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1 Bare Acts & Rules Free Downloadable Formats Hello Good People! LaLas

2 p&ptqm*, fqrhi222zooz -rrsgtf+z2m2002 3*$*.Tl=miq*rn*rn~,. *.*,-dgt, *-m. ( No. 30 of 2002). 7.,Matters not subject to inquiry 16. Lok Aayog to kake suggestions Power to make rules ' 18. Removal ofdbi;bkb

3 . - (iv) in the ol a Government =ant, othm h 2 m mkr of the All (v) in the mse of any uther pubiic servant, such authority as may be prescribed by the Government;.








11 ~ m, f d ~ ~ Ministers of.the State Government; recommendations along with the relevant dicunients and other evidence to-the competent authority. Explanaljon: li I- - Opinion OE Lok Aayog in relation to any complaint, including I I/!I; ( a decision, reprt, finding or conclusion th-&on, means the opinion of the majority i of liii its rnemkrs. 5; I;' (2) The competent alnl.or%ry shall examine the report fowarded to it under xb- 1, i section (1) and intimate to the Lok Aayog within three months of the date of receipt! ' I : llte =port, the act ion {aken or proposed to be takcn thereon. : I

12 B' k.f. el,.- ):.- '< '.-. (3) IT the Lok Aayog is satisfied with the action taken or proposed to be taken un its $ v -. recornmcndotions, it shall dose the case under information to the complainant, the r: - public servant and thc competent authorib, and if in any case the tok Aayug is or c' the opinion that the case so deserves, it may make a special report upon the case to % F-,the~~vemwandal~~informthem&lainan~,.,. 5. F. (4) The Lok Aayog shalt present to the Governor, annually, a codso1idated report >: - rr: & onthe ptkormanse.afits Bncti?no.under this Adhiniyarn.?- - j: + (5) If in any spmial report under sub-section (3).or the annial--wpbfi bnder sub- F i, r seclion I?), any adverse 'cotnrrient is made against any public servant such repon?. g. L., shall' also 'contain the substance of the defen~e.adduced by such public sewant and I-, ~ 1, - the comment made-thereon by or on behal~~l-lc'stato Governtied ir the re kvant. rornpe&t iphority, as the c&e.rnay be. ' '. (6) O* racipt of a special report under sub-scctidn (3) or the annual report under subsection (4), the Governor shalt cause a copy thereof together with en - 'explanatory memorandum to be laid before the- State LegisIatiye.Assembly. -, (7) subject to the pi6visions of Section 9_ofll?js Adhiniyam, the ~ ok-~ayo~ may at its discretion bake available from. time to lime and in such manner and to. such persoils as it may,deem apprppriate, the substance of cases closed or -od~rwisc djspqsed - of -by it ahich may in its opinion be of general. pubiic, academic or professional interest. 12. Reports in respect of the Chief- Ministerf- ((I) The ~ ok Aayog ihall send its report in, respect of a complaint agairist the Chief. Minister with its ncomrnendsti~ns.,,-,.. d.-... to, the.governor, whoshall lakc such act/oi &c&upofi, as he may. :s., '! 7.'.,,. -.._. ' _: ,...! --. -,,!+! -. '.dcem,tjt,, qr expedient.:. (2) The report of the-lok Aayog shall. albhg with he order passd by the Governor under sub-section (I), be laid bcfote'thk State LegisIative AssembIy. 13. Staff of Lok A3yog:- (1) There shali be a Secremy of rhe Lok Aayog, who shell assist the tok Aqog in the discharge of iti functions under this Adhiniydm. (2) Thcre shall be such other o KC& and employm uacer the Secretary of the Lok Aayog as may be provided in the rdes framed under this Adhiniym. ---w.-,,i, 3 --._. ^. -.-_Y-._7_ -

13 Lok. Aayog mid othet oficers and employees who may, be appoikcd under sub-, 1.4. Secrecy -. of~nformation:; (1) ~ 1. ninformation: y obtained in the course of an.. bythe'hk. I,. inquiry. Aayog, rnernbcrs c6 its itaff or a pcnon or agency whose -. - services are utilizedl:by the Lok Aayog fbr conducting inquiries, in respect of any -. complaint, and any evidence recorded or coiiected in' connection with such.infohalion shail be h~ted as tonfidential. (2) Norhing in sub~seciion (I) shall apply,to the disclosure of information or..,, I. :' k',. I ' :A,. -., +->: -. -.,-,.-p.~icul+;:---,,.;:;,:-.,::..! ' : F,:..--, I:;, :;, * -. : : : - <, --, -, :, (a') 6; purpose 6f the cniuiry or in any report to be made thereon or for any r;. c: 7 adtion or,proceedings to be taken on such report, or -,,-' (b).for.,purposes of any pmceeding for an, offence... under the Official Secrets Act, 1 9b3 (Act No. 19 al1923). or any offence of giving bi fabricating false, evidence under the Indian Penal Code or for the purpose of any proceedings under Section I5 of this hdhiniyam, Dr (e) for such other purposes as may be presmlbed. (3) An oficer or other authority prescribed in this brhalf may give notice in writing to the Lok Aayog with respect to any document or information specified in the



16 ~ ~, ~ 2 m W (36) - THE FIRST S CHED~E [See Section 3 (b)] I...-. r.. having been appoin red FrakuWl ~okayukt I Lokayukt do s ~ ain r the k&e of ~ o/ d soiernnli. sftirm ma -i wil1 bear faithand allegiance to the Cgnrtitution of India as by law established. and 1-will duly and f&rhfully and to rhe beg of r& abili(y, howledg= and judgmentperfom the duti4 bf my cnicc without fear o; favour, affection ill-gll - -. ',. 17IE SECONDSCBEDULE [S& Section 4(5)] ' -,,. -. l.-~fier ippcintment,there shall be paid to the Pramukh Lokaylh, in rupecl of timo:sped on actual. service, salary such percluirite~ and hilowances as, are (i) A' Judge?e the supr&e Cow of India,. in case fhe, k u k h Lpkayukt is appa&~edfiomamon&p~i~n~ru~ohaveheld'theoeccofaludgeofthesupreme ',.-, '- Court,, - $)!-A - cbi&f~&~i& 6 f a ;. i ~ j u&-$~kap~~~~!l~p'pb~inted :.,.,.,, >:,:-?,,-r --,-*.L,.:...-.~..~~,,. - r,,.;, *,-<.-,.:.., {. &<. ;,,?+,..f,!,.,. --;:- :-,.. >- -.;- ' :.:. :.,. &jo'~:~kmiir~a ;;=.!,.;,..:d,~->-.;ry! :z:.-.,..-,,., &m"'liave hela &e office df a ChiPlustid bf e High Cow, (iii) A Judge of a High-Cdurt, in case the P;&ukh Lokayukt is appointed from. amongst p & ~ who have held the ofice of e Judge of a High Court.., Provided that his salary in iespe~t of service as the Prarnukh Lokaykt shall be rcduccd - {a) by the mount of pension (other than a disability pension) in respect of +y -. previous service-beingdrawn by him, and -, I

17 ~ ~, ~ 2 ~ 2 m 2 if ho has before appointment as the Pramukh ~oka~kt received in lieu of n portion of the pension due to him the commuted value thereof, by the amount of tbar portion of the pension. and (c) if he has, before such appointment,.,received a retirement gratuity in kpect of I. -. ' such previous service, by the pension equivalent of that graluity. 2. After appointmen4 there &dl be paid fo a Lokayukt, in respect of time spent on actual service, salary plus such perquisites and allowances as are payable to - (i) A Secmtaty to the Government o India ih case the Lokayukt is appo jited h m amongst the Secretaries ko tii5: Gayemrnent of hdia, (ii) A person who has held any post undkr the Central or State Government in hdia carry'ing a sale of pay which is nut kss than that of a Secrelay' to Government of India in cast thc hkayukt is appointed from amongst persons holding such posts, ~rovided'that, if a ~dkaybkt at the time of his appointment is in receipt of a -pension(other than a disability pension) in respect of any previous service under.,.. the ~r>~&nment of India or.under the' ~overnrnent of a State iii India, his salary. in,. re$ect of service &.the ~bkayulct, shail be reduced- (a) by the amouiitofthatpension, and (b) if he bas, before such appointment reccived in 1 j ~u oia portion ofthe pension due tb him in.respeet of sljch previous service the commllted value thereof, by the mount of that portion of the pension, and. -. such. appoihtmcn&,recci~+ I. a retkenent gratuity in respat. = - such previous service, 6th pension equivalent of tha gratuity.

18 [S& Section 7 (I)]. % 3! a) Action taken under the Exgaditioq ~ c t 19#2'(Act,.No. 34 of 1962) or the n b) Adion taken for the pukose of investigating crimd ofprotecting~e security of the, - ~ k tincluding e action taken with respect to passpo,rts. and '.,i docurhen&, c) Action in rnal3e.n which arise out of thi:temi.df a convect governing. -. purely -. - commercig relations of. -the. administration with c.ustorneq or. suppliers,~, except.. -: her.e..the,.., cprnplaint. coriuption, h&assment:or gross delay in meeting m, 1.. -, co~~~totiligations; -, , -,".: -.. '.A. -.-., d). ~ction taken,.. I - ~~all.g~-idacou*or'n~~ tie exercise of powers in relationto det&miiing'whether a m&er.,.< -..,. :-. -,.... '. - e) A&& - taken in respect of removals, -pay, disipline,. sucirannudtidi.or dlher. - 1 :: - + matters relating to conditions of service of pyblic seiyints but'not inchding action-. - relating to claims for pension; grahlity, provident fund or to '&y claim- which arise ' od. retikrndt,. ierio~al or terminatipn of. service f) ~itbi-,iivd&in~ cornplain-ti qf coniption in reqpec't of appointments of those 1 '.., mentiphed- in ikon g, dr&t Dfho&un >. -., aid -awards. -.. I -,,.*

19 A (2) In proviso lo sub- scclian (1) ofsecuon 34 for [he words "~womonths^ llre rtwrds "no1 less lban six monlhs" for the words "twenly lour mon~hs'' the words "li 1.c years!. For!he- words "lwo hausand rupees" Ihc words "ten ihou&ndhlfe.;". aid for [he words "lcn thousand rupeesn lhe wgds "one lakh rupees" sl\sli hc substituted. Raipur : Dated :

20 CHHA'mISGARH ACT (No. 7 of 2007) CHH~TT~SGARH LOK AYOG (SANSHODHAN) ACT, 2007 An Act to amend the Cbhattisgarh LokAyog Adbiriiyarn, 2002 (No. 30 oi2002). Be it enacted by thie Chhapisgarh thc Fifty-ei&th Year ofthe Republii: of tndia as follows :- -. > Shqrt ~iiic mnd 1 (I) This Act may,be callcd Ihc Chhaltisgarh Lok. Ayog (Sanshodhan) cornrncnccmcn~ ~dhihi~arn, (2) '. 1t sl1.11 be dkrned to have came.inra -fbrke retrorpec;ively wiih effcct. from 2nd Novernbcl, ' Aflcndrnrnt or - 2 In Seclion 4 of the Chhanisgarh Lpk Ayag Adhiniyam, 2002 (No.30 of 2002) :. Srction 4. (hereinailer referred to as lhe Rincipal ACI),-L (I).. -< For proviso to subsection (I), ihe.following shall be subslituled, nameiy i,. '!Provided [hat the Prarnukh Lokayukth shall, notwithstanding be 1 cxpira~ion of his,tcrm, continue to hold office until1 his successor enicrs upon a. Provrded further ihat- ' - (a) : he rnay,by,twiting underhiskandaddrcsscd~o~hcgovernor, " ' - rcsign his ofice and such resignation shall takk effect as soon. as it. is tendered ; - - (b) - he may be removcd From-ofice in'the-manner spccificdin - < Section 5 of this'~&i~am."'- < utpml. 2) In sib-section (3), for be words "six months1' thc tvords "one year" sha I1 be substituted.., - 3. :. 1he;~hhanisgarh Lok Nag (~khodhaa) Ordinance, 2007 (No: 4 if 2007) jr hereby repealed. '

21 CHHAmGARH LOK AAYOG (SANSHOD-1 ACT, 2009 An Act further to amend the ~hh&sg& Lok Aayog Adhiniyam.2002 (No. 30 +of 2002).. Bc it cnaciod by he Chhaltisgarh Legislative., Assembly. in the Sixlielh Year of the. Republic pfindia as fol!ows I a -,I, (I) This'Act may bc -call& the Chhattisgarh hk Aay,og (Sanshdhan) Short Litlc, cdcnt,, - Adhini)arn, ' and Cmnmenctmcnt. (31 11 sliall'k have come,. inro f& rpospectively wih eifwt'from... 2nd ~d~crnder, ~iwmimcn~ (hereinafter referred to as the Principal Act), the following seerion shaj l bf SMi?n 6- ' F& section 6 of the ~hhattisgarh Lok. Aayog Adhinijam. - 2m (N0.30 of 2002) substitured, namely :-.-,. -.. "6. (1 1 Subject lo the provisions of chi Adhiniy,am, upon rtscciving specific infomation of- mi~onduct or a -cofiplainl against he Chief Minisier, a Minisk or any other sewant, the Lnk Aay,og may to inquirc intorhe makr containad therein. ' -.. m ' 12). lo provisions of the Adhiniyam the 0 Sble Government -. - m'aym~car&f=~npi~rinquiryiblhebk~ ~a~d;g andpnkeis'' of the -refemncev.thi tok Aayog may p& t inquire lnlo rhc -.,., -rnqucr conl&ed th;rein.",,. - after he word,"'&laifished'' he ~mc'olen1 ' words 'land in any referkncc made.under sub wtion-(zj of section 6" shall be.inserled. SFnioa 11. In sub sectiqn (I) of seilion 1 1 of the principal ~ct,. - In rib &ion (I) of &on 12-of ihe'&nnpi ~ c i Be word ''&mplairii' the, mnd-1 wou words '.'and a refereice made under s" b, ~ i q(2). n oof *lion -6" shall be inserted. u.'.,. - > - -., - > m1he~hha$~~+,~~aj6~l~anshodben)~fn*&i008blo.3if2008)& h&y atpal.. 4 repealed: - -.