Chinese Newcomers in Myanmar s Wa Special Region

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1 Overseas Chinese Journal of Bagui Sep.2017 No D A Chinese Newcomers in Myanmar s Wa Special Region Li Feng Science and Research Department Armed Police Command Academy Abstract Neighboring with Chinese cities as Lincang Pu er of Yunnan Province Myanmar s Wa Special Region is a relatively closed geographical unit of northeast Shan Plateau where are many overseas Chinese. From 1989 Wa Special Region has entered a new stage featured by peace and construction more and more Chinese newcomers moved into this region. Some of them invested in mines some managed companies some were employed as technical workers and so on. Besides Yunnan Fujian and Guangdong a large part of them came from China s inland provinces such as Sichuan Hunan Jiangxi or Anhui. Most of these newcomers are not prepared to permanent resident in this region and are not interested in other parts of Myanmar. The local government and people have an overall favorable opinion of these Chinese newcomers. Key Words Overseas Chinese Myanmar Wa Special Region New Immigrants Wa Special Region 1 Burma Communist Party BCP United Wa State Party UWSP United Wa State Army UWSA FJ2015TWB016 1 Wa Special Region 2 of Northern Shan State Wa Special Region 2 of Myanmar Wa State Wa Special Region Wa Mountainous Area

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