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1 "it.' l Delegates 'Want less of. n terms ofits role inproposed insularareapolicy council By Rafael H. Arroyo THREE leading non-state delegatesto the USHouseof Representatives lastweekflatly rejected anexecutive draftof theproposed insular area policy council and suggested a different approach, thatwouldseektopromote political development for the territories. n a joint letter last Monday to nteriorsecretary BruceBabbitt, Delegates Ron De Lugo (Virgin slands), Eni F.H. Faleomavaega (American Samoa)andRobertA. Underwood (Guam) reiterated their opposition to a planned policymaking council as it may putnterior's OfficeofTerritorial andnternational Affairs (OTA) ina leadroleindealing withinsular area issues within the federal government. Subsequently, they indicated preference thatota notbegiven any role anymore on insulararea issues. "OTAcurrentlyhas not statu- tory authority regarding other agencies' programs as theyrelate to Guam, thecnm,and the Vi! gins slands and should not have such authority relatingto AmericanSamoa. Givingit acoordinatingroleregardingpolicieswithin thejurisdiction of other agencies would inevitably centralized power...evenifthatisnotwhatis intended. This could add a bureaucratic hurdle to decisions," said the threedelegates. Babbitt,for thelastfewmonths, has beentryingto drawup a consensus among leaders of insular area governments as the federal government gets ready with the creationof a formal institutional structure withinthe WhiteHouse for territorial issues. J The issue of an interagency councilwastakenup by De Lugo and Senator J. Bennet Johnston separate bills they introduced to, createsuchapolicybodyinvolved with issues concerning insular areas under the US flag. But it appears that insteadof a councilcreatedby legislation,an administrative approach, i.e. an executive order,is up for consideration. The White House apparently believes that the creation of an insular areas panel (lap) within the existingdomestic policycouncil, with the nteriorsecretaryas continued on page 8 Woman nabbed for settingman on fire By Ferdie de la Torre aggravated assault and battery. Sheu said the victim Tomas poured water into himself. t was the responsible who also A WOMAN wasarrestedafter Hosei,34,ofKoblerville, survived called up an ambulance; Sheu she allegedly burned alive a ald was treated for 1St and 2nd said.' man who was sleeping inside degreebums in the right armpit. t wasnotindicatedhowever, 'her house in San Vicente,the Department of Public Safety said Friday. Sheu said according to the report,whilehoseiwas sleepingon the bedroom, Ramarui covered what was the relationship between Ramarui and Hosei and thereasonwhysheburnedhim, CathySheu, DPS public information him with a blanket then burned Sheu explained., officer, said Tina Ramarui, 43, was arrestedfor him by pouring kerosenefuel. The victim was awakened and The incident' was reported Thursday at 9:30 p.m, CodyYounggets 5 years Laurie Ann Castro Deleon Guerrero waves to the crowd after being crowned as 1993 Miss Teen CNM." (See story on page 4). FORMER Hot98 FM disc jacky CodyRobert Young hasbeensentencedtofiveyearsimprisonment after entering into a plea agreementwiththegovernmenton possession of crystal methamphetamine locally known as "ice." Young also faces a number of other casesin the SuperiorCourt includingtwolawsuits againsthim bytownhouse Department Store. But according to a plea agreement signed by Asst. U.S. AttorneyDavidWood, Public Defender,DanDeRienzo andthedefendant, Young has entered plea agreementwiththe CNMgovernment. The district court has been notifiedthatyoung entered pleasof guilty through fraud, forgery, trickery, scheme or devise. The Attorney General's Office has already agreed to request the Superior Court to suspend any prison terms orderedwith the exception of five years imprisonment recommended to the local court aside from the other fiveyear jail term at federal prison facility. U.S.District CourtChief Judge Alex Munson handed the decision last week in a closed-door hearing. Cody Robert Young Young, who was represented by Atty. Dan DeRienzo of the Public Defender's Office, plead guilty to one count of possession withintentto distribute methamphetamine. n return, the District Court dropped other charges against theunitedstatesnational related to drug crimes. The DistrictCourt also agreed not to filed additional charges against the former radio announcer withany"federal crimes which mightotherwisearisefrom any facts situations where the (CNM) has charged the defen- dantwitha crime... and thedefendanthasenteredpleasof guilty..." The plea agreement was negotiated and agreed upon by both parties last Thursday. Young was chargedof possessionwithintenttodistributemethamphetamine in an amountof 13 grams.the prisonterm of 5 years for theoffenseis the most appropriate sentence, according to the defendant. According to thecomplaint filed atthe DistrictCourt,Youngcommitted the crime on two occasions. one of which occurred on May 5,1993. Young will be incarcerated at thefederal Bureauof Prisonscorrectionsfacilities atstafford,arizona where he will also undergo drug rehabilitation. After the five-year incarceration, Young will be on a supervised released term of 3 years. n his December' 16, decision, Judge Munsonordered Youngto pay assessment of which mustbe paid whilethe defendant is in jail. Young was also told to notify the U.S. district attorney within 30daysof anychangeinhisname, continued onpage 8 PAC NEVVSPAPER STALKS --=-- '_'. '._...-: _-.'"_0"-

2 f.i 2-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-MONDAY DECEMBER 20, 1993 Prober seek missing file on Clinton's ex-associate NEW YORK (AP) - nvestigatorsare tryingtolearnif amissingfileonaformerbusinessassociale of President Clinton was taken from the office of a White House aide after he committed suicide, The New York Times reported Sunday. The federal investigators have been told that Vincent Foster Jr. kept a file in his office on James McDougal and Whitewater Development Corp., McDougal's real estate investment firm, the Times reported. Foster committed suicide on July 20. The file was not listedin an inventory ofhis officethatwas conducted two days after his death, the newspaper said, quoting anonymous law enforcement Tmes sees policy split on gays in US military NEW YORK (AP) - The court said the equal protection nal touches on the new regula- Clinton administration is divided guarantee of the Fifth Amend- tions that could be issued in the overwhatlegalstrategies itshould ment did not permit the govern- next several days. use to carry out the President's ment to remove members of the Under the administration's policyonhomosexuals in theu.s. militarymerelybecausetheysaid policy, which became law last military, The" New York Times they were homosexuals. month,military personnel can reported. BecauseClinton's "Don't ask, no longer be asked about their Officials in the Department of don't tell" policy derives impor- sexual orientation but can be Defense and the Justice Depart- tant elements from the original dismissed for acknowledging mentdisagreeon how to handle a ban, military lawyers fear that a their homosexuality. federalappealscourtdecisionthat successful challenge to the But the new policy links found the military's original ban original ban could imperil the such a declaration with conongaysunconstitutional,thenew Clinton plan. duct by strengthening the York Times reported in Sunday Militarylawyers arguethat the presumption that troops who editions. government should appeal the say they are homosexual en- When theappealscourtruledin ruling, but some Justice Depart- gage in or are likely to engage November, it said that it was not mentlawyers believetheyshould in homosexual acts, which are considering the constitutionality let it stand. violation of the military's of the new regulations. 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Canon's performance and advanced technology makes it a truly wise and lasting gift for the Holidays! Hurry! Visit or call our Canon display center now and avail of our special prices for the season! TOKYO (AP)-FonnerForeign Minister ichirohatoyama died in a Tokyo hospital of heart failure, Sunday, the Kyodo NewsService reported He was 75 yearsold. Theeldestson of a primeminister, Hatoyama's careerreadslikea mapintojapan's labyrinthine corridors of power. After graduating Tokyo University's Faculty of Law, Hatoyama went to work for the Finance Ministry. He left the bureaucracy in 1974 andranforelectedofficeasamemcanon ""? Products COPERS FACSMLES ETWS CALCULATORS sources. t mighthave been turned over to Foster's widow in a box of personal items that was given to the family's lawyer, one source said. A seniorwlutehouse official.. who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told thetimes thatall files in Foster's office wereproperlyhandledand the WhiteHouse was unaware of the inquiry into the file's location. The law enforcement officials said their inquiry was being hamperedbyalackof cooperation from the White House. They did not say how they learned of the missing file, wpitewater was ajoint venture entered into by Clinton, his wife, Hillary, and McDougal and his BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) The imprisoned brother of slain druglord PabloEscobarwasseriously wounded Saturday when a letter bomb addressedto him exploded in jail, prison authorities said. Hospitalofficialscited on local radio said Roberto Escobar was wounded inan eye, thechest,face andhands at the tagui jail on the outskirts ofmedellin. Hiswounds were not life-threatening, the officials said. The"TV Hoy" televisionnews program reported that Escobar was scheduled to undergo eye surgery late Saturday. Two prison guards were also wife, Susan, in to develop land in Arkansas.. McDougal, who was once an economicadviser toclintoowhe), he was governor of Arkansas:. eventually left government and bought a small savings and loan association, Madison Guaranty. Hebuiltitintooneofthelargest state-chattered associations in Arkansasbeforeit failed in 1989, costing taxpayersabout 47 million. McDougal was acquitted in 1990 of charges related to the failure. But federal investigators are now looking into the failure of Madison and its dealings with Whitewater, including thepossible improperuse of depositors' funds for contributions to political campaigns. Ex-Foreign minister dies. beroftheuberaldemocraticpany. He was subsequentially electedto serve as a member of the upper housethree times. n 1976,he wasappointed to the postofforeign ministerin thecabinet of Prime Mf\lister Takeo Fukuda. '. Two of his children have followedhis footsteps into politics. One,YukioHatoyama, serves as thedeputychief cabinetsecretary andtheother,kuniohatoyama, is a memberof the Houseof Representatives. Escobar brother hurt in bomb blast wounded, said a statement from the National Prisons nstitute. Medellin police refused to comment on the incident. PabloEscobar,theleaderof the Medellincocainecartel,waskilled Dec. 2 by security forces in Medellin. A death squad has threatened the drug lord's family. The group - called People Persecuted By Pablo Escobar - is allegedly composed of members of the rival Cali drug cartel, police and former associates of Escobar. The tagui jail holds adozen suspected members of the Medellin cartel.! grenade atm~. COTABATO, Philippines{AP)-A gredade~p~~.~ inthislar Muslimsouthemcil,in uril,eigilt~.~> SaidS~/.. Y. lj..... g...: Witnesses told police that a man in his early 2Os. 'Q1ed.~... grenade across the floor of the tavern SalUrdaynigJ:ll,~> emergingfrom the toilet +... He escaped through the tavern's kitchen" the witnesses. PoliceChief Nelson Moralessaidbewas unsure of lhemotive;.. O~ Monday, the government is to resume peace negotiatiolls with the Muslim rebel Moro NationalLiberation Frall4tJ91o. about400 kilometers (250 miles) west of here. The talks are opposed by numeroussplinter groups,including some which operate in the Cotabatoarea.... ====--...:..- -=;;--_=- -=_.-::...-_--.::.:MONDAY-DECEMBER20;1993 -MARANASVA'RlETY NEWS ANDYEWS-3. Bradshaw gets back atcamacho By RafaelH. Arroyo TEMPORARY Public Auditor Robert Bradshaw. last Friday cited widespead corruption dwing the Camrlx>Administrati<n andhiseffi1s k>cmtain tbese irregularities as mainfldxs leading to his falloot with former Governor Carlos Camocbo in n interview at his Gualo Rai office, Bradshaw expressed <hwisfaetion (Net therecentstate DelSmade bycamacoo indicating hatbroosbawmayn<tbeallowed to serve aspublic Auditoc again due to apossible povision inanagreement beentered inwith thegovernment in Bradshaw, who~publicaudiur undercama:hofuxn 1978 to 1981, was ''reawcjin1ed'' by cwren1 GovenD"Larry, Guerrero lastnovember26 astempoouy~ aijditorto q)ace Srott Tan. Tan's initial six year erm expired Noverober 25th CalruK;ho,inate~interview withthevariety Thesday, iooieated there might be a possibility that Bradshaw may be precluded to be publicauditaagaindjetoaseulement <nhislawsuit against Canacbo and the CNM government during the aner years of CamacOO's teml as govend". Atboogh he made it clearbe had nooungto{x'ove whathe wac; saying, he was quite certain there was Slmehinginthe 981 settlementthat coodpeveot Bradshawfum being hired again insuch position, A check with the USDistrictCourt indcates Bradshaw sued Camacho andthe CNMgovernment in 1980 f(l"'removing fimding foc thepublic Want to become a la-wyer? NORTHERN Marianas College wants to know if you're interested in pursuing a career in law. A meeting has been scheduled tonight(tuesday, Dec. 14)at 6 p.m. in Room 110in the Sablan Vocational Training Center at the As Terlaje campus for persons interested in attending a pre-law program at the college this coming summersaidina press releasefrom Northern Marianas College. Continuing Education Coordinator Rose gitol said, "We've offered poe-law programs in 1991 and 1992 in cmjuoction with the Anorrey General's Office and the cromoo.weallh's legal community. lkthesdaynightmeetingistogauge ~ injerest in offering arother soch program thissummer." Shesaidseveraloftbosewhocanpetedthepreviousprogramsareoow. soccessful awschool SlUdents. "Associate Justice Ramon Vi.aganez and warn 10ercourage all perscos interested in a career in lawto anend this meeting as it will helpus determine ~ ocrot 10 offer a poe-law JUgall this COOling SU1UX'J:," gitol said. gitol aoo Justice Villagcrrez will.attend the meeting. to discuss ire XUJX>SOO JXOg1lTl with tha;e in attendaoce. Carlos Camacho Auditor'sOfficefumthe1980fiscal yearbodget" through agubematorial veto effected 00 Ap:il9, Sucha vetowas said to have depdved Bradshaw of his salaries as,mlic auditor pumptinghim to file a civi1 ocboo in May n1981,heobtainedajudgmentoo the tria1 courtlevel foc 102, p!us~~rest~july24,98l. By Ferdie de la Torre STUDENTS, teachers and parents of Garapan Elementary Schoolhelda"Drug-FreeParade" while teachersfrom San Vicente Elementary School distributed gifts to the old ones during their separatechrisunas Party last Friday. More than 900 participated the "Drug-Free Parade"conductedby the Garapan Elementary School Friday at 8:30 a.m. The Department of Public Safety's Santa Claus aboard a firetruck greeted them near the gate of the school. The marchers turned right on the BeachRoad, we~t left in front of the Bankof Guam andback to the school. Thekindergartenstudents,clad in angels suit, led the parade followed by the lst grade pupils wearing candy canes. Nextinline, were the 2ndgrade students sporting in gift outfits whilethe3rdgrade followedwith their attractive snow man attire. The 4th grade students were wearing the funny-looking bells while the 5th grade used the Christmas Tree outfits followed by the 6th grade students clad in Joseph and Mary clothes. The students waved placards thatread"joy is Drug Free"while others sang Christmas songs as theymarchedon the BeachRoad. Mrs. Faailoilo Veavea, emcee of the program,said theydecided to combine the "Drug-Free Parade" andthe Christmas Party to make the day more significant to the children and community. Veavea said after the parade their was a competition among the students as each grade would perform entertaining Christmas numbers. The students with best costumes were later chosen. Meanwhile, after holding Christmas Partywiththestudents, teachers from San Vicente ElementarySchool. entertained the invited guests of some 60 members of the Manamko or the Senior Citizens Center. The teachers had a sumptuous Robert Bradshaw Thegovernment thenfiledanappeal before the AppellateDivisi<nof thedistrictcourtbutlaterdecidedto resolve the case ri<x to appellate reviewlncrdertosecurebradsbaw's resignatioo aspublicauditor. Toresolve the lawsuit, thegovernrnentjustoffered asettlement agreerrent which gave Bradshaw sane 120,<XX> with thecooditi<n thatbe lunchwith theold ones then each teacher pickeduphisorhergiftand gave it to ire chosen old personto show thespiritof giving andsharing. Rebecca Sablan. organizer of the resign fnm hispost. Accmling to Camacbo, as far as. becoaldrenemberpartonhatagree rellwasthatbradshawcoo1dnotbe appointedbocktothatsameposition, Althoughhestilldecl.iredtoclarify 00 whether be is prevented fran assuming office as public auditor again,bradshawtoektimetolambast Camachoforstarting to talk. ''1 really would have wanted to maintain alowprofile. But since he (Camacho) has xooght it out am prepared torespood,' saidbradshaw in last Friday's interview, AccordingtoBradshaw,redidxrt in anywayreleasedcoofidential infonnation to the mediajust to embarrass Camacho andthathe didrot make anystat.ements beyrndthe auditrepatsuntil ooyafterthelawsuit came 001. "As you know, cmupti<n was party, said it was the thirdyear they had invited the members of the Manamkoinawayofexpressing that Christmas is10lonly foc thechildren but to all particularly the old ens. ~ widesjead aoo peva1ett duringthattitleand weissuedalla number ri. highly-aitica1 audit repats. wasooingmyjobwellandre: might have resented that," said. BradshawwhenaskedMlatledtothe lawsuit. HeackJed thai C 'macrostrived to close<bwnthepublicauditoc'soffice sothattheaudits wouldsq>.1bisled to Camacho's ioo-item veto ex the,mlic auditor's fudjing fa 1980, whichled to thelawsoit, "His govenment was a governmn c:i. coofroota1ioo. There were lawsuits involving tre g(nenjkn alma;t weekly. He used his power then to get backat his enemies,boch imagined and real. He~ eauacted me to audithis enemies," saidbradshaw. When contacted yesterday, Camacho declined coomrnt School hold parties for kids, elders Teachers Rodney Agun and CeciliaCamachoalsohelpedSablan aoo fellow teachers inp-eparing the pany forthe SlUdenrs and gramparents. v,,. ". f ~ ",'. ;'1~,> ~1~;~ -. ' 3rd Grade pupils wearing snow man outfit walk on the Beach Road during Friday's "DRUG-FREE PARADE. H

3 -4-MARANAS VARETYNEWS AND VEWS~ONDAY-DECEMBER 20,-1993 MHS Stude is '93 Miss Teen CNM By Ferdie de Ja Torre it isagreatexperience foc herandan ~ty to meet and wak with f:'4. -,.. LAURE Ann Castro Deleon other teens. Guerrero, the lovely 16 years old Meanwhile, the attractive Cecilia.,,1 11thGradestudent frommarianas Santos Masga,13,8thGrade student 45.. "' ' "" '... ~' ' ", :,~,..., High School. woo the "1993 Second Annual Miss Teen CNM anddaughterofmr. andmrs. Gabriel fromhopwood JuniorHighSchool, Beauty Pageant" held at Diamond Masga and Nicolasa Santos of Hotel Ballroomin Susupe Saturday Koblerville, was chosen as "st night RwmerUp." " feel great..j was not expecting The 5'3" tall Cecilia who loves to myselfto win. just tried my best," read books and eat local seafoods theteary-eyed DeleonGuerrerotold wasspoosoredbycoral CXeanPoint Marianas Variety after she was Meanwhile, the equally pretty and crowned thewirmer among thefive channing MariaTheresaFalalimpa beautiful contestants vying for the Acosta, 14,9th Grade student from title. Mount Carmel High School, and DeleonGuerrero is the daughter of daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Antonio (Left to right) CeciliaSantosMasga, "First Runner Up", LaurieAnn Mr.andMrs. Joaquin ande!jzabeth andzenaida AcostaofChalanKanoa, Castro Deleon Guerrero, "1993 Miss Teen CNM", and Maria Deleon Guerrero of Papago who was.named "Miss Coogeniality." Theresa Falalimpa Acosta, "Miss Congeniality" winners in Saturday nights beauty pageant. (Photo by Foez Rahman) gram. become a computer programmer both attentively watched the pr0 Maria asherfriends call herwants to "amsoproud ofher.can'tbelieve someday. Thefamous Kazue's Boutique sponsored her. she doneit," Mr. Deleon Guerrero said. Thetwootherprettycontestants were Mrs, Deleon Guerrero on the other Doris Takai Deleon Guerrero, 18, hand saidshe feltherdaughter will 12thGrade studeru from Marianas winandwirming means an"experienceforherfacing people andopen anddolores Deleon Guerrero ofsan High School, daughter of Vicente inpublic." Vicente, and Esther Rose Cruz The 5'1" Deleon Guerrero fondly Manglona, i7, 12th Grade of called byherfriends aslaurie loves Marianas High School, daughter of toeat seafoods. Herhobbies ioclude Federico andjuanita Manglooa also singing and dancing. Her mol1o: of San Vicente. "Never believe in others, always Thepageant judgesweremrs. Lucy believe in yourself' greatly helped Palacios-Webb, consultanl/director her gaining confidence during the Profile Modeling; Mrs. Dolores competition. Marciano,Cultural/Bilingual Specialist, Public School System; Mr. Laurie, sponsored by thesland Fiesta Market, said she wants to Keith G. Sieg, English nstructor of become a businesswoman someday.shejoinedthepageant because BenaventeSalas,"1983Miss Marianas High School, and Peggy CNM Laurie Ann Deleon Guerrero shows her winning form. 10 SonJa..-."_." The BBWdancers, agroupof four "heavyweight"ladiesstealthe show with their funny dance number. (Photo by Foez Rahman) L1VfNG DES~GNS CONTEMPORARY CALSSC & MODERN OFFCE AND HOME FURNTURE/KTCHEN CABNET leach load Telephone No.: (670) Fax: (670) Low«flo. SOFA DNNG TABLE CHAR OFFCE FURNTURE 15(~) - Ll()(~) ()f)? nternanonal," The Jeccep Dancers composed of Jennifer Castro Ebrew, Elaine B. Cabrera, Ouistine Kumagai, Christine Thekla, and Parrina Bermudes, made the program lively with their couple of modern dance. But the BBW Dancers, a group of four "heavyweight" ladies-lydia gitol, Anna Baja, Joaquina Salas and Eleanor Tenorio, also stole the show with theirtwo cute numbers, sending the audience dance to the rhythmofthemusic, whistle andsing along Christmas songs, The emcees of the program were Stacy SanNicolas, MHSseniorclass president and RyanCalvo Lastyear, AnitaAyuyu wascrowned "1992 Miss Teen CNM" while Marianne Coocepcion wasthe"frst Rurmer Up" and Arlene Suda was named "MissCongeniality." Ms.Cecilia Thekla, Student Activities Coordinator, explained that the CNM-widebeautypageantwasheld to give opportunity to the girls to compete andprovide theseniorclass learningexperienceinorganizingbig event Gov. Lorenzo Guerrero through his representative Dr. John Joyner sent hismessage congratulating the contestants and thewinners aswell asthe senior class of MHS for their hard work andefforts tocomeupwiththe successful event "While ourcommonwealth is relatively young, wehavebeenfortunate to have been well represented by charming and beautiful entrants in otherbeauty pageants totheworld in thepast and weare certain thatthis year'swinners willcontinue thisfine tradition," Guerrero saidin hismessage. Education Commissioner William S. Torres represented by Ana C. Larson, Acting Deputy Commissioner of nstruction, alsoextended his warm welcome to the pageant participants, parents and family members. "A~ theevent grows eachyear, itwill become an even more important learning experience for both these young participants and the student organizers. Manystudentparticipants will gain invaluable leadership and organizational skills while they work withthe many supporting thecornmunity members and agencies," Torres in hismessage said Mrs. Doris Thompson,MHSPrincipal, in her welcoming remarks also congratulated the MHS Class of 94 forcarryingonthetraditirn selbythe seniors of 1991 "During the kng boors of planning and practicing, yoo have deve1qjed your leadership and organizational skills while the contestants have galledpoise,selfcrnfidence, aoore lasting friendship of theirco-cmtestants," Thompson said. ALCOHOLC ANONYMOUS MEETS Alcoholic Anonymous. a support group for those with drinking [or d~gging) problems meets every Monday, Wednesday. and SabJrday at 7:00p.m,. and Fridaysat7:30 p.rn. at the Krista Rai Church in Garapan. For more infonnation. call the HOTLNE at COor Wolf M. at [and leave message). <, MONDAY,DECEMBER 20, MARANAS VARETY NEWS ANDVEWS-S Action " sought on ~ ~ unpaid gov't bills t By Rafael H. Arroyo SENATOR David M. Cing has calledthe attentionof bothhouses of Legislature to do something about a lawsuit filed by Philippine Goods Construction, nc. which resulted from unpaid billings worth 145,00 on the renovation of the Legislature and the Civil Defense buildings. n a letter to Senate President Juan S. Demapan and House Speaker Thomas P. Villagomez last week,cingurged bothhouses to call for a special joint session addressinggovernmentdebts and the necessary special appropriations to settle them. "As a legislator, share the blame for this situation and feel we should resolve it. We should set aside our political differences and deal with this matter beforeit worsens," said Cing. Philippine Goods, a local construction firm, filed a suit in Superior Court against the government seeking payment of more Laude case.1 :4 David M. Cing than 145,000 for renovations it made on the Legislature and the Civil defense buildings, including interest of about 30,000. The lawsuit, filed by counsel Eric Smith last month pointed to a renovationcontract executed in April 1991 for the Legislature building. The job was completed in September, While most of the contracted amount was paid, a number of change orders resulted to some 140,786 in unpaid billings. The contracted amount for the in previous proceedings said Laude,acarpenter,waskilledafter he was "ran over" and "crushed" by one of the vehicles used in the kidnapping of the victim and a companion, Nilo Rivera. Dr. Hanan however suggested thatlaude wasalreadydead when he was allegedly "crushed." He told the court last week that he saw no blood coming out from a gash on Laude's shoulder. Laude's body was brought to thechc bysgl John Santos and investigator Nick Guerrero after it was found at a road side in Dan Dan homestead area on November 6. The body was examined at around8:00inthemorning.hanan impliedthatlaudemusthave been aliveatleast 3or four hoursbefore he was brought to the hospital. OnThursday, acashierat Aldan Gas station in Garapan also took the witness stand. Nancy Licuanan, also from the Philippines told the court Bowie called upon Congress to correct it. But Congress ignored Cleveland's message and went on to annex the Hawaiian sland in The reading at the palace was performed by 27 people, including representatives of native Hawaiian groups. The palace was also the focal pointof thecentennialobservance of the overthrown of Queen Liliuokalani. Later in the day, about 250 native Hawaiians and supporters held a unity march from Ala Moana Beach Park through Civil Defense Building was also already paid except that a change order also had government short by some 5, n seeking legislative action to settlewithphilippinegoods,cing noted that the matter has been a problem that went on apparently ignored. " have been aware of this debt and attempted to include it in the fiscal year 1993 budget as indicated inmyjune 12, 1993lettetto the Senate Fiscal Affairs Committee. But the Eighth Legislature failed to pass an appropriations act for FY 1993 and this debt hasgoneignored," said Cing. "Now assume the CNMgovernment will have to spend time and money in defense of this lawsuit,"thetiniansenatoradded, " This is a perfect example of what results from legislative apathy and negligence. This lawsuit stems from a simple bill that has remained unpaid through lack oflegislative appropriation," Cing said. Castroexpects verdict after Christmas A VERDCf on the jury trial of murder suspects Joseph Anthony Bowie and Mario Reyes may not be known until after Christmas. This was according to Superior Court Presiding Judge Alex Castro. Castro told the Variety duringa short recess on the jury trial last weekthatadecisionmaynotcome before December 25, Christmas Day. Castro has been presiding the trialon thecelebrated Laudemurder case for four weeks now. Thejury trial is now on itsfifth week. Last week, at least 4 government witness were presented to the jury including a pathologist whoexamined the body of Eladio Laude on November 6, According to Robert Hanan of the Commonwealth Health Center, thefilipinocontractmayhave been dead before he was allegedly "ran over." Testimonies made to the court indeed went to the station and bought some cans of beer and cigarettes on credit. t has been said that Bowie and Reyes kidnapped Laude and Rivera along Beach Road near Microl Corporation after buying some beer from the gas station. Earlier, Sgt. John Santos, a. traffic policemantestified at court room A and positively identified a portion of Laude's t-shirt and jeans taken by the investigators after the murder. On Friday,nvestigatorJoe Ada was also presented to thecourt by the prosecution and was crossexaminedbythedefensecounsels. Laude's murder has been described by Hanan as the most brutal killing of a human being the doctor has ever seen. Bowie and Reyes are each facing first degree murder, robbery and kidnapping charges before the Superior Court. Trial resumes today at court room A. Century-old speech condemns US HONOLULU (AP) - A 100 year-old speech condemning America's role in the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy was read aloud Saturday at olani Palace. The words were originally spoken Dec. 18, 1893, by none other than President Grover Cleveland n his message to Congress, ClevelandcalledtheJanuary1893 occupation of Honolulu by U.S. troops "wholly without justification." Cleveland said a substantial wrong had been committed and Waikiki to Queen's Surf Beach. They held signs saying "Liberate Hawaii"while chanting "Sovereignty now." The march that tied up traffic for two hours drew hundreds of onlookers who lined sidewalks and hotel lanais. Organizer Olani Decker said themarchwasheldto bringpeople together and to show tourists that Hawaiians aren't just huladancers who smile andsay aloha. Once atqueen's SurfBeach,the marchers listened to sovereignty leaders speak 011 native Hawaiian rights and self-determination. ~frmah~ B~~~Y \.J bs. BAKED HAM WTH 2 bs.. FRUT CAKE & DNNER ROLL ~J~M~~~ BAKERr '-')'-' \..J HERMAN1S MODERN BAKERY, NC. CtQ8TMA8 '93 8PECAL bs. TURKEY W STUFFNG WTH 2 bs. FRUT CAKE & DNNER ROLL. "~~' )~ 5 5 cash only HBlMAN'S MODERN BAKERY, C. CiQ&TMi\& '93 &PECAL gag cash only OFFER S GOOD FOR CHRSTMAS EVE ONLY Pick up time D-12P.M. and 2-5 P.M. Please present coupon upon pick up. 00 ff:i.-.'j' ~.~.,J" OFFER S GOOD FOR CHRSTMAS EVE ONLY Pick up time Q-12P.M. and 2-5 P.M. Please present coupon upon pick up. ~. ~,.'~\ CtlQ0TMi\0 '93 0PEC1\ bs. ROAST PORK LEG WTH 2 bs. FRUT CAKE & DNNER ROLL cash only OFFER S GOOD FOR CHRSTMAS EVE ONLY Pick up time 1D-12P.M. and 2-5 P.M. Please present coupon upon pick up.

4 "6-MARANAS VARETYNEWS"AND VEWS-MONDAY-DECEMBER 20, 1993 Evangelista asks oourf to dismiss case FORMERRevenue andtaxation Chief Juan L. Evangelista has asked the Superior Court-to dismissacivil complaintfiledagainst him by Sablan Rock Quarry. Evangelistawho alsofaces theft charges involving more than 25,(X)O government money, de- Drug-free parade highlights :~l...l.f.!..... ~,... ;.', /,'- Teachers and Parents guide the students. Students walk with their" Star" costume. However Evangelista allegedly breached his promise "andis now seriously in default of his payment amounting to 4OAQ9.6l plus accrued interest." As of August 16, 1993, Evangelista 'owes the plaintiff a. total of 52, including interests, the civil case said. Despite repeated demands for full payment from Evangelista, Sablan Rock Quarry has not received-any payments and that the defendantcontinued to ignore the requests, the complaintsigned by Atty Brien Nicholas said. Evangelista denied that heever bought or allowed anyone to buy quarry productsfrom SablanRock Quarry from July to August of He said he "lacks sufficient knowledge and information to form a belief regarding the dates, quantity and description of goods..." Evangelista. in calling for the dismissal ofthe case, said he did had previously. Opposition groups, however, appear too weak and disorganized to capitalize on the cracks in Milosevic's armor. Bewildered voters might elect a parliament more divided than the last one. Resultingparalysiscould further unsettle Serbia, a regional power that dominated the old six-republic Yugoslav federation before it began to disintegrate in Most Western governments blame Milosevic and his Serbian nationalist polices for the breakup of Yugoslavia and subsequent wars in Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina that have left more than 200,000 people dead. Monthly inflation in Serbia already tops 30,000 percent, and two-thirds of the work force is idle. Crippling U.N. trade sanctions imposed on Serbia for backing Serb rebellions in Bosnia and Croatia are biting harder every day. Even if opposition groups man- not make any agreement to pay any supposed debt Within 3O-day period. He also denied that he owed Sablan Rock Quarry any money or the 40,000 as alleged by me plaintiff. Sablan's Roack Quarry's lawsuit is the latest complaint against Evangelista. Earier this a company said to be owned by Evangelista was sued for alleged breach of contract that arosefromnon-payment of surety-bonds, JAC Development Company, nc., located in Capitol Hill, was named in a civil case filed by Marianas nsurance Company, Ltd., on December 3. The complaint against the company, whi~l is reported to have stoppeditsoperationstemporarily stemmed from its alleged failure and refusal to pay 9, indemnity to Marianas nsurance Company. rued that he owed Sablan Rocky any money as claimed by the company. The request for the dismissal of the case was made by Evangelista's lawyer, Dennis J. O'Shea on December 6. Sablan Rock Quarry filed a complaint againstevangelistalast August 17, 1993 alleging that the former revenue chief refused to paid his debts. According to the lawsuit, Sablan Rocky Quarry sold on credit to Evangelista numerous quarry products from July 10, 1991 to August The products included mixed concrete, manufacture sand and aggregates and corals. The company also rented to defendant equipments, the suit said. Evangelistapromised topay the company within 30 day period and agreed to pay an interest rate of 18% per annum for any past due account, the complaint partly read. -, Milosevic faces crucial test in Serbian polls By KEN OLSEN BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) - Serbia's ruling Socialists, led by powerful nationalist Slobodan Milosevic, face acrucial test Sunday as voters beset by economic chaos and world isolation vote in parliamentary elections. Polls opened at 7 a.m. (0600 GMT) and are to close at 8 p.m. (1900 GMT) in voting to replace a parliament that Milosevic, Serbia's president, dissolved in October as it appeared set to oust his government About 7 million of Serbia's 9.7 million people areeligibletovote. Milosevic's Socialists, the renamed Communists, hope to win a commanding two-thirds majority in the 2SD-seat parliament. But a variety of independent polls suggest they will fall far short of that goal because of popular anger over economic hardship, and could end up with even fewer than the 101seats they aged to form a majoritycoalition, Milosevic, who is not facing reelection, retains vast constitutional powers that would leave him in command. As a last resort, he could impose presidential rule. An alliance with the Serbian Radical Party of ultranationalist Vojislav Seselj gave Milosevic a commanding majority in the old parliament. But whenthe alliance collapsed and Seselj's backers tried to unseat the government, Milosevic called early elections. The Radicals arefurious at the president for pressuring Serbs in Bosnia and Croatia to cede some conquered territory in exchange for promises from the West to ease the trade sanctions. Details could emerge at peace talks scheduledfor Tuesdayin Geneva. Milosevic has had numerous built-in advantagesin the election campaign, including a monopoly on state radio and television. About 2 million ethnic Albanians in the southern province of Kosovo, a fifth of Serbia's population, are boycotting the elections as they continue to demand independence. There also are predictions of vote-rigging. nternational observers reported widespread irregularities during elections in 1990 and TheConferenceonSecurityand Cooperation in Europe, the main monitor of thepreviouselections, turned down an A- invitation to send observers this time becauseserbia has banned its human-rights monitors from the republic.,,, ' Marianas Variety 1i;1 «~ MONDAY,DECEMBER 20, MARANAS VARiETYNEWS AND VEws-7 No legalbasis to convert chiefs-counsel the RECENT reportedmove by some governmentofficialsto COlvert fromexceptedservicetocivil Service may have no legal basis under Public Law 7-31 nor any olher statute andmay therefore be improper, Civil Service Commission counsel Pat Halsellsaid n a legalopinion she submitted to Civil Service Chairman Gene Santos December 13, Halsell maintained that such reclassification must be based on merit and fitness,demonstrated by examination or by other examination of fitness. "Neitherstatutorynorregulatory guidelines exist to govern reclassificationfrom exceptedserviceto Civil Setvice.n general,it isrisky to take such. action without the relevant10 thereclassifications. "Neither of the two public laws, rnentiooconversionsfrcmexcepted servicetocivilservice.thesalary Act's mechanism for providing raises appears to be geared solely towards reclassifications among CivilServiceemployeesandnot to aconversionfromexceptedservice to Civil Service," read Halsell's opinion. "t therefore appears logical to conclude that the Legislature intended to address only 'conversions' within the Civil Service systemwhen itenactedtheselaws. One can also conclude that being silent 00 the other kind of conversion, the Act neither prevents nor enablessuchreclassifications. The CSCmustlook: elsewhereto deterexistenceof guidelines, since this invites allegations of arbitrary and capriciousaction." said Halsell. Halsell's opinion was soughtby Santos in response to concerns raised aboutthelegalityof conversions made by certain department division chiefs as reported by the media recently. t was allegedthatsuch reclassification was done for the purpose of preempting their possible replacementby theincomingadministration. Such conversion,of at least five division chiefs,was reportedly allowed by the PersonnelOffice and the Commissionwith Public Law 7-31 and Public Law 8-6as basis. nheropinion,halsellcontended that the two public laws are not nience during the proceedings.. They also told the court of BOE's alleged mistake in using wronggroundsfor thechallenges. All the reasons presented to the court however did not convince Castro that a preliminary injunction was necessary, thus denying the motion. Director Diaz has hailed the Superior Court's ruling. "We felt elated to find out that what we were doing was proper," Diaz said in an interview last week. Diaz said the board will continue the holding of hearings in the southern island this week and board members may start doing so today. During the proceedings, a challenged voter will be asked to appear before the panel of board members and willbe thrown with several questions to determine if there were problems with his qualifications as a voter. Challengers will also be asked to appear during the court proceedings. Votes of those with questionable qualifications will not be counted, according to Diaz, while those who are qualified to vote butwerechallengedwillhavetheir ballots affirmed and counted. Diaz predicted that the holding of hearings maytakeabout a week or so. t is very likely that the proceedings will be over by the end of the weekasboard members normally meets until 10:00 or HONOLULU (AP) - The pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church of Pearl Harbor believes the Grinches who stole Christmas presents intended for two needy families were boys between 12 and 16 years of age. The Rev. Ray Bennett said he based his conjecture on the types of presents taken and those left behind when achurch storage room was broken into last Tuesday night. The selective thieves opened each wrapped present, taking what they wanted and leaving the test behind. Amongthe missing gifts were a remote control dump truck, video games andclothes for teen-age boys. Those not taken included toys and articles of clothing for younger children. Bennett said members of the church had decided to help the 12 peoplein the two families - one in Waianae, the other on the North Shore ~ even though they don't know them. He said the families had been referred by the Angel Network, a nonprofit group dedicated 10 helping homeless and needy people. Rota hearings on contested votes begin JuanDiaz THE Board of Elections is expected to stan conducting hearings on challenged votes in Rota beginningthisweekfollowing the denial of a motion aimed at stopping theholding of such hearings, BOE Executive Director Juan Diaz said. SuperiorCourt PresidingJudge Alex Castro on Wednesday rejcted a petition by 75 voters preventing the board from carrying out its administrative functions. n handing down the decision, Castro emphasized that the judiciary has no business intruding the affairs of the executive branch unless it is time to do so. "Orderly government requires that thecourts not intrude into the day-to-day functions of the executive branch until the time is ripe to do so," Castro said. The petitioners had asked the court to prohibit BOE from hearing the challenged votes citingmanyreasonssuchasviolation of their rights and the inconve- Thieves take gifts for poor &':;.:-",:..',. ~ ' l.'._.,1. ~,;,<.,.f...'l,:~~,_...~~~~~. ~,... ~,'....., 11:00 p.m. to finish their business. The BOE has been prevented from certifying the results of the November 6 elections due to the challenged votes on Rota. Under the CNMl Constitution, the board cannot declare the outcome of the polls official and correct if there are challenges to some votes. Despite the clear results in the elections, apparent winners have been reluctant to make the necessary moves pending the result of the contested ballots. Should the board completed its proceedings within this week, ballots will be recounted and the CNM-wide results could eventually be certified, Diaz told the Marianas Variety. BOE ChairmanRodolfoM. Pua wasnot immediatelyavailablefor additional comments on the scheduled hearings. mine if authorityexists to convert, an excepted service employee to' Civil Service," Halsell' recommended. She added that there exists no statute that expressly confers authority for the CSC to reclassify an employee in such manner. But assuming that the reclassification of an excepted service employee to Civil Service is perrnissible under current rules and regulations, such a reclassification would nonetheless be improper, if it circumvents thebasic purpose of the Civil Service system, which is to appoint and promote only on demonstrated merit and fitness. "The fundamental purpose of civil service laws and rules is to establish a merit system whereby FOR RESERVATON CALL: Ext "...,.. -." selections for appointments in certain branchesof public service may be made onthe basisof demonstrated relative fitness without regardsto politicalconsiderations, and to safeguard appointees against unjust charges of misconduct and inefficiency. and from being unjustly discriminated for political reasons or affiliations," continued Halsell in her opinion. "To be eligible for reclassification, the excepted service employee must be given an open examination, meaning the civil service position must be advertised, and the exam must be competitive. ftheposition is one that is prohibited by statute from being classified as a Civil Service position, the reclassification cannot be made," said Halsell, (RHA) iit eut!!e5!!!!!e! Marianas' Only Locally Owned Long-Distance Telephone Company DOLPHN RESTAURANT Price: (ADULT) (CHLD) TROPCANA RESTAURANT (1ST FlR.) (OPEN AR REST.) 30.00

5 8-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS MONDAY- DECEMBER 20,1993 US callsfor tougher UNstance onraq NEW YORK (AP) - The Clinton administration wants Baghdad to abide by tough new conditions in exchange forlifting the United Nations ban on raqi oil exports, The NewYorkTimes reponed Sunday. The United Stales is urging other members of the Security Council to insist that raq recognize Kuwait as an independent county and stop persecuting dissident Kurds and Shiite. Muslims, the newspaper reponed. U.S. Ambassador Madeleine ofthisauthorityhas beenreplaced as islands have developed," said De Lugo, Faleomavaega and Underwood. "Now that it is about to lose its last responsibilityfor administering a territory(palau), it is time to plan Ms. (Leslie) Turner's supportable goal of being the last assistant secretary; not to give OTA new power or a new lease on life," the three delegates told Babbitt. The Delegatesalso aireddoubts about permitting OTA to head a partofthe DomesticPolicyCouncil as this, they said, wouldexacerbate the problem of OTA being in a lead role "because this would effectively enable OTA to lead a presidential office in addition to line agencies," "We are ready to collaborate, but a requirement is that any new arrangement not represent a resembly on Saturday, Kiet urged government agencies to cut and controlspending on celebrations, meetingsandreceptions. Heurged thenational Assemblyto oversee such spending and said the government would issue guidelines. "State offices and employees involved in corruption and smugglinghavenot beendealtwithproperly,"kietsaid."nthecomingtwo years, legal measures should be Delegates,.----=:..:::..::==-:..:...::~:...:...-_ continued from page 1 Cuizen of K. Albright set out the administration's policy in an interview with the newspaper Friday. The Times quoted an unidentified Administration official who said the new policy stems from distrust of raqi accelerated with regardto cases of corruption and smuggling." nteriorministerbui Thien Ngo reportedto the National Assembly ondec.6thatcorruption andsmuggling were on the rise and that countermeasures had not significantlycurbed these activities. He cited increases in trade in illicit goods, especially weapons, explosives and opium, and the smuggling of foreign cigarettes gression in the treatment of the areas. Hopefullyinstead, it would a be a promotionin insular political development," said the three in their joint letter. "What weseekis a way to compensate for the areas' lack of power in the regular federal process. Additionally, while it should.enable themto get attention at the level states do, any system should also provide for individual consideration of the different situations andneeds of various insular areas," said the three delegates. For a proposal to be adequate, the three delegates said it must: -provideaprimarycontactpoint of special problems for other US insular areas within the administration at the same level and as central as that for Puerto Rico since all of the areas are now locally self-governing as Puerto Rico Rico and since the issues involvethosehandledby the Economic, National Security and Domestic Policy Councils;.rranslauon service. All.u economical rates..\ncl getting your AT&T Calling Card is free. Complete and mai! this application to Power 99 Radio, and you could also win an AT&T Stocking Stuffer. Power l)l) will be giving away AT&T Stocking Siuffer» :111 day every day starting City Courxry,\y Bank Credit Card (or American Express Card Number is: Date Postal Code / Expirauon [):lle. Ye-ar ~k,n(h leader Saddam Hussein. The new requirements would be in addition to the Security Council's current demands for raq todisarm andlet the United Nations monitor its military industries, conditions set at the end of the Persian Gulf alongthe Vietnam-Cambodia bor.der, He said illegaltrade in cars and smuggling by sea were difficultto control. Ngoreportedthatmorethan 900 cases of conuption had been uncovered nationwide this year, involving 28.5 million. Those implicatedincludedcustomsand police officersand tax collectors. He said there were more than -Providefor direct handling of day-to-day program matters by agencies andcoordination, ifnecessary, by the appropriate entity in the Executive Office of the President, consistent with the Guam and Virgins slands Organic Acts; -provide presidential support for Guam's Commonwealth Bill talks, to facilitate cooperation from other departments, consistent with thepresident's pledgeto have themhandled by a presidential representative; -provide for Northern Mariana slands relations issues to be negotiated by a representativeof the president, as required by the US CNM Covenant and the law that approved it. The official should be a real representative of the president (as opposed to nterior) and report to the White House. t should alsoprovidefor othermatters tobehandleddirectlybyagen-. cies with the CNM's Resident, as also intendedby thecovenant. war. Three of the SecurityCouncil's other four permanentmembers Britain, France and Russia - support theproposal,thetimes said. The position of China, the fifth permanent member, was not known, Premier: Corruption a major problem'in Vietnam. HANO, Vietnam (AP) - Premier Vo VanKietsays corruption and smuggling have become so serious that the country is losing confidence in the government. Kiet ordered a major nationwide campaign to curb corruption within the CommunistParty, state offices and local governments in efforts to regain the public's confidence. Addressing the National As- chairman, could be a viable way to handle insular policies. The lap is being proposed to be created by a presideritialdirective." There are currently only three councils within the White House - Domestic Policy Council; National Security Council; and the National Economic Council..' The administrationissetto form the lap as soon as the federal government completes consultations with Guam, American Samoa, the Virgins slands and the CNM on the substance of the presidential directive. But according to the three delegates, they would not agree to OTA assuming a lead and paternal role in all federal activities applying to the US insular areas other than Puerto Rico. "OTA once had extensive power over federal andlocalpolicies in all of tj1e areas. Almost all The AT&T Calling Card together with AT&T USADirect service Jets you dial direct or access an English-speaking operator who can complete your call to the U.S. or to more than 65 countries worldwide. You can also fax with your Calling Card, make conference calls, even get a o Mf. 0 Mrs. o Miss 0 Ms. J How would you like your name 10 'ppear on the C3!d?Full name 'K~ ') exceed 30spaces. Spell your last name Lo.qllp!l-(,\ MailingAddress Telephone Number (C\,"nlr)' Code, CityCode &. Local Number) PC2sc charge m!' AT&Tcalls to rnv curreru' (check one) American Express' C3!d" 0 MasteiCard" (U.S. banks i VSA" (U.S. banks) 0 VSA (non US. banksr o AccC!>s' Eurocard" ~hslerc",d (n(jn U.S. banks)" Also, provide lhe name and address of!he American Express office «ll<" "'11111, b:mk i" your ~1>5'erCard and "f \'15.\ "(C<"Jl)( x Signao.ue Cody. continued from page 1. residence or mailingaddressuntil allrestitntion,costs, finesimposed on him are fully paid. While on supervised release, Young must not commit other crimes and should not not illegally possess a controlled substance. He was also ordered him to comply with the standardsconditions that have been adopted by the district court. Additional conditions which Young must comply with are the following:. *He must report to the probation office in the district court to where he is released within 72 hours of release from prison. *He should also not possess any firearm or destructivedevice; *And participate inprogram on substance abuse. 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JnJ American Express, M:1~lcrC.1td 0{ VSA, if my American Express Card,,\tHh:rCJtd ot vlsa Card is lost, stolen, expires or is terminated for any reason, Q( if wish t) rerrrunue Ute: vuthcnzauon 10 bill mr American Expre5s,.\bsterCard Of' \'1:\:\.1~,""llnl. \\'iu Jbfl nolify AT&T""hfllel'e< change m),maili"8 address. 'Ynur «cdil 0( clurse CfJ provides ma)' clurge ilucleolof fees in confomlit)' Q,'ith l.hc terms lnj conditions of your 19reemenl _ wilhlhem. - -Not 1v2i;.b1e in :au countties. AT&T : PC2SC pritt full name t,4.ppro val or rejection of this appliotion is made by :\merion., ~. :,:: Telephone :and Te1fgrJph COOlpan)' in lhe U.S.A.. Return to: Power 99, KPXP, PPP 415, Box 1000, Saip.n, MP el:'9~ '.Tb:T ~_1 ': US democracy in trouble, say officials By MKE FENSLBER WASHNGTON (AP) - Secretaries of state of the 50 U.S. states, obscure officials rarely heardfrom, believe democracyis in trouble in America and have come up with ideas for rescuing it Their diagnosis: People have becomeconsumersofgovernment rather than its creators. That is partly because they lackopportunities to talk to one another about common problems. Citizens are encouraged to vote their self-interest,to write letters tocongressmen urging their particular concerns, to offer opinions in polls without considering views other thantheir own. Their solution:createplacesand mechanisms for people to come togetherwith each other andpublic officials to work throughcommon issues and consider others' views. Some examples of 200 such mechanismstheyfoundina year's searchfor ways"to reconnectcitizens and the political process": -The North Dakota Consensus Council, created by the state legislature to seek citizens' views before lawmakers deal with issues. -Citizens Juries, where panels of citizen "jurors" hear testimony from all sides on a particular issue, thendeliberate andmakerec- -munendations public.,.. -The "Minnesota's Talking" project of the Minneapolis Star Tribune which published reports on-how citizens talked through such issues as healthcare andrace relations. -CitizenCouncilorsofOregon, which provides citizen groups with discussion materials on issues before the state legislature Damaged plane is back LHUE (AP) - Mahalo Air's fleet of two planes is back at full force with the return to serve of a turbo-prop that was damaged Wednesday night. The plane flew out of Lihue. Airporton Friday afteritstail was repaired. The tail was damaged when it was hit by a 3-by-5foot Fiberglas fairing that broke away from the right wing and fuselage. Afairing isadded to a plane toreducedrag. Pete Beckner, the manager of the Federal Aviation Administration's flightstandards office, said the missing fairing and damaged tail were discovered by the pilot after he landed. Beckner said the loss of the fairing wouldn't have caused the plane to lose control because it isn't part of the aircraft's structure. None of the passengers aboard the 48-seat plane were in-" jured, he said. Two FAA investigators inspected the damage Thursday. Drive With Carel WASHNGTON (AP) - The chairman of the Walt Disney Co. says plans for a Virginia theme park may be scrapped if the Legislature doesn't put up money for site improvements, The Washington Post reported Sunday. Disney willdelay purchasing land in Prince William County for its proposed American hisand reports the results back to public officials and participants through a newsletter. These ideas were advanced Monday in a report by the National Commission for the Renewal of American Democracy, alsocalled"project Democracy." t was created by the National Association of Secretaries of -QUAL.rrY~NSWERS ".../ State, officialswho in most states havethejobof administering election laws but who lately have sought ways to deal with citizen discontent with politics. t held a year of hearingsand roundtables. "We must ask more of citizens than just their top-of-the-head opinionson issues," the commission said. "We must challenge tory theme park until it is clear that the state's General Assembly will support the taxpayer-funded improvements, Disney chairman Michael Eisner told the newspaper. The company has an option on 3,000 acresof landin PrinceWilliam County. t estimates that its proposed 100-acre (40 hectare) park would draw up Disney may not build parkwithout state help to 30,000 visitors a day anc produce 1.5 billion in stat andlocal tax revenues over 3( years. Opponents say the park: wouk increase traffic on alread crowded roads and destroy tru rural area's character.they havi alsocomplained thatdisneywanu too much public money spent OJ the project. them to understand different per-. spectives, to work through tough choices and tocome tojudgments on possible courses of action." Town meetings often do not work because public officials do most of thetalkingandcitizensdo not receive the data needed to become real participants - or to tell government officials, for exeven. receive quality health care in the t'hilippines Without a :fefettalthrough our exclusive agreement with PhilamCare..And FHP is expanding. its ~ Saipan clinic with more modernfacilities and Wealso offer our H~t'~~ARE / _.~ ~~ QUESTONS/-/.-;~~~~lete, 20 yem5 experience 7/~.- m~um- :eth~~~~v~~~~-/~w-eostlon-sitep=~...\., andenhanced products and- prenatal care progratm. that FHP offers..its Plus much, muchmorel All.--members. ~~~~~-: to helpyouand.your family.,ii'agh""""!. enjoy ahigher quality "...:.~'-;"...:,-::- : Q u.. al,i f y. >tservices \such'.. as health and. t..'~.f.,-:_:,;::'~'p.: ';~::::' ''''tal,'...'.. ""';.' c::,,..,;~i,,,;u.en,~.,":., >,.. from.,boani'.~~. certhi~d -'c." physi~.. You :.:,,,.,. MONDAY, DECEMBER 20, MARANAS VARElY NEWS ANDVEWs-9.=~~~~, ofllie,....' _;:.~_.._... :~'!\'!Jh -'R;~"~!:'~~'~' rm :. ",.,. x.v.u.- nun', 15. ';.;1: uweren"t-- '---r:-" ~... ~ '-,,... '.' " : ",~.,.y" front healthvin- : ~'i'l\j;! ~.:,y>;'.c~-beeamre we. '!.,:....., ample, what tradeoffs and costs they are willing to bear, said Richard Harwood, a member of the commission and author of "Citir: zens and Politics: A View from Main Street America." "People talk a lot about our crumbling irtfrastructure, but the real crisis is the crumbling civic infrastructure,' Harwood said in an interview. "We don't any longer have the institutions or the places or the skills or the waystoholdpoliticaldiscussions, to sort out political compacts and for people to take responsibility for their public lives." He said the situation is worse than it used to be. "Communities are putting gates around themselves," he said. "People move into suburban places where there arenopublic spaces wherepeople interact.evenschooldistrictlines divide the community in half," We're your full-service health care provider, givingyou the quality answers to your hea1thcare questions. -", -P.e t, "'not,only.. provide the HEALTH CARE coverage, we-deliver the';,.', -,, Ca J,

6 - -.-t" to-maranas VARElY NEWS ANDVEWS-MONDAY- DECEMBER 20, 1993 POSTON VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT The Marianas slands Housing Authority (MHA) is soliciting employment applications for the positionofchief, Program and Housing for the MRA office in Saipan. DUTES AND RESPONSBLTES: These include, but are not limited to, the following: Administers, supervises, and coordinates the overall administration and management ofa variety ofprograms such as Section 8 Housing Certificates and Voucher, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and other federal assistance programs. Prepares annual CDBG grant application package for submission to HUD~ conducts public hearings in accordance with CDBG program requirements. Prepares Section 8 application packages for submission to HUD. nterprets and disseminates information relative to federal requirements for various housing and community development programs. Establishes appropriate procedures and recommends policies for Section 8 housing applicant screening, recertification oftenants, leasing; and monitors tenants/landlord compliance with Section 8 program requirements. Works with community-based organizations to plan and implement needed housing programs for lower income families. Prepares a variety of reports required by the various federal programs and coordinates with MHA's Fiscal Division and the Department of Finance with respect to expenditures of federal funds and preparationof financial reports. Ensures compliance with federal labor standard provisions applicable to CDBG activities; monitors employer' payroll activities and interviews workers emg.loyed in CDBG-assisted projects; takes corrective action on payroll discrepancies and reports serious violations to appropriate agencies. Coordinates with MHA's Technical and Maintenance Division for needed repairs and maintenance in the Section 8 housing program to ensure continued occupancyof the housing units. Supervises employees and provides guidance in work planning, execution, and maintenanceofperformance standards; evaluates employees on their performance and provides counseling or enforces disciplinary procedures as required. Prepares a variety of routine to moderately complex correspondences and reports for the Executive Director and/or the Governor. Performs other related duties as assigned. SALARY: Salary commences at PL 35, Step, 28,808 per annum to a maximum PL 35, Step 5, 35,013, commensurate withqualificationsofthe applicant. Salary beyond Step 1requires the approval ofthe MRA Board Chairman. QUALFlCAnON REQUREMENTS: Minimum requirements include a bachelor's degree in business, public administration, or accounting/finance from au.s. accredited university plus four (4) years of progressively responsible administrative experience of which two years was in a supervisory capacity. WHERE TO APPLY: nterested persons must submit an application on a MHA-prescribed employment application form no later than December20, 1993, to the Executive Director, Mariana slands Housing Authority, P.O. Box 514, Saipan, MP Application forms are available at the MHA Central Office. For further information, call telephone numbers / or write to the above address. EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNTY: No person shall be denied employrrient because of race, color religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, or handicap. "lvuha S AN'EQUAL EMPLOYMENT AND FAR HOUSNG PUBLC AGENCY" An unwanted army leaves reluctantly By FRANK BAJAK WUENSOORF, Germany (AP) - At the heart of this century-old military city they captured from the Nazis and made into a Cold War headquarters, the Russians commissioned a mural of their battlefor Berlin. The curved panorama - 15 feet high and 65loog (4.5 meters high by 20 long) - depicts the final advance on the Reichstag, a plane falling in flames, Red Army soldiers battling SS troops crouched behind sandbagsin the shell-shatterednterior Ministry. n its own rotunda at a former Wermachtsportsschool,themural rises aboveshell casings andother authenticrelicsof battle,including the gold weddingband of a fallen Gennanofficer. By summer,it will 'be in Moscow. There is little else to show off thesedaysin Wuensdorf, 30 miles (SO kms) southof Berlin, once the baseof elitesovietforces thatheld East Germany firmly in the Kremlin's grip. Now, all the soldiers must go home. Russians wantitremembered that a fightagainstevilbroughtthemto these forested Prussian lowlands. But their withdrawal is bereft of dignity. The soldiers are returning to a nation in turmoil.the Dec. 12national election marked the rise of nationalist extremists such as VladimirZhirinovsky, who made a Russian military revival part of his campaign. "A great army is being dismantledthat simplydoesn't know. how to be anything other than an army," said the Rev. Juergen Petereit,pastorthevillageof 2,700 people outside the garrison gates. "ts whole world has been torn apart." Nine months before the deadline,most of the troops and armor are gone from eastern Germany. TheGermangovernmentispaying about dlrs 9 billion in everything fromsalariesin Germanmarksto a long-terminterest-free loan to get the Russians out. Dozens of former Soviet bases stand stripped,crumbling,forlorn. Someareecologicaldisasterareas, sodden with dumped fuel, tom up by tanks, littered with abandoned equipmentthe Germans saycleaning up the mess will cost billions more. Wuensdorfand other bases still operating also have become magnets for criminals, many of them Russians, SOOle of them fonner soldiers.. Thieves sell stolen cars to marketeers. pick up Russian vodka and caviar cheaply and sell contraband cigarettes. German officials suspect some soldiers are dealing weapons. Russiais militarybasbeen pared from a Cold War high of 5.5 million men to about 2 million. The West GwuP, whose bases occupiedsoosquaremiles(l,300square kilometers) of Germany, will disappear, but removing its remnants could prove problematic. Hangers-on keep arriving from Russiainmilitarytrainsandplanes even as the number of soldiersdiminishes. Germanofficialssuspect civilians,someof themrelativesof the remaining soldiers, now outnumber soldiers at Wuensdorf. "All the time,more civiliansare coming," said Hartmut Klucke, administrator of surrounding Zossen county. The 10,(XX)..acre (4,050-hectare) base will become his problemsoon andhe fears hundreds ofrussianswill try tostay in Germany. Col. DmitriTimashkov,spokesmanfortheWestGroup,wouldnot say whether there are now more officers than conscripts at the Wuensdorf base, much less acknowledge that civiliansmight be the majority. Seventy percent of the West Group has left eastem Germany, but in Russia,onlyabout 1O,CXX> of the 44,<XX> apartments being built forremmingofficers andtheirfamilies are ready. ". Families are forced to live three to an apartmentin converted barracks.sometimes, 10families share abathroom. Membersofotherfamilies are separated, living with inlaws. "This is our pain," Col. Timashkovsaid.. Thousandsof careermilitaryofficers who have had a taste of the West are takinga huge step backward. Thesuperiorpayand livingconditions of Soviet times are gone. ThoseleavingGermanymusttrade pay that equaled up to 7(fJ a monthforrublesworthabout200, andarenotalwayswantedathome. "Even in Russia,there are many placeswherethe stationingof Russianforcesisnotsomuchbeloved," said thegermancommissionerfor withdrawal, Maj. Gen. Hanrnut Foertsch. More than 540,000 Soviet sol-. diers and civiliims were staliooed at 128 bases in ~ East Gennany and 470,<XX> have left, Timashkov said. Foertsch said be believestberussiam will beout00 schedule. They woo't be missed. For instance, said K.lucke, the county admini:c;trator, there were few marriagesbetweensovietsoldiers and locals: ''The Germans wereforbiddentohaveccitactwith the Russians. The friendship was only 00 paper.". Contactremainspoorand suspi_. ciongreat. andthecrimeis afui'tber irritanl Petereit'said police summoned him Nov. 26 to witness the search ofarussian's apartmentooly about 100 yards (90 meters) fr<m the garrison. ''Thatevening,a Russiancitizen was caught and arrested,.. the pastor said "Stolen cars had been found, a thousand (contraband) cigarettes..,. Residents say ~re is a burglary nearly every night. Twice weekly, it is bazaar day just outsidethebarracks. TheRussiansbuytelevisions, rugsandother items,whichtheycansellataprofit back home. Men sell cars at the railroadstation a block. away, where trains leave for Moscow daily. Even Timashkov did not deny me of the cars were stolen... Russian conunandersclaimfew of their soldiers are involved in crime and that the German police do not give them eoough protection.germanofficialscounter that most of the criminalsare not Germans and note thatgennan police are not allowedon the base.. "This is the same gang thatthey unofficially allow to stay in their garrisons:' saidgen.foertsch,the withdrawalcommissioner. Onafrigid Decemberday.groups of recruits are kept busy chipping ice off the Wuensdorf garrison streets. Military buses, jeeps and black Volga sedans carry officers andciviliansin andoot throogb. the gates. Timashkov meets withan American reporter but oolyallows him k> see!he BJTa1, an adjaced museum andsane well-stoeked basestc'es. Not permined was a look imoa sevehtayuniergrooxloonkemetwork,saidtohave3,<xx>roans,built by Hitler and used by Sovietradio monitocs to keepan ear00 NATO. "t's all closed \A1Wl Ar..._ now,.. says Timashkov. "be clectricity is kx> expensive." Utility wants 200,000 from ~~ who stole power WLKESBORO, N.C. (AP) - An utility com- the lawsuit said.. p~y is seeking m.ore than 200,000 from a rural ~inton ~dmits us~g power he didn't pay for, but resident who admits he stole electricity for more satddukclsoverstaunghowmuchheowes.'''they've than a decade... exaggerated whatwasgoingon,"hesaidinsaturday's B.ut JohnW. Minton, who runs an electric supplies Charlotte Observer. bus~ess, says the 202,833 sought by Duke Power. M~ton said Duke Powert'robs" small business CO. S ~ar t?o much ~d he won't pay. lik~ hi~ by charging high rates. He said he pleaded Startingin 1982, Minton usedan elaborateelectri- guilty m 1992 to fraudulent diversion of electrical cal system to bypass the meter on his Wilkes County power and paid the company 3,200. home, D~e said in a lawsui~ filed last The system dehvered power to his house and his son's, Duke is s~e~g 192,833 in compensatory dam- ages and armmmumofs10,000in punitive damages. The agreement was binding on all heirs, and Luft inherited the Oscar whengarlanddied, the lawsuit says. The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, sought an injunction preventing the sale, an order forcing the transfer of the Oscar for 10 and punitive and compensatorydamages. Afterthe statuewas withdrawn, Kathleen Guzman, president of Christie's East, said"the family is looking to donate it to an institution" Guzman said she had been asked not to name the institution since negotiations were ongoing. Garland memorabilia that was sold includedher personal leather telephone directory from the 1950s - with entries for Fred Astaire, Lucille Ball, Joan Crawford, Bing Cosby, Clark Gable, Bette Davis and John Steinbeck. t brought 5,750. Her blue and while lest dress for 'TJe Wizard of Oz" - which was not worn in the actual movie - brought 10,925. A metal and woodswordwieldedby awinkie, one of the witch's soldiers, sold for 8,050. The entire sale of 815 lots brought dlrs 806,314, with 80 percent of the items sold..monday:december 20, MARANAS VARETY NEWS ANDVEWS-i Skilledlaborimmigrationto U.,S"doubl.. By DAVD BRSCOE expected each year over the next DOlled.. States. The proposal is several years under laws revised separate from a bill backed by the WASmNGTON (Al).::'- The in Clinton administrationthatwould flow of skilled immigrants to the Asked about proposals to limit allow fraudulent applicants to be United States has doubled under immigration to about 300,000 a b M. arred at U.S. borders. new laws,buumly a few applicants are using a new provision ever Congress' tries to mesh to- to people in the UnitedStates who year, eissner noted that when- Thenew rules wouldapplyonly favoring people with 1 million gether various immigration goals me asylum applications that are to Divest.. - family unification, labor ad- obviously incomplete-someonly mmigration increased in 1992 justments and humanitarian con- contain a name and address and by tbe secoodlargest figureofthe cems - the number alwayscomes yet now are still accepted - or last 70years: mmigration Commissiooer DorisM.Meissner said "We 'ljusthave to waitand see out much higher than that. the trend meets Coogress' goal how that discussionunfolds,"she forgivingpimtytobighlyskilled said wmters. Only 1973.when there The skilled-worker program was aninflux ofjndochinese and allows 14O,<XX>immigrantsa year... Cubans. saw a greater increase. The 1992 statistics showed Newlypublisbedstatistics show skilled workers and their that 810,635 immigrmits were family members were admitted, admitted in the year that ended compared with 59,525 the year Sept. 30, an increase of.06,630, before. Thelargestincreaseswere or 15.1 percent, over fiscal from China, Taiwan, United The latestreportcovers the year Kingdom, the Philippines, ndia that ended Sepl30, and Canada. Pointing to another statistic, "Despite the increase, skilled Meissner said that the low numbets worker immigration did not meet 1. offoreigninvestors applying the limit of 140,000in fiscal year fa'visas under a programbegun 1992," Meissner said. The shortfall of 21,000 was carried over to in 1990 could make SOOle people questioo the plan. Thelaw allows the year that ended last Sept. 30, fm 10,000 such affluent applicants, for which complete statistics are 2. but only 57 applied last not yet available. year and about 600 so far this Overall, the largest numbers of year. immigrants were from Mexico Meissner said applicants are increasing (91,332,) Vietnam (77,728,) the each month,but-shesaid Philippines (59,179,) the repub requirements may be too stringent. lics of the former Soviet Union Applicants have to invest at (43,590,) and the Dominican Relics least 1 million in an enterprise public (40,840.) n 1991, the that will create at least 10 jobs. former Soviet countries ranked Questions have beenraised about fst. whether itamounts to selling U.S. Meissner said immigration officials visas. are working on rules to be Michael Hoefer, chief demographer announced in January that will for the mmigration and allow them to turn back obvi Naturalization Service, said ously frivolous asylum applications 800, ,000 immigrants are from people already in the Garland Oscar withdrawn from Hollywood sale NEW YORK (AP) - Judy Garland's Oscar for her performance in "The Wizard of Oz," expected tobringthousandssaturday on the auction block, was yanked fran the sale after the Motioo Picture Academy said it should get it for a pittance. The special miniature statuette wasex.pected tobesold fors70,000 to 9O,<XX> at a Christie's auction of Hollywoodmemorabili"3. thad beenbilledasbe Sial"lot ofthe sale, but wasremovedat the last minute by Garland's family. On Friday, the Motion Picture Academy sued Christie's and Sid Luft, Garland's ex-husband, over the Oscar. The academyclaimed it had the right to buy the Oscar - for dlrs 10. TheOscaris actuallya duplicate of the 1939 Academy Award for Best Juvenile Actressthat Mickey Rooney presented to Garland on Feb. 29, Garland told the academyin June 1958that she had lost the original statuette, and she was given the smallercopy. The academy alleges that as a cooditioo of receiving the copy, Garland agreed"not to sell or otherwise disposeof" the Oscar withoot ftst offering it to the academy fm10. lions, she said. mmigrants'win get a chance to redo the applications, she said, but it is assumed that many will give up' if they have no serious claim. Meissnernoted that the wave of immigrants from China has slowed considerably since the detection of several large illegal boatloads earlier in the year. She said some Chinese are still coming into the United States over the Mexicanbcroer and t,1-rrough ofue: Central American routes, The administration,snesaid.hasto decide soon how to treat C1linest asylum seekers who base ireir li()o p.icatiom 00. China's policy tt,81 lowing oo1y <De childpercoupje. MainJmj China ranked sixth in trenumberofjegal immigrartsrolhe United Statesin 1992, with 38,735, a 22.2pereea iocreaseoverthe JRViousyear. simply copies of other applicar ~~~ PUBLC ANNOUNCEMENT The Commonwealth Utilities Corporation would like to announceto itscustomersthata newutilitypayment office schedule will be in effect beginning December 13, The new scheduled hours is as follows: LOWER BASE, MAN OFFCE Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. SAN JOSE PAYMENT BRANCH OFFCE Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.d. to 4:30 p.m. The Commonwealth Utilities Corporation will no longer open its payment office at Lower Base on Saturdays beginning December 18, 1993 thereafter, All payment offices will be closed in observance of all CNM and U.S. Holidays. ~our cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated, lsi RAMON S. GUERRERO Executive Director Garapan 9:00 am-8:00 pm /8127 ' ~... \\00_ ~ " ~'.. ~..,,'~_ ;~ ~"_... San Roque (L.F.S.R ) 10:00 am-9:00 pm /8127 s ,17 AC12!ig ::.~ ~.~' '.~':~':J~'~::'~':::::':".;~:~.~.~::~~~~ <.

7 & > E. -!: w, j. -'" 2-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-MONDAY-DECEMBER 20, 1993 Black -on-white hate crimes rise in US By PHLLP RAWLS MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) A group that monitors U.S. racerelated killings says the cases in which blacks arc charged with killing whites are increasing dramatically.butcritics warn against jumping to conclusions. Klanwatch founder Morris Dees said Mondaythat there has been a "shockingreversal' inrace-related killings since the early 1980s. when most hate crimes were committedin the South by whites against blacks. n the last three years, Klanwatchhas recorded 58 racerelated murders nationwide, with blacks charged in 27 of them, or 46 percent. nthetwoyears before that, Klanwatch says only one blackwaschargedamong 3hatecrime murder cases, or about 8 percent. "Today, intolerance and rae- OFFCE: POSTON: LEGSLATVEBUREAU, CNM LEGSLATURE ADMNSTRATVE OFFCER SALARY: 40, 000.OOjyear SEND RESUME TO: CNM PERSONNEL OFFCER FOR MORE NFO: CONTAG MR. GREG SABLAN, ~ NEED MONEY? PUBLC ANNOUNCEMENT THS S TO NFORM THE GENERAL PUBLC TtlAT VENEK LACANLALE, S NO LONGER CONNECTED WTH FRENDS CO., N. AS OF DEC.OS, ANY TRANSACTON NCURRED BY HM AS OF THE ABOVE DATE WLL NOT BE li.onored BY Tli.E COMPANY. BY MGT "8 NOW OPEN FAST CASH PAWNSHOP 4th FLR. Horiguchi Bldg. Tel. No s We buy your old 1 gold & sliver,s SS FNA SSU PARTAL FURNSHED 24 HR. WATER /MO. SECLUDED CALL / O,21oAC13838 APARTMENT & ROOM FOR RENT GOOD OCEAN VEW, WATER & POWER N KOBLERVLLE 2 BEDROOM ROOM CALL DON'T BT THE RED UGHT OBEY TRAFFC RULES ism have no racial or geographic boundaries," said Dees. Dees also is also president of thesouthern Poverty LawCenter in Montgomery, which has successfullysuedmembers of the Ku Klux Klan and White Aryan Resistance over hate crimes against blacks. Klanwatchhasbeenmonitoringhate crimes nationwide since t compilesitsstatistics from reports by police, media and privatecitizens,andit acknowledges thcy are not comprehensive or scientific.there are no extensive government statistics on the issue. TheRev.Joseph Loweryof Atlanta, president of the Southern ChristianLeadershipConference, saidhe isskepticalof Klanwatch's conclusion."'m not awareof any organized black group that sets out to kill white people," he said. Lowery also questioned PUBLC NOTCE nthe Superior Court of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana slands ADOPTON CASE NO nthe Matter of the Petition for Adoption of: RYAN WLLAM GUZMAN CAMMAYO, Minor, By: BERNARDO R. CRUZ and MA. PAZ. AYUMAN CRUZ, Petitioners. NOTCE OF HEARNG Notice is hereby given that on December 23, 1993, Thursday, at1:30 p.m. inthe courthouse of the Superior Court in Susupe, Saipan Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana slands, the petitioners will petitlon the Cou rt to adopt the above-mentioned minor. Dated this 16th day of December, /s/ REYNALDO O. YANA Attorney for Petitioners PUBliC NOTCE nthe Superior Court of the Commonwealth ofthe Northem Mariana slands CVil ACTON NO. g CORAL REEF MARNE CENTER, Plaintiff, "v DAVD HALE, dba SAlPAH FSHNG AND MARNE SUPPlY, Defendant. NOTCE OFSALE NOTCE SHEREBY GVEN that. pursuant toa Writ offoreclosure issued bythe Court inthis matter onaugust 26, 1993, have levied and executed upon, and willsell, atpublic auction, tothe highest bidder, lorcurrent lawful money ofthe United Stales, all01the right, title, and interest 01Delendanlln and tothe following property: a t 2inch Bay LinerTrophy vessel, known as the "Fisnrnonpet's Wife", hull no. BL5B08FPL889; and two 115 hp. ELPO Mercury engines, serial nos LD AND LDOOOO The sale will be held on Friday, January 7, 1993, at the hour of 1:30 p.rn., atthe Police Stallon nsusupe, satoan, Northern Mariana slands. The property may beinspected atany time priorto the sale. bypriorarrangement with the undersigned. The sale willbe held without any warranties whatsoever. whether express orimplied, allof which are hereby expressly disclaimed. The sale ssuolect toapproval bythe Court. The right is reserved toreject any and all bids, for any reason. DATED, this 2nd day 01 December, lsi S.w.O. SDRO R. SABLAN Department 01 Public safety 121'1027,Ot")oAC7l47 whether several black murder suspectsbelongedinklanwatch's statistics. One of those' in question is Colin Ferguson, a Jamaican-born black man accused of killing six whites and Asians on a New York commuter train last Tuesday. Ferguson's handwritten notes indicated anger at whites, Asiansand"UncleTom Negroes," as wellas ahostofother irrational grievances. " think that man was insane," Lowery said. "The notes in his pockettalkedaboutwhites,asians andblacks,butnobodymentioned blacks." Loweryalso menrionedrobert Colleen,a whiteman shot todeath after. trying to stop four black youths he thought were stealing a bicycle in Las Vegas in " think he may have been shot if he had been striped or if he had been black," he said. Steve Prentice-Dunn, a psy- chology professor at the Universityof Alabama who studies gang violence, said some factors that couldaffectklanwatch's statistics are the growing number of blacks in the population and the stalled economy. Some black activists also have decried the increasing availabilityandpopularityof guns in their communities. Klanwateh has recorded 24 raciallymotivated killingsthisyear, withblacks chargedin 10ofthose. Six of those murders are attributed to Ferguscn. Klanwateh recorded 18 racemotivatedhornicidesin 1992with 11blackscharged, and 6racially motivated killings in 1991 with six blacks charged. Klanwatch says in 1990 there were 10 racially motivated killings, with only one black person charged.n 1989, therewere three racially motivated slayings and no blocks charged, Klanwateh says. Abortion pill may work on males-study By MARLYN AUGUST treatments, isjustdown the road," Beaulieutold the AP. PARS (AP)- The French-made Details of his team's fmdings abortion pill may lead to an oral willbe reported in the Jan. 4 Procontraceptive for men that would ceedingsof the National Academy become active in a few seconds of Sciences: An advance copy of and could be taken right before the article was obtained by The sexual intercourse. Associated Press. Theeffectof themalepill would Beaulieuconductedhisresearch also wear off quickly, said the at France's National nstitute of developer of the abortion pill, Dr. Healthand MedicalResearchwith Etienne-Emile Beaulieu." can Dr.PierreJouannetofthe Bicentre envisage a pill that can be effec- Hospital in Paris. tive for varying amounts of time- Beaulieu said their research for one hour to one week to one showed that the drug in the abormonth," he said. tion pill, RU-486, as well as its Recent test-tube experiments chemicalderivatives,prevent calwith human sperm show that the cium from penetrating the sperm. pil may work as a kind of "hor- Withoutcalcium, sperm lose their monal condom," according to mobility and cannot fertilize the Beaulieu. female egg. He said Monday that prelimi- The findings were ~ major nary testing on rats and monkeys breakthrough for male contracepwill begin soon. Human testing is tionbecauseru-486didnot cause expected to start in two or three thenegativesideeffectsassociated years. with other techniques that block "Clearlyif somethingcould im- sperm formation, according to mobilize thespermandideallywas Beaulieu. reversible, that would be a break- Other methods involve the inthrough," saiddr.allanrosenfield, gcstion of progesteroneand testesdean of the Columbia University tcrone, natural steroid hormones. School ofpublichealth. Hesaidhe They take three months to becomc needed to see the study before effective and three monthsto wear commenting further,butdescribed off. Beaulieu as "a solid scientist," RU-486,or mifepristone, is in a Malecontraceptionhaslongbeen classofdrugscalledantiprogcstins. limitedto the usc of condoms, va- They work in women by sectomy or heavy-duty hormone blocking or inhibiting the action treatments to prevent sperm for- of progesterone, essential for mation. maintaining pregnancy. When "'m extremelyoptimisticthata combined with with another horgood contraceptive pill for men, mone, prostaglandin, the drugs without the ~egative. side effects cause an embryo to be expelled usually associated Wth hormone from the uterus. Orion eyes RP for info network M~NLA,Philippines (AP)- Monday to develop a satellite infor- Orion, acanadian information teeh- rnatioo network so that rural farmers ~ogy f~, plans 10 develop a 03- can monitor price fluctuations tolwlde information network en- worldwide. ablingsmallandmcdiumscalcfarm- This will enable them 10 market ers ~ive news crops~eftectivelyandkccpt;urcommodity pncc changes, t was rem Ol pace andcropyields worldannounced Sunday. wide. The ChambcrofCommercc ofthe Notimetable was announced. f!ulippincs Foundation said it will The chamber is the oldest trading Sign an agreement with Orion on organization in thephilippines. t."', Marianas Variety News & Views CLASSFED ADS TEL. NOS FAX NO MANACER 1 PROJECTENGNEER-Collegegrad., 2 years experience. Salary: 5.80 per 1 CARPENTER 3 MASON - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: 2.15 per Contact: EUGENO C. VARGAS SA. dba Vargas Enterprises, P.O. Box 623, Saipan; MP Tel. No (12/20)~ ELECTRCAL EN~NEER- College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: 1,000-1,670 per 1 ELECTRCAN - High school grad., 2 yearsexperienca. SalS}': 2.SOper Contact: CPS ELECTRC NCORPO RATED, P.O. Box 3425, Saipan, MP Tel. No /8(12127)M/ '. 'CARMEN;r l<l\ctory :.:':. '. :::. W~RKER..' 20 SEWNG MACHNE OPERATOR 2 PRESSER, MACHNE - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: per 3 CUTER, MACHNE - High school grad., 2 yearsexperience. Salary: Contact: HANSAE (SAl PAN) NC. P.O. Box 1749, Susupe, Saipan, MP (12/27)M' ACCOUNTANT -' 1 SALES MANAGER - High school grad., 2yearsexperience. Salary:1,SOO per Contact: HEMLAN PURANCHAND D. dba Pacific sland Traders & Mariana Flea Market, P.O. Box 3357, CK, Saipan, MP 969SO. Tel. No (12/20)M/ DEPARTMENT MANAGER - College grad., 2yearsexperience. Salary: 1,000 per 1 STORE SUPERVSOR - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: 705 per 1 ACCOUNTANT - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: 900 per Contact: TOWN HOUSE, NC. dba Dep't. Store, KFC, Payless Market, P.O. Box 167, Saipan, MP Tel. No /6439(12/20)M! ACCOUNTNG MANAGER 1 FRONT OFFCE MANAGER - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: 1,700 per " MANTENANCE ENGNEER - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: per Contact: DAMOND HOTEL CO., LTO. dba salpan Diamond. Hotel, P.O. Box 66. Saipan, MP Tel. No OO(12127)M'7249. ENGNEER 3 SEWNGSUPERVSOR- High school grad., 2 yearsexperience. Salary: 5.40 per 10 QUAUTY CONTROL CHECKER 6 RON PRESSER (MACHNE) - High school equiv., 2 years experience. Salary: SO per 2 MANTENANCE W0RKER - High 2.45 per 5 PACKER- High school equiv., 2 years experience. Salary: per 50 SEWNG MACHNE OPERATOR Salary: per 2 AR-CONDTONNG MECHANC Salary: per Contact: PANGJN SANG SA CORPo RATON, PPP 324 Box 10000, Saipan, MP Tel. No (12127)M/ ACCOUNTANT - College grad., 2 yearsexperience. Salary: 1,400-1,520 per Contact: JOETEN ENTERPRSES, NC., P.O. Box 137, Saipan, MP Tel. No ext. 7584/3( 12120)M/ ACCOUNTANT - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: per Contact: MARANAS MANAGEMENT CORP., P.O. Box 137, Saipan, MP 969SO. Tel. No ext (12/20)M! ACCOUNTANT - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: Contact: GUDEBA. QURMTdbaa & P Enterprises, SVRB 7849, Saipan, MP Tel. No (12127)M ACCOUNiANT - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: 700 per 1 PRNTNGPRESSMACHNETECH NCAN 1 GRAPHC ARTST - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: 600 per Contae!: ASG CORPORATONdba Elite Enterprises, Caller Box 273, Saipan, MP Tel. No (12/27)M CONSTRUCTON",. 'WORKER. 2 CONSTRUCTON LABORER - High 2.65 per Contact: VESTCOR REAL ESTATE LTO.,P.O. Box 2408, Saipan, MP 96950: Tel. No /4(12/20)M/ MASON 1 CARPENTER - High school equiv., 2 years experience. Salary: per Contact: R & K NC. dba R & K Construction, P.O. Box 1328,Saipan, MP969SO. Tel. No (12127)M MANTENANCE REPARER BULD ~G - High school grad., 2 yea~s expenence. Salary: 400 per Contact: STRNGSTONE ENTER PRSES, NC. dba Bistro Restaurants Caller Box PPP 535, Saipan. MP 969SO: Tel. No (12/20)M/ CARPENTER 2 WOOD CARVER - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: 2.15 per Contact: RODRGO M. CAPAT dba Saipan Woodcraft, Ent., P.O. Box 2374 CK, Saipan, MP Tel. No (12127)M ARCON (TECH.) MECHANC - High 1,000-1,700 per 1 ACCOUNTANT - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: 900-1,100 per 1 CASHER - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: 800-1,100 'per 1 ELECTRCAL ENGNEER - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: per 1 CONSTRUCTON SUPERVSOR Salary: per 1 ARCHTECT - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: per 1 COOK HELPER - High school grad., 2 yearsexperience. Salary: per 1 MANTENANCE WORKER 1 WATER - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: per 1 MANTENANCE REPARER 2 P.ANTER 2 ELECTRCAN - High school grad., 2 yearsexperience.salary:2.45per C~mtact KANPACFC SAPAN, LTD., P.O. Box 527, Saipan, MP Tel. No_ /0770 ext. 409(12127)M/ MANTENANCE MECHANC - High school gl'rd., 2 years experience. Salary: 2,500 per Contact: PACFC DEVELOPMENT NC., P.O. Box 502, Saipan, MP 969SO. Tel. No (12120)M MSCELLANEOUS, ' 1 ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT College grad., 2 years experie:nce. Salary: 5.00 per Contact: SAl PAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, P.O. Box 806, Saipan, MP 969SO. Tel. No / YARD WORKER - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: 2.15 per Contact: GUADALUPE P. MANGLONA, P.O. Box 1368, Saipan, MP Tel. No (12/20)/ EXPEDTER - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: 2.50 per Contact: PUYAT & SON'S AND COM PANY, NC., P.O. Box 213, Saipan, MP Tel. No (12/20)M GRAPHC ARTST - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: 1,000 per Contact: SUNSET ADVERTSNG GROUP, NC., P.O. Box 5217 CHRB Saipan, MP Tel. No i 9(12/20)M/ MA'. rllne PHESSER - High school grad., 2:ears experience. Salary: per hour 2 COOK 3 SPRE \DER, MACHNE OPERATOR 4 BUTON HOLE MACHNE OPERA TOR - Salary: ' per Contact: NEO FASHON NC., P.O. Box 1718, Saipan, MP 9()9SO. Tel. No /4(12/20) M/ GAS ATENDANT 1 CASHER - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: 500 per Contact: MARGARTA ALDAN dba A/dan Enterprises, P.O. Box 532, Saipan, MP Tel. No (12/27)M/ SALESSUPERVSOR- College grad., 2years experience. Salary: 900-1,SOO per 2 SALESPERSON (GOLF REPARER) 2 SALESPERSON (TENNS RACKET REPARER)- High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: per Contact: LAS VEGAS DSCOUNT GOLF&TENNS, P.O. Box 137, Saipan. MP Tel. No /6 ext. 7584/83. 1 AUTO ELECTRCAN 1 AUTO MECHANC - High school grad., 2years experience. Salary: 2.15 per Contact: E & T ENTERPRSES, Caller Box AAA 345, Saipan, MP Tel. No (12/20)M/ ELECTRCAN - High school equiv., 2 years experience. SalS}':2.15per Contact: EDUARDO P. PANGLNAN dba Empress Enterprises, P.O. Box 63 CK, 9aipan, MP 969SO. Tel. No ( 12/27)M/ MANTENANCE REPARER - High ~ per Contact FLORES, NC. dbashoe Gallery, P.O. Box 368, Saipan, MP 969SO. Tel. No. 2~-6087(12J27)M/ HOUSE WORKER - High school equiv., 2 years experience. Salary: 2.15 per Contact: PSANDER M. PETER dba Madacasga Recruiting Agency, P.O. Box 3254, Saipan, M~ 969SO. Tel. No (12/20)M' FAST FOOD WORKER - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: 2.50 per Contact: MCRO ASEAN CORP. elba Manileiia Fast Food Center, Box, OOסס 1 Caller Box 608, Saipan, MP Tel. No (12/20)M' BEAUTCAN - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: per Contact: ROSALNDA G. VCTOR C. ADA dba Roveelyn Enlarprises, P.O. Box 1728, Saipan, MP Tel. No. 235-Q629( 12/27)M to\ :.~,'.,'.,\.' ).1. ). a ~...'.'.', MONDAY-DECEMBER 20, 1993~MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-13 ~ates: ClassifiedAnnouncement - Perone column inch ClassifiedDisplay - Per one column inch DEADLNE: 12:00 noon the day prior to publication NOTE: ffor some reason your advertisement isincorrect,call usirrmediately to make the necessory correctiors. TheMarianas Variety News and Views isresponsible only for one ncorrect nsertion. We reserve the right to edit. refuse. reject or concel any add at any time. 1 ASST. PURCHASNGSUPERVSOR 2 COMPUTER OPERATONS SU PERVSOR - College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: 900-1,500 per STORE SUPERVSOR - High' school grad., 2yearsexperience. Salaryl,000 per 2 BULDNG MAN'TENANCE RE PARER - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: per 4 SALESPERSON - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary: 2.50 per Contact: HAKUBOTAN SAPAN ENT NC., P.O. Box 127, Saipan, MP 96956: Tel. No /3(12/20)M! 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Salary: per 3 STOCK CONTROL CLERK - High school grad., 2 years experience Salary: per 2 MANTENANCE REPAR - High school grad., 2 years experience. Salary; per 1 T~LOR - College grad., 2 years expenence. Salary: per 9 WAREHOUSE WORKER - High ,15 per 1 CA~HER - High schoo/grad., 2 years expenence. Salary: per 4 JA~TOR-High schoolgrad., 2 years expenence. Salary: per 3 MASON-(MANTENANCE)-College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: per. 1 MANTENANCE MECHANC - College grad., 2years experience. Salary: per 1 GARDE~ER - High school g'ld., 2 years expenence. Salary: per 2 ELECTRCAN (MANTENANCE) College grad., 2 years experience. Salary: per 2 PLUMBER (MANTENANCE) - High per 1 COOK HELPER 1 MANTENANCE WORKER - High 2.45 per hour: Contact: J.C. TENORO ENT., NC., P.O. Box 137, Saipan, MP Tel. No /6 ext. 7584/3(12120)M CLASSFED ADS NEW 1 'DSC JOCKEY 1 DA~CER - High schoolgrad., 2 years expenence. Salary: per Contact: G..S ENT., NC. dba Maharaja, Caller Box PPP 143, Saipan, MP Tel. 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8 ). 14-MARANAS :VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-MONDAY- DECEMBER EEK &MEEK by Howie Sclmeider T'S B CQ.t1(ffi 11J(REA'5~Y ( )./fcxjs 10 ME.. -mat im OOT C?DA:f31O e."the. mat Sl.{LESS l"tf-(xbit VJ1.xD... 11H1~ TS TME. T STARTED 10 RtCQGJ2 MY LM rtatrq'j's GARFELD by Jim Davis ~ lajhat'7 RECCEAJ2 E: 11-\ R UMl, ATlrns? PEANUTS by Charles M. Schulz By Stella Wilder Born today, you are laden with contradictions, outside and in. Your personality is not one to be easily defined.jmd you are difficult to read as a result ofyour striking and often misleading appearance. Often, you are thinking or feeling precisely the opposite of what others think based on your looks and manner; if you were a book, you'd be written in a foreign language: You are both emotional and intellectual, and you know how to maintain a healthy balance between the two. You have what it takes to make a good deal of money, and though you may do just that you are not the kind to do so merely for its own sake - though, certainly, you wouldn't mind being rich! You are generous with four resources and assets; you fee money is made to be spent - and you're an expert at it! Also born on this date are: Henry Clay Frick, steel magnate and philanthrorist; Max Lerner, author anll. teacher; rene Dunne, actress. To see what is in store for you tomorrow, find your birthday and read the corresponding paragraph. Let your birthday star be DATE BOOK Dec. 20, 1993 T W T f ' 'J'{)r1uy 1.', the :J54t1l,,,", ".': _ lin)} )} 1~~:J.lTul Uw : ~()t, t4}ull,'... _ TOJAY'S 11STOltY: On this day in 1907, physcst Albert Michelson became the first U.S. scientist to reo ceive the Nobel Prize. TODAY'S BRTHDAYS: Harvey Firestone ), tire manufacturer; Walter Adams ), as- 12-]~ ONE OF HE GREAT JO'1'S N LFE S r v "'" 5L1DNG ON AN ' Lr' " -.,).-.'."L,'- L..-l e\.{ SDEWALK. ' -1'-: - --'7- ' '.y','., tv.. " (- '\ <... -'. r ' - (b \ '. ',,. STELLA WLDER YOUR BRTHDAY your daily guide. TUESDAY, DEC. 21 SAGTTARUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) - Watch out for strange occurrences and odd coincidences today. Accidents aren't likely to happen very often: CAPRCORN <Dec. 22-Jan. 19) - You're ready for that promotion - though no one else may know it. t's time to make your intentions clear. AQUARUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) - Your energy and vitality are high today, but you may have trouble channeling your creativity into profitable endeavors. PSCES (Feb. 19-March 20) - This is a day for you to lead, rather than follow. Never fear; you have what it takes to guide others successfully. ARES (March 21-April )9) A dramatic turn of events is just around the corner. You must take the opportunity today to stabilize. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) This can prove a memorable day. You have it in your power to dictate more than notes and memos; youcan shape the future! GEMN (May 21-June 20) You'll be interested in those things which can bring you immediate returns. Unusual speculation is not foryou today. lronomer; Branch Hickey (11] , baseball executive; rene Dunne (J 9U J-199U, actress; Sidney Hook (J 9U2- J9891, philosopher-educator; Max Lerner (J 9U , journalist; George Roy "ill <1922-), director, is 71 ' TO>AY'S SPOHTS: On this day in 1911~J, Dennis Potvin of the New York Rangers scored his916th point, break ing Bobby Orr's NHL career scoring record for defensemen. TODAY'S QUOTE: "Problems are the price you pay for progress." Branch Rickey CANCER (June 21-July 22) ndividuals who share your outlook and expectations will surely be drawn to you throughout the day. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - Cooperation is essential today, but it may take you some time to persuade others to jump on the bandwagon. VRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) t's important to protect yourself today, but you run the risk ofbeing too sheltered at this time. Take a fewchances! LBRA (Sept. 23-0ct. 22) Flattery will get you nowhere today - whether you are giving or receiving. Deal only in honest interaction today. SCORPO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) You may encounter one or two individuals today who wish to take yo~ for a ride. You must avoid bemg cheated! For your personal horoscope, lovescope, lucky numbers and future forecast, call Astro Tone (95e each minute; Touch Tone phones only) and enter your access code number, whch s 500. CopyrighllggJ. UDikd Feature Syndicate. nc. TODAY'S WEATHER: On thisdayin 1836, a cold wave with 70 mph winds dropped temperatures from the mild 40s to near zero in several hours in llinois. Folkloretold ofanimals frozen in their tracks. SOUHCE TilE WEATEH CANN~;A,,199J CROSSWORD' PUZZLER ACROSS 1 Courteous 6 Fruit drink 11 Men's garment 12 Wild ass 01 ndia 14 ntegrated circuit (abbr.) 15 Part of climbing plant 17 Likewise 18 Boxlngvictory abbr. 20 Greek marketplace 21 Vat 22 Vast agas 24 Land of the free (abbr.) 25 Contest 26 Pistol 28 Burdened 30 Measure of weight 31 Liquid measure ~ 32 Beverage container 35 Claws 38 Carry on 39 Tint 41 TwiSt about 42 Anger 43 Prison compartments 45 Epoch 46 Tin symbol 47 WalklAQ appendage 49 Green Mountain State (abbr.) 50 Hymn 01 thanksgiving (2 wds.) 52 Wipes out 54 Lowest regions 551ndlned roadways DOWN 1 - dock Answer to Previous Puzzle Z Roman nine 3 Experenced person 4 Mental mage 5 Chalse- 6 cattle encloslq8 7 Freshwater porpoise 8 Pigeon pea 9 For example (abbr.) 10 Summary 11 Chemical measure 13 Garbed n cloak 16 Computer abbr. 19 Performing (2 wds.) -= Baby frog 23 Range French people 27 Yoko Oxalls plant 32 Contort AcqUired by labor 34 Heat units '35 Bank employee 36 Jitters -= Slaps 40 Rubber tree f-:-: Brilliant stroke -= Antitoxins 47 Toll 48 School 01 whales 51 Down (prel.) 53 Spanish (abbr.) h~~~~~r00;2. r '~ "1 g ~ e 5 N.,...,.--.5_."" ~O -~~.~- _...::>~---- 'MVS '8 '31\018 'S '>lo'p '3SOO8 'z 'S~3ld '~-NMOa '31VHM'6 '3S0l:l 'L 'lln>ls'9 '00181' 'Nln8N3d-SSO~8V News Tips? Faxit to ~,~~:~~(:rl~~~ldcc"cnd"r.accordl>lb [] ~arianas GTT~r.'1 ekr TODAY'S MOON: "'rst, C/r6.~ - 1'" &J~ quarter. (;&,~ "Four flusher" originated in poker as a name for a player who bluffs that he has a flush five cards in the same suit when in fact heonly holds four _.._ _._--... \, ~,., ",' -. ;'-'" Grants.. continued from page 16 the NBA record losing streak. Philadelphia set the record for the longestlosing streak at 20games in TheRockets, now 21-1, can tie the New York Knicks fm' the most victories with one defeatat23-1 with wins next week against SanAntonio and Denver. Olajuwon scored eight straight Houston points down the stretch after Dallas cut the Rockets' lead to 97-90at the two-minute mark. Rookie Jamal Mashburn scored 30 points and JimJackson 27 for the Mavericks. Otis Thorpe had 19 points and 15 rebounds for Houston. Bulls 102, Spurs'go n Chicago, Horace Grant had 16 points and 18 rebounds as Chicago wonfor the ninth time in 10 games, wearing down San Antonio. Toni Kukoc scored nine consecutive Chicago points in the fourth quarter as the Bulls drew away to win their fifth straight game. Kukoc finished with 12 points. The Bulls led when Kukoc started his scoring spree. His fmalbasket putchicago ahead San Antonio, which got 24 points apiece from Dale Ellis and DavidRobinson,never gotwithin eight points thereafter. Chicago's Stacey King and Dennis Rodman of San Antonio were ejected with double technical fouls in the third quarter after getting in a scuffle. Pistons 98, Cavaliers 92 OT n Auburn Hills, Mich., rookie LindseyHunter,scoreless through three quarters, scored eight points in the fourth period and five in overtime, leading Detroit over Kings... continued from page16 1:52. Hrudey and Potvin were spectacular for the remainder of the game and there was i ttle Hrudey could do on Andreychuk's goals. On the winner, Andreychuk was tripped and as he was falling to the ice, he put a forehand shot over Hrudey's shoulders at 8:29 of the second period. Blake proved to be Hrudey's Cleveland The Cavaliers, who led by as many as 17 in the second quarter, made onlythree of23 shots in the fmal 17 minutes in losing their seventh straight on the road and eighth in nine games overall. Terry Mills led the Pistons with 25 points, and Olden Polynice had 18 rebounds. Mark Price, whose 25 points led Cleveland, threw the ball out of bounds with the score tied late in the overtime, giving Detroit thepossession that led tohunter's go-ahead 3-pointer.basketbal2- Suns 116, Clippers 109 n Phoenix, Dan Majerle scored 28 points, including a key 3 pointer late in the game and two free throws with 23 seconds left, as Phoenix defeated Los Angeles. Majerle made it with his 24-foot shot with 3:40.remaining.just 18seconds afterron Harper had pulled the Clippers within seven. Another 3-pointer by Harper with 44 seconds to go cut the lead to seven again, but Majerle put the game out of reach with his two free throws. Harperscored 14of his25points in the fourth quarter, but was unable to bring the Clippers back after they fell behind going into the fmal period. A.C. Green. scored 25 points and Kevin Johnson 21 for the Suns, and Charles Barkley had 20 points and 10 rebounds. SuperSonics 126, Warriors 111 n Seattle, Ricky Pierce scored 15 of his 26 points in the fourth quarter as Seattle pulled away to defeat Golden State. The Sonics, along with Houston, remained one of twounbeaten teams at horne in the NBA this nemesis on Andreychuk's second goal when his shot hit the defenseman and the puck ended up behind a surprised Hrudey at 3:57 of the third. Midway through the period, Berg streaked toward the Kings' goal and Andreychuk'spass gave Berg an easy tip-in. "t was a pretty good all around game for myself," said Andreychuk. season and improved their record to Led by Victor Alexander's seven fourth-quarter points, the Warriors closed to a with 4:46 left. Pierce then scored 10 points in a 12-5run thatputseattle ahead Chris Webber led the Warriors with 19 points and 11 rebounds. Chris Mullin and Victor Alexander had 17 points apiece, but Mullin missed nine of his 11 field-goal attempts. Gary Payton finished With 23 points andeight steals and Kendall Gill scored 20 points for Seattle., Trail Blazers' 105, Timberwolves 95 n Portland, Ore., Clifford Robinson made a rare start at center and scored 22 points, boosting Portland over Minnesota. The Trail Blazers blew all but five points of a 17-point lead in the second half, but held on to improve their record to 8-3 at reach the households and the office workers everyday. To family members, friends, patrons and the community, say a Christmas Greetings message in the Marianas Variety's Special Christmas issue, December 23, home. Christian Laettner scored 24 points and rookie saiahrider 18 for the Timberwolves. Rod Strickland scored 16 points for Portland, which held an advantage with 2:50 remainingin the third period. A 10-2 run to close out the quarter pulled Minnesota to 84 75, and consecutive baskets by Tellis Frank and Luc Longley made it with 10:17 left in the game. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.: m: ~: l' Ett. ii l' om: ṭi ncrease your merchandisej ~ and service SALE during.~ ~: this holidays season. ~ f ~ A~VERTSE in the t ~arlanas C;YarietY7&.~~ i~'.~" m tm continued from page 16 Colonials, All but two of those points came it.:, after Dare sat down after commit- ~ for thecolonials(5-1).the Waves (5-2) had won two in a row. "t's a big win for us, all things considered," Jarvis said. "With exams, the week off and everything else, this looms large. Partof that was being at home, and are familiarity with playing so many closegameshere last year.they're a good team though, they'll get their20winsandbe ina tournament somewhere come the end of the season." Theleadchangedhands 10times and neither tearn led by more than eight points before before George Washington went ahead for good,tf~.~~: at o~ ~ basket by Dare with :::.~':'.~' 7:rJremammg,..;,...,;) The Colonials then scored nine. )----"'J1., of thenext 13 points to open a 64 ~"'''5' - 57 lead with 2:02 left to play. put "'.J::~;' ling the game away.. tin~ 1?s fourth foul with 6:54 re- it mammg. ~. " thought we were in excellent..n:.:.. shape inthelastfive rninuutes when ~.' he (Dare) went to the bench," n: Pepperdine coach Tom Asbury ~.. said." ~ould ' to be within t'...~ a couple of pomts in the final. minute." ','. 1reWavesmanagedoolyabasket ~.' by Dana Jones and a pair of free ". throws whilethe 7-foot-1 Dare lan- 1.*.. guishedon the sidelines. ~ For more information "Wejustdidn'tmakethcplaysthe tf. Call /7578/9797 last4{minutes," saidasbury, "With ti basically a veteran Jearn, including if, Fax: two senior guards thathave been to fii or drop by war a thousand times, we didn't do tf... our Garapan office much of anything right t was a ~.. ~~e~~;;,~~~~(66-63 ~~~~~a~~:~ ~ " '~ _f.;i~_ MONDAY,DECEMBER 20, MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-S ~r "1~:)l'''..:;:::. -

9 ::~~... tj -.,.. 16-MARANAS VARETY NEWS ANDVEWS-MONDAY- DECEMBER 20,1993 PORTS ;arne ~ "'M Brown KO's Norris to wrestwbc title. PUEBLA, Mexico (AP) with Norrispostponedbecauseof from the outset, and had the in 30 fights and pointedly ended stopping previously unbeaten Simoo. Brown, a former mf and illness, made the most of his delayed opportunity, dropping the only to have the bell intercede. assomehaveclaimed,iscurrently five rounds. Referee Artbur champion in trouble in the third, any debate about whethernorris: Andy Holligan of Englandafter, WBC welterweight champion, knocked out Terry Norris in the championin thefirstroundwith a But there was no savingnorris, the best fighter pound-for-pound, Mercantesignalledit was over as fourth round Saturday night to hardrigbt. He put him away for in the fourth after Brown's devastating right landed. " thankgod anddon Kingfor round. in the world thebell soundedopeningthesixth claim the WBC super welterweight title. with another big right Brown, 40-2 with 30 knock this great opportunity," Brown Chavez, whose admitted goal keeps at 1:06 of the fourth round' Brown, who twice had fights BrowncarriedthefighttoNorris outs,handednorrishisfourthloss said." proved'm agoodfighter." is to win 100fights and then retire,had Holliganin troublein the Brown's victory stolethe thunder from the evening's featured second, andthebritonwasbleeding freely from the nose andeyes Grants keys Bulls win over Spurs performer, Julio Cesar Chavez, whosatisfiedhis Mexican fansby until the bout was finally halted retaining the WBC super lightweight title. Chavez improvedto 30,000 and 45,000 in the A crowd estimatedat between 89-0~1 with 77 knockouts by continued on page 15 N ATLANTA, Kevin Willis scored a season-high 31 points Saturday.night as thehawkswon for the 15th time in 16 games, defeating Denver for the Nuggets' ninth straightroadloss. The Nuggetskept it closein the first half, leading4746with4:16 left in the secondquarterbeforea 14-0run put the Hawksin frontto stay and gave them a 60-47halftime advantage. Mahmoud Abdul-Raufscored 22 points for the Nuggets, who slipped to 9-13 overall and 2-11 on the road. The victory improved the Hawks' record to 16-5 overall and 10-1athome.t wasatlanta's first gamesincethursdaynight's loss to ndiana ended the team's franchise-record winning streak at 14. LaPhonso Ellis had 18 points and 13 rebounds and Brian Williams a season-high 16points for Denver, but Dikembe Mutombo was held to four points and nine rebounds. Mutombo, averaging four blocksa game, did not block a shot. Jazz 102, Bullets 96 nlandover,md.,karmalone scored nine points in the fourth quarter after picking up his fifth foul, and Utah ralliedfrom a 15 point deficit to hand Washington its 10th straight loss. Down'91-83with 8:44 left, the Jazz held the Bullets without a field goal until Don MacLeanhit a layup with :08 to go. That brought Washington within four points, but it got no closer. Malone,JohnStockton, Tyrone Corbin and Felton Spencer each had four points in the 16-2 run thatliftedutahtoitsfourth straight win. Malone, called for his fifth foul with 10:46left,finallyfouled out with 16 seconds left after getting26pointsand14rebounds.,. MacLean scored 29 points, whilerex ChapmanandMichael Adamseachhad20for thebullets, winless in December. Heat 113, 76ers 90 n Miami, Glen Rice scored 30 points and Steve Smith 29, and they combined for 13 in a 144 third-quarter spurt that lifted the Heat past Philadelphia. Clarence Weatherspoon's 18 points was high for the Sixers, who played their sixth game in eight days. The Heat led before the 76erspromptly erased theadvantage, and Moses Malone's layup evened the score at with 4:07 left. After a free throw by John Salley, Smithhit a 3-pointer for a lead and dunked an alley-oop pass on Miami's next trip down the floor. Rice, who missed his first four shots of the second half, then scored six consecutive Miami pointson twolayupsandan alleyoop slam, giving the..heat an leadwith 1:03remainingin the third quarter. Smith capped the 144 streak by laying in another alley-oop pass, from Brian Shaw, and Miamiled86-78afterthreequarters. Jen Reimershad 25killsand 19 digs for Penn State (314). The match in the Universityof Wisconsin f'ieldhouse drew 11,114 spectators for a two-day, attendanceof21,384,arecordfor thencaatoumamentfinal Four. PennState, one of five schools to make it to each NCAA tournament since the event began 13 years ago, trailed 8-0 in the first game.the Lady Lions tied it 12 Zon JennyMyszewski'skill and went ahead before Long Beach rallied behind Brita ~arianas %rie~~ Mlcronesla's Leading Newspaper Snce 1972 ~ P.O.Box 231 Salpan, MP96950 Tel. (670) Fax: (670) Pacers 108, Nets 98 n ndianapolis, Haywoode Workman scored 10 of his season-high 21 points in the final 3:46 and Reggie Miller had 28 points, lifting ndiana to victory over New Jersey. Miller made all four of his 3 point attempts and Rik Smits had 22 points and a season-high 13 reboundsforthe Pacers, whohave won three consecutive games to pull within one of the.500mark. Workmanalsopassedfora season-best eight assists while matching hiscareer scoringnight for ndiana, which won for the fifth time in six outings. All five winscameafterworkman entered the starting lineup at point guard because of injuries to Pooh Richardson and Vern Fleming. Thelosswastheseventh straight on the road for the Nets, who got 25 points and 12 rebounds from Derrick Coleman and 21 points from Kenny Anderson. The game was close until an 18-8ndianarunin thefinal3:46, keyed by Workman,who started the burst by snappinga tie with a layup. Rockets104,Mavericks93. n Houston, Houston pulled within two victories of the best record in NBA history by ateam with one defeat and pushed Dallas closer to a recordfor consecutive losses as Hakeem Olajuwon scored 28 points. The Mavericks (1-21)losttheir 18th game in a row, twoshort of continued on page 15 LongBeach overpenn State in NCAAvolleyball MADSON, Wis. (AP) Nichelle Burton had 28 kills and Danielle Scott 21 as as Long Beach State defeated Penn State 15-13,12-15,15-11,16-14Saturday for the NCAA volleyball championship. Penn State led 5-0 in the final game but Long Beach pulled ahead The Lady Lions rebuilta lead,butlongbeach tied it 14-14on Burton's block, Long Beach (32-2), the 1989 champion, won its final 16 matches. Schwerm's consecutive kills..penn State took a 6-2 lead in the second game, but Long Beach rallied to lead 12-8 behind Burton's six kills. But Reimers, who had nine kills in the game, helped the Lions score the last seven points and pulleven in the match. Penn State wason the way to a third-gamevictory,leading10-5, whensetterjoymckienziehelped Long Beach go on a 10-1 spurt. TheS-foot-7 seniorhadfourkills, 16 assists and three digs., Kin -. s in 10th straight NHLloss ',.. --._g... '"..- TORONTO (AP) - Kings of the road they are not.. Los Angeleshas nothingin commonwithrogermiller's classic song (King Of The Road) as the Kings lost their 10thstraightroad game Saturday night, 4-1 to the Toronto Maple Leafs", Dave Andreychuk scored twice and set up Bill ~erg's goal. Andreychuk's first goal was the 400th of his career. His second gave the veteran forward a league-leading 28th of the season. Jamie Macoun also scored for Toronto, which won for the first time in four games. Luc Robitaille got the Kings goal.. The Leafs led 2-1 going into the third period and, true to form, the Kingsfailed to mounta comebackas theirroadrecorddropped to "Obviously we arefeelinga little frustrated,"saidkings captain Wayne Gretzky. "Everybody is pretty down but feeling sorryfor yourself or moping aroundwill not get you out of it."':.'.' Asa subplotto thekings' woes,it appearedcoachbarrymelrose and general manager NickBeverly arein themidst of a nasty spat After losing 2-QFriday night at Buffalo, Melrose criticized Beverly for supplying him with "too many small players" and added the Kings could not win with their current roster. Beverly responded between periods Saturdaynight, saying he didn't like to see thecomplaints go public. " don't want-tomake an issue about (what Melrosesaid) at this.point," Beverly said. "We have enough problems.".. Melrosedidn'twantto expandon his commentsfrom Fridaybut Gretzky backed his coach and said "there are 22.guyswho would go through the walfor him.. "That is part of thereasonwhy we are struggling," said Gretzky aboutthe Kings' lackof size."fthey(kingsmanagement) canget some size, am sure we would welcome it." The last time these teams met at Maple Leaf Gardens was n Game 7 of the Stanley Cup semifinals last spring, but the same emotion was missing Saturday. Macoun opened the scoring for Toronto 94seconds intothe game on a slap shot fromthe leftpoint that was neatly deflected past goalie Kelly Hrudey by'the Kings' prized defensernan, Rob Blake. The leadlasted 18seconds. The Torontodefense, whichhasbeen overworked with the absence of Dave Ellett.and Todd Gill to injury, left Robitaille in front and he swept the puck past Potvinat,.continued on page45 Colonials beat Pepperdine WASHNGTON (AP) - Before the start ofthe season, George Washington coach Mike Jarvis said one key to success for his young teamwouldbe its ability to survive under pressure., That opportunity presented itself only twice early thisseason, in a loss to No. NorthCarolina and a victory against South Carolina two weeks ago. On Saturday, the young Colonials had another close one against Pepperdine. Sophomore Yinka Dare led a balanced attack with 21 points, and George Washington overcame poor shooting to pull away in the closing minutes for a victory. t wasthefourthstraighttriumph continued on page l15 _. ;~", ;- 4; L------= J:Ci