Beteemed Mr. Bldriclp Cleaver &d lfacta.e, Comrades, This tille 7011 haye coae to viait ewr co\u'l'bf to express' your

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1 Beteemed Mr. Bldriclp Cleaver &d lfacta.e, Bsteeadd ~ Robert Scbeert Dear ~eats, Comrades, ;.. ~day it gives ua sreat pl..-re te get tegether in PfebQan~1.. ' ' the capital of our country, 1d. til 7ft trienda f:re the An ti :laperialist Deleption ot the Aaerican P, ple Visiting Korea led b7 Mr. llldrtdp Cleaver; Min1.atetL et' Into:rutien of the Bllaolc Panther Par- of the u.. s.j.. May I once again WaralJ we1c JeV viai t to our coun tr.r 1n the, naae of the C.-1 tile.,~4.tldt1cat1on of the Patherland. This tille 7011 haye coae to viait ewr co\u'l'bf to express' your "lidarity with the stl'ucc1 ot tlie Xoreau people aciinat u.s. 1mpe:ria11 ~ ad fo~ the tndependent ~cation of the tatberl~nct. Yeur visit to our -.n"-7 S.. ot pteat upi.f'icance ia a'b-enetheni.d.g the soli~'b:)mtweea 'w Xoree people and tbe progrea~ve ; '.,.; ~ ; '~~ t :. >' ' people in.aaerioa in the atnq'le ap.iriat o.s. 1aper1al1., tjie. oou n en~. The U a&. iaperiallata he add by W&l'IIUIIliact Nisa are now runnin&'..uok to find a wq eu'l of their acute oriaia at home and abreaad 1za a~pping. up their aanoeuvre to'# aceresatoa and war o:riernal.lj and 1Dtens1f'11nc their- plunder and repression of the people internal17 H.wenr; lfith no aal1pnt aanoeuvre ca the u.s. bl:tjor1al1ata acre their tate alre~ on the 4ee11Do Bt'ez7where the u.s. iaperialiata are J'Qnn1nc the puntlet ef u4 ~ina di bered bj' tho revolution&r7 people t" the world wh haft risen up in the liberati ~cs Coaracle K1a n bet the area-l Lndel" of the 40 llillion Kerean peeple, aald ae tollowr "Wlere there ie explo-itati n and oppression" there alway breaks ou~ the revolutionar,y ~11 ot the people."... ' J.}

2 The tlaaa of the anti-t.per1aliat liberatien atruaj,e an raging f'urieusl7 a1ao lnaid..e tbe clea of U.S. illperialisa. The strugele of the Black Panther PartJ' md the Black. petple in America..-snat the cursed pelicj er racial discriai nation of the u.s. imperial.1ata and tor freedom and liberation 1s de-telopine wi tb ij1ereaainc po1ret" ner,rdq ana. de aline a telling blow at u.$. iaperiali TQ,ether with the li,eratioa a~le of ~ Black peeple, the atrugaj.e of the pregressi e people in Jaerica aga:lnat t~ u.s. ijipe~al~ata c~a1 pelior ef qcreaalon an4.-:r :la 11\U'a::Lnc on an unprececlantecl scale Th" 1noreas~17 t1er.ce...oillti.oj1&'17 atruale ot the Merican people has 4ri.ftll. tlle u.s. ruline circle into a tighter corner. The atruc l of the B1aek people and progresa:j.:ve people in Jmerioa against u.s. iaperi.ali ill ad iapertan~ 1ii1Jr: ~ the ohr.dn ot the antl-illperialiat atl"v&le ot the peeplea 8C"S8 the WGl'ld ancl & CJ"e&t &-811de to the revolutionar;1 cause of the Kerean people The Korean peop1e reader resolute support to and expre$8 f111lt aolida.ri v ri th the jua11 atftcd et th& Black people and progressite people 1.z1 Aaeri.Oa qatnat th' exploitation.,- - --" an4 -.ppression et u.s. iaperiau mel fer pnuine freed0j Mrat1cm and the rtaht to e~atence, V. acathin111 dea011he u.s. laperialj.a fer ita bai'll&ro'wi repression of the :Black Panther ParlJ' eel.mtnc17 4eunct tbl t.ediate an4 unconditienal Hl ot m&e:r Neritn, Bobbt Seale aud other leaders and.. b r ot the Black Pallther Party whc::c the u.s. 1aperia11ata ha" 111epll7 srresteclaqd $aprisgned. Comrades and trienda, The Korean people wage a pr traoted atruaele against te~ign aggressors and for the treedoa an4 independence o'f their fatherland

3 ".. \,.,, J':..., In the darkest period of Jap&Dese iaperialiat rule~ Coarade Kim I1 b.g, the respected and beloved Le~er of the 40 aillion Korean people, peerless patriot 1 national hero and evernotorious iron-willed brilliant co ander; orpni~ed and led the heroio anti-japanese a:.ed a~le for over 15 years and tm.lli smashed brigandish Japueae 1mperiaH. and accomplished the historic cause of the restoration of the tatherlando. After the liberation, the.korean people under the wise leadership of Collll"ad.e IC1a n &me, the respected ~d beloved Leader, have oredi tably eabedied his great idea of Juche and his 11ne of independence, self Sil!Stenance and self-defence 1n ~1., fields and thereby tarne4 their ence backv~ country into ad independent socialist atate with an ad ance4 lacialist syst and the fim founda~ion of an independent national economy, a powerful all-people defence ayatea and a 1tr1Ub&t national oulture. 1be South Koreatl people, :l.ilspi:red b7 the prosperity and de elopaent 0f the Republic, are fishtinc acainst the fascist rtale of terror of u.s. blperiali and ita stooces, t)le PU: Jung Hi ~ppet clique, and tor deaocratic fre u-,, national independence and the unification of the fatherland. ~day the u.s. imperialists are f.ntenaifyin&' with each passing day their JllanoeuTrea to provoke a new war against the Deaocratic People's Republic of Korea, even drawina the Japanese ailitariats, the inveterate ene~ of the Korean peoplet into South Korea. This has created a ~ grave situation in our oountey in which war mq break eut qaid at azq ao ent.., the U.s. imperialists should not for ret the leaaona of histcry. If the U.s. imperialists dare 1gni te another war of aggression against Korea in defiance ot our repeated WA.l"!l..4'"l...~,.;c::. the7 will be completeq annihilated and swept 8.'tft9 by our People1a A:rmy and people who are aa well aaecl that each of them can match for a hundred toea. '

4 Of late the U.S. uperialiata are noiailj" talkinc abeut the tt;artial withdrawal" et their..,_..saie tj;"oopa occupyinc Sout!t. Korea~ Bllt tbia ia no aore than a abeel" deceptive fare.,. I aiaecl at cueutlactnc the aanoe\al'rin18 the;r ere now 1nteneif1inl te pn., ke a nev var~p-eaain in South!Corea. ~ a lidk id the chain of the ao-calle4 "Nl!xon dec trine" desicnecl to easily ~hie"f'e their accresaive aiaa by "Asian filht apinat ~... Asians", it i a plain aaniteatation et their aalipant. aot..,1;:. drac the accressi ve &'1.'1J7 of J padese tari directl1 in~ ~th Xo:rea,t :. ~. : l' 'Jhe u.s. iaperialiata aut 11110ond1tienall1 and coapletely ~tb.cli ~w tna South Korea without delq, t*w all their ~~t~ veapou with th... ' ' <: :,; 'l'h ~estion of Korean unification ~11 be ttled by the Jtreaa' peeple themaelves in4ependentlj, on d ocratio p!:-:!.nciple,..! ;. ~... -1)..!~~~~~ the interference troa arq taide forces, after the CielfP.~~:te withdrawal ot the u.s. iaperialiata egression arq ;.:.:. &u. tee ' ~~< ::-.~.. :: :: 'x ~~a.{~ ' -ia!t~t. f.~s oppo~tt to expresa ay prefeund '. '.: ;', ; ;:.,.. :.. :' '.. ' ' '. t~ ;to. ~.. ~~.f~~' f.~",,.~~ ~.~.A. ~4 the ' :,,.)',... :._.....~.,;.,. "'..,,..,,,,...\... : :... f&j~~~~.,~.d ~~~~ :.4 Ke~~~ :~~~~ ~~:.r~~e~'- :#~ ~~-~t::,.. 1 ~. ; ~ i. ',. ' :. :. ~ ~ /: :, '... j.-. ', ~esa~~e ~o~~e: ~. ~~rjc. :~ ~:' ~~,~~t~~t.. 4$~~~~ the ~tt ~~ : v~s.,.~. ~'-~11~~"~:. ~~~:-:~~e.. i. ; tt~~~~" '' t~f) :,~.,~. o~. ~1'r,.~~t..#:!~ ~. ;~~e~j ~'!o-..,io~?f... ~;~~'~.; ;, :'' ~,...,,,;.;,::.,..::;,:,:.:.' '.e ~~~ ~~,p~e,,.,,.r: ~~~.~~~'~ f~~f ~~ ~~. ~ ~r -~~~~~~.-.~P :-~~- pj14~t, ~- t. ~ ; ~J. ~:F~.~~-.~~~,~!]?~~.~!rrr ~~~~ ~ :~ -~~ff..~ aaatnn the co'illlotf:ell..,.,.~;.~t;; ~~~~--. :. ;':..... '.. ~ -: '... ' '

5 ,. I llepe you will spend fruitful md pleasant dqa durina ;,our sttq in our country and wish JGU bil successes in yeur visit to our country. MaJ I pntpese a toast te the ail1tant friendship U1d aolidari ty between the Ktrem pe'eple add the pregress::i. Te people in Aaerica in the,coj!lil0n strqgle againat the U.S$ pelicy ef war an i aggression, to the health of Itlr, Bldridg9 CleaTei" and his wifep to of Mr. Robert Soheer, to the health of ail the suests and t the health of all comradea present here. t f