prphsqcial experiments Of apart~,' which peqple were fqrced to' lems afflicting the region is heid, peqple who' it was be- mqve. BQQys PQints to' the the peqple' s 'laziness'. lieved spqke a similar lan- cultural difficulties the re- As a sign Qfthisde-mQtivaguage to' Damara were also' mqval caused and says that tiqn, BQQys cites peqple's relqcated from Riemvasmaak the peqple exist in a PQlitical reluctance to' jqin a fqqd-fqrin the nqrth-west Cape to Dam- rather than a cqmmunity cul- wqrk prqgramme to' build a araland in ture. He adds that even the craft centre as part Qf a PQten- The Riemvasmaakers have traditiqnaldamaracqiqursqf tially lucrative tqurist indusbeen SO' marginalised that green, blue, and white have try in the area, despite the despite 20 years Qf eking a been appropriated by a PQliti- high level Qf unemplqyment living from the dry Damara cal party - the UDF. locally. Similar food-fqr-wqrk schemes propqsed fqr the town's hqspital have also failed to' attract a single interested persqn. ~,TO' create a future fqr ' Khorixas and the regiqn Booys says experts will have to' be called in to' assess how im" prqvements can be made and projects initiated. He also' PQints to' the impqrtance Qf educatiqn. and iriputs frqm variqus ministries in getting. the area' s yqung- peqple to' becqme invqlved in develqping alternatives fqr the future. A sqlutiqn to' the land issue, intrqductiqn Qf alternative farming methqds, and a chahce fqr the cqmmunity to' benefit frqm the growing tqurist trade in the area will all be vital if the decline Qf' tqwn and" regiqn are to' be" arrested. Despite Khonx'as;s loss'of status ~s.. ~,administrative centre,/( f1ie~ ' lrttrqductiqn Qf regiqnal CQuncils shquld also', help the community to grappl. with its Qwn divisiqns. On~ party wqrker is lqqking fqr:.' ward to' the introductiqn Qf the regiqnal CQuncil and municipal-ity fqr KhQrixas saying that at!ast the different parties will be fqrced to' wqrk tqgether and thrash Qut CQmmQn sqlutiqns, "Plural-. ism will unite us," he added. SOUTH Africa Minister of Justice KQbie C()etsee yesterday signed an agreement in WindhQek on the basic conditions gqverning the sec Qndment of South African judges to' Namibia. The agreement was signed with his Namibian counterpart, Dr EN Tjiriange. CO'etsee said in a statement afterwards that the agreement pro' vided for a mechanism to' seco'nd SQuth African judges to' Namibia to' serve O'n the Namibian judicial Bench. _, "The agreement will nqw be implemented and an announcement in this r egard will be made in the near future. "The agreement signifies yet another step in increased co'-operatiqn amongst the legal systems Qf so'uthern African states," he said. - Sapa... e!_~ ,..---.;--'"--- This summer brighten up your home, garden walls and outbuildings with our wide range of lovely colours and paint products. OUR PROFESSIONAL ADVICE IS FREE OF CHARGE Our products include: Plascon... acrylic, enamels, wall-and-wall, velvaglq Complete range of maintenance accessories. ~:.. r... ~.., i, r t -I,PLUS,,', ~Wide$t range Qf autqmqtive spray paints "I including solid paints, 2K, wqrld fatriqus.~, Standoxi.Qild all assqciated prqducts yqu need '. - to db the jo'b frqm start to' finish. 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6 6 Friday November THE NAMIBIAN P LITICAL PEOPLE AND EVENTS PERSPECTIVE Democracy BV GVVEN LI S TER UNLIKE one of his men tors, US President George Bush, Jonas Savimbi did. not accept his election defeat - graciously. The fighting that broke out once again in Angola following Savimbi's contention that the elections, held late in September, were rigged by the MPLA Government, is tragic and could have been avoided if the Unita leader had submitted himself to the will of the people. What further compli.' cated matters was the small size of the UN contingent. WHAT is even more tragic is the fact that the monster that is Savimbi today, was created largely by the South Mrican and US Governments. They built him up in the image of a champion of.democracy in a country under 'communist' rule. And now even they cannot control his hunger for power at all costs. While few people dispute that there is substantial support for Unita in Angola, it is regrettable that the movement is led by a man with such gross tendencies of meg~omania. And South Africa and the US must take a lot of the blame. Savimbi would not have become what he is today had it not been for their adulation and support. Given the 'red carpet' treatment when he was in the US, or in South Mrica for that matter, he managed to fool them all into thinking he was a person of stature. The Bush Administration, and the Reagan era before it, were notorious for exercising wrong judgements about leaders, particularly in Mrica; We recall how Namibia's President, Sam Nujoma, was villified by the Reagan Administration, humiliated by 6eing restricted to'certain areas when he visited that country, labelled a 'communist' and 'terrorist'. Diplomats openly bemoaned the fact that if Swapo won the elections, he would become Pr-esident: nteywt!r~ wronit,atfd toc:l1i~ theyare awa~ of,the error of-their ways! FOl"th-e went on to become a President who was 'the architect of the policy of reconciliation, who become one of the biggest proponents of democracy and who held out the olive branch to his former enemies. And they iluide an error-of judgement about Savimbi as well. The man they hailed as one of the true leaders of Africa went on to demonstrate his power.hungry ways by ignoring the ballot and turning back to the bullet to cause, in the space of a few days, the deaths of at least fellow Angolans. The man whom they believed wanted democracy, was really only interested in personal power. Yet they armed him and funded him into becoming the power hungryperson he is today. In a sense, the international community must bear some of the responsibility for what has happened in Angola as far as the fighting is concerned. Had the United Nations been able to mount a bigger operation there as far as peacekeeping and election monitoring was concerned, then the escalation of violence might have been avoided and Saviinbi would not have been, able to cry 'foul'. Namibia, a country with a signifi. cantly smaller population than its northern neighbour, had a sizeable UN contingent of several thousand, and we do believe this is one of the reasons the whole 435 process went relatively smoothly. But in Angola there were but a few hundred UN personnel, and far too many guns. We hope that for the next round of Presidential elections in Angola, the UN will increase its contingent. What would probably g~ towards facilitating this is a decision by the new Democratic Clinton Administration to pay the country's UN dues! The US could also con tribute more substantially in terms of people to the UN contingent in Angola, and maybe the man who initially took the decision to support Unita, Henry Kissinger, could head up the delegation! Namibia was a success story for the UN; ~ngola is not, and this is probably purely because of their almost in. significant presence there. I trust that the same mis takes will not be repeated in Mozambique. And as for Savimbi, the sooner his former bosses get a tough message to him, the better. And the US should be wary of the African 'leaders' they 'adopt' in the futur~ t ' USE YOUR LOAF... is what Gibeon community baker Anna Diba (left) and other bakers, including Tobias Paulus, decided to do and now they run one of the town's new thriving community businesses. GIBEON GO... Gibeon women gardeners tell the team of their success and shortages of essential supplies such as shoes to make their garden succeed. They also sang and their communal work seemed to keep spirits up despite the drought gripping the town. - tlie-tour. THE MISSION: To fmd out if democracy and develop ment are flourishing in eastern and southern Namibia?, The team: Nora Owen MP, Brendan Howlin MP and former Senator Katharine Bulbulia (all from Ireland), Hans Gunther TOtemeyer MP (Germany) and Brigitte Husmark MP (Denmark). Driven by Lucky Iyambo of Oxfam UK & Ireland, and guided by agricultural extension workertjitjahuma Ujava and Pintile Davids of the Namibia Com-' munity Co-operatives' Alliance.. Monday, October 26, 14hOO: At a Windhoek hotel, Speaker of the National Assembly Mose Tjitendero and elections director Gerbard Tote!p.eyer (younger brother of the visiting German MP) briefed them on the regional and local council elections. Other briefings came from Netumbo Ndaitwah of the Namibia National Women's Organisation and other women's groups at the Namibian Women's Centre in Katutura, from the NCCA, Rossing Foundation and the UnitedN a lions Children's FUnd (Unicef). The women stressed the need for opportunities for older women to get education and other steps such as paid maternity leave to make the fine aspirations of the Constitution into a reality for women. their various elections programmes. Debate flowed freely with mutual respect and order, and the meeting recommended the election code of conduct should be signed by every local candidate, not just at headquarters. 13hOO: Out on the road again, the team headed to Drimiopsis where people, 'many of Bushman origin, have been gathering since Most came from commercial farms to a secondary school to beg food. Now there are tents and soon prefabricated homes for the 500 or so residents 'and a kindergarten. Activists (currently 1beopolina Nantanga of French agency CRlAA and Karina Akwaake of the Ministry of Lands, Resettlement and Rehabilitation) and international donors. have helped set up a community garden now supplying up to 260 kilograms a week of vegetables to Global Catering for the school hostels. But problems of getting people to work for themselves and social organisation continue, partly because on farms people were only labourers and depended on the boss for everything - "a 'culture of dependency" as Nantanga PI!! it. Wednesday: Heading northeast, and learning Irish ballads Tuesda!, 06bOO: Onto ~e OD. the way, the new VoJkswagen road~e~~g east. ~~ e.?tclt~-., combi,shqok, 1905e - el~!, ;!llent rose ~s crowds of kudu' -' :co~tip~. 211~ ~Il}pte, stret~~ ". paboons, warthogs and?ther- of gravel An hour, later, a car ariimals ' wa'tched tbecomb'i. ' passed and turned back for help Gobabis regional commissioner and soon a local farmer came Brave Tjizera welcomed them to the rescue and with a bakkie to a large meeting and told of into which all piled. the registration success and A mechanic fixed the combi problems getting enough, while the local kindergarten drought relief food especially and school choirs gave very fish, oil and beans. Sister Paula harmonious renderings of the Makatesi spoke of the region's National Anthem and other health problems, including lack tunes. The "mothers of Naof enough people and resources, mibia" arrived in their Herero but the success of immunisa- best, Hosts were the Eastern tion. Teacher Mildred Jantjies spoke of women's and children's issues 'and education. Makatise added that a nutrition centre would help children and family-planning and other matters could be taught there, The politicians' eyes lit up as Swapo candidates,led by Pijoo Nganate, and a host of DT A candidates with MP Rudolph Kamburona outlined Epukiro Farmers' Association, and speakers included student representatives aged about 14. For women, N aomi Murangi stood up to describe their eagerness to learn new skills to earn a living. EEFA Chair U Ndjavera and local farnlers outlined problems. including cattle eating poisonous plants and the need for pipes to bring water to areas where there is enough grazing but no water. EEF A groups 209 frumers who are working together to buy in better bulls. Candidates of the DT A, Swapo and S~anu outlined their positions on key issues. while John Garvey Muundjua of the NPF gave a dissertation on the problems of managing grazing properly on communal land The team also visited the clinic and saw the skilled craftwork of the women and of saddle-maker Jeremiah Mbura who lacks capital to make his next saddle. Thursday, southbound: Chief control officer at Rehoboth ID Gonteb welcomed them to an early meeting where the DT A (who have their own Moses Garoeb), Swanu and Swapo were all represented and the visitors were impressed with Continued OR ueu page

7 THE NAMIBIAN- No news on land is notgoodne~ GOBABIS GET-TOGETHER... Candidates and p oliticians of all parties, together with health, education and other wor kers and regional commissioner Brave Tjizera (back centre) meet the visitors at Gobabis. Democracy - the tour CONTINUED F ROM PA GE 6 the courtesy with which all spoke. As well as election issues such as a late registration surge, they heard of street gangs, education and family problems. On the edge of the town's location, they visited the Shalom gardening project which brings together unemployed able (23). and disabled (10) people. The greenery and flourishing garden does not bring a smile to the mainly women workers as neighbours break in and steal the vegetables they grow. Further South at Mariental, after lunch, R~gional Commissioner.Ben Boys spoke of problems with drought relief and in helping eommunal fanners buy commercial farms. His staff had organised a meeting of local candidates, teachers and health and women's activists. Unfortunately the local DT A decided to boycott (Mayor JJ Burger said it was over Awepaa backing the distribution in Namibia of a "racist" booklet written for Dutch primary schools) but the people who did attend told of the problems of reconciliation and integration in a town where IlilIny white citizens are not interested. The last few minutes before sunset were taken spotting ostrich, red zebra, eland and gemsbok in Hardap reserve before bedding down.. the town's spectacular 125-yearold church. A chance encoun-. ter with Labour and Manpower Development Minister Hendrik Wifuooi and thm into the Swapo office where Swapo candidates discussed the election. Other parties didnot arrive. One candidate said it was traditionally not good to go around and ask for support, but the gardening women had earlier said they doubted whether any cl ldidate or politician would bother to ask about their concerns. There was also a lack of understanding about how the elections would work and a community bias" to male candidates. Back in Windhoek, the mis ~ sion was rounded up with a report to last week's joint conference on democratization and reconciliation organised by the Council of Churches in Namibia and the Association of West European Parliamentarians for Action against Apartheid. All mission members said they were impressed with how well democracy had taken root. Team leader Owen gave the formal report, highlighting land reform and communal farming problems, street children, registration and the health and education challenges they had heard about Most of the people working on project are women and raising the subject ofhusbands provoked general hilarity at most places, and goodhumoured cries of "we can do without them". The signs were STUNNING is the only word to describe Gibeon' s 125- year-old church, and the pastor's wife (left) showed them around. they could. Owen concluded the mission was accomplished: "I want to pay warm tribute to the Namibian people who have taken on the mantle of democracy with diligence and enthusiasm. Despite the still huge job to provide the resources and infrastructure in remote areas, there is a sincere recognition that the government has a difficult task and is tackling what they can. We were heartened by how freely people of all walks of life felt free to criticize, discuss and argue without fear of retribution. " Friday, October 30: The road into Gibeon is marked by a gruesome dead horse, but in the town an atmosphere of hope prevails. Community baker Anna Diba explained her business of selling 350 loaves a day to the town's schools and people, and her plans to expand. A new oven was boug;.1.t with credit from NCCA and a grant from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Down in the valley, up to 130 women and a few men are turning the bare ground green. Pastor Daniel Claasen set up the garden, but now the community are showing their skills and enthusiasm for gardening and songs. Totemeyer, born in Keetmanshoop, became nostalgic and was earlier spotted with a O NE F O R THE ALBUM The Awepaa tourists last week. Standing from left are stokkielekker'. He pointed out H ans-gunther Totemeyer MP, Nora Owen MP, L ucky Iyambo; Birgitte Husmark the Gibeonhouse wl=e younger M P, Brendan Howlin MP and Pintile Davids. Kneeling is former Irish senator brother}~y.t:j;1ay.l_wa,~,bqjp.-.ju1(h. Katharine Bulbulia. Report and photographs: Tom Minney THE home-coming of Damaras to a spot by Daan Vllji>en game park in the prime farming lands of Khomas Hochland (which they were chased off under 30 years ago) shows Namibia cannot wait any longer for action after last year's land conference. Damaraland and some other communal areas are bare. Many farmers have watched half their animals dropping dead and are now passing hot days moving weak animals for kilometres before watching the rest die too. Destitution is staring many in the face, and it is only natural to remember the quality of the lands they had before. The issue isnot Damaraland, and it will not be solved by such population movements, however desperate. The June 1991 land conference resolved that "something practicable must be done to rectify" past injustice, but added "given the complexities in redressing ancestral land claims, restitution. of such clalms in full is impossible". This was a key concession by communal farmers, and there is no going back on it. The conference was a miracle of nation-building. But to have heard nothing further for 16 months destroys its success and leaves us facing environmental and farming disaster. The drought has only speeded up the environmental destruction of communal farmjands. Larger communal farmers have up to cattle in "peasant" areas and many are grabbing good bits ofland with illegal fencing, while the destitute are cutting the remaining trees'to sell for firewood to survive. Alr eady the drought is leading to a whole range of emergency measures such as the drilling of boreholes which ar e needed but may not prove such a good idea in the long ter m. Despite welcome r ecent moves, we are still waiting for a national agricultural policy. Proper land and farming policies would prepare us even to deal with Namibia's frequent droughts and help us take the urgent steps to restore local control of the environment and start its recovery. _ Without clear guidelines on land issues, agricultural workers admit it is ahn"ost impossible to start the agricultural tralning and development policies vital to these areas. Meanwhile, neither investors nor wary farmers - communal and commercial - know what is coming. All over Africa nations have learnt they neglected food production and farming, especially peasant, at the cost of fast-growing cities, huge imports, poverty, u~employment m:td national debt. Is Namibia proving unable to learn the lesson? Rather than temporary emergency measures to deal with drought, let us have a )Ugher priority on bringing som.e legal and practical result from the land conference. A long-silent technical committee has not even pronounced on issues about commercial land and no-one seems to be doing anything about the accelerating disaster in communal lands. If nothing happens, much more of Namibia could become lifeless deserts and movements of desperate people and their dying animals a common sight. The people who suffered most from past land injustices cannot afford to walt much longer. for land and agric~ltura l policies. A Receptionist/ Junior Secreta'ry is needed for our Windhoek Office. Only candidates who can meet the following ' requirements need apply: - Fluency in English - All-round secretarial/reception skills - Ability to work independently. Application enclosing a CV and work refer~ ences to be forwarded to: WUS - Denmark, p.a. Box 24236, Windhoek. Closing date for application Interviews will take place in Windhoek during the first week of December 1992.

8 8 Friday November Karibib Mining and. Construction has the following vacancies at its Oshakati itoject: 1. Junior Civil and Earthworks Foremen 2. Final level grader operators 3. Heavy machine operators. 4. Construction carpenters 5. Batch plant operators 6. Crane drivers. Kindly contact the Oshakatj site office at telephone number or alternativ(!ly Mr.. T Maharero at telephone number EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH IN NAMIBIA (ELCIN) is. starting a Skills Development Centre at Oshigambo. The Centre wiil be providing training courses in vocational skills, starting in January The Centre is looking for teachers in 1. Catering, 2. Commercial subjects, and 3. Secretarial skills The duties are to act as a co-ordinator for the course to assist in curriculum development to teach the Catering teacher will also assist in. planning renovation of ELOC Guest House, which will be used as the place of training. Starting as soon as possible, good housing available. Closing: For applications and further information contact THE PRINCIPAL, OSHIGAMBO HIGH SCHOOL P/B 2026 Ondangwa, tel We urgently require the services of energetic and self motivated persons with good track records to fill the following positions:. 1. WORKSHOP FOREMAN Minimum N3 trade test qualification. At least 10 years experience as a refrigeration mechanic, fitter and or electrician. Experience in any other similar trade fields will be a strong recommendation. 2. ELECTRICIAN N3 trade test qualification. At least 3 years practical experience. Industrial electronic background 3. REFRIGERATION MECHANIC 5 years experience in industrial refrigeration. Ammonia systems ~xperience is a recommendation. THE COMPANY OFFERS A remuneration package in line with this appointment. Self development through in-house and external training. Staff purchases at reduced cost. Subsidized canteen facilities. Pension Fund, Medical Aid. Please apply in confidence to: Mr J Deelie, PO Box 428, WINDHOEK, Tel: ha,t/iet THE NAMIBIAN Klne 300 Fri/Sat: 13h45, 15h45, 18hOO,20hOO, 22h15 Sarafina, starring Whoopi Goldberg, Leliti Khumalo Wlndhoek Drive-In 19hOO: Universal Soldier plus Deadly Bet, starring Charlene Tilson NTN Theatre Leutweln Street * The African Film Festival programme continues on Friday, November 6. "Hyena" will be screened at 18hOO and the last show is "Heritage Africa", scheduled for Saturday, November 7, at 20hOO. Tickets cost R5. The Loft Gallery 59 Bahnhof Streef * An exhibition of photographs "Photo-Mania Namibia" by Dirk Heinrich will run till November 7 during normal business hours. IF YOU HAVE ANY NEWS, VIEWS, OR NEWS TIPS, CONTACT THE NAMlBJAN. TEL: (061) 36970; F~:33980;TE~X:3032 TENDER Tenders are hereby invited for the purchase of an old established, flourishing and going General Dealers business at Grunau, District Karasburg, including the fixed property on which it is carried on and all improvements thereon. The business includes the stock and equipment and is situate close to the Cape Town I Windhoek and Upington/Windhoek tar roads connection. Tenders. must be delivered by registered post so that it is received by the undermentioned person on or before Tuesday, 15th December 1992 and must be endorsed "Tender General Dealer Grunau." The highest bidder or any other tender will not necessarily be accepted nor will any reasons be given for the acceptance of any offer. RISSIK & COX, PO BOX 8 TELEPHONE 10, KARASBURG. ENQUIRIES: CF Swartz Telephone (0020) 26, P.O. Box 3, GRUNAU, 9000, Steeea i ~otha 1 liiijt1tliu. THE BEST BUY EVER!! Lovely modem 3 bed roomed home with two bathrooms, lounge, dining, TV Room, well fitted kitchen with eye level oven and hob, double garage, servants quarter and laundry - walled in garden and pool, very private PLUS All the beautiful furniture, blinds and curtains included. Everything for only R Phone all hours Beotrice Spies L Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre 1 Mahler Street * As part of the African Film festival on Friday, November 6, "Yaaba" (without subtitles) will!>escreened at 18hOO. There is DO charge for this show. Bricks, People's Place Hostel Street, Katutura * As part ofthe African Film Festival on Saturday, November 7, "Neria" with a short will be scret ned at 20hOO. Tickets cost R2. Independence Arena Hostel St, Katutura * The final film in the African Film Festival is "Do the Right TIring~' which will be screened on Sunday, November 8, at 19hOO. Admission: R3. Coca Cola RoadshQw * A genuine roadshow with live entertainment, competitions, fun and games will be held at the Khomasdal soccer stadium OD Friday, November 6, at 14hOO and at the Single Quarters in Katutura on Saturday, November 7, at 10hOO. NBC gives free time to parties THE NBC has announced that in the rwi-up to the regional and local elections, it has allocated ''free air-' time" for contesting parties and organisations to put across their election messages. The allocation was worked out with the contesting parties and is based on a formula used during elections in many countries throughout the world The number of c~dates per party was divided by the total number of candidates and multiplied by the total airtime available. There will be 250 minutes free air-time on radio and 50 minutes free air-time on TV each week. The NBC had previously decided that it would not accept. paid advertising as this would favour parties with the most money. Although the allocation of air-time according to the number of candidates is not ideal as it favours parties with the most candidates, the NBC considers it the fairest solution under the circumstances. The time allocation formula was agreed to by the majority of contesting parties which accepted an invitation from the NBC to discuss it. The Workers' Revolutionary Party opposed the formula on the grounds that it did not give equal air-time to all the parties, regardless of their size. It has been decided that the three community associations contesting the elections will be given a five-minute TV slot on Wednesday, November 18, as well as two radio slots of five' minutes each on the radio services of their choice during any of the Wednesday Election Billboard programmes. As well as the allocation of free air-time, the NBC will be covering one public rally of each contesting political party and one rally of each of the community associations. HUGE CAR CLEARANCE AUCTION Wednesday 11 November 17hOO hrs MOST WITHOUr RESERVE PRICES! do Independence A venue and Grimm Street Bank repossession - Company cars - private entries - sedans - ba~~kies - busses Pse note: Viewing: Terms: A securing deposit of RlOOO.OO is payable by prospective buyers. (Refundable if no purchases are made.). Day of Auction Cash or bankguaranteed cheques For further information please phone Auction Car Sales Windhoek or AUCTIONEER: Gerry Heij --~ ~

9 THE NAMIBIAN Friday November MI boss turned blind eye to CCB plots... Jerry's ".,- 1 :~I~ifjtl ACCRA: Jerry Rawlings,. who has ruled Ghana under a military regime for the past 11 years, has been elected ' head of state as' a. JOHANNESBURG: For- director Col Joe Verster in been charged with gauging civilian, the Intefuri NatlOruil mer Military Intelligence January 1990, but tliey CCB involvement in cer- Electoral Commission (MI) head Gen Rudolph denied knowledge of ecg, tain incidents and he had (!NEC) announced last niiht. "Witkop" Badenhorst had involvement in too incidents. done that. Asked about al- Rawlings, a 45-year-old not attempted to establish Lafer 'in hi~ " investigation legations of CCB involve- retired flight lieutenant, \Yon ' 'during an internal- investi- ' CCB agents had confirmed ment in the murder.of votes, onibout 58 gation of the CCB if the that the organisation was ' Nanlibi~ advocate ~ton percent,. according to results unit's senior officers were invojved in.., tbe.monitor- Lubows1d, he replied that from 199 of.the cou~try'.s '.,J~ :Yr r--~_';.? f Y~...,-_ involved in illeg;ll activi-. ipg-ohcl:!-~ Roland WIiite, he had spoken about the 200 constituencies. ties, too Rand Supreirte"'Cbiut f~, the ' nionitoring' cif. activist murder to SAP Gen Jaap Albert Adu-Boahen won. heard yesteroay..'..:. ~ :-,.. Gavili'Eyans with; a 'view t~ Joubert votes r,epresent-: Testifying before the i:it< J eiiminating - tiii.lj~ a pr?ject Gen Badenhorst had not '" ing 29,9 percent, ex-presiquest into!he May 1,!989; ":." t6 'el~minate la'!yerdlil!ah thought the CGB \vasin- ' dent Hilla Llmium had 266 shooting of academic Dr"" Omar-,.a bomb blastin Ath... volved as Lubowskfhad been 469 votes, or 6,6pereent: David Webste!:tbe' getl~ial;i~lonen.he, ilr0jecunv~i:\lirig, a vital sourc~ of informa- However, the leaders of said he had beep ati~fied4':' the, deli ~ry o.fa monkey.~ tion to MI. His death had the four opposition p~ies with his investigation. If(( ' > tootus to..the' hoilie 'of ~.: '. been a matter of concern to who stood against Rawlings' had. only wished to estab- - glican Art:hbishop Desmond ~ MI and had left a gap in National Democratic Conlish whether OrJ10t the or- - Totu... -".' their intelligence network gress (NDC) have threatganisation was involved in Gen Badenhorst cqn~ in Namibia, said the gen- ened to reject the outcome "certain alleged incidents", during cross-examination era!. Allegations that Lubow- if alleg~d poll irregularities including the murder of Or that he had never confronted ski was ever a spy have been are not sorted out before Webster. He had' initially Gen Wel:!b' or Col Verster. consistently denied in offici.u results are released. approached Civil Co-opeia~. with the fact that the allega- Namibia.," With ballots counted from tion Bureau chairman Gen. tions had been confirmed The inquest has been ad- 177 out ofthe 200 constitu- Eddie Webb and managing by agents. He said he had journeduntilnovemberl6.. encies, Analysts h$ld ex :.;...' ' pected ~awlings to come Hope fox~ Russians, held by Unita ~~~:::;!~~~~e~zili: vote in the first round of MOSCOW: It was hoped thatthehqstages'liveswere South Africa and we can elections. He needs 50 per that fifty-five Russian work- riot thieatened and that "on learn a valuable lesson from cent of the vote to avoid a ers- from a hydroelectric the ev~ning of November 5,. the tragic events there. The. run-off. station who were taken they perhaps will be reho;ge problem now is one of rec- As the results came in, two days ago in leased"..,.' :l f 1, AB bla~ w6ulcrbe c on,ciliation." ;' '. '.,'.'. ',,9Qaipnl!n,QHb,e,foUIi.qpPQS: j releaie(!( ~': f'! eai{,iille :; ;Hd '1 }JV$.~.., t- f F~".r ~. t ~. f ~ /, 'Y'ii -k,.l~...,~, '}Vhen the fighting had ing parties issued a joint..-...,.j t late last' night,' a Russian"" "SA' Miruster - of Foreign. started, the South AfriCaI} statement ;:' 00,- alleg~d I foreign miriistry spokesman Mfairs, Pile Botha, said Governrilent sent the naval "fraudulent manipulation" said yesterday. South Africa could learn a replenishment vessel, of the elections which they The 55 were seized, to: lesson from the tragic events Tafelberg, to the area to said could "bring about gether with 20 Brazilians, which occured in Angola. evacuate South African citi- political instability and at the Caplm<iadain by Unita' " ':Pr(JonastSavimbUe~~.~ zens. violence in Ghana.". troops, which fo'ught Ango- that \J1:uess'he and President. The ship was now in They called on.the Interlan security forces over the Dos Santos get together, toorr' WalvisBay.and"in.thelight. nim National 'Election, weekend. followers will get out of of the improved situation, it. Commission (INEC) to withhad Alexander Rosanov told hand," he said at a media been decided not to hold the publication of the a briefing that Unita leaders breifing. "There is a pafuful proceed to Luanda but to final results until their had given him "assurances' ~ use aircraft for this purpose. complaints had been probed. paral!el between Angola and Retaliation -inmoz threatens peace plan MAPUTO: Mter renewed fighting in breach of a ceasfire, Mozambicanrebelshavemet government representatives in the first session of a UNchaired peace monitoring commission. UN special representative to Mozambique, AIdo Ajello, opened the meeting on Wednesday with a strong call for an end to all military activity. The Control and Supervisory Commission (CSC) is fonned of government and Renamo delegations, with representatives of the OrganisationofAfrican Unity, France, Italy, Britain. the United States and Portugal. The ceasefire has been badly shaken by renewed fighting in the north of the country where Renamo seized four towns in mid-october. The government has now retaken all but one of these. ''If the principle of retaliation is accepted as a nonn" the entire peace process will be in danger." AjeUo warned, urging the government and Renamo to refer any complaint over ceasefire violations to "the appropriate commissions." He promised a "massive presence" of UN military observers "and maybe some troops." So far there are only 20 military observers in Mozambique, insufficient to carry out the UN's tasks, outlined in an October 4 peace agreement, 'of coordinating all troop movements and supervising the 49 assembly points where the. government and rebel forces are supposed to gather. Under a very tight timetable, government and rebel forces should have been in. assembly points by midnight on October 20,. but so far this movement ' has not even started. WOMAN OF PEACE... The 1992 Nobel.Peace Prize winner,rigoberta Menchu, speaks at a news conference on October 30. Menchu pleaded for the guerrillas and government of El Salvador to carry out their peace agreement. Photo: AFP. INTERNATIONAL WRAP-UP Major scrapes through LONDON: British Prime Miruster John Major managed a wafer-thin victory on Wednesday night over rebels in his Conservative Party who oppose a treaty on European union. _ His fragile majority of 21 over all the other parties combined in the 651~membe! House 'of Commons collapsed to just three in the vote to resubmit to Parliament a bill to ratify the treaty. ~ Major'S popularity ratings have hit a record low for any British leader since polling began in the 1940s. Even the once steadfastly pro-conservative British national newspapers have now turned on Major. "The question' that i~ being asked throughout the Tory party at the moment is, 'Is, the prime minister up to it?''' said MaX HastiQgs, editor oc:. London's Daily Telegraph..' Wit Wolf to meet Vlok " '" ~ PRETORIA: 'Barend'''Wft Wolf'. Stiydoin is' to meet SA- Correc'tionaI ServiCes'Minister AdrlaanVlok in Pretoria on ' Friday atvlok's request. A caller who ClaiJJ1ed to.l,e ~~ spokesman for the ultra right-wing group told Sapa the.~. talks would probably cen.ti'!! 'onth~ list ()f dejilands Strydotri issued to journalists on Monday at Strijdom Square; Pretoria, where he shot dead seven people in a racist massacre' ~ost four years a~o. _.:.....,': "" Trade war looms WASHINGTON: The Bush administration announced" yesterday that'it will impose retaliatory tariffs on French,' German and Italian.white wines and some other agricultural products. The action could stait a full-blown trade war between the United States and Europe... 0 ' " US Trade Representative Carla Hills announced: the : action - which also covers wheat gluten and grape seed, ' colza and mustard oils - in. response to failure of the" European Community to lower subsidies on its own oil seed. exports. ".. - Hills also release<! a list 9f other European productspn" which the United States is considering imposing additional J duties if negotiations with the EC "failed to result in, : adequate reform." '".. '~'-,.,.~., -,. ;,:' t~"' ~~T:' ~ "~W~iIi -l :ii';~i."'~h" '''': P'; <I'I' ~:~,::'t~;,~:~:~~~:' '...,, ~t:i~(i ~' ~ _ ~<?Ii"~fl,~ c. :~U,~. ;"'~~ ~:' DUBLIN: Irish Prinie Munster Albert'ReYr!olds 'lost it ~~t~ : of confidence in Parliament yestel'~y,: paving th~ w~y fqi '.' cl national election expected to be held at the' end of the. month... ~....> ".,.., ReYt!olds blamed the small P,rogiessive'Democrat party,, his former partners m the 'govenung ~oa:htion: fodorc.lq,g. an election. '. Smoking~akes history HA V A..."'lA; Cuba, producer of world-famous hand-rolled cigars, has launched a new line to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of tobacco-smoking in the Americas by Spanish explorers. The new line of luxury cigars, named" 1492", was presented to international cigar buyers and connoisseurs in Havana on Wednesday by the ' state tobacco company Cubatabaco. Historians say November 4, 1492, was the day when Rodrigo de Xerez and Luis de Torres, two Spaniards who had sailed with Christopher Columbus on his voyage of discovery, first saw local Taino Indians smoking twisted rolls of tobacco near Gibara in north-eastern Cuba. World in need of water MANILA: AbOut 1 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water and governments must quadruple investment in delivery systems to avoid a worldwide water shortage, the Asian Development Bank said yesterday. The international bank blamed the shortage on urbanization and growth in the world's population. In a report, the badk said 25 countries face chronic water shortages and the number could grow to 90 by the next century unless measures are taken to improve the situation. Hope for nuke reductions MOSCOW: Russian President Boris Yeltsin has invited US President-elect Bill Clinton to a summit meeting to discuss substantial new cuts in the two nations' strategic nuclear arsenals, Interfax news agency reported yesterday. Deputy Foreign Minister Georgy Mamedov said the Russian president would propose "new and substantial" * Reports from Agence France-Presse. Sapa, and Associated Press '..'

10 10' Frjday November THENAMIBIAN I Market round-up Here is how major stock markets outside the United States ended yesterday: 10HANNESBURG: The new United States administration LONDON - Shares closed under Bill Clinton is likely to take a tougher stance on the lower after weak results from need for political progress in South Africa by delaying the key stock ICI highlighted further normalisation of bi-lateral relations, according to the gloomy state ofthe Britthe South African Chamber of Business. ish economy.. Sacobexpressedon Wednesday, after Democrat Clinton The FI'SE 100 index fell was the victor in the US presidential elections, a gloomy 8.1 points to 2,642.3, after 9utlook for the speedy lifting of existing US sanctions dipping to 2,628.2 after ICI against South Africa. said its third quarter pre-tax "The remaining US sanctions at state and city level may profit had more than halved take Ibnger to be phased out and there may be an insistence FRANKFURT - Worries on their replacement by stringent investment codes for US about higher German taxes, business investing in South Africa," Sacob said. waning optimism about a Executive director of the American Chamber of Com- near-term cut in key Bunmerce Michelle Cohen concurred with Sacob's view point. desbank interest rates and The new US government, set to take over the reigns from another round of gloomy George Bush on January 20 next year, would defer invest- forecasts forcompanyprofment and economic aid to South Africa until an interim its battered German share government was in place and an environment receptive to prices. foreign business was created, she said Selling, in particular from But Coren said South Africa would not be a key priority abroad, and a la~ of buyers of "the 'incoming US administratioii"as it was turning m- pushed the blue chip DAx. wards to focus on its own domestic problems.. index below 1 ;500 points to '\'They (the US) 'are 'looking at concentrating and' devel~ ' a Lr pe~r cent rower close at. opihg 'their, own infrastructure... Clinton wants to turn 1, :.. ' arbund the ReaganomlcSll(at' s beeri-iniplace-fortbe las~ 12 PARIS - Poorproflt reports. years," she said.,.,,: anda.growing view thatthe Sacob also expected Clinton to have other crucial domes- market nad. run abead of tic' concerns, such as re-stimulating the American econ- ' itself in expecting Germar;t omy. rates to fall knocked more Sacob and Cohen believed the new US government than one per cent off blue would also hinder South Africa's early access' to the pro- chip Prices. grammes and lending of the International Monetary Fund The CAC-40 index fmished. and World Bank. ' ' points; or 1.09 per However"OPIC (the Washington-based Overseas Pri- cent, lower at 1, in vate Investment Corporation), the IMF and the World Bank moderate trading. are all here, and once an interim government is in place aid ZURICH - Swiss shares - and investment will be forthcoming," Cohen said. closed a moderately active REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA TENDERS TREASURY BILLS Tenders are invited for 91 day treasury bills to be dated 19 November 1992 due 18 February 1993 for minimum RIO and in multiples of RIO 000,00. Bids will close at WhOO on Tuesday, 17 November Payment is to be made by tohoo on Thursday, 19 November The price per cent offered must be in multiples of one cent. session slightly lower. Dealers said weak share prices in Frankfurt dampened sentiment as the market continued to consolidate on a broad front. The broad SPI index fell 2.4 points to 1, The SMI index of leading shares lost four points to 1, TOKYO- Stocks slipped and the 225-share Nikkei average fell below 17,000 for the first time in seven trading days. The average ended down 130;70 points or 0.77 per cent to 16, HONG KONG - Shares closed slightly weaker after a day of moderate fluctuations but the market largely s,hrugge~ ~ffthe latest Sino- British dispute over 'Hong Kong's democratic development, brokers said. The Hang Seng Index finished 9.48 points, or 0.15 per cent, lower at 6, after closing the morning up points. SYDNEY - Shares closed virtually unchanged after high turnover and rangebound afternoon trading in the shadow of an uncertain Australian dollar. The All Ordinaries index JOHANNESBURG - Demand for quality industrial shares at lower levels helped underpin the market in active trading, with the overall index rising seven points to 3,017. The industrial index finished 16 points up at4,016. Golds traded actively but some of the prices eased. Dealers said they attracted demand on New York reports that South African gold shares were cheap. The gold index lost finished 0.5 lower at 1, five points to 816. ' Oil price - :"t,_. China sends late congrats BEUING: China'sagi~gleaders, whom US, President~elect Clinton once called tyrants" sent bela~ed congratulations yesterday. on his victory, and expressed willingness to improve relations.,. US-China relations are already in their worst state in years because of disputes over human rights, weapons proliferation, trade barriers and, most recently, a US contract to sell F-16 fighter planes to Taiwan. Clinton prompts UK worry LONDON: President-elect Bill Clinton's campaign pledge to send a peace envoy to Northern Ireland was recalled with unease in Britain on Wednesday, but Prime Minis-, ter John Major heralded his victory. The British government is also concerned over Clinton' s campaign promise to remove China's most favoured nation trading status, said a senior aide to Major. Stripping China of its trade status would cause immense problems for Britain, which, has sensitive relations with the communist. giant over Hong Kong, the official said. Israel loses payout case JERUSALEM: The Israeli government has been ordered to pay more than Crude oil futures prices (dollars per barrel) at 1800 GMT yesterday:!pe BRENT CRUDE (DEC) October 29 $19.59 October 28 (close), $19.90 NEW YORK LIGHT CRUDE (OEC) October 29 $20. i8 Oct()ber 28 (clp,se),i $21.12., 'I.. '>. dollars in damages to,the family of an ~.,unarmed Palestinian lcllledby'army undercover _agents and another Palestini;m wounded in the same incident: The case., which could set a precedent for similar actions, involved a 198 incident in ' which soldiers in' civilian clothes'pursuedand fired on Palestinians in the village of Tamu'nin the occupied West Bank, - Bank's economic gloom HARARE: Zimbabwe's economy is still reeling from the effects of a recession fuelled by soaring interest fates, high government expenditure and negative consump- lion and investment patterns, the First Merchant Bank said in its latest quarterly economic review. Troops try to stop fighting MOSCOW: Russian troops entered several villages in North Ossetia early yesterday to disarm ethnic Ossetian and Ingush militants fighting a bloody territorial dispute in the Caucasus Mountains, IT AR-Tass reported The move came one day after journalists witnessed heavily armed Ossetians attack an IngLsh village, forcing its residents to flee. The Ossetians "walked in a chain formation, firing all the time," said free-lance TJhotographer Anatoly Morkovin, who was.vith the militants. "The intensity of the ~hooting was very high. Tenders are to be submitted to Bank of Namibia, Operations Department, on the SUbscription forms available from the Bank. Any enquiries should be directed to: The Manager, Operations Department, Bank of Nambia, Tel. (061) FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MANAGER WINDHOEK This is a career opportunity for a seasoned manager to take control of tile Finance and Administration function in a multi-million rand market leader w ith branches throughout Namibia. -, strong financial. administrative and computer skills, ab'ility to":wo'rk at d s'enior mangement level and a regard for deadlines, are all absolute pre-requisites. The incumbent will be:e?<pected tq visit branches within Namibia from time to time.... Our client offers a remuneration package. aimed at the upper quartile Of the Namibian market, a company car",,.excellent Pension Fund and qssistance with relocation expenses., t ~ : "..,.>i ~~~~ ~t. :,~: '~;". ~ : ~ ~:~ :"'~-.: - ~~, ~. Written applications with ci~full c.v. and references'should be submitted to:- The Client Supervisor - Ref FAM GLH Recruitment PO Box Klein Windhoek.. WINDHOEK 9000 CLOSING 'OATE:20th November ~.~ " o~ -~~~~. MINISTRY OF LABOUR AND MANPOWER DEVELOPMENT ATTENTION ALL EMPLOYERS!! ~ \..... )f t.~ ~,e Ministry of Labour and Manpower Development Is C('nducting a ~tionwide Establishment Survey To Obtain Infonmitibn on Employent, Vacancies And Training Needs.. -,',.' ~,, o, bis Information Is Needed For Training And Employment Policy onnulation.,~;'j;. '; I!:Employers; Establishments As Well As Education And Training Institutions Threoughout Namibia Are a:i~,e9 trte'jiiies,~ion,aire,s To Fill. ese Statistics Are Collected In Collaboration With Central Statistical ffice Uhder The Statistics Act, No. 166 Of 1976.!J.~ :/ 1 lease Complete the Form and Rerum'To The MinistrY Of Labour And anpower Development As Soon As Possible.. YOUR CO-OPERaTION IS HEREBY EEING SOUGHT... -' -. ' -"" ~,I.,

11 THE NAMIBIAN Friday November By BLEEDING HEART I HA VB been donning my most funereal black outfits. all week (a two-piece black lace sex kitten number) to mark the passing of one of the most celebrated politicians of our time. One of the most intelligent and incisive figures ever to grace the American political stage. has gone from our midst. A hero to millions of impoverished and struggling people around the world has joined the pantheon of god-like geniuses now departed US citizens in Namibia were seen openly weeping in the streets outside the Sanlam building-as news of the great man's demise OOlke in 100 early hours ofwe<klesday morning. Even the heavens opened and the rain fell in a cosmic outpouring of grief for the fall of the great leader from the dizzy heights of US public office. Yes Dan Quayle is dead.. Or at least politically six feet under after Americans voted in their millions for radical Marxist revolutionary Bill Clinton and his deputy the ' green guerrilla' AI Gore..- :... Most werriett by_,the.,.] Danforth's untimely departure are thousands of political commentators arouro the world who hav:e depended on Quayle' s stunning wit and intelligence for the only glimpse of humour in their columns. Their anxieties have been deepened by the fact that Quayle's successor - the vating in unison when they A god-like genius departs read of a RI m.illion beanfeast to mark the ascension of Piet Kat (as,she paper so wittily calls him). Visions of endless tables packed with all kinds of (plus the secret life of the Cocktail Set) succulent dainties, roast meats, caviar, and the best anarcho-syndicalist Gore - seems to be able to string some relatively profound words together and it has been scientifically proven them are a strange breed. They move in packs fol lowing the scent of a par ticularly good year of cab ernet sauvignon. Once this diplomat is fully accepted within the pack. Once within the Set it is important to recognise the social heirarchy that operates leave your original conversation mate feeling like sh.t takes months of practice. As usual, within any primitive society there are vari vino money can buy flashed' before the eyes ofthe Set as they basked by their diplomatic swimming pools on Sunday morning. he can spell 'potatoe'. is located the pack gathers beneath the surface ous taboos which should be What a pity the whole story Leader of the Quayle fan. for a communal ritual usuclup image of equality. This respected. For example has now been denied by the in Namibia, Mishake- ally known as the National means that you must choose never invite the Palestinian blessed Vice-Chancellor. Muyongo,ledthemourners Day or Independence Day. the correct conversation representative and don't There have to be at least in their grief as he will no The more adept members partners during the ritual. even mention the Libyans six ritual receptions a week longer be able to send ab- of the Set have developed For example, the more to the US or British diplomats otherwise the Set go into a surd memorandums which advanced skills in juggling, powerful the nation the as they are likely to state of catatonic boredom: he thought the veep might through which they manhave diplomat represents 100 more choke OD their hors d' oeuvre Life is so hard for the poor been stupid enough to age to eat from a large plate you buddy up to them. causing a very embarrass dears as there is so very believe (J Danforth was not of roastbeef whilst holding Similarly government ministers ing scene. little to do in Windhoek - no- convinced as he thought it a goblet of wine and at the should be targeted for There are also outcast opera and not even a good ' was a letter from the'other same time gliding effort- a pleasant chat above more members of the group such war or regular riot. It's DT A- the Delaware Tur- lessly through crowds of lowly officials or, God-forbid, as the South African repre common knowledge that nip-growers' Association). people nodding apprecia- journalists., sentative. However, the being posted to Windhoek I'm sure the election loss tively and shaking the hands. The art of the 'graceful ability to provide a damn is listed only slightly above will only be a temporary You can always tell a getaway' is one of the most good feed and abundant being sent to the Antarcq, blow to Dan' s ambitions to novice at these National Day advanced skills of the species. alcohol usually enables the for diplomatic action zones. one day rule the world In rites as they usually have This is necessary when Set members to overcome So don't blame the poor view of a present vacancy food spattered over their shirt you spy out of the corner of any hesitation over another things for spending the in Windhoek, perhaps a and tie and a wine stain on your eye someone vastly country's ideology or repressive equivalent of a Falcon jet diplomatic posting is in the their trousers. In fact it can more important than the practices. every week on their enter offing. be quite dangerous engag- low life you are currently The front page of a certain tainment budgets - just try I'm sure 100 ex-veep would ing in small talk with a novice speaking to. Engineering a Sunday newspaper to get on their invited guests soon find a place in the hearts as you are quite likely to departure which does not reportedly had the Set sali- list. of Windhoek's diplomatic find half-chewed sausage -cocktail set. Imagine being ~.. bits landing iti yeur"face''as ~... ' iiii " ~_ iio ' ~'ii. '- ";-" iii ~ ~ _..._ ; able to listen to all those you try to discuss which Switch - on juicy titbits about Iran- plants are doing best in your Contragate, Saddamgate, diplomatic garden this year. DTAgate (and all the other Developing the art of gates we don't know about, speaking and talking at the but are bound to slip out same time is one of the first soon) as you tuck into your tricks of the diplomatic trade. capers and sip your cham- Experienced members of the pagne. Set say it takes years to. The Diplomatic Cocktail master the necessary social to the Set for those who don't know and juggling skills before a elections.;, VACANCIES Tsumeb Corporation Limited has attractive vacancies for Namibian Citizens or citizens who have a permanent residence permit for DIESEL MECHANICS, ELECTRICIANS, FITTERS, BOILERMAKERS; REQUIREMENTS: ARTISANS Applicant has to be In possession of: - A recognisecllrade test certificate (Red Seal Diploma) - Light vehicle driver's licence. SALARY AND FRINGE BENERTS A competitive salary 13th cheque Free, unfurnished married accommodation, or furnished single accommodation at a nominal service charge Water and electricity subsidies 31 working days leave per annum (+1-6 calendar weeks) Excellent sporting facilities Medical Aid Pension Scheme Relocation expenses will be paid according to a standard tariff. -. \ Free furniture removal for mairled employees - METHOD OF APPLICATION Interviews win be conducted at the Continental Hotel Windhoek by Mr I Geldenhuys on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th November 1992 from 08:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 16:00. - Applicants '!Ius.t have in their possession documentary proof of their citizenship, qualifications, experience plus two objective references... OR Send in your full written application to: MR I GELDENHUYS, OTJIHASE MINE, PO BOX 24n, 9000, WINDHOEK, TEL: _News _ Information _ Voter education... only on ' NBC Radio/TV -Informing the Nation

12 12 Friday November THE NAMIBIAN _ Simion Iivula a fumbikwa pombathi Omushiwikilenawa gwomo Henties Bay nomukali kwali gwomomukunda Ombathi mombalantu Simion Ephraim Iivula 46 nokwa kala ha longo moshikondo shomeya mohenties Bay okwa manena oondjenda moshipangelo sha Winduka eti konima wuuvu wethimbo. Nakusa Simion ngoka, a fumbikilwe nale nokuli eti momukunda gwawo Ombathi mombalantu okuzilila moshikulugumbo sha tate gwe mombathi tuu moka. omumwayinamati gwa Hefolo Pendukeni Ithana ngoka e li Oministeli y Aagundjuka nomaudhano nomonamati wo kwali gwa tatekulu nakusa Ephraim Iivula na kuku Hagar Iivula mboka ya dhipagelwe kuwalye mu A mli 1981 thimbo lyiita 'We liuehy announce tfie tfeatn of our 6e1cve4 rrwtlier.!j6u igani ''DitOiU' XPtjitua JWses '.Born: '1Jid: !Funeral: god neuis yqu in!jfe4vm an4 we foul comfort in tnat. '.NJst in peau mommy.!from yqur cniurm: 'Eiufrut{, #J{p.tsm, 'Dansi4 / /1fa6oes an4 'Bet~. yekondjelomanguluko popepi negumbo lyawo momukunda Ombathi mombalantu. Pethimbo lyoshituthifumbiko shika, Hefolo Pendukeni Ifhana. okwa li a popi nomuthindo nonoluhodhi olunene shi na sha nedhipago lyaavali yawo ndjoka sigo. okonena ndjika inali yela nawa nande. Oministeli Ithana okwa lombwela aalilasa moshikulugumbo moka kutya, epya moka tamu lililwa Simion.olya kokolwapo ku tale na merne gwawo na omo ya kala moka noyana ye li yahetatu. Manga ye li kombanda oya uva kutya aakuluntu yawo oya dhipagwa po kuwalye. Oministeli oya tsikila ko tayi ti kutya, sho ya galuka oya kala nokuuva oma- hokololo ogendji ge na sha neso lyaavali yawo. Oshinima shotango osho shoka kutya, Aavali yawo sho ya dhipagwa omidhimba dhawo kadhi shiwike kutya odha ka fumbikwa nenge odha ka ekelwahi peni, na okulye. Okwa li wo kwa gandjwa elombwelo kutya anuwa inaya lilwa. Okudhipagwa anuwa oya dhipagwa kaakwiita yoswapo. "Aakwiita yosw APO otaya vulu ngiini okudhipaga aavali yetu, nge, sho twa uva nawa lela, oyo ya kala aakwatheli aanene' yaakondjelimanguluko pomukunda mpaka? Meme Ithana ta pula. Kombinga yepya lyaakuluntu ye, meme Ithana okwa ti kutya, aavali ye sho ya dhipagwa, olya kala ashike lya ethiwa li li ngaaka nolwopemanguluko lwaampaka olya kuthwa po kwaangoka e li mo ngashiingeyi, nonande a tseya kutya oonakuvalwa opo ye li. "Tse otwa galuka na otwa hala egumbo lyaakuluntu yetu". Hefolo Ithana ta lombwele. "Oshinima shoka sha lya aavali yetu nasho otwa hala oku shi tseya, oshowo mpoka ya fumbikwa nenge ya ekelwahi nelele taya lika po koodhila dhokegulu, otwa hala okutseya po". Oministeli tayi lombwele nokwiindila omanga tayi gwitha omahodhi nokumwena po manga. Pehulilo Oministeli oya pandula mwene gwoshitopolwa shambalantu Elenga enene Oswin Mukulu omolu eyambidhidho ndjoka a li a gandja kaakwiivula pethimbo lyoosa dha Simion Oministeli oya pandula wo tategona gwawo Lisias Iivula ngoka e ya kefumbiko lyomona okuza kongandjera.. Oshituthifumbiko shoka sha li sha wilikwa ku meme Mwetulamba Shingenge osha li sha kalwa kaanenentu ya za koombinga dhi ili nodhi ili mwa kwatelwa tate Joe Ithana, omusamane. gwa Hefolo Pendukeni. Euvitho neyapulo lyomudhimba olya li Iya ningwa komusitagongalo gwokeengolo tate Joel Alweendo ngoka a li a ningi ekumagidho kutya Oshigwana Oshikriste oshi na okukala tashi mono omaudhigu nomahepeko, shimwe ashike oshi na okukala oshiidhidhimiki. Nakusa Sinlion Iivula okwa thiga ko omukulukadhi gwe meme Ivula noyana. Pwilikina Komahoololo e Onkundana e Noma wuyele le e Okuhonga ovahoololi... tno NBC radio WO InO TV Okushiivifila Oshiwana EENGOBE dihapu osho tadi mono ouxuna ngaha koshikukuta peenhele di liii naku liii moshilongo. Ngeenge odula oya loko nawa dimwe domeengobe edi otadi ka xupa ngaho hewa. Peenhele dihapu opa kundanwa omuloka muwa moule womafiku avali a dja ko. Bush a -kana mehoololo WASHINGTON: OSHlLYO shongudu yopaudemocrat tashi ningi omupresidende yopaude.mokoli moamerika, Billy Clinton, konima yeedula 12 paife. ongula yetitatu okwa denga George Bush Eedula adishe 12 da pit a eumbo li toka ola imwe nopedu mehoololo lopaupresidende kala ashike tali pangelwa kongudu yorepub- 010 la ningilwe moshilongo osho. liean party, omo Bush nooreagan ve Ii oilyo. Efindano laclinto ola kala la teelelwa Ovanhu vahapu ova pandula eshi Bush ina kuvahapu, shaashi peftmbo loikonga yoma- findanavali mehoololo, shaashi ounyuni owa hoololo, okwa kala nokupopya oinima ihapu kala we mu handukila, unene tuu molwomutai tomo Bush.. landu wokulidopa moilongo yavakwao, ngaashi Clinto okwa holola nale kutya ngeenge a i.. mopanama nomojraq omu e Ire lidengele odula koshipundi otapa ka holoka omalunduluko ya djako.. manenemoamerikaoshoyomomakwatafano Amerika oye natango a kala omuyambidid aye noilongo yopondje. wehangano lovanamapove launita moangola, Omupresidende wanamibia, SamNujoma, 010 nokuli paife la tula vali oshilongo metiko okwa tuma eembapila domahaleloyambeko lohonde eshi la tamekulula vali oita konima kuclinto oshoyo k:unak:ukana mehoololo Bush. yekano mehoololo laaveshe 010 la li mepa- Ta pandula Bush na Clinto eshi va longifa.. shuldlo loiwanahangano. oudemokoli peftmbo loikonga yomahoololo. ' Clinton okwa popya nale kutya ye ngeenge Bush natango okwa pandulwa eshi a tambula a findana itaka tuma nande ovakwaita vaye. ko nomwenyo waye ekano laye.. koshilongo shi lili, ndele otaka kala ashike Clinton oye umupresidende omuti-42 nokuyambulapo Amerika novanhu valo. waarnl:rika noye oshilyo shotete' sho

13 THE NAMIBIAN Friday November Al\Dasikola aasimanekwa A kith.. k I th,, omahanganq gopaumwene oshinima shokuhepitha anasl 0 a e enlll 0 la.. gasponsoreomaudhanogi ethimbo nokulongitha ili nogi ili. iikolitha kaailongi moo- Shi na sha netopoko sikola shi mone ehulilo kondjoko yuukoloni, onkee onakuyiwa oye ku tegelela, nomithigululwakalo na ya kale haya leshil monanso, aailongi mbaka. moompadhi oontalala, yo Bee natu koodjitheni oodjoko omanga Aakwanamibia otaya ka kembadhala opo iileshomwa yoshiingilisa oya indila aailongi ayehe aailongi taya kala ashike yi ' yodhino noyoluhepo". aakweni m Uuministry ye shi kolekele po. nokupwaakena kooradio yomoshilongo, ya leshe itula mo miilongwa yawo Udjombala ta lombwele. welongo nomithigulul- Aanasikola oya pula opo nootv. nawa Ekotampango nelalakano lyokukapita Okwatsikilakotatikutya, wakalo taye mu hiya mu Uuministeli welongo Oyapulawo kutyaaana- lyonanso opo yaa tule omakonaakono gawo kehu- ayihe mbika otayi ka vulika kaninge AA WILIKI nom i t h i g u I u I w ak a 10 sikola ya takamithe omaliko mumwe iinima yelongo lilolyomumvo. ashike ngele aailongi taya YOKOMONGULA". oshowoiikondombyokaya goosikola nokulongela nopolitika. Dhika odha popilwe ka tokola otoko okulunc:blula Udjombala ta tsu omukumo. pamba Elongo, yi tulepo kumwe nuukomitiye. Kombinga yomahogololo komutaleli gwomihandjo omikalo dhoka dhakwiihum- Moshigongi osho tun shika oondjilaulikilo/guidance mo womoohostela. gopaitopolwa nomithi ~ul - omusamane Josia Udjom- hata wafa kushi omwiilongi, shiikalekelwa shonanso High Primary and Secon- Kombinga yomaudhano ulwakalo, aailongi oya pula balapethimboalitapopitha notaya ka kala ye na yoko Far North, shaningilwe dary Schools. gi ili nogi ili ngoka ga kala aanasikola mboka ye na oshigongi shiikalekelwa sho odisipline nota ya longo eti 9 sigo 11 lya Octoba Kombinga yelaka noge li natango ga uuthemba wokuhogolola ya Nanso moseko ya Gabriel nuudhiginini noneitulomo. omvula ndjika, ONANSO lyoshiingilisa ndjoka ta li dhinika,aanasikola oya pula kahogolole. Taapopi omasiku ga ziko. pauwike nenge paungundu. oya li ya pandula ashihe e~ tall shokola moosikola. Uuministeli womaudhano Oshigongi osha 1i sha Udjombala ta lombwele "Esiku epe lyoye ongomu- shoka sha ningwa po dhomoshitopolwa, aana- wu yambulepo omaudhano. wilikwa komunashipundi, aailongi kutya, oshiniina longwa olya thika, ' kuuministeli welongo sikolaoyaindilaaanasikola ngashi tashi vulika, go Hangula Mord~kai. shokunyenyeta nuunima r ~ uushonashona ngashi, omongwa omushona miikulya nosho tuu, hayo nande ya gwana okuhepitha ethimbo lyomwiilongi li na ondilo ngeyi. "N ande nee pu na omaupyakadhi gontumba haga holoka po, onawa aailongi ya longithe oompito dhuuka dhoka dha tulwapo okuga kandulapo shi vule sho ta ya ethapo ootwxli nokukembadhala oku ga kandulapo'nomikalo dhi Hi dhoka tadhi hepeke ethimbo lyeilongo lyawo". Udjombala ta lombwele. "Ethimbo lyokukutbako lld1ma. paputuko nopamukalo omwaanawa nokulongitba ethimbo meilongo lyoye, shoka osho sna simana noonkondo, olya thika". Udjombala okwa lombwela kutya aanasikola oya pumbwa ya kale ye na odisipline ombwanawa notaye yi ulike apehe mpoka ye li. "Otwa kondjeni nokuwina ndele tatu moneni emanguluko. lyetu okuza ko Ovatomba. mavamona Oikulya yoshikukuta OKALIMO vomomukunda Etomba moukwanyama otu na omapulo hatu pula kombinga yoikulya yoshikukuta shaa shl katu wete kutya oikulya ei otai ende ngahelipi. She eedalele dometomba ndele katu wete kutya oshikukuta metomba otashi havalwa koolye. Hano 001- yelye ve na eefelo ilo epitiko lokuhavala oikulya yoshikukutametomba? Fye otwa shangelwe ndele inatu mona kutya omadina etu okwa yukifwa peni. Onda ile pomukulunhu umwe ndele handi mu pula kutya omolwashike ovanbu itava havala oikulya yoshikukuta momukunda wetu hano. Okwa nyamukula nge kutya oikulya yoshikukuta otai havalwa ashike kwaava hava nangele ondjala. Eshl oshoshlhngoo? Epulo eh onde H ukifa kepangelo oko hakudi oikulya yoshlkukuta.. Tangi unene eshi Ovatomba tava mono enyamukulo moshinima eshl. ~ur7500 purchase this Chest Freezer! ~ R10000 whenyou, purchase this Fridge! ocean m ---= DOUBLE DOOR REFRIGERATOR Automatic defrost in refrigerator section. 4 Star freezer rating. Adjustable shelves. Rust-proof galvanised construction. Door storage holds two litre bottles Defrost drain facility. On ().J!+ 1"'ffi I,,".., ""'" 0000;09

14 14 Friday November THE NAMIBIAN Diergaardt voer iets in die moll BEWERINGS dat 'n inter- nie. dik teen die hou van verki- Kerf 'n tang stok vir die wiet Regterpresident Strydom, esings in Rehoboth deur 'n voormalige Voorsitter van plaaslike prokureursfirma vertraag. Namibiese Grondwet. die Atbakeningskommissie voorberei word in opdrag Volgens bronne is verskeie HuUe redeneer dat 'n en huidige Voorsitter van van Hans Diergaardt is gis- opdragte aan Naude gegee aanval op mindere wetge- die Verkiesingskommissie, ter n6g ontken n6g erken. deur Diergaardt en het hy wing wat deur die betrokke se niks kan Diergaardt ver- Diergaardt se regverteen- na bewering 'n advokaat skedule moontlik gemaak hoedomso'naksieteneem woordiger, Abe Naude, van Olivier genaderom die saak is implisiet 'n ericenning van nie. die firma Weder, Krugeren te verdedig. die skedule mag As 'n burger van die land Hartmann, het geweier om Olivier is nie bekend in teweegbring. Indien die is hy geregtig daarop en die enige kommentaar oor die Namibi~ nie en mag moont- skedule suksesvol beveg kan howe sal daaroor moet saak te lewer. lik van Suid-Afrika wees. word sal dit alle anderwette besluit. Dit kan die verkies- ~ronne beweer Diergaardt Sy identiteit, betrokkenheid wat daarop gegrond is van ing beynvloed, se die regterhetopdragaannaudegegee of nie, kon nie met Naude nul en gener waarde maak. president, maar dit is beter om op 28 November, kort uitgeklaar word nie weens 'nsuksesvolleaansoekin om te wag en te sien. voor die verkiesings,'n die weiering om kommen- die howe kan 'ningrypende Skedule 5 van die gronddringende versoek in die taar te lewer. effek het op die hou van wet bepaal dat alle ver- Namibiese howe te bring Regskenners kon gister verkiesings in die Khomas antwoordelikhede en eienwat die hou van verkiesings slegs spekuleer oor wat die en Hardap streke aangesien domme wat voorheen in die in Rehoboth sal betwis. doel v'an die aksie sal wees hul atbakening daardeur hande van enige vonn van Diergaardt het gister wanneer dit voor die howe beynvloed word en dit nie regering in Namibie, inslugeweier om kommentaar te gebring word maar was eens moontlik is om ' n verkies- itende die,regering van lewer en volstaan dat hy dat dit in alle waar- ing te hou in 'n gebied Rehoboth, was sedert verskeie opdragte aan Naude skynlikheid gemik sal wees waarvan die afbakening nog onafhanklikheid by die gegee het. Hy het enige :p_S_k_e_d_u_Ie 5_v_an di_' e--=~in_'n=-h_o_fs_a_ak be_tw_ls_ ' _W_Of_d N_am_ib_i_e_sere_g_enn_' gbe_ru_s_..., navrae oor die aaogeleen- 1heid na sy regsverteenwoordiger verwys..,'" Indien Diergaardt se aan- WRP verwerp. min lugtyd, soek op so 'n laat stadium voor die verkiesings kan slaag kan dit ingrypende gevolge he vir die hou van DIE Workers Revolution "ary Party het beswaar gemaak teen die toekenning ten verliese van ander politieke partye en gemeenskapsorganisasies. inwoners van Nalnibie wil hoor. Diegene wat hierdie onregverdige verkiesings in die land as van minder as twee minute Die verldaring deur Hewat toekennings geheel en spesifiek in die op nasionale televisie. vir Beukes se dit gaan nie oor Khomas en Hardap streke hu1 verkiesingsveldtog. wie meer of minder kandidate benoem het nie maar waarvan Rehoboth in tenne Die WRP se hune is teen van die delimitasie, van die disproporsionele toekenning van kyktyd aan par waaroor die meerderheid oor demokratiese kwessies Namibie deel uitmaak. Dit kan die hou van verkiesings tye soos Swapo en die DT A Skakel-in vir die verkiesings enuus e Inligting e Opvoeding van kiesers... net op NBC Radio/TV Lig die inwoners in gemaak het poog om daardeur die demokratiese regte van die Namibiese bevolking te onderdruk daarom eis die WRP 45 minute op televisie en 1,5 uur op radio vir elke party e9 gemeeqsk~organisasi~.~ Die WRP maak verder bekend dat dit 'n perskonferensie reel om hierdie onregverdige verdeling van kyktyd te bespreek. Die NBC het oolangs riglyne uitgereik oor die wyse waarop kyktyd aan politieke part ye toegestaan sal word. In 'n verklaring het die korporasie gese dit voorsien probleme wanneer dit kom by die hoeveelheid uitsaaityd wat aan die verskillende partye toegestaan moet word en het besluit om nie bet~de advertensies van part ye te gebruik nie. Hierdie besluit is geneem' om nie die part ye met baie geld en wat meer advertensies kan koop te bevoordeel nie. Daarom is besluit om ' n totaal van 250 minute op alle radiodienste en 50 minute op televisie weekliks uit te sit vir partye wat hul standpunte wil bekend maak. Hietdie tyd sal proporsioneel volgens hul aantal kandidate aan die partye beskikbaar gestel word. Groepe wat die meeste kandidate aanwys sal meer tyd kry. Dit sal nie m09ntlik wees om alle belanghebbendes tevrede te stel ten opsigte van die hoeveelheid lugtyd wat toegestaan word nie en tot tyd en wyl terugvoering van die partye ontvang is word proporsionele toekenning beskou as die mees regverdige onder omstandighede. 'n Fiets, is 'n fiets 'n LESING deur Ombudsman, Fanuel Kozonguizi, oor die Beginsels van Verkiesingsverantwoordelikbede, Woensdag, by die akademie, bet interessante sienings oor die saak opgelewer en weereens bewys die spreker het as politikus en regskenner diep en belder insigte oor die konsep demokrasie ontwikk~1. Veral die oproep tot verantwoording deur politieke part ye is 'n saa~_wat lank reeds aaogespreek beboort te wees, reeds aangespreek en weer aangespreek sal m~t word" veral as daar na die rekords van Namibiese politieke partye gekyk moet word., Namibiese party het daarvoor bekend geword dat bul kort voor 'n verkiesing soos paddastoele verrys en woeker en weer na die verkiesing in 'n diepe slaap wegsink. Daar kan baie daarop verbeter word.. 'n Vraagstuk wat opgekom bet tydens die lesing is: ''Waar l~ die morele verantwoordelikbeid om inwoners op te voed en inte IIg oor die werkinge van die demokrasie. Die Ombudsman bet aangevoer dit I~ prim~r by die poiitieke partye en verder die weg oopgelaat vir ander instansies wat ook daarby betrokke wo raak. Daar kan geen probleme met so 'n standpunt ondervind word nie behalwe miskien 'n paar bedenkinkies oor die praxis daarvan, gesien in die lig van die ' rekords van poiitieke part ye, en moontlik 'n ietwat pragmatiese siening van die behoeftes van inwoners. Daar bestaan 'n beboefte om inwoners in te lig oor die demokrasie, daaroor bestaan daar geen twyfel nie. Dit is verder die pjig van politieke part ye om..dit te doen, ook geen twyfel nie. Indien die praktiese situasie in ag geneem word laat dit, ons--jnet twee.opsies. OIls, stllit is' die.:"ej!ailtwootd el lkhei(ft ~:: '!e' van politieke partye en basta, 'maak nie saak wat bul doen Die of and er instansies gryp in om die situasie te red. Albei opsies bou natuurlik weei' gevare in, maar dit eenkan t gelaat. Die platform by die akademie bet aan die Ombudsman beboort maar dit sou miskien Die onvanpas wees om bier ' n verdere mening oor die demokrasie te stel nie. Indien ons tussen die twee opsies moes kies sou ek, met omstandigbede in Namibie in ag geneem, die tweede eeo neem, naamlik om inwoners deur die een of and er instelling in te lig oor die demokrasie. Hierdie standpunt is gebore uit die oortuiging dat die poiitieke verskynsel, Demokrasie, slegs berkenbaar is vanwee 'n paar uitsluitlike kenmerke wat dit onderskei en waaroor konsensus bereik kan word. Miskien loop ek die gevaar van oorvereenvoudiging maar wu se dit is amper soos 'n fiets. 'n Fiets, is 'n fiets vir Swapo, DTA, UDF, NNF, NPF en ACN. Dit is 'n raamwerk, gewoonlik van staal of bout, met ofsonder 'n sitplek, vir een of me er persone, met ten minste een wiel, in die meeste gevalle twee wiele, kan pedaalaangedrewe wees, met 'n ketting, bandvatsels om mee te stuur ensovoorts, ensovoorts. Dit is nie om u intelligensie te onderskat nie maar om die argument toeganklik te maak vir a1mal. Ek weet bierdie tipe redenasie kan tot oneindige onsionigbeid lei en later 'n mens beel deurmekaar maak. Veral as iemand verbykom wat nie weet wat 'n wiel is nie maar togwu weetwat 'n fiets is, 6findien ons ditverder wu verfyn en onfeubaar wu maak deur te se wat is 'n 'n raamwerk, wat is staal, bout, 'n sitplek, ensovoorts, ensovoorts. Die poging is egter om die punt te maak en nie om in onsinnigheid te verval nie. Politieke partye kan voorafkonsensus bereik oorwat bul as die essensies van demokrasie in Namibie beskou. Hierdie essensies, wu ek aanvoer, behoort deur die nasionale radiociienste, binne skole, binne kerke, bin ne ge, meenskapsbewpgs ~~ alle liggame wat as geskik vir die doel beskou kan word~ deurentyd aan a1mal bekend ge- ~ w~td. :-" u _;... _.4 ;:... (..:. ~~... <. >;:.~. - ' ~.: ";..t~ - '~ ~ Wanneer ons die essensies niergele-het kan partye dit verder voer tot by die vlak waar verskulende sienings oor die demokrasie moontllk kan raak. Wanneer hierdie vlak bereik word, die viak waarby die interne dinamiek van die stelsel in beweging kom en wanneer persone binne die vryheid wat deur die stelsel aan hul gegun word, kan gaan en waarde-oordele daaroor maak -kan ons se die stelsel bet tot sy reg binne Namibie gekom. Ons sal lank wag as politieke partye dit moet doen en moontlik befoeter bulle dit ook nog.

15 THE NAMIBIAN Kozo vra vir verantwoording OMBUDSMAN Fanuel Kozooguizi bet Woensdagaand by 'n openbare lesing aan die Akademie ge~ : "Onkunde oor die gereg is Die aanvaarbaar as regverdiging vir die pleeg van. 'n onwettige daad of. die versuim van 'n wettige verpligtj.og nie." Hierna se by die meerderbeid van inwoners in die.. land verstaan nie Eogels nie maar alle wette insluitende die basiese wet, die konstitusie word opgestel io Eogels. In reaksie op '0 vraag..~ hy later dit is nie 00- moontlik: of onwettig om die konstitusie in ander tale beskikbaar te stel nie. Kozonguizi het die lesing gelewer vir '0 aantal. studerite, akademici, politlci eo belangstellendes aan die Akademie by wat deur Visekanselier, Peter Katjavivi, _beplan word as 'n forum waar gereelde maandelikse gesprekke gehou sal word. Kozooguizi se dit kan nooit regverdig wees wanneer inwooers oet aandring op regte in terme van die konstitusie nie maar hul eie verpligtinge aan die regeriog oor te laat oie. Daarom behoort bul deel. te neem aan die verkiesiogs.. Hy het vir verantwoording deur politici gevra eo gese inwoners het die reg om as groepe hul politieke leiers na hul te roep om eoige onduidelikhede wat met die komende verkiesings of eoige saak bestaan uit te klaar. Dit is die verpligting van veral politici om die demokrasie verstaanbaarte maak aan hul kiesers. Kozonguizi het vetwys na die afskaffing van die doodstraf in die land en gese die skrywers van die konstitusie het in navolging van internasion ale praktyke dit as barbaars beskou. Daarom is dit afgeskaf. Na die afskaffing daarvan het 'n debat in die land ontstaan oor die doodstraf en wou inwoners van die leiers weet Radio-aktiewe testikels 'n liegstorie 4" EARTHLIFE isbewu~ ~.dat, ' van die.storting vanafval in voorkom asof 'dit ignoreer geen radio-aktiewe stortings die gebied yind ~e. Die bev- word. Sulke patetiese taktielce aan die Namibiese lcus. pla-.. indinge is vroe!r ~\'anjaaraan 'van'die groep behoort aan die asgevind het nie. maar vind... E.arthlife gestuw. maar dit wil ' 1Caak gestel te Word, se Rumpf.. ditge~ te fabriseer, Om se Sulke J4nrio aaniygings Rurilpf, r~[-ipiiii~ii~~~"' iii' i'w' ~~. i' iil~r'~' P,ermanente ' Sekretaris van Wlldlewe, Bew~g en Toer- ' isme. ",,". ~ ~ --\. Rumpfhet reageer op l5erigte van.'n demonstrasie \vat deur Earthlife, Woensdag, voor die Namibiese Toerismekantoor in Johannesburg, ' Suid-Afrika, gehou is. Earthlife het iydens die demonstrasie aangevoer daar is radioaktiewe afval naby Swakopmun~ gestort en dat dit die robbe in die area aangetas het Die diereregte-organisasie het ook aangevoer 'dat Taiwanese mans gevaarloop van bestra1ing wanneer hulle opkikkers.gebruik wat van die :;rgane van Namibiese robbe gemaak is.. Rumpf se die Intemasionale Ato'omenergie-agentskap het ondersoeke aan die kus gedoen en kon geen blyke wie hul die reg gegee het om dit te doen. Hieroorwou hy weet of die skrywers van die konstitusie leiers van die volk was of verteenwoordigers van die volk. Indien hul verteenwdordigers was sou hul die volk se mening aangevra het voor dit deel van die konstitusie kon raak. Op 'n vraag of die begroting van R12-miljoen vir die verkiesings regverdig is terwyl ander probleme in die land ervaar word, se hy: "Demokrasie is 'n duur proses." Hierdie ' uitgawes moes reeds met die skryf van die konstitusie in ag geneem wees. Die konstitusie bepaal dat verkiesings gehou moet wordendaarvoormoetdaar.,1)etaal word om die veiligheid van, demokrasie in Qie land te.verseker.. " THE DELEGATION OF THE COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNI1IES requires accommodation for renting (flat or small house, -2/3 bedrooms) for a longer period in residential area. Contact: Birgit Elgaard, Tel _---,,--...;~O::"...:..,,. :...:~l.... ~.:.:..._.;....,::... MINISTRY OF EDUCATION & CULTURE KEETMANSHOOP REGION VACANCY HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Qualifications: Junior Secondary Phase Khaitje-Gobeb Junior Secondary School Application must,be forwarded to: The Director of-. Education, P/Bag 2160, Keetmanshoop Closing d~te: 20 NovemOef 1992 ". ~.. ; ~.-'.!O...:,-----:::.,;,...;.-.:... :.., :;.. '. _---.:.~,.; Sf Pauhl ColI~ge)~,a well-esta~ftshld Ato-educational English' gl! medium independent school set in the heart of'windhoek ~ It..l,. caters for some 300 pupils ranging from the ages of Grade ' '~k Admission, 1993 ' ~. There are still places available for pupils at Grade 5,7, and 8 level. Early admission into the college will allow pupils to enjoy advantages of the IGCSE and Cambridge A-level education. Application forms may be obtained { from the Admissions Officer. ~."": -'-~ : - '''' > _.. ~.. ;.~'<.,.r;'~...,.... ' ~''''... t'"o ~~\.....,:... M -"~ ' ~.!"'L ::.".., 'r-... ~',.<-~.~... ~.. (...,o; "? ::.:-~.~_-:-. :-": : "'-' ~...:.'" St Paul's ~ollege,.! 1S1'9AUL S COL~ '~~, I 63 Gobabls Road or P 0 Box 11736, \ " W~/ Windhoek and completed forms should \. \~. j be returned to either of the above...l \_\.'.\~\ More details are obtainable at f / / r _ ~RITAr[ rullo~1\ Closing date: 18 November f II( I ~ ~ <;.1710 J:tl, ".. ~,;. H,OeRSKOOL ACADEMIA,..... ~ A'CADEMIA SECONDARY SCHOOL APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION IN GRADES 8 ~ 11 Parents are cordially invited to consider enrolment at our school. We have the following to offer: -., ~.: ~ 1. A well-qualified and experienced staff. 2. Excellent facilities including a weu-equiped Media C~n tre 3. Sporting facilities for various sports We regret that we cannot provide hostef facilities.. Grades 8,9 and 10 will follow the new National Syli'abi with medi~m of instruction English. t,,,~_. " e_.,,';' -,..;, ) )., i-", Grade 11 ~ ij l.fojl~w the Cape}:ducation ~ 'Depar~ent Syllabi with medium of instruction Afrikaans _.. lh. Direct your requestsfor.the necessary forms' to: The Principal!i Private Bag AUSSPANNPLA1Z Tel ;. Closing Date: Tuesday 17 Nove~ber A Challenging and stimulating career for Rural Development Promoters at Ncca Ncca, a well-known Ngo in Southern Namibia, is having two vacancies for people with commitment and dedication to serve the Rural People without demand for rigid working conditions. REQUIREMENTS: * matric cert~fic ate, * relevant post-matric experience, * ability to speak English and Nama, * driver 's licence, ' willingness to do extensive field-work. * ability to work in a team. ' BENEFITS: * Our staff salary scale compares very with other institutions in Souther n Namibia but needs to be negotiated.. *. We contribute towards a personal retirement annuity policy that serves as a pension fund. * We gurantee the thirteenth cheque. LOCATION: l'::;.~':. ~ The successful candidates.=vf.i1! be st.~io-p"~a, a,t' Mari~n~tat and Keetm an~hoop ~ regional offices, respectiyjlly. ~'".,--,i ~.' ': ~... ~..,.. ~.. 1; _. ~ SPECIAL APPEAL: Women are kindly and seriously invited to apply! CLOSING DATE: 30th November Please write to us by using your own hand-writing. Attach a copy of your matric certificate and driver's licence, please. Our address: PO Box 50155, Bachbrecht, Windhoek. Tel: 36029, Windhoek. 2313, Keetmanshoop... Mariental.

16 16 Friday November a! TRAIN FOR CAREERS THAT PAY! ~ OUR FREE PROSPECTUS SHOWS YOU HOW FAX UK Ag.:.....!~U!A?!2 News forkrow..::~'1":~ ~;.t;;~~{:t. The paper 01 the people company,--:f, THE...' NATIONAL HOUSING ENTERPRISE' TENDER NOTICE NATIONAL BUILDING AND INVESTMENT. CORPORATION OF NAMIBIA TRADING AS NATIONAL HOUSING ENTERPRISE (NHE) CONSTRUCTION OF 28 HOUSING UNITS IN ORWETOVENI, OT JIWARONGO PROJECT CODE: THE NAMIBIAN US state of Georgia Helicopter ferrying oil workers from offshore rigs crashes in North Scotland, and 45 people are feared Highlights in history on this date: dead Sweden's King Gustavus II is killed in action at UN Secretary-General announces significantly broader Battle oflutzen. access by governments and individuals to Nazi war crime The site of present-day Stellenbosch is visited by archives. Governor Simon van der Stel Israeli helicopter gunships rocket Palestinian guer ~ Siege of Madrid begins, and Spanish government rilla strongholds near southern Lebanese portof--sid6n.,,,," moves to Valencia in civil war The director of the Voice of America, Richard 1937 _ Italy joins German-Japanese anticomintern pact. Carleson, accuses South African agents of being behind the Tidalwaye kills 10,000 people in Bengal, India. disappearance of scripts and tapes prepared for broadca<;t UNG«neral Assembly calls for economic sanctions to Mozambique and Angola.. against South Africa because of its racial policies Strike called by Christian Gen. Michel Aoun to UN General Assembly calls for economic sanctions protest actions by the election of a new president of against South Africa-because of its apartheid policies. parliament nearly shuts down Beirut John Harris, responsible for the bomb explosion at A curfew is imposed on the strife-torn West Rand Joll.annesburg Station-.on July 24 which resulted in death township of Bekkersdal after at least 25 people die and and serious injuries, is sentenced to death. more than 10 houses are gutted Vietnam peace talks \legin in Paris Indian opposition leader Rajiv Gandhi pl~dges World ~ynod of R.oman Catholi~ - Bishops ends suppo_rt Jor breakaway faction of ruling Janata Dal Party, sto~y meeting at Vatican; deeply divided on questiqn of paving way for ousting of Prime Minister V. p, Singh. wheilierriiamed meri may become priests;: -.~., The NG~ makes a confessig,o.of g ~i.v egarding the So.viet Union ~calls for Pale~tinian statehood as part evils of apartheid to tbe. l 44-denptnination meeting of the of lp.1x Mid d!e East settlement... '. National Conference of Churches and < commits: itself to 19~6 c- Guerrilla 'Yarfare in Rhodesia is endorsed by ~eaders. wm:.19-p8,jo.wards a iiew society free of discrimination.. of neighbouring black coui.!tries at m~ting..,in bar:.. Es South Africa will be at the Barcelona Olympics in Salaam, Tanzania. ' ChaiJ:ffian of the National OIYIl)pic Committee of Guegma waffare in Rhodesia is endors~ by, leaders South Africa Sam Ramsamy tells. a media conference that of neighbo~ring black countries at a meeting in Dar es Nocsa will accept an invitation from the International Salaam, Tanzania.. Olympic Committee to participate in the Olympic Games Dam' collapse drowns at least 38 people as wall of in Barcelona next year. water submerges trailer camp outside town of Toccoa in NATO leaders meeting in Rome formally call a halt to enmity with Soviet Union and its allies and offer them a voice in alliance affairs. UNITED BUS COMPANY. 'OF ZAMBIA LIMITED 'J Proudly announces t.he resumption of a bus serv.i~e between Grootfontein and Lusaka on 4th November, The bus leaves Grootfohtein every Saturday at. " L,'17hOO and arrives in Lusak8"on.'>Ij. "'c. ".,~ \ ;:Monday at 14hOO: 7'..\';,.f,'''':;.'(t);~ -r "" - I ~ FARE: Grootfontein - Lusaka.. R9S.00.,i WE ALSO OFFER SERVICES TO: Lilongwe. Malawi.~,, Harare Zimbabwe ' Bulawayo Zimbabwe Gaberone Botswana Francistown Botswana FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mr. S. Makasa ~. Trade attache Zambian Embassy in Windhoek at (061 ) 37610/1, OR.'. Lusaka Zambia on telephone (260 1) or Public Relations Officer- We are the gateway to East and Central Africa! "UBZ Means you will be there". Today's Birthdays:. John Philip Sousa, US composer ( ); Ignace.J an Paderewski, Polish pianist-statesman ( ); Mike. Nicholsl _ U~ theatrical.director-producer (l931-,):-"saily Field, US actress ( 194~). Thought For Today:. For precocity some great price is always demandeg sooner or later in life - Margaret Fuller, US poet-writer ( ). " ~f~'.!j~~.; fv~-?4!u;b,;: WiQd,hoek. ':;...:.,',,{. Tel(061) :"7 ~~ Women's Solidarity would to invite all women to visit our new office at the CCN. building,-mashego street Katutura. Office_ hours: Monday 08hOO - 13hOO Wednesday 14hOO - 16h30 Friday 14hOO - 16h30 During these hours our community worker, Gisela Hauses, will be available for advice, support and information. Phone us at (061) Tenders are herewith invited from 'organized contractors for the erection of 28 Housing units of various sizes and finishes in Owetoveni, Otjiwarongo. Tender documents are available at Room 17 of the offices of the Corporation, Omurambaweg 7, Eros, Windhoek from Monday, 9 November 1992 against payment of a non re fundable deposit of R Sealed tenders with the Tenderer's name and address and the endorsement Project Code must reach the offices of the Corporation not later than 12hOO on Wednesday, 25 November A meeting with the tenderers will be held on Friday, 13 November 1992 at 14h1 5 at the NHE offices in Windhoek, to discuss the tender documents. VACANCY The Zambia High Commission invites Namibians or persons with valid Resident /Work Permits for an interview for the post of Security Guard. Prospective candidates should have the following qualifications:- 1. Standard six (VI) and above 2. Proficiency in English 3. Some training in guarding service. Ecumenical Co m m unity School BERSEBA s A teachers post for MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE Requirements: Grade 12 plus Teaching Diploma 1 Treasure Post Requirements: Grade 12 The lowest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted and the Corporation reserves the right to accept any tender. NATIONAL HOUSING ENTERPRISE (NHE) P.O. BOX WINDHOEK, 9000 TEL: (061) Experience in guarding duties will be additional advantage and all prospective candidates are advised to report at the Zambia High Commission (22 Curt Von Francois I RepUblic Road) at 9-00 hours on 16th November I u Rev. L. H. Swartz Vice Chairman p.a. Box 2040 Keetmanshoop Closing Date: 31 December J

17 Jb - H -. ~ '1\!l a G, ~ ~. '-'.. ~ h56: Opening 17hOO: Smurfs 17h30:.To Be Announced 18hOO: Punky Brewster 18h30: 1nhe Local Bandstand 19hOO: Sport: Soccer 19h55: Filler & Schedule 2OhOO: News 20h35: Feature film ''Nightmare'' What begins as a normal school day ends in horror for Dana Hemmings when the young girl is forced into a car and told she will never see her home again. When the girl's mother, Linda, realized her daughter is missing, she summons the police led by Detective J ake Willman. Starring: Victoria Principal, Paul Sorvino, Jonathan Banks 22h07: Hill Street Blues 22h52: Stay Lucky (final) l,'i';i'h I 16h56: Opening 17hOO: Road Runner Show 17h30: Faerie Tale 1nheatre: ~nocc~o 18hOO: Disco Rally (repeat programme) 18h35: Feature Film: "Sky's 1nhe Limit" Fred's a flier on leave who meets photographer Leslie Benchley. at a dinner. Astaire's "One For My Baby" and "My Shining Hour" make this wordiwhile. Starring: D Edward, Fred As-, taire, Joan Lesley, Robert Ryan. (2-16) 03h50: Xanadu 05h25: Lady or the House (,,"lid id i, 07 1 (KTV starts) 07hOO: The C~pmunks go to the Movies 07h30: 1nhe Super Mario (Premium time) Brothers. 10h30: Egoli OShOO: Dinki Di's. llhoo: Swiss Family OSh30: Rupert the Bear Robinson 09hOO: 1nhe New Adven : 60 Minutes: Zapped tures of Winnie the Pooh Morley Safer reports on 09h30: Sharkey and. hand-held radar detectors Georges. THE NAMIBIAN Friday November h55: Filler & Schedule 20hOO: News 20h20: Arts 'n Ends 20h27: Golden Girls The Emmy Award-winning programme. 20h57: Feature film "In The Line Of Duty: Mob Justice" Gus Farace is a wanted man... The Feds want him alive. The Mob wants him dead. Builds with rapid fire pace to its chilling conclusion. Filled with suspense from beginning to end. Starring: Tony Danza, Ted Levine, Dan Laura. 22h45: High Chaparral "Bad Day For A Thirst" SUNDAY 1:1 10hOO -13hOO: A Date On Sunday 14hOO -17hOO: Educational Programmes 17hOO: Bucky O'Hare 17h30: Air Animatiop NIGHTMARE. for Victoria Principal when her daughter is kidnapped in the movie ofthe same name on NBC at 20h35 on Friday. 18hOO: Home To Roost 18h30:. Afroscope (rmal) 19hOOi Travel Magazine 19h30: Gillette World Sport Special 19h55: Filler &Scbedule wilds of Africa. They leave the comfort of Los Angeles and tackle the frightening but seductive unknown of this breathtaking continent. 14hOO: Baywatch Another series about the adventures of a group of lifeguards, both on and off the beach. 15hOO: Xanadu 16h35: Box Office America (Family Time) 17hOO: Ducktails 17h30: Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers 18hOO: 1nhe Richest Cat in the World - Partll When the talking cat of a multimillionaire is the sole beneficiary of all rus possessions. the cat has to deal with greedy relatives who want him out of the way. (Premium time) 19hOO: Carte Blanche 20hOO: Wildlife on One St Lucia-Lake Wilderness This programme features the 2OhOO: News 20h20: Scott Ross: Safe Sex How safe is "Safe Sex",. given the dreadful disease of AIDS? 21h05:- Tales or The Unexpected "Lamb To The Slaughter" 21h36: Beethoven: ~ano ' Concerto explored. 21hOO: Baby It's You (2-18) " A pretty middle-class Jewish girl with scholastic ambitions is pursued by a working-class Italian boy who wants to become a FRIDAY El famous entertainer. Their. relationship elicits reactions from friends, family members and teachers. After graduating, they decide to pursue their dreams and separate for a while. Starring: Rosanna Arquette. Vincent, Spano, Joanna used by police.,to catch 10hOO: Road to Avonlea Merlin speeding. motorists. Al- A new season of this poputhough there is no scientific tar series about Sara Stanley, Motorcross: highlights of the 22h45: Supersport evidence, more and more living with her relatives in Indoor Supercross from Sun policemen ~ sufferidg from the charming maritime town City LOVELY LADY Linda Kozlowski stars with Paul cancer. of A vonlea..23h30: Appointment Hogan in the comedy Almost an Angel w~ch premieres (KTV Starts) c (KTV ends) -with Death on M-Net at 19hOO on Saturday. ' 15hOO: Gasper and Friends llhoo: Love, Lies Late night specials 15h30: 1nhe Charlie Brown and Murder 01h15: Cat People (2-18).. 20h30: Dick Tracy (2-8) Starring: Warren Beatty, and Snoopy Show Based on true events. Two 03h15: The Great The legendary police detective and popular comic 22hOO: Supersport Madonna, Mandy Patinkin 16hOO: Dinosaucers teenage girls are led to Oudoors 16h30: Bush Beat commit murder by an older 04h45i Once Around strip crime-fighter is the only Motorcross: highlights of the (KTV ends) man whom they both love (2-16) man tough enough to take Supercross from Sun City (Open Time) and trust. One confesses and on gangster boss Big Boy Rugby: highlights of the Test 17hOO: Egoli is convicted and jailed, while SUNDAY 1:1 work of celebrated wildlife Caprice and his band of match between Ireland and 17h30: Loving the other become his wife. cameraman Rodney menacing mobsters. Then a Australia from Dublin. l8hoo: World ofpanasonic Then the shocking truth (Premium time) Bprland, who explores the faceless demon who has : It Takes Two (Premium time) gradually unfolds. Starring: 13h30: Okavango watery world ofstlucia, as come to hunt down the two. 1nhe Abyss 19h02: Miracles of UFO's John Ashton, Moira Kelly, An American family inherits a game reserve in the the region's wildlife. also appears on the scene. ends well as the rich variety of dictators of good and evil...*: Transmission A. two-part documentary Sheryl Lee about UFOs with visual 15hOO: Saturday Super-'. evidence, testimonies by sport witnesses, classified mfor- Snooker: highlights of the mation, investigation disclo- Rothmans Grand Prix sures and international case Soccer: English Premier documentation. Division Aston Villa vs 21bOO: The Abyss Manchester United The foreman of an under-. Rugby: England B versus water oil-drilling facility. South Africa from Bristol does not believe his team is Rocksport: speed skier, qualified to undertake a Phillip Goitschel reveals rescue mission at a depth of more about his exciting sport. 650metres. Fournavymen (Open Time) and the project engineer join 17hOO: Supersport them. However, the routine continues mission becomes an unex- (Premium Time) pected journey of wonder 19hOO: Almost an Angel and discovery. Starring: Ed A professional thief petfonns Harris, -Mary Elizabeth an uncharacteristically he Mastrantonio, Michael roic deed and ends up in Biehn hospital. He believes he has 23hOO: Amazing Stories died and been transformed Tales of the supernatural, into an angel. This leads directed by Steven Spielberg him and those he encoun- 23h50: In Concert '91 ters into many funny, yet A music programme fea- sometime perilous predicaturing INXS, Lenny Krav~ ments. Starring: Paul Hogan, iltz and Sinead 0 'Connor. Linda Kozlowski, Charlton Late Night Specials Heston OOh35: 1nhe Jerk 02hlO: Avenging Force 20h45: 1nhe ExtreJ;llists SARA ~TANLEY... makes a welcome return in another series of the ~har"!ing ~oad to Avonlea wbiw.begins.on Breathtaking adventures are.:=...=.ltv this Saturday at 10hOO. \ - -:, ::. --: _-:..---_'"::""':: - -"':..-::. - -~~.-.--:--:

18 \..,.,'. r.....,..... _" Friday November THE NAMIBIAN MANAGEMENT-TRAINEES ~....-.::~ ---- The Pu.8k~witz> Group of Companies offers rewarding career opportunities to.' two' ewly graduated Namibian citizens, Successful candidates will heve proven leadership skills, a sound academic record preferably including Accounting and a firm resolve to work their way up. the management ladder, ManagementTrainees can expect to be rotated through the Group's various operating divisions during which time further formal studies may be required to complement first degree subjects, Please apply in your own writing telling us about yourself and why we should sltlortlist you for an inteview, Send your application to:- THE GROUP GENERAL MANAGER PUPKEWITZ HOLDINGS (PTY) LTD P.O. BOX 140, WINDHOEK. CLOSING DATE: 20th November 'i l \ /,0 (( ). MAP Clothing Manufacturers (",Yle lo....::._':~.~..::._. / _ ' v ' _ n. '.No ~IOJ Old establish~d-mdnufacturing &' clothing wholesalertequire reps to work in Namibla. :~A :DV U.~!LI~!..'. il l l~~, '"'~. 'IV, :5::: LL../V,-Lt (Q,,;.; HAIR CARE.9[[[ QyaujiedSty[ists andsafon Owners. YtJu are invited to attend tlie Sa{on {auncli introducing our specia{ and superior range of products 6y 1Jarl( & Love{y, 5'Lmerica's reader in fiaircare for 6{acl( women. cro attend tliis unique {aucli witli rots of free stocl(and point of safe material fiaiufouts contact Maggy Jtdams at and ma~ your 600king, 6efore 11 9{pvem6er Contact Shireen to arrange an interview on (031) B/H or write to P.O.Box 4206 Durban 4000 No chancers please. o/enue: Safari Mote{ 1Jate: 12 9{pvem6er 1992 crime: 19 lido 9"'our 5lgents: Pan 5lfrican Sa{es, Windlioe~ "Thousands of unarmed and innocent victims have been brutally beaten and stabbed to death, their genitalia hack~d. out, t~eir bodies dumped into boilers, ground to. a paste, dried and sold as fertilizer... ". The Namibian ' Animal Action Committee (NAAC) opposes the brutal, savage and senseless killing of thousands of seals - AND SO DO MANY OTHERS _ IN DEFENCE OF ANIMALS '.. We are confident that we can mobilise American consumers to oppose the Namibian seal hunt, its minimum economic worth is not equal to its poor effect on Namibia's international image... ' NATUREGUARD.. We are outraged that the Nambian Government has encouraged and allowed such an environmental disaster to occur. Our goal is to make the Namibian crimes against nature cost as much as possible to the Namibian Government. Deliberate waste and crue~y such as this should not go unnoticed or unpunished...' nomibion animal action committee WORKING GROUP FOR THE PROTECTION OF MARINE MAMMALS... Our organisation opposes the culling regardless of the motives and grade of utilisation of the carcasses, We will make a big attempt to promote tourism to Namibia provided that culling be phased out totally...' TIERVERSUCHSGEGNER MUNCHEN... We are appalled at the plans of the Namibian Govern-. ment to legalise the killing of thousands of seals. The genicide of seals does nothing to enhance tlie ihternational reputation of Namibia. We demand that the Namibian Government immediately stops the murder of seals...' FRONT FOR THE LIBERATION AND CONSERVATION TIERSCHUTZBUNP OF NATURE... The information of the slaughter of seals has filled us.. We will do all we canto intensify the boycott of Namibian with deep concern and we would like to express our tourism and all Namibianexportsduetotheirshort-sighted, sharpest protest against this attroc~y. We would like to arrogant action. The eyes of millions of animal ' lovers point out to the Namibian Government the worldwide around the world will be watching as the Namibian authori- condemnation of seal hunt, based on ethical as well as ties once again bring disgrace upon their country...' ecological ground... Namibia Development Trust Re: Community Development Animators Namibia Development Trust is a non - governmental organisation which assists Community Based Organisations (CBO's) and Non Governm'ental Organisations (NGO's) inside Namibia. We now invite suitable applicants for the post of DEVELOPMENT TRAINER The successful applicant (must): * Be a Namibian * * * * * >I< * * Have relevant community development work experience Be able to work in a team Have organisational skills Be prepared to travel extensively Must have a driver's licence Be able to communicate in English and the other Namibian languages, Have sound communication skills Be able to work with people APPUCA nons CONTAINING A CV, QUAUFICA non, ETC. MUST BE POSTED TO: VERBAND TIERSHUTZ ORGANISATIONEN VETO... Our members as well as several organisations from Germany, have urged us to lance a boycott against Namibia. We really appreciate the beauty of this country and are well aware of ~s touristic development. We would feel very sorry to lance the boycott in question, only because the Namibian Government is not willing to accept the fact, that the slaughter of seals is an atracity which is not longer acceptable to anybody...' THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITf:D STATES '.. We implore you to act compassionately and prevent this needless 9xplo~ation and destruc1ion of animals. If your government issues an immediate permanent cancellation of this hunt, you will be the subject of international praise and commendation...' ", EARTH ISLAND INSTITUTE... The primary cash crop ofthe killing is the male genitalia ofthe seals used as aphrodisiacs in Far Eastern countries. Certainly you can not believe that this is warranted. Namibia's role as a nation that murders to assist sexual potency is a highly undesirable profile to display on an international level...' ASSOCIATION OF VETERINARIANS FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS USA... Our philosophy is that otheranimals.on this planet have just as much right to share the planet and the phonomenon of life. The human species has no right to view other animals simply as resources. There appears to be no 'Ieg~imate' reason for killing the seals. The AVAR, therefore, condemns the slaughter... ' NAMIBIA DEVELOPMENT TRUST Box 8226 Pasteur Street 57 Bachbrecht Windhoek West Namibia or phone (061) 38002/ Contact Persons: Mr Steven Hendrik Isaack, Sr.. Mr Stefanus Sylvester Swartbooi Closing Date for Applications 30 November 1992 (16h30)

19 THE NAMIBIAN Friday Novemb~ r :19 History repeats I WAS really delighted and pleased to read an article published in The Namibian of Wednesday 21 October entitled 'ANC faces up to its detainee saga'. History has repeated itself once again. The African National Congress of Sou,qt Africa, ANC, has _once again showed the world its maturity and sense of honesty and ope~ess to accept ~e ultimate responsibility for the human rights abuses which took place during its years of struggle. Through this the organisation's leadersrup has demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that they are a leadership fighting to unite thl: peopl~ of South Africa irrespective of colour or tribal origin. This demonstrates a clear policy of national reconciliation. Today the ANC is not ashamed to accept this responsibility and this will definitely unite the people of South Africa who might otherwise have been separated by the detainee saga. This is how a courageous and responsible leaderships acts and accounts to its own people. Now lets look at our own picture. The ruling party, Swapo, has its own detainee drama which started way back in the 1980s. The present action of the ruling party as far as this issue is concerned is not to unite the people of this country, but to divide them along ethnic lines. Till today families are divided and brother and sister do not sit at the same fire because of the detainee issue. People of one family do not talk to one another becau se of the notorious Swapo security which brought animosity and hatred among those detained aniftliose v';furwere nop: in the dungeo~~ ~ '< - ~ ": ~ <if. Since the whole Swapo spy drama was centred along tribal lines, to~y there is no hatmony between those from Owambo and other groups due to. the fact ihat the issue had been masterminded to depict such a picture. In fact all guards were Owambo-spei!king and anyone from other tribes in Namibia were Uatumwa (sent by the enemy). Swapo has promised the people of Namibia a list of people who went missing during the liberation war. This list was believed to have been completed before the Swapo Congress and a full year has passed but no list has been released. Mr President, I call upon you to follow the example of Nelson Mandela when he told reporters in Nairobi that the ANC had rnade a mistake in detaining these people - you will lose nothing by doing so. Otherwise your cries for reconciliation will not reach deep into our hearts and souls. To think that this issue will die a natura:! death is arrogant. As long as Swapo decides not to account, withdraw all the false allegations and apologise, then the organisation will be shoulder-to-shoulder with the South African Government in terms of dishonesty and criminality. JOHANNES IIMELEKA BRlNKWATER Note: This letter has been shortened - Ed. Rossing on Dropkin MR Greg Dropkin (The Namibian 16 October 1992) continues to distort the truth in his attempts to smear Rossing. 1be following is a factual response to his four points: * Whole body dose calculations based on records from 1977 show that radiation exposures at Riissing have always been well below the recommended limit of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP). * Mr Dropkin confuses the industrial hygiene chemical toxicity standard with the ICRP Derived Air Concentration radiation limit, thus comparing apples with pears in order to malre a fhlse allegation against Rossing. In fact, since 1976 Rossing has adhered to the dose limitation principles of the ICRP and has applied a heavy metal toxicity standard for uranium in accordance with the American Conference on, Governmental and Industrial Hygienists and the UK Health and Safety Executive. * The concentration ofthorium 230 in dust at Rossing is calculated by using aninternationally acceptable method. Thorium 230 is a decay product of Uranium 238 and, as equilibrium is assumed between the two nuclides, the contribution of Thorium 230 to the internal dose can be calculated. Tests have also been carried out for its presence in water. In' both cases the concentration of Thorium 230 has found to be very low. "" *.In ref~p;jhg toc-a:n1tllege:a7: 'escape' from the Rossing tailings dam, Mr Dropkin chooses to ignore the 'fact that the dam is designed for tailings liquid to pass through the filter toe to the seepage collection dam for recycling in the plant. Controls have certainly ' improved since 1980 with cutoff trenches and dewatering wells removing any seepage before it reaches major drainage lines and well before it intersects the mine's boundary fence. Rossing's water management is carried out to the satisfaction of the relevant government ministry. How strange that in his letter Mr Dropkin does not make reference to the audit by Rossing by a multi-disciplinary team led by the International Atomic Energy Agency at the request.of the Namibian Government. Ideologically-motivated critics ofrossing such as Mr Dropkin have been campaigning for some time for an inspection of Rossing by international experts but now that it has happened, and the verdict is favourable to Rossing, Mr Dropkin prefers to pretend that the audit did not take place. It is worth repeating here what the!aea said:... Radiation safety and general occupational safety at Rossing Mine is of a high standard.... Medical surveillance of employees and their families is excellent. * Radiation exposure levels at Rossing Mine are very low - much lower than current international limits. At such low levels of ex osure the probability of radiation-induced occupational illness appearing is very low.... The accuracy of radiation monitoring carried out by Rossing is reliable.... Mill tailings management at Rossing is of a good standard. It conforms to worldwide statc of the art. In the face of such evidence, why does Mr Dropkin persist with his cru.1paign ofvillification against Rossing? Logic must tell him' that the company's employees are not at risk. Therefore what are his motives? Perhaps he has invested so much energy fu his attempts to destroy Rossing that for him to accept the truth about the company now would mean admitting to himself that he. has wasted years chasing shadows. Thus he redoubles his efforts, regardless of the potential cost to the employees of Rossip.g or to the government and people of Namibia. CLIVEALGAR MANAGER: CORPORATE AFFAIRS ROSSING URANIUM LIM ITED Naholo explain telling some of the comrades that his electricity had been cut and he was using candles because he could not pay the bill because Swapo did not pay him. Yet now he can afford a luxurious house amounting to nearly R How is this possible? I hope Naholo will come across this challenging letter and reply to all these questions. If not, I will leave no stone untumed to get the answers. and domination foreign capitalist powers continue. Another trap of the neo colonialist was the transition, following de-. colonisation, to a western liberal democratic government. Thus, political surface representation changes but the socio-economic conditions remain. In the words of Samora Machel, "it is the continuation of the oppressive regime, this time with black rulers, which is the pattern of neo-colonialrevolutionary identities by surrounding themselves by the luxuries of mansions, private aeroplanes and the like. Government is also buying com. munal land..,ld granting it to officials and ~sters. In regard to their p;-inde.. penderx:e goal of achieving selfreliance, we only need to. see how regularly and easily our government borrows crossglobally. This is increasing the economic dependeoce, left from the colonial regime. What of the objective of emancipating the workers and relieving their economic strains? "We will wage the struggle against the abolition of all forms of exploitation of man by man.. and the aggrandisement of wealth and power by individuals, groups or ism','. classes". Also to "ensure that Thus political independence all the major means of producis a precondition for libera- tion and exchange.. are in the CONCERNED CADRE WlNDHOEK lion, but it is not liberation. ownership of the people" Note: This letter has been Julius Nyerere repeatedly. (Swapo Political Programme, warned against this type of 'flag 1976) shortened Ed. nationalism' which is intended However, the most recent True independence to silence the oppressed and survey published by.sacem deprived masses. shows that 75 per cent of the The goal of the social revo- population own 5 per cent of I AM a scholar of politics and lutionary movement was and the national resources. The social sciences at the Univer- remains the destruction of all average income of 60 per cent sity of Namibia who finds it forms of colonialism that exisl oftheworkforceisbelowr300 necessary to expose some facts and the creation of a new soci- per month. Then on the other and express my opinion relat- ety based on more equal distri- side of the coin, 85 per cent of ing to the present political and bution of the nation's wealth. the country's wealth is held QY, economic atmosphere in The 1976 political pro- 15 per cent of the population. Namibia. This is done in view gramme of Swapo stresses the On the basis of this evidence, of the upcoming elections and aim of uniting all Namibians, the students and workers in in the interest of social revolu- particularly workers and peas- favour. of social change, retion which was initiated dur- antry and the progressive in- cognise that the government ing the armed struggle and must tellectuals, capable of safe- has forfeited the interest of the I WAS deeply shocked when I eventually come to realisation. gu~ national independence people, particularly the work-- leamed that one of Swapo's' In support of my case and as and building of a classless, non- ers. We recognise that the govtop officials recently bought a a point of departure I must ' exploitative society, based on ernment has become the in- " luxury house in Olympia worth reflect on the main character- the 'ideals of scienti fic social- strument of imperialist pow- R When I read the istic of colonialism in Namibia. ism. ers and acts on behalf of those story in Tempo of October 25 In essence, it involved.the ex- At~ this point I launch my whose class interests they share. headlined 'Poor Swapo's rich propriation of land, property criticism of this government We urge all students and leader' it flabbergasted me. and political rights. It involved in respect of the goals and ob- workers to unite under the Where:didNaholo:get-themcnetthe reatj.o~ ",Q.~.i;~ _~d~tiv~~sl jeg.~v.~;..()fjhe pre-4!.depend'uril.brella of the Workers RevO-: " :frqmz;:wmlif'iilf S~iPe '"e1n~ '"w6ik1pll dis,s ~\4fP'u,e.. \ ~~-lle~,eijl l Jl.Ssert Qlat, our go~;... lfitioilai)i"pilffy1i.ii'01b coli~~ ployees' have not. been paid homelad.'d' policy~ tiixaticinlaws ernh1~nthasfallenpreytoneo- tively mobilise our erforts for a couple of mouths? Can and migrant labour system. colorualsm.. towards the goal of true and Naholo please give an expla- 1bese economic measures were I assert that this gove~ent complete independence, based nation to the nation at large on _protected, legalised and legit- 'no longer represents the ~ter- on social and 'economicequalthis issue? imised by the colonial govern- ests of the masse~ ~f. workers ity for all citizens of our sover- Recently he was advocating ment by use of military, judi- and students who lwhated and eign state. that the comrades should ren- ciary and educational policies.. elected it. der their services on a volun- The gross inequalities that Furthermore, parliamentari- J McCLUNE. tary basis 'as he does'. If a resulted between a white capi- anshaveforfeitedtheirworker WlNDHOEK person is working on a volun- talist class, based on urban, tary basis for some months modernised sectors; and on the without income, how can he other hand, the growing mass possibly buy such an expen- of poverty-stricken workers in sive house? Or did his money locations and rural areas, were come as manna from heaven? the initial catalyst of the socia:l As an ardent supporter and revolution. bona fide member of Swapo, I It was primarily due to the am curious to know, as is my unequal social relations that democratic right:. whether workers and students formed Naholo gets extra money from 01'0 and then Swapo. It pledged somewhere else and how much to work towards the 'immedihe earns per month. ate liberation and independ- Is it true that he earns R18 ence of Namibia'. It pledged 000 monthly or R per 'self-realisation in the spheres annum or much more? I am of politics, economics, social challenging him to give an ex- and cultural affairs'. planation to the rank and file Given the exploitative namembers of Swapo on this issue. ture of colonialism, we can In the same vein, I would also understand why the liberation request Swapo to investigate movement was undertaken in the purchase of this house and a social revolutionary context. where the money came from. The workers were essentially For Naholo to be involved in anti-imperialist and anti-capi- one of the bigger transactions talist. between a bank and a private Now, by the time that politiindividual in recent months' is cal independence was achieved, a shame to the position he holds imperialism had taken a new in the party and for the party at fono. This phenomena is aptly large. named neo-colonialism. It is It is high time that those true, in view of the fact that the leaders who enrich themsel ves economic infrastructure of the and esconce themselves in safe 'liberated' countries remained and comfortable places while the same. In Namibia, we know the rank and file members of that South Africa receives about the party are suffering - hit by 2 billion from Namibian fishunemployment and with no ing revenues. Consolidated roofs over their heads - be Diamond Mines still owe over denounced and discouraged in 1 billion in taxes, yet are alpublic in order to stop similar lowed to continue exploitation. selfish practices and bourgeois We can now see that after tendencies within Swapo. political independence, eco- InJune this yearnaholo was nomic depcndency remained BAHA 'U'LLAH: THE FATHER OF UNITY. Unity: The Crowning Goal of 8aha 'u'l/ah's Reve/flfion Baha'u'lIah states, "We desire but the good of the world and the happiness of the nations... that all nations should become one In faith and all men as brothers." The essence of Bah'u'lIah's Revelation to the world is that God is one, religion is one, and mankind is one. The goal of this. MeS'sage is that these spiritual realities may become practial realities. In the Baha'i community we see this practical reality every day. As the son of Baha 'u'liah wrote: "Praise be to God, today the splendour of the Word of God hath illumined every horizon, and from all races, tribes, nations and communities souls have come together in perfect harmony. Oh! What a great number of meetings are held adorned with souls from various races and diverse sects! Anyone attending these will be struck with amazement, and might suppose that these souls are all of one land, one nationality, one community, and one opinion; whereas, in fact, one is an American, the other an African, one cometh from Asia and another from Europe, one is a native of India, one is an Arab, another a Persian and yet another a Greek. Notwithstanding such diversity they associate in perfect harmony and unity... Verily, this is from the penetrative power of the Word of God!" Contact: The Spiritual Assembly of the Baha' is of Windhoek PO Box Windhoek...~ $- _ 9. _ E - ( & LOS

20 20 Friday November THE NAMIBIAN.. Tel Classified Fax ~~----~ Special Services ~----- For Sale.-- To Let Houses for Sale Legal Notices born to EIsa on WedTIesday 21 October at the State Hospital, Windhoek. Deo gratias. Special Services Travellers. Accomodation to rent in Otjiwarongo. Clean, serviced rooms with bathrooms at R per night. (Single) GST included. 24 Hours security. Reservations: Rent-A-Room Bahnhof Street (Opposite Old Brumme Hotel) Tel: Otiiwaronl!o. CB WELDING For general welding, steelwork, Burglar bars, Gates, Security Doors, e.t.c... Tel: or (w) Tel: After hours Re-Act Factory Clothing Shop. Now open. Tuesdays Saturdays, at No 6 Nightingale Street. Ausspannplatz. (between Standard Bank and SWA Safaris) We sell quality mens and womens fashion direct to the public. Curtain SpeCial Offer B. Karseboom (Pty) Lld. Independence Avenue Wlndhoek. 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Any person having just and. valid objection to the issue of such license is called upon to lodge such objection, in writing, on or before 09 November 1992 (a date at least seven days from the date oflast publication of this notice) with. the Chief Works Inspector, Private Bag 13289, Windhoek. THE ALIENS ACT, 1937 NOTICE OF INTENTION OF CHANGE OF SURNAME THE ALIENS ACT, 1937 NOTICE OF INTENTION OF CHANGE OF SURNAME I, Agenus Saltriel, employed as a Domestic servant intend applying to the Minister of Home Affairs for authority under section 9 of the Aliens Act, 1937, to assume the surname Sadius for the reasons that According to me, I was misunderstood at the Identity section and my name was incorrectly spelt. I previously bore the names A Saltriel. Any person who objects to my assumption of the said surname of Sadius should as soon as may be lodge his objection,. in writing, with a statement of his reasons therefore, with the Magistrate of Windhoek. Estate of the Late Eugene Quinton P.etersen, ID number , occupa.tion, Instrument mechanic, last address, Luderi'tz, ert 2563, Dawid Bezuidenhout street: Khomasdal. Notice is hereby given that the First and Final. liqqidatioo and Distribution Account U; the above Estate will lie for inspection at the Office of the Master of the Supreme Court, w"indhoek and a duplicate thereof at the Office of the Magistrate at Luderitz for a period of twenty -one days from the publication hereof. Name and address of Executor Mr D Petersen and Mrs A Peters en. PO Box Windhoek., Executor D. Peters en. IN THE HIGH COURT OF NAMIBIA In the matter between: ANDREAS ZAK SHIPANGA PLAINTIFF AND EMIL APPOLUS DEFENDANT NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION A SALE IN EXECUTION will be held by public auction on SA TURDA Y the 14TH of NOVEMBER 1992, at IOhOO in the forenoon at NO 2 GOETHE STREET, WINDHOEK during which there will besold in execution as a result of an attachment made on the I st October 1992 under a Writ of Execution issued on the 24th of September 1992 by the abovenamed ANDREAS ZAK SHIPANGA (plaintiff) against EMIL APPOLUS (Defendant). ONE SAHRE CERTlFICA TE in the company N\BLUE RIBBON FISHING (PTY) LIMITED TERMS: "VOETSTOOTS " - CAHS TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER DATED at WINDHOEK on this 19th day of OCTOBER 1992 PF KOEP & COMPANY PER: PF KOEP ATTORNEYSFORPLAIN~ FIRST FLOOR ACME CORNER KASINO STREET WlNDHOKE PFK!1 k/12846 THE ALIENS ACT, 1937 NOTICE OF INTENTION OF CHANGE OF SURNAME -I, Simon Kefas, employed as a driver, intend applying to the Minister of Home Affairs for I, Paulus Nghishimono Haipinge. authority under section 90fthe employed as a Soldier intend Aliens Act, 1937, to assume the applying to the Minister of Home surname Neghodhi for the Affairs for authority uiider settion 9 reasons ' t hat. Kefas is my -.of the Alien ~ ACf ~ 1937, toassume th M ~ k th.f~tper ' s first name. I previollsly e surname anu waya.or e bo th K 1: An reasons that Haipinee is my father's re e ~am~. :e as. y first name. J prevluusl}"bore the;' person ~ 0 0 ~ects to n;ty name Haipinee. Any person who. assumption of. ~he said, objects',to my assumption ofthe said _ surname ofnegh~dhl should ~ s " surname of Hamakwaya should as l?oon as. may,'e lodge his ::;: _: soon as may be lodge his objection, objection, in writing, with a.:. ' in writing, with a statement of his statement of his reasons reasons therefore, with the Magistrate of Windhoek. therefore, with the Magistrate ofwindhoek.

21 THE NAMIBIAN I ' Friday November From page 22 morial Ground. Strauss, who played well at eighthman for the Boles in the drawn two-test series against France last month, is respected as a utility forward. '-.... His cleaning-up abilities around the scrums _~d his speed to breakdown points will be an asset to the BokE as they smooth down the rough edges prior to the one-off test against England at Twickenham on November 14. Strauss forced his way into the touring party following the retirement' of veteran No 8 Jannie Breedt and has grabbed. his chances with both hands. The side for Saturday includes 10 players who did duty against the Midlands in Leicester and, the selectors reckon, it will- closely resemble the line-up that trots out at Twick-. enham. At least five Boks probably played themselves into test reckoning with classy performances ina res~)unding 32-9 win ;It Leicester. Fullback Theo van Rensburg has done enough to displace Hugh Reece-Edwards, while lock Drikus Hattingh has turned his tour around and was probably the best Bok loose forward on view on Wednesday. Prior to that, he was merely a plodder. The entire frontrow of He inrich Rodgers, Keith Andrews and hooker Willie Hills rose to the challenge on that occasion to do their test chances plenty ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE Team P W Blackburn 14 7 Norwich 14 8 Arsenal 14 8 Aston Villa 14 6 Q Park Rangers 14 6 Coventry City 14 6 Manchester Utd 14 5 Ipswich 14 4 Manchester.City 14 5 Chelsea 14 5 Middlesbrough 14 4 Leeds United 14 4 ShefWednesday 14 4 Liverpool 14 4 Shef United 14 4 Oldham 14 3 Tottenham 14 3 Wimbledon 14 3 Southampton 14 3 Everton 14 3 Crystal Palace 14 1 NotlhamForest 14 2 D L GF GA PTS of good. Before that match, the tight trio were told that if they came through a tough test they could well be rewarded with test places. They came through unscathed and showed they are ready to do South Africa proud against the mighty England pack. Apart from Van Rensburg, the backline for Saturday resembles the one which did reasonably well in the French tests. Centres Danie Gerber and Pieter Muller are all but assured of retaining their test spots, but wingers Jacques Olivier and James Small will. need solid showings in Bristol to reinforce their claims. Their rivals, Pieter Hendriks and Deon Oosthuysen, again caught the attention of the selectors with sharp perfo~e s on Wednesday. And, in fact, the entire backline showed just what they are capable of given enough of the ball So, once again. it all comes down to the forwards. and how much possession they can claim. 1here is-no questioning the credentials of halfbacks Naas Botba and Gartb. Wrigbt. which put the pressure firmly on the pack. Team: Theo van Rensburg; Jacques Olivier, Danie Gerber. Pieter Muller, James Small; Naas Botha (capt), Garth Wright; Heinrich Rodgers, Willie Hills, Keith Andrews; Tiaan Strauss, Drikus Hattingh, Adolf Malan, FC Smit; Adriaan Richter. Reserves: Hugh Reece Edwards, Robert du Preez, Heinrich Fuls, Harry Roberts, Steve Atherton, Piet Pretorius. FAREWELL... French captain Ser ge Blanco wearing the South African jersey (centre) waves to his supporters after he took part in his last rugby game against South Africa in Villeneu d' Ascq, Northern France last Saturday. The French Barbarians won (Photo: Agt!nce France-Presse); If you have any sport news, tips or views contact Conrad Angula at Tel: (06]) or Fax: DULY INSTRUCTED THERETO the undermentioned property will be sold by Public Auction 'on the 20th November, 1992 Certain Situate: Measuring: Elf No 58 Lafrenz Industrial area 4557 Square metres IMPROVEMENTS: i.. Large Warehouse divided in two, and measuring 400 square metres in total ii Separate building comprising of: 2 Shower cubicles 2 Lavatories 3 Washbasins THE PROPERTY IS SITUATE AT 18 EIDER STREET, (opposite the firm ROSSOUW & SON), NORTHERN INDUSTRIAL AREA, WINDHOEK. Viewing: Moming of the sal~. AUCTIONEER: JJ ESTERHUIZEN PO BOX 1682 WINDHOEK TEL: OR (After hours) NNCCI IN COOPERATION WITH PRODEC PRESENTS A SEMINAR ON COSTING, PRICING AND FINANCING FOR NAMIBIAN SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTREPRENEURS FOR MANAGERS RESPONSIBLE FOR COSTING. PRICING AND FINANCING IN SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED COMPANIES IN NAMIBIA TO BE HELD IN WINDHOEK 8-19 MARCH 1993 OBJECTIVE The objective of the seminar is to enhance the participants' knowledge of financial management. with emphasis on costing and pricing products and services and analysing needs and sources for financing. BENEFITS By the end of the seminar, the participants will have improved their professional skills in: Deftnlng cost concepts and classification Developing pricing strategies calculating costs and prices Preparing budgets Identltylng the need for extemal finance Conduc ting business and financing negotiations WORKING METHODS AND LANGUAGE ///mfm::m:::m:r:m:m:ftrrrtmrrt::::m::m:m:m:m:m::m:m:::m:rr:r:r:tt:tfr The seminar programme will c onsist of lectures. discussions individual presentations. group work exercise and study visits: The working language will be English. PRE-SEMINAR Prior to the seminar. each participant will be requested to prepare a background papei' on the current situation. and probfems. in costing. pricing or financing in his/her company. Detailed intructions will be given upon acceptance to the seminar. COSTS AND ADMINISTRAnON The reading material. accommodation and daily allowance for the duration of the seminar will be covered by PRODEC. A participation fee of R200 per person will be charged by NNCCI. Travel expenses to and from Windhoek should be paid by the participants themselves. PRODEC will provide. and pay for. bus transportation from San lam Centre.Windhoek to and from the seminar location at Harmony Seminar Centre. The seminar is funded by the Govemment of Finland through the Finnish Intemationl Development Agency (FINNIDA) of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. PRODEC is in charge of the administration of the seminar and will inform selected participants of the practical arrangements and the condition of their participation. The participants should be entrepreneurs and managers responsible for costing. pricing and/or financing in small and medium-sized companies. The total number of participants w ill be limited to twenty. Female candidates are encouraged to apply. ApPUCA TlON PROC'EDU RE r:m: mm::::rtm mttmtr:::::::::::::::mmtmm:::m i.m::t:tt: m:mjrt: : PRODEC application forms are available at the NNCCI - Namibia National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (at the address below) and at the Embassy of Finland in Windhoek (Sanlam Centre. 154 Indep endence Avenue). One copy of the completed application should b e sent to: Mr Seppo Ainamo, Training Manager. PRODEC PO Box HG 916 Highlands. Harare, Zimbabwe Tel : Fax: Embassy of Finland. Harare and another copy to: NNCCI - Namibia National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Attention: Mr Eckhard Schleberger. Head. Training Departm~nt PO Box th Floor. Kenya House. Cm. Leutwein and Korner Streets, Windhoek Tel: Fax: CLOSING DATE lfifrtt Duly completed application forms should be received in Harare and Windhoek by Tuesday. 15 December TEWC/FAX CONFIRMAnON :::::: :::::::::::::t:::::::::::t:::::::::l:::::::::::t::::::: ::::::::::t:::::i::::::ir,:i:::t:'t::, Applicants or their employers are kindly requested to communicate to PRODEC by telex or fax the candidate's full name. his/her position in the company. contact telex/fax number. and the date of dispatch of the application form. ORGANISED BY PRODEC - PROGRAMME FOR DEVELOPMENT CO-OPERATION - HELSINKI, FINLAND IN CO-OPERATION WIT~NNCCI ~ NAMIBIA NATIONAL.. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY, WINDHOEK ' "; ~.... ~.,... ~

22 22 i,friday November THE NAMIBIAN, ~~ MUNICIPALITY OMARURU TOWN CLERK Applications are herewith invited for the post of Town Clerk of the town of Omaruru. QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS Applicants must be in possession of an appropriate post-school qualification and six years previous experience, preferably in a senior municipal capacity. 'FRINGE BENEFITS The following fringe benefits are, inter alia, applicable to the post: a) 26 working days annual leave b) ample sick leave c) 13th cheque d) pension fund e) medical fund f) 90 days bonus leave after every 5 years of service which may be taken in cash g) municipal house at a subsidised rental is available. ' Enquiries in this regard can be dir!!cted to~ he Town Clerk, telephone 28 or 277 Omaruru and applications on the prescribed application forms must rea~h the Town Clerk P.O.Box }4"Omaruru on or before the 4th DecelJlber NOTICE NR.: 7/1992 D.F. BERGH: TOWN CLERK Salary: R x R14 979,, r Ministry of Works and Transport Department of Transport Training Opportunities Pupil Survey Officers 3 posts: Windhoek Persons with a Senior (or equivalent) Certificate with Mathematics and Natural Science as subjects are invited to apply, A minimum of a D-symbol on the Higher (or equivalent) Grade or a C-symbol on the Standard (or equivalent) Grade must have been obtained for Mathematics. AppOintment is subject to passing of a psychometric aptitude test conducted by th~ Ministry of Labour and Manpower Development ' In terms of an agreement, the appointees will undergo a training period of three years, which consists of 2 years theoretical training and 1 year practical work, in order to obtain the National Diploma for Technicians, The ministry will pay for tuition and pay the employee a salary throughout this period, whilst the employee will undertake to remain in the employ of the ministry for a minimum period equal to the training period, after obtaining the diploma referred to, ' Job Description: Pupil Survey Officers will assist in all survey operations which include the following: planning and alignment of new roads with the aid of aerial photographs; contour surveys on sites of proposed bridges and drainage structures; staking the final centre line with an electronic theolodite; levelling longitudinal and cross sections; calcl:llating volumes, final heights and areas; drawing of plans and horizontal and vertical design of high standard roads aided by computer programs; assisting during the construction of new roads by supplying final levels and accurate pegging ofcurves and drainage instructions. Enquiries: Mr. G, D, Francis, tel (061) , 'Applicants must be Namibian citizens. Applications (on form Z83 or ZO/1229(1) obtainal:)le at all Government Offices) must be submitte~to: The Permanent Secretary: Works and Transport, Private Bag 13341, Windhoek. - Closing Date: 31 December An attractive range of benefits includes a 13th cheque, a housing subsidy subject to certain c on~itions, rental allowance, assistance with removal expenses, pension fund, medical aid scheme and ample vacation and sick leave. Working for a better future BRISTOL, England: There was no place for battle-weary Danker WahI 'Bartmann in a ' virtual shadow Test team named by the Springbok rugby REFS MUST COME CLEAN selectors yesterday for the match against England B JUST when everyone was hoping that things were 'improving for Namibian football, local referees let the side here on Saturday. In fact, it became unlikely down during the epic Premier L~gue outing between that the fiery Natal player Mrican Stars and Mukorob Tigers at the SKW Field on would see any further action on this historic tour. And to add insult to injury one referee even accused the Wednesday night which Tigers won 2-1. Although he is laid low league of being responsible for the latest disaster when with only a minor shoulder hundreds of soccer fans were made to wait for a full injury, su,stained in Wednesday's encounter against the The whole drama apparently started after senior refe hour before a match official was located., Midlands, the selectors intimated that he no longer the match, refused on the grounds that he was not ree Dios Engelbrecht, who was initially appointed for, figured in their plans. preparred to handle such a crucial match after a long In a move that was not ' lay-ott. ' entirely unexpected, they Carlos Kambaekwa was then asked to step in and the named Tiaan Strauss of latter allegedly also refused saying "I am not a 'moegoe' Western Province to play, (~tupid) to be asked just hours before the game to open-side flanker against the ' officiate in such an important match." powerful English secondstringers at Bristol's Me- about appointing an official for the match until just The referees' association than apparently did nothing before kick-ott time. ' To page 21 Referee August Gaseb, who happens to be an ex-black Mrica player, offered to handle the match. However, ' this was rejected by a Tigers official because of the present tension between the two teams which are both fighting to avoid relegation. ' It was thanks to referee Shakes Kandenge, whose leg was still in plaster a'few weeks ago, wfiotqok up the challenge, virtually hopping around the pitch on one leg. This kind of refereeing problem is totally unacceptable and I think the time has come for the NF A to pressurise the referee's association to affiliate themselves to the mother body. A furious Elifas Shipanga, acting-chairperson of the NF A, told me during the match on Wednesday that the situation was getting out of hand and that the referees should :get their act together. I cannot understand how the Referee's Association can refuse to be affiliated to the NF A when their chairperson Ben Uanivi is a member of the NFA's executive. This situation must be addressed by the NFA if they want to take disciplinery steps against the referees. And the Referee's Association, which is part and parcel of the football scene, should be affiliated to the elected soccer controlling body in this country as it is elswhere in the world. In the present state of affairs, the right of the Referees' Association to handle matches under the auspices of the NF A is questionable as they are an autonomous organisation. CONGRATULATIONS AFRICAN STARS! AND now on a lighter note. I must congratulate Mrican Stars for their second cup victory of the season. By beating Ramblers FC in last Saturday's Metrop,olitan Life Champion of Champions cup final, Stars earned RIO 000 prize money, gold medals and tracksuites. The Katutura giants also became the first local side to win two major cup competitions in one season since the Premier League was founded three years ago. A great achievement for a team that two season's ago was 'forced to take part in the national play-oft's to escape relegation to the First Division. The Stars success story is even mor remarkable for after ending runners-up to Kraatz Welding Eleven Arrows in last year's league championships, they became the first Namibian side to represent our country in the newly-launched CAF Cup competition. Having clinched the Castle Classic championships earlier this year, Stars can be considered strong candidates for Black Africa's title as Namibia's cup kings. Well dorie Stars and may next season be even better! lintas:namibia 92/2391

23 NAMIBIA FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION(NFA) WINDHOEK LAGER NFA CUP SEMIFINALS FIRST LEG: SATURDAY: SKW FIELD Pupkewitz Toyota Young Ones v. Namsea Orlapdo Pirates (16hOO). KUISEBMOND, - Interatlantic Blue Waters v. Prime Press Liverpool (l6hoo). NOVEL FORD PREMIER LEAGUE TONIGHT.: RAMBLERS - Ramblers PC v. Auto Centre NamPoI (19hOO). SATURDAY: THE NAMIBIAN FIXTURES... FIXTURES. FIXTURES FIXTURES.. FIXTURES. FIXTURES KHORIXAS ~ Robber Chanties v. Civics FC (16hOO). KUISEBMOND - Kraatz Welding Eleven Arrows v. African Stars (19h30). SUNDAY: NOMTSOUB - TCL Chief Santos v. Civics (16hOO). KHORIXAS - Robber Chanties v. Ramblers FC (14hOO). KUISEBMOND - Interatlantic Blue Waters v. African (14hOO). WEDNESDAY: INDEPENDENCE - Auto Centre Nampol FC v. Namsea Orlando Pirates (19h30). SKW FIELD - I&J Black Africa v. Punchline Challengers (20h30),...,.. ~. Frictay November OSHAKATI NFA REGION PUNYU FOOTBALL LEAGUE SATURDAY: INDEPENDENCE - Young Chiefs v. Black Mamba (13hOO), African United v. Everton (14h30), Golden Bigs v. Teenagers (16hOO). OSIDKUKU - Bush Bucks v. Arsenal (15hOO). OLUNO SEC. - Double Action Santos v. Vietnam Rangers (14h30), Volcano v. Oshakati City (16hOO), ' SUNDAY: INEPENDENCE - African United v. Black Mamba (l4h30), Oshakati City v. Arsenal (l6hoo)..: OLUNO SEC. - Double Action Santos v, Okatana Franco United (15hOO). Winning Edberg AFI'ER all the upsets the day before, Stefan Edberg rallied and advanced to the quarterfinals of the Paris Open tennis tournament, beating American Dennis Rostagno 7-6 (7-2), 7-6 (8-6). However, it was not a good omen to see Peter Sampras, Andre Agassi and IohnMcEnroe all lose in the rich 2,1- million indoors event. Sampras lost to Henri Leconte in a match reminiscent of last year's Davis Cup final in Lyon, Fr.ure, before a wildy cheering crowd. Rampant Rammles IN the other Novel Ford Premier League match played on Wednesday night, favourites Ramblers kept their title hopes alive winning 3-2 against Civics FC at home. Ramblers have now collected 44 points from 22 matches, only three points'. behind joint-leaders Liverpool and Young Ones, and are strong candidates' for the championships if they win all their remaining matches., ''''', Aussle shock LEADING Welsh Club Swansea shocked Australia on Wednesday, defeating Rugby Union's world champion 21-6 in the first game of Australia's tour of Wales. Swansea, undefeated in club competition this season and playing six of the current Welsh intemational team, dominated the game and held the Wallabies to just two first-half penalty goals. Soccer Africa MOROCCO and Egypt seek their first points in the qualifying rounds for the 1994 African Nation's Cup finals when they clash in Casablanca on Sunday. Egypt were surprisingly beaten in _their opening Group B match in Malawi during August and Morocco later made an equally disapp~inting start, losing in Mali. Boks impress THAT'S more like it,. Bokk~~ South Africa's rugby Springboks turned in the most impressive performance of their European tour on Wednesday, crushing a Midlands XV 32-9 (halftime 10-9) at the Welford Road ground in Leicester. A string of possession from the tight and loose phases, which saw the Boks backs in devastating form for the first time in two months, laid the foundations for an emphatic victory in their first match on English s_o_1_in... 22_ye_ar_s_. '.' c..., has stood for pristine For many years, the name SUDWEST AUTOHAUS new and used cars, and the very best of service. In years to come we fully intend to continue with, and improve upon, our fine tradition of giving you the best - but as... This change of name, as from 1 November 1992, repre~ents our new, increased de~ermmation to serve the people of Namibia to the best of our ability. For all of us at AUTOHAUS.WINDHOEKto go that extra mile for you. '- AUTOHAUS WINDHOEK is not just about selling new and used Audi and Yolkswagen ears... j'" * We service Audi and Volkswagen. * We have a fully sto.cked Pa~ts!>epartment * We offer highest quality used ~ars- with guarantee AUTOHA US WINDHOEK Head Office, Workshop, Spare~, 69'Lazarett Sir, Tel (061) Fax (061) 22'3473 New & Used Car Sales, 17/19 Garten Sir, Tel (061) Fax-(06I) * AUTOHAUS WINDHOEK is part of the M&Z Group* 'I UNTAS:NAMIBIA J =::.::-,::.=-.., J

24 24 Friday November THE NAMIBIAN '< SPORT Tigers triumph MUKOROB PeJagic Tigers put up a gallant come back to trounce African Stars 2-1 in an exciting Novel Ford Premier League outing played at the SKW Field on Wednesday night. Dave Hiiko grabbed both Tigers goals with Reinholdt Goagoseb knocking in Stars only goal of the match. The victory gained Tigers three valuable points to steer them off the relegation zone. METROPOLlT~N LIFE Vacancies Tired of struggling? This is your chance to earn BIG money! We require that you have: Your own vehicle We offer: A medical scheme and Motor Finance. Mr PJ Strauss Swakopmund Tel.. (0641) 4709 MrETDeWaal Keetmanshoop Tel. (0631) 2270 Contact: Mr D Bloodstaan. or Mrs Mouton Windhoek Tel. (061) MrWTheron Rehoboth Tel. (06271) 2286 SPECIAL ART AUCTION FIRST TIME EVER IN NAMIBIA PAINTINGS WILL BE SOLD VARIOUS OLD S.W.A MASTERS AND PIVOT... Stocky striker Dave Hiiko (right) grabbed both goals in Mukorob Tigers 2 1 victory over Wednesday night's Novel Ford Premier League victory at SKW Field. The victory has eased Tigers relegation worries and the Shandumbala Boys could still move up the ladder depending on the outcome of next Wednesday night's encounter between Narilpol and Orlando Pirates. Windhoek Lager NFA Cup: LIVERPOOL CONFIDENT AGAINST BIRDS As Young Ones promise fireworks... OSCAR MENGO I.'f Prime Press Liverpool sounded very optimistic after ius club was pitted against coastal giants and last year's runners-up Interatlantic Blue Waters at Wednesday night's Windhoek Lager NFA Cup semifinals draw. His Pupkewitz Toyota Young Ones counterpart Andre Alcock, who face Namsea Orlando Pirates, was similarly pleased. Said Mengo: "I am totally satisfied with the draw. Not that I consider Blue Waters easy opponents, but I know that my boys are definitely going to feature in their first cup final come November 28." The former Kaizer Chiefs trialist also refused to be swayed by his club's present leading position on the log, CONRAD ANGULA encounter can be relied on to produce exciting football. Many people are already talking about a replay of the 1990 Mainstay Cup fmal that saw the 'Kings at Night' downing the Sea Robbers at the Katutura Stadium. On the other hand, Pirates wi".l be out to avenge their two ' ~gue defeats at the hands ofyo,mg Ones, who romped home 3-1 in the first round and continued their winning ways by thrashing the Buccaneers 5-2 in the return round. Meanwhile, Young Ones Pro Geoffrey Zaahl, has asked fans from both clubs to use the small gates before the main entrance for cars. To avoid long queues, the two small entrances will be open for - pedestrians while the main gate will deal only with cars The return-leg will be played on November 14, with Blue Waters visiting Liverpol at Okahandja while Young Ones will travel across the city to. face Pirates at the Katutura Stadium. * Admission fee for both matches is R4 for adults and RI charged for cars. S.A. ARTISTS adding that Blue Waters were ALL WITHOUT RESERVE PRICES! Monday 9th November 19hOO at the SWAWEK Hall. Viewing: Terms: Pse Note: The following artists paintings will be sold: Adolph Jentcb - Johannes Blatt - Anfried Blatt - Joacbem Voigts - Fritz Krampe - Otto Klar - Cbristine Marais - Connie Downing Archie Van Der Ploeg - Heinz Pillow - Dieter Aschenborn - Henry Bredenham - Mel Briggs and many more. TIDS IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY TO OBTAIN A MASTERPIECE. DON'T MISS THIS AUCTION Day of Auction from 14hOO hrs. Cash or cheques (with I.D.) Light snacks and wine will be served to prospective buyers (free) TO ATTEND AUCTION AND MORE INFORMATION PHONE MRS J. EAGLES WINDHOEK AUCTIONEER: GERRY HEIJ one of the most experienced teams in cup competitions. "Blue Waters are experts when it comes to cup competitions and the mere fact that they played in last year's final will certainly motivate them. "It will be a tough round for us but we want to end our best season in the Premier League with a major cup win, so I am sorry for the Birds," he concluded. * Young Ones's manager Andre Alcock also stated that he was very pleased with the draw which has his team pitted against Orlando Pirates. "It is great to play Pirates in a cup tie. They always draw a good crowd and my boys enjoy playing in front of a big crowd. We wui go for a comfortable win on Saturday and settle for a draw in the away returnleg," Alcock said. A Young Ones-Pirates THE Executive Commit tee, players and support ers of the Mukorob Pe lagic Tigers Sports Club are grief stricken to hear of the tragic and untimely death of their hard-work ing and dedicated manager, David 'Pele' Ka hatjipara (30), whose life was cut short on Wednesday in a car accident. We wish to extend our sincere condolences to the bereaved family and friends. Kahatjipara joined the Tigers Football Team in 1988 as a player. In 1989 he became a co-opted member of the Executive Committee of Tigers Sport Club. From 1990 to 1991 he was the Assistant Man ager of the soccer team and in 1992 he was ap pointed manager of Mukorb Pelagic Tigers FC. DAVID hatjipara. 'Pele' Ka